Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/2/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/2/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Sami paces around her apartment and curses EJ. She flashes back to reading the ransom note, which warns her not to get the FBI involved if she ever wants to see her daughter again. Rafe interrupts her reverie, asking if she is ok. Distracted, Sami says she is, but Rafe doesn’t buy it. He asks Sami what’s going on, begging her to let him help her.

At the pub, Brady asks Arianna how they will ever work things out if she won’t talk to him. Arianna apologizes, saying he is too late. Brady grabs her and kisses her in response.

EJ heads into Anna’s hideout. She cuddles Sydney, telling her that her daddy is here. EJ takes her into his arms, greeting her. He then asks Anna if it’s done. She nods, saying that she followed his instructions to the letter. EJ grins, asking how it turned out.

Sami asks Rafe what he is going to help her with, and he explains that something has her tense--something that started at the pier last night, and he’d like to know what is going on. Sami says that she was just now worrying about whether or not she remembered to put the twin’s lunches in their backpacks. Rafe thinks that’s easy enough to check and Sami agrees. She starts to head off to look, but Rafe stops her, telling her that after she does so, they need to talk about why she cancelled the family gathering. Sami stares in surprise. Rafe reminds her that she was all set to say goodbye to Sydney, and then abruptly changed her mind. Rafe explains that he wants to know the real reason why she did so.

Gabi heads into the Java Café and greets Chad. She thinks he looks busy. He admits he is, but that he is getting off in an hour, and was thinking of going to see a movie, From Paris With Love. Gabi wrinkles her nose, saying that it sounds like a romance, but Chad explains that there are a lot of dead bodies and car chases, so he’s pretty sure it’s a guy flick. Gabi thinks she can get into that and agrees to go with Chad. Chad suggests they get a pizza, too, and Gabi agrees. Just then, Mia walks in and sees the two laughing and talking. She glares.

EJ snaps that he asked Anna a simple question. She replies that everything went fine, but EJ demands to know why she hesitated. Anna sighs, reminding EJ that things might go wrong. EJ disagrees and suggests she show him what she did--that way they can make sure nothing goes wrong.

Sami claims that she already told Rafe the real reason--she thought the ceremony was too rushed. She adds that he should have seen Will’s reaction when she told him. Rafe thinks there is more to it than that, as she was all set to say goodbye to Sydney until she spoke to EJ in private. Rafe demands to know what EJ said to her.

Arianna pushes Brady away, telling him that that isn’t fair. Brady replies that he doesn’t care about fair--he cares about her and making things right. Just then, Roman heads into the pub and greets the two. He explains to Brady that he called the warden and made arrangements for him to visit Nicole. Brady groans. Arianna huffs off, saying that she has to get back to work.

Will heads into the café. He’s on the phone with his grandmother, and explains that they all still have hope for Sydney, and that he has been staring at her picture before he goes to sleep and is sending good thoughts her way. He hangs up with a sighs, and greets Mia, glad that she is here with him. Mia simpers, wondering where else she’d be. Mia then overhears Chad telling Gabi that he is going to go online and check to see when them movie starts. Mia abruptly asks Will to get her a coffee. Will heads off obediently. Mia corners Chad and tells him that they need to talk.

EJ grins, telling Anna that it’s perfect. He asks her to congratulate Benny for him, and she agrees to do so, admitting that this isn’t exactly her area of expertise. EJ says it’s no matter, as soon they’ll be counting the hours. Anna asks what he means, and EJ explain that he is counting the hours until Sami and Rafe are history.

Sami heads back into the living room, telling Rafe that she isn’t crazy, and that she did pack the twins’ lunches. She then asks what he is doing today. Rafe coolly says he isn’t planning on doing anything until she explains why she changed her mind last night. He snaps that he knows EJ was behind the whole thing and asks Sami to tell him what EJ said. Sami cries that EJ doesn’t rule her life. Rafe sighs, reminding her that she got the twins dressed last night to go to the pier, got Will involved in the whole thing, and then suddenly changed her mind after she talked to EJ. Rafe again asks what he said. Sami fumes.

Brady asks Roman if that is the final word and he shrugs, saying that the warden told him that Nicole refused to see anyone, especially Brady. Brady sighs, asking how she is, but Roam says it never came up. He says it’s even hard to tell if Nicole knows about Sydney’s death, even thought it was in the papers. Brady doubts she knows, either. He adds that he doesn’t think this is right, as Nicole doesn’t have one friend in the world to let her know that the baby she loved so much has died. Brady doesn’t think it’s fair, as Nicole deserves to know what happened. Roman isn’t so sure everyone else would agree with him. Brady says he realizes that, but he knows Nicole loves Sydney, and that Sydney was her whole world, despite the terrible things she did. Arianna, who has been listening in, wrathfully tells another waitress that she has to step outside for a few moments. She storms off. Brady tells Roman that he doesn’t care what Nicole told the warden. He begs Roman to call the warden again, as he must see Nicole and speak to her face-to-face. Roman sighs, asking Brady if she sure that is a good idea.

Chad asks Mia if something is wrong and she nods, explaining that she is worried about Will, and needs to find a way to cheer him up, but she’s drawing a blank and needs help. Chad is surprised she came to him, since he and Will aren’t at all close, but Mia reminds Chad that they both know what Will is going through right now. She adds that she was hoping Chad could meet her later so the two could come up with a plan. Chad sighs, agreeing to help Mia. She then suggests they meet at Maggie’s after he gets off and Chad agrees to meet her there. Mia warns Chad to keep this quiet and to not tell Gabi or anyone else, as she doesn’t want Will to find out what she is up to. Chad promises not to tell anyone. Mia stares at Gabi and smirks.

Anna worries that EJ is missing the big picture here and begins to lecture him about his feelings for Sami, but EJ snaps at her to shut up, as it isn’t true that he has any feelings for Sami whatsoever. Anna can’t imagine why else he has been planning and plotting for so long. EJ shrieks that his is solely about his children and their stability. He isn’t sure how many more times he has to tell Anna this, but he wants his children to grow up in the same house with one family. He adds angrily that he doesn’t want any more confusion for Johnny or Sydney. Anna sighs. EJ suggests they get going.

Sami snaps at Rafe that it isn’t very flattering to her for him to think that she just does whatever EJ tells her to do. Rafe admits she normally doesn’t, but she did last night. Sami starts to reply, but her phone interrupts. It’s EJ, wanting to know if Sami is at home. She says she is. He asks if Rafe is there. She says he is. EJ orders her to get rid of him. Sami thinks that might take some time, and EJ snaps that he will be over in fifteen minutes. Sami sighs and hangs up. Rafe guesses it was EJ, making more demands. Sami explains that he wants her to drop Johnny off at his place after she picks the twins up from school. Rafe suddenly remembers a meeting he has with his supervisor and says he has to go. He kisses Sami. She asks what that was for. Rafe explains that whatever is going on, he wants her to know that he loves her. He heads off. Sami sighs, saying she loves him, too.

Brady catches up with Arianna in the park and assures her that she has nothing to worry about. Arianna snaps that she isn’t worried about Nicole, who is never getting out of jail; she’s worried about Brady because this never seems to end for him. He protests, but Arianna says she knows Nicole is on his mind everyday. Brady claims that isn’t true, and that he just feels Nicole deserves to know the truth about Sydney and what happened to her. Arianna snaps that Sydney isn’t her daughter, but Brady says Sydney was Nicole’s--at least in her own heart and mind. Arianna reminds him angrily that Nicole stole another woman’s baby. She shrieks that Nicole lied to Brady and everyone else, and she can’t believe Brady wants to go soothe Nicole when her insane ideas caused all of this. Arianna then demands to know when Brady is going to realize that Nicole will never be out of his life.

Gabi heads over to Chad, asking if he found out about the movie times. He stammers. She asks what is wrong, and Chad asks her abruptly if she is really ok about what happened between him and Mia. Gabi assumes he means the baby, and explains that she just thinks it’s sad that Chad didn’t know about any of it. Chad explains that he wasn’t around and scoffs, saying that everyone at school thinks he’s a real dirt bag, and people even posted mean things about him online to try to make his life miserable. Gabi claims that she doesn’t care, as it won’t make her miserable. She adds that if those kids want to be idiots, then that is their problem. Chad sighs and thanks her, saying that he hopes she knows what she is in for.

EJ heads into Sami’s place and asks if she is alone. She nods, explaining that Rafe went to a meeting. EJ asks if she told him anything, but she says she didn’t. EJ is glad to hear it and assures her that she is doing the right thing. She sighs, asking him what is so urgent. EJ explains that he got another ransom note today around lunchtime. Sami, excited, asks him to let her see it. EJ pulls it out and reads the note aloud, which instructs Sami to go to a specific website, and to not tell anyone about it.

Chad tells Gabi that he has to leave, but promises to call her later about the movie. Gabi promises to keep her phone on and Chad heads off. Will heads over and greets Gabi. She tells him how sorry she is about his sister. Will sighs, admitting that he has been trying to stay positive, but it’s hard lately. He then admits that he doesn’t know what he would do if Mia wasn’t there for him.

Arianna thinks that Brady knows she is the one available to him, so he just keeps lying and saying that Nicole is a friend. Brady insists that is all Nicole is to him, and tells Arianna that it’s ridiculous for them to continue having the same argument. Arianna, angry, reminds Brady that not that long ago, he told both her and Nicole that he loved Nicole.

Mia lets Chad into Maggie’s kitchen, admitting that she almost called and told him not to come, since she saw him talking to Gabi and feels like she is dragging him away from her. Chad says it’s no problem, as he has time. Mia sighs, saying that she feels as if Chad is angry with her for the way she treated him when he first came back to Salem. Chad thinks it’s understandable, since she was going through a hard time. Mia doesn’t think she had the right blame Chad for it, as it wasn’t his fault. She adds that she knows he was going through a rough patch, too, since his parents yanked him away from his friends and sent him off to boarding school. Chad thinks he learned a lot from the experience. Mia agrees that he is a lot more mature now than he was before. Chad isn’t so sure about that, but Mia is. She adds that she thinks going to boarding school made Chad a better person--kind of like what she went through made her a better person, too. She then tells Chad that she is just glad that they can be friends after everything they have been through. Chad stammers, asking if that is all they really are.

Rafe heads into the pub and greets Roman, asking if he has a minute to talk. Roman says he does and offers Rafe a chair. He takes it and tells Roman that he needs his help. Roman asks what is going on. Rafe sighs, saying that Sydney may be gone, but he is more determined than ever to find the person that did this to her and hurt them.

EJ stares over Sami’s shoulder at the computer screen, telling her that she can access the video any time now that it is saved on her browser. Sami tells him that it says it’s waiting for data. EJ nods and snatches the ransom note, lighting a match and burning it up. Sami gasps, asking what he is doing. EJ explains that he’s doing the same thing he did with the last note, as he has to ensure that she doesn’t show it to Rafe. Sami sighs, saying she understands that her only chance of getting Sydney back is keeping the FBI out of this. She then vows to follows the kidnapper’s instructions to the letter. EJ warns Sami that this may be an extortion attempt, and that Sydney may really be dead, but Sami urges him not to think or say anything like that ever again. Just then, the computer beeps. Sami stares at the screen and yelps, “OMG!”

Brady reminds Arianna that he told Nicole that he loved her--past tense. He claims he loved her before he found out about all the terrible things she had done. Arianna thinks that the more things change, the more they remain the same. Brady groans, wondering who it is Arianna would like him to be, as he isn’t the kind of man that will turn his back on a friend when they need him most. Arianna angrily reminds him that Nicole is in jail for kidnapping Sydney, and that the baby is dead thanks to her. Brady says that isn’t true, and that Nicole was preparing to bring Sydney home when she was taken from her. Arianna softens, saying that she does love Brady for who he is, and she remembers that he stood by her when she needed him most. She thinks it may be selfish of her to ask him to only be loyal to her. Brady doesn’t think it seems selfish at all. He explains that he understands why she feels the way she does, but he doesn’t think she is seeing things clearly. Arianna claims she is, and announces that she and Brady can’t make it a couple unless he changes-and she doesn’t think Brady is going to do that.

Gabi scoffs, asking Will if Mia is really there for him. Surprised, he ask if Gabi doesn’t believe him. She tells him to forget it, but Will demands to know what is going on between her and Mia. Gabi starts to say nothing is, but then tells Will abruptly that she knows he likes Mia, but she has to wonder if he really thinks Mia is all that interested in him. Will is taken aback.

Chad admits to Mia that he didn’t think the two of them were anything, as ever since he got back to Salem he has felt as if Mia has wanted to get rid of him. Mia claims that is because she was lonely and depressed. She adds that she really missed him when he went away. Then Nicole came along and started feeding her her stupid ideas, and she made a lot of bad decisions because of that. Chad says that he would prefer not to go over all of this again. Mia sighs, agreeing, but tells Chad that she knows she hurt him, and claims that she is sorry. She admits that she goes over and over it in her head at night and can’t help but cry over the way she hurt him and pushed him away. Chad is surprised she thinks about it that much. Mia admits that she has been thinking about Chad, actually, and that the truth is that she can’t stop thinking about him.

Rafe asks Roman to get him the employment histories of all the employees of the DiMeras, especially those fired in the last year. Roman agrees to do so, as he knows Rafe’s theory is that this case is connected to that family somehow. Rafe nods, saying that whoever did this had a lot of access to inside information. He sighs, adding that he knows this investigation is going to take a lot of time and money, but Roman reminds him that Sydney was his granddaughter, and that he wants the SOB responsible punished as much as anyone. Roman then tells Rafe that all the employment information he needs is back at the station, and it includes the name of all the DiMera employees, including those that were fired or quit, though there aren’t many of those. Rafe sighs, guessing Roman has been over them. He admits he has lots of times, and though he isn’t saying it’s a dead end, it also doesn’t look promising. Rafe curses. Roman reminds him that as badly as he feels, Sami probably feels a hell of a lot worse. Rafe says that’s the thing-- something else is going on with Sami.

Sami gasps and stares at the computer screen as a video plays showing Sydney in her playpen. Sami sobs, crying out that their baby is alive. EJ gasps, telling Sami that Sydney has grown a lot. Sami agrees, sobbing that she can’t believe she is alive. EJ crows over how beautiful she is. Just then, a message plays across the bottom of the screen, instructing EJ to drop off a five million dollar ransom in the forest preserve near the canal. It finishes by saying that Sydney’s time is short. The video ends. Sami breaks down in hysterics.

Brady sighs, telling Arianna that if she really wants keep believing this myth that Nicole is a big issue and that she is going to keep them apart, then he can’t stop her. He adds that he wants to move on, because he loves Arianna, not Nicole, and because he believes and hopes that Arianna is his future. Arianna doesn’t reply. Brady asks if she believes him.

Will doesn’t understand what Gabi is trying to say, and wonders if she didn’t see that Mia was just here at the café with him. Gabi admits that none of this is her business and apologizes for opening her big mouth. Will reminds her that she did, though, and asks her why she thinks that Mia isn’t into him. Gabi explains that she just thinks Mia has issues, and might not be ready to have a relationship at all. Will says that he understands that. Gabi is surprised to hear it.

Chad tells Mia that he never expected her to say that, as he thought she was with Will now. Mia says she is, adding that Will is sweet, and is really hurting right now. Chad asks if she likes him. Mia admits she does, but it isn’t the same as it was with Chad. She admits she still thinks about it, and asks if he thinks about her, too. Chad scoffs, wondering who he is kidding. He admits he wanted to say no to get back at her, but it isn’t true. He adds that she was all he thought about at boarding school, but he was surprised by the way she acted when he returned. He reminds her that she acted as if she didn’t want him around, so he moved on--they both did. Mia asks if he still thinks about her, though. He says he does. Mia says she does, too, and though they have both moved on, a part of her will always love him. Chad says he feels the same way. Mia moves in for a kiss.

Roman asks Rafe if he is saying that he thinks Sami could be up to something. Rafe sighs, saying he wishes he knew. He then tells Roman about the planned gathering to tell the twins about Sydney, and how Sami abruptly cancelled it after speaking to EJ privately. Roman thinks that Sami may be in denial, and that she decided the gathering might hurt her too much. Roman adds that he can’t blame Sami for feeling that way, as no one should have to bear losing two children in one year. Rafe seems to agree, saying that he thought she was hiding something from him, but perhaps she was just hiding from the pain. Roman thinks Rafe understands now. Rafe decides that he must talk to Sami and thanks Roman for his time, adding that he still wants that list of name and numbers. Roman promises to get it for him and asks Rafe to take care.

Sami begins to panic over how soon they can get the five million dollars, but EJ remembers that the FBI just returned the ransom money he tried to use before, so he has the five million in his safe right now. Sami beams, telling EJ that they’re going to get their little girl back. EJ nods, grinning and saying that he has the money, and he can do this. He then promises that he will bring Sydney home. Sami sobs and hugs him, thanking him. EJ then says he has to go, but asks her to keep her phone on. Sami nods, bawling.

Arianna tells Brady that she wants to believe him, but every time she does, Nicole manages to come in and take over his life, and she can’t let herself keep falling in that same trap. Brady tells Arianna that that is actually what he came to talk to her about. She assumes he came to tell her he was going to see Nicole, but Brady says that he actually came by to see if she could get the day off. Arianna asks why. Brady replies that he wants to take her some place. She asks where, but Brady explains that it is a surprise. He asks if she will agree to come with him.

Gabi asks if Will knows that Mia has issues, and he nods, saying that of course she does after everything she had to deal with. He reminds Gabi that she had a baby in secret and got kicked out of her house. He thinks the last thing Mia needs is him pushing her into anything. Gabi asks what he means, and Will explains that he is giving Mia some space right now, but he is sure that they will make it through this.

Chad pushes Mia away, telling her that he can’t do this, as it isn’t right. He hurries out the door. Mia smirks, saying to herself that she gave up on being right a long time ago.

EJ hurries into Anna’s hideout. She asks how it went and EJ beams, saying it worked perfectly, and that Sami saw the video and everything else. He compliments Anna on her excellent camera work. She jokes that she is planning on accepting an Oscar soon. EJ cuddles Sydney, guessing gleefully that Sami is probably still watching that video now. Anna asks if Sami promised not to say anything to Rafe, and EJ nods, saying she swore she wouldn’t many times. He then decides it’s time to see if Sami has kept her promise. He goes on to explain to Anna that the video Sami downloaded included a virus that allows EJ to remotely monitor Sami through her webcam. He pulls up the video of Sami as she watches the video of Sydney. Sami murmurs aloud that Sydney is beautiful. EJ smirks, saying that it’s time to see if Sami is a girl of her word.

Back at her place, Sami watches the video of Sydney and vows aloud that she is going to see her little angel soon. Just then, Rafe walks in. She looks up, astonished.


Chloe snaps at Carly, “Don't play innocent with me. I know everything.”

Stephanie tells Nathan, “I have to talk to you about Melanie.”

Sami tells Rafe, “There's something I have to tell you.” EJ hisses, “Don't you do it. Don't you do it. Don't blow it.”

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