Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/5/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/5/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At a spa in a foreign country, Anna receives a massage. She moans and groans with pleasure. Suddenly, a pair of hands pinch her. Anna yelps that that hurt. Stefano growls that that is nothing compared to what’s coming. Anna turns her head and gapes at Stefano.

Carly heads into Daniel’s room at the hospital to find him getting dressed. She demands to know what he thinks he is doing. Daniel replies that he is leaving. Carly warns him that she advises against him doing so, but Daniel claims that he is fine--and that he owes it all to Carly.

At the Java Café, Chloe is on the phone with her dad, telling him about Daniel being released from the hospital today. Just then, she catches sight of Nicole walking in, and hurriedly tells Craig that she has to go. Chloe rushes over, telling Nicole that she heard the rumors. She wonders if she is really out. Nicole nods gleefully, saying that she is free and back for good. The two hug and giggle. Chloe notices the cut on Nicole’s lip and wonders what happened. Nicole claims it didn’t worth discussing and asks Chloe if she is happy to see her. Chloe sighs, hoping Nicole won’t misunderstand her, but she has to wonder why Nicole came back to town when EJ, Sami and their families are here. Nicole waves her off, saying that she can handle them. She tells Chloe that she has decided to have a bright future right here in Salem. The two hug again.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Melanie is on the phone with Philip, telling him that she understands that he has a last-minute meeting. She tells him she loves him, and they’ll make up for time lost later. She then hangs up as someone knocks on the door. Melanie opens it to find Brady outside. Melanie squeals and throws herself into her his arms. She then backs off, wondering why Brady isn’t on his honeymoon. Brady wonders what the big deal is about honeymoons, reminding Melanie that she didn’t go on one either. Melanie replies that she got shot and wonders what his excuse is. Brady says that that is what he came by to tell her. Melanie interrupts, wondering why he isn’t wearing a wedding ring, and asks where it is.

Rafe heads into the pub and greets Arianna, wondering how his favorite sister is. She says she is fine, but wonders what is wrong with him. Rafe claims nothing is, and that he just stopped by here on his way back to the station to see how she is doing. Arianna again claims that she is fine, but Rafe doesn’t buy it, since she is here bussing tables instead of celebrating her wedding. Arianna changes the subject, asking how Sami is. He claims she and Sydney are doing well, but Arianna meant to ask how he and Sami are doing. Rafe sighs, admitting that so many things have happened since Sydney went missing that he fears that he and Sami are over for good.

Sami opens the door at her place to find EJ outside. He ruefully surveys her cheek, saying that she looks a mess. Sami sighs. EJ adds quickly that if it makes her feel any better, Nicole looks worse. Sami claims not to know what he is talking about, but EJ doesn’t buy it. He asks Sami for the blow-by-blow account, but she’d rather leave it up to his wicked imagination. EJ chuckles, but then gets serious, asking if she has had a chance to talk to Rafe. Sami admits they did talk, and they both realized that it’s over, as that they can’t get past this. Sami whines that everything is ruined. EJ doesn’t believe that Rafe let Sami go, and asks if he really did so. Sami nods tearfully.

Anna gets off of the massage table and gathers her robe about her, asking what Stefano is doing here, as he doesn’t seem to be the new-age spa type. Stefano ignores the question, informing her that she has been quite the topic of conversation in Salem. He adds that a lot of people want to find her. Anna feigns surprise, wondering if he is kidding. Stefano growls that he isn’t kidding, and that it’s unfortunate for Anna that the first person that found her is him.

Nicole and Chloe head off to talk at a corner table. Chloe remarks that everyone is staring at Nicole. She thinks they must have read about her pardon in the paper. Chloe admits she read the article, and that it said that the governor granted Nicole’s pardon. She wonders how it happened. Nicole shrugs, saying that someone must have talked to the governor. Chloe replies that people are saying that Anna DiMera did it. Nicole claims that all she cares about is being home. Chloe demands to know if she spoke to Anna. Nicole claims that she didn’t, and that she has a feeling that no one is ever going to see Anna DiMera again.

Anna doesn’t think this can be possible. Stefano backs her up against a wall threateningly, wondering if he thinks she is just a mirage. Anna whines that she was careful, and that she was sure no one could find her. Stefano reminds her that he isn’t just anyone, and that she should know that by now, as she has been his daughter-in-law for many years. He growls that she can always run, but she can never hide. Anna shrieks for help, but Stefano chuckles, informing her that the spa is completely empty. He warns that this is the end for her, and that she can’t escape. Anna starts to hurry off, but Stefano snaps his fingers. Marco walks in and crosses his arms. Anna gulps.

Sami sobs into EJ’s handkerchief and thanks him for always having one handy for her. She then wonders why he has done such a 180 in regards to Rafe, since he has made it clear since day one that he didn’t think she should be with Rafe, and that he didn’t want Rafe around the kids. EJ protests, but Sami claims that she knows the truth, though he has been hiding it well lately. She asks EJ why he now thinks that it’s impossible for Rafe to give up on her. EJ claims that he thinks it’s impossible because he’s seen the two of them together. Sami doesn’t think Rafe can get past the fact that she does stupid things, and she can’t get past the fact that he can’t get past it. EJ think Sami ought to just give it some time, as eventually, Rafe will wake up and realize what an idiot he has been. Sami wonders if EJ really thinks she shouldn’t give up. EJ nods. Sami wonders who he is, and what he’s done with EJ DiMera.

Arianna just can’t believe that there is no hope for Rafe and Sami. Rafe claims that he doesn’t want to talk about Sami, and that he just came by to talk to her about her attempt to elope. He then asks Arianna not to give up hope just because this wedding didn’t work out. Arianna assures him that she isn’t. Rafe is glad to hear it, saying that Brady is a hell of a guy. Arianna chuckles, finding it hard to believe that Rafe finally approves of one of her boyfriends. Rafe claims he always knew her taste would approve. Arianna thinks she’s just a bum magnet, but Rafe thinks Brady is a catch. He adds that he doesn’t think Brady and Arianna need an island, or a big fancy wedding to get married, sine they already have the license. He urges her to make this marriage happen before--he then stops short. Arianna asks what he wants to say. Rafe asks her to forget it, but Arianna guesses that he talked to Nicole. He nods. She demands to know what Nicole said. Rafe says it’s not so much what she said, it’s what she didn’t say.

Chloe asks if Nicole has seen Sami yet. Nicole admits that she has, and gestures at her face, joking that the two bonded. Chloe guesses that explains her injuries. Nicole then admits that she went a few rounds with Rafe and EJ as well, and that she also saw Sydney. Chloe asks worriedly how it went. Nicole sighs, saying that she looked at Sydney and realized that she was never really hers. Nicole admits that she will always love Sydney, and that if anyone hurts her, they’ll have to deal with her, but she isn’t her baby. Chloe nods sympathetically as Nicole hastens to add that she doesn’t feel like she is admitting defeat by saying that, and that she is just decided that she has to take control of her life. Chloe is glad to hear her say so, but asks Nicole who this new life in Salem is about, if it isn’t about Sydney.

Brady assures Melanie that he and Arianna are still getting married, and that they considered going the traditional route at first, but now he is thinking that Vegas is a good idea. Melanie agrees, as no hurricanes will hit Vegas. Brady then tell Melanie that if he and Arianna decide to go there to get married, he’d like her and Philip to come along. Melanie would love to, but admits she needs to run it by her dad. Surprised to hear her call him that, Brady asks about Daniel. Melanie tells Brady about him falling and hitting his head, and about the double vision. She tells Brady that Daniel actually just texted her a little while ago to let her know that everything was fine, and that his vision had cleared up. Brady asks how she is dealing with the fact that Daniel is her father. Melanie confides in Brady that after nearly losing Daniel, she now realizes how important he is to her. Brady is glad to hear it, and asks about Carly. Melanie admits that Carly isn’t Daniel, as she gave her away, but she is staring to think that Carly isn’t so bad after all.

Daniel thanks Carly for being there and for knowing just what to do to get him treated. Carly reminds him that Melanie was pretty great, too. Daniel admits that the two took good care of him. Carly is concerned about his eyesight, but Daniel assures her that the double vision has been gone for a few hours. He starts to walk past her, but sits back down on the bed with a sigh. He rubs his eyes. Carly guesses the double vision is back.

Anna cowers, admitting that she knows that Stefano is angry, but that she has no idea what she has done. Stefano retorts that she convinced her friend the governor to let Nicole go. Anna admits that she went to see Jim, and that he is an old friend of hers, but she isn’t responsible for Nicole being released. Stefano informs her angrily that a lot of people, including Rafe Hernandez, think that she kidnapped his granddaughter, and that Nicole found out and forced her to get the pardon. Anna turns white, claiming that Stefano has it all wrong. She admits that she did go to Jim about Nicole, not because she had anything on her, but because she felt sorry for Nicole. She adds angrily that she knows what it’s like to have to deal with Stefano. Stefano roars at her to stop, as he didn’t come here to play games. He shrieks at Anna that he wants the truth. Anna gulps.

Melanie asks worriedly if Brady and Arianna are alright. Brady replies that they are, of course, and wonders why Melanie would ask that, as they would be married right now if not for that hurricane. Melanie reminds Brady that it wasn’t that long ago that she was worried over Brady holding Nicole’s hand all the time. Brady tells her quickly that he ahs to go. Melanie reminds him that he just got here, and confused, asks if she said something wrong. Brady doesn’t reply. Melanie gapes, guessing that Nicole is back in town. Brady assures her that there is nothing to worry about, as he will deal with Nicole. He then heads off. Melanie frets, “Uh-oh.”

Nicole wonders why Chloe would think a person is responsible for her staying in Salem. Chloe reminds Nicole that she knows her, and asks what the plan is. Nicole declares innocently that she doesn’t have any kind of plan. She then changes the subject, asking how things are going between Chloe and Daniel. Chloe tells Nicole about Daniel’s fall on the ice, and about him hurting his head. She sighs, saying that Daniel claims he is fine, and is being released today. Nicole wonders if Chloe doesn’t believe that he is fine. Chloe confides in Nicole about Daniel only falling in the first place because he was trying to break up a fight between Melanie and Carly. Nicole worries that his growing closer to Melanie may make him grow closer to Carly, too. Chloe isn’t so sure about that, but she does know that bad things happen any time Daniel gets involved with Carly. Nicole thinks that Chloe has to get Carly out of Daniel’s life. Chloe wonders how, and asks Nicole sarcastically if she has any flesh-eating bacteria left. Nicole scoffs, saying that Chloe knows she is right. Chloe claims that she actually doesn’t know that. She then adds that she has to get to the hospital, but tell Nicole that she is glad that she is out of prison. Nicole is too, but before Chloe goes, she again warns her not to let that woman ruin things between her and Daniel. Chloe heads off, rolling her eyes. Nicole tells herself that it’s just about time she started heeding her own advice.

Arianna scoffs, asking if she is supposed to be scared of Nicole just because she threatened to take back what belongs to her. Rafe assures Arianna that he just wanted to give her a heads-up. Arianna thanks him for doing so, and asks if Nicole knew anything about Anna and Sydney’s kidnapping. Rafe replies that if she does, she isn’t saying anything. Rafe then tells Arianna that he has a good lead, and that he got the guy working with Anna. He admits that he isn’t talkative right now, but Rafe is sure that he is the ticket to finding Anna--and justice for Sydney.

Sami is surprised that EJ thinks that Rafe can forgive her, and wonders what makes EJ thinks that. EJ admits that he believes Rafe can forgive Sami because he forgave her himself. Stunned, Sami asks if he is just saying that. EJ claims he means it. Sami reminds him that she hid her pregnancy from him and planned on not letting him know about his own daughter. She wonders why he is forgiving her out of the blue like this. EJ tells Sami that he will explain why.

Stefano glares at Anna, asking her how it felt to plant Sydney’s bloody dress in that river, and how it felt to make him think that his little granddaughter met a terrible death. Anna snaps at Stefan to put a sock in it, as he did this to himself when he lied to his son. Stefano promptly slaps her.

Carly thinks that Daniel needs to see a vision specialist. Daniel grumbles that they always want to operate, and that he may just do some rehab, as his tests don’t show any brain or optical damage. Carly reminds Daniel that he could have permanent damage, and shouts at him not to shut her out, as she is worried about him. Daniel jokes that he is glad he isn’t seeing two of her right now, and wonders why she is so concerned. Carly softens, admitting that she has no right to yell at him after all she has done to his life. She claims that she is surprised he doesn’t hate her just as Chloe walks in. Daniel admits that Carly makes him mad as hell, but that he could never hate her. Chloe glares.

Brady heads into the Kiriakis mansion, telling Henderson he forgot his key. Henderson looks around worriedly. Brady remarks that he looks shaky, and wonders if everything is alright. Henderson explains that there is a visitor waiting to see Brady in the drawing room. Brady, surprised, heads inside to find Nicole waiting for him. She explains that she got his message. She adds that he knows he has something to say, but she does, too.

EJ tells Sami gently that they understand one another, as she knows why he did what he did to her, and he knows why she did what she did to him. Sami wonders if Rafe will ever get to the same place that EJ is in. EJ asks Sami to tell him.

At the police station, Rafe greets Abe, explaining that he is here to question Benny. Abe tells him gravely that that won’t be happening. Rafe wonders why not. Abe then explains that Benny ‘lawyered’ up, was released, and has now dropped out of sight. Rafe gapes.

Stefano warns Anna not to dare talk to him that way. She reminds herself sarcastically that Stefano is the wounded party here, despite all the months he let Nicole lie to EJ about Sydney, and despite the fact that he let Sami think Grace was her baby, even after she had died. Stefano grumbles. Anna guesses that Stefano probably thinks that is different, and is glad that he finally knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of things. She adds nastily that no matter what Stefano does to her, he will never see his granddaughter again, and that is because EJ and Sami know exactly what he did. Stefano glares as Anna declares that Sydney was lost to Stefano long before they ever took her from Nicole. Stefano demands to know what that means, and warns Anna that she had better tell him who she was working with.

Brady tells Nicole that they have nothing to discuss, but Nicole assures him that she just came to talk to him about business. Brady asks what is going on. Nicole explains that she needs a job, and has experience at Titian, so she was hoping Brady would offer her a position there. Brady wonders if she is kidding, reminding her that Victor hates her. Nicole thinks he hates everyone, but Brady tells her flatly that it won’t happen. He offers to loan her some money, but Nicole doesn’t want a handout, as she now has a second chance and wants to use it to take charge of her life. Brady is glad to hear it, but Nicole admits there is one small problem with her plan, as she doesn’t have a reason to wake up in the morning. Brady sighs, telling her that she isn’t going to find that here.

Sami guesses that EJ is saying that the two of them are cut from the same cloth. He nods, and she agrees with him, but adds that one of the reasons she loves Rafe is that he isn’t like her. EJ wonders what will happen if Rafe decides he can’t be with Sami for that reason. Sami isn’t sure, and admits to EJ that if Sydney had been Rafe’s, he never would have lied to her about the ransom. She thinks that Rafe tried to move on and forgive her, but perhaps the two of them are just too different, and Rafe can’t live with her because of who she is. EJ tries to soothe her as Sami admits that the good thing about Rafe never letting things go is that he will never give up on finding Anna. EJ hopes that is true, but he honestly doesn’t think Rafe will find her.

Abe explains to Rafe that the D.A.’s office changed their mind about pressing charges, and that he got the word from Woods himself. Rafe asks angrily if the prosecutor gave him any explanation as to why he was dropping the charges. Abe admits Woods wasn’t in the mood to share, and wonders if Anna got to him, too. Rafe groans, wondering if Anna has slept with every elected official in the state. Abe chuckles, saying that she hasn’t slept with all of them, but she does seem to have quite a few friends in high places.

Stefano demands to know who Anna was working with. Anna claims it was just some guy she hired, as she couldn’t possibly pull the kidnapping off on her own. Stefano asks if she is admitting that she stole his granddaughter. Anna replies nervously that she wouldn’t put it that way. Stefano wonders if she think she can get away with this. In a panic, Anna admits that she grabbed Sydney from that nut job Nicole, but she took good care of her. Stefano wonders if she really did all this for the money. Anan admits money was part of it, but she also did it so that she could put Stefano through hell. Stefano narrows his eyes as Anna declares that it’s all over now, as she got back at him for what he did to Tony, and Sydney is now home where she belongs. Stefano glares. Anna reminds him that Sydney is fine, and no harm was done, but Stefano asks her if she really thinks that he is going to let this go. Anna trembles, asking what he plans on doing to her. Stefano is surprised she wants details, as he thinks it would be enough for her to know that she is going to die.

Chloe asks Daniel pointedly if he is ready to go home. Carly begs Daniel to tell Chloe what is going on. Daniel reluctantly admits that his double vision came back for a few moments, but he plans on going to see a specialist and receiving some kind of out-patient treatment. He begs Chloe not to worry and hurries off to get some charts. Chloe asks Carly to tell her the truth. Carly admits that doctors make lousy patients, and asks Chloe to make sure that Daniel doesn’t try to do too much. Chloe promises to keep an eye on him. Carly then tells Chloe that this injury could end Daniel’s career. Chloe wails that Daniel loves being a surgeon. Carly knows that, and is just sorry that Daniel is a nice guy that has a habit of putting other people first. Chloe frowns as Carly confides in her that Daniel actually told her that his accident was a good thing because it brought her and Melanie closer. Carly adds that Daniel claimed that was the sliver lining of the whole thing, but she wishes it could have happened some other way. Chloe vows to make sure Daniel starts putting himself first. Carly thanks her and heads off. Chloe smirks, “Silver lining?”

Brady reminds Nicole that he and Arianna are getting married soon. She wonders what the rush is. Brady says he loves her, and wants to marry her. Nicole wonders what the rush is if they both feel the same way. Brady claims he just doesn’t see any reason to wait. Nicole huffs that it was one thing for Brady to plan to marry Arianna while she was out of the picture, but it’s a whole other story now that she is back. Brady wonders suspiciously what she is trying to say. Nicole claims that she lost her way when she was pregnant with EJ’s baby, but she sees clearly now, and she knows Brady still feels something for her. Brady scoffs, asking if Nicole is saying that he is lying to himself. Nicole claims that all she means is that Brady has a choice to make about his future, and she doesn’t think he is ready to make it.

Anna doesn’t think that Stefano would really do something like that to the woman Tony loved. Stefano growls, “Watch me.” Marco starts to drag a protesting and sobbing Anna off as Stefano tells her goodbye. Anna, desperate, tells Stefano that there is some information she can give him--information that will change everything. She asks Stefano to promise not to hurt her before she agrees to tell him what she knows. Stefano wonders what she is babbling about. Anna wails that she isn’t babbling, and that if he gives her her life, she can give him Sydney in return.

Brady scoffs that he can’t keep Nicole from inventing her own reality, but he won’t let her invent his, too. Just then, Brady gets a call. He answers, listens, and apologizes to someone for not being able to reach them while he was out of the country. He asks them to hold on, tells Nicole sternly that she knows the way out, and then heads off Nicole grabs her coat and starts to leave, but the phone in the foyer rings. Henderson answers, and identifies the caller as Arianna. Nicole listens in in interest as Henderson explains that Brady is home now, but is on a call. He listens, then tells Arianna that he will see her in a few minutes. Henderson hangs up as Nicole hands her her bag and her coat. She then heads over the bar and makes a cocktail.

Melanie heads into the hospital and greets Chloe. She guesses Melanie is here about Daniel, and she nods, saying that he told her he was getting released today. Chloe nods, saying that she was told the same thing, but Daniel got double vision again. Melanie, aghast, wonders what they are going to do. Chloe isn’t sure, but says that they need to take this seriously, and that Daniel has got to start putting himself first. Melanie agrees, saying that she feels guilty, even thought she knows it was an accident. She confides in Chloe that she just gets the feeling that none of this would have happened if she hadn’t been fighting with Carly. Chloe snaps that she’s glad someone sees it. Melanie, stunned, asks Chloe what she said, but Chloe says it was nothing, and that she is just upset. She then tells Melanie that she was just talking to Carly, and it seems that all she cared about was that Daniel’s accident brought her and Melanie closer together. She adds that Carly even told her that was the sliver lining of all of it. Melanie, furious, claims that there is no silver lining in all of this, as Daniel may no longer be able to be a surgeon. Just then, Carly heads out and greets Melanie, glad to see her. Melanie demands to know what is wrong with Carly.

Rafe snaps that that creep Benny was an accessory to kidnapping, and the D.A.’s office is going to answer to him for this. Just then, D.A. Woods heads in. Rafe accosts him about letting Benny go. Woods admits that he did let him go. Rafe call him an idiot and hisses that Benny has disappeared. Woods scoffs that he doesn’t have to listen to this. He starts to head off, but Rafe grabs him and slams him on a nearby table. He gets ready to start throw punches, but Abe holds him back.

Sami wonders why EJ doesn’t think that Rafe will catch Anna. EJ explains that Anna went underground far enough that his people can’t find her, so he doubts Rafe will be able to, either. He adds that he thinks Anna learned a lot from Tony over the years, and that they may never see her again. Sami sighs. EJ admits that he wants Anna brought to justice as much as anyone, but he thinks that the most important thing is that they have their little girl back. He adds that he wants to start living in the present, and that present includes Sami.

Stefano, his interest piqued, wonders how Anna could possibly put him back in Sydney’s life. Anna claims that she can do more that that, as she can tell him everything he needs to know about the past few months. She adds that she first needs his word, as a DiMera, that he will let her go and leave her alone from now on if she tells him the truth. Stefano scoffs, asking if he is really supposed to agree to this without knowing what kind of information she has. Anna promises that he can do what he wants with her if her information proves to be worthless. Stefano thinks she seems sure of herself. Anna reminds him that her life depends on it. She asks Stefano if he agrees to her proposition.

Arianna rings the bell outside the Kiriakis mansion. Nicole flings the door open and greets Arianna, telling her what a surprise this is. Arianna glares.

Carly, hurt, wonders what happened, since she thought she and Melanie were getting along. Melanie snaps that that was before Carly said she thought it was a good thing that Daniel got hurt, since it brought them closer together. Carly claims that she never said that. Melanie asks if Carly is saying that she never said that was the silver lining in all this. Carly starts to explain, but Melanie interrupts, raging that there is nothing good about any of this, and that it only happened because Carly wouldn’t leave her alone. Carly demands to know what Chloe said to Melanie, but Melanie cries that Chloe didn’t say anything, and that this is all Carly’s fault. She warns Carly to back off of her and father and hurries off. Carly rushes after her as Daniel comes over, greeting Chloe. He asks if anything is wrong, but she wonders how anything could be when he is coming home. She then assures him that he will be fine, as she and Melanie will take care of him--such good care of him that they’ve already started.

Abe and some other officers pry Rafe off of the district attorney. Abe snaps at Rafe to settle down. Rafe screams that that moron let a kidnapper escape. He warns Woods that he is going to pay. Charles threatens to go to Rafe’s boss. Rafe ignores him, demanding to know who paid off Woods. He doesn’t reply. Rafe snaps that if he thinks this investigation is off, he is wrong, as they are going to find Anna and whoever was helping her and bring them to justice. Woods glares.

EJ explains that all he is saying is that he learned a lot through this experience, and all he wants to do right now is focus on the good things, and that includes Sami. She sighs. He adds quickly that he understands that their time together has come and gone, but he also sees the terrible damage that has been done because of the war between them. He reminds her that they have two children, and that she will always be a part of his life, so that reason he wants what is best for Sydney, Johnny, her and himself. He adds that he knows things are tough between her and Rafe right now, but as far as he is concerned, the two of them and their children should be celebrating right now.

Stefano tells Anna that she has his word as a DiMera and asks Marco to back off. He then asks Anna what her earth-shaking news is. Anna explains that she didn’t plan the kidnapping alone--in fact, she didn’t plan it at all, as she was working for someone else. Stefano growls at her to give him the name. She smirks, “EJ DiMera.”


Will shouts at Sami, "EJ is using you!"

Kate tells Lexie, "You need to speak to him." EJ wonders, "Speak to me about what?"

Stefano tells Anna, "In the end, all you have done is hurt yourself."

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