Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/8/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/8/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Sami tells Rafe that she thought she was ready to go on without Sydney, but now she isn’t so sure. Just then, EJ walks in with Sydney in his arms, telling Sami that now she doesn’t have to. Sami and Rafe whirl around. Sami gapes.

Outside the pub, Stephanie flashes back to Melanie asking her to give a letter to Nathan for her. Stephanie comes back to the present, reminding herself that Nathan didn’t want to talk about Melanie, so she should stop second-guessing herself. She sighs, telling herself that she didn’t give Nathan the letter and that’s that-- she has no regrets.

Nathan runs into Carly at the pier. He demands to know how she could try to kill her own daughter and asks Carly what the hell is the matter with her. Carly is taken aback.

Philip heads into the Java Café. Chloe greets him, asking if he’s finally taking a break. Philip nods, but admits it isn’t by choice, as Daniel kicked him out of Melanie’s room so that he could talk to her. He worries that there may be some sort of medical complication but Chloe doesn’t think that is what is going on. Philip wonders what is, then. Chloe then informs Philip that while Daniel isn’t talking to Melanie about a medical issue, what he has to tell her will change her life and everyone else’s.

In her room at the hospital, Melanie asks Daniel in shock if he is her father. He nods. Melanie starts to say that he can’t be, then stops herself. She shrieks at Daniel to get out of her room.

Sami stares in shock as EJ beams, announcing that he finally found their daughter. Sami bawls, saying in disbelief that EJ brought their daughter back. Sobbing, she asks if she can hold her. EJ nods and hands Sydney over to Sami, who cuddles her and cries hysterically as Rafe and Will look on.

Daniel starts to head out of Melanie’s room, but she stops him, asking him how long he has known. Daniel claims he just found out the night before. Melanie guesses that was why he was acting so strangely this morning. Daniel admits that seeing Melanie in a whole new way has affected him. Melanie reminds him that he didn’t tell her what was going on then, and Daniel admits that’s true, saying that he was just trying to figure out a way to tell her without hurting her any more than she already has been. Melanie smiles, joking that she’s been hurt so much she doubts she can be hurt anymore.

Caroline and Roman walk into the pub and stare in shock at Sami and Sydney. Sami rushes over, asking if they can believe that her baby is finally home. Caroline admits she thought she was seeing things, but Sam shakes her head, saying that this is real, and Sydney is really back home with them. Will brings Allie over to say hello to Sydney. Sami tells her how excited they are to have her back with them. She asks Rafe to greet her, too, but Rafe says he’d like to hear how this happened and asks EJ how and where he found her. EJ doesn’t think this is the time or place, but Rafe claims that he and the Brady family have a right to know what happened. Roman agrees and EJ sighs, admitting that he was told to pick Sydney up in the forest preserve, near the place he dropped the ransom off. Rafe asks if that means that EJ was contacted after the bloody clothes were found. EJ nods. Rafe guesses angrily that EJ didn’t feel compelled to contact the police. EJ scoffs, saying he didn’t, and that he has no regrets, either, as he refuses to let Rafe or anyone else screw this up for him. He claims he did what was necessary to get his daughter back. Rafe asks if that means that EJ acted alone.

Philip asks Chloe what is going on between Daniel and Melanie if it isn’t a medical issue. Chloe sighs, admitting it’s hard for her to say. Philip begins to panic, saying that Chloe is scaring him. She then tells Philip that Daniel is Melanie’s daughter. Philip gapes, stammering that Carly and Daniel don’t seem to be that close. Chloe admits she thought they were just friends too, but apparently one night it went a lot farther than that. Philip gaps, remembering the chat they had the other day, and stammers out an apology. Chloe says it’s ok, as of course Philip would assume that Daniel couldn’t have a child, since she couldn’t have one. She sighs, saying that little did either of them know, Daniel already has a child and already is a father. Philip gets up and hugs Chloe, comforting her.

Melanie tells Daniel that she doesn’t want him to leave, as she can’t be angry at him for not knowing that he was her father. She asks for an explanation, and Daniel tells Melanie about meting Carly at a medical convention, how they were both lonely and spent the night together. He then tells Melanie that they both agreed it was a mistake and were never together in that way again. Melanie wonders if he ever suspected Carly had had his child, but Daniel shakes his head vehemently. Melanie asks if Carly said anything to him when she came back to Salem after murdering her husband, but Daniel says she didn’t. Melanie then tells Daniel that she knows he is a good person, and usually defends Carly, but after all that has happened, she has to wonder if Daniel hates Carly as much as she does.

Carly scoffs, saying that she doesn’t have to take this from Nathan. He demands that she answer his question, but Carly snaps that it was more of an accusation, and that she is sick of defending herself to people that have no connection to either herself or her daughter. Nathan gapes as Carly angrily reminds him that he isn’t Melanie’s boyfriend anymore, so he is nothing to her, and none of this is any of his business. Nathan starts to say that him not being Melanie’s boyfriend doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care, but Carly retorts that the accident happened on Melanie’s wedding day. Nathan wonders how that even matters. Carly ask him angrily why hasn’t been around, if he cares as much as he claims. Nathan doesn’t answer. Carly demands to know where the hell he has been.

EJ admits to Rafe that he did act alone, but he thinks Rafe will agree that the ends justify the means, as he got his and Sami’s daughter back. Just then, Stephanie heads in. She stares in shock at Sami and Sydney and rushes over, greeting the two and crowing over how big Sydney has gotten and how much they’ve all missed her. Roman then tells Sami that she needs to take Sydney to the hospital for a check-up, and that the police will need her clothes to check for any evidence the kidnappers may have left behind. Sami agrees, but says she thinks Sydney is fine. EJ agrees as well, saying that he could tell she was healthy the moment he picked her up. Rafe asks EJ where exactly he found Sydney. EJ, irritated, asks if Rafe needs a map drawn. Rafe replies that if EJ can’t describe to him how to get there, then he’ll just have to take him there. Sami interrupts, suggesting they do this later, and focus on the fact that Sydney is home for now. Rafe agrees that this is cause for celebration, and nothing makes him happier than seeing Sami’s baby back in her arms, but he is not going to rest until he finds out who did this and why.

Carly demands to know why Nathan hasn’t been around, if it’s true that he cares so much. Nathan scoffs, reminding her that he doesn’t have a crystal ball, and had no idea that Melanie had been shot. Carly is surprised he didn’t receive a message from his grandmother or anyone else, but Nathan explains that he ignored his messages because he was away, and didn’t want to think about work. Carly thinks it’s pretty risky for a doctor not to check to check his messages. Nathan sighs and agrees, wishing things had played out differently. Carly softens, admitting she has no right to judge Nathan or anyone else. Nathan apologizes for jumping on her without knowing all the facts. Carly then tells Nathan that she is grateful that he is so concerned about Melanie and thinks Nathan can be there for her to help her recover. Nathan isn’t so sure Melanie would want that.

Daniel explains to Melanie that he is still processing all of this too, but what he is sure of is that laying blame and being angry isn’t going to help. Melanie sobs, not sure how she can get over the way Carly deprived her and Daniel of one another. Daniel tells Melanie that he thinks they should both try to move forward, adding that he wants to get to know Melanie and be there for her. Melanie thinks he must feel obligated to do so. Daniel claims that he doesn’t, but Melanie reminds him that the fact that he has a daughter was sprung on him. She wonders if he even wanted kids. Daniel admits that he and his late wife wanted them, but they decided to wait, and then she got sick. Melanie asks if he and Chloe planned on having a family. Daniel stammers, saying that all he wants to do is get to know the daughter he already has. He wonders if Melanie will allow him to do that.

Rafe thinks the best shot they have to catch whoever did this is to act immediately. EJ agrees, apologizing and admitting that whoever took Sydney needs to be caught and punished. Rafe asks Sami and EJ to take Sydney to the hospital for a checkup, and meanwhile, he and Roman will check out the forest preserve. Rafe then tells Sydney how glad he is that she is back, vowing that nothing will ever take her away from them again. He and Roman then head off. Caroline suggests that everyone give Sami and EJ some time alone with their little girl. Will, Caroline, and Allie proceed to say goodnight to Sydney. Caroline promises that they will finish the celebration in the morning and she and Will take Allie upstairs. Stephanie says goodbye to Sydney and Sami and heads off upstairs as well. Sami turns to EJ, her eyes filled with tears. She tries to thank him, but EJ stops her, saying that just seeing their daughter in her arms again means the world to him. Sami cries hysterically, thanking him.

Daniel asks Melanie to give him a chance, joking that he knows about his reputation around here, with all the yelling and commanding he does. Melanie chuckles, saying that she actually thinks that Daniel is very nice, and adds that she admires him for the way he fought so hard to save Chloe’s life. She then sighs, telling Daniel that she thinks it’s impossible to automatically love someone who you just found out was your child. Daniel admits that is true, but tells Melanie that he does feel a connection to her. Melanie admits she feels the same about him. Daniel grins, saying that that is at least a place to start, then.

Carly doesn’t understand why Nathan thinks that Melanie wouldn’t want him to be there for her. Nathan stammers that Melanie has her reasons, and then claims that he has to go. He apologizes again for jumping down Carly’s throat. She replies that it’s alright, and that she understands. Nathan hurries off as Chloe walks over.

In the woods, Rafe directs some officers to search the entire area, as EJ wasn’t specific about where he found Sydney. Roman walks over, asking Rafe if this is where the kidnappers brought Sydney. Rafe nods, but says he has to wonder why they did this now and not before the bloody clothes were dumped in the river. Roman reminds Rafe that that is why they are there--to figure out what happened. Roman thinks they’ll get some answers shortly.

Sami heads into the DiMera mansion with Sydney and EJ, not sure that they should be here, since Rafe and her dad insisted on her taking Sydney to the hospital right away. EJ says he is sorry, but he thinks this is important. He calls out for Mary to bring Johnny downstairs and heads into the living room. He explains to Sami that he promised Sydney that he would reunite her with her family as soon as she got back, and he intends on keeping that promise. Sami agrees to do what EJ wants, since he brought Sydney home and is their hero. Sami then hands the baby off to EJ, saying that she thinks he should hold her. EJ takes her into his arms and Sydney squeals, “Dada!” Sami, shocked, can’t believe she said that, since she’s been gone for so long and hasn’t seen EJ in such a long time. EJ stammers that it isn’t a big deal.

Back at the pub, Stephanie and Caroline chat about how relieved Sami must be. Caroline is so thrilled that this all had a happy ending. Stephanie thinks that happy endings are rare. Caroline wonders why she would say that. Stephanie sighs, saying that she knows she sounds cynical. She adds that she was on her way over here to tell Caroline about her trip and how things are going with Nathan until she was upstaged by Sydney’s return. Caroline asks what is going on and Stephanie admits that she thinks she made big mistake involving Melanie and Nathan, and now she’s not so sure that it won’t be misunderstood.

Outside Melanie’s door, Philip demands to know what is going on in her room, and asks Maxine angrily if Dr. Jonas doesn’t have other patients to see. Maxine tells Philip that she doesn’t tell Dr. Jonas what to do, and that Philip is free to interrupt the two, but if he does, he’s on his own. Nathan watches nearby as Philip vows to give Daniel two more minutes, and then he’s going in to see his wife.

Melanie admits to Daniel that it’s strange that she used to think Trent was her father and confides in him that she’s always interested to see how people resemble their parents, as she never thought she resembled Trent at all. Daniel reminds her there is a reason for that. She claims she can already tell that Daniel is her father. Just then, Philip walks in. Daniel excuses himself. Melanie then breaks the news to Philip, but he says that he already knows. Melanie shakes her head, saying she can’t believe Daniel could have raised her instead of Trent, but Carly never gave her that chance because she gave her away. She wonders how Carly could do that to her.

Carly asks Chloe if she knows how Melanie reacted to the news that Daniel is her father, or if she even knows. Chloe glares, saying that she can’t believe Carly is feigning concern after so many years of keeping Daniel and Melanie in the dark. Carly reminds her she had reasons for doing so. Chloe guesses sarcastically she had her reasons for giving up her own baby, too. Chloe then declares that if she were lucky enough to have baby, she’d never give it up, no matter what the circumstances.

Roman is on the phone, cursing. Rafe asks what is going on, and Roman explains that Sami and EJ never showed up at the hospital. He asks if Rafe knows where they are.

EJ assures Sami that she is overreacting, explaining that Sydney was calling him ‘Dada’ before she was kidnapped. Sami doesn’t believe that, but EJ reminds her she wasn’t around all that much. Just then, Johnny rushes in. EJ hugs him, saying that he has a surprise for him. He shows him Sydney and Johnny squeals. EJ then tells Johnny that he and his sisters and mother can all be together again, and vows that the four of them will make up for lost time. Sami sighs as EJ promises that they will be a stronger family for Sydney’s sake. Sami agrees, saying they should do so for all their sakes. EJ then tells Sami abruptly that he has an idea.

Carly admits that she knows this is a sensitive issue for Chloe, but Chloe snaps back at her not be so patronizing. Daniel heads over, asking if there is a problem. Chloe claims that she and Carly were just talking. Carly asks if Daniel talked to Melanie. He says he did. She wants details, but Daniel explodes, asking Carly if she really thinks he wants to share what was said with her. Carly, cowed, heads off, apologizing. Chloe asks if Daniel can tell her how it went and he nods, saying that it was emotional and awkward. Daniel wants to talk about how Chloe feels, but she claims she is fine. Daniel sighs, asking if she really thinks he has forgotten about what they were going through before all hell broke loose. He claims he knows Chloe too well for her to claim that she is ok.

Caroline asks Stephanie what she did that Melanie and Nathan might not understand. Stephanie then admits that Melanie was total mess before her wedding and panicky and confused. She then tells Caroline about the message Melanie wanted her to give Nathan, and how Nathan told her he didn’t even want Melanie’s name brought up. Caroline guesses Stephanie didn’t give him the message. Stephanie nods. Caroline asks if either Melanie or Nathan know about this, but Stephanie shakes her head, saying that she is reluctant to tell them, especially since Melanie just fond out that she and Nathan are dating, and she’s clearly unhappy about it.

Melanie tells Philip that she does want to get to know Daniel, but that isn’t the same thing as being raised by him. Philip claims he understands. Melanie fumes that there is no way she will ever call Carly ‘Mom.’ Philip says he understands, that too. Melanie thinks it’s weird that she has this whole new family, but on the other hand, she really doesn’t. Philip reminds her that the two of them are a family now. Melanie jokes that they’ve had a lot of fun so far, and had a lovely wedding. She thinks he must be so exited to have married her. Philip kisses her, saying he is thrilled, but Melanie doesn’t buy it. Philip tries to assure her he loves her. She wonders if Philip really has no regrets. He claims he doesn’t, and asks Melanie if she has any. She fidgets.

EJ sends Johnny upstairs to look for one of Sydney’s favorite stuffed animals. He then tells Sami that he thinks it would be a good idea for her, Allie, and Will to spend the night here tomorrow, as the house is huge, and he thinks it’s important for them to set the right tone and reestablish themselves as a real family. Before Sami can answer, the bell rings. EJ answers it to find Rafe outside. He storms in, asking EJ why he and Sami haven’t taken Sydney to the hospital. EJ assures Rafe that they plan on going soon, but Rafe rages that it’s imperative that Sydney get a check-up, and that the police have an opportunity to examine her clothing for evidence so they can find out who kidnapped her. EJ declares that that is important to him, too, but Rafe accuses EJ of deliberately hampering the investigation. He wonders if EJ even gives a damn about catching the kidnappers.

Stephanie explains to Caroline that Melanie is angry at her for dating Nathan, although it sounds crazy since Melanie just married her ex-fiancé. Just then, Will interrupts, telling Caroline that Allie is asleep. Stephanie decides to go tell Nathan the good news about Sydney and thanks Caroline for listening. She then says goodbye to Will and hurries off. Caroline sighs.

Maxine tells Nathan that Daniel just left Melanie’s room, and that he can go see her now, but Nathan stammers and refuses.

Melanie assures Philip that she doesn’t have any regrets, and that she just wants to focus on their life and future together. Philip says he does, too, and tells Melanie that he has been looking at potential houses for them to move into. He adds that he printed out a few listings, some of which he knows Melanie will love. He decides to go get them from the car so that he can show her and heads off. Maxine bustles in a few moments later, joking about how popular Melanie has been, and how she’s sick of fielding questions about how Melanie is doing. Maxine then hugs Melanie, admitting that she is glad that she is doing better. Just then, Melanie’s phone rings. She assumes it’s Maggie, and Maxine heads off to give Melanie some privacy. Instead of Maggie being on the line, it’s Carly. Melanie snaps that she has nothing to say to her. Carly disagrees, since she knows Daniel told Melanie that he was her father, but admits that she has no idea how it went. Melanie retorts that it is none of her business. Carly sighs, telling her that Melanie has the right to hate her, but she can’t hate Daniel, as he is innocent, and truly a good person. Carly adds that she thinks Melanie needs Daniel to be there for her. Melanie doesn’t think Carly has any idea what she needs, but Carly replies that Melanie needs love, just like everyone else.

EJ demands that Rafe leave, but he wants to know why EJ didn’t take Sydney to the hospital immediately. EJ snaps that his days of deferring to Rafe are over with, but Sami interrupts, asking the two to cut it out, as Sydney is picking up on the tension. Rafe admits she is right and apologizes, telling Sydney again how good it is to see her. Just then, Rafe gets a phone call and heads off to take it. EJ apologizes for upsetting Sami. She says it’s alright, but reminds him that they all need to try to get along for Sydney’s sake. EJ then reminds her that Rafe is going to asking a lot of questions about the ransom note, and he also knows that Sami loves Rafe a great deal, so he promises to try and keep her name out of this. Sami doesn’t think it will work, but EJ vows to make sure Rafe never knows that Sami was involved in this. He again assures Sami that Rafe doesn’t need to know. Just then, the two hear a noise behind them and whirl around to find Rafe glaring at them. Sami gulps.

Chloe claims that she is fine, and that she is actually happy for Daniel. Daniel thinks that is generous, considering what has happened between them. Chloe stops him, saying that this is about him, not her, and since he has always been so good to her, she wants him to know that Melanie is lucky to have him for a father. Daniel sighs.

Melanie snaps that she may need love, but she doesn’t need it from Carly. She adds nastily that Carly will be in jail soon and out of her life for good. Carly reminds her that love doesn’t just disappear because you can’t see someone. Melanie asks sarcastically if Carly saw that in a Hallmark card. She sobs. Carly sighs.

Stephanie runs into Philip at the hospital and tells him about Sydney being found. She explains that she came by to give Nathan the news, but she can’t seem to find him anywhere.

A hand squeezes Melanie’s shoulder. She assumes it’s Philip, but turns around to find that it’s Nathan instead.

Sami stammers. Rafe gapes, saying in disbelief that she knew about the ransom note the whole time and didn’t tell him.


Nathan asks Melanie, “What's this about?” She replies, “The letter.” Nathan asks, “What letter?”

Stefano tells Kate, “When I find out, they will beg for death.”

Sami explains to Rafe, “I lied to you again and I know how angry you must feel.”

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