Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/19/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/19/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the state prison, Nicole offers Lois some advice, telling her that when she gets out of here and pays her off, she ought to use money on some good shampoo. Lois snaps that she still hasn’t seen the money Nicole owes her, but warns Nicole that she still has the power to make her life suck. Nicole retorts that her time here is temporary, but Lois is doing the work she was born to do. Lois scoffs, wondering why Nicole is so sure she is getting out of here when springing a kidnapper isn’t exactly the best political move for the governor. Nicole admits that he will have to be persuaded. Lois asks if Nicole’s friend will do that. Nicole replies that she isn’t exactly a friend, but she’s certainly motivated.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor asks Anna if she has fallen on hard times and is selling beauty products or magazine subscriptions. Anna replies that she actually came by to see Philip. Victor snaps that Philip has moved out, as he is going through another of his tiresome spasms of independence. Anna stammers. Victor pulls out his wallet and offers her some cash to get out of here, but Anna waves him off, asking if she can have some water, as she is dizzy. Victor agrees on one condition--that Anna tell him the real reason she is here.

At Sami’s place, EJ heads out of the bedroom, cautioning Johnny that Sydney won’t be old enough to learn how to play soccer until she learns to walk. EJ tells Sami that it’s funny, as he always thought older siblings resented new babies, but Johnny has just made her a part of his entourage. Sami smiles and types away on her laptop. EJ wonders what she is what doing. Sami replies that she is applying for a job. EJ sighs, saying that he thought they talked about that. Sami snaps that they didn’t talk about it--he lectured her, which is different. EJ explains that he would like to take financial responsibility for his family, and that he doesn’t want Sami to worry about it. Sami testily replies that she appreciates it, but things aren’t so simple, as she needs a job. Just then, someone knocks on the door. EJ warns Sami that if that is his father, she’s to go to the back room and shut the door. Sami angrily asks EJ if he thinks he’s the only one who can yell at Stefano. EJ declares that he knows how his father works as he flings the door open. Brady is at the door, and surprised to see EJ, he asks what the hell is going on.

At the police station, Arianna heads in and greets Rafe. He mumbles a hello. She doesn’t think he seems very thrilled to see her. Rafe replies that he is just busy. Arianna asks if he’s too busy to grab coffee. Rafe says he is, and points out the pot across the room, but Arianna wrinkles her nose. She asks him brightly if anything is new. Rafe shakes his head. Arianna reminds Rafe that he’s supposed to ask her if anything is new. Rafe tersely asks if anything is. Arianna replies that nothing really is new with her--except for the fact that she’s getting married. Arianna waves her hand at Rafe, showing off her ring.

At the pier, Vivian snaps that she shouldn’t be surprised to find Carly, a murdering adulterer, talking to her policeman lover. She still can’t believe Carly was actually exonerated by her daughter. Carly puts her phone away and informs Vivian that Melanie wasn’t going to let her go to prison. Carly then warns her not to take this out on Melanie. Vivian replies that if Carly had gone to prison, then Melanie would have been safe, but now that Carly isn’t going to jail, she’s going to have to rethink everything.

At the Java Café, Daniel stares expectantly at Chloe. Chloe sighs. Daniel asks her if she really can’t discuss this with him. Chloe replies that she already knows what Daniel thinks-- that she’s moody, weird, and impossible to live with..

Carly asks Vivian if she considers the noise whirling out of her head to be considered thinking. Vivian snaps at her not to give her any condescending crap. Carly agrees to speak to her as if she has a brain in her head, and informs Vivian that Melanie testified on her behalf, which means that Melanie knows why Vivian took her up on the roof. It also means that Philip, Bo, and everyone else knows what Vivian was up to, so if anything happens to Melanie everyone is going to come after Vivian. Carly vows that she will be the first to get to her, and she won’t hesitate to smash her face into a wall. Vivian moans that she wanted to get revenge for Lawrence, but she failed. She vows to Carly that she will get revenge somehow, and that she doesn’t care what happens to her in the process.

Rafe admires Arianna’s ring, asking her jokingly how many hours Brady had to spend at the arcade to win it. She playfully smacks his arm and Rafe chuckles, telling Arianna how happy he is for her. He adds that Brady is the luckiest man in the world. Arianna promises Rafe that all of them are going to be happy--him, her, Brady, and Sami--all at the same time.

Brady stammers that he is just surprised to see EJ here, looking so settled. EJ admits that fold-out sofas are better than they used to be. Brady, stunned, asks EJ if he is living here. EJ ignores the question, saying that he has to go. He asks Sami to add juice boxes to the shopping list, and whatever else they might need, as he plans on taking the kids down there later. EJ then heads off. Brady quips that he feels like he just walked into an episode of ‘Gangster Knows Best.’ Sami thinks EJ was right about one thing--Brady is as judgmental as ever. Brady asks if EJ is really living here, and if so, he wants to know if Sami is out of her mind. Sami retorts that it’s none of Brady’s business, but EJ is only staying here until Stefano is out of his life. She adds that EJ really wants to be able to be around his kids and help raise them. Brady wonders how Rafe feels about their new boarder. Sami claims that he understands. Brady doesn’t buy it, as he knows Rafe is about as fond of EJ as he is. Sami again says that Rafe understands, which doesn’t mean he likes it. Brady warns Sami to get EJ out of here, but Sami doesn’t think it’s Brady’s call. Brady again insists that EJ can’t stay here. Outside, EJ listens in and smirks, vowing that he isn’t going anywhere.

Daniel gently reminds Chloe that he never said that she was impossible to live with. Chloe retorts that you don’t send a person to a shrink for being a barrel of laughs. Daniel explains that he is only upset because she lied to him about going to the therapist, and because she was able to be more honest with Philip than she was with him. Chloe snaps that that might be because Philip doesn’t tell her what to do and because he accepts her for who she is. Daniel sighs, saying that if Chloe really feels that way, then they’ve got big problems.

Victor asks Anna why she is here. She claims that she wants to establish a charity in Tony’s name, and that she came to speak to Philip about it. Victor doesn’t buy it, as Anna is a DiMera. She reminds him that she married into the family, and that she isn’t like the rest of them. Victor, uninterested, replies that he is busy, and asks her pointedly to never stop back by. Anna protests as the doorbell rings. Victor opens the door and greets Governor Ford. The governor spots Anna immediately and heads over to greet her. She greets him warmly in return and he kisses her on the cheek, asking her to call him Jim. Anna feigns surprise at his arrival, declaring that she had no idea that he would be here, and that this is quite a coincidence. Victor, suspicious, wonders if it really is a coincidence.

Sami finds it hard to believe that Brady has a problem with EJ sleeping on her sofa after all he did for Nicole--up to and including testifying for her at her kidnapping trial. Regardless, Brady doesn’t think Sami can trust EJ at all. Sami shrieks that EJ is the father of two of her children. Brady stops her, saying that he didn’t come over to fight, and that he came over because he actually has good news. He apologizes for shooting off at the mouth and asks Sami if they can let it go. She sighs and agrees as EJ heads back in, claiming that he forgot something. Brady asks if Sami can go get coffee, and EJ offers to watch the kids while they go. Sami is reluctant to leave them, but EJ assures her that it will be alright. Sami caves and heads off to say goodbye to Sydney and Johnny. Brady tells EJ that he isn’t sure what he has planned, but it had better not involve hurting Sami. EJ glares. Sami heads back out, surprised that the two haven’t killed each other. Brady warns EJ to remember what he said, and follows Sami out the door. EJ flops into a chair and smirks.

Lois hands Nicole her cell phone and tells her that she can have ten minutes for one hundred dollars-- plus the cost of minutes. Nicole scoffs. Lois raises the price to two hundred dollars. Nicole snaps that when she gets out of here, she is going to be Lois’ best and most powerful friend, so it’s a mistake for Lois to nickel-and-dime her now. Lois rolls her eyes and tells Nicole that she has ten minutes. She heads off. Nicole sighs and stares at the phone, wondering what she could possibly say to make him understand.

Daniel tells Chloe that he thinks therapy can be helpful, and that he’s seen its positive effect on people. Chloe doesn’t think it works if you don’t go. Daniel agrees, but thinks that Chloe may have only thought it wouldn’t help because she had to go alone. Chloe wonders what he is talking about. Daniel reminds her that both of them have a problem, so he thinks they should go to therapy together.

EJ opens the door at Sami’s place to find Lexie and Theo outside. She jokingly asks where the opposition is. EJ greets Theo, explaining that Sami is out with Brady. EJ tells Theo that Johnny is playing in his room and suggests that Theo go play with him. Theo nods and runs off. Lexie wonders if Sami’s family is still giving EJ grief. He nods, admitting that Brady has been less than charming lately. EJ sighs, admitting that he hoped that Sydney’s return might help him and Sami get along better. Lexie scoffs, telling EJ that according to Harold, EJ and Sami are getting along fine, since EJ is living here now. EJ doesn’t reply. Lexie demands to know what he is up to.

Outside the pub, Sami explains that Stefano and Kate used Will to get to Sydney, she’s trying to get a job in this economy, and Rafe and EJ are at each other’s throats, so she hopes Brady can understand why she took all of that out on him when he walked in earlier. Brady says he does. Sami isn’t sure what is going on with her, as everything should be perfect now that Sydney is back. Brady doesn’t think everything is perfect, however. Just then, Brady gets a call from an area code he doesn’t recognize. He answers and says hello. Nicole is on the other line, but she doesn’t say a word. Brady hangs up, guessing that it was a wrong number. Back in her cell, Nicole snaps at herself to get it together, as she isn’t going to win Brady back with tears.

Inside the pub, Rafe proposes a toast to Arianna and Brady. He adds that he wishes Arianna all the happiness in the world. Arianna jokes that she can’t believe that Rafe came out of his office. Rafe claims he would do anything for his little sister. Just as Rafe asks Arianna if the two have set a date, Brady and Sami walk in. The four stare at one another.

Carly knows that Vivian claims that she doesn’t care what happens to her, but she wants Vivian to be sure, because if anything happens to either her or Melanie, then life as Vivian knows it will be over. Carly adds that Vivian is like Lawrence--she likes secrets and lies, and she hides in the darkness, which is why she loves conspiracies and premature burials and poisoned combs. Vivian rolls her eyes as Carly declares that as much as Vivian hates honesty and hates the light, there is a spotlight on her now, because everyone knows what she has done. Carly warns her that if she tries anything else the same thing will happen to her that happens to Dracula when he goes out in the sun. Vivian sarcastically announces that Carly has made her see the error of her ways, so now she’s just going to slink off into the darkness-- or just kill Carly and see where the chips may fall. Vivian grins as Gus creeps up behind Carly.

EJ heads out of the bedroom and tells Lexie that Sydney is asleep, and that the kids are playing. Lexie wonders if EJ is sticking to his story that he is only living here with Sami to spend more time with Sydney. EJ grumps that he can’t understand why Lexie is giving him such a hard time, as she knows how he feels about Sydney. Lexie retorts that she knows how he feels about Sami. EJ claims that he what he told her before was a simple and sentimental lapse in judgment and nothing more. Lexie asks why he wants her to forget it ever happened. EJ claims that he is just embarrassed, but Lexie doesn’t think that’s it; she thinks EJ is afraid that she will figure out what he is really up to.

Sami is shocked to see Rafe taking a break from the office. Rafe reminds her that his little sister and her step-brother don’t get engaged every day. Sami admits that is true, and adds that for whatever the reason, it’s nice to see Rafe out of the office. Sami suggests that he ease up on work a little, but Rafe refuses, reminding Sami that the kidnapping case is still open. He adds that the police are going over the cottage, and he’s sure that they will find something, as the kidnappers must have left some trace of themselves behind.

Nicole calls Anna. She answers as Victor and Jim chat, and hisses at Nicole that she’s keeping her from talking to the governor. Anna promptly hangs up on her. Nicole chuckles, joking that it’s time for Anna to pull out the big guns. Just then, Lois comes back. Nicole complains that she still has two minutes. Lois informs Nicole that she has a visitor.

Jim pointedly remarks that Victor must have a million things to do elsewhere. Victor eyes Anna and grins, telling Jim that his subtlety is why he has always supported him. Victor heads off, whispering to Anna on the way out that he never realized how political she is, and that it certainly makes for strange bedfellows. Anna grimaces as Victor leaves. Jim asks if Victor was right, and if Anna really came just to see him. Anna admits that she did know that he’d be here. Jim tells her that he’s flattered, and tells Anna that she looks wonderful, as always. Anna remembers that he always lied beautifully. Jim ignores the comment, telling Anna that her timing is impeccable, as he’ll be as free as a bird once he’s done with this dreary fundraiser. Anna asks slyly if Veronica will be joining him. Jim shrugs, saying that Veronica has her own schedule, and that Anna would have to talk to her about it. Anna, surprised, asks if he is still married. Jim assures her that he is, but that he and his wife have a professional and flexible arrangement. Anna smiles wanly. Jim guesses that she didn’t track him down to reignite an old flame and asks her what she needs. Anna asks Jim if he remembers once telling her that he’d do anything for her. Anna tells him that that time has come.

Nicole heads into the holding cell to find Chloe waiting. Chloe explains that she needs to talk to Nicole, but Lois snaps that visiting hours are over. She remarks that Nicole owes her and heads off. Nicole worriedly asks Chloe what is wrong. Chloe reminds Nicole about how she told her that Daniel wanted her to go to a shrink. Nicole nods. Chloe wails that she doesn’t know what to do. Nicole gets up, walks over, and hugs Chloe, who bawls.

Carly notices Gus and scoffs, telling Vivian sarcastically that downtown Salem is the perfect place to commit a murder. Vivian thinks Carly has a lot of spunk. Carly retorts that this is the part where she screams. Vivian wonders why she would, since she doesn’t have a gun. Carly gestures at Gus, saying that she certainly has a goon. Vivian claims that she just wanted to show Carly that she can take her out any time or any place, and warns Carly that just because she’s not in prison doesn’t mean that she’s safe. Vivian then gets dramatic, warning Carly that there is a sword is hanging over her head. Daniel storms over and demands that Vivian back away from Carly while she still has the chance.

Anna walks over to the foyer door and closes it. Jim worriedly asks if she is in trouble. Anna admits that a friend of hers is, and hands Jim a folder. He looks it over, asking if her friend is really Nicole DiMera, queen of the tabloids. Jim guesses that Nicole wants a get-out-of-jail-free card. Anna nods, claiming that everything that Nicole did was done out of love, and that even her trial judge was sympathetic. Jim tells Anna that he’d be happy to help out her friend-- when hell freezes over. Anna sighs.

EJ assures Lexie that he is here because he wants to be with his daughter and keep her away from her grandfather at the same time. Lexie doesn’t reply. EJ guesses that she doesn’t believe him. Lexie says that she believe that that is only part of the story. She adds that she thinks part of the reasons EJ is here is because this is where Sami is.

Rafe asks Sami what she is thinking about. She admits that it will probably make him mad. Rafe remarks sarcastically that he can’t wait to hear it. Sami admits that she was thinking of EJ and how different he’s been since Sydney returned. Sami thinks it’s a surprise that he has been so focused on Sydney to the point that he doesn’t seem to care who took her, which is odd behavior for a DiMera. Rafe snaps that that really supports the theory that EJ is a real father while he is just an FBI guy. Sami claims that that isn’t what she meant, and that all she was saying is that EJ seems to have changed. Rafe retorts that it’s easy for her to notice with EJ living at her house. Sami snaps back that Rafe would have noticed too if he had been around. Sami then decides she doesn’t want to argue anymore, and the two go over to Brady and Arianna at the bar to congratulate them again. Arianna shows Sami the ring, and she squeals over it, telling Arianna how beautiful it is.

Chloe tells Nicole about Daniel overhearing her telling Philip about not going to therapy. Nicole asks if he blew up. Chloe says that he actually got quiet and seemed worried, and now Daniel thinks they should go to therapy together. Nicole isn’t so sure it’s a bad idea, either. Chloe sighs, saying that it isn’t even as if Daniel really wants to go--he just wants to make sure that she does. Nicole doesn’t think it sounds as if Chloe trusts Daniel. Chloe doesn’t reply, saying that what really makes her angry is that she is the one getting into trouble when Carly was the one that hid her daughter from Daniel for nearly twenty years. Nicole wonders what Carly has to do with this. Chloe snaps that Carly is a respected doctor, while she is an unemployed opera singer, and Carly is the mother of Daniel’s child, while she’s just a barren nutcase. Nicole tries to soothe Chloe as she fumes about the fact that Carly was going to go to jail until Melanie testified on her behalf. Chloe moans that now she is free, thanks to Daniel. She adds angrily that Carly is using Daniel the same way she is using Bo, and Chloe is terrified that she is going to end up just like Hope--all alone.

Vivian wonders why Carly seems to have an endless supply of men ready to jump to her defense. Daniel asks if Carly is alright. She says she is, but wonders if Daniel can get Vivian to shut up. He snaps at Vivian to go away. She retorts that this is a public place, so she can do as she pleases. Daniel glares, saying that Vivian tried to harm his daughter, so her rights mean nothing to him. He then warns Vivian that if she tries to hurt Carly or his daughter, he will have her put in a psych ward and she can spend her golden years weaving baskets. Vivian stares Daniel down and reminds herself aloud that Lawrence always wanted the father of the bastard dead, so perhaps she will add him to the list. Daniel narrows his eyes, telling her to put him on the top of it, as he would love nothing more than legal justification to take Vivian out.

Nicole assures Chloe that Daniel is crazy about her. Chloe doesn’t think he is anymore, as he just seems to be worried about her because she has become a problem. Nicole advises Chloe to stop acting like a problem. She adds that it really doesn’t matter whether or not Chloe goes to therapy, or that she lied about it--what matters is that Daniel found out, and that isn’t good. Chloe guesses Nicole is right. Nicole nods, saying that that confirmed for Daniel that something is really wrong. Chloe sniffles, admitting that Daniel said the same thing. Nicole tells Chloe that she now has to do what every woman has to do to keep a relationship alive-- Chloe has to fool Daniel.

Vivian announces that they’ve reached an impasse, and that this meeting has become unproductive. Daniel agrees. Vivian asks Carly to remember what she said, and to have a nice day. She strokes her cheek and sails off with Gus. Carly shudders. Daniel doesn’t think that Carly needed that. Carly admits that it didn’t come as a surprise, and that all she can hope is that this draws Vivian’s attention towards her and away from Melanie. Daniel asks Carly not to worry about Melanie, especially since everyone now knows what Vivian was up to. Carly remarks that she really thinks Vivian is scared of Daniel, not that she blames her, as she saw something fierce in him just now that she has never seen before. She thinks Melanie is lucky to have a father like him. Daniel asks Carly to let him know if Vivian bothers her again, but she shakes her head, saying that she has screwed up his life enough. Carly then asks him to just take care of Melanie and Chloe, as she isn’t his problem.

EJ claims that Sami has been through the same trauma that he has, and that he just wants to give her his full support. Lexie scoffs at his wording, sure that EJ is covering something up. She thinks they both know that Sami is still under his skin. EJ replies uncomfortably that he and Sami have been through a lot together, but that’s it. Lexie advises him to at least be honest with himself if he won’t be honest with her.

Sami asks if Arianna and Brady have set a date, but Arianna says that they wanted to coordinate a date with Sami and Rafe. Rafe admits that things have been hectic since Sydney was returned, and his job has been demanding lately to say the least.. Sami agrees, adding that she is also looking for a job. Rafe is surprised to hear that, since he thought Sami wanted to stay home with the kids. Sami replies that that isn’t realistic and claims that she needs to find a job. She then tells the three that she is planning on applying for a clerical position she saw advertised, and thinks it’s a good fit, since she has the skills required. She says pointedly that all she needs now is a letter of recommendation, but she doesn’t think that will be a problem, since the position is at the FBI’s office, and she just happens to know someone there with some clout. Rafe looks up from his coffee cup, stunned.

Vivian heads into the Java Café, vowing that Carly will pay. She takes out her phone and calls Victor, telling him that she needs to see him. Victor hisses that the governor is at the mansion, but Vivian snaps that this is about Carly. She then hangs up.

Jim thinks Anna must be kidding. She says she isn’t, and begs him to help her. Jim thinks that she is begging him to commit political suicide. He reminds her that she is asking him to pardon a woman who bought a baby, switched it for another, and then kidnapped the child and ran when she was found out. Anna again claims that Nicole did all of that out of love. Jim doubts that Stefano and EJ see it that way, and thinks that Anna must know what happens to politicians who cross the DiMeras. He groans, imagining ending up on reality show with Rob Blagojevich. He promises to make Anna secretary of something or other or to take her on a junket to Paris, but he can’t grant her that pardon. Anna wails that he has to, because if he doesn’t, she’ll be in big trouble.

Nicole tells Chloe that she has to convince Daniel that she is willing to do anything to make this relationship work. Chloe guesses that she also has to never let him forget that Carly kept his daughter from him. Nicole grins, “By George, I think she’s got it.”

Daniel admits that Carly isn’t his problem, but she is Melanie’s mother and she is a part of her life. Carly doesn’t think Melanie would agree with him, and tells him that Melanie testifying on her behalf doesn’t mean that she cares. Daniel knows that he can’t make Melanie care about Carly, but he wants Melanie to have the option to reconcile with Carly, so she needs to be alive and out of jail for Melanie’s sake. He swears not to let Vivian interfere with Melanie being able to one day be close to her mother. Carly shakes her head, wondering if Vivian knows what she is up against.

Rafe, stunned, asks Sami if she wants to work at the FBI. Sami nods, saying that the hours are good, the pay is reasonable, the benefits are great, and there’s an onsite daycare, which solves a lot of her problems. Sami then asks Rafe if he will write the recommendation, or if she should just write one for him to sign. Sami grins. Rafe grimaces.

EJ tells Lexie that Sami is in a relationship with Rafe, and he has no intention on coming between the two. Lexie scoffs, noting sarcastically that they both know how much EJ cares about what’s right and what’s wrong. Just then, Theo rushes out, announcing that Sydney is awake. EJ starts to get up, but Lexie asks if she can check on the baby. EJ nods, and she heads off. EJ asks Theo if he is having fun with the twins. Theo nods emphatically, telling EJ that Johnny told him EJ’s secret. EJ gapes.

Chloe thanks Nicole for talking with her, adding that she can’t believe she is complaining to Nicole about her problems while she is in jail. Nicole confides in Chloe that she doesn’t think that that will be true for much longer. Chloe, surprised, asks if Nicole is getting a new trial. Nicole shakes her head, saying that she is getting something much better than that.

Anna sobs. The governor begs her not to cry, as he hates it when women cry. Anna bawls that that is because he really cares about people. Jim replies that he cares about Anna. Anna cries that he must believe that if he doesn’t pardon Nicole, then something horrible will happen to her. Jim asks her what is going on, but Anna thinks it’s better if he doesn’t know the details. Anna bats her eyelashes, promising to do anything to show how grateful she is if Jim will agree to pardon Nicole. Jim thinks he is in trouble. Anna kisses him. Jim thinks that this is crazy. Anna giggles. The two kiss passionately.

Victor heads into the café and greets Vivian, asking her what she has to tell him about Carly that couldn’t be said over the phone. Vivian tells him about Melanie testifying on Carly’s behalf, and how she was exonerated. Victor curses. Vivian asks him not to worry, as the law may not have taken care of Carly, but she will. Victor raises his coffee cup, “Hear, Hear.”

Carly wonders if this concern over her welfare is all about Melanie, or if she and Daniel are friends again. All Daniel will say is that he and Carly have a mutual enemy. Carly wishes she could convince Daniel not to get involved. Daniel claims that he is involved whether Carly likes it or not.

Sami asks Rafe what the problem is. Rafe replies that she sprang this on him suddenly. Sami explains that she just wants him to write a letter, and claims that she planned on asking her father until she remembered that Rafe has more influence at the FBI. Rafe doesn’t think it’s a good idea that he write a letter of recommendation for Sami. Brady glances at Sami worriedly as she fumes.

EJ pulls Theo aside, and with a terrible grin, he asks Theo what secret Johnny told him. Theo replies that Johnny told him that Sydney was never gone, and that she was safe with EJ all along. EJ’s smile fades.


Vivian asks Bo, “Really? Or else what?” He replies, “I don't think you want to know.”

Sami tells Rafe, “I think we should take a break.”

Anna gasps, “EJ!” He snaps, “Stupid, stupid girl.”

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