Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/31/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/31/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Sami’s place, EJ holds Sydney and groans, telling himself that it isn’t supposed to happen this way. He flashes back to Sami holding Sydney and the two laughing. EJ moans, wondering what he has done, as he loves her. Stunned, he tells Sydney quietly that he loves her mother.

Sami strolls along the pier. Nicole calls her name behind her. Sami whirls around. Nicole smirks, “Long time, no see.” Sami glares.

Nathan comes up behind Stephanie at the Java Café, telling her to put her money away, as it’s no good here. He offers to pay for her coffee, but Stephanie claims that that isn’t necessary. She then asks Nathan if this is his way of saying that he is ready to forgive and forget.

Chloe rushes into the hospital and confronts Carly, who is talking to Daniel’s doctor, Dr. Williams. Chloe demands to know what happened, and what Carly has done to Daniel. Carly stares. Chloe begins to panic, but Carly assures her that Daniel is in his room recovering. Chloe starts to rush in there, but Carly explains that Dr. Williams was just getting ready to explain that there is a problem regarding Daniel.

Melanie sits by Daniel’s side and sobs, calling him ‘dad’ and begging him to wake up. Daniel opens his eyes and smiles, asking if he heard Melanie right, and if she really just called him ‘dad.’ Melanie admits that she did and tearfully explains that it didn’t look like he was breathing back at the pub, and her heart just stopped. She then confides in Daniel that she vowed right then and there that she would tell him exactly what he means to her if she got another chance to do so. Melanie bawls. Daniel smiles and tries to soothe her, but leans back with a moan and closes his eyes. Melanie asks what’s wrong. Daniel opens his eyes and experiences double vision. He takes a deep breath as Melanie looks on worriedly.

EJ stares at a picture of Sami and Sydney. Sydney fusses .EJ guesses she is tired and puts her in her playpen as the doorbell rings. EJ peers through the peephole, rolls his eyes, and opens the door, greeting Lexie. Lexie asks if she can come in and EJ says she can, of course. She breezes in, asking what is going on with EJ. He admits a lot is going on.

At the pub, Rafe remarks to Arianna that he can’t believe that Nicole is back in Salem. Arianna remarks dryly how lucky they all are. Rafe asks if Arianna knows where Nicole is. Arianna guesses she’s off making trouble for some poor soul--just like Nicole did for her.

Sami glares, saying that she can’t believe it. Nicole can’t believe she looks this good either, and explains that the state prison has an excellent exercise program. Sami snaps that she can’t believe Nicole had the nerve to return to town after what she did. Nicole smirks, telling Sami that she’s here to stay, so Sami had just better get used to it.

Dr. Williams tells Chloe and Carly that concussions normally heal within a few days time, and while he hopes that is the case with Daniel, the MRI did show blood in Daniel’s occipital lobe. Carly thinks that could be a problem. Chloe demands to know what that means.

Melanie worriedly asks Daniel what is going on. He closes his eyes and opens them again, but his double vision hasn’t subsided.

Dr. Williams tells Chloe that Daniel can expect to have double vision. Chloe is frightened, but Carly assures her that that should clear up soon. Williams agrees, adding that even if it doesn’t go away, they still have options when it comes to corrective surgical procedures. Chloe just wants to hear that everything is going be ok. Dr. Williams hopes it will be. Chloe asks worriedly if there is a chance Daniel won’t recover. Just then, Melanie rushes out of Daniel’s room and tells the doctor he must get in there right away, as something is wrong. The doctor dashes off and Chloe, Carly and Melanie follow.

Nicole thinks it’s ironic for her and Sami to meet here at the pier, since this is the same place she watched Sydney yanked from her arms and placed into Sami’s. She claims that that is all water under the bridge now, as she is back in Salem and happy to be home. Sami demands that Nicole leave now. Nicole scoffs, telling Sami to leave, as she got here first. Sami snaps that she meant that she wants Nicole to leave Salem. Nicole laughs. Sami threatens to kick her ass if she doesn’t. She drops her purse and prepares to fight Nicole. Nicole glares.

Lexie asks EJ to be more specific, but all he will say is that Lexie is very observant, and that he should have listened to her all along. Lexie agrees, but wonders what it is he should have taken her advice on. EJ sighs, admitting that she was right about Sami and his feelings for her. Lexie remarks that wonders will never cease, and adds that she is glad that EJ has quit denying that he is in love with Sami. EJ tells her quietly that it’s not supposed to be like this. Lexie assures him that it’s alright, but EJ doesn’t think she understands, as he has ruined everything. Lexie asks what he is talking about, and what it is he’s ruined.

Rafe groans, saying that he can’t believe that Arianna ran off to get married without letting him know. He asks is their mother knows. Arianna shakes her head, reminding Rafe that if their mother had known and had made plans, it would have been next Christmas before they could have gotten married. Rafe guesses Brady is the reason why Nicole went to Santo Domingo. Arianna nods, claiming that Nicole is now back in Salem, however, and she’s ready to wreck more lives.

Nicole suggests that she and Sami try to be civilized. Sami growls at her to stay away from all her kids, and warns Nicole to never touch Sydney again. Nicole softens, asking how Sydney is. Sami replies pointedly that she is fine, and that she’s safe at home with her brothers and sister--where she belongs. Nicole doesn’t reply. Sami then tells her that Sydney is really sweet given what she has been through. Nicole is glad to hear she’s doing well. Sami remarks that Anna took good care of her. Nicole stares in surprise, but Sami snaps at her not to play dumb, as she knows Anna kidnapped Sydney, and that Nicole let her get away with it so that she could get out of prison. She starts to wonder how Nicole could do that, but she guesses she shouldn’t be surprised at how selfish Nicole is, even when it comes to Sydney. Nicole is just glad Anna took good care of her. Sami again warns Nicole not to even think of taking Sydney, but Nicole claims that she has moved on. She asks Sami to be a little forgiving. Sami retorts that Nicole stole her daughter. Nicole replies sarcastically that she knows she is the villain here and Sami is the victim, even though she and Sami both lied to EJ about his daughter. She then reminds Sami that even though they both did the same thing, Sami got Sydney back, and she gets to live with her and lover boy Rafe, so Sami got the happy ending. Sami frowns. Nicole wonders if she was wrong, and if Sami isn’t really all that happy after all.

Dr. Williams tells Daniel his name and asks the girls for a moment alone with him. Chloe, Carly, and Melanie head outside. Chloe lays into Carly, saying that she can’t believe Carly put Daniel in the hospital, and that he may not recover. Melanie interrupts, insists that this isn’t Carly’s fault. She then asks Chloe to leave her alone. Chloe stares, shocked.

Stephanie thanks Nathan for the coffee, telling him that he didn’t have to do this. She then tells him that she should go, as she has to get back to cleaning her apartment. Nathan thinks she can clean later. Stephanie asks if this is Nathan’s way of trying to make peace with her. Nathan replies that that isn’t what he is trying to do.

EJ complains to Lexie that Sami hid his daughter from him, and put a hole in his heart, so he has to wonder how he can love someone who has caused him this much pain. Lexie remarks that EJ is at least consistent, if nothing else. EJ shakes his head, wondering what in the world he is going to do. Lexie asks if he has told Sami how he feels. EJ shakes his head. She wonders if he is going to, but EJ isn’t sure, how he doesn’t know how Sami will react. Lexie wonders if he is worried about her reaction because of Rafe. EJ shakes his head, explaining that Sami and Rafe broke up.

Nicole wonders if Sami’s ‘happily ever after’ didn’t work out, but Sami replies that she would never confide in Nicole. Nicole admits that is true, but says that she is going to confide in Sami. She then tells her that in prison, she had a lot of time to think about her, Sami, and EJ, and what she did, and what she realized is that if Sami hadn’t lied to EJ, none of this would have or could have happened. Sami gapes in astonishment as Nicole snaps that Sami caused all of this because she can’t help doing what she does best. Nicole thinks that Rafe has finally figured that out, and Sami has blown the one good thing she had going in her life. Sami replies by punching Nicole square in the jaw. Nicole doubles over, gasping. Sami glares as Nicole looks up, blood trickling from her lip. Nicole chuckles.

Chloe is sure Melanie means well, but she doesn’t think she knows what she is talking about. Melanie insists that she is telling the truth. She explains that she was the one fighting with Carly, not Daniel. She was acting overly emotional, and she stormed out of the pub. She goes on to say that when Daniel followed her, he slipped on the ice and fell. Just then, Dr. Williams leaves Daniel’s room. Chloe breathlessly asks if he is going to be alright. Williams explains that it’s just as he feared--Daniel has swelling around his occipital lobe He adds that he is going to have to run more tests before he can give an accurate prognosis. Melanie, Carly and Chloe all stare at the doctor in alarm.

Daniel examines his hand, continuing to suffer from double vision. Chloe heads into his room and greets him, telling him how worried she was. Daniel assures her that he will be fine, so long as she still loves him. The two hug.

Carly hands Melanie a cup of coffee, warning her that it’s hot. Melanie thanks her. Carly remarks that it was good for Melanie to stand up for her in front of Chloe like that. Melanie says that it was no big deal, as Chloe is just scared right now, and is looking for someone to blame. She then asks Carly to tell her the truth--is her dad going to be ok?

Rafe leaves Sami a message, asking her to call him. Arianna wonders how things are going between the two of them, and asks if it’s going any better. Rafe admits it isn’t. He then changes the subject, asking if Arianna and Brady went through with the wedding. She shakes her head, saying that she would have told him if they had. Arianna explains that they are now going to have the wedding in Salem, and Rafe is in charge of their mother. He chuckles. He admits that Arianna seems happy. She says that she is, and that Brady is the best. She never thought she’d find someone like him, and she vows not to let Nicole screw this up. Rafe is glad to hear it, and remarks that he still can’t believe Nicole was able to blackmail Anna into getting her a pardon. He tells himself that he must find Nicole and ask her some questions.

Lexie asks if Sami and Rafe are only finished according to him, but EJ claims that it isn’t just according to him. Lexie sighs, reminding EJ tat love can overcome a lot of little problems. She wonders if EJ is looking for something to happen with Sami, assuming that she and Rafe are truly broken up. EJ isn’t sure if he wants that or not. Lexie suggests that EJ go for a walk and think things through while she watches the baby. EJ isn’t so sure, but Lexie tells him to go ahead, as she’s on a break from the hospital. EJ agrees to do so, and thanks Lexie, hugging her. EJ then heads off.

Sami admits that she shouldn’t have let her emotions take control like that, and that she shouldn’t have hit Nicole. Nicole remarks that she thinks Sami broke her jaw. Sami scoffs. Nicole rushes her and punches her in the face. Sami shrieks that she ought to kill Nicole. Nicole yells back that if Sami wants a piece of here, she is right here. Sami snarls that she won’t be for long and charges Nicole. Nicole wraps her arms around Sami’s waist and head butts her. Sami pummels Nicole on the back. Nicole struggles to get free, does so, then runs at Sami, knocking her over the bench. The two roll around on the ground, spitting with rage, pulling hair, and trading blows.

Stephanie apologizes for putting words in Nathan’s mouth, as she is sure that he is still probably upset about what happened with Melanie. Nathan reminds her that the letter turned out to be meaningless, since Melanie just wanted to say goodbye. Stephanie flashes back to reading the letter, in which Melanie tells Nathan that she will always love him, and that she can’t marry Philip if Nathan still has feelings for her. Stephanie comes back to the present, saying that whatever was in the letter, she’s sorry that it hurt Nathan, and that she was a part of it. Nathan doesn’t think that Melanie should have put her in the middle in the first place. He then tells Stephanie that she asked him before if he wanted to make peace, and the truth is he doesn’t, as he just wants to start over. Nathan then introduces himself to Stephanie jokingly and asks her out for dinner. Stephanie accepts, admitting that she’d very much like to have dinner with him.

Daniel assures Chloe that he is fine, and that he is just having some double vision. Chloe asks him worriedly if the problem with his eyes will go away.

Carly wishes she could give Melanie some answers, but admits she won’t know anything until more test results come in. Melanie wails that Daniel is a doctor, and needs his eyes. She worries that he won’t get better, and moans that this is all her fault. Carly shakes her head, but Melanie barrels on, saying that she did this to her own father. Carly stops her, assuring Melanie that this was an accident, and that she isn’t responsible. Carly then tells Melanie that if she wants to plane blame, it would make more sense for Melanie to blame her. Melanie shakes her head. Carly wonders why she changed her mind about blaming her, and what exactly made Melanie see things differently.

EJ heads into the gym and finds Arianna cycling furiously on a stationary bike. He greets her, asking how things are going. Arianna grimaces, saying that things are great. EJ remarks that that the purpose of the bike isn’t for her to tear it apart. Arianna admits she had a bad day, and feels like tearing something apart. EJ asks if it was really that bad. Arianna guesses it wasn’t that terrible, but it was definitely frustrating. EJ asks if she wants to talk about it. Arianna admits she does, and tells EJ that it all started when her wedding was ruined.

Sami pulls Nicole’s hair and Nicole shrieks at her to get off. Nicole struggles to get out from under Sami and tries to hurry off, but Sami chases her down again. The two struggle as Rafe hurries over. He manages to separate the two. Nicole snaps that this cow never deserved to have Rafe. Rafe wonders angrily if Nicole is ready to go back to jail already. Sami attacks Nicole without warning. Rafe again attempts to stop the two as they thro punches.

Melanie tells Carly with a sigh that she changed her mind because she was wrong. After all, she was the one that acted like a brat and fought with Carly, then stormed out of the pub. She adds that Daniel came after her to try to calm her down. Carly admits that that is exactly what happened and that no one is to blame, as Daniel simply slipped on the ice. She assures Melanie that it was truly an accident. Melanie nods, saying that now, he just has to get better.

Chloe jokes tearfully that she isn’t very good at this, as she is supposed to be cheering Daniel up, and instead, she’s a mess. Daniel thinks she is beautiful. Just then, Melanie knocks and enters. She apologizes for interrupting, and asks Daniel how he is. Daniel admits that he is doing pretty well, considering. Melanie is glad to hear it. Chloe decides to give the two some time alone to talk, and offers to go get some chocolate cake from the pub. She grabs her coat and heads off. Melanie then tells Daniel how sorry she is that he is stuck with her for a daughter.

EJ is surprised to hear that Arianna and Brady were planning to elope. Arianna admits that that was the idea, but it didn’t work out that way. EJ is sorry it didn’t happen. Arianna quickly assures EJ that it will happen; it just won’t be a quickie wedding. EJ wonders if Arianna plans on going for something a little more formal. She nods. EJ then ask what exactly happened to ruin her plans to elope with Brady. Arianna replies that EJ’s ex-wife happened.

At the police station, Rafe and another officer attempt to hold Sami and Nicole back as they flail at one another. Roman rushes in and screams at the two to shut up, as this is his house, and his rules. The two quiet down as Rafe explains that he found them at the pier trying to tear one another apart, and that he had to call Carl in just to bring them down here. Nicole snaps that Sami started it, but she retorts that Nicole stole her daughter. Roman orders an officer to put Nicole in the interrogation room. Before she’s led off, Nicole warns Rafe not to turn his back on Sami. She adds that he may think Sami is out of his life, but she won’t quit--she’ll hurt him every chance she gets. Sami hisses that Nicole is a bitch and tries to rush her, but Rafe holds her back. Nicole is dragged into the interrogation room.

Melanie sobs that this never would have happened if she hadn’t been such a brat, and if Daniel hadn’t had to chase her out of the pub. Daniel tries to soothe her, reminding her that he slipped on some ice, and that it could have happened any time. Melanie admits that Carly keeps telling her it was an accident, too, and while she believes that, she can’t help but think it is her fault when bad things happen. Daniel thinks that bad things just happen, and that it’s simply random. He thinks the only thing a person can do is to try to get through it and come out stronger on the other side. Melanie thinks Daniel is lucky that Carly was there, as she knew just what to do. Carly walks in just then, saying that Daniel is actually lucky that Melanie was there, as she was quite the professional, and Daniel would have been proud. Melanie smiles and gets up, wiping her eyes and sign that she has things to do. She then hurries off.

Nathan tells Stephanie that he will pick her up at seven. She agrees just as she spots Adrienne walking in. Adrienne heads over, and Stephanie introduces her to Nathan. She hopes she isn’t interrupting, but Nathan explains that he was just getting ready to leave. He promises to see Stephanie soon, asks Adrienne to enjoy her stay in Salem, and heads off. Adrienne sits down with Stephanie, asking her to spill it, as she is sure Nathan must be the guy her big brother has been emailing her about. Stephanie thinks her father probably got a little carried away, but Adrienne tells her that all Steve said was that Stephanie was very happy and in love. She smiles, admitting that she is pretty crazy about Nathan.

EJ wonders how his ex-wife could have spoiled Arianna’s wedding plans. Arianna assumes he knows Nicole is out of prison. EJ admits he does, but says that he thought she was in Santo Domingo. Arianna nods. EJ guesses that is where Arianna and Brady were. She nods, saying that they had everything--the beachfront hotel, the beautiful garden, and it was all ruined. EJ asks worriedly if Nicole said anything about the kidnapping. Arianna says that she didn’t. EJ then apologizes for Nicole ruining things, but he guesses that is par for the course when it comes to her. He guesses she’s probably a long way from Salem new, but Arianna says that actually, Nicole is in town. EJ, panicking, asks where she is.

Rafe tends to a cut on Sami’s cheek. She cries out in pain, and Rafe asks her jokingly to stop being such a baby. She reminds him of his moaning and groaning the last time he had a cold, and the two chuckle. Sami flirts, saying that she thinks Rafe just likes her to nurse him because it leads to other things. Just then, an officer interrupts, telling Rafe that he can question the other woman whenever he likes. Rafe heads off. Sami stares after him, smiling.

Stephanie admits that she and Nathan have had issues, and that things aren’t always perfect. Adrienne jokes that she is shocked. Stephanie confides in Adrienne that she knows all relationships have problems, but she has and Nathan had a big problem--he was still hung up on someone else. Adrienne asks if he still is, but Stephanie assures her that that other woman is now totally out of his system.

At the pier, Melanie speaks to someone from the hospital over the phone, asking if Daniel’s double vision could last forever. She listens and her face falls. She thanks the person for being honest and hangs up just as Nathan walks over. Melanie spots him and bursts into tears.

Carly tells Daniel how sorry she is. He asks her to stop apologizing, joking that he has had enough between her and Melanie. Carly admits that they both feel badly about what happened. Daniel insists that this happened because he wasn’t paying attention, and that’s the end of the story. Daniel hopes Melanie can forgive herself, as he noticed that she seems to think this is her fault. Carly nods, telling Daniel that Melanie thinks she jinxes everything, but that isn’t true. Daniel admits he is worried because every time something positive happens in Melanie’s life, something else seems to go wrong. Carly doesn’t think that is always true. She then tells Daniel that she is glad to see him up and smiling again. She takes his hand and squeezes it. Just then, Chloe walks over and watches the two through the window. She frowns.

EJ notes that if Nicole came back on the same plane as Brady and Arianna, then that means that she has been in town for hours. Arianna doesn’t think he has to worry about Nicole, but EJ snaps that she kidnapped his daughter. He thinks he has a right to be upset, and that Arianna should be, too. He warns Arianna not to trust Nicole, but she scoffs that he doesn’t have to worry about that. She says goodbye and walks off. EJ wonders if Nicole knows that he was working with Anna. He tells himself that he has to find her and hurries off.

Roman heads over to Sami and apologizes to her for having Anna come see her. Sami begs Roman not to blame himself, as no one had any way of knowing that Anna had Sydney. Roman scoffs that Nicole apparently knew, since she used the information to get a pardon from the governor via Anna. Sami asks her father not to blame himself, as she they both know how hard he worked on he case. She then tells Roman that some good came out of her stupid fight with Nicole, as she now thinks that Rafe still loves her. She admits Rafe is hard to read sometimes, since he is so closed off, but now she knows Rafe still has feelings for her. She confides in Roman that she is sure they can find a way back each other.

Rafe remarks that this is like the good old days, where he questions Nicole, and she lies. Nicole ignores the comment, announcing that she wants to press charges against Sami. Rafe tells her to talk to a cop, as he is an FBI agent. Nicole retorts that she has nothing to say to him, then. Rafe demands to know how she pulled off getting a pardon from the governor. Nicole doesn’t answer. He reminds her that he was there when the governor pardoned her, and he knows that Anna got him to do it. He wonders how Nicole got Anna to pull the strings. Nicole smirks, guessing that she is just Anna’s favorite person. Rafe doesn’t buy it, saying that he knows Nicole knew that Anna kidnapped Sydney, and she blackmailed Anna with the information to force her to help her. Rafe then demands to know if Nicole knew what Anna was up to the whole time, and tells her that she could be charged. Nicole reminds him that she was pardoned. Rafe replies that she was pardoned on kidnapping charges, not on charges related to obstructing a federal investigation. Nicole gapes. Rafe grins, telling her that the case is still open, as they are still trying to catch Anna. He adds that he thinks Nicole is good, but not even she could come up with a second pardon. Nicole quickly agrees to tell Rafe everything, since he won’t quit


Melanie asks Philip, "You're not jealous, are you?" He replies, "Should I be?"

EJ says, "You dig this out, because I can't have anybody connecting these dots."

Nicole tells Rafe, "I came back to take what's mine. What's always been mine."

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