Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/25/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/25/10


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At the pier, Bo and Carly hug. Carly sobs, not sure what to say. Bo urges her not to say anything. He then assures her that he will always be here for her. Carly thinks he is the most wonderful man that she has ever known. She adds that she loves him. Vivian watches the two from around the corner and smirks. She then walks over, wondering if Carly drugs or hypnotizes them, as she can find no other reason to explain the endless supple of intelligent men that fall for a murderess like her.

At the police station, Hope flashes back to accusing Bo of sacrificing everything in order to ingratiate himself to Carly. She adds that he has sacrificed everything and everyone in order to play Carly’s hero, and she hopes to hell that Carly is worth it. Justin interrupts her reverie. Hope claims that this isn’t a good time, and asks if it can wit, but Justin shakes his head, saying that it can’t wait, since Hope decided to play God with his life.

At her place, Sami rages that she wants five minutes alone with the governor and a penknife. Abe assures her that her house is being watched, and that Nicole won’t be able to get to Sydney. Sami thinks the governor is committing political suicide by pardoning Nicole and wonders what made him do it--or who.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor explains to Rafe that Anna was here last night during the fundraiser, and spent a lot of time alone with governor. Rafe is interested in the information, but Victor claims that he can’t imagine why Anna would want to help Nicole. Rafe thinks it probably has something to do with EJ.

EJ sits down with the governor at the DiMera mansion, asking him if what he is saying is that Anna forced him to pardon Nicole. Jim nods, admitting that he had no choice. EJ smirks, saying that he doesn’t think Jim thought this through. Jim claims he did, but EJ threatens to find out exactly what Anna had on him, and to make sure whatever it is gets into the hands of every media outlet in the state. Jim grumbles that he thought Anna was speaking for the entire DiMera family. EJ warns him that people that cross the DiMera family end up paying, and the governor is about to find that out first hand. Jim growls as EJ not to threaten him. EJ claims that it isn’t a threat, and goes on to say that before he leaves to go on with his miserable life, Jim is going to tell him every single word that Anna said.

At a café in Santo Domingo, the justice of the peace rushes over to Brady, explaining that he left the marriage license in the car, and has to go get it. Brady explains that Arianna is still getting dressed, and that he has to talk to the photographer, so they’re not quite ready yet, anyway. The man hurries off, bumping into Nicole on the way out. She asks if Brady is here. He nods, saying that he is, of course, and assumes that she must be the beautiful bride. Nicole is taken aback.

Back at the hotel, a woman from the hotel staff helps Arianna with the pearl necklace Brady gave her. Arianna crows over how beautiful it is. The woman agrees that the pearls are exquisite and takes a step back to admire Arianna. The necklace suddenly breaks, and the pearls cascade to the floor. Arianna gasps. The woman looks on in horror as Arianna stoops to pick them up. She asks for help but the woman shakes her head, telling Arianna that something is happening--something terrible.

Nicole stares in shock. The justice of the peace asks if she is Arianna, but Nicole says she isn’t. The man apologizes, claiming that Brady told him that no friends or relatives would be attending the wedding, so he just assumed she must be the bride. Nicole stammers that she just arrived and asks when the wedding is. The justice of the peace explains that it will be this afternoon, and that he must get the license or he’ll be late for it himself. He excuses himself as Nicole tells herself hat she got here just in time.

Arianna sighs, telling the woman that they had better start over. She asks for her name, and the woman tells her that her name is Paca. Arianna nods, explaining that she is about to get married, and she’s nervous because her fiancé got these pearls for her. She adds that she needs to pick them up from the floor and asks if Paca can help her and just ski over all the bad premonitions. Paca gasps, asking if these pearls were a gift from Arianna’s fiancé. She says they are, and that she’d like to be wearing them the next time he sees her. Paca claims that this is even worse than she thought, as these pearls--a gift from her fiancé-- breaking is a sign that the union will not stand. Arianna gapes

Nicole whispers to herself to do the right thing for once. She then decides it’s over, and starts to leave, but Brady turns around and spots her.

Hope says that she knows Justin is angry, but he doesn’t think angry describes it. He reminds Hope that she made Adrienne think that there was hope for them when there isn’t any at all. Hope doesn’t think that is true, but Justin snaps that that isn’t her call to make. Hope apologizes again, swearing that she didn’t mean to make things worse. Justin asks Hope if she thinks she might be trying to solve his problems in order to convince herself that she and Bo still have chance. Hope asks angrily when Justin found the time to get his therapy license. Justin ignores the comment, telling Hope that she needs to accept that Bo has moved on, and that he thinks she needs to do the same. Hope claims that she has, showing him her bare wedding ring finger, but Justin isn’t so sure.

Vivian snaps that Carly brings lots of gentlemen here, and that only yesterday, she was with that doctor that knocked her up while she was married to someone else. Bo vows to stop Vivian permanently unless she stops harassing Carly. Vivian scoffs, asking if Bo is threatening her. He claims that he is simply giving her a choice--she can stop now and live, or he will end her life before she has the chance to end Carly’s.

Rafe asks if Victor thinks Anna forced the governor to give Nicole a pardon in order to get back at EJ. Victor shrugs, saying that Anna does hate EJ for his and Stefano’s involvement in Tony’s death, and seeing Nicole released would really make EJ pay for the rest of his life. Rafe thinks Anna must have something on Ford. Victor remarks that Ford has all the self-discipline of a drunken frat boy, so no doubt Anna had something on him. Rafe shakes his head. Victor asks if he has trouble buying it. Rafe says that he realizes that Anna forced the governor into granting Nicole the pardon, he just doesn’t knot why.

EJ asks Jim if that is all of it, and if Anna really didn’t mention him. Jim shakes his head. EJ is glad to hear it, and suggests that Jim keep this conversation to himself. Jim vows that he will, claiming that he is known for his discretion. He wonders if asking for a campaign contribution is out of the question. EJ calls him a corrupt parasite, but Jim claims those are the only kind f people that go into police. He then heads off. EJ tells himself that Anan should have come to him. He then calls her. He demands to know where she is once she answers. Anna smirks, claiming that she is somewhere where EJ can’t find her. EJ grimaces.

Brady can hardly believe Nicole is standing in front of him. His face then falls, and he tells Nicole that he can’t help her, as he can’t risk going to prison. Nicole says it’s ok, as she got a pardon. Brady is skeptical, but Nicole hands him her phone, claiming that he can call the prison and check. As she hands her phone over, their hands touch. Brady opens the phone and laughs, saying that he can’t believe Nicole has the prison on speed dial. She claims she knew he wouldn’t believe her. Brady retorts that he has no reason to. He asks how she knew he was here. She claims that she didn’t until just now, and that she is here on business. Brady scoffs, guessing that prison job placement is working out well for her. Nicole sighs, admitting that she did come to see him, as she wanted to talk to him. Brady thinks she ought to have called. Nicole explains that she wanted to talk to the one prison that was always in her corner. She says that she knows she told him she couldn’t deal with seeing or hearing from him in prison, and that she thought he should move on with his life, but Nicole thinks that everything has changed now that she is free.

Sami snaps that she just doesn’t get this, as Nicole doesn’t have a friend in the world except Brady and Tweedle-dum. Abe doubts Chloe or Brady forced the governor’s hand, as neither of them have nay clout. Sami thinks anyone with any clout hates Nicole as much as she does. Abe admits that it doesn’t make sense, but assures Sami that Rafe is working on this, and that she can find out more details form him. Sami replies that she an Rafe are actually on a break. Abe asks what happened, and Sami explains that they disagreed about a job opening she was vying for. Abe admits that he and Lexie have sometimes fight over something as silly as toothpaste. Sami sighs, saying that normally she’d think that she and Rafe would make up, but things have been different ever since she lied to him about paying the ransom to the kidnapper. She adds sadly that it seems as if she and Rafe have lost their ability to work through things. Abe thinks it might just be a rough patch, but Sami isn’t so sure. She sighs that they two of them were supposed to have their happy ending, and now all she can do is wonder what happened to them.

Rafe asks if Victor knows of any connection Anna might have to Nicole. Victor doesn’t know of one other than that they both married into the DiMera family, and they both have this greedy-stupidity cocktail going for them. He knows that they both lived at the mansion briefly, but Anna had left by the time Nicole hatched her baby scheme. Rafe reminds Victor that Nicole cleared Philip when Tony was killed, and that Anna may have wanted revenge for that, but Victor still thinks this all has something to do with EJ somehow. Rafe still doesn’t understand. Victor suggests pointedly that he try getting some air. Rafe remarks that it really doesn’t matter what Anna had on the governor--what’s important is finding out what Nicole had on Anna.

Arianna complains to the manager about Paca, claiming that she is trying to get married, not have her fortune read. The manager apologizes as Arianna adds that brides don’t want to hear that their marriage is doomed on their wedding day. Paca pokes her head in the door, yelling that the pearls don’t lie. Arianna shouts back that they don’t talk at all, since they’re pearls. The manager apologizes again and heads off. Arianna sighs and flashes back to accusing Brady of being addicted to Nicole. Brady claims that that is ridiculous. She asks if he can walk away from Nicole at any moment. Brady doesn’t reply. Arianna returns to the present, telling herself that everything will be fine, and that no one ever said she needed pearls to get married.

Brady gets off the phone with the prison and congratulates Nicole on being free. She claims she understands why he had to check, as she realizes that this is hard to believe. Brady says he had to make sure he wasn’t harboring a fugitive. Nicole then vows that she is telling the truth, and that she has lied to Brady for the last tine. Brady reminds her that she just lied a moment ago about being here on a business trip. Nicole doesn’t think Brady heard her correctly. She claims that she has changed, and that she is free from prison, free from wanting EJ and his child, and free from only wanting bad things in life. She claims that she only wants what is right for her and that is Brady. Brady sighs, telling Nicole that he isn’t here on business--he’s here because he and Arianna are getting married.

Vivian, stunned asks if Bo really means that. He nods. She asks if he is really willing to give up his life, his career, and his freedom. Bo nods again. Vivian thinks Bo must really love Carly. He thinks that fact ought to give Vivian a little perspective. Vivian stomps her foot, shouting that this isn’t fair.

Justin tells Hope that he is worried about her. Hope isn’t sure what to say, as if she says she’s fine, he’ll claim she’s in denial, and if she says she’s not, then he’ll tell her to move on. Justin is sorry if it sounds that way. Hope thinks he was right about Adrienne, as she never should have brought her here, but she wonders about Justin’s motivation for urging her to move on. Justin claims that he isn’t ashamed of how he feels about Hope, and although she has made it very clear that nothing can ever happen between them, that hasn’t changed his feelings for her at all. Justin then tells Hope that he is in love with her, but he guesses that that is his problem. Hope stares, stunned, as Adrienne strides in. She glares, “So you’re in love with Hope?”

Anna declares that EJ will never find her, so he had better not even try. EJ rages that he has wanted to get rid of Anna for as long as he can remember. He adds that he assumes Nicole met with her, and that is why she pulled that stupid stunt with the governor. Anna flashes back to Nicole accusing her of taking Sydney and demanding a pardon in exchange for her silence. Anna comes back to the present and scoffs, saying that of course that’s what happened, as she isn’t trying to earn her Amnesty International badge. EJ demands to know if Anna said anything about him, and if Nicole knows anyone besides Anna was involved in Sydney’s kidnapping. Anna remarks dryly that she isn’t surprised EJ is calling out of self-interest. EJ snaps that he isn’t playing games. Anan says she isn’t either, and that she covered for him, which means she held up her end of the bargain. She starts to threaten EJ with what will happen to him if anything happens to her, but she loses the call. Anna sighs. EJ hurries out of the mansion.

Nicole scoffs, surprised that Brady is marrying Arianna since he just met her. Brady replies that they are in love, but Nicole retorts that Arianna is a drug dealer. Brady reminds her that that isn’t true, but Nicole remarks nastily that Arianna posed as one to get out of prison. Brady sighs. Nicole then admits that she is in no position to throw stones, but she worries that Brady might get hurt. Brady remarks that no one will ever be able to hurt him the way she did. Nicole claims that she hates that she did that. Brady then tells her that she has to leave, as there is nothing for her here. Nicole nods, agreeing not to ruin one more second of his life. She asks him to be happy and kisses him. Just then, Arianna rushes in, asking Nicole what the hell she is doing.

EJ rushes into Sami’s place to find her alone. He tells her breathlessly that he just spoke to the governor, and it turns out that Anna DiMera blackmailed him into pardoning Nicole, and that he practically admitted it. Sami wonders why Anna would want Nicole to go free. Just then, Rafe walks in, telling Sami that Nicole blackmailed Anna into blackmailing the governor. Sami wonders why. Rafe says that he wondered that himself, and there is only one possible explanation--Nicole got her memory back and remembered that Anna kidnapped Sydney. Sami gapes. EJ stares in shock.

Justin stammers, asking Adrienne when she got here. She ignores the question, asking Justin to give her and Hope some time alone for girl talk. Justin isn’t so sure, but Adrienne reminds him that Hope got this whole ball rolling, as she wouldn’t even be here right now if Hope hadn’t called. Justin is reluctant to leave the two alone, but he gets a phone call that he has to take just then. He sighs, telling Adrienne that he is sorry she had to hear this this way. Adrienne thinks it was quick and to the point, and that is all she can ask for when it comes to true-love confessions. Justin sighs and heads off to answer his phone. Hope apologizes to Adrienne. Adrienne asks Hope sharply if she is moving on to her husband now that Bo has dumped her.

Vivian moans and groans about Carly getting a happy ending despite what she did to Lawrence. Carly tries to convince Vivian that Lawrence stopped being himself long ago, but Vivian insists that Carly killed him, and that it just isn’t fair that she is happy. Bo doesn’t think it’s fair that Vivian gets to walk the streets of Salem instead of being locked up in a rubber room somewhere, but he deals with it. Vivian declares that she wants justice for Lawrence so bad that she could choke. Bo tells her to choke, then. Vivian glares. Bo then warns her to leave Carly alone, or she’ll be joining Lawrence in hell sooner than she thought.

EJ admits that what Rafe is saying makes sense. Anna kidnapped Sydney, and Nicole finally remembered it and used it to broker a deal. Sami is surprised that Nicole would let the whacko that took Sydney get off scot-free, but Rafe reminds her that Nicole has always only thought of herself. EJ rages about Anna having Sydney and ransoming her for five million dollars. He vows to find Anna and make her pay. Rafe explains that Nicole called him out to the prison and was close to telling him who the kidnapper was when the governor called to pardon her. EJ mutters that he is a fool. Sami protests, but EJ says he meant that he is the complete idiot, not Rafe. Rafe ignores the comment, saying that they have more questions than answers now, as they still have no idea why Anna kidnapped Sydney. EJ thinks it must have been about the money. Rafe isn’t so sure about that, and wishes he could question Nicole, but she’s not in Salem.

Arianna snaps that she is sorry to spoil Nicole’s fun, but she’s going to have to go back to prison now. She adds nastily that Nicole should have gone to a country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the United States, but then again, that would have kept her from coming to see Brady. Brady jumps in, explaining that Nicole didn’t escape; she was pardoned. Arianna thinks Nicole still came here to find Brady. Nicole admits that she found out Brady was here on business, but she had no idea the two of them were getting married. Arianna demands to know if Sami and Rafe know that the person who put them through hell is in a tiki bar throwing herself at Sami’s brother. Nicole admits that she has no idea if they know, and assures Arianna that she simply wanted to say goodbye to Brady. She turns to go, but Arianna grabs her arm, saying that she isn’t getting away so easily.

Vivian sighs, guessing that Bo is serious. He vows that he is, and that he will end her miserable life if he has to. Vivian then admits that perhaps she ought to stop living in the past and let things go. Carly scoffs, asking if this is the part where Vivian tries to convince them both that she has changed. Vivian claims that it’s Carly’s problem if she doesn’t believe her. She then heads off, saying goodbye to Carly. Carly thinks Vivian is lying, as she does nothing but lie. Bo urges Carly not to talk about Vivian. He kisses her, and the two head off.

Hope assures Adrienne that she has no feelings for Justin other than friendship. Adrienne replies sarcastically that she is off the hook then, since the love is only one-sided. Hope explains that Justin is still reeling from the divorce, and that he was crushed when he got the papers from Adrienne. Hope is sure that Justin is simply focusing on her as a way to get over his wife. Adrienne claims that she doesn’t give a damn what Justin is going though, but Hope doesn’t really believe that, and she doesn’t think Adrienne does, either.

Sami wonders where Nicole went. Rafe shrugs, saying that she could be anywhere by now. Just then, Rafe’s phone rings. He tells EJ and Sami that this may concern Nicole’s whereabouts and heads off to take it. Sami just can’t believe that Anna did this, as she has a daughter and knew very well what she was doing to her and EJ. EJ can’t believe how stupid he was. Sami angrily remembers how Anna made them think Sydney was dead, and wonders how she could have been so cruel. EJ tells her soberly that this is his fault, as Anna blamed him for Tony’s death. Sami doesn’t think that makes any sense, but EJ claims that it doesn’t have to, as Anna is irrational and simply hates him and his whole family. Sami can’t imagine how Anna happened to be in the right place at the right time in Cleveland. EJ changes the subject, telling Sami how sorry he is that she had to suffer because of him. He blames himself for keeping it a secret when Anna came to town, and for trying to keep Rafe from questioning her. Sami assures EJ that this isn’t his fault, as he had no idea what Anna was up to. EJ fumes, saying that she was probably laughing at their grief the whole time. Sami just doesn’t think this seems like Anna, and says she is sure something else is going on. EJ moans that this is all his fault, and that he wouldn’t blame Sami if she was never able to forgive him.

Brady begs Arianna to let Nicole go, and not to let her ruin their day, but Arianna snaps that she already has. She thinks that this worked out just the way Nicole planned, and that she came here to tell Brady that she was free, and that she planned to pretend to walk away and be the better person. Nicole is surprised that Arianna seems to want her to stay. Arianna rages that she knows that Nicole came here to stop her wedding, and that Nicole planned on making her overreact so that Brady wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about her. Brady protests. Arianna turns on him, saying that if he doesn’t want to get married, then that is fine by her, as she doesn’t want to get married either.

Hope finds it hard to believe that Adrienne would fly halfway around the world to check on Justin if she really doesn’t have feelings for him. Hope adds that she doesn’t think that Adrienne wants her marriage to be over any more than Justin does. Adrienne softens, saying that Hope’s heart may be in the right place, but she gets the feeling that Hope isn’t talking about her and Justin. Hope groans as Adrienne accuses Hope of talking about herself and Bo.

Carly and Bo lie in bed and kiss. Carly wonders if Bo would really kill Vivian. Bo sighs, reminding Carly that this is the time of day that they don’t talk. Carly says she is sorry, but she has to know. Bo sighs, saying that he had to make sure that old bat knows that she can’t do anything to Carly. He thinks the important thing is that Vivian thinks that he’ll kill her. He adds that she tells Victor everything, and he is sure that Vivian rushed over there. Victor is probably telling her right now that he’ll kill her if she doesn’t stop pushing. Carly just wants this to be over. Bo says it is, and that this discussion is over too, as they have better things to do. The two go back to kissing.

Vivian hurries into the mansion and asks Victor if he really thinks that Bo would kill her. He thinks he would. Vivian is surprised that he loves Carly that much. Victor thinks that’s only partly it, as the satisfaction of shutting Vivian up is a draw, too. Vivian thinks Victor says a lot of terrible things to her. She then announces that she has changed her mind about killing Carly, and that she has decided to marry Victor instead. He chuckles as Vivian insists that their relationship be based on trust. Victor laughs again, saying that the two of them can’t be honest with another, and the very idea is ridiculous. She vows to be honest for her part, and promises not to harm Carly--physically that is. Victor guesses she is moving on to psychological warfare. Vivian grins, saying that he knows her too well.

Sami assures EJ that this isn’t her fault, and that Anna fooled her, too, as she sat right here on this couch and hugged her and pretended to sympathize with her about Sydney. EJ begs her not to think of it, but Sami wonders how not to. Just then, Rafe comes back with news.

Brady begs Arianna not to do this, as he loves her and wants to marry her. Arianna grumps that he has always loved Nicole. Brady warns Arianna that she is playing right into Nicole’s hands. Arianna wildly declares that she is glad Nicole is here, as she and Brady can finally be honest with each other. Nicole scoffs, saying that it sounds to her as if the only person with doubts is Arianna.

Hope claims that she has to get to work, and asks Adrienne if they can discuss this later. Adrienne can’t believe that Hope is trying to change the subject the second her relationship with Bo is brought up. Hope doesn’t reply. Adrienne adds gently that she doesn’t know why Hope lost Bo, as she wasn’t here. She doesn’t know why Bo chose Carly. All she does know is that Bo did choose to be with someone else, and that Hope must move on in order to have herself. She heads off. Hope sighs.

Bo kisses Carly, calling her his princess.

Vivian grumps that Carly seemed happy with Bo, and she doesn’t want her to be happy. She adds that the two are together, but they won’t be for long. Victor admits that he can live with that. The two clink their glasses together.

Rafe tells EJ and Sami that Nicole is in Santo Domingo. Sami wonders why she is there.

Brady snaps at Nicole to zip it and begs Arianna not to do this, as they came here to get married, not to talk about Nicole. Arianna replies sadly that Nicole is free, and that that changes everything. Brady claims that he knows what he wants, and that the ball is in Arianna’s court. He asks her if she is going to marry him or not.


Kate tells Victor, "Believe me, if she has half a brain in her head, she’s gonna stay far away from Salem and your family."

Rafe tells EJ, "Anna wasn't acting on her own."

Arianna tells Brady, "No, I'm sorry. I don't want to marry you today."

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