Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/25/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/25/10


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In her room at the hospital, Melanie wails that her mother is a psychopath that had to shoot her husband, and her father was nothing more than a low-life drunk. Carly shakes her head, but Melanie shrieks that she ought to know, as she was the one that had to live with him. Carly explains that she knows that, but Trent isn’t Melanie’s biological father. Melanie demands to know who is, then. Carly doesn’t answer. Melanie scoffs, saying that she probably doesn’t even know.

At the DiMera mansion, Victor reminds Stefano that everything north of 14th Street is Kiriakis territory, per their agreement. Stefano nods and promises to set his people straight immediately. Stefano makes small talk about Melanie, saying that he heard Victor’s daughter-in-law was going to survive. Victor nods, admitting that Daniel made a miracle happen. Stefano thinks Victor must be very happy. He admits that he is, but tells Stefano that he seems very distracted. Stefano stammers he has just learned that his granddaughter died. Aghast, Victor guesses he must mean Sydney. He shakes his head, admitting that he heard this was a possibility, but she’s just an innocent baby. He wonders what heartless monster could have done this.

At Sami’s place, EJ watches angrily as Rafe and Sami sleep in bed together. Sami opens her eyes and catches sight of EJ. He fumes. Her eyes widen.

Daniel checks his phone at the pub. Chloe jokes, asking if dinner with her is that boring Daniel shakes his head, admitting that he was just thinking that he needs to check in on Melanie, and on Carly, too for that matter. Chloe sighs, saying that she knows Daniel and Carly are friends, but Carly shot her daughter. Daniel reminds Chloe that they’ve discussed this, and that Carly was just trying to protect Melanie. Chloe grumps, wondering who she was protecting Melanie from, and if that was why she killed her husband, too--to protect him. Daniel sighs.

Gus meets Vivian at the pier, telling her that he came as quickly as he could. Vivian tells him that she needs him to get them packed and ready, as they are leaving as soon as she finishes her business here. Gus guesses she is going after Melanie again. Vivian nods, telling Gus that it’s the only way to end this.

Outside Melanie’s room at the hospital, Philip demands to know why Bo is so blind when it comes to Carly. Hope breezes over, telling Philip to save his breath, as Bo is in love with Carly. She asks him to confirm it, but Bo sighs, saying that he doesn’t think this is the time. Hope scoffs, saying that she thinks any time is appropriate for the truth. She demands that Bo answer her question.

Carly sighs, asking Melanie to give her a little more credit. She explains that she does, in fact, know who Melanie’s father is, and he is a good and caring man. Melanie asks if he is alive, and if she knows him. Carly says that he is alive, but stammers that it isn’t easy to explain things. Melanie guesses that her father is Bo, and that is why Carly came back to Salem to be with him. Carly says it isn’t Bo, and that Melanie is just going to have to give her a little more time. Melanie demands to know why she needs more time. She then reminds Carly that she gave her away as a baby, the showed up a few months ago to bug the hell out of her. Then Carly shot her, told her she was her mother and just wanted to protect her, but won’t tell her who her father is. She demands to know how much more time Carly needs. Carly begs Melanie not to excite herself, but Melanie shrieks at her to go away, as she was wrong to ask her to come back here. Carly’s face falls as Melanie screams at her to leave her alone.

Bo begs Hope not to do this right now, but Hope wonders why not, since Philip is family, after all. She adds that she thinks Bo owes her an answer. She suggests he just go ahead and say it and get it off his chest-- the reason that he is really helping Carly is because he loves her, not just because he wants to do the right thing. Bo shakes his head and sighs, but admits that he does love Carly. Hope’s eyes fill with tears. Behind Bo, Carly, who has left Melanie’s room, sighs, and says Bo’s name. Hope glares.

Sami asks EJ sleepily what he is doing here. Rafe wakes up just then, asking what is going on. Sami looks up, but EJ is gone. Rafe asks if something is wrong, and Sami explains worriedly that EJ is here. Out in the living room, EJ gazes at a picture of Rafe, Sami, and Sydney. He picks up a vase and throws it on the ground, shattering it.

Philip throws his hands up, saying that this is none of his business. He heads back into Melanie’s room to find her sobbing. He asks worriedly if she is in pain, but she shakes her head, bawling that he never should have married her. Philip asks what she means, and Melanie sobs bitterly that she doesn’t even know who she is.

Carly pulls Bo aside to speak to him alone, and tells him that she told Melanie how things worked out the way they did, but there is still one thing she needs to know. Bo guesses Melanie wants to know how her father is. Carly nods, saying that she needs to speak to him alone, as he deserve to hear the truth from her privately before she tells Melanie. Bo nods, warning her to be careful. Carly promises to do so and hurries off. Hope stares at Bo sadly and sighs.

Daniel tells Chloe that he can explain everything that happened between Carly and her late husband, but Chloe doesn’t want to hear it. She snaps that Carly gave up her own baby, and she has to wonder what kind of a woman would do that. Daniel doesn’t think any of this is about Carly--he thinks it’s about the sonogram, and the huge loss Chloe is dealing with right now. He thinks they need to talk further about this, and suggests that he attend a session with her and her therapist. Chloe, taken aback, refuses, saying that he can’t.

Philip begs Melanie not to talk that way, as he knows who she is, and he loves everything about her. Just then, Maggie rushes in and hugs Melanie, telling her how glad she is to see her awake. Melanie tearfully tells Maggie that she has wanted to see her since the moment she woke up. She then asks Philip if he can get her some fries and a soda from the pub. She jokes that she now sees why everyone hates the hospital food, as it’s awful. Maggie and Philip chuckle. Philip warns Melanie that he will be back soon, and that he’ll be camped out in this chair next to her until she can leave--and then it will just be the two of them every night after that. He then heads out the door. Melanie sobs that she is a liar. Maggie asks what’s wrong, and Melanie bawls that Philip doesn’t know the real her, and that she doesn’t even think she knows herself. Maggie tries to soothe Melanie.

Vivian tells Gus that this whole scenario is a fiasco, as Melanie is going to live, and Carly is going to jail. Gus thinks there’s a certain wholeness to it. Vivian sighs, saying that there was a time when she thought she and Victor would ride off into the sunset, and Philip would come around, but she now realizes that that isn’t enough for her or for her nephew. She claims revenge is the only ticket. Gus nods as Vivian declares that Melanie Layton Kiriakis is going to die--tonight.

Daniel gets a phone call and groans. Chloe assures him not to worry about her, as she is going to get through this. Daniel admits he knows she will. Chloe thinks it seems as if he is needed and asks him to go, as she will be fine. Daniel reluctantly grabs his coat, tells Chloe he loves her, and hurries off. Chloe stares at her phone and sighs.

Vivian stares at her hands, telling Gus that they are going to end this tonight. She marvels at the fact that her hands aren’t even trembling. Gus reminds Vivian of the police. She claims that she knows they’re after her, and that she will just have to be doubly careful. Gus thinks they could still catch her, and begs Vivian to let him help her. She refuses, saying that she has to do this by herself. She asks him to get their things ready to leave while she says a final farewell to Melanie.

Bo tries to talk to Hope, but an officer interrupts, saying that he was asked to meet Bo here. Bo asks him to keep an eye on Melanie’s room and gives him a picture of Vivian, saying that if this woman shows up, she is to be denied entrance, and the officer must call him right away. The man agrees and heads over to Melanie’s room to keep guard. Bo sighs and heads off. Hope follows him.

Stefano apologizes again over the mix-up, and promises Victor to make sure that his people know that 14th Street is the boundary. Victor thanks him, adding that nothing is more heinous than killing an infant. He wishes death on whoever did this. Stefano agrees.

Sami comes out into the living room and stares in surprise at the shattered vase. EJ stammers, explaining that it was accident, and that he just knocked it over. She says it’s alright, and asks what he is doing here. EJ explains that he came by to pick up Johnny’s things. He rang the doorbell several times, but when no one answered, he just let himself in. He stammers that he didn’t realize she was in bed. Sami thinks he is just surprised by who she was in bed with. EJ shrugs, saying it’s her life and her business. Rafe comes out, buttoning his shirt and asking what is going on. Sami explains that EJ accidentally broke a vase, and that he came for Johnny’s things. Sami hurries off to get them for EJ. Rafe demands to know what makes EJ think he can just let himself into their house. EJ scoffs, saying that he is Johnny’s father. He then demands to know what Rafe’s excuse is, as Sami is grieving, and he thinks he can just turn up here and suck her back into his orbit with no regard for her feelings. Rafe demands to know why EJ is more concerned with what is going on with him and Sami than with what happened to his own daughter.

At her hideout, Anna cuddles Sydney, wondering why she is still wide awake. She wonders if Sydney just misses her father, or if she knows that pretty soon, it will be time for them to say goodbye. Anna bounces Sydney and chuckles.

EJ sighs, telling Rafe that it’s late, and he’s tired, and the last thing he wants to do is have an argument about how he’s handling the death of his daughter. Just then, Sami comes back in with Johnny’s backpack. She hands it to EJ and asks him to give Johnny a kiss for her. He agrees, apologizes again, and heads off. As Sami picks up the broken pieces of the vase, Rafe tells her that he thinks something is off with EJ. Sami thinks EJ is upset they’re back together, but Rafe thinks it’s more than that. Sami sighs, saying that EJ is obviously upset that his daughter is dead, and she thinks he’s just trying to find a way to deal with that. Sami then tells Rafe that she thinks they should get everyone together and have something for Sydney. She adds that they need to include EJ, too. Rafe nods.

Vivian heads into the living room of the Kiriakis mansion. She sighs, wondering what might have been. She then picks up her gloves off of the desk and starts to put them on. Victor walks in just then, asking her if she is going somewhere.

Melanie asks Maggie if she knew Carly back in the old days. Maggie nods. Melanie asks if she was a good person, and Maggie admits she was. Melanie sighs, saying she just has no idea if she should trust Carly or not. She guesses she believes that Bo isn’t her father, but she keeps trying to picture who Carly would be intimate with, and she just can’t picture him. She sobs, saying that she just wants to know ho her father is. Maggie takes her hand and soothes her.

At the pier, Carly thanks Daniel for meeting her, saying that she really needed to talk to him. He asks if something is wrong and Carly nods, admitting there is.

Sami sighs, telling Rafe that they’re going to have to talk to the twins, and that they have to tell them something, much as they don’t want to. Sami adds that she thinks they need closure just like everyone else. Rafe is surprised she wants to discuss this so openly with them. Sami nods, saying she thinks they need to have a family gathering with the twins and Will, and they need to include EJ as well, since he is suffering as much as anyone. She then sighs, saying that Will will be home any second, and she just doesn’t know how to tell him. She sobs, telling Rafe how hard this will be. Rafe asks her if she needs help.

Back at the police station, Bo puts out an APB on Gus. He tells the officer over the phone to go by his passport photo, and to arrest him and hold him once he finds him. He then asks the person to call him if he needs anything else and hangs up. He sighs, telling Hope that he just doing everything he can to neutralize Vivian. Hope nods, saying that is why she is here, too. She informs Bo that she is back on the force and that she may be his best and only chance to save Carly.

Daniel asks worriedly if something has happened to Melanie, but Carly shakes her head, saying that Melanie is fine, and that she’s just tired and fighting the pain right now. Daniel is glad to hear it, and asks Carly what the problem is. She explains that she just thinks she put Melanie through a lot emotionally by telling her that she is her mother. Daniel thinks it was probably tough on both of them. Carly explains that she told Melanie what she thought she could handle, and explained everything about her birth, and how she gave her to Jane and Trent to raise. She adds that she also told Melanie that she had no idea how her life really turned out. Daniel admits he heard that Melanie didn’t exactly have a happy childhood. Carly admits tearfully that Melanie blames her. Daniel suggests they go someplace warm and get some coffee so that they can talk, but Carly says that what she has to tell him is too important, and that it can’t wait.

Melanie wishes she could get better quickly and leave this place so can pretend that it was all just a nightmare. Maggie confides in Melanie that she tried to do the same after Mickey died, as it was the only way she could cope. Melanie guesses that coping that way doesn’t work very long. Maggie shakes her head, explaining that when someone or something is a big part of your life, you have to confront the loss and deal with it head on. Melanie sighs as Maggie assures her that she doesn’t have to do so tonight, though. Melanie asks Maggie if she remembers that she told her that Carly said she shot her in an attempt to protect her from Vivian. Maggie remembers. Melanie worries that it’s true, and that her friend Vivian really is trying to kill her.

Vivian admonishes Victor for startling her. He asks what the gloves are for. Vivian puts them on, explaining that she planned on going for a walk to clear her head. Victor tells Vivian that he knows their reunion was a sham, but she is still welcome to stay in his home as long as she likes. He doesn’t think there’s any reason for her to leave right away, but Vivian say that there actually is.

EJ storms into Anna’s hideout. She’s glad to see him, but surprised, asks where Johnny is. EJ grumps that he isn’t coming, as they’re not going anywhere. Anna asks what happened. EJ slams some glasses and bottles around, pouring himself a drink. He snaps that Rafe happened, calling him an SOB and downing his drink. Anna frets.

Will heads into Sami’s place. He immediately asks if something is wrong. Rafe gives Sami a look, but she tells him that she can handle this on her own. Rafe decides to go talk to EJ and tell him what is going on. Sam isn’t so sure it’s a good idea, but Rafe assures her that he’s a grown man, and not to worry about anything. He promises her that everything will be fine and heads off. Sami calls after him that she loves him.

Victor claims that he knows what Vivian is thinking, as he knows Philip told her she was out of his life for good. Victor assures Vivian that Philip is very forgiving, as God knows he’s forgiven him and Kate many times before. Vivian isn’t so sure she’ll make the cut. Victor assures her that she will, and urges her to hang in there. Vivian replies sadly that it has been nice spending time with both him and Philip. Just then, Victor gets a call from a Japanese associate. He takes it, greeting the man. Vivian sighs, whispering goodbye to Victor.

Melanie moans that she never should have married Philip. Maggie tries to soothe her as she bawls that she just wants to be a good wife to Philip. Maggie assure Melanie that she will be, but she ignores her, sobbing that she only wants to love Philip. She then tells Maggie that she has all of these feelings, and she just isn’t sure that her marriage is going to work.

Chloe and Philip run into one another at the pub. She congratulates him on the good news regarding Melanie. Philip thanks her, but notes that something must be wrong with Chloe. She says that it’s nothing to worry about, but Philip declares that she was glowing at his wedding, and that she seemed to be very happy with Daniel. Philip wonders if Daniel has done or said something, but Chloe shakes her head, explaining ruefully that she was sure she was pregnant, but it turned out that she wasn’t. She adds that she and Daniel are finally together and are able to share everything, but now she can’t even talk to him. Philip is surprised Daniel doesn’t know, but Chloe interrupts, saying that Daniel was actually there when she found out she wasn’t pregnant. Chloe then admits that she is now lying to Daniel about something else, and that she just feels that she can’t be honest with him anymore.

Carly thanks Daniel for getting her in to see Melanie, as she knows he took a huge risk by doing so. Daniel is just glad that Carly got a chance to talk to Melanie. Carly nods, saying that she needed to explain what happened when Melanie was born, and why she had to give her up for adoption. Carly adds that Daniel knows how much it broke her heart to give Melanie up, but the secret she had to keep all of those years was really a matter of life and death. Daniel thinks that was because of her husband. Carly nods, admitting that she felt she had to protect Melanie from Lawrence, and then from Vivian, but Melanie wasn’t the only person she felt she had to protect. Daniel wonders who else she was protecting. Carly replies that she had to protect Melanie’s father.

Rafe shows up at the DiMera mansion. Stefano answers the door, asking what Rafe wants. He explains that he needs to talk to EJ about Sydney. Excited, Stefano asks if there’s news. Rafe ruefully admits that there isn’t, but he just saw EJ a few minutes ago--Stefano interrupts, asking how EJ seemed. Rafe guesses he seemed upset. Stefano wants to know if he was grieving. Rafe looks at him, confused. Stefano stomps his foot, yelling that EJ just lost a child. He demands to know if EJ was grieving or out of it or what. Rafe says that EJ wasn’t, and guesses slyly that Stefano hasn’t seen EJ do much grieving either.

EJ fumes, saying that he showed Sami time and time again that Rafe had failed her, and made it abundantly clear that Sydney’s death was Rafe’s fault. He shouts angrily that her death was his fault. Anna eyes Sydney, who looks up from her playpen, startled. Anna hushes EJ. He quietly adds that Sami crawled into bed with Rafe, anyway. Anna thinks EJ would rather she had been in bed with him, but EJ claims that isn’t true. Anna sighs, saying that EJ must know that Sami is never going to be alone. EJ asks what she means, and Anna explains that Sami is needy, and is always looking around for a guy to be her hero--a guy to save her from all of her misery. EJ asks what her point is. Anna smiles, explaining that if EJ wants Rafe out of Sami’s life, then he is going to have to find her a different hero. EJ considers this.

Hope tells Bo that they have Victor buying a replacement comb because he knew what Vivian was up to. They also have Carly’s word, and her word as well, since she was in that basement when all hell broke loose. Bo thinks it’s iffy in terms of evidence, but Hope thinks it would go a long way toward helping Carly’s case were she to go to trial. Hope thinks it might even put Vivian right where she belongs. Bo admits it might. Hope wonders if he finds it hard to believe that she would want to help Carly. Bo says he isn’t surprised, as he knows Hope would never let someone take the fall for something they don’t do. He adds that she is a damn good cop. She stares back at him. The phone interrupts. Bo answers, listens, and shocked, says, “He is?”

Philip advises Chloe not to isolate herself like this, saying that she needs to talk to Daniel. Chloe says that she can’t, but Philip tells her that Daniel is the only person that understands what she is going through--because he is going through it, too.

Carly explains that Lawrence would have killed Melanie’s father if he ever found out who he was, so she couldn’t let him know. Daniel claims he understands, and assumes Melanie’s father is Bo. Carly shakes her head, saying that she knows everyone assumes that Bo is Melanie’s father, but he isn’t. Daniel asks if Carly can tell him who it is, then. She stares.

Maggie wonders why Melanie would think that her marriage isn’t going to work. Melanie sighs and closes her eyes, saying that the medicine they gave her is strong. Maggie suggests that Melanie stop imagining the worst and try and get some sleep. She promises to call Philip and have him come back. Melanie smiles and closes her eyes. Maggie strokes her hair and heads out of her room. She takes out her phone at the nurses’ station and nearly collapses. The officer guarding Melanie’s room rushes over, asking if Maggie is alright. She admits she got a little dizzy and says that she thinks some water might help. The guard heads off with Maggie to get some. Vivian stalks over to Melanie’s room and puts her hand on the doorknob.

Sami explains to Will that she thinks this should be a family gathering. She admits that she thought of including her dad and her grandma, but now she thinks it should just be the two of them, Rafe, and EJ, as she doesn’t want to overwhelm the twins after everything that happened with Grace. Will doesn’t reply. Sami adds that she just doesn’t think death is a concept they really understand. Will snaps at her not to use that word. He declares that his sister isn’t dead, that he won’t accept that, and that his mother shouldn’t either. Sami stares in surprise.

Rafe asks Stefano if he also thinks EJ’s behavior lately has been a little off. Stefano snaps that he has nothing to say to Rafe. Rafe shrugs and heads off. Stefano stares off into space.

EJ cuddles Sydney, telling her that her daddy has been doing this all wrong. He then claims that everything is perfectly clear now. Anna smiles.

Bo thanks the person on the other end of the line and hangs up. He then tells Hope that she may get her chance to help Carly, and maybe even a chance to convict Vivian. He asks if she is ready.

Chloe tells Philip that she has been stupid. She then adds that she has been selfish by only thinking of what she lost when Daniel lost just as much. She thinks he must understand exactly how she feels. Philip thinks he does. Chloe smiles, saying that she thinks things might be ok, and that she and Daniel might be able to share everything like before.

Carly stammers. Daniel says he knows this is difficult, but he can’t see what difference this all makes now, since this man is clearly no longer a part of her life. Carly says that he is actually, and that he’s a great friend. She just prays to God it stays that way between them. Daniel asks what she is talking about. Carly informs him that he is Melanie’s father. Daniel chuckles and shakes his head, but Carly nods, whispering that it is him. Daniel gapes.

Vivian heads into Melanie’s room and closes the door behind her. She picks up a pillow and heads over to Melanie, preparing to smother her.


Carly says, “I couldn't tell you.” Daniel shouts, “You couldn't? Well, why in the hell doesn't that surprise me?”

Vivian stares down at Melanie, “Oh, God. Oh, God.”

Victor snaps at Philip, “You want to make sure somebody gets punished? She's your target.”

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