Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/24/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/24/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Bo heads into the Kiriakis mansion. Victor greets him, noting that he sounded grim on the phone when he called. Bo snaps that this revenge fantasy Vivian has in regards to Carly is going to end now. Victor scoffs, saying that that won’t happen until one of them is dead.

At the Java Café, Vivian storms over to Carly’s table and slams a coffee cup down in front of her. Carly jumps.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Melanie asks Nathan if he’d like to know what was in the letter that she wrote to him on her wedding day. Nathan admits that he would. Melanie agrees to tell him. Nathan waits patiently. Melanie doesn’t say anything. Nathan again asks what was in the letter

At her place, Sami sits on the sofa and gazes sadly at a picture of her and Rafe. EJ walks in and tells Sami that while Rafe may be out of her life, she isn’t alone. EJ then puts a hand on her shoulder.

Nicole sits on an airplane and fantasizes about finding Brady in Santo Domingo. She tells him that she’s free, and that they let her out of prison. Brady thinks that is impossible. Nicole comes back from her fantasy and tells herself that Brady is going to be so happy and surprised to see her. She grins, thanking Anna DiMera.

In Santo Domingo, Arianna and Brady rush into a local café in their bathing suits, giggling. Brady moves in, but Arianna warns him that while he can put his hands anywhere he wants, he had better not tickle her. Brady grins, reminding her that in a couple of hours, she’ll be Mrs. Brady Black.

On a plane, Anna thanks God that she doesn’t have to deal with Nicole anymore. She grins to herself, saying that no one can touch her now.

In his hotel room, the governor tells Rafe that he is all his, and that he’d be willing to do anything he can for the FBI. Rafe demands to know why he pardoned Nicole DiMera, and adds that he needs an honest answer. The governor replies that he had no choice. Rafe wonders what he means. Jim replies loftily that he considers himself to be a man of the people, and if the people want something that he can make happen, then that is what he has to do. Rafe scoffs, wondering what people he means. Jim replies that he means the voters, of course. Rafe doubts the voters would want Nicole, a twisted kidnapper, pardoned. Jim admits that he realizes she committed a crime, but it was a sad story, since she lost her baby, and couldn’t get pregnant ever again. Rafe snaps that he knows Nicole’s sob story, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that she kidnapped a child. Jim replies that he isn’t the only one that feels this way, since the judge spoke eloquently about her tragedy and gave her a lenient sentence. Rafe remarks sarcastically that it obviously wasn’t lenient enough. Jim ignores the comment, saying that he thinks that Nicole has suffered enough, and besides, he can’t simply ignore the calls and emails that have flooded his office. He tells Rafe that the people have spoken. Rafe doesn’t buy it, and demands to know why the governor is lying to him about this.

The captain of Anna’s plane announces that they are having a small engine problem, and may have to return to Salem to have it fixed. Anna gasps.

Melanie stammers that she wrote Nathan on her wedding day to say that she was sorry for all the problems she caused him and to say goodbye. Nathan doesn’t buy it, reminding her that this was on her wedding day. She should have been fully committed to Philip and she should have had a hundred things on her mind, but instead she sent one of her bridesmaids out with a goodbye letter--and it wasn’t just any bridesmaid, it was Stephanie. Nathan shakes his head, saying he doesn’t believe a word of what Melanie is saying.

Carly asks Vivian jokingly how hot that coffee is. Vivian smirks, saying that Carly has a false sense confidence but no one is fooled, despite all the lies she has told regarding her daughter. Carly glares, claiming that Melanie knows the truth about Vivian, and that’s why Melanie came to her hearing and set her free. Vivian vows that she is going to get her revenge, and that she is only a blink of an eye away from doing so. Carly rolls her eyes, wondering who cares. Vivian snaps that she does--until she dies, that is. Vivian assures Carly that she won’t have to live in fear for long, as she will ensure that Carly’s death happens sooner rather than later.

Bo admits that Victor’s crack about either Vivian or Carly dying may come true, but it won’t be Carly. He adds sternly that Vivian’s vendetta is going to end now. Victor scoffs, saying that it’s a fine sentiment, but Bo can’t change the facts, as Carly has done bad things to people, himself and Lawrence included, and Vivian isn’t going to let go of what happened to her nephew. Bo vows to stop her. Victor chuckles, reminding Bo that she’ll just hire a dozen lawyers. Bo snaps that he doesn’t think he’s made himself clear. He informs Victor that if Vivian needs to be eliminated for this circus to end, then he will eliminate her. Victor’s mouth drops open in astonishment.

Sami remarks that she knows she isn’t alone. EJ agrees, noting that she has all of her kids under the same roof, and that hasn’t happened for a long time. Sami thinks she has EJ to thank for that, since he brought Sydney home to her. She guesses EJ is probably sick of hearing about how grateful she is. EJ thinks he was just in the right place at the right time, but Sami thinks it was more than that. EJ changes the subject, asking her not to be too discouraged about Rafe, as he loves her. EJ adds that in his experience, these kinds of things tend to work themselves out. Sami asks hopefully if he really thinks so. EJ nods, saying that he thinks Rafe probably feels guilty. Sami thinks she is the one that ought to feel guilty, but EJ thinks that Sami did the right thing and got her daughter back, and that Rafe simply resents her for taking away his power as opposed to resenting her for betraying him. Sami replies that she appreciates his optimism, but she isn’t sure how this is going to work out.. EJ thinks Sami should start focusing on the positive, as so many of the blessings in her life are standing right in front of her. Eyeing him warily, Sami takes a step back.

Jim snaps that Rafe’s status as a federal agent doesn’t give him the right to speak to his governor this way. Rafe retorts that what he said makes no sense. Jim claims that he did his best to explain this to Rafe, and frankly, he’s lucky he even gave him any time at all. The governor then orders Rafe to get out. Rafe continues to insist that Nicole didn’t walk out of prison just because his office got some emails. Rafe adds that he can open an investigation, but he doesn’t have to. He tells Jim that he has one chance to tell him the real reason Nicole was set free.

Brady gets off of the phone and tells Arianna that the justice of the peace is on his way. She squeals in delight, but wonders about everything else, like the location and the flowers. Brady assures her that he has everything taken care of. The concierge and the manager will be their witnesses, he got the archway near the hotel spruced up with flowers, and the justice of the peace is bringing the license. Brady grins, saying that all he needs now is a girl that will say ‘I do.’ Arianna giggles, saying that that’s where she comes in. Brady is thrilled that this wedding is all about them, and that they’re alone. Arianna agrees, saying that her mother probably would have made the whole thing about her. Brady thinks his grandfather would have spent the entire time grumbling into his bourbon. Brady grins, saying that now, no one has to know about this until the deed is done.

Nicole continues fantasizing about her meeting with Brady. She explains to him that the governor called, said that she had suffered enough, and told her that she was free to go. Nicole adds that she assured him that she has learned her lesson, and that she has no more fantasies about becoming a mother. Brady replies that he is glad for her. Nicole then tenderly tells Brady that she learned something else, too--that there is only one man for her, and that is Brady. She tells Brady that all she wants is for him to love her again, and begs him to give her another chance. Brady reaches out and strokes Nicole’s face. Nicole snaps out of her fantasy, admitting that it won’t happen that fast, and that it will take time, but it will eventually happen--Brady will love her again.

EJ stammers that that isn’t what he meant, and that what he meant was that being here with him and the children is a blessing. EJ thinks it is anyway, as he treasures being here every day. He adds that he is grateful to Sami for giving him the opportunity, and assures her that she won’t regret it. He then asks Sami to allow him to help her, and urges her again to focus on her children. Sami agrees to do so.

Jim snaps that the pardoning of a state prisoner is a matter of the state, and he is the governor. He tells Rafe laughingly to go ahead and investigate, and then they’ll see how quick Rafe’s supervisor will be to reprimand him. He adds angrily that Nicole has been pardoned, and that this is over. Rafe narrows his eyes, declaring that this is far from over.

Victor says that he knows Bo better than to believe that he would kill Vivian. He thinks Bo is just angry. Bo fumes that this has gone way past anger. Victor thinks that Bo loves the law, and would never operate outside of it. Bo says he would. Victor asks him incredulously if he plans on hiring a hit man, and cautions him that he’d never get away with Vivian’s murder. Bo claims that he doesn’t care about getting away with her murder, as he’d love to put that woman in the ground and admit to doing it. Victor reminds him in shock that he would go to jail, but Bo doesn’t care, as he has to keep Carly and her daughter safe. Victor wonders if Bo is really ready to ruin his life for that slut. Bo snaps that he doesn’t care what Victor and Vivian think, as he loves Carly and would do anything to protect her. He adds viciously that he isn’t like Victor--he doesn’t just throw away the people he loves when things get inconvenient. He adds that Carly deserves a life with her daughter without the threat of Vivian hanging over her head and again threatens to eliminate Vivian. Victor, furious, reminds Bo of his family--Hope, Shawn, Ciara, and Chelsea. He then adds that something like this would probably kill his mother. Bo suggests that Victor do something about this before he is forced to take matters into his own hands.

Carly wonders if Vivian is finished. Vivian snaps that she won’t be finished until Carly leaves the planet, and she thinks Carly knows that, as her hands are trembling. Just then, Vivian’s phone interrupts. It’s Victor, who rages at her to get over to his place right away. Vivian hangs up abruptly, telling Carly that she has to leave, but suggests Carly really think about the nightmare she’s going to have to endure. She hurries off.

Nathan insists that it doesn’t make sense that Melanie would write him a ‘Dear John’ letter on her wedding day, and that it’s weird that Melanie was thinking about saying goodbye to him when she was preparing to accept another guy’s ring. Melanie explains that she needed closure, as they had a really good thing going until she blew it. Melanie adds that she doesn’t think she could be the girl Nathan wanted her to be. Nathan stammers, but Melanie interrupts, insisting that it’s ok, as she made her decision, and she made the right one, as Philip is the best. He loves her, and she couldn’t ask for a better husband. Melanie adds that she wants to get this letter thing taken care of, and explains to Nathan that she wrote it so that they could both let go with no regrets. Nathan scoffs. Melanie explains that she wants them to be friends now. Nathan snaps that he can’t be friends with someone who acts the way she does. He declares that this is over and storms off. Melanie stares.

Sami thanks EJ for the advice, but he says it’s nothing. Just then, someone knocks on the door. Sami gets to her feet to answer it and Rafe bursts in, telling EJ and Sami that they won’t believe it, but Nicole was pardoned by the governor. EJ and Sami stare. Rafe declares that Nicole is out of prison and free as a bird. Sami and EJ gape.

Nicole frets that someone might let Brady know that she was pardoned before she gets to Santo Domingo. She fumes that Arianna would love nothing more than to spoil the surprise and pour a lot of poison into Brady’s ear about her. Nicole looks around and locates a phone in her arm rest. She picks it up and makes a phone call. Back in the bar in Santo Domingo, Brady’s phone rings. He answers. Nicole falters.

Stephanie runs into Carly at the Java Café and asks how she is. Carly replies that she is fine. Stephanie makes small talk with Carly about Melanie getting out of the hospital and moving in with Maggie. She barrels on that she thinks this whole situation must be hard on Carly and Melanie, since they just found out they were mother and daughter. She asks how Melanie is, but Carly claims that she wouldn’t know, as Melanie hates her guts. Stephanie asks Carly to join jokingly to join the club.

Nicole quickly hangs up on Brady, telling herself that he doesn’t sound upset, and besides, if he knew she was free, he would have guessed that it was her calling. Nicole hopes that perhaps, Arianna doesn’t know anything either, and then maybe she can have Brady all to herself.

Arianna asks Brady about the phone call, but he isn’t sure who it was, and suggests it may have been a wrong number. He doesn’t think anyone could be calling about their wedding since no one knows. Arianna admits that she is starting to feel guilty about that, especially when it comes to Melanie, since they wouldn’t be together if not for her. She smiles at the thought of the look on Melanie’s face when she finds out how well her matchmaking scheme went and admits she wishes they would have told her. A man interrupts Brady, and he hands Arianna the phone, suggesting that she call Melanie and tell her. He then heads off. Arianna calls Melanie. Thinking it’s Brady, she answers the phone excitedly. Arianna explains that it’s her, and that she has great news. Melanie tearfully asks what it is, but Arianna wants to know if she is ok. Melanie sobs that she is a long way from ok.

Nathan heads into the hospital and over to Stephanie. She starts to pull away from him, but he begs her to wait.

Rafe explains to a stunned EJ and Sami that the governor is in town for a fundraiser, so when he heard the news about the pardon, he went to talk to him. Sami asks what he said. Rafe admits he didn’t say a whole lot of anything, and it’s obvious that someone got to him. Rafe then assures Sami that her father has agreed to have her house staked out until they know for sure whether or not Nicole plans to make another attempt to take Sydney. Sami moans. EJ grabs his coat and announces that he is going to see the governor, and make him sorry he ever heard the name DiMera. He then storms off. Sami wonders who Nicole knows that could have gotten her a pardon.

Anna wonders what is going on with her and planes lately. Just then, the captain announces that the problem has been fixed, and asks the passengers to enjoy their flight. Anna sighs with relief.

Bo runs into Carly at the pier, and assures her that everything is over and done with in regards to Vivian. Carly explains ruefully that she saw Vivian at the café, and she threatened her. She sighs, saying that she knows Bo wants to help, but she just doesn’t think it’s possible to ever stop Vivian. Bo vows that he will--one way or the other.

Vivian sails into the Kiriakis mansion, telling Victor that he should have seen the look on Carly’s face. Victor snaps that her days of torturing Carly are through, and that her vendetta ends today. Vivian asks complainingly if she has to kill Carly already, but Victor warns her not to harm a hair on Carly’s head, as this revenge scheme is over, and Carly is free to go. Vivian, stunned, asks Victor if he is taking any new medication. Victor then explains that if Vivian keeps this up Bo will end up putting her six feet under, and he doesn’t care about going to prison for it, either. Vivian doesn’t buy it, but Victor claims that he knows his son, and he isn’t bluffing. He adds that he refuses to let Bo go to jail just because they both hate Carly. Vivian protests that she must avenge Lawrence. Victor sighs, saying that he realizes that asking her to be merciful is like asking a dog not to bark, so he only has one thing to offer Vivian in exchange for her ending all of this, and that is himself. Vivian gapes.

Stephanie replies that she wasn’t trying to get away, she just has things to do, and besides, they’re on a break. Nathan explains that that is what he wants to talk about. Stephanie asks if something has changed. Nathan nods, saying that he talked to Melanie, she told him what was in the letter, and it turns out that it wasn’t so important. Stephanie, surprised, asks what Melanie told him.

Arianna presses Melanie for details, but she tells her not to worry about it, as it’s all over and done with. She asks about Arianna’s good news, and Arianna asks jokingly if Melanie remembers that guy Brady that she kept encouraging her to go after. Melanie says she does. Arianna replies that the two of them are in the middle of eloping. Melanie squeals, but then asks why she isn’t a bridesmaid. Arianna replies that they aren’t in Salem right now. Melanie promises to throw Arianna a shower when she returns, asks her to congratulate Brady, and to tell him she warned him not to screw this up. Brady, who has returned, tells Melanie loudly that he won’t. Melanie congratulates them both again and tells them to get married. She then hangs up and bawls. Melanie finally dries her tears, deciding to call her husband and tell him how much she loves him.

Rafe discusses the security detail over the phone with Roman and hangs up. He reminds Sami that they may all be overreacting, as no one has even seen Nicole in Salem. Sami suggests that Nicole may have gone to her mother’s, but Rafe shakes his head, claiming that they’ve already checked. Rafe then explains that he needs to go check up on some things, as he is suspicious about this fundraiser the governor was in town for. He asks if Sami will be alright here with the kids and she nods, promising to lock the door. Rafe starts to head off, but Sami asks him to wait. She then explains that they both know what she said before, but it wasn’t true, as she doesn’t want them to apart--not tonight, and not ever.

Brady comes back wearing khakis and a linen shirt, and Arianna compliments his outfit. He remarks that he likes her bathing suit, and doesn’t think she even needs the dress, but Arianna claims that she has to wear it, since she already bought it. Brady says that she can on one condition--that she wear this with it. He pulls out a box and hands it to her, and Arianna opens it to find a pearl necklace. She gasps, telling him how beautiful it is. Brady thinks she is beautiful. Arianna can’t believe this is happening. Brady reminds her they’ve got to get to the garden soon so she can become Mrs. Brady Black. He asks if she has any last minute regrets, but she claims she doesn’t and hurries off to change. The justice of the peace hurries in and greets Brady, apologizing for being late. Brady says it’s alright, as his bride is getting ready. The man warns Brady that he is on a tight schedule, but Brady assures him this wedding will be short--in fact, it will probably be the quickest wedding in history.

Nathan tells Stephanie that Melanie’s letter just said goodbye and told him that she wanted to be friends. He then apologizes for blowing up at Stephanie, as Melanie shouldn’t have put her in the middle in the first place. Stephanie agrees, saying that if Melanie hadn’t done so, thing wouldn’t have turned out like this. Nathan tells her gently that they don’t have to be this way.

Vivian admits that she hardly knows what to say. Victor reminds her that she has always wanted a more permanent arrangement ever since she returned to town, so Victor is willing to marry her. Vivian gapes. Victor admits that he knows what Brady, Daniel and Philip will say. Vivian interrupts, reminding him delightedly of Kate’s reaction. Victor nods, saying that everyone in his family will have to learn to live with this, or they can just disown him. Vivian is surprised he would really do this for her and Bo, but Victor replies that he loves his son and doesn’t want to see him in jail for the rest of his life. He admits that also doesn’t want to see Vivian dead. Vivian admits that she cares for him very much, but she isn’t sure she is ready to give up on the idea of sweet revenge. She tells Victor that she is going to have to think about this.

Bo tells Carly that he warned Victor to take care of this before he is forced to do so by any means necessary. Carly doesn’t think he can mean that, as he promised her he wouldn’t. Bo ignores the comment, stating that Victor would have known his he was bluffing. He adds that the law has been his whole life but the law can’t protect Carly now. He vows to protect Carly himself and to make sure that Vivian never hurts her. Carly thinks there must be another way. Bo takes her in his arms, telling her that he loves her, and that he will never let anyone take her from him.

Rafe admits that he doesn’t want to be apart from Sami, either. She suggests they talk about it, but Rafe doesn’t see how things could be different. He thinks he should go and heads off sadly. Sami scoffs. Rafe leans against the door outside and sighs.

Jim gathers his suitcase, glad he is on his way out of this miserable town. He flings open the door to find EJ outside. EJ glares, “How dare you?”

Stephanie asks Nathan to clarify, but he thinks it seems pretty clear, adding that he chooses her. He reminds her that the letter didn’t turn out to be important, and besides, he said that he wanted a break, not that he didn’t want her at all. Stephanie guesses he wants her back now. Nathan admits he does, and wonders if they can start over. Stephanie grumbles that she feels like second choice. Nathan assures her that he and Melanie weren’t meant to be, but perhaps he and Stephanie were meant to be. He asks Stephanie if they can give it another shot.

Melanie is on the phone with Philip, wondering why she is still here when she could be at his office with her arms around her. She then promises to be there soon and hangs up. She whirls around and gasps as she spots Nathan in the kitchen, but he is simply a figment of her imagination, and he disappears. Melanie breathes a sigh of relief and gathers her purse. She whirls around to find Nathan standing there again, but he disappears. Melanie shakes her head and walks outside to find Nathan waiting for her. She gasps again. Nathan, true to form, disappears. Melanie loudly and pointedly says goodbye to Nathan and walks off.

Carly and Bo kiss. He vows that he will always be there for her. She says she knows that and tells him how much she loves him. The two kiss as Vivian watches from around the corner. She grins.

The justice of the peace realizes he left Brady and Arianna’s marriage license in his car. Brady asks him to go get it while he talks to the photographer. He hurries off. Just then, Nicole walks in to the café and asks the justice of the peace if Brady is here. He says he is, of course, and guesses that Nicole is the beautiful bride. She stares in shock.

Anna settles back in her chair, telling herself that she is free at last.

Rafe shows up at the Kiriakis mansion. Victor greets him at the door, telling him sharply that he knows the names the of his lawyers, but Rafe claims that he isn’t here to question Victor about his business; he’s here to ask him about the governor being here last night. Victor wonders what he wants to know. Rafe asks if Victor had anything to do with the governor pardoning Nicole DiMera.

EJ asks the governor how he dared to free Nicole. Jim, surprised, claims that he assumed EJ was behind all of it. EJ, angry, wonders why in the hell he’d think that.

Victor demands to know why the hell the governor pardoned Nicole and why Rafe would think he was behind it.

Jim explains that the request for Nicole’s pardon came from EJ’s family. Furious, EJ wonders if Stefano was behind this. Jim scoffs, “God no, not him.”

Rafe reminds Victor that the governor attended a fundraiser here, and then freed Nicole a few hours after that, so he isn’t sure what to think. Victor insists that he despises Nicole and looked forward to seeing her rot in prison, so he had nothing to do with it. Rafe wonders if Victor saw the governor speaking to anyone else. Victor gasps, “OMG!”

EJ asks the governor who from his family asked him to do this. Jim replies that it was Anna, of course.

Victor also tells Rafe that it was Anna DiMera.

EJ stares in astonishment.


Sami asks Abe, "What made him do it, or who?"

EJ tells the governor, "People cross us. They pay."

Nicole says, "Everything has changed, Brady. Everything."

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