Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/17/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/17/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the state prison, Anna demands to know if Nicole is just going to sit and stare after all the trouble she took to come here. Nicole smiles slyly, saying that she has something to say, and it’s something Sami once said to her, “You bitch, you stole my daughter.” Anna scoffs, saying that she has no idea what Nicole is talking bout. Nicole thinks she is right on the money, and claims that she realized it the second Anna opened her big mouth. Nicole goes on to explain that she knew she recognized the voice she heard before she passed out. She then accuses Anna of stealing her baby. Anna claims that isn’t true. Nicole shrieks at her to admit it. Anna then tells Nicole that she is right, and that she did take Sydney. Nicole gapes.

At Sami’s place, EJ is on the phone with Sami, thanking her for calling, and telling her that she doesn’t have to come home yet if she and the twins having a good time, as he doesn’t mind waiting. EJ hangs up and flops in a chair, telling Sydney that he and her mother are getting on famously, and that this is much better than running away; if he had done that, he’d have to listen to reports of how poorly Sami was doing. This way, he can witness all of this first hand, make Sami fall in love with him, break her heart, and stand by and watch while everything falls apart. EJ grins.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano is on the phone with one of his henchman, asking him to stay with her and keep reporting back to him. Kate walks in as he hangs up, asking what is going on. Stefano explains that Sami has taken the twins for a stroll in the park while EJ is home alone with Sydney. Kate groans, wonders if Sami ever hires a babysitter. Stefano grumbles that a babysitter might let a grandfather see his grandchild, even though the father is fighting it tooth and nail. Kate claims that she knows how feel. He guesses she got same treatment from Sami with her grandchildren. Kate agrees that she did and then tells Stefano that she thinks there is a way for him to see Sydney.

At the courthouse, Carly’s hearing continues. Just as the judge announces that he is ready to sentence Carly, Melanie bursts in. The judge clears his throat, telling Melanie sternly that this hearing is closed and asks what she is doing here. Melanie explains that she is the person Dr. Manning shot, and that she has something to say.

At the Java Café, Chad brings Gabi some coffee, but notes laughingly that it isn’t really coffee. Gabi chuckles, joking that her sister thinks she ought to pour it over ice cream. Just then, Mia walks in. Chad flashes back to the two kissing. Gabi interrupts his reverie, asking if he has any plans for spring break. Chad stares, confused. Gabi wonders what is with Chad all of a sudden, and wonders if anything is wrong. Mia sits down and stares at Chad. Chad ignores Gabi and stares back at Mia.

Nicole glares, saying that she knew she was right, and that Anna took Sydney. She angrily asks Anna if she followed her, knocked her out, and snatched her baby. Anna retorts sarcastically that she had already caused global warming and was responsible for the economy tanking, so she was getting bored. Nicole hisses at her not to joke, but Anna wonders who’s joking, as she isn’t responsible for every bad thing that happens. Nicole insists that Anna took her little girl. Anna snaps at Nicole to face it--Sydney was never hers, as she belongs to EJ and Sami. Anna adds nastily that the only baby stealer in this room is Nicole, and that is all she came to say. Nicole loftily tells Anna to go ahead and leave. Nicole then warns her that as soon as those doors shut behind her, she is going to call the cops and ask for Roman, as he will be more than interested in the story she has to tell. Anna gulps.

Judge Goldberg asks Melanie to approach his desk as Justin asks Carly in a whisper if she knew anything about this. Carly claims she didn’t. The judge asks Melanie what she wants to say. She replies that since Carly is about to be sentenced for what she did to her, she thinks she has the right to speak. Justin doesn’t see what purpose this would serve, since Carly has already pled guilty. Carly stops him, saying that anything that Melanie has to say, she’d like to hear.

Mia and Chad continue to stare at one another as Mia twirls the necklace Will gave her. Will interrupts, bringing Mia a coffee. He smiles, saying that he likes to see her wearing the necklace he got her. Mia smiles back, saying that she is glad that he gave it to her. Will grins, thinking it’s important that they agree, since they’re an exclusive couple. Mia tells Will that he is the best thing that has happened to her in long time. The two kiss. Across the café, Gabi tells Chad that it seems as if something is wrong with him. Chad admits there is. Gabi turns around to look at Will and Mia and guesses that whatever is wrong happened when Mia walked in. Chad then tells Gabi abruptly that this isn’t right. Gabi asks what he means. Chad stammers that it isn’t right for them to be going out. Gabi sighs, guessing that Chad isn’t over Mia. Chad admits she is right.

Anna snorts, asking Nicole if she really thinks Roman is going to listen to anything she has to say. Nicole thinks Roman will be all ears, since it concerns what Anna did to his daughter. Anna wonders what exactly Nicole plans on telling him. Nicole replies that she is going to tell the truth-- that Anna hit her over the head, stole Roman’s granddaughter, and then demanded a five million ransom for her. Anna thinks Roman will want proof. Nicole agrees, and says she has proof, as she remembers that Anna always called Sydney ‘sweet pea’ and that is what the kidnapper called her as she taking Sydney from her. Anna doesn’t think that is so damning, but Nicole thinks it’s enough. Anna reminds Nicole that she and Roman share a child and have a good relationship, while Nicole was the one that put Sami through hell and let her think her child was dead for months. Anna grins, agreeing to just wait and see which one of them that Roman believes.

Bo pulls Justin and Carly aside and whispers that they can’t let Melanie talk, as she is a loose cannon. Carly doesn’t think they can shut her up either. Justin fears that the judge may give Carly a harsher sentence. Carly cries that she doesn’t care, as Melanie has had to suffer too much because of her. The judge calls over, asking Justin if his client has changed her mind about her plea. Justin says that she hasn’t, and that his client would like to allow Melanie to say anything she likes. The judge asks if the prosecution has any objections, but Woods says that they don’t. Bo scoffs. The judge then tells Melanie that she may speak, but she needs to know that what she says is a matter of public record. Melanie nods, saying that that is exactly how she wants it.

Kate calls Will, telling him that she hopes she isn’t interrupting. He says that she isn’t, and asks if everything is alright. Kate explains that she had the urge to spend money, and bought Will and his sister Allie some gifts. She adds that she’d really like to deliver the gifts, but she thinks Will knows how his mother feels about her. Will replies that he knows. Kate says that she was thinking that having Will there would have a positive effect on Sami, and the more she thinks about it, the more she is sure that he is the one person that could convince Sami to accept these gifts. Will hesitates. Kate sighs, admitting that she has to be honest--the gifts are just an excuse to see Will and Allie, as she really misses them. Will says that he misses her too. Kate wonders if Will is home now. He admits that he isn’t, but promises to head home right away. Kate thanks him, tells him she loves him, and hangs up. She turns to Stefano, who has been listening in, and tells him that Will should be there soon. Stefano smiles, saying that he will be ready.

Back at the café, Will explains to Mia that he has to go run interference between his mom and his grandma, so he has to go home. He admits he plans on coming back to the café later, but isn’t sure when he will be back. He offers to drop Mia off at Maggie’s. Mia stammers that she will just wait here for him to return. Will promises to be back as soon as he can. Mia grins, telling him not to worry about her. Will heads off. Mia gazes at Chad, telling herself that she’s going to be just fine.

Anna informs Nicole that Roman knows Latin, and since he’s a cop, he’s going to ask himself ‘cui bono.’ Nicole wonders what that means. Anna explains that it means ‘who benefits,’ and she has to wonder how she would benefit from taking Sydney. Nicole thinks money is the obvious motive. Anna chuckles, saying that she doesn’t need money, as Tony left her well provided for. Nicole grins, reminding Anna of how unfair Tony’s death was. Nicole thinks it must have left Anna desperate and wanting revenge. She adds that she thinks that stealing her baby was the way Anna chose to take her revenge.

Melanie explains that the first time she ever saw Carly, she spilled coffee all over her, so after just one run-in with the woman, she was scarred for life. Melanie goes on to say that the second time she saw Carly, she was trying to move into the house where she lived, which she thought was strange, since Carly is a doctor and could afford to buy a place of her own. Melanie admits that she only found out later that Carly only wanted to move in because she finally decided she wanted to be near her secret love child. Melanie sobs and hangs her head in her hands. The judge asks her to continue. Melanie explains that what she is getting at is that Carly hasn’t once told the truth--in fact, all Carly has done since she met her is lie. She says softly that she doesn’t think Carly is capable of telling the truth. Bo leaps out of his seat, shouting that that isn’t how it is, and Melanie knows it.

Mia heads over to Chad for a refill and tells him pointedly that she saw Gabi run out of here, and that she looked upset. Chad confides in Mia that he told Gabi that they shouldn’t date anymore. Secretly thrilled, Mia wonders why. Chad thinks it’s bogus to continue seeing Gabi when Mia and the kiss they shared is all he can think about. Mia, pleased, asks if he really still thinks about it. Chad says he does all the time and wonders if Mia still thinks about them, even when she is with Will. Mia smiles and nods. Chad thinks they have a situation here. Mia then tells Chad that it isn’t that serious between her and Will. Chad asks if that means that she can go out with him. Mia says that she definitely can, especially if no one else knows about it--like Chad’s dad, since he hates her. Chad asks about Will. Mia warns him that they mustn’t tell Will, either.

Will heads into his house and spots EJ sitting in the living room. Surprised, Will asks where his mom is. EJ explains that she took Allie and Johnny to the park, so he is here with Sydney until Rafe or Sami return. Will sighs, reminding EJ that he was only supposed to stay one night; yet he is still here. EJ replies coolly that he is here because Will’s mother asked him to be here. Just then, EJ’s phone rings. It’s Harold, who is calling EJ from the mansion as Stefano and Kate look on. Harold explains that EJ has an emergency meeting with a client who’s trying to throw his weight around over a new project. EJ groans and promises to be there shortly. He then hangs up and tells Will that he’s going to get his wish, as he has to go to a meeting. Will tells EJ pointedly that he will watch Sydney, so it’s unnecessary for EJ to return at all. EJ shrugs and heads off. Back at the mansion, Stefano thanks Harold for delivering the message. Kate reminds Stefano that Sami could return at any time, so they had better get going. Stefano agrees.

Anna reminds Nicole that Tony died struggling with Philip Kiriakis, so she hardly sees how that would motivate her to kidnap Sydney for revenge. Nicole reminds Anna that Tony was working on business that night. Anna doesn’t see how that matters. Nicole retorts that Stefano treated Tony like dirt, and Tony’s way of rebelling against his father was doing business elsewhere. Nicole thinks that if Tony hadn’t had to prove himself, he’d still be alive. Anna isn’t so sure, and thinks Nicole would know more about that then her, since she stood there, watching her Tony die, and didn’t do a damn thing to help him. Anna flushes and stops short. Nicole gasps, saying that this is really all about her, and Anna really took Sydney just to get revenge on her.

Bo shouts angrily that Melanie knows why Carly was forced to lie. The judge shouts that Bo is out of line. Bo ignores him, telling Melanie that she knows that Carly wanted more than anything to be her mother. Carly begs Bo to sit down and let Melanie finish. Bo hesitates. Carly pleads with Bo to do it for her. The judge threatens to cite Bo with contempt. Bo reluctantly takes his seat, and the judge asks Melanie to continue. Melanie explains that Carly showed up at the hospital after she was shot, and that she woke up from her coma to find Carly sitting by her bed. Melanie admits that she was scared because she feared that Carly could have been there to finish the job. Melanie adds that Carly kept going on and on about how she only wanted to protect her, and didn’t mean to hurt her. Melanie says that she wondered why Carly would want to protect her, and that was when Carly told her that she was her mother. Melanie sobs that that was how she found out. Carly bawls, telling Melanie how sorry she is. Melanie then admits that she was so freaked out by what Carly said, that she didn’t want to think about it, so she didn’t--until today, when some people she really cares about got her to go back through it and try to remember what happened. Carly cries as Melanie explains that she remembers Carly’s face when she pulled the gun, and Melanie knows that she didn’t mean to shoot her or hurt her, and the whole thing was an accident. Tears stream down Carly’s face. Melanie goes on to say that she lied when she gave her first statement because she was hurting and scared and she just wanted to get back at Carly. The judge wonders why. Melanie admits that she wanted to get back at Carly for giving her away, and for crashing into her life like a bull in a china shop. She adds that after Carly shot her on her wedding day, she didn’t know what to think. The judge then asks Melanie what really happened that night. Melanie explains that a friend of the groom’s family--Vivian Alamain--had been following her around the whole day of the wedding. When she wanted to talk on the roof, Melanie just thought she was a batty old woman, so she agreed to go up to the roof in the hopes that Vivian would leave her alone if she did. Shortly afterward, Carly showed up. Wood interjects angrily that she showed up with a gun. Melanie admits that she did, but when she thinks back on it, she is sure that Carly didn’t threaten her or appear as if she wanted to kill her. She adds laughingly that Carly can’t handle a coffee cup around her, let alone a gun. The judge asks if Melanie is saying that Carly didn’t mean to hurt her. Melanie nods, saying that Carly isn’t guilty.

Chad wonders why Will can’t know that he and Mia are seeing each other if things really aren’t that serious between them. Mia remind Chad of everything going on with Will’s family right now, as his little sister was kidnapped and has been missing forever. Chad reminds Mia that Sydney is back. Mia agrees that she is, but now her creepy father EJ is always hanging around. She explains that Will can’t stand him and that she is the only person that Will can talk to. She asks Chad if they can wait until Will’s family chills out a little, and then they tell him about the two of them. Chad thinks the whole thing may just be too complicated and reminds Mia that she doesn’t have to go out with him if she doesn’t want to. Mia claims that she wants to. She kisses him, telling him that she really wants to.

Will sits with Sydney, making a joke about playing poker with her. He confides in Sydney that he is glad that she is back as someone knocks on the door. Will explains to Sydney that Kate is his grandma, not hers, so she should consider herself lucky--something she’ll understand once she’s older. Will answers the door ad finds Kate outside with a gift. She hands it over, telling Will it’s the newest phone and MP3 player, and that it’s a gift from her and Stefano. Will laughingly wonders if there is a mind control device in it. Kate asks him to stop and breezes into the house. Will explains that neither Sami, EJ, or Rafe are here. Stefano walks in just then, saying that he’s glad to hear it. Will reminds Kate that she didn’t say anything about Stefano coming. Kate claims she forgot. Stefano defends her, saying that Kate asked him not to come, but he talked her into it. Stefano then complains to Will that he hasn’t seen Sydney for a long time. Will replies that his mom doesn’t want him around Sydney or Johnny and neither does EJ. Stefano admits that that probably true. He changes tactics, telling Will that he respects the way he stands up for his mother, but reminds him that he opened his heart to Kate because she loves him and his sister. Stefano wonders if Will can do the same thing for him. He claims that he hasn’t seen his grandchild in a long time, though she is his flesh and blood. Will doesn’t answer. Stefano agrees to leave if Will thinks that is best. Kate jumps in and suggests that she and Will get coffee while Stefano visits with Sydney. Will asks Stefano not to lay it on so thick next time and asks Kate ruefully if the MP3 player was intended as a bribe. Stefano sits down next to Sydney’s playpen and asks her if she remembers him--her ‘nono.’ Sydney giggles. Will sighs and tells Stefano that he can stick around for a little while.

Anna admits that she does hate Nicole--in fact, she hates the whole DiMera family and anybody involved Tony’s death-- but she has managed to move on and accept the things she can’t change. Anna declares that she has had true love, and that she has known true love, and unlike Nicole, she didn’t have to lie, cheat, and steal someone else’s baby to make a man love her. Nicole doesn’t buy that Anna has accepted Tony’s death, and accuses Anna of wanting revenge and getting it by stealing Sydney. Anna asks Nicole sarcastically if she comes up with theses fantasies all day in prison while she’s working in the laundry or while she’s scrubbing toilets. Nicole snaps that Anna can try to spin this like she is just some grieving widow with nothing to hide, but all it took to get her off of a plane and all the way here was a simple phone call. Nicole wonders how her phone call would have had any effect--unless Anna is guilty as hell.

Kate and Will get coffee at the Java Café. Kate thanks him profusely for doing this. Will admits that he kind of felt sorry for Stefano, but admits that if his mom finds out, she’ll ground him. Kate assures Will that Sami won’t find out, explaining that Stefano is having Sami watched. That way, if she leaves the park, Will can rush home, and Stefano can get out of there. Will guesses that should make him feel better. He looks around the café distractedly. Kate wonders who he is looking for. Will says that he is just looking for a friend that he thought would still be here. Just then, EJ walks in and sees Will and Kate. Surprised, he stares at Will.

Anna reminds Nicole that she threatened her with Stefano if she didn’t drop everything and come down to the prison. Nicole doesn’t think Stefano or anyone else could touch Anna if she had a rock-solid alibi for the time of Sydney’s disappearance. Anna insists that she has told Nicole everything she’s going to. Nicole doesn’t buy that Anna was with Carrie the last few months. She tells Anna about the business arrangement she has with the guard to use her cell phone, and threatens to give Carrie and Austin a call and find out exactly where Anna has been spending all of her time.

At the pier, Mia tells Chad how sorry she is that the theater was sold out. Chad guesses they should plan ahead next time. Mia wonders what they should do instead. Chad tells her to guess and leans in for a kiss. Mia’s necklace falls off, but she doesn’t notice. She backs away from Chad, saying that making out in public isn’t really the smartest thing to do, as someone could see them. Chad suggests that they go find someplace private. Just then, Chad gets text from Tad, asking if he wants to hang out. Mia explains that she has to go pick up her paycheck, and suggests she do that while Chad is texting Tad to tell him that he’s too busy to hang out. As Mia leaves, Chad spots the necklace and picks it up just as Gabi walks over.

The judge calls for a short recess to confer with the attorneys, and asks the bailiff to escort Carly, Melanie and Bo out to the corridor. He cautions Melanie and Carly not to speak to one another, as this is an official proceeding even though it’s being held in chambers. He asks the bailiff to make sure that the two don’t talk. He nods and the four head outside. The judge sighs, telling Charles and Justin that Dr. Manning has obviously pled guilty to a crime that the victim is claiming that she didn’t commit.

Outside, Bo asks Carly how she is feeling. Carly admits she is scared, as she thought she had this all figured out, and now it’s all up in the air again. Bo thinks it’s pretty great. Carly replies quietly that she can’t even think about how great it is, as despising her was the one thing keeping Melanie safe.

Gabi explains that she is glad that she ran into Chad, but Chad is surprised after what he just told her about Mia. Gabi says that she is actually ok with that, and explains that Kinsey texted her and needs the history homework, as she never writes anything down. Gabi then says that she lost Kinsey’s number, and she needs to get back to her, so she was wondering if Chad had it. Chad takes out his phone, shows Gabi the number and says he has to go. Gabi thanks him, and Chad heads off. Gabi sits on the bench and notices Mia’s necklace. Thinking it’s Chad’s, she calls out after him, but Chad is gone.

Stefano marvels at Sydney, claiming that one would never know that she had been kept away from the people she loves for so long. He thinks that that is the DiMera in her--strong and brave. Just then, EJ rushes in and snatches up the baby. Glaring, he orders Stefano to get out. Stefano narrows his eyes, “So be it.”

Anna scoffs, telling Nicole to go ahead and call Austin, as he will tell her that she has spent her time either with him and Carrie or traveling--and even then, she called and checked in regularly. Nicole asks if she called with her cell phone. Anna says she did. Nicole snaps that she is surprised Anna got service in whatever hole she was keeping Sydney in. Anna claims that that isn’t true. Nicole insists that Anna is going to have to do better than that. She thinks Anna must have seen people on her trips, like travel agents and plastic surgeons. Nicole demands names. Anna scoffs, asking what will happen if she refuses. Nicole threatens to call Rafe Hernandez, and he’ll turn over every rock until he finds the one Anna crawled out from under. Anna grimaces. Nicole smiles nastily, wondering if it was something she said.

The judge reconvenes the hearing, telling everyone that in light of the victim’s most recent statement, he has decided to throw out the most serious charges against Carly and has decided to rule the shooting accidental. Justin thanks him. The judge finishes by saying that he believes a probation term will suffice for the lesser charges, so Carly is free to go. Carly beams. Bo throws his arms around her as she sobs. Melanie tears up as she watches the two.

Gabi calls Chad and leaves him a message, asking him to call her when he gets it. Gabi admires the necklace as Will walks over, recognizing the necklace as Mia’s immediately and asking Gabi where she got it. She replies that Chad had it.

Judge Goldberg asks to speak to the attorneys about some paperwork and asks Carly to enjoy her freedom. He then heads off with Justin and Charles. Bo thinks that he and Carly need to celebrate. Just then, Bo gets a call and groans, saying that the celebration will have to wait. Bo eyes Melanie and warns Carly to take it slow. He then heads off. Carly walks over to Melanie, thanking her for what she has done. She reaches out, trying to tell Melanie that she is worried, but Melanie jerks away, snapping at Carly not to touch her.

EJ snaps that he was on his way to that supposed emergency meeting, and thought he’d stop and get a coffee, when he saw Will and Kate at the café. He of course wondered what Will was doing there when he was supposed to be with Sydney, and it only took him about two seconds to figure out what Stefano was up to. Stefano growls that he has rights, too. EJ shouts back that he has none whatsoever.

Anna replies loftily that she doesn’t have to prove anything to Nicole. Nicole disagrees. Anna reminds Nicole that Sydney is safe. She thinks everyone just needs to move on. Nicole snorts, saying sarcastically that she’ll just forget all about this and go back to her charming room. She adds that she hopes they haven’t forgotten about the turndown service. Anna doesn’t reply. Nicole warns Anna that she is going to start making phone calls, and the first one will be to Sami. Anna sighs, saying that she isn’t admitting to anything, but she wants to know what it is Nicole wants from her. Nicole grins, saying that that is more like it.


Vivian tells Victor, “Carly Manning's life has already gone up in flames.”

Melanie shrieks, “I don't want anything from you!”

Anna asks Nicole, “You want me to bust you out of this joint?”

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