Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/5/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/5/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In a waiting room of the hospital, Carly asks Daniel if Bo is talking to Melanie. Daniel snaps that Bo is grilling a young, scared girl about the worst moment of her life, even though he warned Bo that she wasn’t ready. Daniel angrily adds that Melanie doesn’t matter to Bo, as all he cares about is getting Carly off the hook for shooting Melanie. Carly sighs, wondering if it would make any difference if Daniel know that she tried to talk Bo out of this. Daniel shakes his head, saying that Bo has been her go-to guy ever since she returned to town, and he thinks she was pretty safe asking him not to speak to Melanie, as she knew in her heart that Bo would do anything it takes to make things go her way. Carly says that isn’t true, as she wanted to plead guilty to shooting Melanie, and Bo wouldn’t let her. She thought that way that Vivian would feel as if she had her revenge, and then she’d leave Melanie alone. Daniel scoffs that he can see why Bo turned her down, since he heard those conjugal trailers at the jail aren’t too comfortable. Carly blows up, saying that she gets that she is a horrible mother, and that everyone hates her, and that there is nothing she can do to help their daughter. She sobs brokenly.

Justin walks into the pub and greets Hope, joking that she looks like that Edward Hopper painting. Hope asks if she’s projecting alienation, and Justin admits she looks something like that. Hope sighs, admitting she just dropped Ciara off for a sleepover, and she’s not too anxious to get back to the mansion to share another evening with Vivian and Victor. Justin grins, saying sarcastically that he really can’t believe Hope doesn’t want to spend time with the woman that would be in jail for her murder if she weren’t so incompetent. He then asks if Hope just wants to spend some time alone. Hope admits she doesn’t, but she doesn’t think she’s very good company right now, either. She then tells Justin that she has lost Bo for good, thought she wishes that weren’t true.

In her hospital room, Melanie smirks, surprised that Bo doesn’t want to record her statement that Carly pointed her gun and fired it at her. Philip suggests they do this at another time. Melanie insists that she wants to do this now, and again tells Bo that Carly looked right at her and shot her. She thinks she case is closed. Bo glares, asking Melanie why she is lying.

At Anna’s hideout, Anna asks EJ if he is really sure about all this. He nods, saying that this is the beginning of the end for Sami.

At her place, Sami flashes back to EJ showing her the most recent ransom note. Rafe interrupts her reverie, asking what is going on. Sami claims nothing is. Rafe asks what’s wrong, but Sami says she is fine. Rafe, suspicious, doesn’t buy it, and urges Sami to tell him what is going on.

Justin asks Hope if she is sure that she has lost Bo. Hope replies that she is sure that he loves Carly, and she doesn’t want to be with someone that doesn’t love her. Justin reminds Hope that Bo is a man, and that while she and Ciara were gone, Carly, the ultimate damsel in distress, showed up at his door. He adds that while he knows what Bo has done for Carly, he doesn’t necessarily think the situation is permanent. Hope wonders if Justin thinks she wants to hear that because she loves Bo. Justin asks if she does. Hope admits she does love Bo, but she doesn’t think that means she wants him back. In fact, she isn’t sure it means much of anything at all.

Philip snaps that Bo can’t call Melanie a liar just because she didn’t say what he wanted her to. Bo claims that he isn’t why he thinks Melanie is lying. He then tells Melanie that he thinks she knows Carly was only trying to protect her. Melanie retorts that she doesn’t know that. Bo asks Melanie about the fact that Vivian was caught in her hospital room, trying to kill her again, but Philip interrupts, saying that Melanie doesn’t need all this stress. Melanie glares at Bo, telling Philip that she knows all about his brother’ tactics from when he tried to accuse her of a murder she didn’t commit. She loftily declares that she isn’t afraid of Bo throwing his weight around when it comes to his new girlfriend. She then announces that Carly shot her, and she is going to make sure she pays for it.

Anna thinks EJ is just like his father, as both of them refuse to talk when they know they’re wrong. EJ hands Sydney off to Anna. She wonders what is going to happen next.

Sami stammers, telling Rafe that he just startled her. Rafe isn’t so sure that’s all it is. Sami frowns. Rafe softens, saying that he isn’t trying to upset her--he’s just worried about her. EJ watches Sami and Rafe from the hideout via Sami’s webcam and takes out his phone. Sami admits to Rafe that seeing the video of Sydney was hard, though she thought she could handle it. Rafe doesn’t think anyone should have to go through what Sami has been through, and adds that he believes he has figured out why she has been so edgy lately. Rafe goes on to say that he thinks Sami is upset with herself for being in denial and calling off the memorial. Just then, EJ calls. Sami answers it and ask breathlessly what happened. EJ tells her that the ransom note was a hoax. Sami asks what he means. EJ then informs her that their baby is dead.

Hope tells Justin that it really hurts that Bo could move on this easily after twenty-five years of marriage. Justin is just glad he ran into Hope, as he doesn’t think she should be alone right now. Hope thanks him, saying that he is a real saint for listening, as he must be sick of hearing her talk about it. Justin doesn’t think what’s going in in his own head is much different and jokes that misery loves company. Hope shakes her head, saying that she doesn’t think Bo is with Carly on the rebound, as he really loves her. She claims that is the difference between her and Bo, as he has loved other women before and she has only ever loved one man. She wonders how she can move on from that.

Daniel admits he is angry with Carly, but he took a cheap shot there, and it was uncalled for. Carly thinks she had it coming, but Daniel says he isn’t the kind of person that likes to kick people while they’re down. He adds that that doesn’t change how he feels about Bo being in there with his patient, but he realizes now that that isn’t what Carly wanted, either. Carly claims that she just wants Melanie to be safe, and that is why Bo is so intent on getting Melanie’s testimony, as he is sure that it will help put Vivian away. Daniel then admits that he spoke to Vivian earlier. Carly says she knows, as Bo has an officer watching the mansion to make sure that Vivian doesn’t try to hurt Melanie again. Daniel admits that he threatened Vivian, but he doesn’t think it will do any good, especially as he is convinced that Victor is backing her up. Carly groans, saying that the whole situation just makes her want to scream, as Victor knows Vivian tried to kill Melanie and now she is walking around free as a bird, drinking Victor’s brandy and planning her next attack. Daniel suddenly changes his mind about Bo talking to Melanie. He adds that Bo may be right, and that Melanie really could be the only person that can nail Vivian.

Melanie snaps that she knows Bo wants her to say that Vivian was trying to hurt her, but she knows she wasn’t. Bo asks Philip if he thinks that is true, but Melanie retorts that he can talk to her, as she isn’t stupid. She adds angrily that it has also occurred to her that the officer questioning her is also sleeping with the woman that shot her. Philip tries to get Melanie to clam down, but she shrieks that she was doing fine until Carly showed up in town. Bo guesses slyly that Melanie plans on paying her back for that. Philip tell Bo that that is enough. Melanie hisses that Bo doesn’t have the right to question her motives when everyone knows it’s not exactly his brain that is driving him to clear Carly.

Carly thinks Daniel made an about-face, but he claims he is nothing if not a pragmatist, and he knows he can’t stop Bo from questioning Melanie. He just prays something good comes out of this. Carly agrees, saying she hopes it means that Vivian’s reign of terror is over. Daniel hopes so too, telling Carly how smug Vivian and Victor looked earlier. He thinks they looked as if no one could touch them, but he thinks that Melanie can. Carly just wishes this wasn’t solely resting on Melanie’s shoulders. Daniel assures Carly that if she can’t handle it, then they will. He vows that no one is going to hurt their daughter. Carly thinks he’s a great father, though he has only been one for day, but Daniel snaps that he has been a father for twenty years--he just didn’t know it. Carly apologizes. Daniel retorts that instead of being sorry, she could try thinking once in a while and shutting her mouth a little more. He adds that though they share a child, and he is going to do what is best for her, that doesn’t mean he has forgotten about Carly’s secret and the lies she has told. Carly admits she’s inflicted a lot of pain, and that he hasn’t forgotten it, either.

Bo asks Philip to give him and Melanie a moment alone, but he refuses. Melanie tells him to go ahead and go, as she isn’t scared of Bo. Philip heads off reluctantly, warning Bo that he can’t claim they didn’t cooperate. Melanie smirks, guessing this is the part where Bo tells her that her mother really loves her, didn’t meant to shoot her, and that they can all be one big happy family. Bo scoffs, asking Melanie if she really thinks this is over. He assures her it isn’t, and that her life will be in danger as long as she lives. He knows Philip doesn’t want him to scare Melanie, but Bo says that if he were Melanie, he would be scared.

Justin runs into Carly in the park. He jokes this this must be his night to run into melancholy women, as he just came from Hope, who isn’t doing so well herself. Carly reminds Justin of the numbers you take at the deli counter, and quips that there must be one in Salem for people that want to tell her off. Justin assures her that he has no intention on telling her off. Carly scoffs, asking if he just mentioned Hope to make her feel better. Justin sighs, saying that hr has been thinking things over, and he has decided to take Carly’s case.

Hope runs into Philip outside Melanie’s door and asks how she is doing. Philip sighs, admitting she’s going ten rounds with Bo right now. Hope wonders how Bo taking Melanie’s statement qualifies as ‘going ten rounds.’ Philip sighs, saying that all he is trying to do is protect Melanie, and Bo is in there scaring her with stories about Vivian. Hope scoffs that they aren’t stories. Philip doesn’t think Bo gives a damn about Melanie, and claims that Bo is just trying to clear Carly. Hope demands that Philip stop, reminding him that a crazy woman is trying to kill his wife. She can’t believe Philip is mad at Bo for trying to put her away. Philip wonders how Hope can defend Bo after all he has done to her. Hope say that the bottom line is that Bo is a good cop. She suggests that Philip get off of his high horse and start being grateful that Bo is trying to keep his wife alive. Philip gapes.

Bo admits he has always respected Melanie’s survival instincts, and she is going to need them, as a crazy woman has targeted her, and Vivian won’t stop just because she’s been unsuccessful in the past. Melanie snaps that Bo has no proof of any of this. Bo shrugs, saying it’s sad the way this is going to play out, as Melanie will get her revenge on her mother, but it will also give Vivian another shot at killing her. Melanie says that they are done here, as she isn’t feeling well. Bo reminds her that there won’t always be a guard at her door, and that he won’t always be able to watch Vivian for her like he has been doing. Daniel bursts in just then, demanding to know if Bo is threatening Melanie. Bo claims he is just trying to get her to face facts. Melanie asks Daniel to get Bo out of her room.

Sami practically chokes, asking what happened. EJ morosely tells her that it looks like the kidnappers just wanted to pay them back. Sami moans. EJ tells her how sorry he is. She begs him not to hang up on her, but EJ does anyway. He grins. Anna grumps that she doesn’t think EJ is sorry at all, and that he is actually having the time of his life. EJ refuses to let Anna spoil this moment for him. EJ is thrilled that Sami has finally paid for what she did to him. He adds that now she can spend the rest of her life with Rafe while he takes the children and gets out of here. Anna thinks EJ has something else planned. EJ admits it has crossed his mind that there may be trouble in paradise when Rafe finds out Sami hid the most recent ransom note from him. EJ smirks over the possibility of Sami ending up all alone.

Rafe worriedly asks Sami what just happened. Allie rushes in just then and Sami takes her into her arms, sobbing. Rafe takes out his phone and calls Will, telling him that his mother is in bad shape. Will offers to come over, but Rafe would rather get Sami out of the house. He asks Will if he can meet them at the pub. Will agrees and asks Rafe if something happened. Rafe admits something did, but he doesn’t know what.

Bo tells Melanie that he will leave, but cautions her to really think about what he said and what is in her own best interest. Bo then pulls Daniel outside and reminds him that he won’t be able to justify a security detail once Melanie is out of the hospital. He assures Daniel that his main interest here is protecting Melanie. Daniel sighs, saying he knows that. Bo says that he gets that Melanie is angry, and is pushing Carly away, but someone has to get through to her. Daniel heads into Melanie’s room. She shrieks that that man gets on her nerves. Daniel remarks sarcastically that he couldn’t tell. Melanie whines, asking how he would feel if some cop came in here trying to get him to lie about something. Daniel asks if Melanie really thinks that was what Bo wanted her to do. Melanie nods, saying she thinks Bo would do anything to save his precious girlfriend. She adds that Bo wants her to say that Vivian was trying to hurt her, and that Carly was just trying to protect her. Daniel asks if she even remembers what happened. Melanie claims that Carly looked her in the eye and shot her. Daniel is surprised she remembers that, and asks Melanie if she thinks Carly is lying when she says that she was aiming at Vivian and that Melanie stepped in front of her at the last second. Melanie snaps that Carly lies all the time. Daniel asks if she thinks he was lying then. Melanie demands to know whose side he is on. Daniel says he is on her side of course, and always be.

Carly, surprised, asks if Justin wants to be her lawyer. Justin doesn’t think Carly can do much better than him. Carly admits she should have a lot of questions for him, like what his fee is, and what his strategy is, but she really only has one question--what’s in it for Justin.

Hope apologizes to Philip, admitting that they are all on edge right now. Philip sighs, saying that she isn’t sure what to think--he just knows that he wants to take Melanie and get out of here. Hope thinks having Melanie tell the truth is the best way to end all this. Philip isn’t so sure, as all he sees is people pushing and pawing at her. He adds that as far as he can tell, the only people in Melanie’s corner is himself and Maggie. He adds that he plans on standing by Melanie’s side, no matter what she tells Bo. Bo heads over just then, snapping that Philip is a fool.

Rafe intercepts Will outside the pub, asking to talk to him for a second before he goes inside. Will asks Rafe what happened, but he isn’t sure other than that Sami fell apart after receiving a phone call from EJ. Will peers inside the pub and says he thinks his mom seems fine now, but Rafe claims she is just trying to keep it together for Allie’s sake. Rafe then asks Will to try to steer the conversation away from Sami having hope that Sydney is alive. Will, surprised, asks if Rafe thinks that is best. Rafe sighs, saying he isn’t telling Will how to feel; he’s just worried about Sami. Will nods, guessing that Rafe thinks it’s better if they all just act as if this is over. Rafe sighs, admitting that he doesn’t know what to think. He tells Will to forget he said anything and go see his mother. Will heads off. Rafe takes out his phone and make a call.

Anna thinks that what EJ just did is the cruelest thing she’s ever seen. EJ retorts that Sami kept his child from him, and that is crueler. Anna wonders if he’s ever considered why Sami did it in the first place. Before EJ can reply, his phone rings. It’s Rafe, demanding to know what EJ just told Sami. EJ replies that he is busy. Rafe snaps that Sami was a wreck when she hung up with EJ, and he wants to know what EJ said to her. EJ hears some horns honking in the background and asks where the two are. Rafe says they’re at the pub. He tries to question EJ again, but EJ again says that he is busy and hangs up abruptly. Rafe fumes, “Jerk.”

Justin accuses Carly of being cynical. He then tells her that what is in it for him is to see justice prevail. Carly scoffs. Justin guesses she doesn’t buy it, and reminds her that he can also get a hefty fee from the widow of Lawrence Alamain. Carly thinks the reason is much more personal, and reminds Justin that her going to prison will probably lead to Bo and Hope reconciling. On the other hand, if Justin gets her off, then Hope is all the more likely to end up in his arms.

Philip asks Bo to give it a rest, but Bo thinks he knows Melanie is lying. Philip retorts that Melanie is doing what she has to to get through all of this, and he plans on backing her up. Bo thinks he is making a mistake, bout Philip snaps that he is doing what is best for his wife, and that Bo should try it sometime. Philip then storms off. Bo admits that Philip has a point. Hope guesses that Melanie gave him a hard time, and Bo nods, saying that he understands, as Melanie is hurt and angry. Hope thinks Bo probably wasn’t the best person to do the interview. Bo agrees, admitting that Melanie hasn’t forgotten about what happened between them after Trent was murdered. Hope doubts Melanie has forgotten Bo’s relationship with her mother, either. Bo replies that Melanie brought it up, and also implied that he wasn’t objective enough to handle the case. Hope just thinks that Melanie doesn’t know Bo as well as she does, and that while she knows Bo will bend the rules, he’d never manipulate a witness to clear someone else. Bo thanks her for saying so. Hope tells him not to thank her yet, as she does think it was very stupid of Bo to assume that Melanie would open up to him. She just prays that Bo hasn’t blown this whole thing sky-high.

Melanie apologizes, admitting that it sounded as if Daniel was sticking up for Carly. Daniel assures Melanie that he is always on her side. She thanks him. Daniel then tells her that there is something she needs to know about him and Carly.

EJ tells Anna that if she can suppress her moral outrage for a moment, they have business to conduct. EJ then hands her a check for five million dollars. Anna squeals. EJ asks if her new moral code prevents her from taking it, but Anna thinks she’s earned it. EJ tells her to get Sydney ready, as they are leaving soon. He grins, telling Anna that this will be a night to remember.

Sami demands to know why Rafe called EJ. He says it’s because she wouldn’t tell him why EJ called. Sami claims it was about Johnny, but Rafe knows she wouldn’t fall apart like that just because Johnny was spending time with EJ. Sami wants to drop it. Rafe softens, telling her that he just wants to help her. Sami says she knows he does, and that he is helping her by being here with her and her family, and by helping her to go on even when she doesn’t want to. She asks Rafe if they can leave it at that and walks away.

Justin thinks Carly’s time spent with Lawrence has given her a jaundiced eye. Carly scoffs, reminding Justin that she has watched him sniff around Hope for months. Justin thinks she is on slippery ground when she starts judging his designs when it comes to Hope. Carly says she is just trying to pinpoint Justin’s motives here, since they can both admit that him offering to defend her is a little out of the blue. Justin doesn’t think she really needs a defense, as none of these charges will stick in court. Carly snaps back that a super-confident alpha male is just what she needs right now. Justin sighs, saying that even if she is right, and he is only representing her so that Hope will be free, he thinks that at least means he’ll go the extra mile for Carly. Carly asks if he is admitting she is right but Justin replies that lawyers never admit to anything. He then asks if they have a deal.

Hope thinks Bo knows she is right, and that if he pushed Melanie too hard she could shut down, and then they’ll lose her testimony. Bo smiles, asking if she is saying that he went off half-cocked. Hope laughs, saying that what she means is that their marital problems shouldn’t interfere with their work. She reminds him that they made a great team once. She thinks they ought come up with a strategy here, and suggests that have someone talk to Melanie than can gain her trust and isn’t clearly lobbying for Carly. Bo asks if Hope will take over for him. She grins, sayings thought he’d never ask.

Daniel explains to Melanie that he and Carly actually have something in common. She jokes, asking if he likes to shoot people on their wedding day, too. Daniel says that he and Carly both want what is best for Melanie. Melanie groans, telling Daniel not to defend her to him. Daniel says he isn’t, but he does know that there’s more to this story than Melanie knows. Melanie thinks she already knows what Daniel is going to say.

Anna hands Sydney off to EJ, saying that her bag is packed and EJ has her passport. She sighs, admitting that she will miss Sydney, and that she hopes her daddy will let her come visit her sometime. EJ doubts she’ll want to see Sydney now that she is a millionaire. Anan claims that she does care about Sydney and reminds EJ that it isn’t too late to make things right. EJ thinks Tony would have done the same thing he did, as he was always and ‘eye-for-an-eye’ kind of guy. Anna claims Tony never would have done something like this to someone he loved, and she knows EJ loves Sami, whether he wants to admit it or not. EJ shouts that he doesn’t love Sami and huffs off with the baby. Anna smirks, telling EJ to keep telling himself that.

Rafe apologizes for coming on too strong. Sami doesn’t think him calling EJ helped. Rafe asks if talking about it will help, but Sami says she has nothing to talk about--nothing at all.

Melanie guesses that Daniel is going to tell her that this is all Vivian’s fault. She rages about Carly, Bo and Daniel all teaming up against her. Daniel says that isn’t what he is doing--he just needs her to know how much he cares about her. He then explains that he and Carly have known one another for a long time. Melanie snorts, asking if that means that whatever Carly says is right. Daniel doesn’t think that, but he does think that everything Carly did was for Melanie. Melanie doesn’t see how he can know that. Daniel says he knows that because he and Carly feel the same way about Melanie. He then explains that he just found out that he is Melanie’s father.

Rafe tells Sami sadly that if there were any way he could bring Sydney home, he would. Sami sobs that she thought she was ready to let Sydney go, but now she isn’t sure she can go on without her. Behind her, EJ announces that she doesn’t have to. Rafe and Sami whirl around to find EJ standing there, holding Sydney. Sami gasps in delight.


Nathan snaps at Carly, “Your own daughter, and you tried to kill her? What the hell's the matter with you?”

Melanie asks Daniel, “Do you hate her as much as I do?”

Rafe tells EJ, “I need to know exactly what happened.”

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