Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/2/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/2/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Philip and Melanie have coffee at the Java Cafe. Melanie is proud of Philip for not freaking out when he heard the news that his father was marrying Vivian. Philip grumbles that his father is incapable of marrying anyone that hasn’t tried to kill someone. Melanie gets to thinking about her and Philip’s gene pool and joking suggests they adopt. Philip sighs, wondering why his father would ever agree to marry Vivian. Just then, Kate walks in. She asks Philip to repeat what he just said. He explains that Victor is marrying Vivian. Kate vows that that won’t happen.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor yells at someone over the phone as Vivian breezes in. She’s all a-flutter about the wedding and claims that she feels like just like a young girl. Victor grumbles that she doesn’t look so young. Vilna accuses him of being a tease. She then adds casually that she told Philip about the two of them getting married. Victor gapes.

At her place, Sami holds Sydney in her lap and moans about Rafe. She knows that Rafe is responsible for bringing Sydney home, and she thinks she ought to be trusting him instead of Sydney’s father. Just then, Will walks in and greets the two. He notices the cuts on Sami’s lip and cheek and asks what happened. She tells him about her fight with Nicole. Will threatens to track Nicole down, but Sami stops him, assuring him that she gave as good as she got, and besides, she doesn’t want Will getting into any trouble. Will grumbles that he can’t believe that Nicole is out of jail, as she needs to pay for what she did. He adds that he thought he knew Anna better, too, and that he is shocked that she was behind Sydney’s kidnapping. Sami admits she’s having a hard time believing it herself. Will sighs, saying that now that Anna is gone, no one will pay for what happened to Sydney. Sami assures Will that someone will pay--Rafe will make sure of it.

At the police station, Rafe reminds Benny that he is facing serious charges here, and warns him that someone has to pay for taking Sydney. Benny scoffs, saying that he didn’t do it. Rafe replies that that doesn’t matter, as he’s got Benny, and he is going to make him pay for this. Benny gulps.

In a foreign country far from Salem, Anna does yoga with a man named Carlo and admits that she feels herself relaxing with every breath. The man eyes her lasciviously, complimenting her on her flexibility. Anna giggles, admitting that she is getting there. She then confides in Carlo that she has been scared for a long time. Carlo thinks that is all behind her now. Anna agrees, saying that she took a big risk, but it paid off, and now she is home-free.

At the pub, Nicole wonders what EJ thinks Anna told her and why he would care. EJ stares blankly. Nicole guesses Anna has something on EJ and asks him jokingly if Anna knows where the bodies are buried. EJ sweats. Nicole guesses she struck a nerve, and that it’s true that Anan has something on him. EJ denies it. Nicole accuses him of lying, and more than that, she’s sure that EJ is really scared.

Benny is on the phone with his lawyer, screeching that Rafe told him that Anna could face capital charges. He demands to know if that is true. He listens for a moment then yelps, “What do you mean, you don’t know?!” Rafe munches on a big of chips and calmly complains about all the meetings he has later. Meanwhile, Benny panics, asking his lawyer to get down here right away. He then puts the phone down, telling Rafe in shock that the guy hung up on him. Rafe wonders if Benny really trusts this lawyer--trusts him enough to know that a person like Anna with a boatload of cash couldn’t convince the guy to quit representing him. Benny worriedly asks Rafe what he is trying to say. Rafe remarks that it seems to him as if Benny has been hung out to dry, and now Benny is in the unfortunate position of having him as a best friend.

EJ doesn’t think Nicole has changed a bit, and adds that he believes her back is against the wall, which would explain why she’s either lying, or has totally lost touch with reality. He wonders if she has forgotten who his family is and adds angrily that she made a huge mistake blackmailing Anna into obtaining her pardon. Nicole scoffs. EJ hisses that he was content to let her sit in jail and have that be her punishment, but all of that has changed. The two argue over top of one another. EJ declares that jail is the least of her worries now. Nicole continues to insists that EJ is scared of something.

Kate swears again that she won’t let Victor marry that woman. Philip asks sarcastically if she plans on poisoning his father, snapping that practice makes perfect. Melanie remarks jokingly that Philip knows how sacred marriage is to Kate. Philip nods, saying that Kate is hypocritical for complaining about this marriage since it’s all her fault. Kate wonders how it’s her fault. Philip thinks that Victor is marrying Vivian in order to pay her back, and frankly, he is sick of being in the middle of his parents’ games.

Victor snaps that there are lines that one shouldn’t cross, and Vivian did just that by jeopardizing his relationship with Philip, something that is more important to him than anything else. Vivian claims that Philip is her son, too, but Victor snaps that he isn’t. He warns Vivian that Philip, Bo, Brady, and Daniel are all off-limits to her, and if she tries to come between him and his family, what he’ll do to her will make what she did to Carly look like a prank. Vivian, cowed, reminds Victor that Philip was going to find out anyway, and she wanted to spend some time with him before the wedding so he’d come to understand why the wedding was taking place. Victor scoffs that he isn’t even sure if there will be a wedding. Vivian gapes.

Sami tells Will that she can’t discuss her private life with him, as she only does that with Sydney--and only until she can talk. The two laugh. Will thinks his mom seems to be in a better mood. Sami admits that she is, as she realizes that things aren’t as bad as she thought before. Just then, someone knocks on the door. Sami answers it to find Rafe outside. She stares, elated.

EJ warns Nicole to get out of town while she still can. She announces that that is how she can tell that he is scared. EJ retorts that she doesn’t know anything. Nicole rolls her eyes and gets up to leave, but EJ grabs her and yanks her back into her chair, hissing that she isn’t going anywhere. Nicole threatens to press assault charges against him if he touches her again. EJ lets her go, scoffing that he doesn’t want to touch her anyway after what she did. Just then Kinsey comes over, saying that she hopes Nicole has had time to reconsider giving her her autograph. She explains that she got a thousand tweets today about Nicole, and she thinks the two of them can make quite a bit of cash selling her signature on the internet. Nicole refuses. Kinsey begs, but EJ snaps that Nicole said no. Kinsey huffs that she doesn’t know who he is, but then stops short and turns white, saying that she actually does know who he is. Kinsey apologizes profusely and hurries off. EJ then demands that Nicole tell him everything that Anna said to her.

Vivian begs Victor not to say that they might not get married. Victor fumes, refusing to marry someone that doesn’t respect his relationship with his son. Vivian begs him to think of this marriage in a positive way, as marrying her will keep her from going after Carly, which will keep Bo from going after her and ending up in prison. Victor, furious, claims that he needs to be somewhere else. Vivian thinks this is just a little hitch. Victor glares balefully and storms off. Vivian calls after him that they haven’t even discussed the invitations yet. Victor slams the door behind him. Vivian sighs.

Melanie excuses herself, and kisses Philip goodbye. Kate sighs, admitting that Philip is right, and that his father is marrying Vivian to hurt her. Philip decides to talk to Kate like a rational adult, though he knows it’s probably futile. Kate smirks that his sarcasm reminds her very much of his father. Philip ignores the comment, reminding Kate that Vivian is going to gloat about the marriage and do anything to get a rise out of her. Philip suggests that she change the game on Vivian and act like an adult instead. Kate considers this.

EJ asks if that is it. Nicole nods, saying that that is all Anna told her, though she is sure that isn’t the whole story, and that EJ is afraid she found out whatever it is Anna didn’t tell her. EJ changes the subject and tells Nicole that she was right to accuse him of overreacting earlier. Nicole agrees. EJ admits that it drives him crazy that she and Anna are both free, and adds that he wonders if the two were working together. Nicole denies it. EJ thinks it’s a pretty big coincidence that they both committed the same crime, but Nicole claims that their crimes were different, as she wanted to be a mother, and Anna just wanted money. EJ isn’t so sure their motives were different. He adds angrily what he does know is that Nicole can never be punished enough for what she did to Sami.

Rafe tells Sami that he can’t promise anything, but he has a good feeling about breaking this guy, and he’s sure that whatever he had to tell them will lead them to Anna. Will comes out with Sydney in her stroller and jokes that she told him that she wanted to take a walk in the park. Rafe is surprised that she is talking, but Will winks, replying that he can read minds. Rafe kneels down and asks Sydney to have a good time. Will asks Sami and Rafe to play nice and heads off with the baby. Rafe thinks that move seemed calculated. Sami claims Will though of it all on his own, and that he obviously realized that she wanted to be alone with Rafe. Rafe asks if that is true. Sami nods, claiming that all she has been thinking about is him since the moment she left the police station. Sami then grabs Rafe and kisses him.

Kate asks Philip if he really thinks she needs any advice when it comes to Vivian. Philip spots Vivian walking into the café over Kate’s shoulder and remarks that they are about to find out. Kate whirls around as Philip smirks, “Let the games begin.”

In her kitchen, Maggie asks Melanie if she is worried about Philip. Melanie honestly thinks he has his crazy parents under control, and she just wishes she knew how he did it so he could teach her. Jut then, some knocks on the door. Maggie guesses it’s Julie, but is surprised she took the trouble to knock. Maggie opens the door to find Victor outside. Surprised, she explains that Philip isn’t here, but Victor replies that he actually came to see her.

Nicole thinks things have definitely changed if EJ is worried about Sami. He snaps that she is the mother of his children, but Nicole retorts that he never had a problem hating her before. She wonders what is going on, accusing EJ of getting soft, and sure that he is up to something. EJ claims that all he is trying to do right now is repair the damage Nicole and Anna did to his family. Nicole claims that that won’t work, and that EJ will always be bitter and alone, since he had a chance to make things work and blew it. She reminds him of how happy he was when she was supposedly ruining his life by making him believe Sydney was his daughter. She claims that EJ will never be happy that way again, and she is glad, as all the love she had for him back then has turned to hatred. EJ wonders if Nicole has bumped into a few doors lately--or perhaps an old friend. She glares and warns EJ to stay away from her, threatening into tell Rafe that there is more to the EJ and Anna story than meets the eye if he doesn’t. She then huffs off. EJ chuckles to himself, saying that Nicole isn’t going to do anything. Just then, EJ’s phone beeps. He opens it and curses.

Sami and Rafe kiss and roll around on the sofa. One of Sydney’s squeaky toys gets caught under them and interrupts, and Rafe backs off, telling Sami that he needs to get back to the station in case Benny’s lawyer shows up. Sami thinks that her dad will let him know if that happens, and tries to kiss him again, but Rafe reminds her coldly that she said they were on a break. Sami declares that she doesn’t want them to be on a break--she wants them to be together.

Vivian assumes Kate heard about the wedding. Kate tells Vivian not to get her hopes up, as a blood test is required in this state to get married, and they all know Vivian doesn’t have any. Vivian scoffs. Kate adds that this marriage to Victor isn’t going to help her make inroads with Philip, as he sees right through her. Vilna claims that that isn’t true, and tells Kate not to say such things about her son. Kate flies off the handle, shrieking at Vivian to never call him her son again. Philip watches the two and rolls his eyes.

Maggie asks Melanie for a moment alone with Victor, and Melanie heads off to find Philip. Victor greets Maggie warmly, wondering how she has been, but Maggie snaps at him to can it and, as she knows the real reason he came here is to get her to help him with Philip. Victor gapes. Maggie adds angrily that she isn’t sure that Philip turning his back on his father is such a bad idea. Victor changes tactics and admits that Maggie is right about why he came. He apologizes for being so manipulative, but Maggie still refuses to help him. Victor hopes they can still be friends. Maggie admits they are and makes small talk about his wedding to Vivian. She tells him pointedly that that will be an event she won’t want to miss.

EJ calls Anna to let her know Benny was arrested. Anna claims that she is fine, and that EJ is the one with problems, as Benny spilling the beans won’t affect her in the slightest. She then grins, telling EJ that her tea is here, so she has to go. She promptly hangs up on him. EJ fumes.

Sami tells Rafe that they love one another, and that is all that matters. Rafe doesn’t reply. Sami asks him worriedly if he still loves her.

Nicole runs into Will and Sydney at the pier. Her eyes fill with tears. Will gets ready to make a quick retreat.

Philip leaves the cafe, but neither Kate or Vivian notice. Vivian tells Kate in a rage that she wants her there when she and Victor become man and wife. Kate scoffs that Vivian is deluded, as Victor may be engaged to her, but he will never marry her. Outside, Melanie finds Philip. She notices Kate and Vivian going at it inside and asks Philip jokingly how that’s going. He tells her that he walked out and they were so busy arguing over him they didn’t even notice. He’s ready to go, but Melanie tells him she has a better idea. She asks Philip to follow her, and the two head off.

Maggie asks Victor if he really doesn’t think he’s being naïve, sentimental and just plain stupid when it comes to marrying Vivian. Victor gets what she is saying, but reminds her he just wants her help in smoothing things over with Philip. Maggie thinks he can do that by not marrying the woman that tried to kill Philip’s wife. Victor snaps that she can talk to Kate about that, as she was the one that married the man that tried to kill Philip. Maggie shakes her head, saying it’s a wonder Philip turned out as well as he did, and that he shouldn’t have to keep getting over his parents marrying murderers. Victor doesn’t think there’s a choice in the matter, but Maggie thinks there is for Philip, as he can just turn his back on the lot of them. Victor says that he was actually talking about himself-he’s the one without a choice in the matter.

Will warns Nicole to go away, as he won’t let her anywhere near Sydney. Nicole tells him tearfully that she just wants to say goodbye.

The camera pans in on one of EJ’s monogrammed shirts strewn across Sami’s chair. Rafe explains that he has been doing some thinking about their relationship and all their problems, and he thinks that the problem might just be between him and Sami, and not just because of external influences. Sami begs him not to say that, as she loves him, and she knows he loves her. She begs Rafe to tell her that that is all that matters, but Rafe isn’t so sure.

Melanie leads Philip into a hotel room, telling him that even though they missed out on their fabulous honeymoon, she still thinks they ought to spend some time alone together. Philip thinks that sounds great. Melanie looks around the room ruefully, admitting that it isn’t a beach in Greece or a fabulous suite in France. Philip thinks it’s perfect because Melanie is here. He pulls her in for a kiss.

Maggie is surprised to hear that Victor doesn’t have a choice when it comes to marrying Vivian. Victor admits that what he means is that he has to do it because it’s what is best for his family. Maggie scoffs, not sure what tortured logic led him to that conclusion. Victor admits that he can’t tell her. Maggie sighs, saying that she understands that Victor is doing what he believes is best, though she still can’t fathom how that could be true. Victor then tells her gently that he always thought Mickey Horton was the luckiest man in the world, adding that he can’t imagine being married to a woman that wasn’t vying for either his money or his life. Maggie thinks Victor sure knows how to pick them Victor thinks he may have saved the worst for last. Maggie asks him not to give up, saying that he and Vivian may end up being happy together after all. The two then burst into laughter. Victor chuckles that that was a nice try. He adds that he loves his son, and wishes he was home, but since he isn’t, he’s glad Philip is here with Maggie. Maggie smiles, saying that she thinks Victor could be a decent man if he wasn’t himself.

Vivian pities Kate for clinging to what she no longer has. Kate declares that she can’t take any more of this and looks around for Philip. She doesn’t see him and wonders where he went. Vivian, confused, claims she never saw him leave. Kate huffs, saying that Philip, just like everyone else, most likely couldn’t stand being in the same room with Vivian. Kate declares that she could throw up and threatens to throw water on Vivian and melt her so that everything can get back to normal. She storms off. Vivian grins.

Sami thinks love is enough to get them through this after everything else she and Rafe have been through. Rafe isn’t so sure that that is the way it’s supposed to be--constantly ‘getting through’ things. Sydney reminds Rafe tearfully that they have Sydney back, so now they can be happy. Rafe doesn’t reply. Sami cries that it’s finally their turn. Rafe wonders sullenly if they’ll just take another break the next time they hit a rough patch. Sami guesses that he is still angry with her. Rafe shakes his head, wishing he were. He claims that all he is is sad about the whole damn thing. Sami thinks he is sad because they aren’t together, and she assures him that she wants them to be together more than anything, and she wants them to be a family. Rafe sighs.

Will nods in assent and Nicole kneels down by Sydney’s stroller and tells her tearfully that she has to say goodbye now. Sydney grins, “Mama.” Nicole gasps in delight, but steels herself, telling Sydney how sorry she is for everything she put her through. She tells her sorrowfully that she isn’t her mother, and she never will be again.

Melanie and Philip lie in bed after having made love. Melanie is sorry they missed their honeymoon. Philip claims that everything is perfect, as for the first time in his life, he knows exactly what he wants--and that is to be with Melanie and start a family. He tells her how much he loves her and the two kiss.

Vivian hurries into the Kiriakis mansion. She grabs a drink, skids over to the sofa, and sits down and picks up a magazine, pretending to be reading for Victor’s benefit. Victor walks in and Vivian asks him worriedly if he is still angry. Victor admits that he has been honest with himself, and he now realizes that most of his problems with Philip are of his own making. He adds that he still wants Vivian to keep clear and to not interfere, but he knows now that he should have been prepaid for Philip hearing about their impending marriage. Vivian is thrilled to hear that the wedding is back on, saying that she knew that Victor couldn’t stay mad at her for long. She then tries to talk to Victor about color schemes for the wedding, but Victor doesn’t care what they do, as this is simply a business arrangement. He tells Vivian to do whatever she likes as long as the ceremony is short and in good taste. Vivian vows to do anything he says, and to devote herself to making him happy for the rest of his life. Victor groans, wonder what he has gotten himself into.

Will tells Nicole that they have to go. She nods, telling Sydney that she has a mother who loves her very much. Will rolls his eyes as Nicole sobs that she will never forget Sydney. Nicole asks her to be very happy, thanks Will, and heads off in tears.

Rafe tells Sami that he does love her, but he doesn’t think he and Sami have the same idea about what love should be. Rafe then tells Sami loftily that love doesn’t take breaks or keep secrets. He adds that he doesn’t think him moving back in will solve all their problems, either. Sami, stunned, wonders if Rafe doesn’t think it’s worth it to try. Rafe starts to reply, but suddenly catches sight of EJ’s shirt. He tells Sami abruptly that he has to get back to the station, and that he will see her around. He hurries off. Sami stares after him tearfully.

EJ makes a call, asking if Benny has been taken care of. He’s glad to find that he has, and hopes that this takes care of everything.

Anna gets a massage at a foreign hotel. She moans and groans appreciatively, until a new pair of hands comes on screen. The person pinches Anna. She yelps that that hurts. Stefano growls that that is nothing compared to what is coming. Anna turns around and stares in horror. Stefano bares his teeth at her.


Sami asks EJ, "Who are you and what have you done with EJ DiMera?"

Nicole tells Chloe, "I just have this really weird feeling that no one's going to see Anna DiMera again."

Stefano yells at Anna, "I want the truth!"

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