Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/23/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/23/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Melanie yawns and heads into Maggie’s kitchen, telling Philip how well she slept the night before. Just then, Melanie spots another woman in the kitchen and asks Philip what is going on.

At the hospital, Stephanie walks over and greets Nathan. She wonders if he is still upset about the letter Melanie wrote that she didn’t give him. Nathan grumbles. Stephanie asks if he talked to Melanie and asked her what she wrote him about. Nathan says he hasn’t, but that he will. Stephanie wishes he wouldn’t. Nathan wonders why. Stephanie puts a hand on his arm, telling him it’s because she fears he’ll get hurt.

At the police station, Hope is on the phone with a witness, asking them to call if they remember anything else about the car. Justin walks in as she hangs up, and hands her a cup of coffee, saying that she looks as if she needs it.

Jim wakes up in his hotel room to find Anna taking pictures of him. She grins and snaps a photo, asking him to smile. Jim groans. Anna thinks that it’s no wonder the voters love him so much with a smile like that, and guesses that he’ll be the governor for years to come. Jim realizes that he is handcuffed to the bed, and demands to know what is going on.

Rafe shows up at the state prison and meets Nicole in the holding cell. He snaps that this had better be good. Nicole explains that this is about Sydney, and that there is something Rafe needs to know.

Jim demands to know what the hell is going on. Anna is surprised he doesn’t remember, as the two of them had the most fun two people could possibly have. Jim asks what she is talking about, and Anna shows him some photos on her digital camera. The governor gasps. Anna grins, admitting that he did get creative. She bets his wife wishes she could do this with him, too, and Anna suggests that he show them to her so he can give her some lessons. Jim demands that Anna give him the camera. Anna thinks she’ll email them to his wife instead. Jim, angry, insists that Anna unlock his handcuffs. Anna refuses to do so until he does her a favor and helps out her friend.

Rafe asks Nicole what she has to tell him regarding Sydney. Nicole asks how she is doing, and if she’s walking yet. Rafe glares. Nicole hurries on, saying that she is sure Sydney must be overwhelmed right now since she didn’t even really know Sami. Rafe wonders what is wrong with Nicole, and accuses her of being jealous of Sami because she has Sydney in her life. Rafe vows angrily that Nicole will never again have anything to do with Sydney, and demands to know if this is the reason she called him down here. Nicole claims that that wasn’t it at all, and that she called to talk to him about Sydney’s kidnapper.

Philip introduces Melanie to Sophie, the nurse he has hired to help take care of both Melanie and Maggie while he isn’t here. Melanie reminds Philip that the only reason they’re here is to make Maggie believe that she needs help recuperating, and that they aren’t supposed to make it obvious that Maggie is the one that needs help. She thrusts Sophie’s coat and purse at her, telling her that she’s sure she’s a great nurse, but they won’t be needing her services. Sophie thinks that a professional should be here, but Melanie ignores her, assuring her that she’ll get two weeks’ severance pay. Melanie fairly pushes Sophie out the door as Philip protests, asking what she thinks she is doing. Melanie admits that she was a bit pushy as Maggie heads in, asking what is going on. Philip claims that he made a mistake, but Melanie simpers that he simply loves her too much. Philip grins and tells her that he has to get work. He then heads off. Maggie thinks Melanie and Philip are doing well. Melanie admits that they are. Maggie asks if she is having any second thoughts regarding Nathan.

Nathan scoffs at the idea that he could be hurt by a letter. Stephanie claims that that is the reason she never gave him the letter in the first place. Nathan snaps that that wasn’t her call to make. Stephanie insists that she didn’t want him, Melanie, or Philip getting hurt by the contents of the letter, but Nathan doesn’t think those are very good reasons at all. Stephanie finally breaks down and admits that the real reason she didn’t show him the letter is because she didn’t want to get hurt herself.

Hope wonders why Justin is at the station. He explains that he dropped by to fill out some paperwork. Hope remarks that she heard about Melanie exonerating Carly and admits that she was glad to hear the news. Justin is surprised. Hope sighs, saying that she may want Carly out of her life for good, but that doesn’t mean she wants to see Carly punished for a crime she didn’t commit. Justin thinks that is big of her, but Hope claims that she just wants to let go of all of her anger. Justin wonders if that means that Hope is ready to move on.

Jim accuses Anna of trying to blackmail him. She snorts that she simply needs a favor for a friend. Jim insists that it is blackmail, and that it will never work, since he never posed for any of those photos. He demands that Anna remove his handcuffs. Anna shakes her head, saying that there is something he has to do for her first.

Nicole informs Rafe that she has information about the woman who wore the boots--the one that took Sydney from her. Rafe doesn’t buy it. Nicole claims that she really does have something important to say, and that this isn’t just a bid for attention. Rafe asks sarcastically if the woman wore the boots backward or spoke with an Irish accent. Nicole frown as Rafe snaps that he is tired of Nicole jerking him, Sami, and the police around. He announces that Nicole has nothing important to say, and that he won’t be a part of her plan. Rafe then gets up to leave.

Maggie again asks Melanie if she is having second thoughts regarding Nathan. Melanie claims that Philip is the best, and she loves him, but Maggie doesn’t think that’s an answer. Melanie sighs, reminding Maggie that Nathan is her grandson, so she doesn’t think they should be talking about him. Maggie replies that Melanie is like a daughter to her, and she needs her to be honest with her. Maggie then asks Melanie if she still has feelings for Nathan.

Nathan wonders how the letter could have hurt Stephanie. Stephanie complains that all Nathan could talk about before was how he couldn’t wait to go away with her. Nathan says he knows that, and reminds Stephanie that they had a great time on their trip. He doesn’t think that has anything to do with Melanie, though. Stephanie cries that he is obsessed with Melanie and this stupid letter. She wonders if Nathan has any idea how that makes her feel.

Nicole stops Rafe, claiming that she isn’t trying to use him or Sami, and that she is genuinely glad that Sydney is safe with Sami, as the idea that Sydney belongs to her instead is over and done with as far as she is concerned. She then admits that she wishes things were different, and that she were somewhere far away with Sydney, but things didn’t work out that way. Rafe accuses Nicole of making this all out to be about herself, and of only caring that she didn’t get away with Sydney, and not that Sydney was kidnapped. Nicole rolls her eyes, telling Rafe that if he were in jail, he’d spend all day dreaming about how things could have been different, too. Rafe retorts that she has no idea what Sami has gone through for the past few months, snapping that at one point they actually thought Sydney was dead. Nicole explains that that is why she called--because she knows the kidnapper is still out there. Nicole flashes back to Anna telling her that couldn’t get her a pardon from the governor. Nicole comes back to the present and tells Rafe that she thinks it’s about time this woman gets what she deserves.

Melanie admits to Maggie that she is new at this marriage and commitment thing, and that she does sometimes think about Nathan. She guesses Maggie probably hates her. Maggie claims she doesn’t. Melanie explains that when Nathan came to see her at the hospital, she could tell that he cares for her and that he has feelings for her. Maggie advises Melanie to work this out, as she can’t be married and have all this secret feelings and longings. She then reminds Melanie that she can have Philip, or she can have Nathan, but not both. Melanie admits that she used to feel like she could have whatever she wanted and didn’t care who got hurt. She thinks she probably got that from her mom. Maggie thinks that Melanie has changed. Melanie hopes she has. Maggie then advices her to let Carly worry about her own life--meanwhile, she must talk to Nathan.

Nathan apologizes to Stephanie for hurting her. He thinks that if she had just explained all of this to him and then gave him the letter, he may have just thrown it away, but now they’ll never know what would have happened. Stephanie tells him how sorry she is, and says she hopes that Nathan can forgive her and that they can move on. Nathan replies that he thinks they need to take a break. He says he is sorry and heads off quickly. Stephanie sobs.

Hope thanks Justin, telling him how good of a friend he has been to her throughout this whole mess with Bo. She adds that she is grateful, but he has to know that nothing will ever happen between them. Justin replies that he does know that, since Hope has made it pretty clear. Hope thanks him for the coffee and heads off. Justin sighs.

Jim rattles his handcuffs angrily. Anna advises him to be careful before he hurts himself. Jim snaps that he refuses to give Nicole DiMera a pardon just because of some staged photos. Anna smiles, telling him that she still has some pictures from the fling they had years ago--along with every text he’s ever sent her. She adds that she plans on sending it all to the media within the hour. Jim shouts that she can’t, but Anna reminds him that he has a choice in all of this--he can pardon her poor deluded friend that kidnapped a baby, or he can sit back and watch as his career goes up in flames. Jim moans about his career and his wife. Anna asks what it’s going to be.

Rafe scoffs at the idea of Nicole wanting a kidnapper punished. Nicole retorts that if she has to live here, then the kidnapper should, too. She reminds Rafe that she was actually planning on returning Sydney to Sami when Sydney was snatched from her. Rafe snaps that Nicole had better hope that they find whoever did this. Nicole assures him that they will, because she’s going to tell him exactly who the kidnapper is.

Now alone in the kitchen, Melanie tries to decide whether or not to call Nathan. Just then, Nathan walks in.

At the pier, Philip tells someone over the phone that the deal is on so long as the other company has the funds. He hangs up and starts to head off, but bumps into Stephanie. He asks her what’s wrong. Stephanie ignores the question and with barely controlled rage, asks him how Melanie is. Philip claims she is fine. Stephanie hopes Victor is making an effort with her, but Philip explains that Melanie didn’t want to go back to the house she was shot at, so the two of them moved into Maggie’s house. He thinks it makes sense, especially since Melanie and Maggie need one another right now. Stephanie replies sourly that she’s just glad they’re happy. Philip can tell she isn’t, and asks what is going on. Stephanie guesses he will find out eventually, and informs Philip that Nathan dumped her for Philip’s wife. Philip gapes.

Hope heads into the pub and greets Maggie. The two make small talk about Melanie and Philip moving in with Maggie, and Maggie admits that she has grown fond of Philip. She sighs, saying that she just hopes everything works out between Melanie and Philip. Hope wonders why their marriage wouldn’t work out. Maggie quickly replies that all she meant is that she wishes that love could be simple.

Justin heads into the Kiriakis mansion and informs Henderson that he is here to have Victor sign some papers. Henderson explains that Justin actually has a visitor in the living room. Justin, surprised, heads inside the living room to find Adrienne waiting for him. He gasps.

Rafe accuses Nicole of being willing to do anything for attention. He asks sarcastically if a little bird told her who the kidnapper was. Nicole scoffs. Rafe informs her that the FBI has already interrogated everyone involved, and they didn’t turn up anything. Nicole, upset, tells Rafe that she really did remember something about the woman with the boots. She claims that she has been trying to place her voice for months, and was finally able to do so just recently. Rafe rolls his eyes. Nicole claims that this will blow his mind. She starts to tell him who the kidnapper is, but Lois interrupts, brandishing her phone and telling Nicole that the warden wants to talk to her.

Philip demands to know if that cocky bastard Nathan has been fantasizing about his wife. Stephanie explains that Melanie wrote Nathan a letter on her wedding day. She was supposed to give it to Nathan, but she didn’t, and now he refuses to forgive her for it. Philip asks what was in it, but Stephanie stammers that she has no idea, as she didn’t read it. Philip curses. Stephanie suggests that he keep an eye on Nathan, as he may have a thing for Melanie.

Melanie and Nathan stammer around at each other. Nathan finally manages to express that her color looks good. Melanie thinks he must have come by for one of his textbooks and hands it over. Nathan thanks her, admitting that he needs to brush up on his surgery skills if he wants to pick up those extras shifts at the hospital. He then asks if Melanie is here to see Maggie. She explains that she and Philip actually moved in, partly because she didn’t want to live at the Kiriakis mansion any longer. Nathan thinks that is understandable and bets Maggie is glad to have the company. Nathan finally bites the bullet and asks Melanie about the letter she wrote him--the one he didn’t get. Nathan asks her what it said. Melanie gulps.

Adrienne explains that Hope called her and told her that Justin was in trouble. She asks him what’s wrong. Justin, shocked, says that he isn’t in any trouble. Adrienne wonders why Hope would say that. Justin sighs, saying that he thinks Hope wants the two of them to get back together.

Nicole gets on the phone with the warden, who lets her know that the governor would like to speak to her. Back in the hotel room, Anna holds the phone up to Jim’s ear. He reluctantly informs Nicole that her case has come to his attention through a mutual friend of theirs, and he thinks her punishment was too harsh. Nicole grins as Jim tells her that he is granting her a full pardon. Nicole squeals as Jim explains that she will be released immediately. Nicole thanks him, but Jim snaps at her to thank her friend, not him. He warns Nicole to never give him cause regret this decision. She swears she won’t and hangs up. She announces that the governor just pardoned her. Rafe stares open-mouthed as Lois and Nicole squeal, dance, and celebrate. Rafe, angry, demands to know why the governor pardoned Nicole.

Adrienne, angry, asks if she really got on a plane and flew thousands of miles just because Hope doesn’t think she and Justin are happy. She demands to know if Justin was in on this as Hope walks in. Surprised, she remarks that she didn’t expect Adrienne to get here so soon. Adrienne reminds her angrily that she thought Justin was in trouble, and wonders how Hope dared to lie to her in this way. She snaps at Hope to stay out of her life and storms off. Hope sighs. Justin tells her sternly that he wishes she hadn’t done this and rushes after Adrienne.

Melanie tells Nathan innocently that Stephanie told her that she didn’t give Nathan the letter because he didn’t want to hear from her at all. Nathan replies savagely that that was a lie. He then asks Melanie what she wanted to tell him.

Jim, now out of the bed and free of his handcuffs, demands the camera now that Anna has gotten what she wanted. Anna hands it over readily, telling him that all the pictures and the film she shot last night are on it. She then takes out her phone and deletes his text messages, advising that he delete hers as well. Jim wonders what has happened to Anna, as the woman she used to be never would have done something like this. Anna replies that people change. Jim changes tactics, eyeing the black bag Anan brought with her into the room. He wonders if the toys she used in the photos are still in there. She says they are. Jim suggests they use them again, as he would love to remember what happened this time. Anna giggles, saying that it’s been a long time for her, so what the hell. The two kiss.

Nicole announces happily that she is going home and wonders if Rafe can believe it. Rafe demands to know what is going on, and Nicole explains that the governor told her that she had served her time. Lois heads off to get Nicole’s things. Nicole wonders why Rafe isn’t smiling. He claims he is still waiting to hear who the kidnapper is. Nicole stammers that it was Kate, and that she remembers hearing her voice. She thinks it makes sense since Kate hated both her and EJ. Rafe raises an eyebrow as Nicole calls Kate a heartless loser that didn’t even care that she hurt her own husband. Rafe informs her that Kate had nothing to do with it, as the boots were proved not to be hers, and she has an alibi for the time of the kidnapping. All Nicole cares about is that she is getting to go home. Rafe thinks this pardon came out of the blue. Nicole explains that she is just lucky, but Rafe is sure that luck has nothing to do with this. Later, after Rafe has left, Nicole gets dressed and thanks Lois for everything she has done, as it meant the world to her. Lois assumes that she’ll be receiving a gift from Nicole soon and Nicole nods, saying that it will be a big one. Lois admits that she will miss Nicole, as she gave this place some zing. Just then, Lois’ phone rings. She checks the number and thinks it must be one of Nicole’s friends. Nicole answers to find Anna on the other line. She’s calling from a plane, and Nicole asks how she is. Anna admits that she is fine now that she is on her way out of the country. She offers Nicole a friendly warning, telling her that she recorded their conversations in case Nicole decides to go to the police anyway. Nicole tells her to not worry about it since they are both free now. She hangs up, saying that she loves second chances. She then tells Lois that she needs one more favor.

Philip is back on his phone, shouting at someone that he will be in his office later, and that it will have to wait until then. Philip hangs up and tells Stephanie that he is sorry that Nathan got all bent out of shape, and that Stephanie and Nathan can work it out or not for all he cares, as Nathan isn’t a worry to him any longer. He claims that Melanie only loves him, that Nathan is history, and that that is the way it is going to stay.

Melanie remarks that it’s odd that Stephanie would lie. Nathan would rather call it a misinterpretation, as he did tell Stephanie that he didn’t want to talk about Melanie. Melanie guesses that is because he hates her for marrying Philip. Nathan claims that he doesn’t, but that he needed to get out of town after the wedding. Melanie grumbles that he went out of town with Stephanie and then agrees to tell him what was in the letter.

Nicole calls Brady’s office, pretending to be a secretary for someone involved in Homeland Security. After a bit of wheedling and a lie about a lucrative contract, she learns that Brady isn’t in the office, and is away on a business trip in Santo Domingo. Nicole hangs up, telling herself that her second chance is away on a business trip. She decides that she must get Brady alone so that they can discuss their future.

Rafe shows up at the governor’s hotel room. Jim greets him enthusiastically, asking how Rafe is and offering to do anything he can for the FBI. Rafe demands to know why he pardoned Nicole DiMera.


Anna tells herself, “No more Nicole. No one can touch me now.”

Rafe tells the governor, “I'm gonna give you one chance to tell me why Nicole DiMera was set free.”

Nicole asks Brady, “Will you give me another chance?”

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