Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/4/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/4/10


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Nathan rushes into Melanie’s room at the hospital, asking if she is alright. She says she is, and adds that she should have told Nathan a long time ago that she loves him. Nathan gapes. Melanie claims she never stopped loving him and that she needs him.

At the Java Café, Stephanie asks Philip what he is doing here, and why he isn’t on his honeymoon. Philip asks in surprise if she really doesn’t know. Stephanie asks what he is talking about. Philip sighs, remembering that she left the wedding early, and wasn’t there when it happened. Stephanie, surprised, asks if he and Melanie are still together.

Melanie snaps Nathan out of his reverie. He stammers, saying that he thought she was on her honeymoon with Philip, and that if he had known what was going on, he never would have left town. Melanie, relieved, guesses that why he wasn’t here. Nathan nods, saying he would have been here in a heartbeat otherwise. He then asks Melanie what happened. She explains that she took a bullet. Nathan asks if that is why there is a cop outside and wonders if Melanie is still in danger. She guesses she is. Nathan groans, saying that he can’t believe this. Melanie admits she’s having trouble digesting it, too. Nathan asks worriedly if she is going to be ok. Melanie wonders if he even cares. Nathan, hurt, says that he does, of course.

At the pub, Bo tells Carly about Vivian being caught in Melanie’s room. Carly, panicky and angry, demands to know where the guard was. Bo explains that Vivian got past him, but he assures Carly that he has beefed up security. He adds that Melanie was sedated while Vivian was in her room, and doesn’t remember much of anything that happened. Carly asks what did happen. Bo shrugs, saying that all they know was that Vivian was there alone when Philip came back. Carly worries about what might have happened if Philip hadn’t shown up, but Bo soothes her, telling her he handled the situation. Carly disagrees, saying that there is only one person that can stop Vivian--and that’s her.

Daniel storms into the Kiriakis mansion. Vivian greets him, noting that he is here without his lovely fiancée, and she asks him what she can do for him. Daniel snaps at her to cut the crap and warns her that she won’t make another nasty insult or lift another finger towards anyone he cares about ever again. Vivian has no idea what he means. Daniel explains angrily that this is about her little visit to Melanie’s room. Vivian stares, feigning confusion. Daniel rages, demanding that she drop the act and tell him why she was there. Victor walks in just then, asking what is going on. Daniel replies that he is just getting a few things straight with Victor’s houseguest. Victor asks what he means, and Daniel explains that he doesn’t want Vivian going near Melanie ever again. Victor claims that Vivian knows she isn’t supposed to. Daniel thinks she needs a little refresher course, as she waited for the guard outside Melanie’s room to be distracted, and then she snuck in. Vivian claims she can explain. Victor glares at her as Daniel retorts that Philip found Vivian hovering over Melanie’s bed. Vivian claims she was just trying to make Melanie comfortable. Daniel thinks that’s what she wanted it to look like, but then she got interrupted. He accuses Vivian of trying to finish what she started and kill Melanie.

Bo doesn’t understand why Carly thinks she is the only one that can handle Vivian. He asks Carly to leave this up to him, but she refuses, saying that it isn’t fair of her to continue asking Bo to clean up her messes. She claims it isn’t fair to Melanie either, as she isn’t the one that Vivian really wants revenge on. Carly thinks she is the only one that should have to pay for Lawrence’s death. Bo doesn’t like where this is going. Carly then explains that he can have his bail money back, as she is planning on pleading guilty. Bo curses. Carly nods, telling Bo to take her back to jail and to let her sit there for the rest of her miserable life.

Victor growls that he doesn’t like to think that Vivian endangered the life of his daughter-in-law. Vivian then tells Daniel that she isn’t sure what he was told, but she never had any intention on hurting Melanie, and that the real reason she snuck in was to tell Melanie how concerned she was, and to assure her that she would never harm her in any way. She admits that she and Carly have had their difficulties, but she has nothing against Melanie, as she is Philip’s wife. Daniel thinks that she is lying, but Vivian claims that if she had wanted Melanie dead, she’d be dead. Daniel vows not to let her get the chance again and asks Victor if he will back him up on it. Victor nods, saying that the day he agreed to become Daniel’s godfather, he swore to look out for him, and he doesn’t plan on welshing on a deal like that. He then tells Daniel that he does need to know one thing-- why Melanie is so important to him.

Nathan groans that he never should have left town. Melanie reminds him that there is nothing he could have done. Nathan fumes, wondering how this could have happened to her in Philip’s house. Melanie claims that this isn’t Philip’s fault, but Nathan thinks it is, as he assumes this has something to do with some turf war between the DiMera and Kiriakis families. Melanie says that this is about her family, not Philip’s, and jokes weakly that she’s always said that she was descended from the scum of the universe. Nathan asks her not to talk that way about herself. He suddenly notices the wedding ring on her finger and says sadly that getting shot obviously didn’t stop her from going through with the wedding. Melanie explains that she was shot afterwards. Nathan snorts, saying that he thinks that could be an omen. He then asks Melanie if she really doesn’t think that getting married was a mistake.

Philip wonders why Stephanie would ask if he and Melanie are still together when they’re newly married. Stephanie stammers that she has seen Philip go through so much that she didn’t want to think that something might have gone wrong between him and Melanie. Philip thinks it’s decent of her to care, especially after all she has been through because of who he is. Stephanie explains that she will always care about Philip and wants him to be happy. Philip says he wants the same for her, but Stephanie claims that she is happy, as she and Nathan are doing will. Philip bets her grandmother is thrilled Nathan is a Horton, but Stephanie says she and Nathan have actually been keeping their relationship a secret. Philip is glad to know about it, and adds that he hopes Nathan will get a life and stay out of his. Stephanie asks what he means, and Philip explains that Nathan is always lecturing him about how he isn’t good enough for Melanie. He adds that Melanie seems like she needs to take care of Nathan, and Philip guesses she just feels guilty for dumping him. Stephanie flashes back to Nathan catching her reading Melanie’s letter, and admitting that it is none of his business, as Nathan assumes incorrectly that the letter is for Stephanie. Stephanie comes back to the present and tells Philip that he doesn’t have to worry about Nathan, as he has moved on. Stephanie then changes the subject, asking why Philip and Melanie aren’t on their honeymoon. Philip sighs, admitting that Carly put a hold on it. Stephanie wonders what Carly has to do with him or Melanie. Philip says she actually has a lot to do with them, since she is Melanie’s mother.

Bo insists that Carly will be proven innocent in court, and that they’ll prove she only fired the gun in an attempt to protect her daughter. Carly wonders how he will prove that. Bo replies that the victim’s testimony will help. Carly asks Bo if he really thinks Melanie will testify on her behalf when she hates her. She adds that because of her, Melanie nearly died, and has gone through one shock after another since waking up, including that she’s going to soon learn that Daniel is her father. She tells Bo that he can’t tell Melanie that her fate is in her hands, and that she just won’t have it. Bo retorts that this isn’t up to her, as they are handling this his way.

Melanie asks Nathan angrily if he is telling her that marrying Philip was a mistake. Nathan wonders what is wrong with that. Melanie snaps that his nerve is unbelievable. She wonders where he gets off bursting in here after she is married and acting like she still matters to him. Nathan reminds her that she knows she matters to him, as he told her so the night before she got married. Melanie scoffs, reminding him that he was drunk. Nathan says he knows what he was saying, and wonders what Melanie’s excuse is, as a nurse outside told him that she was asking about him. Melanie stammers. Nathan accuses her of still caring about him.

Stephanie can’t believe the news and adds that she can’t imagine what it did to Melanie. Philip admits she isn’t taking it so well. Stephanie shakes her head, asking in disbelief if Carly told Melanie all this on her wedding day. Philip shakes his head, saying Carly actually told Melanie after she shot her. Stephanie gapes.

Carly forbids Bo to bother Melanie with her trial. Bo scoffs, asking what she’ll do if he doesn’t care what she says. Carly threatens to be very angry with him, but admits that is probably the best thing that could happen to Bo. Bo says that this isn’t even up to him, as a shooting occurred, and he has no choice but to interview material witnesses. He promises Carly that he won’t lean on Melanie or use the third degree--he’s just going to ask her to tell him the truth. Carly threatens to tell Melanie to lie, but Bo warns her that if she tries to obstruct justice, he will send her up the river himself. Carly grumps that if there were any justice, Melanie wouldn’t have been given a mother that has done nothing but hurt her. Bo claims that is the thing about being a parent--you have to take responsibility for your kids’ lives, and sometimes you hurt them. Carly says she’s hurt Daniel, too, but Bo thinks she dealt with the situation the best way she knew how. Carly thinks she is a curse on Daniel, as he is facing disciplinary action, and his fiancée found out about Melanie being his daughter in the worst way possible. She adds sadly that she is a curse to Bo, too, and was a curse to Lawrence. Bo sighs, reminding her that if she had let Lawrence live, he would have just ended up killing her or Melanie or both of them. Carly asks about Bo, but he tells her not to worry about him, as he knows when he has been hurt and hasn’t been hurt. Carly reminds Bo of what his face looks like when he gets off the phone with Hope, and how he paces around at night when he can’t sleep. Bo grumbles that what is going on is between himself and Hope. Carly thinks that her big secret screwed things up for him and Hope, and she doesn’t think Bo can deny that he would be better off if she had never returned to Salem.

Daniel claims that Melanie is simply his patient, since he saved her life. Victor is surprised that’s all it is, but Daniel glares at Vivian, saying that doctors tend to get angry when people try to undo what they’ve worked so hard to accomplish. Vivian claims that she didn’t do anything to Melanie. Daniel warns Vivian again to never go near her again. Victor tries to intervene, but Daniel can’t believe Victor is defending Vivian after what she tried to do to his daughter-in-law. Victor claims there is no proof that anyone other than Carly tried to harm Melanie. Daniel scoffs, telling Victor to keep Vivian away from his patient. He then storms off.

Stephanie can’t believe that Melanie was shot. Philip nods, saying that it was an accident, but it was bad, and Melanie barely pulled through. Stephanie thanks God that Melanie is alright. Philip agrees, adding that Melanie should be getting out of the hospital soon. Stephanie flashes back to Nathan telling her that he has to go to the hospital to check up on his schedule. Stephanie comes back to the present and grabs her coat, saying that she has to get to Melanie. Philip offers to go with her, but Stephanie says she can’t wait, as she should have been there for Melanie already. She tells Philip she’ll see him later and flies out the door. Philip stares after her in surprise.

Melanie doesn’t think it’s a big deal that she asked a nurse about him, but Nathan says that the nurse told him that Melanie had been wondering why he hadn’t come to see her. Melanie asks Nathan why he is doing this. He claims that she is hiding something from him, and he wants to know what it is. Melanie flashes back to giving Stephanie the letter she wrote to Nathan before her wedding. Nathan interrupts her reverie, asking if she is ok. Melanie starts to say that she wishes something, but stops herself. Nathan pleads with her to tell him what’s wrong.

Victor, now alone with Vivian, asks her angrily if she made a little visit to Melanie’s room. She replies sullenly that he heard what Daniel said. She claims she was just trying to make Melanie comfortable, but Victor claims her dithering quit working on him back during the Reagan administration. Vivian then admits that she planned to smother Melanie with a pillow. Victor wrathfully asks her how she dared to go behind his back and try to kill Melanie again after the fiasco with the comb and his repeated warnings. Vivian reminds Victor that she didn’t go through with it, but Victor thinks that’s only because Philip walked in. Vivian shakes her head, saying that she actually just realized that killing an innocent girl was wrong. She adds that Carly Manning is the target, as she is the reason Hope and Victor’s granddaughter are here instead of at home with Bo. Victor agrees. Vivian then says that she now realizes that there is no reason to harm Carly’s daughter, who is innocent-- to punish Carly--especially since Carly has arranged her own poetic justice.

Bo tells Carly gently that he knows what it is like to want to punish yourself, as he did the same thing when Zach died, and even went as far as to wish he had been the one that died, not his little boy. He reminds Carly that Melanie is alive and well, however, and that she’ll pull through this. He adds that Melanie needs Carly, even though she might not realize it yet. He even thinks the two will be good for one another, since Melanie has never had a mother, and Carly has never had a daughter. Carly sighs, saying she just can’t be as sure about this as Bo is. Bo shrugs, saying that they’ll do it her way, then. He offers to take her back to jail and get her fitted for an orange jumpsuit. Bo then lays on the guilt, saying that her daughter will miss out on having a mother, and he’ll miss out on a future with Carly--a thing he thought they both wanted. Bo wonders if he was wrong about that.

Melanie starts to shout that Nathan doesn’t have the right to say that, but she breaks off short, gasping that she can’t breathe. Nathan rushes over, asking if she is in pain. Melanie whimpers that she is. Nathan grabs a stethoscope and listens to her pulse, asking her to take some deep breaths. Just then, Stephanie bursts in.

Bo tries to tell Carly that things aren’t impossible, though everything seems like a mess right now. Carly tells Bo that hearing what Vivian tried to do again was the last straw for her. Bo admits that Carly probably cant see this right now, but he is sure this will all be behind her one day, and then she’ll have hr daughter in her life. He adds that the tow of them will also have the fresh start they’ve been wanting. He asks her if she thinks that is worth fighting for Carly hugs him, saying that it is.

Nathan asks Melanie if she is breathing easier now. She admits she is. Nathan thinks she just had an anxiety attack. He warns her that she could mess up her surgical incision as Stephanie walks over to the bed and greets Melanie, saying that she’s sorry for not being here sooner. Melanie admits she wondered where Stephanie was. She tells Melanie that she was out of town. Nathan fidgets. Melanie eyes the two, guessing that they went away together.

Carly runs into Philip on the pier and explains that Bo told her about Vivian. She asks how Melanie is, but Philip suggests sarcastically she just break into Melanie’s room and find out for herself the way Vivian did. Carly admits she had that coming, but Philip snaps that she has a whole lot more coming. He wonders where her famous concern was when Melanie was being abused by her father. Carly replies that she just wants to know how Melanie is doing, but Philip retorts that she’s not going to be ok as long as Vivian has her scoped out as a means to get revenge on Carly. Carly agrees, saying that she must give Philip some advice, though she knows he doesn’t like or trust her. She then explains that he can’t take Melanie back to his father’s house after she gets out of the hospital. She adds that she doesn’t care how many times Victor says he has the situation under control--he doesn’t. She reminds Philip that he is Melanie’s husband now, and he must protect her from Vivian.

Victor angrily reminds Vivian that she swore not to lay another hand on Melanie. He then asks Vivian if she has noticed the sedan parked near the house. He explains that that is one of Bo’s men, and that Bo would love nothing more than to make a case against Vivian. He then tells her that Bo wants him to turn over the poisoned comb that he replaced, and the metal rod Vivian tried to use to kill Melanie. Victor thinks he’d be the father of the year if he helped Bo bring Vivian down, and then Vivian would have to move into a big house with some scary and horny women. Vivian admits that she was out of her mind over grief for Lawrence, and really believed that he would have wanted her to exact her revenge on Melanie. Victor scoffs as Vivian assures him that she’s back to her old self now, and is no longer a threat to Melanie. Victor reminds her she’s said that before. Vivian claims she means it this time, and swears to it on Lawrence’s life. Victor asks what life she’s talking about, as Lawrence is more dead than vaudeville. Vivian swears it on her own life, wishing to be struck dead if anything happens to Melanie. Victor isn’t so sure if he should believe her, but Vivian begs him to.

Stephanie and Nathan exchange glances as Daniel peeks in. He sees the two inside and ducks back out as Stephanie admits that she and Nathan were together. Melanie asks where they went, and Stephanie says they went skiing. Melanie asks pointedly if they ever made it to the slopes. Nathan admits they did eventually, and that he and Stephanie actually skied a lot. Melanie thinks it sounds like they had a great time. Stephanie says they did. Nathan then reminds Melanie that she was going to tell him something before she had the anxiety attack, but Melanie doesn’t think it matters now. She suggests he get going. Stephanie assumes that includes her but Melanie asks her to stay. Nathan stares. Melanie stares back angrily. Nathan sighs and heads off.

Bo greets Daniel, who is waiting outside Melanie’s door. Bo explains that he wants to go in and take Melanie’s statement, but Daniel snaps that she is in no condition to be grilled. Bo says that he just plans on taking her statement, but Daniel doesn’t want Melanie to have to relive that night again. He adds that Melanie isn’t up for visitors. Bo sighs, saying that he understands why Daniel is being so protective. Daniel retorts that he knows Carly told Bo about him being Melanie’s father. Bo claims it wasn’t his place to say anything to Daniel and starts to tell him that Carly was just trying to protect him, but Daniel threatens to punch him if he says that. He angrily reminds Bo of how well Carly’s protectiveness worked out for Melanie. Bo retorts that Carly feels terribly about it. Daniel is glad, as it makes him furious to think about how he busted his ass to get her on staff at the hospital. He then warns Bo that he will regret it if he continues to be Carly’s wingman.

Carly stands on the pier alone and flashes back to her and Bo ringing the bell on his boat, so many years ago. Bo calls her princess and tells her all is well. Carly agrees. The two kiss.

Vivian tries again to convince Victor that she has had a change of heart. Philip heads in just then. Victor asks how Melanie is, and Philip replies that she is doing well, and will be discharged from the hospital soon. Victor is glad to hear it, as it will be nice to have her home again. Philip then explains that Melanie isn’t returning to this house until Victor kicks that crazy bitch Vivian to the curb. Vivian sighs. Philip asks Victor if he would like to do the honors, or if he should.

Bo tells Daniel that he knows that he is upset with Carly, but that is no reason not to allow him to question Melanie.

Stephanie apologizes to Melanie for going away with Nathan. Melanie sighs, saying she doesn’t blame her, especially as the four of them have switched partners enough. She admits she wishes the two had waited longer than two seconds after her marriage to go away together, but she knows she’s done worse things herself. Stephanie just doesn’t want Melanie to be mad at her. Melanie says she isn’t, and that she is actually mad at Nathan, as he came in her and acted as if she mattered to him when he couldn’t even be bothered to read her letter. Stephanie stammers that that doesn’t mean Nathan doesn’t care and that him coming here just means that she didn’t want anything bad to happen to Melanie. Melanie wonders whatever happened to her letter. Stephanie claims she didn’t do anything with it. Melanie then asks Stephanie to destroy it, as she doesn’t want anyone to see it. Stephanie smiles, telling Melanie it’s done. Just then, Bo heads in, telling Stephanie that he needs to speak to Melanie alone. Stephanie nods and heads off, saying goodbye to Melanie.

Victor reminds Philip that this is his house, and adds that Vivian has assured him that Philip misinterpreted what he saw in Melanie’s room. He adds that the police obviously agree, as they haven’t been by looking for Vivian. Philip guesses the two must still be looking to nail Carly and says sarcastically that having Vivian here probably makes the plotting and scheming much easier. Victor claims that if he had a score to settle with Carly, he wouldn’t do it by harming her daughter, as that is cowardly. Philip laughs, telling Vivian that Victor is calling her a coward. Vivian claims that she feels Philip’s pain, and would never do anything to hurt him. Philip tells her to shut up. Victor warns him to watch his manners, but Philip retorts that he’s a fine one to lecture him on manners, and wonders how Victor doesn’t choke on his own hypocrisy. Victor reminds Philip that they were talking about Melanie returning home, and he simply rejected Philip’s terms. Philip reminds Victor of how hard they’ve worked to get close again and wonders if Victor is really willing to blow that for Vivian. Victor snaps that Philip wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for Vivian. Philip retorts that he doesn’t need reminding and announces that he never wants to see Vivian again. Vivian, upset, tells Victor that she should go.

Carly heads into the hospital. Daniel intercepts her, wondering how many times he has to tell her to stay away from Melanie. Carly explains that she came to see him, and to apologize for what happened with Chloe. Daniel snaps at her to save it, as it is too late for sorry.

In the waiting area, Nathan asks Stephanie how her talk with Melanie went. Stephanie admits she was upset. Stephanie still can’t believe they were off having a wonderful vacation while Melanie was fighting for her life. Stephanie starts to say she would have done something differently had she known Melanie was going to be shot, but stops herself. Nathan asks what she means.

Bo tells Melanie that he hears she might be going home soon, and is glad, as he is sure she could use the peace and quiet. Bo then tells Melanie that she needs to know something, although he knows she is tired of hearing people defend Carly after everything Carly has dumped on her. Bo goes on to say that Carly isn’t lying when she says that she did what she did to protect Melanie. He explains that Lawrence was far worse than Trent, and that he killed a good friend of Bo’s, and even raped one of Hope’s cousins. Melanie sneers that it sounds as if Bo and Carly are a match made in heaven. Bo ignores the comment and admits that when he looks at Melanie and Carly, he sees two women that have made mistakes, but Melanie is smart like her mother and has learned from her mistakes. He reminds her that she married a great guy that will take care of her. He then adds that Melanie has a chance to have something she never had before-- a mother who loves her and would do anything for her. Melanie wonders why Bo is telling her all this. Bo chuckles, saying that she is just going to have to get used to her brother-in-law giving her advice. She asks what kind of advice he wants to give her. Bo tells her that he thinks she should give Carly a chance.

Now alone with Vivian, Victor tells her that he doesn’t want her to go, and vows to talk to Philip. Vivian says she will pack her things in the meantime. Victor warns her not to unpack once she gets wherever she is going, as she will be back soon.

Philip heads into Melanie’s room and asks why Bo is there. He explains that he came by to get Melanie’s statement. She grumps that Bo is trying to get her on Carly’s side. Philip lays into Bo for trying to work his wife while she is lying in a hospital bed, but Bo claims that isn’t what he was doing. Philip snaps that he shouldn’t even be handling the case. Bo claims that he can objective, but Philip doesn’t think so, especially since he is asking Melanie to go easy on the woman that shot her. Melanie says it’s ok, and thanks Philip for defending her but claims she can handle it. She then tells Bo that she is ready to give her statement.

Nathan, flabbergasted, can’t believe that Melanie only found out that Carly was her mother after she shot her. Nathan thinks it’s no wonder she seemed so furious. He thought it was just him, but figures now that Melanie is probably just angry at the world. Stephanie guesses so. Nathan then reminds Stephanie what happened to Melanie was terrible, but it wasn’t her doing, so there’s nothing either of them could have done to stop it. Stephanie sighs.

Carly tells Daniel that he is right, and that she needs to stop whining about how sorry she is and take action. Daniel says that makes him nervous, but Carly asks him not to be, vowing that she is going to make this up to him and to Melanie. Daniel doubts that is possible, but hopes she gets the chance. Carly asks what he means, and he explains that Bo is in Melanie’s room taking her statement right now--so Carly’s future is in their daughter’s hands.

Bo turns on his tape recorder and prepares to take Melanie’s statement. Melanie explains that shortly after she was married, Vivian Alamain told her she wanted to talk to her privately about her mother and took her up onto the roof. She started saying a lot of things that didn’t make sense, and then Carly showed up with a gun. Philip guesses Melanie doesn’t remember much after that, but Melanie claims she remembers Carly pointing the gun at her, and she remembers thinking that this woman that barely knows her is about to kill her, and she doesn’t know why. Bo gives her a look. Melanie gazes back at him innocently.


EJ tells Anna, “Finally, she pays for what she did to me.”

Daniel assures Carly, “Nobody is gonna hurt our daughter.”

Bo snaps at Melanie, “If I were you, I'd be scared.”

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