Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/29/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/29/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In Santo Domingo, Brady and Arianna meet up with the justice of the peace downstairs in the hotel bar. Arianna announces that they are ready to get married, but Gordon informs them that there’s a problem. Arianna spots Nicole across the room and demands to know what Nicole has done now. Nicole looks up innocently, claiming she didn’t do anything, but Arianna calls her a liar. Gordon explains that Nicole is telling the truth, as the problem is the weather. He tells the two that a hurricane is headed straight for Santo Domingo. Arianna wails that they are supposed to get married, but Gordon informs her it won’t be happening today. Nicole smirks.

Stephanie runs into Adrienne at the Java Café and the two hug and exchange small talk. Stephanie says that she had no idea Adrienne was here, and asks why she is in Salem. Adrienne admits that she came to see Justin. Stephanie asks how that went. Adrienne replies that it didn’t go well, telling Stephanie tearfully that it was actually a catastrophe.

Hope heads into the Kiriakis mansion with Ciara’s suitcase. She greets Justin, explaining that she has to run out to the car to take it to Ciara, who is spending the night with Julie. Justin glares. Hope sighs, saying that she is truly sorry, as she thought she was doing a good thing by bringing Adrienne to town. Justin asks her coldly what she told Adrienne after he left. Hope, flustered, stammers that she told Adrienne the truth--that he has been in so much pain because of their split that he thinks that he is in love with her. Justin scoffs, claiming that that’s only the truth as Hope sees it. He then rails on her for tricking his ex-wife into flying all the way to Salem just to humiliate him. He snaps at a shocked Hope to run it by him the next time she gets a brilliant idea regarding his marriage. Justin finally storms off, slamming the door. Julie heads in, saying that she couldn’t help but notice that Justin is angry. She asks Hope what happened. Hope admits that she messed up--big time.

Daniel runs into Melanie outside the pub, asking why she is here. She reminds him that they’re meeting for coffee, but Daniel wonders why she’s waiting out here in the cold. Melanie admits that she just wanted some fresh air. The two start to head inside the pub, but Melanie nearly slips on the ice outside. Daniel catches her, warning her to be careful as the two walk into the pub. Chloe walks over just then and sees the two inside the window. She frowns.

Carly heads into an office at the hospital. Just then, someone flicks on the light behind her. Carly whirls around with a gasp to find Philip in the doorway. He glares, saying that it’s time for the two of them to have a talk. Surprised, Carly asks if something is wrong with Melanie. Philip says there is something wrong with her, and it’s Carly.

Daniel and Melanie look over a couple of menus, and Melanie decides to have pie as Chloe walks in. She greets Daniel with a kiss, saying that she didn’t know the two were meeting up today. Daniel admits it was last minute, and Melanie invites Chloe to join them. Chloe thanks her, but admits she just ran in for coffee, as she has an appointment she has to get to. Chloe adds that she hopes she and Melanie can hang out some other time. She kisses Daniel and promises to see him at home later. She then heads off. Melanie thinks Chloe is very pretty, and adds that she’s sure she’s smart and funny, as she would have to be for Daniel to love her. Daniel replies that she is family, just like Melanie is. He then explains that he wants to give Melanie something and takes out a jewelry box. She opens it to find a locket inside. Daniel explains that it’s his mother’s locket--Melanie’s grandmother. Melanie opens it up and finds a picture of her grandmother inside. She thinks she is pretty. Daniel nods, saying that she looks like Melanie, especially around the eyes. Melanie examines the photo and nods happily, telling Daniel how cool this is. Daniel adds wistfully that his mother always wanted a daughter. Melanie tearfully thanks him for the gift, and the two hug. Chloe watches nearby.

Carly rolls her eyes, guessing that Philip came to give her hell. He growls at her to stay away from Melanie. Carly retorts that Philip needs to stay away from her. Philip snaps that Melanie is his wife, and that they are trying to start a life and a family together, so neither he or Melanie need this drama. Carly claims that she is just trying to be kind to Melanie. Philip doesn’t think giving her to a man that pimped her out is very kind. He adds angrily that Melanie hates Carly, and doesn’t want her in her life, so Carly had better stay away. Carly refuses, saying that she can’t stay away from her child, and she won’t agree to do so. Philip thinks they have a big problem, then.

Arianna asks Gordon worriedly when the hurricane is supposed to hit. Gordon explains that it’s on its way now, and that he is going to gather his wife and kids and get out of here. He suggests that Arianna and Brady do the same. Gordon then hurries off. Brady decided to book a flight off the island immediately and heads off to do so. Arianna glares at Nicole. Nicole remarks that this is a tough break. Arianna accuses Nicole of being thrilled. Nicole sips her martini innocently.

Julie, surprised, asks Hope if she asked Adrienne to come to Salem so that she could tell her that her husband was in love with her. Hope thinks Julie knows her better than that. Julie admits that she knows Hope would never intentionally hurt anyone, but she has to wonder what possessed her to pick up the phone and call Adrienne. Hope admits that she thought Adrienne and Justin might be able to work things out if they just spent some quality time together. She sighs, admitting that she made a lame decision, blew it, and is now going to have to pay the price. Julie guesses that both parties want to wring her neck and Hope nods ruefully, admitting that part of the reason they’re both so mad is that she lied and told Adrienne that Justin was in trouble to get her here. Julie clucks her tongue and shakes her head. Hope again vows that she had good intentions. Julie sighs, asking Hope if she thought that she and Bo could patch up their differences if Justin and Adrienne did the same. Hope doesn’t answer. Julie guesses she nailed it.

Stephanie is surprised to her that her aunt Hope lied and told Adrienne that Justin was in trouble to get her here. Adrienne remarks wryly that Hope telling her the truth--that Justin is in love with her--might not have been so effective in getting her to town. Stephanie tells Adrienne how sorry she is. She then asks Adrienne if there is a chance for her and Justin. Adrienne shakes her head, telling Stephanie that it’s over just as Justin walks over. Stephanie excuses herself to make a phone call. Justin sighs, saying that he hopes Adrienne knows how sorry he is. She reminds him that this isn’t his fault, as he was obviously out of the loop. She then admits that it’s been too long since she has been back home, and that she misses Salem. Justin wonders why she didn’t come back sooner, and why it took a phone call from Hope to get her here.

Nicole claims that the only thing she cares about is Brady being happy. Arianna snaps that there is nothing for her to worry about then, as Brady is happy with her. She then announces that she has to go pack and hurries off. Nicole sighs as Brady walks back in, asking where Arianna is. Nicole replies that she went to her room to pack. Brady starts to follow, but stops in his tracks and turns around. Nicole wonders if he has something to say. Brady admits that he does.

Adrienne replies that she came back to town because she was worried about the father of her children, thanks to Hope. Just then, Justin gets a call. He admits he has a meeting to get to, and asks Adrienne if he will see her again before she leaves. Adrienne tells him that she isn’t sure what her plans are. Justin asks her to take care if he doesn’t see her again and hurries off. Stephanie comes back over, telling Adrienne that she thinks Hope was on to something. Outside, Justin stares at Adrienne through the window. He then sighs and walks away.

Daniel tells Melanie that his mother would have loved her, as Melanie has a lot of spunk, just the way she did. Melanie admits she’d love to hear more about her entire family. Daniel agrees to dig around for some photos and Melanie thanks him. He then reminds her that he isn’t her only family. Melanie tells him angrily that this has been fun, but she needs to go. Daniel sighs, admitting that he knows she is upset at Carly. Melanie thought he was, too. He claims he is, but that he has been trying to see things from Carly’s perspective. He then tries to explain that the Alamain family is ruthless, and that Carly probably just did what she thought she had to protect them both. Melanie asks him angrily if he is on Carly’s side now. Daniel vows that the only side he is on is Melanie’s, which is why he thinks she needs to get to know her mother. Melanie yells at him not to call Carly her mother or to defend her, as Carly denied her her father, and she still wouldn’t know who Daniel was if it were up to her. Melanie then declares that she can never forgive Carly for that.

Carly tells Philip that she isn’t the villain his family makes her out to be, as she just wanted to protect her little girl. Philip snaps that she had her chance, and she blew it, so it’s now his turn to protect Melanie, and that involves keeping Carly out of her life. Carly retorts that Philip may be a Kiriakis, but she isn’t going to let him or anyone else keep here away from Melanie, as she gave her up once and it was the biggest mistake of her life. She vows that she won’t do it again and storms off. Philip heads out of her office, grumbling. Chloe spots him and heads over, asking him what’s wrong. Philip replies that he doesn’t want to talk about it, and asks why she is here. Chloe explains that she has an appointment with the shrink. Philip is surprised she decided to go, but Chloe admits it wasn’t willingly, as Daniel found out that she lied about going. Philip thinks it was bound to happen and asks if he was angry. Chloe admits that he wasn’t happy she lied, so she’s going now, as she owes it to Daniel to give therapy a chance. Philip thinks she owes it to herself, too.

Arianna rushes to pack. She spots two of the pearls from her broken necklace on the floor and sighs. Just then, her phone rings. It’s Gabi, and Arianna tells her about her and Brady not getting married. Gabi asks her if she turned him down again, but Arianna says she didn’t turn him down; it’s just that fate had other ideas.

Brady explains that he knows why Nicole came here, and he apologizes. Nicole wonders why he would be sorry for falling in love and getting married. Nicole then claims that she was foolish to think that they could pick up where they left off just because she is now free. Brady assures her that she isn’t foolish, as she had no idea he and Arianna came here to make a commitment to one another. Nicole admits she didn’t. Brady then suggests Nicole rethink her plans if she is going back to Salem, as there is nothing left for her there.

Hope reminds Julie that she never said she wanted Bo back. Julie admits she didn’t say that exactly, but it’s obvious that Hope still loves Bo, and that she wants them to be together. Hope retorts that it isn’t that simple. Julie thinks that is because of Carly. Hope refuses to let Julie placate her in regards to Carly, as she and Bo are never getting back together. She sighs, admitting she feels badly for complicating other people’s lives. Julie assures her that she didn’t purposely set out to make things worse, but Hope thinks she did it anyway. Julie suggests she start being proactive and go about fixing things. Hope thinks that is impossible, but Julie disagrees, especially as Adrienne is still in town. Hope nods, saying that she has to find Adrienne, talk to her, and explain that she must fight for the man she loves.

Nicole reminds Brady that Salem is her home, so of course she plans on going back. Brady thinks that it’s probably best that she try to make a fresh start elsewhere, as she can start over with a clean slate, and make new friends. Nicole grumps that she likes her old friends, like him and Chloe. Brady doesn’t reply. Upset, Nicole asks him if he isn’t her friend anymore. Brady sighs, reminding her that he is starting a new life with Arianna. Nicole wonders if that means he won’t have time for her. Just then, Faye rushes in in a panic, telling Nicole that they have to get out of here. Brady agrees, but Nicole replies that she’d like to finish her drink first. Faye retorts that there is no time, as a hurricane is on a collision course with this island. Nicole smirks, “You have no idea.”

Chloe guesses Philip thinks she needs her head shrunk, too. Philip says that isn’t it, but he does think she has a lot going on in her life. Chloe doesn’t think it’s that much, as she is just having a little trouble coming to terms with her fertility issues. Philip is sure she has other things to talk about with the therapist, like her brand-new family and her fully-grown step-daughter. Chloe claims that she doesn’t have a problem with Melanie. Philip is sure she doesn’t, but asks Chloe how she feels about Melanie’s mother. Chloe grimaces.

Melanie snaps that she was raised by a monster, thanks to Carly. Daniel insists that Carly was just trying to save Melanie from another monster--Lawrence Alamain. Melanie grumbles that Daniel could have protected her. Daniel agrees that he could have, but he also understands why Carly felt that she couldn’t take that risk. Melanie grumps that she can’t, and that if Daniel wants to forgive Carly, that is fine, but she never will. Just then, Carly walks over. Melanie glares.

Stephanie claims that she can tell Adrienne and Justin love one another by the way they look at each other. Adrienne doesn’t want to talk about it, but Stephanie tells her that Justin looked at her with love in his eyes. Adrienne thinks that it because she and Justin shared a life and children together, but all of that is over now that their marriage has blown apart. Stephanie is surprised it’s over just like that, but Adrienne claims it was actually a gradual process, although it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where things went wrong. Stephanie apologizes for being so insensitive, but Adrienne knows she just cares and is trying to help. Stephanie heads off to get the two more coffee as Hope walks in. She spots Adrienne and heads over, saying that she was just about to call her. Adrienne glares. Hope wonders if it will make her feel better if she explains how foolish she feels for calling her. Adrienne snaps it doesn’t make her feel any better, as she came to town only to learn that her husband is in love with another woman. Hope claims that isn’t true. Adrienne grabs her purse, retorting that she is moving to another table.

Gabi doesn’t understand what stopped Arianna and Brady from getting married, and Arianna explains to Gabi that they have to evacuate the island due to a hurricane. Gabi worriedly asks Arianna to get home safely, and to call her as soon as she lands. Arianna agrees to do so and hangs up as Brady heads in, telling her that he is printing their boarding passes downstairs. He asks if she is ready, and she says she almost is. Brady takes Arianna into his arms, telling her how sorry he is about all of this. Arianna wonders if he means the hurricane or Nicole. Brady admits he meant both, and tells Arianna how much he loves her. He adds that he has every intention on finishing what they started here. Arianna agrees, vowing not to let a hurricane or a crazy ex stop them from getting married. Brady kisses her, glad to hear it.

Nicole sips her drink. Faye angrily asks her what she is doing, as they have to get out of here. Nicole replies that she’ll leave once Brady does. Faye sighs, reminding Nicole that they’ve been through this, and that they agreed that Brady is in love with someone else. Nicole insists that Brady still loves her, and that she can see it in his eyes. She claims that she can feel that his heart belongs to her and always will. Faye doesn’t buy it. Nicole scoffs, telling her mother to ask Brady if she doesn’t believe her.

Arianna promises to be down soon. Brady kisses her again and heads off to collect their plane tickets. Arianna sighs and gazes at her broken pearls. She tells herself that that silly woman was wrong--the pearls breaking wasn’t a bad omen; it was a wake-up call to protect what is hers. Arianna then vows to make sure no one ever takes Brady from her.

Brady runs into Faye downstairs. He explains that he’s getting his tickets now, and asks worriedly if she and Nicole have booked a flight out. Faye nods and wonders if she can ask Brady something. He says she can, and she abruptly asks if he still has feelings for her daughter.

Hope begs Adrienne to wait a minute and hear her out. Adrienne sighs reluctantly, and Hope hurriedly reminds her that despite their problems, she and Justin have a history together and have raised a family together. Adrienne again accuses Hope of projecting her feelings about Bo onto her and Justin. She tells Hope that if she can make it work with Bo, then she’s behind her a hundred percent, but for now, she just wants Hope to leave her the hell alone.

Brady claims that the only feelings he has for Nicole are concern and worry, as she has been through a lot, and he just wants to see her happy. He adds that Nicole deserves peace of mind. Faye thanks him, telling him what a good man he is, and how lucky Nicole is to have him as a friend. Arianna comes downstairs just then, telling Brady that she is ready. Brady asks Faye to take care. She thanks him, telling Arianna how nice it was to meet her. Arianna returns the sentiment, and she and Brady hurry off. Nicole heads back in, asking if Fay talked to Brady. Faye says that she did, and she reluctantly admits that Nicole was right--she could see in his eyes that he still had feelings for her. Nicole smiles triumphantly, but Faye reminds her that Brady is marrying another woman. Nicole reminds her mother that he may not marry Arianna. Suspicious, Fay ask what she plans to do. Nicole replies that her plan is to return to Salem, and then start using her imagination.

Chloe explains that Carly won’t be a problem for her, as Daniel can barely stand the sight of her. Philip asks if Daniel said that. Chloe admits he didn’t say that exactly, but she knows he’s furious with Carly for lying about his daughter and depriving him of Melanie for all these years. Philip shakes his head, reminding Chloe that Daniel and Carly share a child. He adds that Carly is desperate to have a relationship with Melanie, and if she can’t get to Melanie on her own, then she will use Daniel to help her.

Melanie asks Carly angrily if she was eavesdropping, but she claims she wasn’t doing so intentionally. Melanie asks if she overheard her. Carly nods, saying she’s heard it before, so it wasn’t a big deal. Melanie sarcastically apologizes for being so repetitious and tells Carly pointedly that there’s a good seat in the back. Carly explains that she stopped by to tell Melanie she felt badly about something. Melanie interrupts, asking if she feels badly about abandoning her and causing her so much pain. Carly tells Melanie that she hopes she one day understands how much pain it caused her to give Melanie up, and how her entire life since that day has revolved around finding Melanie and making it up to her. Melanie vows that it won’t work. Carly remarks that that won’t stop her from trying.

Adrienne doesn’t think it was Hope’s place to interfere in her marraige. Hope admits that she is right, but she felt she had to try. Adrienne asks Hope angrily if she was trying to get Justin to fall out of love with her. Hope shakes her head, again insisting that this thing with her and Justin is simply about Justin missing Adrienne. She apologizes again for hurting Adrienne, as that wasn’t her intention. Adrienne admits that she knows that.

Arianna and Brady sit on a plane. Arianna chirps that she is glad they didn’t get married. Brady asks laughingly if this is her way of looking on the bright side. Arianna admits she is trying to turn lemons into lemonade. Brady kisses her, telling her that he loves that and everything else about her. Arianna turns the conversation back to the wedding, glad that the now have the time to make sure everything is exactly like they want it. Just then, Nicole walks down the aisle and greets the two. She takes a seat in front of them, telling them the flight attendant cautioned her to buckle up, as it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Arianna frowns. Nicole smiles to herself.

Philip apologizes to Chloe, claiming that he is just throwing out scenarios. Chloe thinks he is right, as Carly is Melanie’s mother. If she, Daniel, and Melanie work things out, and the three become a happy family, then there is no way that she can compete with that.

At the pub, Kinsey complains to Gabi that everyone thinks she is a low-life criminal for getting a DUI. Gabi thinks she ought to be happy she was able to get a job. Kinsey nods and thanks Gabi for putting in a good word for her, as she needed something positive to put on her transcripts for college. Just then, Kinsey spots Carly and Melanie talking, and recognizes Carly as the doctor that shot her daughter. She then gasps, recognizing Melanie as the daughter she shot. She wonders what those two are doing together. Gabi tells Kinsey abruptly that her shift is over, and asks Kinsey if she can handle things here. Kinsey claims that she can.

Hope runs into Justin at the pier. She asks for a moment of his time, but Justin thinks they have said all there is to say. Hope again begs for a moment, and Justin snaps, asking if she plans on playing the victim a little more. Hope claims she isn’t doing that, and apologizes again, saying that she knows why he and Adrienne are angry, but she honestly only wanted to help, though she admits she went about it rather stupidly. Justin retorts that what boggles his mind is that Hope told him over and over that she wasn’t interested in him. He wonders if Hope thinks he is in some bizarre kind of denial, and if she thinks he didn’t get the message that she didn’t return his feelings. Hope claims that isn’t it, but Justin barrels on, asking angrily if that is why Hope dragged his ex-wife to Salem. Hope shakes her head miserably as Justin snaps that he got the message--Hope wants him out of his life, so he’s gone. He starts to storm off, but Hope stops him.

Carly vows that she will never stop trying with Melanie, and that she is used to her anger, so it doesn’t phase her anymore. Melanie remarks sarcastically that she is one tough cookie. Carly smirks, “Like mother, like daughter.” Melanie glares, warning Carly to never refer to herself as her mother again. She adds nastily that Carly can try to ingratiate herself into her life and persuade her that they have a connection, but it won’t work, and the harder Carly tries, the more she will hate her. Carly retorts that she’s pretty sure Melanie has maxed-out in the hating her department. Melanie ignores the comment, warning Carly to stay out of her and her father’s life.

Hope reminds Justin that she has always been honest with him before this, but Justin explodes, yelling that she brought his ex-wife into this. Hope swears she was just trying to help. Justin asks angrily if this is all about her, then. Hope claims that isn’t what she meant, but Justin doesn’t give a damn what she meant. He shouts that she went behind his back and made a fool of him--and that’s something that friends don’t do to one another. He then storms off. Hope sighs.

Brady asks Nicole if she plans on going back to Salem for good. She smiles, admitting that home is where the heart is. Arianna and Brady exchange looks. Nicole thinks to herself that she is never giving up on Brady.

Philip assures Chloe that this isn’t a competition, as Daniel is crazy about her. Chloe wails that Carly is the mother of his child mad she can never compete with that. Philip thinks Chloe is more important to Daniel, as she is his wife and the woman he loves. Chloe admits that he is right, as Daniel does love her. She adds angrily that just because that woman got him drunk and lured him into bed years ago doesn’t mean she’s anything more than a drunken one night stand. She then vows not to let that slutty bitch Carly Manning worm her way into her husband’s life.

Melanie demands that Carly leave her alone, but Carly claims that she can’t do that. Melanie gets that Carly is trying to try defiance on her, but it won’t work, because as far as she is concerned, she has one parent, Daniel, and Carly doesn’t exist. Melanie then rushes off. Carly starts to follow, but Daniel asks her to let him talk to Melanie instead. He heads out the door after Melanie. He then slips on the ice outside the pub and pitches backwards as Carly hurries out. Daniel’s head hits the pavement and blood trickles out onto the sidewalk. Carly and Melanie gasp.


Sami tells Rafe, "You cannot keep shutting me out like this."

Chloe tells Victor, "Daniel and I are doing just fine." He smirks, "You won't be for long."

Melanie bawls, "Please, please, don't leave me."

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