Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/26/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/26/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Sami’s place, Will demands to know why she is giving up. Sami sighs. Will then asks Sami angrily why she wants Sydney to be dead when she isn’t. Sami tells Will that of course, she doesn’t want Sydney to be dead, but Will demands that she start telling the truth. He then asks if there is really no hope for Sydney at all.

At Anna’s hideout, EJ cuddles Sydney, saying that he knows exactly what to do now, thanks to her aunt Anna. Just then, EJ’s phone rings. He hands Sydney off to Anna and asks her to take the baby next door. Anna heads off obediently. EJ then answers his phone. Rafe, who is outside the DiMera mansion, is on the other line. He explains that Sami wants EJ to join them for an impromptu family gathering. EJ wonders why, and Rafe explains that she wants them all to be there when she tells the twins that Sydney isn’t coming home.

Victor heads into the pub and greets Philip, glad that he ran into him. He asks how Melanie is. Philip scoffs, saying that she’s a mess of course, and overwhelmed to boot. He reminds Victor angrily that she was married, then shot, then found out her mother pulled the trigger, and that’s not even mentioning who her father has turned out to be. Victor says that it isn’t Bo, if that is what Philip is worried about. Philip stares. Victor assures Philip again that Bo did not sire Melanie.

At the pier, Daniel asks Carly in shock if he is Melanie’s father. She nods. Daniel, flabbergasted, thinks that is impossible, but Carly reminds him pointedly that it isn’t impossible, and he knows it.

Vivian stands over a sleeping Melanie in her hospital bed, pillow in hand. Vivian then lowers the pillow and prepares to smother Melanie.

At the police station, Bo tells Hope that they’ve caught Vivian’s man, Gus, and he’s being brought to the station. Hope asks what the plan is. Bo explains that he planned on doing an audio line-up since Hope heard Gus’ voice in the basement. They they’ll charge him and try to get him to give up Vivian. Hope worries that she won’t be able to identify his voice, since it all happened so quickly. She sighs, adding that she hates to hinge this whole case on her memory. She then reminds Bo that the bottom line here is stopping Vivian. Bo agrees, telling Hope that there are other ways to do so.

Vivian places the pillow over Melanie’s face and holds it there, visibly upset.

Sami begs Will to look at her, saying that of course she doesn’t want Sydney to be gone forever, and she has to wonder how he could even think that. She then tells Will that they have to face facts, as Johnny and Allie have been asking questions, and with the evidence the FBI has found, they just can’t let the twins be confused anymore. She adds that they are old enough to know that everyone is mourning, and Sami feels that she must give them answers. Will thinks they’re too young to understand what’s going on, but Sami wants to at least give them the words so they can talk about it with her and Will if they need to. She adds that it’s ok if she and Will continue to have hope that Sydney will come home, but warns Will that Bo, Rafe and the rest of the FBI have pretty much told her that this is the end of the line, so what they’re really waiting for is a miracle.

EJ sighs, telling Rafe that a final goodbye is a little more than he bargained for today, emotionally speaking. Rafe explains that the twins have been asking questions, and that Sami doesn’t want to leave them hanging anymore. EJ guesses he is right, and asks if he can pick the venue, as he would prefer to do this at the pier. Rafe wonders why, and EJ say it’s because that is where Sydney disappeared, and it’s also where the police think she may be now. Rafe claims he understands but isn’t sure that Sami will agree. He promises to call EJ back if she has a problem with that. EJ nods, telling Rafe that otherwise, he’ll see him in about an hour. EJ hangs up as Anna heads back in. EJ grins, telling Anna that a little ray of sunshine has fallen from heaven, and that they have work to do.

Kate starts to head into the mansion but bumps into Rafe. She wonders what he is doing here. Rafe explains that he came by to see EJ, but he wasn’t home. Stefano opens the door, demanding to know what Rafe is still doing here. Rafe says he is doing the same thing Stefano is--wondering why EJ doesn’t seem to be upset, even though he just lost his daughter. He slyly asks Stefano if he has any idea why that is.

Philip sighs, telling Victor that Bo not being Melanie’s father comes as a relief. He asks Victor who it is, then, but Victor shrugs, saying that Philip knows as much about all of this as he does. Philip huffs that that wasn’t the case before the wedding or last week or the week before that, as Victor knew all along that Carly was Melanie’s mother. Victor warns Philip not to lay this on him, but Philip demands to know why he shouldn’t, since his father and that creep Vivian have been working together since the moment she set foot in Salem. Victor claims that isn’t true, but Philip scoffs, telling Victor to spare him the lies, as he is getting sick of them. Victor snaps that the only person lying here is the person that shot Melanie and destroyed Bo’s marriage. He tells Philip that if he wants someone to be punished for all this, then he’d better make Carly Manning his target.

Daniel shakes his head, asking if Carly is saying that this happened the night they met. She nods, saying that she was in a horrible place with Lawrence, and came to that conference in New York to get away from him. She reminds Daniel that she met him, thought he was wonderful, and then they had too much to drink and went to back to his room. Daniel adds that Carly didn’t tell him she was married until the next morning. She nods, admitting that she knew what she did was horrible and wrong. She then reminds Daniel that they agreed to get past all that and remain friends. Daniel says he remembers that. Carly goes on to say that they spent a few days together laughing and talking, and then she ran into her old friend Rebecca, and knew from the moment she saw the two together that they’d be prefect for one another. Daniel, aghast, reminds her she was pregnant at the time. Carly says she didn’t know it then, but by the time Rebecca was planning the wedding, she did know. Daniel shakes his head. Carly reminds him that they were in two different places at that time, and she couldn’t ruin his and Rebecca’s happiness, not to mention that there was no telling what Lawrence would have done had he known who Daniel was. Carly then tells Daniel quickly that she doesn’t regret what happened that night, as he needed her for whatever reason, and God knows she needed him. She then claims that she had no idea that Daniel was in town when she returned to Salem to find Melanie. Daniel asks if Melanie knows about him, but Carly shakes her head, saying that she couldn’t tell her, even though she asked. Daniel, angry, wonders why he isn’t surprised.

Melanie thrashes and struggles as Vivian attempts to suffocate her. Vivian finally takes the pillow away. Melanie gasps for air and calls for help. Vivian stares. Melanie looks up at Vivian and nods, telling her to go ahead and kill her, just like Carly said. Vivian stares in shock.

Stefano pointedly tells Rafe goodnight. Rafe heads off. Stefano hustles Kate inside as she reminds him that EJ just found out about this and probably hasn’t had time to let him know about it. Stefano snaps that she doesn’t give a damn about some get-together that he wasn’t invited to. He then tells Kate that this is about EJ, as there is something off, and he is sure that EJ is up to something.

EJ watches as Anna uses scissors and paper to construct a note. He orders her to hurry up and finish, but she retorts that something like this can’t be rushed. She adds that she wasn’t sold on his old plan, but she really doesn’t think he’s thought this new plan through at all. She reminds him that he could be caught. EJ hisses at her to hurry up and finish it.

Carly explains that she wanted to tell Daniel the truth before she told Melanie. He snaps that this wasn’t her first opportunity, and reminds her of all the conferences they’ve attended together, and how many times they’ve consulted over the phone. He adds that Carly came to his and Rebecca’s wedding, and later met them in Denver and London. Carly says that that was the last time she saw them, though, because Lawrence didn’t allow her to go anywhere or see anyone after that. She was even forced to give up her career. She sighs, saying that Lawrence built walls around her and moved them closer around her every day. Daniel gets that she was a victim, but reminds her that they were close friends--the kind of friends that could have told one another anything. He just can’t believe she kept quiet about this. Carly sobs that she just didn’t want to ruin anyone’s happiness, and Lawrence had become so vicious by that point that she was afraid. Daniel angrily admits that he blocked out making love to Carly that night, as he barely even remembers it, but he does know that they had a relationship he thought he could count on, and he always thought he could trust her as well. He just can’t believe she never said anything about this, even in the card she sent after Rebecca died. Carly says that Lawrence was watching her write the note, and there was no way she could have said anything. Daniel asks angrily if she couldn’t even hint that she had had his baby and had given her away. Carly shrieks that she couldn’t. She then calms down, saying that she could have told him early on, but she would have been signing his death warrant. She swears that Lawrence would have tracked Daniel down and had him killed. Daniel is taken aback. Carly tells him to trust her, as it’s something Lawrence’s family is very good at.

Melanie tells Vivian that she knows that he has to kill her because of her nephew. Vivian gasps, saying in disbelief that Melanie understands. She tells Vivian tearfully that she must have loved him very much. Vivian sobs that Lawrence was her life. Carly took him from her, so Carly has to lose the same way she did. Vivian then tells Melanie that she wishes there were another way. Melanie sighs and turns her head. Vivian sobs, telling Melanie what a sweet and charming girl she is. Melanie replies that she has decided that she doesn’t know anything anymore, so if Vivian kills her, everything will be better. Vivian stares at Melanie, shocked and remorseful.

EJ examines the note, telling Anna that it’s perfect. Anna doesn’t think he can be sure of that, and suggests he take more time to make sure there aren’t any traces of anything on it. EJ refuses, saying that this is exactly what he needs to break up Sami and Rafe. He looks over the note again and nods, saying that is exactly what he needs to do.

Hope walks into an interrogation room at the station and greets Gus. He asks Bo why she is here. Hope smirks, saying that she just finished giving her statement to the D.A. about how Gus tried to kill her. She tells him he has a problem, since she saw him in that basement, and knows everything he has done. Gus doesn’t think that is possible. Bo warns him to be careful about what he says next, because if he doesn’t give them Vivian, he will be the one going to prison. Gus buries his head in his hands.

Daniel asks in surprise if Lawrence didn’t notice Carly was pregnant. She says that he did, of course, and that he knew it wasn’t his because his illness had made him sterile. She adds quietly that Lawrence beat her to try to get her to tell him who the father was, and she is sure that if their son hadn’t been so young, he would have killed her. She just thanks God that Daniel was marrying Rebecca, because Lawrence eliminated him from the list of potential fathers almost immediately because of that. Daniel gets that Carly covered for him, but he wonders why she gave their baby away. She sobs that she had no choice, and that it was one of the most painful moments of her life. Daniel wonders why she didn’t tell him as soon as she returned to Salem, since both Rebecca and Lawrence were dead. Carly says it was because of Vivian, and because she feared Vivian might kill him or Melanie, or both of them. She reminds Daniel that she still could.

Vivian tearfully asks Melanie if she is really prepared to die. Melanie nods, saying that she just wishes someone loved her the way Vivian loved her nephew. Vivian admits that Lawrence was her jewel. Melanie then tells Vivian about the man she thought was her father, and how he used her to pay off his gambling debts. Vivian is aghast. Melanie sobs that Trent taught her to lie and trick and steal, and even after he died, she still thought that was the way you were supposed to live. Melanie adds that she then got married, but that was all wrong too. Vivian sighs. Melanie goes into hysterics, blaming Carly for everything, including throwing her away, and for not telling her who her father is. Vivian tries to soothe Melanie, agreeing that Carly is impossible. Melanie finally calms down, telling Vivian that the way she sees it, if she has to die, today is a good day to do so. She turns her head and closes her eyes. Vivian strokes her hair and sighs.

EJ heads into the DiMera mansion. Stefano is glad to see him, as he wants to talk to him, but EJ curtly informs him that he is just here to get Johnny, and then they’re leaving. Kate offers to go upstairs and get Johnny. EJ thanks her, telling her that he’s going to need a warm winter coat. Kate nods and heads off. Stefano tells EJ that he understands there is some kind of gathering for Sydney. EJ snaps that Stefano isn’t invited. Stefano waves him off, saying he knows that. He tells EJ that he actually just wanted to warn him about Rafe.

Back at Sami’s place, Sami thanks Rafe for helping her to set this up. Rafe tells her that it’s no problem, as he also thinks it’s the right thing to do. Sami can tell something is wrong, and asks Rafe to tell her what happened with EJ. Rafe grumbles that he doesn’t see why that bastard gets to pick the location. Sami asks if Rafe thinks EJ chose the pier because that is where the ransom drop went wrong. Rafe nods, saying that he is sure that EJ is just trying to rub his nose in it. Sami begs Rafe not to let EJ bother him, and she assures him that she doesn’t care what EJ thinks, as she knows Rafe did everything he could. Rafe sighs, saying it just wasn’t enough.

Hope asks Gus how long he thinks he’ll last in prison. Gus doesn’t reply. Bo then asks him where Vivian was the last time he saw her. Gus starts to say that she was going home to get her gloves, but stops himself. Bo presses him, asking him what Vivian was going to do, but Gus asks for a lawyer. Bo and Hope head out of the room. Bo is worried about the gloves and Hope agrees, doubting that Vivian just had cold hands. Bo nods, sure that Vivian is up to something. Bo picks up the phone and calls the guard outside Melanie’s door, asking if he has been there the whole time. The officer says he has, except for a moment when Mrs. Horton got dizzy, and he walked her down the hall to an exam room. Bo drops the phone and tells Hope that have to go-- now.

Vivian hugs Melanie, telling her that she has had too much suffering for such a short life. Tears run down Vivian’s cheeks as Philip and the officer burst into the room.

Daniel, flabbergasted, tells Carly that he isn’t sure what to say. Carly tearfully apologizes. Daniel snaps that he is sorry, too. He then softens, telling Carly that she doesn’t have to worry about Melanie, as he will never let Vivian hurt her or Carly ever again. Carly admits that she knows this must be overwhelming for Daniel, but she assures him that she always wanted to tell him the truth, and that she always felt he deserved to know that he had a daughter. Daniel sighs, asking what the point is. Carly stammers that Daniel has always been special to her, and other than Bo, he is the only friend she has. She knows their daughter hates her, and she needs to know if Daniel hates her too, or if he can ever forgive her.

EJ wonders why Stefano thinks he has the right to give him warnings. Stefano starts to explain that Rafe was here earlier, but EJ doesn’t care. He snaps that he doesn’t want Stefano’s advice, and he doesn’t want to hear about how much he loves his family. EJ adds that they are gathering to mourn for Sydney, and not only is Steno not invited, he would rather have Rafe, or even Philip--the man that killed his brother--standing there beside him rather than his father. EJ practically spits, saying that Stefano is dead to him. Just then, Kate comes downstairs with Johnny. EJ greets him and takes him into his arms. He then tells Stefano that the two of them have nothing more to say.

Daniel tells Carly that he can’t answer that question, as he doesn’t even know her anymore. Carly vows that she is the same friend she has always been, but Daniel claims that nothing is the same anymore. He then excuses himself, saying that he has to go check on his daughter. Carly nods tearfully and Daniel rushes off.

Philip demands to know what Vivian has done as Bo and Hope rush into the hospital and into Melanie’s room. Vivian claims that she was just seeing how Melanie was doing. Bo asks Philip to take it easy as Vivian cries that she didn’t do anything. Hope scoffs, saying sarcastically that of course she didn’t, as she never does anything wrong. A doctor checks Melanie’s vitals and shrugs, telling Philip that she is the same as she was half an hour ago. Just then, Melanie begins to wake up. Philip greets her, asking her how she is. Bo asks if Vivian hurt her. Melanie looks around sleepily, admitting that she had a dream about Vivian, but now she just wants to go back to sleep. Vivian sighs, asking if she can go. Bo says she can, but warns her to never set foot in this room again. Vivian nods, but tells Bo that if she were him, she’d focus on the person that actually shot this poor girl--Carly Manning. Vivian then tells Philip that she wishes the best for Melanie, as she is a lovely girl, and adds that she knows that Melanie will make Philip a beautiful bride. Philip glares as Vivian heads off. Bo and Hope head outside as well, and Bo admonishes the officer outside for leaving his post. The man promises not to do so again. Hope says that she is glad Bo went with his instincts and called over here. Bo shakes his head, saying it was too close of a call to suit him. Hope smiles, admitting that he is still the best cop she knows. Just then, Bo gets a call from Carly. She says that she needs to talk and asks if he can get away for a few minutes and meet her at the pub. Bo agrees to meet her in a few minutes. Hope stares at him sadly.

Will, Allie, Rafe and Sami wait at the pier. Sami wonders what is taking EJ so long. Rafe suggests sarcastically that EJ might be trying to make a grand entrance. Just then, EJ rushes over, apologizing for being late and blaming the traffic. Sami is just glad that he is here so they can start. She asks Johnny to take a seat by his sister, but EJ interrupts, saying that he is sorry, but they actually can’t start now. Rafe groans.

Bo asks if Carly is alright. She says she is, but that she just needs to see him. Bo promises to see her soon and hangs up. Hope guesses that that was Carly. Bo nods, saying that he has to fill her in on what happened here, and it will be easier to do so in person. Hope nods. She starts to say something else, but Bo rushes off, promising to see her soon. Hope sighs.

Outside the Kiriakis mansion, Lawrence’s ghost accosts Vivian, asking her how she could do this to him. She stammers. He snaps that he was the light of her life, and she promised to kill Carly’s daughter so Carly would know the pain Vivian went through when he died. Vivian admits she wanted to do it in the worst way, but just couldn’t. Lawrence demands to know why she didn’t, since she had the perfect opportunity. Vivian says she knows she did, but she came to a realization about the sins of the father and all that, and she now knows that Melanie is just an innocent girl. She thinks it’s time Lawrence realize that as well. Lawrence demands that Vivian go back to the hospital and finish the job but she shakes her head and says goodbye. Lawrence vanishes. Vivian sighs and starts to head into the mansion but turns around one more time. Lawrence isn’t there. She sighs again.

Stefano angrily bangs chess pieces around the table. Kate thinks he was planning on warning EJ about Rafe’s questions. Stefano says he was, but he’s not going to now. Kate is surprised, but Stefano shouts that his son has spit in his face for the last time. He says that if Rafe has found something, then that’s fine by him. He adds that he’s going to let Mr. FBI take EJ down, as it would serve him right.

EJ asks Rafe to take the kids back to the car. Rafe gapes. EJ explains that he needs to talk to Sami alone, and he doesn’t want them getting cold out here. Rafe asks EJ if he realizes that Sami is going to end up telling him whatever EJ tells her. Sami demands to know what EJ wants to talk about. He insists that it’s private. Sami sighs, agreeing, and asking EJ to hurry so they can get it over with. She then tells Allie and Johnny to go with Will and Rafe. She promises to see them in a second. Will collects Allie, and Rafe reluctantly picks up Johnny. The four head off for the car. Sami demands to know what is going on with EJ. He claims that he really isn’t ready for this family gathering, and was wrong to agree to it. Sami sighs, saying this is about the kids, not them. She thinks the twins are confused and they need answers, so they have to give that to them. EJ stammers that he thinks it can wait. Sami disagrees. She reminds EJ that he agreed to this when Rafe called and adds that they’ve been talking about it for a few days. She insists that he must do this with her. EJ shakes his head, saying that he is going to get Johnny from the car. He starts to head off, but Sami stops him, saying that he is going to tell her the truth, and let her know what is going on--right now.

Victor greets Vivian in the living room of the mansion, asking her what took so long. He jokes, asking if she was trying to break a record for longest walk by a senior citizen. She smiles wanly. Victor gets serious, reminding her that she was gone a long time. Vivian nods distractedly, saying that it was refreshing and enlightening for her. She adds that she came to a realization tonight, and although she hates to change her plan midstream, she must. Victor assumes they are talking about Melanie. Vivian nods, saying that Victor was right--Melanie is an innocent child, and though it would have been nice payback to kill Carly’s daughter, it would have hurt Philip too much. Victor nods, remarking wryly that it would have hurt Melanie, too. Vivian agrees, admitting she was lucky her plan didn’t succeed. Vivian adds that there is still good news about Carly. Victor nods, saying that she going to prison for a long time. Vivian then tells Victor that Carly will have to go to jail haunted by the fact that her daughter hates her.

Bo meets Carly outside the pub. She rushes into his arms, sobbing. Bo guesses she talked to Daniel. She nods, saying tearfully that he’s furious, and she can’t blame him. She says that neither he or Melanie understand why she kept this a secret. She moans that they both think she is some awful devious person that did all of this on purpose. Bo reminds Carly that the two just found out. He thinks she needs to give Melanie and Daniel some time, but Carly doesn’t think time will change the way they see things. She bawls that all she wanted to do was protect them, and now she thinks she’s lost them both forever. She collapses into Bo’s arms as he tries to soothe her.

Daniel walks into Melanie’s hospital room, where she is sleeping. Daniel stares down at her with tears in his eyes.

Sami demands that EJ tell her the truth. EJ stammers that it’s nothing, but then admits that he just doesn’t want to do this right here. Sami shouts at him to tell her what is wrong. EJ looks around worriedly and hushes her. He then pulls a note out of his pocket and hands it to Sami, saying that he got another ransom note, and he believes Sydney is still alive. Sami looks down at the note and back at EJ in shock.


Daniel asks Melanie, “Can I say something to you?”

Rafe tells Arianna, “The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that EJ is up to something.”

Sami tells EJ, “He deserves to know the truth.”

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