Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/22/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/22/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Carly head into an office at the police station, and Abe and Bo greet them. Carly breathlessly explains that she ran into Vivian at the pier earlier. Abe asks what she said. Carly replies that Vivian told her that just because she wasn’t in jail doesn’t mean that she is free, as the sword of Vivian hangs over her head. Abe and Bo exchange looks.

At the state prison, Nicole paints her nails in a holding cell. Lois heads in and tells Nicole that her time is up, and that she has to go back to her cell, but Nicole snaps that she isn’t finished yet. Lois retorts that she can scrub the floors if she’d like to stay, but doubts Nicole would want to chip her nail polish. Nicole tells Lois angrily to find someone else to do her slave work, as she is receiving a get-jail-out-of-free-card.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Governor Jim Ford moans that he is in trouble. Anna kisses him as he adds that this is crazy. Anna thinks he use to love ‘crazy.’ Jim backs away, telling Anna that though she is a lovely woman and they had some good times; she is asking too much. Jim reminds her that this isn’t a case of insider trading, it’s a case involving a high-profile kidnapper who played a sick game of musical babies. Anna admits that that was the way it was described in the tabloids, but if he would just read the trial transcripts and listen to the story from Nicole’s perspective, Anna knows that his heart would go out to her. Jim replies that his heart has nothing to do with this, as the public has to have sympathy with the criminal in cases like these, and the chances of that happening are about the same as the Bears going to the Super Bowl. Anna frets as the governor makes a call, asking his driver to bring the car around.

At the pub, Brady and Arianna look on as Sami asks Rafe if he will write the recommendation for her, or if she should just write it herself and let him sign it. Rafe sighs, telling Sami that he doesn’t think it’s a it’s a good idea for him to give her a reference. Sami guesses sarcastically that it was presumptuous of her to ask Rafe to stick out his neck for her. She gets up and starts to huff off, but Rafe rushes over and stops her at the door, begging her to wait. Arianna watches the two worriedly.

At Sami’s place, EJ asks Theo to tell him what secret Johnny told him. Theo explains that the secret was about Sydney, and how she was never gone, and was safe with EJ all along. EJ explains that Johnny doesn’t always tell the truth, and that he sometimes likes to make up stories. Theo swears this wasn’t just a story, and that Johnny told him that Sydney was always with her daddy. Lexie comes out with Sydney just then, asking Theo why he would say something like that.

Gus meets Vivian at the Java Café. She informs him that she has a back-up plan. Gus asks if she is getting assistance from Victor. Vivian waves him off, saying that it doesn’t matter, as this is a job to relish. Vivian grins to herself, saying that Carly won’t be able to be truly free with Gus breathing down her neck.

Bo rages about an insane and dangerous woman wandering the street doing whatever she wants and asks someone to please explain why Vivian isn’t in a mental institution. Daniel agrees that that is where Vivian belongs, but since she’s not, they’ve got to protect Carly. Bo agrees, saying that that is exactly what they’re going to do. Bo then vows that they won’t continue living their lives like this anymore.

Sami yelps that Rafe is making a scene and embarrassing her. He quietly asks her to come back to the table. Sami asks him what is going on, and if he doesn’t want her to go to work for some reason. Rafe agrees that he doesn’t. Sami sighs, saying that she needs to do this, because if EJ decides to sue her for custody again one day, she has to be able to prove she can support their kids. Rafe tells her gently that she will be able to show that, as she has him for support, and always will. Sami says she appreciates it, but hesitates. Rafe wonders if that isn’t enough for her--or if he isn’t enough.

Lexie deposits Sydney in her playpen and asks EJ why Theo would have said that Sydney was with him the whole time. EJ has no idea. Theo announces that Johnny told him the secret. EJ thinks that Theo must have misunderstood, and claims that it must be his tendency to a literal interpretation, and that’s he’s probably confused. Lexie, angry, asks Theo to go play with Johnny. Theo heads off and EJ immediately apologizes, admitting that he shouldn’t have said that. Lexie snaps that her son may be autistic, but his hearing is just fine, and he’s intelligent, so Lexie has learned to never to dismiss anything Theo tells her. EJ scoffs, asking what Lexie is suggesting--that Sydney was here the whole time? EJ thinks that is absurd. Lexie doesn’t think so, as Johnny was in and out of their father’s house. She thinks he could have heard or seen something, and that Johnny may be the key to figuring out who is behind Sydney’s kidnapping.

At the Java Café, Will greets Mia. She smiles, admitting that she was just thinking about him. Will frowns and holds out the necklace he bought her, asking her if she lost something. Mia wonders where he found it. Will replies that Gabi gave it to him, but that Chad was actually the one that found it. Will snaps that it appears that this necklace really gets around--just like Mia.

Lois demands to know who Nicole is getting herself all dolled up for. Nicole curses, telling Lois that she made her mess up. Lois ignores her, saying that she must be painting her nails for someone, as she is sure that Nicole isn’t getting all pretty for her. Nicole asks sarcastically if it is difficult for Lois to work here when she should be designing rockets for NASA. Lois ignores her again, asking if this is all for that guy that Nicole wanted to call. Nicole then flashes back to telling Brady not to call, visit, or write, as she won’t return his calls or letters, as it would be too painful for her. Nicole adds that she can only give Brady one gift--and that is to let him go. Nicole comes back to the present and sighs, asking Lois, “What about him?”

Sami tells Rafe that she means a lot to her--so much that she can’t even express it. She then adds that she though this was a great job opportunity, as it would be exciting and there’s even free daycare. Sami sighs, admitting that she thought it was perfect. Arianna tells Brady quietly that they should go, and the two get up, announcing to Sami and Rafe that they’re going to leave. Sami apologizes for being rude, and insists they all sit down. The four then pop open some sparking cider and toast to Brady and Arianna’s engagement.

EJ tells Lexie that Johnny hardly spent any time at the mansion while Sydney was gone. He then wonders if she thinks their father had something to do with Sydney‘s kidnapping. All Lexie will say is that she wouldn’t put it past him. EJ nods, saying that they’ve both made that mistake before.

Jim tells Anna that he really wishes he could have done something to help her, but he just can’t. Anna says unhappily that she understands, as his career is on the fast track, and he wouldn’t want to risk it on a washed-up old bimbo like her. Jim asks Anna to stop, telling her that thinks she’s cute as hell and lots of fun. Anna isn’t so sure about that, but Jim assures her that he would have done something for her if he could have. He tells her it was great to see her, kisses her, asks her to take care, and heads off. Anna watches him go tearfully. She flashes back to Nicole warning her that s he has 24 hours to get the pardon. Anna tells herself that it’s time to pull out the big guns and heads out of the mansion.

Carly reminds Daniel and Bo that this is about Melanie, and that her safety is all that they should be concerned about. Daniel thinks that is the point, as they can’t let an elderly mad women wander around town threatening people. Bo vows to put an end to it. Daniel asks when he plans on doing so. Bo asks Daniel sharply when this became his problem. Daniel retorts that it became his problem the day Vivian nearly killed his daughter on Bo’s watch. As Bo glares, Daniel adds angrily that Carly is now getting death threats. Daniel wonders what Bo plans on doing about it.

Vivian instructs Gus to research slow-acting poisons on the internet. Gus clicks away at his laptop as Vivian’s phone rings. She answers, and it’s Bo, who asks her to come down to the station. Vivian claims she is busy, and says she’d rather do it another time. Bo snaps at her to do it now and hangs up. Vivian sighs.

Mia tells Will that she lost her necklace at work, and she thinks Chad must have found it. Will accuses her of lying. Mia scoffs, asking how he would know, and Will snaps that he grew up with his mother, so he knows that ‘liar’ look. Mia claims she isn’t like that, but Will disagrees, saying that he should have realized the truth when he found out that Mia asked both him and Chad to the winter dance. Will adds angrily that she is playing them both, and she’s going to end up with no one. Will. Slams the necklace down on the counter and storms off. Mia sighs.

Rafe asks if Brady and Arianna have any concrete wedding plans, but Brady admits that they don’t yet. Arianna claims that all she knows is that they want a small wedding. Sami wonders if Arianna plans on working after she and Brady get married. Arianna admits that she does, and that she is thinking about going to back to school to get her masters. Sami says that she would love to do that too, but can’t because of the kids. She adds pointedly that that is why the clerical job at the FBI she applied for would be perfect. Brady tells Arianna that he is suddenly craving some sweets and asks Arianna to come with him to look at the pies. The two excuse themselves and hurry off. Rafe groans, wondering why Sami had to bring up the job again. Sami snaps that it is important to her. Rafe says he understands, but explains to Sami that the job that she is applying for is in a different department, one in which he doesn’t have any pull. Sami replies that she is just asking for a simple recommendation. Rafe stubbornly insists that he has never worked with Sami before. Sami, angry, reminds him that he doesn’t have to have worked with her to know how smart, punctual and responsible she is, which would help her get the job. Rafe wonders if Sami has any clerical experience. Sami says that she has plenty of experience from the hospital, and that she can type, answer phones, and keep secrets with best of them. Rafe scoffs, “You’re telling me.” Sami demands to know what that is supposed to mean.

Anna show up at the DiMera mansion. EJ opens the door and demands to know why she is here. Anna suggests he let her in so she can tell him. EJ yanks her inside and asks what is going on. Anna explains that Nicole placed her voice and remembered that she was the one that took the baby. She adds hurriedly that she tried to handle this on her own, but she can’t and she needs his help. EJ groans, wondering why he should help Anna. She reminds him that she can implicate him in the kidnapping. EJ snaps that he gave her five million dollars to keep quiet. Anna protests, but EJ decides that he had better take care of Anna in a more permanent way. EJ calls for Marco, who heads into the foyer. EJ instructs him to dispose of Anna and walks away. Anna squeals as Marco draws his gun and fires. Anna comes back from her reverie on the steps of the DiMera mansion. She wonders what the hell she was thinking and hurries off.

Nicole tells Lois that she was stupid, and has no right to be upset. She adds that this was her choice, as she walked away from the only guy who ever loved her. Lois thinks that if Nicole was the one that walked away, it might not be too late.

Vivian heads into the office at the station and eyes Daniel and Bo, snapping that she sees that sleeping with commissioner has it perks-- mainly freedom. Carly remarks that she already told Vivian that her daughter exonerated her. Vivian thinks the whole situation is like a move of the week. She then asks Bo if whatever he has to say to her is actually worth her time. Bo asks Daniel and Carly to excuse them, and the two head off.

On a plane, Anna takes her seat, telling herself that she’s ready to go to Timbuktu. Just then, EJ sits down next to her. Anna gasps. EJ hisses that Nicole told everybody everything, calling her a stupid, stupid girl. EJ then takes out a gun and pokes it into Anna’s ribs. Anna comes back from this latest reverie at the pier. She reminds herself that there is nowhere in the world she can hide from the DiMeras, and decides that there is only one thing left for her to do.

Rafe tells Sami that he was simply agreeing with her, but she thinks it sounded like an insult. Rafe thinks she is being defensive and insecure. Sami accuses him of calling her a good liar. Rafe sighs, saying that he just agreed that she was good at keeping secrets. He adds that he truly wants to move past what happened so that he and Sami can have a future and a life together. Sami grumbles that she just wants a simple job recommendation. Rafe admits that he didn’t want to hurt her feelings before, but the truth is that she would never pass the required background check. Sami wonders why. Rafe reminds her of her criminal record, and the fact that she recently withheld information in a federal investigation. Sami, astonished, guesses that Rafe really hasn’t forgiven her for that. Rafe claims that this is about the background check, but Sam doesn’t think that Rafe trusts her. Rafe wonders what she wants him to say. Sami doesn’t think there is anything to say, as she has screwed everything up with Rafe just like she does in every other relationship. She then tells Rafe that they had better just end this now before they both end up getting more hurt than they already are. Rafe, shocked, asks what she means. Sami replies that she just thinks that they jumped in again before they thought things through, and adds that she believes that they should take a break--the break they should have taken before. Rafe agrees. Sami scoffs. Rafe reminds he that she is the one that suggested it, so it’s obviously what she wants. Sami snaps that taking a break is fine by her. Rafe nods grabs his coat, and heads off. Sami tries to hold back tears

Nicole thinks that if Brady has moved on with someone else, it’s only because he can’t have her. She adds that he has come back to her before, and that crazier things have happened. Lois agrees, saying that crazy things happen all the time. Just then, Lois gets a call on her cell phone. She answers and then hands the phone over to Nicole, telling her that it’s for her. Nicole answers, and Anna is on the other line. She tells Nicole that she is sorry, but she couldn’t get the pardon, so it’s over. Nicole sighs.

Outside the office at the station, Daniel fumes, telling Carly that Bo is all talk, as he is the commissioner of police and yet Vivian is still walking around free. Carly insists that this isn’t Bo’s fault. Daniel then reluctantly admits that he resents the fact that Bo has known about his daughter longer than he has. Carly thinks that is understandable. She then thanks Daniel for everything, adding that he doesn’t have to stay here any longer. Daniel nods and heads off.

Bo tells Vivian that he called her down here to warn her. Vivian replies that she has been warned and asks if she may leave. Bo snaps that she can’t. Vivian wonders what will happen if she does, but Bo doesn’t think she wants to know. Vivian laughs gaily.

Arianna and Brady have coffee at the café. Brady isn’t sure what is going on with his sister and her brother, but he refuses to let anything get in the way of their happiness. Just then, Arianna spots Gabi across the café and rushes off to tell her about the engagement. She greets Gabi excitedly, but Gabi isn’t so thrilled herself. Arianna wonders what is wrong. Gabi declares that guys suck and glares at Mia, who is behind the counter. Mia smirks.

Sami heads into her place and greets EJ and Sydney. She lifts Sydney into her arms, asking if she had fun with her daddy, and wondering what the two did today. EJ asks Sami if she got word from Rafe about his coming over to spend the evening with them. Sami replies sharply that Rafe won’t be coming by at all.

Rafe goes to work on a punching bag at the gym. Will walks in and spots Rafe. He heads over, asking what his mother has done now. Rafe snorts.

Anna then tells Nicole to wait, admitting that there is one other thing she could do. Nicole wonders what it is. Anna says she’ll see, but Nicole wonders how she is supposed to trust her when she clubbed over the head and took her kid. Anna reminds her she has nothing to lose. Nicole snaps that this is Anna’s last chance and gives her twelve more hours to produce a pardon. Nicole slams the phone shut. Lois rushes over, asking her to easy on her phone. Nicole ignores her, fuming about that stupid woman trying to string her along. She refuses to let that happen, and furious, Nicole throws the bottle of nail polish against the wall, where it shatters.

Arianna urges Gabi to tell her what is going on and Gabi spills her guts about Chad dumping her because he isn’t over Mia. Arianna tells Gabi how sorry she is. Gabi moans that she doesn’t get it, as Mia isn’t even a nice person. She wonders why Chad even likes her. Arianna reminds Gabi that Mia and Chad share a baby, and that can bond people in ways you wouldn’t expect.

EJ apologizes to Sami, as he knows Rafe and her have had their differences He adds that he hates seeing her like this. Sami asks him laughingly if he wants her to have a happy life, and EJ admits that he does. Sami thinks it’s funny, as for a long time she was sure that once they got Sydney back she and EJ would fight over her. Sami admits it hasn’t been that way, and that EJ has really been great. She thanks him, telling him how much she appreciates it.

Rafe sighs, admitting to Will that he and his mother are having some problems. Will isn’t surprised. Rafe apologizes, assuring Will that whatever is going on isn’t his mom’s fault. Will thinks Rafe must be joking, as it’s always her fault. He adds that he’d name all the guys she’s had problems with, but he really doesn’t have the time. Rafe stares, surprised, as Will declares angrily this mother makes up with guys, breaks up with them, and repeats the cycle. Rafe thinks Will is down on his mother all of sudden, and wonders if Sami has done something, or if something else is going on. Will sighs, admitting that he broke up with Mia again because she was stringing along two guys at once and he lost out. Rafe thinks it sounds like her loss, to but Will doesn’t think it seems that way at all.

Bo offers to go over the ways in which he can make Vivian’s life a living hell, but she scoffs, telling him sarcastically to watch it, as she isn’t a young woman anymore, and her heart might give out. Bo snaps that he noticed and suggests she just make things easier on herself by behaving. Vivian accuses Bo of having limited thinking, adding that he can’t follow through on his threats like she does. She then sails out the door. She spots Carly across the station, grins, and hurries off. Bo walks over and Carly asks him how it went. Bo says it was nothing he didn’t expect, as Vivian made some inaccurate presumptions as usual. Carly sighs. Bo vows that Vivian is going down.

Lexie, Abe and Theo have a meal at the pub. Governor Ford walks in, telling Abe that he saw him in here and thought he’d pay him a visit. Abe and Lexie invite him to sit down. Jim makes small talk with Abe about the green campaign in town, and all the civic projects Abe has been working on. He tells Abe how impressed he is, but Abe claims none of it would be possible without an excellent staff and the smartest wife in politics. Lexie blushes and Jim agrees with Abe, remarking that the volunteer program Lexie instituted at the hospital is nothing short of revolutionary. Jim then introduces himself to Theo. Jim congratulates Abe on his lovely family and excuses himself, explaining that he has a long flight in the morning, and must get back to his hotel room. He asks Abe to be sure to keep in touch and heads off. Lexie doesn’t think Abe can stand the man. Abe admits that he thinks Ford is ruthless and ambitious, but he can also be quite the charmer. Lexie isn’t surprised, as he is a politician. Abe thinks Ford is destined for higher office--so long as he can keep his nose clean.

Anna walks through the hallway of a hotel and stops at a door, telling herself that this is it--this is the room where the governor plans on laying his weary head for the night.

Nicole vows to herself that Anna won’t get away with this. Nicole thinks that she has to talk to someone, but wonders who she can talk to. She decides it has to be someone who will take her calls, and someone that she trusts. Lois thinks that is a tall order. Nicole frowns, saying that she thinks she has it, and that she knows exactly who she can call.

Gabi notices Arianna’s ring and gushes over it, guessing that Brady proposed again. Arianna grins, saying that he did, and this time, she had the right answer. Arianna explains that she actually came over here to tell Gabi about it, and to ask her to be her maid of honor. Gabi shakes her head, saying that Arianna doesn’t want to do that. Arianna stares, surprised. Gabi explains that she and Brady have to elope, and that it’s the only way.

Across the room, Brady greets Daniel, and tells him the news of his and Arianna’s engagement. He admits that he’s dreading breaking the news to Victor. Daniel advises Brady not to take his reaction to heart. Brady sighs, saying he doesn’t care what Victor thinks, and that he is just worried about Arianna, as he doesn’t want her to feel as if she doesn’t belong.

Gabi urges Arianna to run away with Brady somewhere and get married by the justice of the peace, but Arianna reminds her that this is her wedding and her decision. She hopes Gabi can be happy for her no matter what she decides the wedding will be like. Gabi insists that she is happy for Arianna, and the two hug. Arianna hopes Gabi feels better soon and ask her to call her. She then heads off, cautioning Gabi to get back to studying. Mia walks over and smirks, asking Gabi how it’s going. Gabi glares, thinking that Mia knows very well how it’s going. Mia assumes she is talking about Chad dumping her, and Mia admits that it was a smart move on Chad’s part. Gabi gathers her things, saying that she has to go. Mia guesses she is upset, and says nastily that she would be too, as the whole situation is kind of humiliating. Gabi tells Mia to drop dead and huffs off. Mia shakes her head and smiles, saying that Gabi is going to be even worse off once she is through with her.

Sami cuddles Sydney, admitting that she never gets tired of seeing her smile or cry. EJ thinks that Sydney is just like her mother. Sami asks if he really thinks so, and EJ nods, claiming that she and Sami’s eyes are shaped similarly, and Sydney does the same thing Sami does--that thing where she wrinkles her nose. Sami jokes to Sydney that she is sorry about that, and hopes she doesn’t turn out to be too much like her mother. EJ thinks she will be a lucky girl if she does.

Brady, surprised, asks if Gabi really recommended that they elope. Arianna says she did, but she claims she knows that Brady wouldn’t be into it. Brady claims that no one said that, and wonders if she is ok with them eloping. Arianna claims she is. Brady wonders what is stopping them, then. Arianna has no idea. Brady suggests they get on a plane, find someone to marry them, and not to tell a soul what they are up to. Arianna agrees, giggling. The two kiss.

Vivian walks by the Brady and Arianna and grimaces. She greets Gus at a nearby table. He asks her what the commissioner wanted. Vivian claims that he just wanted to make more idle threats. She adds that Bo Brady can make a bumbling ass out of himself all he wants, as she won’t be distracted from her goal--to avenge Lawrence.

Back in the office, Bo tells Carly that he doesn’t want to talk about insane people anymore, as she just got her life back. Bo claims that he would rather talk about their future. Carly suggests they not talk at all. Bo agrees and the two kiss. Just then, Carly’s pager goes off. She checks it and admit she needs to call the hospital and check in. She heads off, promising to be right back. Bo takes out his phone and makes a call, telling someone that it’s him, and that he just wanted to let them know that this craziness with Vivian is going to end.

Sami cuddles Sydney, telling EJ that she thinks she is finally wearing out, and will probably be ready for bed soon. EJ says he is going to get ready for bed himself and heads off for the back of the house. He stands and watches as Sami sings Sydney a lullaby.

A bellhop pushes a room service cart up to the governor’s door. Anna stops him, explaining that she is staying the night with the governor, and would like to take the tray in herself. She tips the man and he thanks her, heading off. Anna takes some pills from her purse and drops them into a glass of wine on the cart. She then knocks on the door and runs away. The governor opens the door, surprised to find no one there, but shrugs and pulls the cart into his room, shutting the door after him. Anna creeps back over to the door and chuckles, “Night, night, Jimmy. Sleep tight.”

Rafe gets a call at the gym. He answers. Nicole is on the other line, telling Rafe that she needs to see him right away.


Stephanie snaps at Nathan, “Every word out of your mouth is about Melanie and that stupid letter.”

Maggie asks Melanie, “Do you still have feelings for Nathan?”

Nicole tells Rafe, “It's about Sydney. There’s something you need to know.”

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