Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/1/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/1/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pier, EJ hands Sami the ransom note, telling her that he just received it. Ecstatic, Sami throws her arms around him. Sobbing, she asks if he thinks this could mean that their daughter is alive.

Outside the pub, Carly is on the phone with the hospital, asking for information about Melanie’s condition. The person can’t give her any information, and Carly flies off the handle, shrieking that she has a right to know since she is Melanie’s mother. Just then, Maggie walks over. Carly hangs up, startled, as Maggie notes that it rings rather hollow for Carly to play the ‘mother’ card.

Daniel sits by Melanie’s side in the hospital, whispering that she is his daughter. Melanie begins to wake up.

At her hideout, Anna flashes back to EJ examining the ransom note and telling her that it should be enough to put the final nail in the coffin of Rafe and Sami’s relationship. Anna sighs, saying to herself that it might be the final nail in her and EJ’s coffin if this whole ransom thing blows up in his face.

Sami reads the note aloud. It says that the kidnapper hopes she learned her lesson from the last time. The note goes on to instruct her and EJ to wait twelve hours for further instructions, and finishes by warning them that they’ll never see their daughter again if they involve the police or the FBI. Sami sighs, wondering how they can believe this. She tearfully reminds EJ of Sydney’s bloody dress being found. EJ admits he doesn’t have any answers, but is glad to have some hope. Sami claims she wants to believe this, too, but it’s hard to do so. EJ thinks it makes perfect sense, since the kidnappers want money, and killing Sydney wouldn’t get that for them. He goes on to say that he thinks the dress and the blood were intended to throw the cops off the scent. Sami admits that that makes sense. EJ tells her sternly that this is their last chance, and they can’t risk any outside involvement. Rafe walks over just then, asking what the two are talking about. EJ explains that Sami is thinking of canceling the family ceremony to honor Sydney’s memory, and he has advised her not to be influenced by external influences. Rafe scoffs, guessing that EJ means him. He wonders if Sami is really going to go along with this. She stammers, admitting that she is really confused right now, and she needs some time to process everything. EJ asks Rafe if there was a reason he came back. Rafe explains that he wanted Sami to know that he dropped the kids off with her grandmother. Sami thanks him, but admits she’s worried about her grandmother, as she hasn’t been doing well lately, and she fears the kids will run all over her. She asks if Rafe will go back over there and check on them. Rafe agrees, but seems suspicious. He tells Sami that they’ll talk later and heads off. Sami sighs, saying that she knows Rafe saw right through her. EJ suggests she try to do better the next time, but Sami snaps that she doesn’t want to get better at lying to Rafe. EJ reminds her that their daughter’s life is at stake, and they can’t afford to blow this again. He adds that he thinks it would be better for everyone if they don’t involve Rafe. Sami whines that all they’ve been doing for months is trying to figure out what is best for Sydney, and all she knows is that she did it wrong last time and nearly lost her daughter. Sami then admits that she is scared, as she doesn’t even trust her own judgment. EJ suggests that she trust him instead, and asks her to let him control this situation. Sami scoffs, refusing to do so.

Carly tells Maggie that she doesn’t think she’d hesitate to play the ‘mother’ card if it were her daughter lying in that hospital bed. She thinks she has a right to know how her child is doing. Maggie angrily reminds Carly that she is the reason Melanie is in that bed to begin with. Carly snaps that she doesn’t need to be reminded of that. Maggie retorts sarcastically that she is sure Carly was just trying to protect Melanie--the same way she did when she gave her up at birth. Carly, shocked, asks if Maggie doesn’t believe that. Maggie says angrily that all she knows is that Melanie was dealt a raw hand in life thanks to Carly’s protectiveness, and thanks to her carelessness, Melanie nearly died. Carly, furious, shouts that Vivian was planning to beat Melanie with a steel rod. She wonders if she should have just stood there and done nothing. Maggie softens, admitting that Melanie is very precious to her, and she can’t help but resent the fact that Carly coming back to town has caused Melanie so much pain and heartache. Carly admits she understands that, as she knows Maggie loves Melanie. She adds that she is very grateful that Melanie has Maggie in her life, saying that Melanie is very fortunate. Maggie says she is fortunate, too, and then tells Carly that Melanie is doing fine, and that she just came from visiting with her at the hospital. Carly thanks God. Maggie then tells her she needs to get going, but Carly stops her. She sighs, saying that she never knew about Melanie’s childhood, and claims that she thought Melanie was being raised by decent parents. Maggie scoffs, asking if she believed that because Lawrence told her so. Carly doesn’t reply and asks if Maggie knew Trent. Maggie says she did, and that his despicable treatment of Melanie was unforgivable. Carly sighs, saying that it breaks her heart, since her real--She then breaks off, stammering that everything could have been different. Maggie doesn’t understand what she means. Carly shakes her head, saying it’s just one more thing Melanie missed out on because of her-- and just one more thing she deprived Melanie of.

Melanie wakes up, and startled, asks Daniel why he is looking at her with a funny look on his face. Daniel stammers. Melanie begins to panic, and guesses this is about the tests they ran. Daniel stares in confusion as Melanie wails, guessing that she is going to die. Daniel soothes her, assuring her that she is going to be fine.

Rafe heads into the pub. Arianna greets him and asks when the family gathering is, but Rafe grumbles that it isn’t going to happen, since EJ decided that he wasn’t ready. Arianna sighs, saying that Rafe probably doesn’t want to hear this, but she thinks it’s time for Rafe to cut EJ some slack. Rafe laughs, saying that she’s right--he doesn’t want to hear that. Arianna adds that she knows EJ isn’t a saint, but he is human, and she’s been told that he was a loving and devoted father. She thinks EJ has been through hell and asks Rafe if he can really imagine something worse than losing a child. Rafe asks if Arian really thinks he should take it easy on EJ. Arianna says that all she means is that that she thinks Rafe shouldn’t second-guess EJ so often when it comes to the death of his daughter.

Sami snaps that she doesn’t need EJ to make her decisions for her, as if she is some child that can’t be trusted. She claims she can handle this, but EJ reminds her that she said she couldn’t trust her own judgment just a few minutes ago. He adds that he thought she wanted him to take responsibility for this, so he just offered to take some of the pressure off of her. Sami claims she doesn’t need him to do that and adds that what she said was just a figure of speech. She then tells EJ that she is just confused and needs some time to figure out whether or not she should tell Rafe about the ransom note. EJ groans, shouting that he never should have told Sami about this. He claims that he only told her because he saw her in pain and wanted to take that away. Sami reminds him that Rafe is grieving, too, and she assures EJ that Rafe won’t screw this up and tell the FBI if they ask him not to. EJ snaps that involving Rafe would be a huge mistake. He claims that he has tried to be sensitive to her feelings, but Rafe is a liability. He adds that Rafe blew it the last time, and if they involve him this time, he’ll blow it again. Sami knows Rafe won’t go to the FBI if they explain things to him, but EJ declares that Rafe’s first loyalty is to the FBI. Sami refuses to believe that. EJ sighs, reminding her that the kidnappers threatened that they’d lose everything if they went to the police the last time. They did it anyway, and they nearly did lose Sydney. He doesn’t think they should make the same mistake now that they have a second chance. Sami sighs. EJ adds that he knows Sydney is Sami’s daughter, too, so she gets to make the call, but she needs to know that the consequences whatever decision she makes will affect many people. Sami frets.

Maggie asks Carly what she deprived Melanie of, but Carly claims that she is just rambling, and all she meant was that she condemned Melanie to a life of misery by giving her up to that evil man. She sighs, saying she just wishes she could have been in the picture. Maggie snaps that she wasn’t, and suggests that Carly stop speculating about what might have been. Carly agrees that there is no point. Maggie starts to head off, saying that she has to go, but stops abruptly, crying out in pain. Carly rushes to her side, asking what is wrong. Maggie groans.

Daniel hushes Melanie, assuring her that she is fine, and that he is just surprised at what a remarkable recovery she’s made. Melanie wonders if that is all, and asks Daniel slyly if he is still feeling guilty about letting Carly into her room. Daniel apologizes for upsetting her, but Melanie smiles, saying that he’s forgiven, since he saved her life. She adds that she is forever grateful. Daniel sighs, saying that there is so much more that he wishes he could have done for Melanie.

Rafe, shocked, asks Arianna if she has a thing for EJ. Arianna gapes, stunned. Rafe wonders why else she would be asking him to give EJ the benefit of the doubt. Rafe then demands to know what is going on between Arianna and EJ. Arianna claims nothing is, and tells Rafe that he needs to put his jealousy aside and see what is really going on here. Rafe claims that he knows what is going on, and tells Arianna that EJ is using the situation to get closer to Sami. He admits that EJ may be grieving on the inside, but all he sees on the outside is a man that is very pleased with himself. Arianna can’t believe that, but Rafe thinks it’s true. He swears that he sees EJ get this little gleam in his eye from time to time, as if he is getting perverse kick out of manipulating Sami and pushing him aside. Arianna thinks he is being paranoid, but Rafe claims he spend a lot of time with EJ, and sees the way he treats Sami. Arianna sighs, saying its just hard for her to believe that anyone--even a DiMera--would take a tragic a situation and use it to their benefit. Rafe admits it is hard to believe, but the DiMeras have done a lot of things that are hard to believe. He then adds that the more he thinks about it, the more he is convinced that EJ is up to something.

Sami tells EJ tearfully that Sydney is all that matters, and that she is willing to do what it takes to get her back--no mistakes this time. EJ nods, glad to hear it, and warns Sami that they must keep this information to themselves, as they’ll be risking their daughter’s safety again if the authorities find out. Sami vows not to let that happen and to fight for Sydney and her life and safety, as that is all that matters. She swears to put everything aside to get their baby back. EJ grins, pleased.

Melanie wonders why Daniel would say something like that, as he went above and beyond the call of duty, but Daniel waves her off, claiming that he just did his job. Melanie thinks he is the greatest for always coming in and checking on her, and thinks it’s no wonder that the Kiriakis family loves him. He jokes that he pays them to pretend they do. He adds that he hears Melanie is a pretty big hit with the family, too, but she jokes that she pays them, too. Daniel thinks it’s no wonder that they’re so rich then. The two get a big laugh out of this, but then Melanie gets serious, telling Daniel that he has no idea what it means to her that she is finally a part of a family. She admits she had Max, but she never really had parents. Daniel grimaces. Melanie asks why he is looking at her that way. Daniel asks Melanie if he may say something to her.

Anna flashes back to asking EJ if all of this plotting against Sami is really worth it. EJ snaps at her to shut up. Anna asks him to hear her out, saying that it’s enough that he has Sydney all to himself without having to twist the knife in Sami’s heart this way. EJ laughs, reminding Anna that she doesn’t even like Sami. She admits that is true, but she doesn’t think it’s right to force Sami to lose the man she loves after everything else she has lost. EJ retorts that Rafe has been bad news for Sami since day one, but Anna laughs, asking EJ if he really thinks he is doing Sami a favor. EJ says he does think that, and adds that all he is really doing is getting rid of Sami’s bad luck charm. Anna comes back to the present and sighs, saying aloud that EJ just doesn’t know when to quit.

EJ tells Sami that now that they’re in agreement on how to proceed, they need to get a few things straight. He then tells Sami that they must make sure no one knows what is going on, especially Rafe, as he will be suspicious due to his FBI training. Sami vows to cover her feelings, and EJ reminds her that one false move could lead to them losing Sydney forever. Sami vows that she won’t let that happen, and that she will put her and Rafe’s feelings aside. She then swears to do whatever it takes to get their little girl back. She adds sadly that if Rafe can’t understand that, then they just weren’t mean to be. EJ smiles triumphantly.

Maggie and Carly head inside the pub. Carly asks Maggie to let her look at her hands, but Maggie claims that the cold just makes her arthritis act up. She adds that it’s nothing. Carly asks if she is sure, and Maggie nods. She then tells Carly that she has to go, and wishes her luck, saying that she really hopes things turn around for her. Carly claims that all she wants is for Melanie to be ok, and to have someone to look after her. Maggie assures Carly that she wants the same thing. She then heads off. Carly tells herself that Melanie will have someone to look after her, no matter what happens to her.

Melanie asks what Daniel has to tell her, but he stammers that he had better wait until she is feeling stronger. Melanie insists that he tell her immediately, but Daniel assures her that it isn’t urgent, and that he wants her to get some rest for now. Melanie isn’t sure how she can rest, as she is curious as to what he has to tell her, but Daniel promises that he will be back soon to do so. Melanie thanks Daniel for coming by and he grins, saying that there isn’t anyplace else he’d rather be. Daniel then gets a text from Carly, saying that it’s urgent, and that she needs him to meet her at the pub. Daniel sighs.

EJ tells Sami that she needs to call Rafe and let him know the family gathering has been cancelled. Sami sighs, saying that Rafe knows her too well, and that he will wonder why she is no longer grieving for Sydney. She wonders how she can be expected to keep that from him. EJ tells her that she is going to do something she does very well--lie. Sami scoffs, but EJ reminds her that it will have a positive outcome this time, as she will get her daughter back. He asks her if that is what she wants. Sami admits it is, more than anything. EJ begs her to make the call, then.

Daniel heads into the pub and greets Carly. She asks how Melanie is. He admits she is doing fine physically, but she isn’t doing so well emotionally. Carly asks if Daniel told her about him being her father, but he shakes his head, saying that he was about to, but thought better of it, as Melanie has enough to deal with right now. Carly thinks Daniel should tell her, since knowing that her father is a good man might actually help her. Carly adds that she knows Melanie would be proud to have Daniel for a father. Daniel disagrees, saying he thinks Melanie will wonder why she had to spend her childhood with an SOB like Trent when he was her father all along. He thinks Melanie will wonder why he wasn’t around when she was a baby and a little girl--why he wasn’t around when it could have meant something. Carly thinks it would mean something now. Daniel snaps that it means Melanie was lied to her entire life and now she gets to see just how different her life could have been. Carly, chastened, apologizes, saying that she was foolish to try to look on the bright side. Daniel grumps that his daughter had a awful childhood, so there is no bright side. Carly admits that he is right, and that it’s just one more terrible mistake that she made. Daniel nods, telling her savagely that this mistake is unforgivable.

Melanie wakes up to find Arianna in her room. Arianna asks how she is doing. Melanie admits she is better, though she is still exhausted. Arianna explains that she ran into Philip, who is on his way to the cafeteria to get her some ice cream. Melanie admits that Philip is amazing, and she isn’t sure what she would have done without him. Arianna sighs, telling Melanie how sorry she is that she is going through this. Melanie laughs, saying it’s one for the books--being shot on your wedding day by your own mother.

Anna sifts through a pile of cut-up magazine photos and flashes back to asking EJ what he plans on doing if his plan doesn’t work, and if he has thought about what he will do if Sami decides to tell Rafe the truth. EJ puts on his coat, and tell Anna that that is a possibility that is too horrible to contemplate. He then heads off. Anna sighs.

Rafe walks over and interrupts Sami and EJ. EJ thinks he has excellent timing, as Sami was just getting ready to call him. Rafe asks her if everything is alright. Sami shakes her head, saying that nothing is ok--far from it, actually.

Melanie sighs, telling Arianna that she wishes she weren’t so confused. She thinks it may be the pain medicine. Arianna soothes her, sure that is part of it, too. Melanie tells Arianna that Carly keeps telling her how sorry she is, but that is no excuse. She admits that the shooting was a bummer, since she almost died, but that doesn’t compare to the other stuff. Arianna asks what she means, and Melanie explains that she doesn’t care what Carly’s excuses are, as she abandoned her as a child and left her with some psycho man. She sobs that her whole childhood was ruined because of Carly. She realizes it sounds as if she is just feeling sorry for herself, but she wails that she will never get any of those years back. She wonders how she could ever forgive Carly for that.

Daniel, angry, reminds Carly that they were friends, and he just can’t understand why she kept this from him. Carly sighs, saying that she thought she made it clear. If she had told him then, when Melanie was a baby, that he was her father, then it would have gotten them both killed. Daniel claims that he isn’t buying that excuse.

EJ tells Rafe that he and Sami are postponing the family gathering and they’ve decided not to say anything to the twins yet, and they’re both hoping that Rafe will respect their decision. Sami sobs that she knows her feelings have been all over the place and she’s sorry for that, but things have been really confusing for her, and after talking to EJ she thinks this is the best thing for everyone. Sami notices that Rafe brought flowers and asks what they are for. Rafe says that he saw these and that they reminded him of Sydney. Sami thinks they are beautiful. Rafe explains that he thought instead of the family gathering, which Sami has changed her mind about, he thought she could throw these off the pier and say a few words about Sydney. Sami starts bawling, saying she isn’t sure she can do that.

Maggie drops a mug in her kitchen. She kneels down to pick up the broken pieces, muttering that she didn’t even feel it slip out of her hands. She then stands to her feet, clutching her arm and staring at a picture of Mickey. Maggie worries that it’s coming back and wonders what she is going to do.

Daniel grumbles that he could have dealt with Lawrence Alamain, but Carly disagrees, saying that Lawrence would have killed him. Daniel snaps that he had a choice in how to protect himself and reminds Carly that Lawrence was a human, not some being with supernatural powers. He adds sadly that this situation is messed up, as he literally had his daughter’s heart in his hands and didn’t even know it. Carly reminds him that he saved Melanie’s life. Daniel guesses unhappily that he never would have known the truth if Melanie had died. Carly reminds him that he knows now, and that his daughter is alive and well. She thinks Daniel can still love Melanie and be there for her, but Daniel shrieks at her to shut up. He thinks Carly is living in some fantasy world if she just thinks everything is going to be fine now that the truth is out. He reminds Carly angrily of the pain Melanie has been through, and how he was out there, unable to help when she needed someone most. He practically chokes, saying angrily that he wasn’t there for his daughter when Trent was pimping her out to pay his gambling debts. Carly tries to interrupt, but Daniel warns her in a rage not to try to deny it or justify it. He then shouts that there is nothing Carly can do to lessen the pain, adding that she doesn’t deserve his little girl, and she certainly doesn’t ever deserve forgiveness.

Anna smiles to herself, saying that EJ is so confident that his plans will work out. She thinks they may, and that EJ may get everything he has ever wanted, but nothing good will ever come from it. Anna grins, saying she can guarantee that.

Rafe apologizes, explaining that he didn’t want to put Sami under pressure, but he thought that she might want to say a few words about Sydney. Sami sobs, thanking him for offering, but claims that she can’t do it. Rafe offers the bouquet to EJ, but he shakes his head. Rafe sighs, telling Sydney that she will never be forgotten. He then throws the bouquet into the water as Sami and EJ exchange looks. Rafe sighs. Sami throws herself into his arms, sobbing hysterically.


Arianna asks Brady, “When are you going to realize that she will never be out of your life?”

EJ tells Anna, “I would like my children to grow up as one family.”

Rafe asks Sami, “So what did he say to you?”

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