Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/16/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/16/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the state prison, Nicole wonders to herself how it could have been Anna that took Sydney. She reminds herself that she hasn’t seen Anna since Tony was alive and even then, she was always running off on trips. Nicole flashes back to Anna heading out of the mansion with a suitcase. She tells Sydney goodbye, and asks Nicole to take care of her ‘sweet pea.’ Nicole comes back from the present and gasps, saying that it was Anna that took Sydney, after all.

At the pub, Bo is on the phone with someone, telling them that he doesn’t care what they have to do--he needs to speak to her. Bo then hangs up and greets Philip as he walks over. He informs Philip that Carly wants to change her plea to guilty and that she wants to be sentenced immediately. Philip snaps, “Good.”

At the pier, Hope asks Carly sarcastically if she plans on stepping aside so that her husband and herself can find their way to back to one other. Carly stammers, claiming that isn’t what she meant, but Hope doesn’t care what she meant, as she knows what she heard. She then snaps at Carly to take her patronizing offer and go to hell. Justin walks over just then, asking what offer Carly is making. Carly replies that there is no offer, and that she was just telling Hope that she plans on doing what she should have done a long time ago, which is to let everyone move on.

At the hospital, Stephanie approaches Nathan, asking if he has a minute. Nathan admits he has just a minute, as he’s been busy today. Stephanie is glad to hear it, saying that they need to talk about the two of them--and Melanie.

In her hospital room, Melanie hugs Max and tells him she hopes Chelsea can come the next time. She then tears up, telling Max how much she has missed him. Max says he misses her, too and wishes he could stay longer, as her hates leaving her like this. Melanie claims that she’s fine, and says that she just wants to get out of here just as Daniel walks in. Daniel asks if Melanie would like to leave now.

Nicole calls for the guard, yelling that she needs to make a call. The guard stomps over and quips that she needs a house by the beach with an infinity pool. Nicole glares, telling the woman that she needs a phone now--before it’s too late.

On a plane, Anna fidgets in her seat as the pilot announces to the passengers that their plane is next in line for takeoff and asks the attendants to get ready for departure. Anna grins, telling herself that in just a few more minutes and she’ll be home free--and out of sight and out of reach.

At the cemetery, Vivian thanks a man, telling him that she knows this seems like an odd request, but she is going to be in town for a while, and wanted Lawrence’s ashes close to her. The man shrugs, telling Vivian that that is understandable. Vivian kneels in front of Lawrence’s new tombstone and surveys the inscription, sighing.

Carly tells Justin that she is planning on pleading guilty. Justin, aghast, reminds Carly that if she pleads guilty, Judge Goldberg could sentence her immediately, and she’d end up in prison today. Carly claims she knows that and asks Justin for a moment alone with Hope. Justin sighs and heads off. Carly then apologizes for offending Hope, claiming that she has every right to be upset. She then thanks Hope for trying with Melanie, as it was beyond generous. She starts to head off, but Hope asks her to wait. Carly replies that she has nothing further to say, but Hope says she does.

The guard snaps at Nicole that she’s not allowed to make phone calls. Nicole whines that she doesn’t understand, as this call could be her last shot for justice and for a new life. The guard refuses again. Nicole changes tactics, promising to make it worth her while, as she knows wealthy people. Lois hesitates. Nicole begs the guard to let her make this call and then she can help her--but she has to make the call now.

Bo snaps that he finds it interesting that Philip, Victor, and other victims of Vivian’s sadism seem to forget what she is capable of. Philip snorts. Bo shouts that Vivian buried a woman alive. Philip scoffs, saying that Bo can spend all day ranting about things that happened in the past, but what is best for Melanie right now is Carly going to jail. Bo groans, wondering if he’s talking to a wall. Philip again insists that Melanie and her feelings are all that matter right now. He then vows to make sure no one ever hurts her again.

At the Java Café, Nathan asks Stephanie what is going on. Stephanie stammers, admitting that she’s having trouble thinking of the right way to say it. Nathan thinks it sounds serious. She says it is, and reminds him of when he saw her at the hospital before the wedding and she told him she was there for work. Nathan says he remembers. Stephanie explains that she wasn’t exactly telling the truth, and that she was really there because of Melanie. Nathan stares, confused. Stephanie then explains that Melanie wanted her to give Nathan a letter she had written.

Melanie, surprised, asks if she is really going to be released. Daniel nods, saying that she can go as soon as the papers are signed. Melanie is surprised, as she was only here for a week. Max thinks Melanie can visit London sooner than she thought. Daniel and Max greet one another. Max notes that a lot has changed since he left. Daniel agrees, and the two make small talk about Chelsea. Max says that she is doing well, and promises to tell her that Daniel says hello. Daniel then heads off to give Melanie and Max time to catch up. Max tells Melanie that he likes Daniel, as he seems like a nice guy. He asks how things are going between the two of them. Melanie admits things are weird, as this whole thing happened rather suddenly. Max reminds her that things were pretty sudden between the two of them and that turned out for best. Melanie thinks that is because Max is the best. Max then admits that he has to go. Mel doesn’t want him to, but Max reminds her that he has to, and besides, she’ll be coming to London soon. Melanie agrees that she and Philip may end up taking their honeymoon in Europe soon. Max then asks Melanie to try to accept the situation she is in, adding that she may even come to like it, as she has a normal family now. Melanie claims she doesn’t need any family, as she has Max. Max doesn’t think he is all she needs. He adds that he knows she is grown up, but he still thinks she needs a mom and dad, and now she has both. Melanie shrieks that Carly isn’t her mother. Max soothes her, reminding her of Daniel, and asking her to at least give him a chance. Melanie agrees to think about it if it will get Max off of her back. Max grins, tells Melanie he loves her, and then heads off.

The man at the cemetery asks Vivian if she is alright. She says she is, but that she would like to be alone. He heads off. Vivian gazes at Lawrence’s tombstone, saying that she knows this isn’t quite what Lawrence envisioned, but she will avenge his death and get her pound of flesh.

Hope sighs, telling Carly that all she wanted to say is that Carly going to jail to protect Melanie from Vivian doesn’t make sense and is wrong as well. Carly says that she appreciates the fact that Hope cares, but this isn’t about right or wrong, and hasn’t been since the day she ended things with Lawrence. Carly claims that this is about what must be and what will be.

Anna grumbles, wondering why the plane is still on the ground. Just then, her phone rings. Anna reaches for it, telling herself that she thought she turned it off. She notices the area code and wonders who it could be. She answers. Nicole is on the other line and she greets Anna, “Long time, no talk.”

Bo remarks that he doesn’t think Carly being free will affect Philip’s relationship with Melanie. Philip asks Bo angrily if he is supposed to back off Carly just because she is Bo’s girlfriend. Just then, Max interrupts, and the three exchange greetings. Max somewhat coldly congratulates Philip on his marriage, explaining that while he was talking to Melanie, the two found out that Daniel plans on releasing her early. Philip hurries off to call her. Bo asks for news on Billie and Chelsea. Max explains that Chelsea misses him and Hope and that Billie has almost fully recovered from her accident. Max then asks how Bo is doing. Bo admits that life has gotten complicated, but it’s nothing that he can’t handle. Max informs him that Melanie caught him up to speed on what has been going on with Bo. Bo sighs, guessing that Max had the same reaction as everyone else, and that he isn’t rooting for him and Carly. Max claims that he isn’t here to judge, and that he understands that people fall in and out of love and can’t control that. Bo thanks him for understanding. Max then admits that he only understands to a point, as he has to admit that there is a part of him that doesn’t get that Bo and Hope are really over for good.

Hope guesses that Carly is determined to plead guilty, so all she can say is that she can imagine how painful this must be for Carly, especially as she just found her daughter. Hope tells Carly how sorry she is for what she has been through and for what she is going through now. Carly sobs and thanks Hope, who then heads off. Justin walks back over. Carly sniffles that she doesn’t want to discuss it. Justin sighs, telling Carly that it doesn’t have to be this way, as Bo’s testimony can raise doubts in the mind of any jury. Carly insists that she isn’t going to change her mind, and that no one can dissuade her from doing this her way.

Daniel tells Melanie how glad he was to see Max, and just wishes that he could stay longer, as he and Melanie seem close. Melanie admits that they are, and that Max makes her happy. Daniel claims he can tell. Melanie tells Daniel that she isn’t sure if she has thanked him for saving her life, and that she appreciates it. Daniel is just glad he had the chance to do so. Melanie then asks for a favor. Daniel agrees, and Melanie asks him to never talk about Carly, as it would ruin the relationship she has with him. Daniel patiently explains that they can’t pretend that Carly isn’t a part of this, and that she isn’t Melanie’s mother.

Nicole grins, telling Anna pointedly that she would love to see Anna come to the state prison and keep her company. Anna explains that she can’t, as she is on a plane in Chicago right now. Nicole suggests she just get off that plane, get on another, and be here in an hour. Anna scoffs, asking Nicole why she would ever do that. Nicole chuckles, telling Anna that they both know the answer to that.

Bo sighs, telling Max that when it comes to marriages, only the two people involved know what happened, and even then it’s tricky to figure out just how it ended. Max agrees with Bo, but admits he had to tell Bo how he really felt, as Bo and Hope have been together forever and they’re both part of his family. Just then, Bo gets a call. He listens, then thanks the person and hangs up. He explains that he has to go, but asks Max to be sure and tell Chelsea to come visit, as he is tired of having to just see pictures of her via email and text message. Max promises to let her know, and Bo heads off. Max starts to go, too, but Philip walks back over and stops him, saying that he knows that Max doesn’t approve of his and Melanie’s marriage. Max reminds Philip that he never said that, but Philip claims that he can tell Max feels that way. Max explains that he just wants the person that loves his sister to be good to her and to treat her with respect. Philip asks if Max doesn’t trust him to do that. Max replies flatly that he doesn’t.

Nathan, surprised, asks if Melanie wrote him a letter and gave it to Stephanie. Stephanie nods. He wonders angrily why she didn’t give the letter to him. Stephanie defends herself, saying that she tried, but Nathan said he didn’t want to talk about Melanie. Nathan thinks this must have been the letter Melanie told him about last night. He demands to know what was in it.

Daniel reminds Melanie that she can’t just snap her fingers and make Carly disappear, as she is the reason they are father and daughter. Melanie scoffs, asking if they really have to honor Carly considering that she hid this from them for two decades. Daniel thinks Carly was terrified and frightened at the time. Melanie asks Daniel if he really thinks Lawrence and Vivian would have gotten revenge on them if Carly hadn’t given her up. Daniel reminds Melanie that she has spent time with Vivian, and asks what she thinks.

Hope runs into Vivian at the cemetery. Vivian is surprised to see her. Hope replies curtly that she came to visit her son. Vivian remarks that Hope’s son and her nephew Lawrence have something in common, as they were both innocent cut down before their time. Hope snaps that Lawrence and Zack have nothing in common., as her little boy was a true innocent with heart of gold, and Lawrence was never that way. Hope, angry, warns Vivian to never make comparison again.

Carly flashes back to making inroads with Melanie, and Melanie inviting her to her wedding. She then flashes back to sobbing and telling Melanie that she remembers the first time she felt her kick inside her. Carly comes back to the present and sighs, saying that it’s all gone now.

Anna demands to know what is going on with Nicole. Nicole tells her slyly that she’ll find out when she gets there. Anna declares that she isn’t coming. Nicole hangs up and smiles to herself, saying that she’ll come.

Stephanie tells Nathan that she has no idea what was in the letter, as she didn’t read it. Nathan wonders angrily why she didn’t give it to him, sure that there must be some reason. Stephanie says she already told him, reminding him that he made it clear he wanted nothing to do with Melanie, so she went back to the wedding and told Melanie that he refused to read it. Nathan, astounded, tells Stephanie that she had no right to do that.

Melanie tells Daniel that she really doesn’t know what to do about Carly and Vivian, telling Daniel that she needs time to sort it out. She admits she’d like to get out of the hospital in the meantime. Daniel suggests that she get dressed while he calls Philip and asks him to come take her home. Melanie claims she needs one more favor. Daniel isn’t so sure after the last favor she asked for, but Melanie explains that she just wants to make a plan to hang out with him. She suggests that they go out together one night with Philip and Chloe. Daniel, pleased, admits that he would like that. Melanie sighs, explaining that she just wants to know everything about him, and how he was raised, as it may help her figure out who she is. Daniel agrees to tell her anything she wants to know, and heads off to get her release papers started. As Daniel leaves the room, he gets a phone call from Justin. Daniel answers, listens for a few moments, and then gasps.

Vivian insists that she never intended to insult Hope, adding that when it comes to what Hope has heard about Lawrence, she should consider the source. Hope retorts that she knows Vivian’s nephew is dangerous. Vivian snaps that those are just lies perpetuated by Carly, as Lawrence was kind and goodhearted. Hope snaps that she doesn’t have time for this. Vivian stops her, telling Hope that Lawrence was like a son to her, and she can’t bear it when she sees images of him dying, having been stabbed by his own wife. Hope suggests coldly that Vivian not think about it, then. Vivian wonders how Hope stands to have Carly Manning in her house and playing with her daughter. Hope tells Vivian about Carly pleading guilty to shooting Melanie. Vivian declares that that is music to her ears and turns to Lawrence, asking if he heard that Carly is going to pay for what she did. Vivian claps her hands, telling Hope how joyous this news is.

At the courthouse, Justin accuses D.A. Woods of enjoying himself. Charles smirks, saying that he’s just glad to see this coming to swift resolution. Bo snaps that it isn’t. Carly is right behind him, and asks him to stop, but Bo shakes his head, saying that he isn’t going to let her do this. Carly claims that she has made up her mind, but Bo vows to stop her from pleading guilty.

The guard brings Nicole to the holding cell, telling her that she has a visitor. Nicole heads inside, but is surprised to find Faye sitting at the table. Faye doesn’t think Nicole seems too happy to see her. Nicole claims she is, and that she is actually just happy in general. Faye, suspicious, wonders why. Nicole claims that for the first time, she has hope. Faye is confused, and wonders why Nicole would have hope. Nicole claims it’s just a feeling she has--that things are finally turning around for her.

Philip scoffs, telling Max that he has a lot of nerve telling him that he isn’t good enough for Melanie. Max tries to leave, but Philip demands that Philip hear him out. He then tells Max that he loves Melanie for who she is, and that no one could be better for her than him. Max reminds him of Stephanie, and how they were engaged, and how Philip swore that he wanted to spend rest of his life with her. Philip glares. Max thinks that the bottom line is that he screwed Stephanie over. Max then warns Philip not to even think of doing that to his sister.

Stephanie begs Nathan to sit down and talk to her. Nathan practically spits, saying that Stephanie won’t be pulling the strings any longer. Stephanie, upset, reminds Nathan that he said he didn’t want to have anything to do Melanie. Nathan sarcastically asks Stephanie if she plans on making his decisions for him from now on. He adds that she should have told him about the letter and storms off. Stephanie shouts after him that she only did what she thought was right.

Bo wants to keep Carly from addressing the court, but Carly claims that this her decision. She adds that she knows he thinks she just trying to protect Melanie, but this is also about the fact that she played with so many lives-- Lawrence’s, Daniel’s, and Melanie’s. She thinks Bo is too good of a man to let her down, and the truth is, she’s not free to be with him. She adds that she has been selfish and has hurt a lot of people, especially him. Bo doesn’t think she is making any sense. Carly ignores him, saying that she finally sees the mistakes she made and she wants to pay for them. She begs Bo to let her do this. He refuses.

Daniel heads into Melanie’s room as she puts on her coat, telling her that there is something he needs to tell her. Melanie asks what it is, and Daniel explains that he just got off phone with Justin, and Carly is apparently pleading guilty to her shooting, and could be sentenced today. Melanie, shocked, wonders how that happened. Daniel isn’t sure, but claims that the only person that can help Carly is Melanie. Melanie thinks she needs more time to think of what she should do, but Daniel says that time is the one thing she doesn’t have.

Stephanie runs into Max at the pier and hugs him, asking if it is really him or if she is dreaming. Max chuckles and asks how she is, telling her that it’s good to see her. Stephanie asks why he is in town, and Max tells her about his coming by to see Melanie on the way to the medical conference. Stephanie is surprised, as Chelsea didn’t tell her. Max explains that it was a last-minute thing. Stephanie tells Max that she is happy for him and Chelsea, saying that they are very lucky. Max asks how she is doing, and Stephanie ruefully admits that she’s been better. Max wants to talk about it, and wonders if she is upset about Melanie and Philip. Stephanie claims that she is actually glad that they got married, and that she is dating someone else. Stephanie admits that that is where the problem is. Max asks if things are over, but Stephanie says that they’re not, as she is going to fix things.

Carly, Bo, Justin and Charles gather in the judge’s office for Carly’s hearing. Charles stands and admits that the prosecution is supposed to go first, but he wants to allow the defendant to go first, as she has something to say. The judge nods and asks Carly to speak. Bo glares and shakes his head. Carly ignores him, telling the judge that she wants to change her plea to guilty. The judge asks if the prosecution has an issue with this. Charles says they don’t, and that they recommend the maximum sentence. The judge asks if Carly has anything else to say. She replies morosely that she just hopes this can all be over now. The judge then asks Carly to stand so he can pass sentence.

Vivian confides in Hope that her astrologer was right on the money when he told her that today was an auspicious day to lay Lawrence’s ashes to rest. Hope tells Vivian goodbye pointedly. Vivian admits she isn’t embarrassed to be happy about Carly pleading guilty, as she took Lawrence from her and ruined two other lives. Vivian adds that Carly was about ruin Bo’s life, too, so she would rejoice if she were Hope. Hope snaps that she doesn’t like to rejoice in other’s misery, unlike Vivian. Vivian admits she does rejoice in people’s misery--especially when those people happen to be Carly.

Faye still doesn’t understand what Nicole is talking about and asks how things could possibly be turning around for her. Nicole admits she can’t tell Faye specifics, and asks her to just trust her. Faye hisses that Nicole stole a baby, lied about it, and put a lot of people through hell, so she can’t just trust her. She suggests that Nicole start facing reality. Nicole, upset, asks Faye if she likes seeing her in here. Faye claims that she just doesn’t want to see Nicole deluding herself. Nicole asks her to leave. Faye reminds Nicole that she is going to be here for a long time, so she may as well come to terms with it now. Nicole vows that she will be getting out soon. Faye begs Nicole to promise not to do anything foolish. Nicole snaps that she only thing she promises is to never see her mother again. Nicole then pointedly says goodbye to Faye. The guard gestures at the door, and Faye gets up with a sigh and heads off with her. Nicole frets, telling herself that her mother may be right, and that she may just be deluding herself after all. Nicole worries that all she may have done is make Anna suspicious, and then she’ll have lost her one chance of getting out of here. The guard comes back, smirking and asking Nicole if she is talking to herself. Nicole demands that Lois take her to her cell. Lois shakes her head, telling Nicole that she has another visitor. Anna walks in just then.

Max asks Stephanie how she plans on fixing things, and what went wrong with her new boyfriend. All Stephanie will say is that it’s complicated. Max claims that he knows a thing or two about that. Stephanie then tells Max that all that happened was one of those ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ kind of things. Stephanie thinks it will be alright, even though she took a risk that made the guy she was seeing angry, because she is going to fix things. Stephanie admits that she is even glad this happened because it will only make the two of them closer in the end.

Nathan rushes into Melanie’s room and asks Daniel where she is. Philip walks in right behind him, asking him why he cares.

Vivian, now alone, kneels in front of Lawrence’s tombstone, telling him that victory is theirs.

Judge Goldberg begins to read his decision, but Melanie walks in and interrupts.

Anna greets Nicole, who feigns surprise that she showed up. Anna angrily reminds Nicole that she made some ridiculous insinuations, so she had no choice. Nicole doesn’t answer. Anna demands to know if she is just going to sit there and stare after all the trouble she took to get here. Nicole says that she does have something to say, and oddly enough, it’s something Sami once said to her. Nicole then glares at Anna, “You bitch, you stole my daughter.”


Kate tells Stefano, “I'm thinking that there is a way for you to see Sydney.”

Nicole snaps at Anna, “You took Sydney to get back at me.”

Melanie announces, “I just want to say something.”

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