Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/9/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/9/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the DiMera mansion, Rafe demands to know if Sami kept the ransom note a secret from him, too. Sami doesn’t answer. Rafe groans, saying that he expects this from EJ, but he’s surprised at her. EJ interrupts, saying that he thinks Rafe misheard. Rafe ignores him, reminding Sami that he asked her a simple question--did she know about the ransom note or not? Sami fidgets.

In a waiting room of the hospital, Lexie and Stephanie talk about Sydney’s return. Lexie is thrilled, and tells Stephanie that Theo was beside himself as well. Stephanie admits it was startling to come home from vacation, walk into pub, and see Sydney there with the rest of her family. She adds that she’s happy and relieved for Sami, too. Lexie nods, glad that Sami and her brother’s nightmare is finally over. Stephanie doesn’t think it’s all been good news, and reminds Lexie of Melanie being shot on her wedding day. Lexie gently reminds Stephanie that Melanie is going to be fine. Stephanie sighs, saying to herself that she should have stopped it from happening. Lexie then asks her what is going on.

In her room nearby, Melanie closes her phone and sobs. Someone puts hand on her shoulder, and she turns to see Nathan standing beside her bed. She asks tearfully what he is doing here. Nathan tells her that he can’t stand to see her like this.

At the pub, Gabi takes Kate and Stefano’s coffee orders. Kate asks if she is new here, and Gabi nods, explaining that she is filling in for her sister. She then heads off. Stefano asks Kate who her sister is, and Kate explains that Gabi is Arianna Hernandez’ sister. Stefano grumbles that Salem doesn’t need any more members of the Hernandez family. Kate begs him not to get grumpy, as he has been a real gem all day. Stefano thinks she has been too, and asks slyly if the shopping had anything to do with it. Kate admits he does have exquisite taste. Stefano confides in Kate that he is just glad to see her in a good mood. Kate admits it’s been a while, and thanks Stefano for his patience. Stefano remarks that she has been through a lot with Melanie being at death’s door. He adds that Kate seems to be more tolerant of this daughter-in-law, as she hasn’t even tried to kill her yet. Kate grimaces.

Rafe asks if Sami has been lying to him. EJ scoffs, announcing that either trusts Sami or he doesn’t. Rafe ignores him, insisting that Sami answer him. Sami then admits that she lied to Rafe.

Arianna and Brady head into a hotel room outside of Salem. Brady thinks it was a good idea to get out of town, and Arianna agrees. She then asks if this place has any good restaurants. Brady says that they do, but that they need to get out to the lake soon and cut their hole. Arianna stares in confusion. Brady explains that Lake Patterson is famous for its ice-fishing. Arianna’s face falls. Brady chuckles. Arianna pummels him playfully, shouting that she actually believed him. Brady kisses her, telling her to believe this--he doesn’t want to be with anyone else right now except her. He adds that he loves her. The two kiss again.

Nathan tries to soothe Melanie, explaining that he knows that she has been through hell, but she’s going to be fine now. Melanie shakes her head. Nathan assures her she will be fine, as he talked to Dr. Jonas, and he said the same thing. Melanie bawls. Nathan assumes something else must be wrong. Melanie nods, but tells Nathan that he doesn’t want to know what it is. Nathan insists that he does. Melanie then tells him tearfully that her life will never be right again.

Stefano assures Kate that he was just joking, but Kate thinks it was a bad joke. Stefano apologizes, saying that he didn’t realize she was so sensitive about the subject. Kate grumbles that she just wants to put it behind her. Stefano claims that he understands, but reminds Kate that if it weren’t for what happened to Chloe, she wouldn’t be his wife, so he has to view this as a happy ending for himself. Kate remarks dryly that she is glad he sees it that way. Stefano then tells Kate tenderly that he doesn’t know what he would have done without her during this terrible time. Kate sighs, realizing that Stefano has been taking care of her while he was the one that was grieving. She then tells him how sorry she is about Sydney, and hopes this whole thing was just some terrible mistake. Stefano wishes he could believe that. He then vows to find the people that kidnapped Sydney, and when he does, they’ll end up begging for death.

Sami sighs, telling Rafe there is no other way to say it--she knew about the ransom note and kept quiet about it. She goes on to say that EJ told her about the note at the memorial service, and that’s why she called it off. Rafe doesn’t say anything. Sami says quietly that she lied to Rafe again, and she knows how angry he must be.

Arianna and Brady lie in bed after making love. She thanks him for talking her into this little vacation. He admits that it’s good to sometimes get away. Arianna wonders if he needed to get away, too. Brady replies that he just needed to be somewhere alone with her. Arianna suggests they forget all about Salem and just focus on each other. Brady nods and the two kiss again.

Stephanie asks Lexie if she has ever done something to someone with the best of intentions, and then have it turn out that it wasn’t such a good thing after all. Lexie chuckles, admitting she’s done so a couple dozen of times at least. She adds that it happens to everyone, and advises Stephanie to try to forgive herself and hope that the situation doesn’t turn into a disaster.

Melanie tearfully tells Nathan that she has a new father. He asks if she means someone other than the man that raised her, and Melanie nods, saying that finding out that Trent wasn’t her father was the best news she got all week. She tells Nathan that her real father is someone she can look up to, and is a real mentor. Nathan jokingly asks if she means like Dr. Jonas. Melanie nods. Nathan gasps, asking if Daniel is her father. Melanie sobs and nods again. Nathan just can’t believe it. Melanie can’t either, as she could have had a real human being with a soul raising her. She practically spits, saying that Carly took that away from her just so no one would find out she had a baby. Nathan tells Melanie how sorry he is. Melanie asks him not to be sorry, as she knows he didn’t expect her to dump this on him. Nathan tells Melanie that he wants to help her in any way he can. Melanie wonders why he would want to do that.

Sami tells Rafe again that she knows how angry he must be that she lied. She adds that she knows her apologies count for nothing, so she asks Rafe to let her have it so that they can get this over with. Rafe tells Sami that they need to get Sydney to a hospital immediately so that she can be examined, and so that her clothes can be checked for evidence. Sami, surprised, asks if Rafe’s only concern is catching the kidnappers. Rafe, surprised, asks if that isn’t what Sami wants, too. She says it is, of course, and admits that finding out who did this is what is most important now. Rafe nods and heads over to Sydney, picking her up and telling her that all he ever wanted was to see her back in her mother’s arms. EJ snaps that if they had followed procedure, and done what Rafe wanted, none of them ever would have seen Sydney again. Sami starts to interrupt, but Kate and Stefano walk in, carrying some shopping bags. Stefano spots Sydney in Rafe’s arms and drops his bags, gasping. Kate cries out. Rafe smiles, telling the two that Sydney is finally home. EJ glares at Stefano.

Nathan, confused, asks if Melanie is asking him why he would want to help her. She nods, saying that it seems as if he cares about her, and that doesn’t make sense. Nathan, surprised, says that he does care about Melanie, as he isn’t an insensitive jerk. Melanie sighs, telling Nathan that he doesn’t have to be nice to her, and that he doesn’t have to feel guilty, either. Nathan, thoroughly stymied, asks Melanie what she is talking about.

Stephanie admits to Lexie that she has tried to rationalize what she did and just prays that the consequences aren’t disastrous. She admits that she still feels guilty. Lexie asks Stephanie to be more specific. She’s hesitant to confide in Lexie, but Lexie assures her that she won’t tell a soul. Stephanie then tells her that she promised to pass a message along, but then didn’t do it, as she thought it would be better for everyone if she didn’t. Stephanie admits that she hates lying, but she doesn’t really see this as a lie, as she just didn’t do something she said she would. Lexie thinks that’s a sin of omission, and advises Stephanie that when you try to keep something from someone, it usually ends up coming out in the end. Stephanie sighs, saying that when it does, she’ll be in big trouble.

Stefano gasps that this is the answer to all his prayers. Kate crows over how much Sydney has grown. Stefano moves in to take Sydney from Rafe, but EJ snaps at him to keep his hands off of his daughter. Stefano snaps back that EJ can’t tell him what to do. EJ retorts that Stefano is no longer a part of his family. Rafe sighs, saying that Sydney doesn’t need this, and besides, they need to get to the hospital. Sami agrees. She and Rafe start to leave with the baby, but EJ stops them, asking them to wait.

Brady gets out of bed and gets dressed, telling Arianna that he is going to go find them a little something to eat. Arianna’s glad to hear it, as the two of them have really worked up an appetite. Brady agrees, smiling, and then heads off. Arianna grins.

Melanie assures Nathan that he doesn’t have to feel badly, as she doesn’t blame him. Nathan sighs, telling her that the more she says, the more confused he gets. Melanie repeats again that she doesn’t blame him. Nathan asks what she would blame him for. Melanie, exasperated, finally says that she is talking about the letter. Nathan, surprised, asks what letter she is talking about.

Outside his room Brady meets a bellhop with a room service cart and explains that everything has to go perfectly. The man stares. Brady pulls out a ring, saying that he is about to ask the woman he loves to marry him.

EJ explains that he wants to accompany Sami and Rafe to the hospital. Sami is amenable to that, as EJ is Sydney’s father, and she wouldn’t even be here if not for him. Stefano moans that Sydney is his blood and that he loves her, and would do anything for her. Rafe and Sami give him a strange look, and Rafe announces that they need to go. He and Sami then head out the door with the baby. Stefano growls at EJ that he doesn’t give a damn how mad EJ is, as Sydney is back, and this should be a happy occasion. EJ shrieks that this changes nothing.

Outside, Sami thanks Rafe for not going off on her in front of EJ. She adds that she knows he is angry, but she is hoping that he will eventually be able to forgive her and understand why she did what she did. Rafe replies that Sami was right before--the most important thing is that Sydney is back home safely. He then walks off. Sami stares after him and frets.

Arianna talks to Gabi over the phone in her room, telling her sister that she is doing well, considering the craziness that has gone on the past few months. Gabi thinks that Arianna will be fine as long as she follows her heart. Arianna replies that on the subject of her heart, Gabi ought to know that she thinks Brady might be the one.

Brady explains to the bellhop that he wants Arianna to remember this moment for a long time to come. He then takes the ring out of the box and drops it into a glass of champagne.

Nathan asks Melanie what letter she is talking about. She gapes. Nathan assures her he has no idea what she is talking about, and asks if it might have gotten lost in the mail or something. Melanie retorts that she didn’t mail it, and starts to say that she gave it to Stephanie, but Nathan’s pager interrupts. He tells Melanie that one of his patients isn’t doing so well, and that he needs to see her. He promises to be back soon, and that they’ll talk about the letter when he returns. He then heads off. Melanie, puzzled, tells herself that Nathan is either lying--or he really didn’t get the letter.

Sami and Rafe head into the hospital with Sydney, and Stephanie and Lexie greet them enthusiastically. Stephanie asks Sami how they were able to get Sydney back, and she explains that EJ received a ransom note, and paid what the note demanded. Lexie announces that she doesn’t care how it happened, so long as Sydney is back. Stephanie thinks Sydney seems awfully mellow considering what she has been through. Sami agrees. Rafe then introduces Sami to another FBI agent, explaining that she’ll be collecting Sydney’s clothes and taking some fingernail clippings so everything can be tested for DNA evidence. Lexie starts to take Sydney, but Sami says that she would like to come along. Rafe doesn’t think it’s a good idea for legal reasons, and besides, it will only take a few moments. The other agent agrees. Sami nods reluctantly and hands Sydney over to Lexie, assuring Sydney that she will be right here, and that she won’t move a muscle until she is back in her arms. Sami then gives Lexie a change of clothes she brought for Sydney. Lexie takes them and heads off with the baby and the other agent. Sami complains to Rafe that this just doesn’t feel right. Rafe tries to soothe her.

Stefano shouts that things can’t go on like this. EJ agrees, and snaps that now that Sydney is home, he plans on focusing all of his energy on getting Stefano out of the house. He then asks Kate to go and pack her husband’s bags, but Stefano screams that that is enough. He rages at EJ that he did nothing more than ensure that Sydney was raised in this house with her family, and that he made sure that that crazy Nicole didn’t leave town with her. Stefano vows that Sydney will stay here with her family and that that family includes him. He then asks EJ where he gets off trying to throw him out of his own house. Kate begs Stefano not to get so upset, and advises EJ that they all need to move on. EJ replies that he can’t. Kate reminds him that a legal battle over the rightful owner of the mansion could go on for months. Stefano interrupts, shouting that it will go on for years, and that EJ will eventually lose. Kate reminds EJ that they will all be living here whether he likes it or not, and she doesn’t think Sydney needs to see a screaming match every time Stefano and EJ are in the same room. She then tells EJ that he needs to make up with his father for his daughter’s sake. EJ sneers, telling Kate that that was a nice speech, but it won’t work. He then says that he needs to go see his daughter and storms off. Kate sighs. Stefano fumes. Outside, EJ calls Anna, asking her if she is still in town. He listens for a moment, and then tells Anna that his plan to go to the Caribbean with the children was all a ruse, and that he intended on staying in town all the time so that he could play the role of Sami’s hero. Anna asks EJ something and he grins, saying that he hasn’t had to do that yet, but there’s still time for it if need be. He then promises Anna that he will be in touch and hangs up.

Gabi, surprised, tells Arianna that she sounds serious, and admits that she has never heard her talk about a guy this way before. Arianna admits that she has never felt this way about a guy before. She then confides in Gabi that despite the problems that she and Brady have had, she feels like she is finally over all of her insecurities.

Brady stares at the engagement ring inside the champagne glass and fantasizes about lying in bed with Arianna. He tells her that he wants to spend every day of the rest of his life with her, and asks her to marry him. She grins and says yes. The two kiss.

Melanie tells herself that she knows Nathan isn’t a liar, and wonders why he would say he didn’t get the letter. Melanie flashes back to Stephanie telling her that Nathan refused to read her letter. Melanie comes back to the present, wondering why Stephanie would tell her that if it wasn’t true. She then gasps, guessing that Stephanie didn’t give Nathan the letter at all.

Nathan heads into a waiting room and Stephanie greets him, asking if he heard the good news about her cousin. He says he did. Stephanie asks if he is alright. Nathan admits he is, but says that he is confused after having talked with Melanie. Stephanie panics, guessing that he is probably really angry with her. She assures him that she feels awful about what happened. Nathan, surprised, asks Stephanie why he would be angry with her. Stephanie, quickly realizing that Nathan doesn’t know about the letter, stammers that she just meant she felt badly about not going to see Melanie more often. Nathan tells her that Melanie didn’t mention it, actually, and that he thinks she just feels like her world is crashing in over finding out who her parents are. Stephanie nods, guessing it was a shock to Melanie when she found out that Carly was her mother. Nathan agrees. He then hugs Stephanie, wishing that hey were still on their trip. Stephanie suggests they start planning a new one. Nathan agrees and kisses her. He then heads off to check on some other patients. Stephanie tells herself that Nathan doesn’t know about the letter--and she has to make sure that he never finds out.

Sami asks Rafe if he is ok. He claims he is fine, but she stomps her foot, declaring that she knows that he is angry with her. She then tells Rafe that she hated lying to him, and that it tortured her. She reminds him of what happened when the FBI got involved after they received the first note. Rafe interrupts, saying that they don’t need to rehash it, but Sami explains that she just wants him to understand why she did what she did. All Rafe will say is that Sydney is home, and that is the most important thing. He thinks everything will be good from now on. Sam wonders if he thinks everything will be good between them, too.

Brady fantasizes some more about proposing to Arianna. Excited, she accepts his proposal and says she has one herself. She raises her glass and toasts to the two of them. Brady clinks glasses with her, and Arianna downs her champagne. Suddenly, she swallows the ring and starts choking. Brady pounds her on the back. Brady then comes back to the present and tells the bellhop that this is a horrible idea. He asks for his help retrieving the ring from the glass.

Arianna tells Gabi that she doesn’t intend on acting like Pollyanna or anything, but Gabi thinks she is happy, and secretly can’t wait to put on that white dress. She claims she can hear it in Arianna’s voice. Just then, Brady heads in with the room service cart. Arianna hangs up quickly and surprised, reminds Brady that he was only supposed to get them a little something. Brady then explains that he and Arianna have something to celebrate. He holds the ring box behind his back and grins.

Rafe, shocked, asks Sami if she really thinks that all he cared about was being out of the loop. Sami hangs her head. Rafe declares that all he cared about was seeing Sydney come home safely. He then vows to find the SOB that kidnapped her and tells Sami that he needs to head back to the field office, but promises to see her soon. Sami nods, and Rafe hurries off. EJ heads over, asking what she and Rafe were talking about, as it seemed intense. Sami agrees that it was, and confides in EJ that she thinks Rafe is disappointed in her because she lied to him and stabbed him in the back, promised not to do it again, and then did it again anyway. She sighs, saying that Rafe is hurt, and she doesn’t blame him. EJ apologizes to her, since Rafe overheard them talking about it. He thinks he should have known better than to mention it, and assures Sami that he would never want to cause problems between her and Rafe. Sami asks if he is sure about that, as she thought that that was exactly what EJ wanted.

Brady tells Arianna that he loves her. She says she loves him, too. Brady declares that he has loved her since the moment she spilled scalding coffee all over him. Arianna thinks he seemed pretty annoyed at the time. Brady then admits that he was, but tells Arianna that now, he smiles whenever he thinks of her, and that he knows he doesn’t want to ever be without her or give her up. Arianna grins. Brady then tells her that he never wants their relationship to end--he wants it to be for life. He tells Arianna that he bought her this, and holds out the ring box. Arianna gasps. Brady gets on one knee and asks Arianna to marry him. She refuses.

Stephanie heads into Melanie’s room and asks her how she is doing. Melanie glares, “How do you think I’m doing, you bitch?”

EJ wonders why Sami would think that he wanted her and Rafe to break up. Sami replies that she knows EJ hates Rafe for the botched ransom attempt and she knows EJ wants revenge for it. EJ sighs, admitting that he doesn’t particularly like Rafe, but his only priority was making sure that Sydney wasn’t in pain, and that she came home safely. Sami sighs, apologizing to EJ for putting him on the spot like that. EJ forgives her, saying that he has a question for her. Sami asks what it is. Rafe walks over as EJ says that he was wondering if Sami would spend the night with him. Sami gapes. Rafe glares.


Melanie snaps at Stephanie, “So you lied to me, and you lied to Nathan?”

Nathan confides in Maggie, “I should have stopped that wedding when I had the chance.”

Rafe asks EJ, “Would you mind answering my question? What in the hell is going on?”

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