Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/18/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/18/10


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Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

Vivian breezes into the Kiriakis mansion, telling Henderson how dapper he looks. She then asks Henderson to put the bottle of champagne she brought on ice, and to be careful with it, as it’s worth more than his retirement annuity. Henderson scowls. Vivian begs him not to look so glum, as it’s a happy day. She takes him by the arm and shoos him away. Victor heads out into the foyer, wondering who died. Vivian claims no one did, but Victor thinks something must be going on, since she brought expensive champagne, has a new, horrific haircut, and was touching Henderson inappropriately. He demands to know why she’s so jolly and wonders if Carly is in the trunk of her car. Vivian claims there’s no need, as Carly’s life has already gone up in flames.

Outside the pub, Kate is on the phone with Stefano, aghast that EJ caught him with Sydney. She grumbles that his son is impossible and wonders if he got to spend any time at all with the baby. She then sighs, telling him not to worry, as they’ll keep trying. Kate then hangs up and heads into the pub, greeting Philip. He asks what she is up to. She starts to reply, then tells him to forget about it, as she knows he doesn’t care. She then asks how Melanie is. Philip says she’s great, and that she was just released from the hospital. Kate’s surprised that Philip isn’t glued to her side. Philip admits he’d like to be. Kate asks where she is, then.

Chloe greets Daniel at the hospital. He’s surprised to see her, and wonders if she is working today. Chloe admits that she isn’t, and that she came by to see Melanie, but she isn’t in her room. Daniel replies that he released her, and that she went straight from here to the courthouse. Chloe wonders why. Daniel hopes that Melanie went down there to clear her mother. Chloe scoffs, wondering why Melanie would do that. Daniel explains it’s because he asked her to.

In the judge’s chambers, Carly apologizes to Melanie. Melanie says it’s alright, but asks Carly not to touch her. Carly explains that she’s a touchy kind of person, especially when it comes to people that have kept her from going to prison. Melanie snaps that she kept Carly from going to prison because it was right thing to do-- not because she wants anything to do with Carly.

At the state prison, Anna scoffs that she doesn’t have to prove anything to Nicole. Nicole disagrees. Anna reminds her that Sydney is home safe and sound, and suggests that Nicole move on. Nicole snorts that she’ll go right back to her charming room and think about that. She adds sarcastically that she hopes they haven’t forgotten about the turndown service and threatens to start making calls once she gets there. She thinks the first one will be to Sami, and then she’ll call Rafe right after. Anna sighs, warning Nicole that she isn’t admitting anything, but she needs to know what Nicole wants. Nicole grins, saying that that is more like it. Anna again demands to know what she wants. Nicole says she just needs a small favor--she wants Anna to get her out of here. Anna gapes.

Carly tells Melanie tearfully that she had given up on them until Melanie insisted on talking to the judge. Carly admits that at that moment, she thought that there may be a chance of her to becoming Melanie’s mother. Melanie snaps that if Carly really cares about her, then she will stay out of her life. Carly doesn’t think she can do that. Melanie is sure she’ll be able to do it, adding nastily that Carly was great at it for years. Carly, cowed, doesn’t reply. Melanie signs, admitting that Carly went out on limb for her, but now she has done the same for Carly, so they are even. Melanie claims that that is all she really wanted. Melanie starts to head off, but Carly stops her, claiming that she doesn’t believe her.

Anna, aghast, asks Nicole if she is saying what she thinks she’s saying. Nicole nods, replying that she thinks she was pretty clear. Anna asks Nicole in shock if she really expects her to bust her out of this joint.

Philip’s phone rings, interrupting him and Kate, and he answers. He listens and angrily announces that no one told him. Kate looks on in concern as Philip thanks his cousin sarcastically. He hangs up in a fury, telling Kate that that was Justin. She guesses he had bad news. Philip nods, explaining that he’s at the courthouse, and that Melanie showed up at Carly’s sentencing and managed to get her off. Kate wonders why she did that. Philip isn’t sure, but vows to find out. Kate remarks that Carly is lucky that Melanie has such a big heart as Philip hurries off. Kate tells herself that not everyone is going to be as happy as Carly is about this. She makes a call and tell someone she needs them to track down Vivian, as she has wonderful news to give her.

Vivian tells Victor with delight that the police have probably already taken Carly into custody. She thinks Carly is just now realizing how foolish it was to plead guilty, but there is nothing she can do about it now. Vivian then heads into the living room and finds it decorated for a party, complete with refreshments and hors d’oeuvres. Vivian guesses Victor is having a party. He admits he is. Excited, Vivian asks hopefully if there’s a cake back in the kitchen shaped like a women’s prison. Victor retorts that this party has nothing to do with Vivian or with Carly. He then explains that he is throwing a fundraiser for the governor. Vivian thinks she ought to go home and change quickly, and thanks Victor for the news, as this party will just be the perfect ending to a perfect day. Victor scoffs, wondering what makes Vivian think that she is invited.

Daniel thinks Chloe seems upset, but she claims that she is just surprised that Daniel pressured Melanie into helping Carly. Daniel claims that he didn’t pressure Melanie, and wonders why he wouldn’t want her to help her mother. Chloe angrily reminds him that Carly shot Melanie. Daniel knows she only did that to stop Vivian, and he thinks Chloe knows it, too. Chloe snaps that she also knows that Carly gave up his baby without even letting him know Melanie existed. Daniel thinks he understands why Chloe is so upset, as when she made him a part of her life, she didn’t know about his having a daughter. Chloe, furious, interrupts, asking Daniel if he thinks this is about her not being able to have children, and if he really believe that she is just jealous of Carly. Daniel claims that all he is saying is that the timing of all this is terrible, and he is sorry about it. Chloe softens and asks him not to be, claiming that she is fine, and that she is dealing with the situation. Daniel knows she isn’t really, but he also knows she feels as if she can’t talk to him about this. He just hopes that she is able to talk to Dr. Gilbert. Chloe claims that she is really doing much better. Daniel is glad to hear it. He then tells Chloe that she was right about something-- if Carly had never told anyone about Melanie, everyone’s lives would be better, including Melanie’s. He sighs, saying he’s just glad that there are no secrets like that between him and Chloe. Chloe gulps.

Melanie again insists that she doesn’t give a damn about Carly. Carly abruptly asks Melanie if Philip knows that she’s here. She shakes her head, saying that she didn’t tell him. Carly guesses that means that Victor doesn’t know yet, either. Melanie asks why that matters. Carly explains that what Melanie did for her was brave, but there are people out there who will be unhappy about it and might even hurt her because of it. Melanie groans, asking Carly not to make her out as if she is Joan of Ark. She claims that her telling the judge that Carly was innocent was her way of cutting ties with her--just like Carly did when she gave her away. Carly sobs, telling Melanie how sorry she is. Melanie retorts that that doesn’t change the fact that she was raised by a psycho because of Carly. Carly agrees with Melanie, explaining that she just doesn’t want anything else bad to happen to Melanie because of her. Melanie snaps that Carly doesn’t have a say in what happens to her. Carly cries that she wants to be in Melanie’s life, but Melanie shouts back that she can’t be. She then tells Carly that the real reason she came is because her dad asked her to--her father, the one Carly kept from her. Melanie declares that she did this for him.

Anna asks Nicole with a chuckle if she thinks this is one of those bad prison movies like ‘Babes in the Big House.’ Nicole says that isn’t what she meant, though that movie is quite popular here. Anna declares that she can’t stage a jailbreak. Nicole calls Anna a twit, hissing that she doesn’t want her to bust her out; she wants to get out legally. Anna snorts that she isn’t a lawyer. Nicole agrees, but reminds Anna that she does carry a lot of clout.

Carly bawls, asking Melanie if Daniel really encouraged Melanie to help her. Melanie snaps at Carly not to get all misty-eyed, as Daniel is just as mad as she is about what Carly did to them. Melanie grumbles that Daniel told her that he would have loved to have been her dad, and she could have had him instead of the one she got. Carly is just glad that the two of them are getting close. Melanie then explains that Daniel asked her to come here and get Carly off because he thought Carly going to jail would be bad for his daughter. She adds pointedly that Daniel really seems to be concerned with her feelings. Carly says that no matter why Daniel did it, the point is that it gives her a chance to make this up to Melanie. Melanie shrieks that she doesn’t want anything from Carly just as Philip rushes in. He demands to know what Carly said. Melanie asks him to forget it, as that is what she plans to do. Melanie then hurries off. Philip follows her.

Vivian admits that she just assumed she was on the guest list. Victor snaps that she isn’t. Vivian thinks he’s sweet to cover for Henderson, who clearly forgot to send her an invitation. Victor retorts that she’s wrong. Vivian reminds him that if she lived here, she would have known about the fundraiser. Victor explains that her nosiness is one of the reasons she is no longer living here--that and the fact that she tried to bump off his daughter-in-law. Vivian, hurt, reminds him that she told him she wasn’t going to try to do that anymore. Victor sighs, explaining that he wants Melanie and Philip to move back in, and they won’t do so if Vivian is living here. Vivian moans that this is all Carly’s fault for killing Lawrence in the first place. Victor rolls his eyes, saying that he realizes that Vivian is always the victim. Vivian brightens, saying that now that Carly is in jail, this party tonight can be a double celebration. Victor protests, but Vivian hurries off, ignoring him and muttering to herself about needing to find a dress.

Nicole tells Anna that she has been reading the newspaper, and it turns out that the governor is paying a visit to Salem. Anna doesn’t get the significance. Nicole reminds Anna that Governor Ford is her old boyfriend. Anna replies uncomfortably that he wasn’t a boyfriend exactly. Nicole wonders why Anna was walking around the mansion after he was elected, braying about how her old beau was governor and that if she hadn’t married Tony, she could be the first lady. Anna insists that she hasn’t seen Jim in ages. Nicole thinks that this is a golden opportunity for the two of them to catch up. Anna wonders what Nicole will get out of this. Nicole replies that she wants a pardon from the governor, of course. Anna laughs, saying that Jim liked her, but not that much. Nicole warns her not to underestimate herself. Anna reminds Nicole that he’s married. Nicole retorts that he’s a politician. Anna insists that she can’t do this, as she hasn’t been with another man since Tony, and besides, she’s still in mourning. Nicole snaps at Anna to dry her tears and start working her mojo-- or she will end up in the cell next to hers. Anna trembles.

Melanie sobs brokenly as Carly walks out of the judge’s chambers. Carly stops as if to say something, but changes her mind and walks off. Philip tries to soothe Melanie, saying that he wishes she would told him what she had in mind. Melanie thinks he would have tried to stop her. Philip doesn’t think that’s such a bad thing, as she doesn’t seem very happy right now. Melanie rages that she did all this for Carly, and instead of just being grateful, Carly wanted to get closer to her. She sniffles, asking how Philip knew she was here. He explains that Justin called and told him what happened. Melanie is just glad that he is here. Philip doesn’t think that Melanie should have had to go though any of this. Melanie agrees. Philip thinks that he should have been there and taken that bullet for her. Melanie grins, telling him that no one has ever said that to her before and meant it. Philip vows that he would do anything for her, and that he is never going let anyone hurt her ever again. The two kiss. Philip suggests that they leave. Melanie wonders where they are going. Philip grins, “Home.”

At the Java Café, Vivian is on the phone with her manicurist, saying that she is just picking up a coffee and will be there in twenty minutes. She insists that the woman fit her in, as she is attending a last-minute special occasion. Kate heads over as Vivian hangs up. Kate thinks the special occasion must be the fundraiser going on at Victor’s. Vivian snaps that Kate must have read about it in the society pages, since Victor would never invite her, considering that she married the man that nearly whacked their son. Kate remarks that Vivian is chipper today. Vivian admits that she is, and that not even Kate can bring her down, as Carly is being arrested for shooting her daughter. She adds that Lawrence is vindicated, since Carly is going to prison. Kate guesses that Vivian hasn’t heard that the charges against Carly were dropped. Vivian doesn’t think that that is possible. Kate scoffs, saying it is possible, and the best part about it all is that she is the one that gets to break the news to Vivian. Vivian scowls.

Daniel tells Chloe how great she has been through all of this. Chloe stammers, admitting that she didn’t only come down to the hospital to see Melanie. Just then, Daniel’s pager goes off. He checks it and asks Chloe to go ahead, as it isn’t an emergency, but she claims she is fine, and asks him to go check on whatever patient needs him. Daniel kisses her, asking her if she is holding out on him. Chloe vows that she isn’t. Daniel apologizes for having so much on his mind, and promises to make it up to her later. Daniel hurries off as Carly walks in. Chloe greets her, asking if she has a minute. Carly explains that she actually has an appointment, but Chloe snaps that it is going to have to wait, as they have a couple of things to get straight.

Anna snorts that she doesn’t know why she should do anything for Nicole, as she doesn’t like her, and despite what Nicole claims, she has nothing on her. Nicole wonders what is the matter with her, as she never should have told Anna that she was going to call Sami and Rafe. Nicole grins slyly, saying that she is going to make a call to her ex-husband instead-- EJ. Anna frowns. Nicole smiles, announcing that she’s hit pay dirt.

Outside Maggie’s house, Philip leads Melanie up to the door, cautioning her to keep her eyes closed. Melanie complains that she had them closed the whole way over and she’s bored. She then asks if this is the place he put a bid on. Philip explains that he actually put that bid on hold. Melanie hopes this isn’t his cute way of letting her know they’re moving back in with this father. Philip thinks she will like this place, and asks her to open her eyes. Melanie does so, and confused, says that this is Maggie’s house. Philip nods, reminding Melanie that she was happy here, so he thought that this could be their new home together. Excited, Melanie asks if he is serious. Philip nods. She starts to walks in, but Philip stops her, saying that he wants to carry her across the threshold. Philip picks her up and carries her into the kitchen. Melanie giggles. The two kiss.

Chloe remarks that the charges against Carly must have been dropped. Carly admits that she was lucky. Chloe asks if the appointment she has is with Daniel, but Carly says it isn’t. Chloe snaps that she hopes she is telling truth, because she has already put Daniel through enough. Carly claims no one knows that better than her, and explains that she is actually here to see the chief of staff to try to get reinstated. Chloe replies sarcastically that it’s nice that the three of them can work here together. Carly replies quietly that she knows Chloe doesn’t think it’s nice. Chloe rages that Daniel has enough to deal with now that he has a daughter. Just then, Daniel comes over, telling Chloe that he appreciates her going to bat for him, but he can take care of himself. Daniel then suggests that Chloe go get ready and then they can go to dinner. She asks angrily when that will be. Daniel replies that he’ll meet her in a half hour and kisses her. Chloe stomps off. Daniel gestures angrily after Chloe, telling Carly how upset she is with him, but Carly thinks that Chloe loves Daniel very much. She adds that Melanie let her know that she owes Daniel. Daniel retorts that Melanie is wrong, as he did what he did for Melanie, not for Carly.

Anna doesn’t think that EJ would even take a call from Nicole. Nicole thinks he’d take this one. She then reminds Anna that her marriage with EJ ended over the way he felt about Sydney, so if she tells him that she knows the name of the person that took Sydney, he’ll stay on the line. Nicole adds that if she tells EJ that it was Anna that took her, then he’ll come up with a creative way to make it up to Anna. Anna retorts that Nicole stole his child and lies to him for months, so EJ won’t believe a word she says. Nicole thinks that she can also call Stefano, who hates Anna and loves tormenting her. Nicole snaps that she is the one with options, as she can call the cops, who will make Anna her bitch, or she can Sami and Rafe, which will have the same outcome. She adds nastily that she can always phone Stefano, who handles crimes in his own way. Nicole thinks it’s actually lucky for Anna that she only wants her to work her magic with the governor so she can walk out of here free and clear. Anna glares. Nicole tells her that she has 24 hours to deliver the pardon. Anna storms to the cell door and bangs on it to be let out. Nicole laughs, reminding her that she has 24 hours. Anna glares. The guard opens the door and Anna storms off.

Melanie asks Philip how he came up with this idea. Philip explains that he did this to help Maggie out. Melanie remembers her myasthenia gravis symptoms coming back, and Philip nods, saying that he thinks they ought to doing all they can for Maggie. Melanie thanks Philip, as she owes Maggie a lot. Melanie worries that Maggie may balk at them living here in order to assist her, but Philip explains that he already told Maggie about it, and since Daniel is her doctor, only the four of them know about Maggie’s illness, so she can continue to keep up appearances. Melanie sighs, saying that this isn’t exactly the honeymoon cruise they’d dreamed about. The two kiss. Maggie heads into the kitchen just then, saying that she thought she heard voices. She spots the two kissing and stop short, joking that she is going to have to learn to knock. Melanie hugs Maggie as Philip excuses himself to make some phone calls so that the two can catch up. Philip hurries off. Maggie comments on how cute he is and Melanie grins, saying that that is her husband. Maggie remarks that she knows Melanie loves Philip very much, so she has to wonder why Philip and Melanie are moving in here to take care of her. Melanie jokes that Maggie that she took care of her at her most obnoxious. She then gets serious, telling Maggie that she is family, and family take care of each other.

Carly explains that Melanie made it very clear that Daniel did what he did for Melanie, and she is fine with that. Carly admits that their daughter wants nothing to do with her. She knows how Daniel feels, but the only way for her to have a connection with Melanie is though him. Daniel guesses that Carly wants him to keep her informed. Carly admits she does. Daniel sighs, guessing that Melanie and Chloe can’t know about it. Carly nods, saying that she does think that is for the best, but Daniel explodes, saying that he has had it up to here with secrets, and he won’t be a part of another one. Carly warns Daniel that Vivian is still out there. Daniel vows that he will protect his daughter, but he can’t help Carly.

Vivian angrily wonders how Carly could possibly not be punished for what she did. Kate coolly explains that Carly’s daughter exonerated her. Vivian gasps, saying that that can’t be true. She then demands to know how Kate knows. Kate rolls her eyes, saying that her son--Melanie’s husband-- told her. Vivian’s face falls as she says aloud that it must be true. Delighted, Kate tells Vivian that she hates to burst her bubble this way. She offers to take her manicure appointment, as she needs to keep her nails ready in case of emergencies. Kate then sails off. Vivian hisses that Carly thinks she’s managed to get out of this, but she is very, very wrong.

Anna strolls along the pier and calls the governor’s office, explaining that she is an old friend of his, Anna DiMera, and would like to leave a message. Anna listens and frowns, asking the person what they mean by telling her she isn’t on the list. She demands that the person take a message, as she lives in Salem, and knows that the governor plans on making an appearance, and she wants to know where that might be. The person tells her about the fundraiser, and Anna grins, saying that she’d love to know everything about that.

Chloe runs into Philip at the Java Café and tells him that she heard Melanie is home, and that the news is great. Philip agrees and asks how she is. She says she is fine, but Philip thinks that really means kind of a mess. Chloe hopes she isn’t that obvious, but Philip assures her that it’s only apparent to a friend. Chloe nervously admits that she needs some coffee, as she hasn’t been sleeping well lately. Philip guesses that she still hasn’t told Daniel about her not seeing the therapist. Chloe admits that she hasn’t and that she decided she couldn’t live like this anymore, so she went to go talk to Daniel. She adds angrily that Daniel was too busy worrying about Carly and she couldn’t get his attention. Philip thinks that the longer this goes on, the worse it will be when Daniel finds out the truth. Daniel stands outside the café with flowers and prepares to head inside.

Melanie asks Maggie how she is feeling, and she admits that she has good days and bad days. Melanie asks Maggie to let her know when she is having a bad day. Maggie agrees to do so, and asks Melanie how she is feeling. Melanie admits that she has good days and bad days, too, and that today was a mix of both. She adds that the good part was finding out that she gets to live here with Maggie and Philip. Maggie asks about the bad part. Melanie admits she saw Carly and that there was a scene. Maggie asks what happened and Melanie tells her that she told Carly that she wanted nothing to do with her. Maggie gasps. Melanie assures Maggie that she doesn’t need Carly, because she has Maggie, who is like the mother she never had. Melanie goes on to explain that that is why she has to make sure that Maggie is well. She declares that nothing bad can happen to Maggie because she needs her.

Carly runs into Kate at the pier, who congratulates her, explaining that Justin called Philip, who told her the news about what Melanie said in court. Carly admits that it was a red-letter day. Kate is surprised she isn’t more excited about her daughter coming around, but Carly explains that Melanie only showed up in court to set the record straight. Kate asks how Daniel feels. Carly admits that he’s happy to have a daughter, but he isn’t very happy with her. Kate thinks they have something in common, as Daniel isn’t very happy with her either. Kate adds that they also have mutual enemy--Vivian. Carly admits she isn’t sure what Vivian is going to do when she finds out that she isn’t going to prison. Kate informs Carly that she saw Vivian not that long ago, and she already knows. Kate advises Carly to watch her back.

Nicole bangs on the bars of her cell and calls for the guard. The woman heads over, and Nicole asks her what time it is. Lois groans. Nicole asks if she’s going to start charging her for looking at her watch. Lois snaps that it’s twelve minutes later than the last time she asked. Nicole is glad, telling herself that Anna has 22 hours and 16 minutes to get her out of here. She adds that Anna had better come through for her.

Outside the Kiriakis mansion, Anna practices her speech to Victor, wondering how she is going to scam her way into his house and con the governor into giving Nicole a pardon--all without letting anyone know she helped EJ kidnap his kid. Anna turns her eyes heavenward, begging for help, but nothing happens. Anna wonders why things like this happen to her. She then tells herself that she has no choice but to do this, or she’ll end up with Nicole as a room mate. Anna rings the bell. Victor answers and greets her as little orphan Annie DiMera. Anna knows this is a surprise. Victor nods, saying it is, as he thought he told Henderson to take the trash all the way down to the curb. Anna gapes.

Daniel heads into the Java Café and walks up behind Chloe and Philip as Philip asks her if she is going to tell Daniel the truth. Chloe thinks that that ship has sailed, and confides n Philip that she plans on continuing to lie, as she doesn’t know what else to do. Philip offers to talk to Daniel for her, but Chloe reminds Philip that Daniel is his new father-in-law, so she doesn’t want to put him in the middle. Philip then explains that he has to go. Daniel walks away and pretends to walk back in the door as Philip heads out. Philip tells Daniel about him and Melanie moving in with Maggie to help her, and so that she can be around people that she loves. Daniel thanks him, saying that he thinks it’s a good idea, and Philip heads off. Daniel heads over to Chloe and greets her. Her eyes light up at the sight of the flowers, and she asks if they are for her. Daniel glares. Chloe asks what’s wrong. Daniel demands to know why she has been lying to him.

Maggie asks if Melanie knows how dear she is to her. Melanie thinks she does. Maggie then gently reminds Melanie that she has a mother. Melanie stammers, getting up and offering to make tea. Maggie warns her that she can’t just ignore this, though it was easy to do so in that cocoon of a hospital room. Maggie reminds Melanie that she is out in the real world now, and Carly is going to be a part of her life whether she likes it or not. Melanie insists that she isn’t ok with that. Melanie adds that while she may have kept her out of jail, Carly can fall off the face of the earth now for all she cares.

Carly gets a call from Bo as she strolls along the pier. She answers and tells him about talking to Melanie, and how Melanie told her that she only did what she did because Daniel asked her to. Carly adds that Melanie still wants nothing to do with her, but tomorrow is another day. Carly sighs, saying that she will be home soon. She tells Bo that she loves him and hangs up just as Vivian walks over. Vivian snaps that Carly didn’t live up to her part of the deal. Vivian wonders what she is supposed to do about that.


Brady asks Sami, “Is he living here? Are you nuts?”

Daniel tells Chloe, “I think we really do have big problems, now don't we?”

Vivian warns Carly, “The sword of Vivian hangs over thy head.”

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