Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/30/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/30/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Rafe tells someone over the phone that he plans on flying to Santo Domingo once the storms clears He vows to find Nicole if she is on the island. Just then, Sami walks in and approaches Rafe.

Brady sits on a plane on its way back to Salem. Nicole snoozes in the seat in front of him. Brady sighs, wondering what he is going to do with her.

At the Java Café, Chloe calls Daniel and leaves him a message, hoping that things are going well with Melanie. She adds that she left him a message before, but he must not have gotten it. Just then, Victor walks in. He suggests that Daniel may be avoiding her. Chloe glares.

Melanie tells Carly that she is unimpressed by her new defiant stance, and adds nastily that as far as she is concerned, she has one parent, and that is Daniel. She snaps at Carly that she doesn’t exist and hurries off. Carly starts to follow, but Daniel stops her, asking her to let him try to talk to Melanie instead. He hurries out the door, and just before he catches up with Melanie, he slips on the ice outside and falls backwards, hitting his head on the pavement. Melanie sinks to her knees and calls his name as Carly rushes out and tends to Daniel. Melanie moans that this can’t be happening and begs Carly to do something. Carly checks Daniel’s pulse as Melanie looks on worriedly.

Rafe asks the person on the other line to check the passenger manifests of the outgoing flights, as Nicole may have already left Santo Domingo. Rafe then hangs up. Sami tells him that she left him several messages, but he hasn’t called back. Rafe explains distractedly that he hasn’t had time to check his voicemail. Sami thinks it was awkward having to ask her dad if he knew where Rafe was. Rafe reminds her pointedly that he’s been working with the police in an attempt to find Anna and Nicole. Sami asks if he is having any luck, but Rafe admits he isn’t. EJ heads in, yelling into the phone about a fax he needs sent. He hangs up and asks Rafe and Sami if there is any news. Rafe shakes his head. EJ gets another call and takes it, going ballistic over something he needs done today. He hurries off, still chastising the person on the other end of the line. Rafe tells Sami that he needs to make some calls too. Sami pleads with him to stop shutting her out, as it is killing her.

Melanie calls for the paramedics, explaining that Dr. Jonas is unconscious and bleeding outside the Brady pub. Carly instructs Melanie her to let them know that he may have a spinal injury or a skull fracture. Flustered, Melanie tells the operator that it’s bad and that the ambulance must hurry. She then hangs up, asking Carly what she can do. Carly asks her to get some tablecloths and other supplies from the pub. Melanie hurries off to do so as Carly pleads with Daniel to hang on.

Arianna heads over to Brady, handing him a note from the flight attendant. She jokes that she hopes it isn’t a mash note. Brady smiles and opens it. He then tell Arianna that the pilot of this flight, Kevin, used to fly on of the corporate jets from Titan. He must have heard he was a passenger. Arianna wonders what he wants. Brady crumples the note, replying that he just wants to talk. Arianna thinks he ought to go, but Brady claims he isn’t interested. Arianna asks jokingly if the man crashed a jet. Brady says that isn’t it, and that Titan was actually sorry to lose him, but he just doesn’t feel like chatting right now. Arianna thinks he’s lying. She gestures at Nicole, guessing that Brady is afraid of leaving her alone with that.

Sami complains that Rafe can’t keep shutting her out like this. Rafe asks Sami sharply if she thinks she treated him fairly. Sami stammers that she didn’t. Rafe replies that he has some work to do and will call her and EJ once he finds out some new information. He then excuses himself and hurries off. Sami sighs.

Victor notices Chloe handling a small gift and guesses it’s from Daniel. Chloe snaps that people that love one another exchange gifts, not that he would know anything about that. Victor replies that she is wrong, has he has loved and lost more times than he can remember. He adds that that is why he’d like to offer her some advice. Chloe remarks that she neither wants or needs his advice, as she is doing just fine. Victor doesn’t think she will be fine for long unless she listens to him. Chloe replies angrily that she doesn’t want his advice. Victor tells her not to be surprised when she wakes up one day to find that she has lost the man she loves to Carly Manning, then.

Carly instructs Melanie to keep Daniel warm. Melanie nods and wraps a blanket around him. Carly checks for skull fractures as Kinsey rushes out to asks Melanie why she took a bunch of table clothes. She spots Daniel on the ground and gaps, asking what happened. Carly explains that he slipped on the ice and tells Kinsey to go inside. She huffs that Carly is being rude. Carly shouts at her to go in side. Kinsey heads off with a groan. Carly tells Melanie that she doesn’t feel any skull fractures. She hesitates. Melanie asks if Daniel is going to be alright. Carly isn’t sure. She apologizes to Melanie, but Melanie shrieks back that that isn’t good enough She then begs Daniel not to leave her. She sobs that he has to be ok, as she needs him.

Arianna accuses Brady of thinking she is stupid, but he claims that he knows she isn’t. She asks if he thinks she and Nicole will get into a catfight if he leaves. Brady smiles, saying that a guy can dream. Arianna smacks him on the arm and groans. She then promises to be civil to Nicole, and urges Brady to go talk to the pilot, as she doesn’t need a babysitter. Brady agrees. She asks him not to be too long. Brady promises not to be and heads off. Arianna gets up and sits next to Nicole, who is still sleeping. She whispers into her ear, “Rise and shine.” Nicole opens her eyes sleepily and stares at Arianna, taken aback.

Melanie and Carly sit in Daniel’s room at the hospital. Daniel lies in bed, unconscious. A doctor heads in and tells Carly that Daniel is stable. Carly thanks God. The doctor then says that he plans on doing an MRI just to be cautious, as Daniel hit his head pretty hard. Melanie tells the two that she is going to clean up and heads off in tears. Once outside, she takes out the locket Daniel gave her and flashes back to Daniel telling her that it was her grandmother’s, and that she always wanted Daniel to have a little girl. Daniel smiles, glad that he now has Melanie. Melanie comes back to the present. She clutches the locket and sobs.

Roman heads into the police station and asks Rafe for news. Rafe explains that there isn’t any, adding that his office is going through the passenger manifests of flights, but the hurricane is slowing everything down. Roman tells Rafe that he spoke to Carrie, who admitted she hadn’t heard from Anna in a long time. Roman adds that Carrie was shocked that her mother was involved in Sydney’s kidnapping. Rafe then tells Roman about checking out the properties Tony and Anna owned. He thought he might have found her when he stumbled on a remote place in Bora Bora, but Anna wasn’t there. Rafe sighs, telling Roman that it’s as if she dropped off the radar completely.

Sami gets off the phone with Caroline and chuckles, telling EJ that the twins are wearing her down. EJ agrees that they can be a handful. Sami is glad Sydney isn’t that way, but EJ thinks she will be in a few months. Sami isn’t so sure, as not many babies would have handled what Sydney went through as calmly as she did. EJ thinks she is a special child. Sami agrees, glad that no matter what Anna did, she at least took good care of Sydney. EJ grumbles that he is a bloody idiot. Sami thinks she is, too. EJ reminds her that she has nothing to be sorry for in regards to Anna, as she had no way of knowing what she was up to when she came to visit. Sami admits that she was actually talking about Rafe. EJ asks what happened. Sami confides in EJ that she totally embarrassed herself, as she told him that she didn’t want him to shut her out anymore, and that it was killing her. She admits she was very needy and really put her heart on her sleeve. EJ asks how Rafe reacted. Sami replies that he walked away--as if they never loved each other, and as if he never cared about all that they have been through together. EJ tells her how sorry he is. Sami guesses that she is going to have to deal with the fact that she and Rafe aren’t getting back together. EJ thinks that may be for the best.

Nicole asks where Brady is, and Arianna explains that he is with the pilot, which will give them time to talk. She eyes the mini bottles on Nicole’s tray and scoffs. Nicole replies that Arianna has no right to judge her. She adds that she has gone a long time without drinking and is just going through a rough patch right now, although she doesn’t know why she feels the need to explains this to a convicted drug dealer. Arianna snaps that Brady knows all about her past. Nicole’s is another story, as she faked a pregnancy and stole another woman’s baby--a woman that happened to be Brady’s sister, so Nicole’s transgression is much more personal and unforgivable than hers. Nicole scoffs that she can’t believe she ever supported Brady and Arianna’s relationship. Arianna sarcastically wonders what she and Brady will ever do without Nicole’s stamp of approval. Nicole snaps that she thought Arianna would be good for Brady in her absence. Arianna asks angrily if Nicole thinks that she was simply filling in for her until she got out of prison. Nicole admits that that is how she sees it. Arianna has had enough, and gets up to go back to her seat. Nicole remarks that Brady doesn’t love Arianna. Arianna laughs, asking if Nicole thinks Brady loves her--a lying drunk that’s screwed-up, selfish, and had to trick a guy into getting him to marry her. She adds nastily that Nicole may think that Brady admires her, but in reality, he has no respect for her at all, and doesn’t love her either. Nicole thinks that is the proof that Brady loves her--the fact that he was always right by her side, passionate, empathetic, and never willing to betray her trust. Arianna asks Nicole pointedly to have a god flight and gets back into her seat. Nicole gets up and leans over Arianna, reminding her that Brady was there for her every step of the way, no matter how despicable her behavior was. Arianna stats to put in a pair of headphones, but Nicole grabs her arm, asking Arianna what love is, if it isn’t that.

Rafe curses, telling Roman that he had Anna in his hands, and he let her go. Roman guesses they should call Sami, but Rafe asks him to wait until they find Anna. Roman wonders if Rafe is really worried about his daughter. Rafe says that he is, of course, especially now that Anna has gone missing. Roman sighs. Rafe tells him to say whatever he has to say. Roman agrees to do so, and informs Rafe that he thinks he ought to apologizes to Sami. Rafe wonders what he needs to apologize for. Roman thinks he needs to say he is sorry for kicking Sami when she is down.

Sami sighs, saying that she gets that EJ doesn’t want Rafe in her or the kids’ lives, as he can barely keep the sneer off of his face when he mentions Rafe. EJ claims he didn’t sneer, but Sami declares that she can see right through EJ, and she thinks he is thrilled that she and Rafe are splitting up. She adds angrily that Rafe makes her happy, and she doesn’t want to listen to EJ undermine him. EJ reminds Sami how close they’ve gotten since Sydney returned, and he assures her that he is a hundred percent in her corner. He adds that she is a wonderful woman, and passionate and intelligent to boot. He then claims that he only wants what is best for Sami, and doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Sami thanks him for his kind and flattering words, but reminds that she is hurting, as being apart from Rafe is painful for her. EJ reminds Sami that even if she and Rafe get back together, he could get called out on an important case, and then she would be alone anyway. Sami asks EJ angrily if he thinks she can’t handle being by herself for more than a minute at a time. EJ claims that isn’t what he meant, and then asks Sami what will happen if Rafe decides that he can’t put her above his work because of his lack of trust in her. Sami frowns. EJ asks Sami if that is what she really wants.

Chloe tells Victor that she realizes that he has done nothing but try to shake her confidence since the day he has met her, but he isn’t going to succeed, because she knows that she and Daniel are going to be together forever. Victor wonders if she is sure about that. Chloe claims she is, as she knows Daniel. Victor is glad to hear it. Chloe doesn’t believe him. Victor then explains that he wants Carly out of Bo’s life, but he isn’t willing to sacrifice Daniel to make that happen. Chloe reminds him that she already told him that Daniel loves her, not Carly. Victor assumes that is true, telling Chloe that the burden of keeping Carly away from Daniel now falls to her--before Carly ruins Daniel’s life the way she ruined Bo’s and everyone else’s life she comes into contact with. Chloe, shocked, asks Victor if he is actually rooting for her and Daniel. Victor remarks sarcastically that she gets the picture--he’d rather have Chloe in Daniel’s life than a psychopathic murderess.

Carly heads out of Daniel’s room and spots Melanie sobbing over the locket. Carly murmurs that it’s alright. She takes the locket from Melanie and fastens it around Melanie’s neck. Melanie bawls.

Arianna hisses at Nicole to get back in her seat, but Nicole reminds her angrily that she is the one that sat next to her and woke her up. Arianna thinks that was a mistake. She puts her headphones in. Nicole accuses Arianna of thinking she has it all figured out. She takes Bray’s seat and unplugs Arianna’s headphones, claiming that Brady still has feelings for her, and there is nothing Arianna can do to change that. Arianna thinks Nicole is delusional. She claims that Brady just feels sorry for her, and that he’s too good of a person to tell a sad and lonely sack like Nicole to take a hike. Nicole thinks Brady is too in love with her to tell her to take a hike. Arianna snaps that she is wrong, as Nicole lied to Brady and forced him to lie for her. She thinks Brady is disgusted with himself for wasting his time trying to help Nicole keep her pathetic life together. Nicole remarks that she is more insecure than she thought, as Arianna would just ignore her comments otherwise. Arianna thinks it’s hard to ignore Nicole when she is in her face, and showed up on the island just to find her fiancé. Nicole thinks Brady will soon be Arianna’s ex-fiancé. Arianna suggests Nicole go grab a bottle of vodka and go back to sleep, as it was much more peaceful when she was in a drunken stupor. Just then, Brady comes back. Nicole asks Arianna to have a nice flight and gets back in her own seat. Brady frowns at Arianna.

Rafe can’t believe Roman wants him to apologize to Sami, as he has done everything he could for her since the first day he met her in that safe house. Roman wonders why Rafe is going south on Sami when she needs him most. Rafe replies angrily that he wants to know why Sami is allying herself with EJ, and why she withheld vital information from him that could have helped him find Sydney and Anna. Roman just thinks Sami was in pain, and wasn’t thinking straight. Rafe claims that he wanted to get Sydney back as much as anyone, and that he is angry that Sami didn’t trust him enough to let him help her. Roman wonders if that is the real reason Rafe is mad, or if he is angry because Sami trusted EJ more than she did him.

Sami replies that she obviously doesn’t want that kind of life with Rafe. She then admits that she lied to Rafe twice, but she doesn’t think he will hold that against her until the end of time. EJ wonders why Rafe is treating her this way when she has been through enough already. Sami isn’t sure, but reminds EJ that Rafe has his own reasons and his own side of the story. She adds that no matter what happened with Rafe, she doesn’t regret the decision she made, as Sydney is home safely because of it. EJ agrees that that is the most important thing, but he isn’t sure that Rafe understands that, and that it may even be indicative of the way Rafe really feels about Sami. He adds quietly that Sami may have already lost him. Sami paces tearfully, admitting that EJ is right, and that she has probably already lost Rafe. She thinks she now has to find a way to move on without Rafe, but she doesn’t know how to do it. EJ suggests that she concentrate on what is really important--her children.

Kinsey mops the sidewalk outside the pub as Chloe walks by. She asks if someone spilled something. Kinsey nods, telling Chloe that it was blood, actually. Chloe asks what she is talking about, and Kinsey explains that Dr. Jonas fell and hit his head out here. Chloe stares, stunned. Kinsey adds that it was really gross. Chloe gapes.

Carly compliments Melanie on the beautiful locket. She thanks her, admitting that it was Daniel’s mother’s, and he just gave it to her. Carly smiles, telling Melanie that she thinks just knowing that Melanie is in his life is helping Daniel stay strong right now. Melanie nods tearfully. Carly then asks Melanie not to feel responsible for Daniel’s accident, as it wasn’t her fault. Melanie huffs, wondering who ever said it was.

Chloe is on the phone with the hospital inside the pub. She’s relieved to learn that Daniel is alright, and she asks the nurse to tell Daniel that she is on her way if he wakes up. She starts to rush off, but Kinsey asks her if she’d like to know what happened. Chloe replies that she has no time, but Kinsey huffs that it will only take a minute. Chloe stops and listens impatiently as Kinsey explains that Daniel was with his daughter when her homicidal mother came in. She adds that a fight broke out between mother and daughter, and the daughter rushed off. Kinsey finishes by telling Chloe that Dr. Jonas was chasing after his daughter when he fell. Chloe hurries off as Kinsey calls after her that Dr. Manning is at fault, and that she is the one that almost killed Daniel, in her opinion. Chloe doesn’t answer, and the door bangs shut behind her. Kinsey sighs.

Melanie demands to know why Carly would think it was her fault that Daniel fell. Carly assures her that she doesn’t think that. Melanie grows increasingly hysterical, shouting that she ran out of the pub because her stalker-mother showed up and ruined her outing with her father. She shrieks that if Daniel’s fall is anyone’s fault, its Carly’s. Melanie storms off angrily.

Arianna and Brady head into the Kiriakis mansion. Arianna can tell he is angry with her, as he barely said a word on the way home from the airport. Brady claims that he isn’t angry. Arianna thinks he finds her childish and stupid for worrying about Nicole. He vows that he doesn’t, and that he doesn’t want to think about Nicole; he just wants to think about Arianna and how much he loves her. He adds that that should be obvious based on how many times he’s asked her to marry him in the past week. He then takes Arianna into his arms, telling her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Arianna says that that sounds good to her, and the two kiss. Arianna suggests that they get to work planning their wedding now that that is settled.

Nicole heads into the pub and orders an espresso and latte from Kinsey. Kinsey gapes in astonishment, asking if she is Nicole Walker DiMera. Nicole sighs. Kinsey squeals that it is her--the infamous baby switcher. Nicole frowns.

Sami tells EJ that she can’t help but be jealous of Anna and every minute she got to spend with her daughter. EJ thinks that Sydney would tell them that she knows exactly who her mother is if she could talk, and that she would also tell them that she loves Sami more than anyone in the world. Sami shakes her head, saying that Sydney barely knows her, but EJ thinks Sydney would disagree, as she knows exactly who her mother is, and it isn’t that terrible Anna. Sami smiles as EJ assures her that Sydney knows that they love her more than anything else in the world. Sami thinks that what matters most is that Sydney is finally home with her real family.

Nicole sighs, telling Kinsey that she just wants a latte, not any trouble. Kinsey ignores her, telling her how famous she is. She asks Nicole if she can take her picture. Nicole refuses, but Kinsey whips out her phone and snaps a shot anyway. She remarks that this is amazing, and that she can’t wait to tell her friends she met the Salem baby-napper and baby-switcher. Nicole groans as Kinsey vows to put this photo on the internet right away. She then asks Nicole to sign her shirt. Nicole storms off, snapping at Kinsey to leave her alone. Kinsey rolls her eyes, calling Nicole a real diva.

Rafe tells Roman that no one by Anna’s name booked a flight out of the country, which means she either stayed in the country, or she used a fake passport to get out. He adds that there is still no word on Nicole, either. Roman reminds Rafe that he still hasn’t answered his question. Rafe doesn’t think now is a good time to talk. Roman cautions him that while Sami loves him, EJ is good at getting what he wants. Rafe replies that isn’t about EJ, its about his daughter not trusting him. Roman thinks his and Sami’s relationship is dead if he can’t let this go. Roman wonders if that is what Rafe really wants. Rafe sighs.

Sami plays with Sydney as EJ stares. She wonders why he is looking at them like that. EJ replies that he just realized how much he loves Johnny and Sydney. Sami thinks that is sweet. EJ doesn’t want her to see him like this. Sami jokes, asking if he is afraid she’ll find out he’s human. She then promises not to tell anyone else. EJ grins. Sami then explains that she needs to go to the market for some things, and she thinks Sydney would really love to spend some time with her father. She hands the baby off to EJ, asking Sydney to help EJ, as she thinks he really needs her right now. She kisses Sydney on the head, grabs her purse, and heads off. EJ stares morosely at a picture of Sami and Sydney.

Melanie sits by Daniel’s side. He groans and beings to wake up. Melanie asks him with a sob if he is alright.

Daniel’s doctor heads over to Carly. She asks if he has the MRI results. He says he does, but that they don’t look good. Just then, Chloe rushes over, asking what happened, and demanding to know what Carly did to Daniel.

Brady, now alone downstairs at the mansion, makes a call to someone about a meeting he has Wednesday. They ask about his trip, and Brady admits that things didn’t go exactly as planned, but he’s glad to be home safe and sound. He then hangs up. Brady makes another call and leaves Nicole a message, telling her that they need to talk.

Arianna heads into the pub and greets Rafe with a hug. She asks for news on the kidnapper, and Rafe tells her that they have a suspect. Arianna is glad to hear it, but admits she has bad news. She asks if Rafe heard that Nicole was pardoned. He says he has, and that the last he heard, Nicole was headed for Santo Domingo. Arianna shakes her head, saying that Nicole is now in Salem.

EJ begins to panic, telling himself that it isn’t supposed to happen like this. He gasps and groans, wondering what he has done. He then sighs and strokes Sydney’s head, telling her that he loves her--he loves her mother.

Sami strolls along the pier and gazes into the water. Behind her, Nicole calls her name. Sami turns around in surprise, and the two stare one another down.


Melanie begs Carly, “Tell me the truth. Is my dad gonna be ok?”

Rafe asks Arianna, “She's back here now, right?” She nods, “Ready to wreck more lives.”

Nicole shrieks, “You blew it, Sami, you blew it!” Sami punches her.

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