Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/12/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/12/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In Rafe’s office down at the police station, Sami stammers that she came by to apologize. Agent Clark gets some good news over the phone and thanks someone named Dave profusely. Sami sighs, asking if Rafe can take a break for a few moments, but he shakes his head. Sami claims that it’s really important.

Carly stares into the water from the pier. Vivian strolls over and smirks, suggesting that Carly do everyone a favor and jump.

At the pub, EJ reminds Arianna how fair she was towards him when Sydney went missing, and he’s sure that that didn’t make things easy with her brother. Arianna claims that she and Rafe are fine. EJ is glad to hear it, again thanking her for her support. Arianna notes that EJ looks much better and much happier. EJ admits that life is great right now and asks Arianna how things are going with her. She shrugs, saying she’s fine. EJ then admits that he didn’t only come down here to thank her; he came down here to discuss something with her.

At the state prison, Nicole is surprised to learn that they still don’t know who took Sydney. She asks Chloe who gave her back to EJ, but Chloe explains that Brady didn’t have any of the details. Nicole sighs, saying that ever since the moment she woke up in the hospital and realized that someone had take Sydney, she has been trying to remember anything at all that might tell her who did it. Chloe asks if she has had any luck, but Nicole sighs and shakes her head, saying that it’s a big blank. She tells Chloe tearfully that she doesn’t know what happened to her little girl, and there was nothing she could do to help her. She wails that this is all her fault.

Sami reminds Rafe that he didn’t come home last night, which seems important to her. Rafe replies that he just doesn’t want to sleep under the same roof as EJ. Sami sighs, saying she doesn’t either, but Sydney does, and Rafe should have seen her with EJ. Rafe sighs, claiming that he gets it. Sami asks him if they can talk privately, but he gestures towards Agent Clark, saying that they may be getting a break on the case they’re working on. Sami sighs, saying she gets it, as her father is also a cop, and she understands that Rafe is working on a case. She asks him to just come home when he can. Sami then heads off as Clark gets off the phone, telling Rafe that she was speaking with Dave, the president of the board of realtors. Rafe thought he wasn’t cooperating. Clark laughs, saying he wasn’t--until she showed up in his office with the top button of her blouse undone. She laughs, saying that the guy thinks he’s a player, so it worked, and she was able to get the list of everyone leasing property near the cell phone tower in the woods. Rafe grins as Sami bursts back in, demanding to know if the case Rafe is working on has anything to do with Sydney.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel heads into the living room as Victor gets off the phone with the governor. He asks Daniel if he is here about Melanie, and if she is alright. Daniel admits she is making a good recovery. Victor asks what the problem is then, and Daniel reminds Victor of how he asked if Melanie was more than just a patient to him. Victor remembers. Daniel claims he lied at the time, and that Melanie actually is more than just a patient to him. Victor smirks, saying he thought as much, and wonders how long the two have been sleeping together. Daniel groans. Victor scoffs, telling Daniel not to take that high moral ground with him as he knows neither Melanie or Daniel are exactly prudish. Daniel sighs, telling Victor that he is actually Melanie’s father. Victor gapes.

Chloe assures Nicole that this isn’t all her fault, and reminds her that Sydney is back now, so it doesn’t matter, anyway. Nicole whines that they still don’t know who took Sydney, and she should remember, as she was the one that was hit in the back of head and had Sydney taken from her. Nicole thinks it must be buried in her subconscious. Chloe reminds her that she mentioned something before about designer boots. Nicole says she actually remembers a voice--one she’s heard before, but she can’t seem to place. Nicole think that if she could just put a name with the voice, then she could put that psychopath away forever. Nicole adds that if there is a God, then the kidnapper will be put into the same cell as her.

Anna surveys her hideout worriedly, telling herself that EJ is right, and that she had better not leave anything behind, as if she does, this could be traced back to her, and then she’ll be in a world of hurt. Anna looks around fretfully as the camera pans in on her leopard print boots, which are stuffed beneath the sofa.

Rafe asks Agent Clark to get to work on the new information they just received. She nods and heads off. Sami again asks if this big case he’s working on has anything to do with Sydney. All Rafe will tell her is that he is working on Sydney’s kidnapping case. Sami guesses unhappily that he would be closer to catching the kidnappers if she hadn’t hidden information from him in the first place. Rafe reminds her that they’ve been over this many times, but Sami shakes her head, reminding Rafe that he keeps changing the subject, and that she thinks that’s the reason he didn’t come home last night. Rafe suggests they just let it go, but Sami refuses. Rafe sighs, telling Sami that most kidnapping cases don’t have a happy ending like the one Sami got. He thinks that all she should be focused on right now is the fact that Sydney is home and that she’s healthy and safe. Sami admits that she is happy Sydney is back, but she can still see through Rafe, and she knows how much she hurt him.

EJ explains to Arianna that he feels he has gotten to know her better since Sydney’s disappearance, and he likes what he sees. Arianna thinks the conversation is getting creepy. EJ smiles, saying what he meant to say is that he’d like Arianna to come and work for him.

Victor snaps that Daniel better not be playing with him. Daniel admits he isn’t. Victor groans, hoping Daniel’s explanation is that he sold some sperm to pay his way through medical school, and said sperm somehow ended up in Carly’s turkey baster. Daniel fidgets. Victor pleads with him to make an old man happy and tell him he didn’t sleep with that puff adder. Daniel sighs, admitting that he can’t do that. Victor notes that he is still living, which is odd, since he thought black widows devoured their mates. Victor then says that he hopes Daniel was at least drunk. Daniel admits that it was a one-night thing, and that he and Carly were both in a pretty bad place at the time. Victor thinks he must have been. Daniel then explains that he and Carly decided to just be friends, and it ended up working out for the best, since Carly introduced him to Rebecca shortly after that. Victor asks about him finding out that Carly was pregnant, but Daniel says he never did, and that the first time he heard about any of this was just a few days ago. Victor ask sarcastically if he’s handing out cigars in celebration. Daniel sighs, saying that he is so frustrated with Carly right now that he just isn’t sure what to do next. Victor grins, telling Daniel he has come to the right pace, then.

Carly notes that she didn’t hear Vivian sneaking up on her, and wonders why she didn’t just push her into the river. Vivian remarks that drowning is quick and relatively painless. Carly thinks suffocating someone with a pillow is also quick and painless, but that didn’t stop Vivian from trying to do it. Vivian declares that she much prefers the future Carly has arranged for herself--going to prison for shooting her own daughter.

Nicole grins, saying that the kidnapper will be freaking out about being placed in the same cell as the mother of the baby she stole, but she won’t have time to react, because Nicole plans on hacking off her hair and puling off her scalp--Chloe interrupts, warning Nicole to keep her voice down. Nicole sighs, addition that that little fantasy really helps her pass the time here. She complains that she hates this place. Chloe remains her that jail isn’t supposed to be fun. Nicole whines that Chloe has no idea what it feels like to hear that cell door slam and know that you can’t get out. She then confides in Chloe that she sometimes does multiplication tables in her head to keep from going insane. Chloe thinks Nicole needs to calm down and find a way to accept being in prison, as she is stuck in here and has no choice about it. Nicole scoffs, “Like hell I don’t.”

Rafe admits that he wishes Sami hadn’t held out on him in regards to the ransom demand, but they did it his way the first time, and it didn’t work. He reminds Sami that she and EJ going rogue did work, and when you’re dealing with a baby’s life, what works is all that matters. Sami admits tearfully that she is glad that Sydney is back, but she wants the rest of it, too, and she wants back every minute she lost with Sydney. She adds that she also wants to get back to the way she and Rafe used to be, when they were a team. Rafe hugs her as she breaks down into sobs, assuring her that they never stopped being a team. He reminds Sami that she was thrown a nasty curveball and thought she had to act alone in the matter. He then tells Sami that they still love each to her, and that is all that matters.


Vivian remarks that she heard that Melanie told the police that Carly shot her in cold blood. Carly angrily reminds Vivian that she had just paid Melanie a visit, and she was terrified. Vivian thinks it’s just terrible that she pointed the finger at her own mother. Carly asks Vivian angrily if she doesn’t have an orphanage to burn down or something. Vivian ignores the comment, claiming that she couldn’t have come up with a better plan herself, as she knows Daniel and Melanie must hate Carly. Carly admits Vivian is right, but adds that the only way she could survive living with Lawrence was by hoping the future could be better. Vivian wonders what future Carly could possibly be talking about. Carly retorts that Melanie has a bright future, as she is married to a man that adores her, and she now has a father she can be proud of. Vivian asks slyly where Carly sees herself in this picture, and guesses she must see herself behind bars. Carly admits she may go to jail, and that a jury may doubt she was on that roof to save her daughter, as Melanie certainly doubts it. Carly reminds Vivian that they both know what really happened that roof, though, and that Vivian really did plan on killing Melanie. Since she stopped her, it’s now between her and Vivian, as it always should have been. Vivian doesn’t reply. Carly thinks that her going to prison should satisfy Vivian’s need for revenge, so she warns Vivian to leave Melanie alone from now on. Vivian smirks.

Daniel rages about Carly being pregnant and not telling him. Victor agrees that it’s unbelievable. Daniel nods, saying that his daughter could have had a loving home, and instead, she grew up with a pervert. Daniel admits that Rebecca might have been upset at first, but she would have gotten over it, and he could have been a hell of a lot better father to Melanie than the one she ended up with. Victor asks if Melanie knows about this. Daniel nods. Victor wonders how she took it, and Daniel admits she didn’t take it well. He think Melanie’s life has been one jolt after the other since Carly shot her, so she wants nothing to do with Carly, and frankly, Daniel wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t want anything to do with him, either. Victor warns Daniel not to let that happen, and urges him to do what it takes to make sure his daughter doesn’t walk out of his life.

Sami tells Rafe how much she loves him, and explains that she is an expert on what can happen when you kick love around and do the kinds of things that she did. Rafe claims she didn’t do anything wrong, and that what he loves most about her and what he’s loved about her from the moment they met is how much she loves her kids and how she puts them first. Sami says she knows how happy Rafe is to have Sydney back, too. Rafe thinks she ought to be thrilled as well, and reminds her that it’s only been a few hours since Sydney’s return and she’s already beating herself up about something. Sami sighs, asking Rafe if he trusts her--like he did before. He claims he does, but Sami doesn’t think he can look her in the eye when he says it. Rafe groans, telling Sami that he hates Monday morning quarterbacking and people that talk about what should have happened or what could have been. Rafe claims that all he cares about right now is their future together. Sami says that she wants one with him more than anything. The two move in for a kiss.

Arianna isn’t sure why EJ would want to hire her, as she has a prison record. She asks him suspiciously if her prison record makes her more qualified for the job. EJ claims that DiMera Enterprises is completely legitimate, and that they even have an executive training program. He then asks if Arianna has a college degree. She nods, explaining that she finished it in prison. He then asks her if she has any interest in business. The camera pans outside as Brady approaches the pub. He watches Arianna and EJ as they talk. He heads inside just in time to hear EJ compliment Arianna on hw well she runs the pub. He asks her to think over his offer and hands her a business card, asking her to call if she is interested. Arianna takes it and Brady smirks, telling himself that Arianna said no to him, but she said yes to EJ.

Chloe asks Nicole if her lawyer called and told her things had changed. Nicole shakes her head. Chloe wonders how she plans on getting out of prison, then. Nicole says she was just thinking and quickly changes the subject, asking how things are going with Chloe and Daniel. Chloe then confides in Nicole about the false home pregnancy test, and Daniel making an appointment for her to see a shrink. Nicole gasps. Chloe thinks he is just trying to be sensitive, but Nicole declares that she hates sensitive guys, as they’re always in your business. Chloe admits that she hasn’t even been to one appointment, though she told Daniel she had been going every week. She then tells Nicole that she feels badly for not ever being able to give Daniel a child, and going to see a psychiatrist about it won’t help. Nicole doesn’t think it’s the end of the word as long as Chloe and Daniel have each other. She asks Chloe if Daniel is ok with not having kids. Chloe then tells her that Daniel doesn’t have to be ok with it, as he already has a child. Shocked, Nicole asks angrily if he has been cheating, but Chloe explains that the child was conceived long before she and Daniel met. Nicole guesses some skank showed up demanding child support, but Chloe says that the kid is actually all grown up, and the mother never wanted Daniel to find out about her. Nicole asks who the mother is, and Chloe explains that it’s Carly Manning. Nicole can’t believe it. Chloe nods, saying sarcastically that the timing was great, because in one week, she proved she could never have Daniel’s baby, and Carly proved she could--without even trying.

Anna wanders around the hideout, telling herself that she remembers pulling the boots out of the suitcase and tossing them, but she has no clue where they landed. She frets, telling herself that she should have left for the airport fifteen minutes ago. She adds worriedly that if the wrong person finds those boots, it won’t matter where she is, because she’ll be finished. We pan in on the boots under the sofa.

Sami and Rafe start to kiss, but the two end up backing off. Sami changes the subject, noting jealously that Agent Clark is attractive. She accuses Rafe of thinking Clark is hot and of liking Clark for not being a liar the way she is. Rafe scoffs, saying that him and Clark getting together isn’t going to happen. Sami is surprised, since she went behind his back with EJ. Rafe admits she made that choice, and that that is something she is going to have to live with.

EJ tells Arianna that he has to go pick up Sydney and asks her again to think about what he said. He greets Brady on his way out. Brady congratulates him, saying that he heard the news about Sydney. EJ thanks him and hurries off. Brady remarks to Arianna that he and EJ ought to go bowling sometime, since he’s such a nice guy. He then asks Arianna what EJ wanted her to think about. She explains that he offered her a job. Brady is surprised, and asks what she said. Arianna admits that she was hoping she’d be too busy right now to change jobs. Brady wonders what she would be too busy doing. She says flirtatiously that she thinks Brady knows what she means. Brady says that that leads into something he wants to ask her. Arianna grins as Brady asks her if she’d like to have coffee. Surprised and disappointed, she reminds him there’s coffee here at the pub. Brady drags her toward the door, asking her to come with him. She claims she has to work, but Brady says he just saw Pete drive up. He pulls Arianna out the door as she reluctantly agrees to come with him.

Daniel admits that he wants to try to have a relationship with Melanie, but at the end of the day, she’s a grown woman, and he can’t just buy her toys or give her piggy back rides. Victor thinks Daniel can be the man that is there for her when his own son acts like a jerk and he can be the man that puts the hurt on people who mistreat her. Victor then reminds Daniel that he didn’t know Bo and Isabella were his children until they were adults. He admits he missed the time he lost, but he still cherishes every day he spent with both of them. Daniel is sure he does. Victor then tells Daniel that he has a new appreciation for Melanie, as she has backbone. Daniel chuckles, admitting that she certainly does. Victor then promises to welcome her into his house as soon as she is released from the hospital. Daniel asks if Victor will keep Vivian in line and look out for Melanie. Victor nods, saying of course he will, as not only is Melanie is new daughter-in-law, she’s also his godson’s daughter.

Vivian reminds Carly that she is very fond of Melanie, and that she is Philip’s wife, but Carly doesn’t think that would stop Vivian, especially if she were still trying to get revenge. Vivian snorts that not everything is about Carly. Carly groans, telling Vivian that she is sick of talking in code. She asks if they are square or not. Vivian then admits that if Carly were to go to prison alone, with no friend or ally, then and only then would she be satisfied. She asks if that is clear enough for Carly. Carly replies that it is.

Ann looks under the sofa and finds the boots just as EJ calls. She groans and answers. He demands to know why her phone isn’t off. Anna wonders why it would be. EJ angrily declares that she had better be on that plane, as it’s taking off in a few minutes. Anna urges EJ not to worry, claiming that everything will be fine. EJ angrily asks Anna if she is on that plane or not.

Sami thinks that proves Rafe is still angry. He says he isn’t, but that she can’t snap her fingers and make everything go away, either. Semi wonders what she is supposed to do, then. Rafe suggests she go home and hug Sydney and tell her how much she loves her. He then suggests that Sami think about how miserable their lives were without her. Sami says that she does want to do that, and that she does want to help her children get through this and se that they’re a family, but Rafe is an important part of that family. Sami claims that she just needs to know that she didn’t screw this up so badly that he isn’t still a part of their relationship.

Arianna and Brady take a table at the Java Café. Arianna wonders why they are here. Brady explains that he didn’t want anyone interrupting them and asking her for cheesecake or coffee, as the only person that is going to be asking her anything is him. Arianna beams, wondering what it is that Brady wants to ask her.

Chloe fills Nicole in on what has happened, and how Daniel didn’t even realize that he was saving the life of his own daughter. Nicole thinks the only thing left for Chloe to do is to make sure that Daniel forgets all about Carly and Melanie. Nicole thinks it’s lucky that Carly is going to prison, so she is already taken care of, and adds that Melanie is all grown up now, and Daniel doesn’t know her, so Chloe needs to keep it that way. Chloe sighs, saying she loves Nicole, but she gives terrible advice. Nicole warns Chloe to ignore her at her own peril, as she’s going to have to keep Daniel on a short leash, or risk losing him for good.

Anna wonders what she could be keeping from EJ, as he knows everything about her. EJ thinks she sounds odd, but Anna declares the flight attendants are giving her dirty looks for using her phone. She hangs up on EJ hurriedly and drags out her suitcase. She tries to stuff the boots inside, but they won’t fit. Anna groans aloud, wondering what she is going to do now.

Sami moves in for a kiss, but Rafe backs off, saying that he can’t get into this right now Sami pouts, sorry for bothering him. Rafe claims she isn’t bothering him as Clark rushes in, telling Rafe that she has the address of a place with an absentee owner. The important thing is that the guy rents the place from month to month on a cash-only basis. Clark thinks that sounds exactly like the kind of place Rafe is looking for. Rafe agrees, asking for the address. Clark hands it over and Rafe throws on his coat, saying that he’s going out there now. He hurries off as Sami stares after him, stammering.

The guard warns Nicole that visiting hours are over. Chloe guesses she has to leave and hugs Nicole, asking if she can do anything for her. Nicole asks Chloe to give Sydney a kiss for her, and to promise her than she’ll never screw things up for her again. Chloe asks Nicole if she finally realizes that Sydney is where she belongs. Nicole jokes that Sydney belongs with her thousands of miles away from EJ and Sami, but that’s not going to happen. Chloe asks if Nicole wants her to say anything to EJ. Nicole asks her to tell EJ to drop dead. She then softens, telling Chloe that if she sees Brady, she’d like her to thank him for thinking she deserved to know the good news about Sydney. Nicole starts to tell Chloe to tell Brady something else, but changes her mind.

Brady tells Arianna that what he wanted to ask her was--to split a piece of chocolate cake with him. Arianna doesn’t think this is funny anymore, and reminds Brady that he said he understood why she turned down his proposal the first time. She claims she was scared, and that her instincts just suck. Brady asks why she was scared. Arianna claims she was just afraid of getting everything she wanted, ad that is what being his wife means to her. She asks Brady to stop with the jokes, and to just ask her again. Brady refuses.

Victor heads out onto the pier and greets Carly and Vivian. Carly snorts that after having gone a few rounds with Vivian, seeing Victor is just the cherry on the sundae of her day. Victor thinks Vivian will most likely tell him all about it. Carly demands that Victor keep Vivian away from her daughter. Vivian complains that she’s tired of people taking about her as if she isn’t here. Victor remarks that Daniel told him that Melanie is his daughter as well. He adds nastily that Carly sure does get around. Carly admits laughingly that she is the town pump, and that she has slept with everyone--everyone except Victor of course, even though they were married. Carly smirks, saying that she has her standards. Victor glares.

At the pub, Daniel asks Chloe what the prison visiting room looked like. Chloe admits that it was awful, and that she couldn’t wait to get out of there. She just hopes that Nicole couldn’t tell. Daniel nods distractedly. Chloe accuses him of imagining Carly ending up in a place like that. She asks Daniel if he is worried about Carly.

EJ brings Sydney over to Sami’s place. Sami takes Sydney into her arms as EJ explains that he could barely get her away from Caroline, who is just over the moon. Sami knows she is, as she cried when she saw Sydney this morning, and it made her cry, too. EJ helps Sami with Sydney’s coat, and he asks her if she is alright. Sami claims she’s just worried about getting all the kids settled and asks EJ for help getting the twins off the school bus. EJ thinks they’ve been through too much together for her to be hiding things from him. He then asks if she saw Rafe. Sami admits that she did. EJ wonders if he told her why he didn’t come home last night. Sami says that Rafe doesn’t have to explain it, as she knows that he is hurt by what she did.

Chloe asks if she is right, and if Daniel is worried about Carly. Daniel claims that Carly is a big girl, and besides, she has Bo in her corner. Daniel adds that he just wants to think about Chloe and their wedding day. Chloe asks if he is sure. Daniel nods, saying that the can’t wait to marry Chloe. The two kiss.

Victor snaps at Carly that it’s not a good idea for her to be getting in his face right now. Vivian reminds Victor that Carly likes to attack when she is cornered, and they both know how very cornered she is right now. Vivian adds pointedly that Carly also knows that as long as she goes to prison, she’ll sleep well, knowing Lawrence is at peace. She then suggests that she and Victor leave, and the two head off. Carly takes out her phone and calls Bo. She leaves him a message, telling him that today at the hearing, she plans on pleading guilty to shooting Melanie.

Arianna, disappointed, tells Brady that she didn’t realize that this was a one-time offer. Brady asks what she means. Arianna reminds him that she just asked him to ask her to marry him again, and he said no. Brady claims that he is always saying no when he really means yes. He thinks Arianna will have to get used to it if she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Arianna laughs, saying that she ought to punch him in the nose. Brady suggests she marry him instead. Arianna grins, saying that she’d love to.

Nicole asks Lois if she really has to go back to her cell now, as she just hates it when the doors slam closed. The guard agrees to let her stay, but whips out a toothbrush, saying that Nicole is going to have to scrub the floors until they shine. Nicole wonders if the woman is kidding. The guard claims she has never been more serious, and suggests that Nicole think about this the next time she decides to assault a fellow inmate. Nicole wonders aloud if she has ever mentioned how much she hates this place. She groans, wishing someone would get her out of here.

EJ offers Sami some advice--to concentrate on her daughter, and then she’ll feel better. Sam admits Rafe said the same thing. EJ remarks that Rafe isn’t always wrong, then. EJ then urges Sami to just focus on her family right now, as nothing else matters. EJ promises everything will be fine if she does.

Rafe and Agent Clark lurk outside Anna’s hideout. Rafe whispers that he is going in, and asks Clark to cover him. He then bursts inside the cabin, yelling that he is with the FBI.


Anna frets, “Oh, no. What if I left it at the cottage?”

Nicole wonders, “Now, why can't I place that voice?”

Sami asks Rafe, “Did you find Sydney's kidnapper?”

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