Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/1/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/1/10


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Vivian walks into the hospital and accosts Carly, snapping that there is no stopping her. Carly glares as Vivian reminds her that first there was Lawrence, then Melanie, and then Daniel. Vivian wonders whose life Carly plans on taking next.

At the Java Cafe, Adrienne asks Stephanie if this girl Nathan is hung up on is finally out of his system. Stephanie admits that she is with a sigh. Adrienne wonders if there is another problem. Stephanie doesn’t answer. Adrienne figures that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Stephanie explains that she would; it’s just that she did something she isn’t very proud of. Adrienne thinks she has always been too hard on herself, and that she is sure that whatever Stephanie did couldn’t be that bad. Stephanie says that it actually was.

At the pier, Nathan rushes over to Melanie, asking what is wrong. She explains tearfully that she was just on the phone with Daniel’s doctor. Nathan admits that he heard that Daniel had fallen and was admitted to the hospital a few hours ago. Melanie nods, sobbing that there is pressure on Daniel’s brain, and that he has been seeing double. Nathan tries to soothe her as Melanie bawls that his vision problems could last forever. Nathan takes her into his arms just as Philip walks over. Melanie catches sight of him and rushes over, throwing her arms around Philip. He glares at Nathan.

EJ heads over to Benny’s apartment. Benny lets him in, though he is surprised to see him so soon. EJ cuts to the chase and assumes that Benny has read the papers, and has heard the news about his ex-wife. Benny admits that he has, and that he finds it odd that she managed to make an agreement with Anna. EJ nods, saying that Nicole got Anna to ask the governor for a pardon, and Anna complied. Benny can hardly believe it. EJ then tells Benny that Nicole is now running around town looking to cause trouble. Benny guesses that EJ thinks Anna told Nicole everything--including that EJ was paying both him and Anna to watch the baby. EJ grimaces.

At the police station, Rafe demands to know if Nicole knew about Anna kidnapping Sydney all along. He reminds her that she could be charged, but Nicole scoffs, saying that she was pardoned. Rafe growls that she was pardoned for kidnapping, not for attempting to obstruct a federal investigation. He reminds her that the investigation is still open, as they are still searching for the kidnapper. Nicole scowls as Rafe remarks that he knows she is good, but he doesn’t even think she can come up with a second pardon out of thin air. Nicole then agrees to tell Rafe everything, and admits that she and Anna were partners.

Benny tells EJ that Anna told him that she planned on covering her tracks. EJ admits that she did, but now his ex-wife is free, and she and Anna clearly have some kind of connection. He reminds Benny sternly that he can’t have this kidnapping coming back to him. Benny assures EJ that he can count on him and urges EJ not to worry. EJ shakes his head, telling Benny that the reason he is here is because Benny has become a liability. He reaches into his coat. Benny, sweating profusely, assures EJ that he is a loyal man and would never give him up. He begs EJ to listen to him. EJ hesitates.

Nicole tells Rafe that she and Anna were quite the little team. Rafe asks if they were working together when Sydney was taken. Nicole glares, betting that it exactly what he’d like to believe, and claiming that he will buy any story so long as it makes her look guilty. Nicole then tells Rafe that the truth is that she and Anna were sisters-in-law in a horrible family, and they suffered together. Rafe scoffs, wondering if he is supposed to buy that Anna felt sorry for her being locked up and had her pardoned for that reason. Nicole nods, saying that it looks as if he is figuring things out. She asks if she can go, but Rafe snaps that she isn’t going anywhere until she gives him an honest answer. Nicole claims that she can’t help him. Rafe threatens to handcuff her to the table until she agrees to tell the truth.

Carly tells Vivian coldly to get out of here, as some people actually have work to do. Vivian retorts that Carly causing an accident of this magnitude is important, as Daniel is going to lose his medical career. Carly yells at her to get out as Vivian smirks that Carly has given Melanie one more reason to hate her. Just then, Justin hurries over, telling Vivian sternly to leave.

Philip soothes Melanie, telling her that he heard about Daniel. He assures her that Daniel will be fine, and so will she. He then tells Nathan coldly that he has it covered, so he can go home. Nathan assures Melanie that everything will be fine and he promises to check on her father for her. She thanks him as Nathan heads off. Philip asks if she is alright. She hugs him, saying that she is now. She then tells Philip that Nathan was just being nice to her, and asks if he is jealous. Philip wonders if he should be.

Stephanie asks Adrienne if she can see that she wouldn’t have had to do anything if that stupid twit Melanie hadn’t written her ex-boyfriend, Nathan, a letter on the day of her wedding--the day she was marrying her ex-fiancé, no less. Adrienne can’t believe Melanie would do such a thing. Stephanie then admits that she agreed to deliver the letter, and then once she read it, she knew there was no way she could give it to Nathan, as the letter said that Melanie loved Nathan and that she wanted a response from him. Adrienne guesses that Stephanie feared that Nathan would try to stop the wedding. Stephanie says that was exactly it, and she knew Nathan stopping the ceremony was wrong on so many levels. Adrienne sighs. Stephanie begs her to say that she understands, and that she isn’t disappointed in her, but Adrienne apologizes, saying that she can’t do that.

Benny, trembling, assures EJ that his word is good. EJ is sure that it is, and tells Benny that he’d love to have him around, but he needs to leave. EJ then whips out an envelope of cash. Relieved, Benny guesses that EJ wants him to get out of town. EJ nods, telling him he doesn’t care where he goes, but he must leave Salem, and never return. Benny agrees readily. EJ adds that he must leave right away, as he can’t have anyone connecting this kidnapping fiasco to him. Benny says he understands. EJ is glad to hear it.

Nicole wonders if Rafe plans on water-boarding her or giving her a good sound beating next. Rafe snaps that that depends on when she decides to start being truthful. He adds that he certainly doesn’t buy that her best friend Anna felt sorry for her and obtained a pardon for Nicole for that reason. Nicole claims that she has no idea why Anna got her pardoned, but if Rafe thinks that’s the reason, then that was sweet of Anna. Rafe claims that Nicole’s version of events doesn’t fly. He thinks that Nicole started to remember things back in December, but couldn’t put a face with the voice she remembered. He thinks she must have remembered that Anna was the one that took Sydney from her, so she called Anna and gave her an ultimatum. Rafe is sure Anna argued and fought with her, but Nicole managed to convince her. He thinks that when Nicole was finally ready to give up hope, she called him to rat Anna out, but the governor called at the eleventh hour with the pardon before she could. Rafe claims the rest is history. Nicole admits that that sounds logical, and that Rafe is normally a smart person. She glares, adding that today however, he is dumb, and dead wrong to boot.

Adrienne reminds Stephanie that she gave Melanie her word. Stephanie sighs, admitting that she knows she should have given Nathan that letter instead of making a selfish decision that was only best for her. She wonders what she is supposed to do now. Adrienne admits that it isn’t very classy of Melanie to be married and still hung up on Nathan. Stephanie agrees that Melanie is anything but classy, which is why she didn’t want to show Nathan the letter, but he found out about it anyway. Adrienne, surprised, asks if Nathan knows what the letter said. Stephanie shakes her head, saying that he can never find out, either.

Outside the Java Café, Nathan flashes back to Melanie telling him that she wrote him a letter on her wedding day to apologize for all the problems she caused him, and to say goodbye. Nathan comes back to the present and sighs, wondering why he can’t get Melanie out of his head.

Melanie assures Philip that there is no need to be jealous, as she just got off the phone with Dr. Williams and was upset, and Nathan showed up at that moment and comforted her. Philip guesses she was upset about her dad, and Melanie nods, saying that she doesn’t know if he will get better, and there is nothing they can do for him, so she’s frustrated. Philip thinks Daniel’s doctor will be able to help him. Melanie admits that she feels like she is losing it, and while she was glad Nathan showed up, she was even more happy when Philip arrived, as she always wants him to be there for her. The two kiss.

Nicole claims that she and Anna had a bond because they were both married to men from the DiMera family. Rafe informs her that Sami told him that the two hated one another, but Nicole thinks Sami has no way of knowing that, as she never saw them together. Rafe thinks that’s because Nicole and Anna never spent any time together. Nicole admits that she was relatively new to the household when Tony died and when Anna moved out, but she thinks she and Anna still had a connection, as they got along well and had empathy for one another. Nicole adds that if it turns out to be true that Anna took Sydney, then she is sure she felt badly for her sister-in-law being in jail for doing the same thing. Rafe scoffs, asking Nicole if she is saying that Anna took pity on her. Nicole nods. Rafe thinks the truth is that Anna got Nicole out of prison so she’d keep her mouth shut. He assures Nicole that it doesn’t matter anyway, as he knows Anna took Sydney. He reminds Nicole that she got a pardon and pleads with her to tell the truth for once and let him know where Anna is.

Justin reminds Vivian that Carly has a restraining order out against her, but Vivian waves him off, saying that she had her attorneys revoke that silly little thing months ago. She then tells the two that she has news. Carly and Justin glare. Vivian, undaunted, tells the two delightedly that she is putting down rich and powerful roots in Salem.

Nicole tells Rafe that she doesn’t care about Anna, as all that matters to her now is being free. Rafe warns Nicole that she will go back to jail if she tries to go after Sydney again. Nicole reminds him that Sydney isn’t her baby, and claims that she belongs with Sami and EJ. She adds that she feels sorry fro Rafe, as he worked his butt off to find both Sydney and her kidnapper, and it didn’t work out. She thinks it’s no wonder Sami decided to lie to him, as he clearly wasn’t useful to her anymore. Rafe snaps at her to get out. She starts to go, but Rafe has one last question. He asks her why she would want to come back to Salem-- a place where everyone hates her. Nicole claims it’s simple--she came back to take what’s hers. She asks Rafe to say hello to his sister, winks, and hurries off. Rafe sighs.

EJ has coffee at the pub and calls Benny, who is at the bar in the airport. He answers his phone, telling EJ that his plane takes off in an hour. EJ is glad to hear it, and reminds Benny to disappear and never contact him again. Benny promises not to. EJ asks if he understands the consequences if he disobeys. Benny claims that he does and assures EJ that he has nothing to worry abut, as this is the last conversation the two will ever have. EJ smiles and asks Benny to have a good flight. He hangs up. Benny orders a drink and tosses his cell phone in a trash can. He smirks, “EJ who?”

Rafe stares at photos of Nicole and Anna, murmuring to himself that one is a liar, and one’s off the map completely. Just then, an officer comes over with surveillance photos from a store they think the kidnappers were buying supplies from. Rafe doubts they’ll get lucky and find a photo of Anna, but he sifts through the photos, anyway. Rafe stops when he comes to a picture of Benny holding a package of diapers. Rafe notices a gun protruding from Benny’s hip and wonders why a guy with a gun is buying diapers. He shows the photo to the officer, asking if he’s undercover. The officer shakes his head, saying that Commander Brady thought he stood out as well, and had the man investigated. He hands Rafe another folder on Benny Gorman, AKA Benny the Man, AKA Benny Buttons. Rafe learns that he did five years at the state prison. He asks the officer to run an APB on Benny and to check the airport, train stations and bus terminals. He instructs the officer to call him and to have Benny watched if he’s found. The officer agrees and hurries off to follow Rafe’s orders. Rafe tells himself that he may not need Nicole after all, and that this guy may be the ticket.

Nicole walks up behind EJ at the pub and asks if he missed her. EJ glares. Nicole smirks that she thought so and jokes that her entire world was empty without him in it. EJ grimaces. Nicole giggles.

Justin thinks Vivian could communicate better if she didn’t speak in tongues. Carly asks what she meant by saying she was putting down rich roots, and Vivian tells the two excitedly that she and Victor are getting married. Justin and Carly gape. Vivian agrees that it’s wonderful, her becoming a member of the family and all. She congratulates herself warmly and heads off, laughing. Justin wonders why in the hell Victor would want to be connected to that old crone. Carly sighs, asking Justin to guess.

Adrienne admits that Stephanie got away with keeping the letter from Nathan, but all she may have done is delay the inevitable, as Nathan may still have feelings for Melanie. Stephanie shakes her head, saying that Nathan is smart and practical, and he knows that Melanie is married and that it’s over between them. Adrienne thinks that feelings have a way of coming back whether you want them to or not.

Melanie thinks she and Philip ought to go to the hospital and check on Daniel. Philip readily agrees and Melanie jokes, asking if this is the way it’s always going to be--her getting what she wants. Philip nods and grins, reminding her that he loves her and that she is his wife. Melanie smiles dreamily, saying she is his wife now and forever. She suggests that go to Maggie’s and get under the covers together. Just then, Vivian interrupts, telling the ‘children’ that she has wonderful news.

Benny orders another drink as Rafe heads into the airport lounge and sits down beside him. Rafe orders a beer as Benny pulls out a wad of cash to pay for his drink. Rafe jokes that it looks like he hit the mother lode and Benny nods, admitting it was something like that. Rafe wishes he could come across a pile of cash like that so he could hire a private investigator to find his lady friend. Benny asks if she’s lost. Rafe admits she split. Benny thinks that’s too bad and asks if Rafe misses her. Rafe say that he wants her back so badly he can taste it, and she had the prettiest name, too. Benny loves girls with pretty names, like Lolita and Margarita. Rafe chuckles. Benny asks what Rafe’s girlfriend’s name was. Rafe grins, saying it was Anna--Anna DiMera. Benny gapes.

Nicole is surprised EJ won’t congratulate her, or at least say hello, as she is free at last. She asks if he knows what the best part is. EJ glowers. Nicole asks him to lighten up, as this is the fun part. EJ glares. Nicole then explains gleefully that not only was she pardoned, her record was expunged, so she is so free and clear that she could get a job with the police if she wanted. EJ asks angrily what she is doing back in Salem. Nicole replies that Salem is her home. EJ gestures at her bloody lip, saying it’s obvious that she hasn’t had a very warm welcome. Nicole retorts that she may not be welcome in his creepy and depressing mansion, but this lovely little town is where she plans to make her fresh start. EJ scoffs, guessing that Nicole will be back to lying and scheming in no time. Nicole reminds EJ of how many crimes he has committed, saying that she thinks it’s fair that she’s forgiven for this one crime. EJ snaps that she would still be in jail if not for Anna and the governor. Nicole admits he is right about that, and she thinks he must be ticked at Anna for taking Sydney and for hiding her all these months. EJ doesn’t respond. Nicole notes that Anna really double-crossed him. EJ stares at her in horror.

Philip snaps that he and Melanie aren’t Vivian’s children, nor will they ever be. Vivian smiles, saying that when you reach 40, like she has, everyone Philip and Melanie’s age become children. She hopes they aren’t offended. Philip tells Vivian that they were just leaving. Melanie agrees. Vivian gets that she’s being jilted by them, but claims that she doesn’t mind, as they have plenty of time to make up for it and spend time together as a family. She can’t wait to have Philip reunited with both his parents together. Philip asks what she means. Vivian explains that Victor finally popped the question, and that she and his father are getting married. Philip gapes.

Adrienne doesn’t want to sound like an alarmist, but she warns Stephanie to be careful, as a wedding ring doesn’t make feelings for another person just disappear. She says she has to go and the two hug. Adrienne tells Stephanie how good it was to see her, and Stephanie thanks her for listening. Adrienne tells Stephanie she loves her and heads off. Stephanie sighs as Nathan walks in. She wonders what he is doing back here. Nathan asks her abruptly if this is a good time to talk.

Benny gets up and starts to hurry off, but Rafe warns him that he has six cops with their eyes on him, so he may as well relax. Rafe then introduces himself as an FBI agent, and suggests they talk about Anna and if Benny knows her. Benny scoffs that he doesn’t know Anna as well as Rafe does. Rafe retorts that he knows Sydney DiMera very well, but then again, so does Benny. In fact, he even knows what her diaper size is. He shows Benny the photo from the surveillance camera. Benny gapes. Rafe assures him that his secret is safe with him, as he is sure that Anna was the one telling him what kind of diapers to buy. Benny swears that he doesn’t know anyone named Sydney. Rafe then drops a bomb on Benny, telling him that they were able to pull his DNA from some prison blood work and match it to a sample found on a stuffed animal left behind at the cabin. Benny announces abruptly that he wants a lawyer. Rafe doesn’t mind getting him one, but warns Benny that it won’t help. He then tells Benny that he can help him if he plays his card right, as he is good friends with the prosecutor. Benny falters. Rafe urges him to talk, saying that all he needs to know is who Anna was working with and where she went.

EJ wonders why Nicole would say that, as he was never close to Anna, and she never could have betrayed him. Nicole reminds EJ that she lived in that mausoleum and she knows that Anna and EJ were friends. EJ claims that Anna was never like a sister to him, but they grew closer after Tony died because she was alone after turning her back on Stefano. Nicole admits that though it wasn’t a surprise that Anna pardoned her, it was a surprise that she took Sydney and hurt EJ in the process. EJ snaps that he knows what Anna did. Nicole confides in EJ that she thought about her conversation with Anna while she was in prison, and she now knows exactly why Anna took Sydney. EJ grabs Nicole’s hand, suggesting viciously that she tell him exactly what Anna told her.

Justin, confused, asks Carly to help him out. She jokes, wondering if he is sleep-deprived or if he drank his lunch. Justin shakes his head, still stymied, but then gets it. He announces that Victor is doing this because he hates Carly and Bo being together, so he thinks marrying Vivian will send a message. Carly replies dryly that he gets an ‘A+’ and says that Victor obviously wants to send a signal that he has a snake around, ready to strike so long as she and Bo are together. Just then, Adrienne walks over and greets Carly. The two make small talk and Carly tells Adrienne that she is living in Salem again and still playing doctor. Adrienne raises an eyebrow, saying that she heard she was back together with Bo as well. Carly admits she is. Adrienne remarks that she never would have dreamed that would happen while Hope was around.

Stephanie tells Nathan that she has time, and asks if something is wrong. Nathan admits that nothing is wrong exactly. Stephanie guesses that the hospital called and he has to cancel their date. Nathan admits that he can’t go out with Stephanie tonight. She asks why. Nathan says it’s because of Melanie.

Philip scoffs that his father would never marry Vivian. Vivian reminds Philip that he fell in love and wonders why he thinks his father can’t do the same. Philip doesn’t think his father is crazy. Vivian declares that Victor is virile and capable of great passion. Philip groans. Vivian turns to Melanie, claiming that she has always wanted to be with Victor, just the way Melanie has always wanted to be with his son. She claims they are very similar men ,and are both strong, noble and bold. Melanie doesn’t reply. Vivian admits she knows Philip is throw by the news, but she hopes Melanie will congratulate her. Melanie stammers.

Carly admits that being back with Bo wasn’t what she expected, either, but they are happy together. Adrienne asks pointedly how Bo and Hope’s little girl is handling it, as she has always felt that children suffer the most during these kinds of things. Carly gapes. Adrienne snaps that Bo and Hope have a history, and no matter what they’ve been through, they always find a way back to one another. Carly asks Adrienne sharply what her point is. Adrienne offers Carly some advice--she’d better not get too comfortable while Hope is around. Justin stares in surprise. Carly sighs.

Stephanie, surprised, asks Nathan if Melanie is really the reason he can’t go out with her. Nathan nods, admitting that this is hard for him, but he has to be honest. He then explains that it wouldn’t be fair to him to date Stephanie, as he still has feelings for Melanie.

Vivian hopes she hasn’t come on too strongly. Melanie whispers to Philip that she’d like to leave. Vivian begs the two to stay, but hopes that when she and Victor get married, Melanie and her beloved son can move in so they can all be one big, happy family. She blows the two kisses and hurries off. Philip thinks she must have doubled her dosage today. Melanie stammers that there is no way they are moving in with his dad and Vivian. Philip agrees that they’re not going anywhere near the mansion while Mary Poppin’ Pills is there. He sighs worriedly, wondering if his father is really going to marry Vivian. Melanie doesn’t know, and doesn’t care, as all she wants right now is Philip. She pulls him into her arms for a kiss.

Rafe asks Benny if they have a deal. Benny doesn’t reply. Rafe reminds him that all he has to do is tell him who Anna was working with, and he will get off with time served. Benny snaps that he asked for a lawyer, so Rafe can’t continue to question him. Rafe shrugs, saying it’s his choice, and that Salem P.D. will love having a new houseguest. Just then, Rafe signals, and an officer walks over and handcuffs Benny. Rafe asks him to take Benny away, and to let Roman know that this guy is up to his eyeballs aiding and abetting a felon. He warns the officer not to let Benny talk to anyone, and to read him his rights on the way over. The man nods and leads Benny away. Rafe tells himself that all he needs is one break, and then he can find out who Anna was working with.

Nicole wonders what is with EJ and why he is so serious about what Anna said to her. EJ growls that he is still recovering from the trauma of what Anna did to him, and he especially paranoid now that both of Sydney’s kidnappers are on the loose. Nicole doesn’t buy it, saying that she thinks EJ is flat-out paranoid about what Anna might have said. She asks EJ what he is so worried that Anna might have told her.


Anna says, "I took a very big risk, but it paid off."

Nicole tells EJ, "You are scared, and now I just have to figure out why."

Sami tells Rafe, "I want us to be together."

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