Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/11/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/11/10


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At the state prison, Nicole slams another inmate into the bars of their cell, shrieking that the woman had better start associating getting in her face with pain. The woman whimpers as Nicole tosses her over to the other side of the cell, warning her that if she wants to get along in this place, then she’ll have to get along with her.

In her room at the hospital, Melanie calls Philip. He asks if something is wrong, but Melanie claims that she just wanted to hear his voice again. Daniel opens the door as Melanie sighs, saying that everything is just great. She hangs up. Daniel backs out and quietly closes the door.

At her place, Sami plays with Sydney as EJ walks in. He asks Sami if she got his note and she smiles, reminding him that he left it on her pillow, so it was hard to miss. EJ explains that he didn’t want her to worry when she woke up and found that they twins weren’t here. Sami thanks him for taking them to school. EJ gathers Sydney into his arms, asking how she is doing. Sami replies that they’ve been having a lot of fun as EJ hugs Sydney, telling her how much he missed her. Sami then asks him abruptly if he saw Rafe this morning. EJ says he didn’t. Sami sighs, guessing that he didn’t come home last night.

At the police station, Agent Clark heads into Rafe’s office and asks in surprise if he has been here all night. Rave checks his watch and grins sheepishly, guessing that he has. She asks if he got anything from EJ’s cell phone records and Rafe nods, saying that he discovered that seven minutes before EJ called Sami to tell her that Sydney was dead, EJ received a call from a prepaid, disposable cell phone. Clark groans, unsurprised that the phone is untraceable. Rafe shows her the cell phone tower the call was traced to and points it out on the map. Clark notes that there isn’t much in that area besides the tower and the woods. Rafe doesn’t think it will take too long to track down the people that did this, as criminals always leave something behind. He then vows to find out who kidnapped Sydney.

At her hideout, Anna packs some bundles of cash into a suitcase and closes the lid. She grins.

A guard rushes over and warns Nicole to back off. She claims she was being threatened as her cellmate, Tiffany, whimpers from the corner. The guard rolls her eyes and asks Tiffany if she is alright. Nicole glares, telling Tiffany pointedly to go ahead and tell the guard what happened. Tiffany moans that it was all her fault. Nicole nods and clutches her arm, claiming that she needs to go to the infirmary. The guard reminds her she was there yesterday ad the day before, but Nicole snaps that it isn’t her fault they can’t seem to control their inmates. She then asks if she can go to the infirmary, or wonders if she’ll be forced to lodge another complaint with the warden. The guard gestures toward the door and glares, “After you, Mrs. DiMera.” Nicole grins, admitting that she considered going back to her maiden name, but for some reason, “DiMera” carries a lot more weight around this place. The guard scoffs and hurries Nicole down the corridor.

At the Java Café, Arianna asks Brady if he plans on visiting Sami and the baby. Brady nods, admitting that he’s excited to see that little girl again. Arianna says she plans on visiting their friend who was shot at her wedding. Brady chuckles, asking Arianna to tell Melanie that he will catch up with her later. Arianna then tells Brady what a wonderful time she had the night before. Brady says he did, too. Arianna grabs her coat, asking him if he will pick her up after work, and Brady agrees, saying that it’s a date. Arianna grins and heads off. Brady sighs, telling himself that someone has to do it.

The guard pushes Nicole back into her cell, guessing that the DiMera name doesn’t carry as much weight as she thought. She warns the two that she doesn’t want any more trouble out of them, as she had a late night and needs a quiet morning. She heads off as Nicole calls after her angrily, asking if she was up late watching her Ida Lupino movies. Tiffany snorts. Nicole threatens to knock all her teeth down her throat if she smirks like that again. Tiffany recoils, claiming she didn’t say anything, but she was thinking that the two of them should call a truce if they’re going to be stuck in here together. Nicole flops down on her bunk, admitting that the last truce she was a part of didn’t turn out so well. Tiffany claims sarcastically that she is surprised to hear that since Nicole seems so easy to get along with. Nicole gives her a look and Tiffany apologizes immediately. Nicole then agrees to make peace, but she thinks Tiffany has to make some kind of gesture of respect and admiration. She sighs and salutes Nicole begrudgingly, “Hail, Nicole, who I respect and admire.” Nicole flies over and throttles her, screaming that Tiffany doesn’t get to decide what the gesture is--she does.

EJ tells Sami how sorry he is, as he knows she wanted to spend some time with both Rafe and Sydney. He adds that he hopes his presence didn’t spoil anything. Sami claims EJ just postponed things, not spoiled them. She adds that nothing could spoil her first morning back with Sydney, anyway. She smiles at the baby, telling EJ that this is the first day of the rest of their lives. EJ agrees, saying that it’s like the first day of all of their lives.

Daniel heads into Maggie’s kitchen and greets Maggie, asking if she can spare a moment to talk about Melanie. Maggie says she can, of course, and asks Daniel to sit down. Daniel stammers, asking if Melanie told Maggie about--Maggie interrupts, explaining gently that Melanie told her that Daniel is her biological father. Daniel sighs, admitting that Melanie doesn’t seem to be too thrilled about it. Maggie wonders if Daniel wanted her to be. He sighs, admitting that as her doctor, he knows Melanie is still reeling from what happened on her wedding day, but he still can’t help but want to move in and try to help her. He sighs, admitting that he feels arrogant for even trying so hard to be her parent, as if he has some place in her life. Maggie says that that is where this gets complicated, as Daniel did have a place in Melanie’s life, and she liked and respected him, but now things have changed. Daniel guesses that Maggie knows everything. She chuckles, saying it’s exhausting to be this wise sometimes. Daniel then confides in Maggie that he only wants to do what is best for Melanie, but he isn’t sure what that is.

Arianna heads into Melanie’s room and greets her, surprised to see her here alone. Melanie admits she that she begged Philip to go back to work as she was starting to feel guilty about him spending all of his time holding her hand. Arianna gives her a suspicious look. Melanie asks what that is supposed to mean. Arianna admits it’s probably pretty tense with Philip hanging around, since Nathan is one of Melanie’s doctors. Melanie grimaces, saying that she has one rule, and that is that she doesn’t want to talk about Nathan.

Chloe heads into the café and greets Brady. He assumes she heard the news about Sydney, and she nods, admitting that she cried when Daniel told her. Brady nods, saying that for him to say that Sami is relieved would be an understatement. He adds that he is just thrilled for her and for everyone in the Brady family. Chloe just hopes Sami can find a way to get past this, as she can’t imagine what she was feeling, or what Rafe and EJ went through. Brady then reminds Chloe that there is someone else who has been through a lot.

Tiffany sips from a flask. Nicole hisses at her to hand it over, but Tiffany looks out or the guard, asking Nicole to wait until she’s gone. Nicole grumbles about how the guard has watched Chicago too many times. She snatches the flask from Tiffany and takes a sip, grimacing that the stuff could strip wood. Tiffany snorts, saying she’s sorry it’s not like the brandy Nicole had at the DiMera mansion. Nicole claims she still is a DiMera--more of a DiMera than they know. She vows that they will know, however.

Brady asks if Chloe is ok with that, and she nods, agreeing to do it. Brady thanks her, saying that he understands if she’s too busy with her marriage preparations, but Chloe says that her day is actually free, as Daniel had to cancel an appointment they had with a travel agent. Brady asks Chloe what is going on, and if she is alright. She shakes her head, saying that Brady came to her with wonderful news, and she refuses to let her rotten mood spoil it. She adds that she has a long drive ahead of her anyhow, so she had better get going so that she can beat the traffic. Brady thanks Chloe for seeing him and the two hug. Chloe then heads off.

Daniel brings Maggie a cup of coffee. She thanks him, asking how Chloe is dealing with all of this. Daniel thinks it’s hard to know what Chloe is feeling, but he can tell she’s trying to handle all this perfectly and not show her anger or her hurt feelings. Maggie thinks Chloe is dealing with some of her old friends, repression and denial. Daniel replies that while they’re on that subject, he’d like to know what is wrong with Maggie. She says she is fine, but Daniel shakes his head, reminding her that she didn’t get up to get the door earlier, and she asked him to make her coffee. He knows that isn’t like Maggie. Maggie doesn’t answer. Daniel thinks she’s favoring one of her arms, too. He reaches for Maggie’s hand, but she jerks it back. Daniel sighs, saying that it’s a good thing he’s here.

Melanie suggests that she and Arianna talk about something happy--like the trip Arianna took with Brady. Melanie asks if they had fun. Arianna nods, saying that between her not having to worry about her undercover work, and Brady not having to worry about his niece, they were pretty close to carefree. Melanie is surprised they were just close. Arianna then admits that things got pretty awkward after Brady proposed to her, and she turned him down. Melanie shrieks, asking Arianna how she could do that. Arianna sighs, admitting she isn’t sure, and guesses it’s because she’s an idiot. Melanie groans.

EJ smiles as he watches Sami with Sydney, remarking that as long as he lives, he will never forget the look on her face when he walked into the pub with Sydney. Sami admits that she isn’t sure she will ever be able to properly thank EJ for what he did. She wonders how it happened, though, as she forgot to ask him how he got the baby back in all the confusion. EJ checks his watch just then, saying that he really has to go, as he has been neglecting his business duties the past few weeks. EJ then kisses Sydney and heads off, promising to talk to Sami soon. Sydney sobs. Sami assures her that her daddy will be back and says she has an idea of someone to call--someone that she knows would love to see Sydney. Sami then calls Rafe, leaving him a message to let him know that the coast is clear and that EJ is gone, so he can come back and spend some time with her and Sydney. Sami asks him to call her back and hangs up with a sigh.

Rafe gets off the phone with another agent, thanking him for all his help. Clark asks what’s going on, and Rafe explains that they reran all the DNA samples, and are now sure that the clothes found in the river had Sydney’s blood on them. Clark wonders how that matters. Rafe explains that Sydney was examined, and no cuts or scratches were found on her anywhere, so that means someone went to a hell of a lot of trouble to make them think that Sydney was dead. Rafe wonders what that would accomplish. Clark suggests the kidnappers just wanted to scare them and make them feel vulnerable, but Rafe can’t see them making Sami think her baby was dead twice. Clark thinks they were just trying to do more of the same, but Rafe shakes his head, saying that this was intentional and cruel, and the more he thinks about it, the more he thinks there is something very personal about this case.

Anna tries to zip her suitcase closed, but it’s too full. Sighing, she throws her leopard print boots out of the suitcase onto the floor. Anna sits on the suitcase and this time, is able to shut it. The camera pans in on the boots.

Daniel asks Maggie what happened. She admits that she fell and has a bruise. Daniel suggests she get down to the hospital and have her hand x-rayed, as some bones may be broken. Maggie claims she is fine, but Daniel warns her he isn’t going anywhere until he takes a look at her hand. Maggie relents, admitting to Daniel that she is scared. He takes her hand and rolls up her sleeve. A dark bruise covers most of Maggie’s forearm.

The guard brings Nicole into a holding cell. She complains that she doesn’t want to see her mother, as she is always wringing her hands and blaming everything on her. The guard sighs, saying that she came all the way out here, but they’ll send her back so that Nicole can continue to feel sorry for herself. The guard picks up a phone and makes a call, telling someone to tell Mrs. Walker that Nicole doesn’t want to see her. The other person replies, and the guard asks who is here to see Nicole, then, if it isn’t her mother. Nicole looks up curiously.

Sami plays with Sydney. A knock on the door interrupts. Sami answers to find Brady outside. Brady breezes in, greeting Sydney and telling Sami that he and Arianna were together when they got the good news from Sami and Rafe. Sami tells him that Lexie checked Sydney out, and she’s completely healthy. Brady is glad to hear it, adding that Sydney is finally home, where she should be. Sami isn’t so sure Sydney agrees, saying that Brady should have seen the look on her face when EJ left this morning. Brady is surprised EJ was here all night, but Sami shrugs, saying that he just wanted to be with his kids. Brady wonders how Rafe feels about all this. Sam admits she isn’t sure, as Rafe didn’t bother to come home last night.

Rafe points out a location on the map to Clark, saying that it makes sense that whoever had Sydney would be holed up in this area. He suggests they took a look at everyone living in the area, especial people leasing property. Just then, someone knocks on the door. Rafe assumes it’s Arianna and calls out for her to come in. She walks in, hoping she isn’t interrupting. Cark says she isn’t, but warns Arianna that her brother is cranky this morning. She heads off. Rafe grumbles that she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Arianna is surprised Rafe isn’t with Sami and Sydney this morning, but Rafe reminds her that there is still a kidnapper out there. Arianna asks if he is any closer to finding out who it is, but Rafe admits he isn’t really. He thinks it’s like the person that is doing this is one step ahead of them. Rafe claims he doesn’t understand them either, as they made Sami believe her baby was dead for weeks, then popped back up demanding a ransom. Arianna suggests that their game stopped being fun, or perhaps they got scared off by all the media attention and decided to take the money and run. Rafe thinks it’s more personal than that. He just hopes to God that whoever did this is finished.

EJ heads into Anna’s hideout, surprised to see her still packing. Anna reminds him that he warned her not to leave anything behind. She adds that she isn’t surprised he is staying in town, as she knows he could never leave Sami. EJ starts to say that he can leave Sami whenever he wants, but stops, adding that Anna is right, and that he can’t leave Sami.

Maggie thinks Daniel is being pushy, but he thinks she’s having symptoms of myasthenia gravis again. Maggie admits she might be. Daniel warns her that this isn’t something to fool around with. She thanks him sarcastically. Daniel sighs, saying that he doesn’t mean to sound patronizing. He asks if she called the doctor. Maggie admits she didn’t, but that she looked online and learned that stress can bring on recurring symptoms. Daniel gets up and grabs her coat. He throws it over her shoulders, insisting that she go to the doctor now. Maggie wishes he wouldn’t pressure her, but Daniel wants her to take the same care of herself that she does of other people. Maggie sighs. Daniel asks her if she can do that.

Arianna urges Rafe to go home to Sami and Sydney and to take his work with him. Rafe sighs, saying that Sami thinks this is all over, and that she has her happy ending, and he doesn’t want to take that away from her. Arianna asks if he thinks Sydney is still in danger. Rafe admits she might not be, as he truly feels that Sydney was just a means to an end. Arianna thinks Rafe may be a little paranoid. Rafe shakes his head, saying he is sure this wasn’t about money at all, and that it was really just set up to hurt. Arianna thinks that may be true, since plenty of people hate the DiMeras, but Rafe claims he isn’t talking about EJ. He says he thinks this was set up to hurt Sami.

Sami explains to Brady that she and EJ couldn’t tell Rafe about the last ransom letter. Brady is surprised that Sami went along with EJ’s ruse, but Sami explains that the letter explicitly stated that they weren’t to get the FBI involved. She adds that the last time they disobeyed that instruction, they nearly lost Sydney for good. She tells Brady miserably that she didn’t feel as if she had a choice. Brady is sure it must have felt that away. Sami sighs, saying that she knows Rafe is upset. She promises to deal with that, but right now she has Sydney back, and that is all that matters. Brady disagrees.

Chloe heads into the holding cell and she and Nicole hug. The guard clears her throat pointedly and Nicole backs off. Chloe then explains that Brady asked her to come see Nicole, since something happened that he feels she has the right to know about. Nicole assumes it’s about Sydney. Chloe nods, saying it’s good news, as they’ve found Sydney, and she is back with her mother. Nicole’s face lights up.

Anna asks if EJ admits that she is right, and that he can’t leave Sami because he loves her. EJ admits that he can’t leave Sami, but it has nothing to do with sentimental reasons. He reminds Anna that Sami has her children back and she believes that all her lies have been forgiven. EJ grins, telling Anna that Sami is in for a big surprise.

At the hospital, Daniel tells Maggie that he has spoken to the chief of neurology, and he’s going to see her right away. Maggie doesn’t want any special treatment, but Daniel doesn’t think that’s her call. He offers to get a nurse to escort her down to the consult room, but Maggie says she knows where it is. Daniel thinks she might need help, but Maggie declares she’ll ask for it if she needs it. She heads off down the hallway as Daniel calls after her that he’ll be here all day. Daniel then glances at Melanie’s room. He hesitates, but decides to go in. He finds Melanie sleeping, but she wakes up and notices him. Startled, she says she hopes she wasn’t drooling. Daniel says she wasn’t and hopes he isn’t intruding, as he isn’t sure what protocol to follow with an adult child you never knew you had. Melanie jokes that she isn’t one for etiquette anyway, as she was raised by a con artist. Daniel jokes that he’ll just go on instinct. Melanie says it’s funny, as even though she can see why someone might think they’re related, at the end of the day he’s a world-renowned surgeon, and she’s a nursing school dropout. She thinks something went really wrong in the gene department there. Daniel tells Melanie that she is actually one of the brightest candidates f or nursing school he’s ever seen, and even though this situation has been traumatic, he hopes the silver lining is that Melanie will stick around the hospital for awhile.

Nicole thanks God that Sydney is alright and asks Chloe if the SOB that did this is behind bars. Chloe admits that they aren’t even really sure what happened, and reminds Nicole that all that matter is that Sydney is safe. Nicole agrees. She asks Chloe if Sydney is with Sami. Chloe nods, saying pointedly that that is where she belongs. Nicole agrees, saying that Sami and EJ have everything they’ve ever wanted--and she’s sitting behind bars. Nicole sighs.

Arianna tells Rafe that she has a question for him, but reassures him she is asking it with love. He tells her to go ahead, and Arianna asks him abruptly if this professional façade he’s putting on is really because he wants justice, or if it’s because he wants Sami to see that she and EJ were wrong to cut him out of the picture. Rafe doesn’t think there was any love in that question, and that it just sounded like criticism to him. Arianna sighs, explaining that Brady asked her to marry him. Confused by the abruptness of the announcement, Rafe congratulates her. Arianna explains that she turned Brady down, even though she loves him and is pretty sure they’d be good together. She goes on to say that being a Hernandez led her to screw things up. She advises Rafe to go to Sami and Sydney and spend time with them and the twins, warning him not to screw this up--not when he is so close to finding happiness.

Sami thinks Brady disagrees with her decision only because he likes Rafe and hates EJ. Brady claims that this has nothing to do with him hating EJ and everything to do with him wanting to see Sami be happy. Sami claims she is happy. Brady reminds her that he has seen her and Rafe with the kids, and now that Sydney is back, he thinks Sami and Rafe really have a chance at the brass ring. Brady goes on to say that Sami has a chance to be happy--the way she deserves to be happy, and Brady thinks that chance is with Rafe.

EJ tells Anna that he plans on being the hero in Sami’s life. Anna scoffs, asking him what will happen if he succeeds in breaking up Sami and Rafe, and Sami turns to him.

Daniel spots Maggie coming back from her meeting with the neurologist and asks how things went. She explains that they’re going to adjust her medication and see if that helps. Daniel asks if the doctor addressed the tremors she’s been having, but Maggie snaps that she is fine. She sighs, saying that she is going to see Melanie for a few minutes. She heads inside her room and greets her. Melanie squeals and hugs her, glad to see her. Maggie notices some flowers near Melanie’s bed and compliments them. As she reaches out to touch a flower, she upsets the vase and it smashes on the floor. Maggie panics, telling Melanie how sorry she is. Melanie says it was just a vase, and that she doesn’t care about it. Maggie stammers that she is clumsy. Melanie thinks something more is going on and asks Maggie what it is.

EJ warns Anna to get out of here quickly, though he is pretty sure no one is looking for her. He adds that he thinks it’s better to be safe than sorry. Anna snorts that she has no intention on hanging around. EJ is glad to hear it. He grabs his coat, telling Anna to have a nice life--preferably far away from Salem. EJ sails off. Anna rolls her eyes.

Clark brings Rafe a list of uninhabited buildings near the cell phone tower. Rafe thanks her and heads over to the computer. Clark winks at Arianna, advising her that her conversation with Rafe is most likely over. Arianna tells Rafe loudly that it was nice talking to him, as he is such a good listener. Rafe doesn’t reply. Arianna sighs and heads out the door. Rafe mutters, asking if Arianna said something.

Sami puts on Sydney’s coat, telling her that the two of them are going on a little adventure, and that if Rafe won’t come to them, then they will go to him. Sydney babbles. Sami thinks it’s a good idea too. She sweeps Sydney up into her arms and heads out the door.

Maggie talks to Melanie about her illness, and explains that the medication has worked for a long time, but the doctor thinks it needs to be adjusted, and hopefully, that will control the tremors. Melanie asks if she is sure, but Maggie admits she isn’t a hundred percent sure. She then tells Melanie that she is optimistic, but she wanted to tell Melanie what is going on. Melanie sighs. Maggie assures her that she has no need to worry, but Melanie flings her arms around Maggie’s neck, sobbing that she has to be alright because she needs her. Maggie vows that she isn’t going anywhere.

Brady greets Daniel at the nurses’ station. He explains that Maggie is in with Melanie now, and should be out shortly, but Brady explains that he has to run, and asks Daniel to tell Melanie that he stopped by. Daniel wonders what the rush is. Brady grins, explaining that he has to propose to his girlfriend.

Arianna does the books at the pub. EJ walks over and takes a chair. Arianna greets him without looking up, thinking it’s Brady. EJ announces that he isn’t Brady, and asks if Arianna has heard the good news. She admits she has, and congratulates him. EJ thanks her for that, and thanks her for always being able to see past the differences he had with her brother. Arianna claims she just wanted what was best for Sydney--just like Rafe. She just hopes that now that Sydney is home, everything can get back to normal. EJ hopes so, too.

Nicole flashes back to lying unconscious on the floor of the bus station. Chloe interrupts her reverie, asking what is wrong. Nicole sighs, admitting that she is just trying to remember something--anything--about Sydney’s kidnapping. Chloe asks if she has, but Nicole shakes her head, confiding in Chloe that she doesn’t ever think she’ll be able to remember.

Sami heads into Rafe’s office. Surprised, he asks where Sydney is. She explains that she is with her grandmother, and starts to tell Rafe why she came by, but Rafe stops her, rushing over to Clark, who is on the phone with another agent, asking if he is sure about that. Sami sighs.

Anna kisses the picture of Tony and packs it up in her bag, zipping the bag closed. She gets up with a sigh as the camera pans in on her leopard print boots, which are under the sofa.


Daniel confides in Victor, “I don't know what to do next.” He replies, “ Well, my boy, you've come to the right place.”

Chloe tells Nicole, “You don't have a choice.” She snaps, “Like hell I don't!”

Sami tells Rafe, “I want back every minute that I missed out on with Sydney.”

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