Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/15/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/15/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Bo meets Carly at the pier, wondering what is wrong with her, as he already told her that he would get Melanie to drop the charges against her. Carly doesn’t want him to do that, as she has no intention on fighting these charges, and that is her prerogative. Bo, angry, asks if she just plans on giving up. Carly retorts that she is doing this to protect her daughter, as Vivian will leave Melanie alone if she goes to jail. Bo doesn’t think that’s true, but Carly claims she has made up her mind, and there is nothing Bo can do to stop it. Bo admits that might be true, but he knows someone who can stop it--and who will.

Hope heads into Melanie’s hospital room and greets her. Melanie asks what she wants, and Hope explains that she is here to talk to her--about her mother. Melanie grimaces.

At the pub, Caroline putters around the bar as Max heads in. Caroline glances up and gasps. Max grins. She rushes over and throws her arms around him, thrilled to see him back home. Max tells Caroline laughingly that he is here to give her a little break, and ask what she needs to have done. Caroline hugs him tighter, just glad that he’s home. Max says he is, too, and tells Caroline how much he has missed her.

At the state prison, one of the guards, Lois, watches with a grin as Nicole scrubs the floor with a toothbrush. She can’t believe she was thinking of calling in sick today. Nicole snaps at her to get her a sponge, as this toothbrush is worthless. She adds that she is pretty sure that this is abuse. Lois thinks abuse is Nicole attacking her cellmate. She then snaps at Nicole to quit her whining and get back to work. Nicole groans.

At Sami’s place, EJ and Sydney play with some blocks as Sami paces worriedly. EJ comments aloud to Sydney that it would be wonderful if her mother would help them, but she’s too busy fretting. Sami retorts that she doesn’t want to talk about it, as all EJ will do is tell her that everything is going to be fine, and she doesn’t want to hear that. EJ asks her not to resent him for being optimistic and goes back to playing with Sydney. Sami remarks aloud that only one thing will make this right, and that is to get Rafe to focus on their relationship. EJ thought Sami didn’t want to talk about it. She snaps that she is talking to herself, not him. Sami mutters that if she can just get Rafe to figure out who the kidnapper is, then that will go a long way towards making things better. EJ thinks that is a pretty big ‘if,’ but Sami replies that it isn’t really, as Rafe is working on a lead right now.

Rafe and Agent Clark burst into Anna’ hideout. Clark remarks that no one is here. Rafe looks around, telling Clark that someone was here, however.

Anna sits on a plane as the pilot announces that they’ll be leaving for Costa Rica in just a few minutes. He asks everyone to relax, but Anna grumbles to herself that she won’t be able to do that until she is far away from Salem.

EJ asks Sami what kind of lead Rafe has gotten. Sami isn’t sure, but tells EJ that Rafe was very excited about it. EJ suggests that Sami not get her hopes up, as they both know what happened the last time Rafe got a lead. Sami sighs, saying that she knows the two don’t get along, but EJ must admit that Rafe is good at his job, as he is one of the best men the FBI has. EJ admits he knows Rafe has good intentions, but after the fiasco with the ransom, he no longer has any faith in Rafe. Sami say she does, and vows that Rafe is going to find Sydney’s kidnapper. EJ smiles slyly, saying he’s glad, as no one wants to see the kidnapper caught more than he does.

Agent Clark makes a crack about the hideout’s minimalist décor. Rafe sighs, reminding her that less surface area means less chance of them finding any fingerprints. Agent Clark notices a cobweb and tells Rafe that she doesn’t think anyone has been here for a long time. Rafe admits it seems that way, but his gut tells him they’re in the right place. He asks Clark to keep looking.

Anna tells herself that once she takes off, she’ll be nothing more than a fading memory for the residents of Salem--not that it will break anyone’s heart but her own. She sighs, admitting to herself that she misses her little sweet pea already. She searches through her bag for a picture of Sydney, but can’t find it. Anna frets, worrying that she may have left the photo behind at the cottage.

Carly, surprised, wonders if Bo asked Hope to do this. Bo shakes his head, saying that Hope actually volunteered. Carly is surprised Bo didn’t pressure her, but he asks Carly why she thinks Hope wouldn’t want Melanie to tell the truth. Carly apologizes, admitting that she is cynical and has been expecting the worst of people lately. Bo thinks it’s probably difficult for her not to be cynical after everything that has happened with Lawrence and Vivian, but in this case, Hope just want to help and do the right thing. Carly says of course she does, since she knows Hope has integrity and a good heart, no matter how much Hope may hate her. Bo admits that Hope does have a good heart. Carly thinks that must be why Bo loves her so much.

Max, shocked, asks Caroline if she is sure about this. She nods, saying she wouldn’t be telling Max if she weren’t. He replies that he just can’t believe Carly Manning is Melanie’s mother and that she just found out. Caroline jokes that it was some wedding. Max is sure it was, as Melanie was shot by her own mother. He adds that he wishes he could have been there for Melanie. Caroline reminds him he is here now, and that a visit from him would mean a lot to his sister. Max admits he can’t stay long, as he is on his way to a medical conference in San Diego and has a layover here in town for just a few hours. Caroline begs Max to stop wasting his time her with her and to go see Melanie. Max protests, but Caroline urges him to go, as Melanie really needs her big brother right now.

Melanie assumes Hope wants to talk to her about the shooting, and wonders if she needs an attorney present. Hope claims that she is just here as a friend, but Melanie snaps that Hope isn’t her friend. Hope sighs, saying that all she meant is that she isn’t here in an official capacity. Melanie whines that she is tired, but Hope ignores her, telling her that she is jumping to conclusions about her mother without knowing all the facts. Melanie shrieks that Carly isn’t her mother. Hope patiently explains that Carly didn’t mean to shoot her, and that she was trying to save Melanie’s life, not end it. Melanie demands to know why Hope is defending Carly, but Hope claims she isn’t. Melanie ask Hope nastily if it has slipped her mind that Carly is currently sleeping with her husband. Hope grimaces.

Lois snaps a picture of Nicole with her cell phone. Nicole demands to know what she is doing, and the guard grins, telling Nicole that she intends for this picture to become her new wallpaper. Nicole threatens her with the toothbrush, but Lois warns her to watch it, calling her ‘sweet pea.’ Nicole asks what she called her. Lois snaps at her to get back to work. Nicole flashes back to lying on the floor of the bus station, semi-conscious, as a woman soothes Sydney and urges her to hush, calling her ‘sweet pea.’ Nicole comes back to the present, wondering who else uses that phrase and why she can’t place that voice.

Sami tells EJ how lucky they were to get Sydney back, as terrible things happen to children every day. Just then, Sami gets a call from Rafe. He wants her to meet him at the cottage right away, promising to explain everything when she gets there. He then gives Sami directions. Sami explains that EJ is here with Sydney, so she can have him baby-sit her, but Rafe wants Sami to bring them both along. She tells him they’re on their way and hangs up, telling EJ that Rafe wants them to meet him at a cottage on Oak Road. EJ wonders if Rafe said why. Sami admits he didn’t, but she thinks he may have a lead on the kidnapper, or may have even found out who the person is. She grabs her coat and tells EJ to come on. He collects Sydney and the three head out the door.

Hope reminds Melanie that they’re discussing Melanie doing the right thing, not her issues with Bo and Carly. Melanie thinks that putting Carly behind bars is the right thing to do. Hope wonders what is going on with Melanie, as she knows she is a smart girl, and doesn’t really think that her mother intended to kill her. Melanie snaps back that she is a woman, and reminds Hope that Carly tossed her aside the second she was born and left her in the care of a total loser. Melanie doesn’t think that sounds like someone that is looking out for her well-being. Hope thinks there were extenuating circumstances, but Melanie thinks that is just a big word that doesn’t mean anything. Hope insists Carly was just trying to protect Melanie. Melanie notes that she failed miserably, and suggests that Carly shot her so that she wouldn’t have to be reminded of how horrible a mother she is. Hope sighs, saying she knows Melanie hates Carly, but she thinks Melanie is only saying these things out of spite, and not because she believes Carly is guilty. Melanie grumbles. Hope changes tactics, telling Melanie how sorry she is that she has had to go through so much, and that Carly has hurt her. Melanie retorts that Carly has to pay for giving her to some sadistic drunk who used to pimp her off to pay his gambling debts. Hope tries to say something, but Melanie cuts her off, saying that she doesn’t want to hear about any extenuating circumstances or anything else Hope might offer up in an attempt to defend Carly. She then asks Hope to just leave her alone. Hope sighs.

Sami heads into Anna’s hideout with EJ and Sydney. She greets Rafe, asking if he has found the kidnapper. He admits he hasn’t, but that he thinks the woman was using this cottage as her base of operations. EJ looks around critically and asks Rafe if he is sure, since the place appears to have been deserted for ages. Rafe explains that the last call placed to EJ from the kidnappers was made from this area, and this cottage is the only structure in the vicinity. Sami looks around in wonder, telling herself that that woman kept her baby here Rafe thinks its certainly possible. EJ doesn’t think Rafe can be sure of that, and demands to know if Rafe has any evidence.

Anna goes through her bag again, but can’t find the picture, and assumes she must have left it at the cottage. She frets, telling herself that if EJ’s cleanup crew doesn’t find it, then her fingerprints can link everything back to her--and to that SOB that dragged her into this scheme. Anna then vows to herself to bring EJ down with her if it comes to it.

Bo sighs, saying that he thought Carly understood. She apologizes, stammering that what she said was provocative, and she isn’t sure what response she expected from him. She says that of course he and Hope have a history, as they have children together and love one another. Bo explains that Carly is the woman he wants and needs right now. He admits he does have a history with Hope, but things change and people outgrow one another. He adds that what happened between him and Hope is sad, but he feels this right. He then moves in for a kiss. Carly admits it feels right to her, too. Bo tells Carly that he’d like to be with her, and that this whole martyr thing with her going off to prison thinking it will save her daughter is just crazy. He assures Carly that Vivian will be caught, as even though she’s sick and creepy, she’s also human and fallible, and will eventually be found out. Carly wishes she had his confidence. Bo begs her to think of her daughter. Carly claims she is thinking of Melanie, but Bo doesn’t see it that way, as he thinks Carly going off to person will be like her abandoning Melanie all over again. Carly doesn’t think Melanie will care, but Bo doesn’t think Carly is giving Melanie the chance to see how much she loves her. Hope comes over just then, interrupting. She apologizes. Bo asks her abruptly if she spoke to Melanie. Hope says that she did, but that it didn’t go well, as Melanie still refuses to believe the shooting was an accident, or claims not to believe it, anyway. Hope adds that she feels this is personal on Melanie’s part and that Melanie seems determined to punish Carly.

Melanie grumbles about Hope coming into her room and telling her what to think and feel about Carly, when she has no idea what Carly has put her through. Melanie angrily throws a magazine across the room and winces in pain. She gets out of bed and hobbles over to the corner to retrieve the magazine as her door opens. Melanie whirls around, shouting that Hope had better not be back here to bother her. She then gasps as she spots Max at the door and rushes into his arms, hugging him. Max tells her that he heard she got shot, and asks if she is alright. Melanie says she isn’t.

Nicole tells herself to think, and wonders who else might have called Sydney ‘sweet pea.’ She considers Mary, but rejects the idea, wondering why Mary would want to kidnap Sydney. Nicole thinks that it has to be someone from her past--someone who didn’t mind bashing in her head. Lois approaches and Nicole stares at her boots. She flashes back to lying on the floor of the bus station and seeing the leopard print boots of Sydney’s kidnapper. Nicole look up at Lois, but sees Anna instead. Anna asks her why she is looking at her like that. Nicole stares. Lois snaps her out of it, and asks her what is wrong with her. Nicole shakes her head, telling Lois that she just thought she was someone else for a minute. Lois jokes that Nicole must have thought she was Angelina Jolie. Nicole feigns a smile, admitting that must have been it.

Rafe asks EJ if there is a problem, noting that he seems agitated. EJ snaps back that of course he is, as he is trying to find out who kidnapped his daughter. EJ adds that he is also concerned about Sydney, as this grungy cottage is no place for her. Rafe doesn’t think she seems very upset. Sami interrupts, reminding Rafe that he said he had a reason for asking them to come out here. EJ snaps that he thinks Rafe wanted to torment them. Rafe retorts that he is trying to find the person that kidnapped Sydney, and reminds EJ that he and Sami saw the video of Sydney, so they may recognize something about the cottage. EJ says he doesn’t and Sami agrees with him, explaining that the camera focused in on Sydney inside the playpen, so she didn’t see much else. EJ remarks that this was a complete waste of time and tells Sami that he thinks they should go. Just then, Agent Clark walks in with another man. Rafe greets him as Mr. Toppits and thanks him for coming. He then explains to EJ and Sami that the man is a caretaker for a place down the road, and he’s hoping that he saw something or someone at the cottage.

Carly claims that she gets Melanie’s need to punish her, as she caused her a lifetime of pain. Bo knows that Carly only intended to protect Melanie, and he thinks things will be different once Melanie realizes that. Carly isn’t sure that Melanie will eve realize that, as she thinks Carly abandoned her for selfish reasons. Bo hopes she understands the truth one of these days. Carly hopes so, too, but admits that she’ll just have to live with it if Melanie doesn’t.

Max helps Melanie into bed as she questions him about Chelsea and London. Max tells her that he and Chelsea are doing well, but reminds her that he came to talk about her, not himself. He adds that she looks awful and asks where her adoring husband is. Melanie explains that Philip is running errands, as she was able to convince him that she wouldn’t die if he left the hospital for a while. Max then apologizes to Melanie for not being able to come to her wedding. He sighs, admitting he feels like he could have done something had he been there. Melanie doesn’t think Max could have read Carly’s mind, but stops, stammering that she doesn’t want to talk about Carly. She asks if Max heard the news about her father and Max nods, admitting that it’s a real showstopper. Melanie then tells Max that she has been thinking about it, and even though Trent was her biological father, they were both raised by him, so to her, that means that she and Max are still brother and sister. Max claims he feels the same way. Melanie beams, glad that she doesn’t have to give up the best big brother in the world. She reaches to hug him. Max warns her about her wound, but Melanie ignores him, telling him that he is her family, and that he always will be.

Toppits tells Rafe and the others that he thought the cottage was vacant, and only saw some kids heading up to the lake on this road from time to time. Rafe thanks him for his help, asking the caretaker to call if he remembers anything else. He agrees to do so and heads off with Clark. EJ asks Sami in desperation if they can leave. Sami snaps that she doesn’t mind being here if it helps them figure out what happened to Sydney. EJ doesn’t think it will, and claims that Rafe is grasping at straws. Rafe doesn’t think EJ can be sure of that. EJ declares that all he is sure of is that he has his daughter back, and that is all that matters. Rafe scoffs, reminding EJ that the person that put his family through hell is walking free, but EJ retorts that the kidnapper took care of Sydney and returned her to them healthy, and that is all he is concerned with. Rafe doesn’t think EJ can’t be sure this won’t happen again. EJ ignores him, saying that his only priority is getting Sydney out of this dirty little cabin. Sami thinks Sydney is fine, and tells EJ that they need to seize any chance they have of finding the kidnapper. EJ explodes, claiming that it doesn’t matter, since the kidnapper is too smart to have left traces behind in this cabin. He says he is sorry, but he kidnapper is gone, and they should just be happy and grateful that they have their daughter back.

Anna grumbles aloud, wondering when this plane is taking off, as they should have been halfway to Costa Rica by now. Just then, the pilot announces that there’re having some technical difficulties. Anna calls out, wondering if anyone knows how long this delay will last.

Max claims that Melanie is his sister in his heart, and that that will never change. Melanie grins, saying that he’s still the same handsome big brother that always defends her despite her many faults. Max agrees with that. Melanie slaps his leg, reminding him that he isn’t supposed to agree that she has many faults, but Max claims he agreed with the handsome and strong older brother part. He then gets serious, telling Melanie that she is smart and funny, and most importantly, she’s loyal. Melanie is surprised he still thinks that, since all she has done since he left town is screw up. Max doesn’t think so, as she attended nursing school and fell in love and got married. He thinks Melanie is actually on the right track. Melanie beams, repeating to herself that she’s on the right track.

EJ thinks he and Sami should get going, but she’d rather wait for Rafe. Rafe says that he’s actually finished now, as the lab is on their way here. EJ offers to put Sydney in the car, but Sami wants to ride with Rafe. EJ grimaces as Rafe says he’d be delighted to take the two home. He then vows to Sami that he will find the kidnapper, and it’s only a matter of time now.

Lois snaps at Nicole to hurry it up, as she needs to get her back to her cell. She then heads off. Nicole wonders why she didn’t consider Anna before, but then stops, telling herself that the idea is ridiculous, and that Anna couldn’t have possibly have had anything to do with this.

Max tells Melanie that he knows she is upset about everything that happened at the wedding, but he feels he has to weigh in. Melanie refuses to allow him, claiming that she knows how his brain works. She assumes Max is going to ask her to give Carly a break since she is her mother. Max agrees that that was what he was thinking. Melanie tells him to forget it, as Carly deserves to go to jail for what she did. She reminds Max that Carly ruined her childhood, kept her from her father, and shot her on her wedding day. She adds angrily that if Max plans on telling her to be nice to Carly, then he may as well leave. Max gapes.

Bo vows that he is not giving up, and that he and Hope are going to keep talking to Melanie. Just then, Bo gets a call from the station and tells Hope and Carly that he needs to get down there to try to convince Gus to give Vivian up for a better deal. Hope asks if he needs any help, but Bo claims he has it covered and hurries off. Hope assures Carly that Melanie might change her mind. Carly appreciates Hope saying so, but she thinks her going to jail is best for everyone involved, including Bo. Hope doesn’t understand. Carly then explains that she plans on pleading guilty at the hearing later today.

Rafe, Sami and Sydney head into Sami’s place. Rafe is on the phone with another agent, asking to have the entire area around the cottage swept for evidence. Sami tries to help Rafe with his jacket as he hangs up, but Rafe says that he had better get back to the office. Sami is surprised he doesn’t have at least a couple of minutes and asks him to hang out with her and Sydney for a little while, as he hasn’t spent much time with the baby, and she misses him. Rafe admits he missed her too. He smiles, asking Sydney if she is happy to be home with her mother. Sami thinks Sydney is happy to be with Rafe too, as they are a family, and that is all that matters. Rafe agrees.

Back at the DiMera mansion, EJ gets a call from Anna, who tells him that her flight has been delayed. EJ, furious, warns her that she must get out of the country immediately, but Anna wonders if he expects her to fly the plane herself. EJ tiredly asks what the problem is with her plane. Anna isn’t sure, as the pilot just announced that there was mechanical problems. EJ groans. Anna wonders why he sounds so panicky, and asks worriedly if something happened. EJ tells her about Rafe finding the cottage. Anna asks if he found anything, but EJ says he didn’t. Anna wonders what they will do if he does, but EJ wonders if he really needs to spell it out for her. Anna snaps back that she is just nervous. EJ thinks she should be, as they’re history if Rafe finds anything incriminating around the cottage.

Max is surprised that Melanie plans on letting her own mother go to prison. Melanie retorts that Carly let her daughter be raised by a drunk. Max doesn’t think Carly realized that, but Melanie snaps that she should have. She adds that she doesn’t care about Carly, as she means nothing to her. Max sighs, saying that he knows Melanie is angry, but at the end of the day, if she allows her mother to go to prison for just trying to protect her, then the person that will really end up suffering is Melanie herself.

Hope reminds Carly that if she pleads guilty, it could be years before she gets out, but Carly thinks that is what is best for both Melanie and Bo. Hope wonders why she thinks it would be best for Bo. Carly reminds Hope that she is Bo’s wife, and they’ve had a hard time. She knows Bo has turned to her lately, but Hope is important to him, too, and she feels that if she is out of the picture, then Bo and Hope can find their way back to each other. She worries that she seems presumptuous. Hope sarcastically tells Carly how noble she is. Carly sighs. Hope snaps at her to take her patronizing little offer and go to hell.

Sami assures Rafe that Sydney loves hanging out with him, and that she is grateful for everything he has done for her, even if she isn’t old enough to say it. Rafe admits he is glad to have her back, but says there’s one thing he still has to do--and that’s to find the person that took her and bring them to justice.

EJ asks Anna what the pilot said and asks if he gave any indication of when they might be leaving. Anna says that all he said was that there was a delay. Just then, the pilot informs the passengers that the problem has been resolved, and that they’ll be leaving shortly. Anna thanks God and asks EJ if he heard that. He says he did, and that it’s wonderful news. He wishes Anna a good trip. She asks him to give her little sweet pea a kiss. EJ agrees to do so and hangs up, looking at photo of Sydney and telling it that he dodged a bullet there. He thinks Anna’s secret is safe with him now.

Nicole wonders how it possibly could have been Anna that took Sydney, but then asks herself why else she Anna have popped in her head. Nicole remembers that she hasn’t seen Anna since Tony was alive, and those two were hardly ever at the mansion. Nicole flashes back to Anna walking out of the mansion with a suitcase, warning Nicole to take care of her little sweet pea. Nicole comes back to the present and gasps, saying that it really was Anna that took Sydney.


Carly tells Hope, “This is about what must be and what will be.”

Nicole calls Anna, “It's Nicole. Long time, no talk.”

Nathan says, “You need to tell me exactly what was in this letter, Stephanie.”

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