Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/23/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/23/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe shows up at Sami’s place, and is surprised when EJ answers the door.

At the police station, Bo tells someone over the phone that he doesn’t care what Kiriakis said--he wants that house searched and that comb found. He hangs up as Vivian walks in. He snaps at her, asking what she wants. Vivian innocently declares that she just wants to assist in the investigation. Bo knows exactly what kind of assistance she’ll provide, and guesses she plans to plant some evidence incriminating Carly the second his back is turned. Vivian claims she has no idea what he is talking about. Bo tells Vivian to make his day and tell him what he already knows--that she is the one that really wanted Melanie dead.

Outside Melanie’s room at the hospital, Philip demands to know why he can’t see Melanie. Daniel lamely replies that it’s because he says so. Philip then asks what it is Daniel isn’t telling him.

In Melanie’s room, Carly explains that she is Melanie’s mother. Melanie laughs aloud. Carly, surprised, insists that it’s true, but Melanie snaps at her to shut up and stop lying.

Rafe barges into Sami’s apartment, calling out for her. EJ follows him, explaining curtly that if he had asked, he would have explained that Sami isn’t here. Rafe says he did ask; EJ just hasn’t told him where she is. EJ declares that it isn’t any of Rafe’s business, and demands to know what Rafe wants with Sami. Rafe again asks where she is. Sami walks in just then, carrying a dry cleaning bag. She says she’s right here and asks what’s going on. Rafe stares. Sami guesses in horror that they’ve found Sydney’s body.

Mia heads into Maggie’s place and finds Chad waiting for her inside. He explains that Mrs. Horton had some errands to run, but allowed him to wait for Mia here so long as he swore not to steal anything. Mia asks why he wanted to see her, and Chad explains that he heard about Melanie. Mia sighs, saying getting shot at your own wedding is like a nightmare that comes true. Chad says he is wondering how she is doing, since her housemate getting shot had to freak her out a little. Mia admits it did, and says she should be at the hospital, but she doesn’t like hospitals anymore. Chad wishes he had been there for her when she had the baby. Mia admits she wasn’t really there for Grace either, and it was because she didn’t realize she was hers and Chad’s baby. She sobs and flings herself into Chad’s arms, claiming that she couldn’t take it if she lost someone else. Chad soothes her, telling her how sorry he is. Mia buries her head in his chest and grins slyly.

Carly reaches out to take Melanie’s hand, but she snatches it away, hissing at Carly not to touch her. Carly tearfully tells Melanie that she has no idea how long she has waited for this moment. Melanie interrupts, asking sarcastically if she just couldn’t wait to tell her she was her mother and then shoot her. Carly sighs, saying she knows what it sounds like. Melanie nods vehemently, saying it sounds like crazy talk from a scary person. Carly tries to say something else, but Melanie interrupts her with a shriek, screaming at Carly to get out of her room.

Rafe puts his hands on Sami’s shoulders, trying to soothe her. He informs her that they didn’t find a body or anything else. Sami sighs with relief, saying that when she saw EJ and Rafe here together, she assumed the worst. Rafe scoffs, saying that EJ was inside her place when he showed up. Sami asked how he got in, and EJ apologetically explains that Johnny told him about the key above the door, and when he came around to see her, he got worried when she didn’t answer her phone or the door. Sami admits tearfully that she didn’t sleep well, and must have dreamed about Sydney crying, because she was halfway down the hallway before she realized her mistake. She then explains that she went for a drive, and while doing so, remembered that her only black dress was at the dry cleaners. She looks at the bag and sobs, saying it’s the only one she has that is appropriate for a funeral. EJ apologizes for scaring her, explaining that he came by to talk to her about something important. EJ goes on to say that he really didn’t begin to process the news about Sydney until this morning, and he wonders if Sami has gotten the chance to talk to Johnny and Allie about to. Sami shakes her head, telling EJ with a sob that Will was with Lucas, and the twin were asleep, so she just couldn’t bring herself to tell them. EJ then explains that he wants to be there when Sami breaks the news to them. He sighs, telling Sami that he woke up feeling alone this morning and he realized that the only other person in the world that knows what he is going through is Sami. Sami starts to say something, but EJ interrupts, reminding her that they are Sydney’s parents and that they’re in this together, as Sydney is their daughter. Sami tearfully agrees that she is. Rafe scowls.

Chad answers the door at Maggie’s and lets Gabi inside. She tells Mia how sorry she was to hear the news about Melanie. She then explains that she told Chad that he had to come over here and check on Mia. Mia, surprised, asks if this was Gabi’s idea. She nods, hoping that is all right with Mia. Mia frowns, saying it is.

Vivian tells Bo that she is here because she is afraid of Carly. After all, she killed Lawrence, and will probably come after her next. She goes on to say that that is why she intends to testify at Carly’s bail hearing, as she wants to let the judge know that the woman is dangerous. She takes out her phone. Bo asks who she is calling and Vivian says she is calling the judge, as she has had some dealings with him in the past. Bo scoffs, telling her to stop blowing smoke and put the phone down, as she is wasting her time.

Carly refuses to leave Melanie’s room until she can make her understand, adding that she may never get another chance to talk to Melanie again. Melanie accuses her of making this crazy story up, but Carly insists that she is her mother. Melanie retorts that her mother died when she was a baby. Carly replies that that woman wasn’t her real mother--she is. Melanie, aghast, reminds Carly that she shot her. Carly cries out that she was trying to protect Melanie, but Melanie yells back that she sucks at it. Carly replies that she’s a doctor, not a marksman. Melanie demands to know why Carly isn’t in jail, and why she is being allowed to visit someone she shot. Carly replies quietly that no one knows she is here. Melanie scoffs, telling her to leave--now. Outside, Philip hears Melanie yelling, and he and Daniel rush into the room as Melanie shrieks at Carly to get away from her. Daniel tries to soothe her as Philip gestures angrily at Carly, asking if she is the reason Daniel was keeping him from seeing Melanie. Carly tries to get Melanie to understand, but Philip grabs her by the arm and yanks her out of the room, asking what she is doing and demanding that she stay away from his wife. Daniel tries to calm Melanie down as she sobs hysterically.

Bo tells Vivian that she is too late, as Carly has already had her bail hearing. Vivian thinks he must be joking. He says he isn’t. Vivian demands to know why no one informed her, as she is an eyewitness to what happened. Bo scoffs, saying that someone who has worked the system as much as Vivian has ought to know that there’s no testimony at a bail hearing. Vivian insists that Carly is a danger to society, but Bo disagrees, adding that she isn’t a flight risk, either, since everything Carly loves is in Salem, and Vivian knows it. Vivian assumes the judge denied bail anyway, but Bo shakes his head, saying that Carly is out on the streets right now. Vivian gasps.

Chad explains that he and Gabi came here together. Gabi nods, saying her mom called just as they arrived. Mia, annoyed, asks if the two want a soda. Chad thinks they’re both fine and Gabi agrees. Just then, Chad’s father phones, and Chad heads off to take the call. Mia tells Gabi that she and Chad seem pretty tight. Gabi explains that they’re just hanging out, and it’s nothing serious. Mia says Gabi is smart to keep it that way, as Chad and ‘serious’ don’t mix.

Rafe tells EJ and Sami that he knows this is a difficult situation for both of them, but he assures them both that this isn’t over. Sami says it is, but Rafe reminds her that they haven’t found the person that did this and brought them to justice. EJ snaps that Rafe has some nerve talking to Sami about justice right now. He wonders angrily how Rafe’s macho posturing is going to bring their daughter back now. Rafe retorts that it may not bring Sydney back, but all this happened because EJ’s wife snatched Sydney from his house. Rafe claims that he has decided to follow that trail to wherever it leads him. Sami shrieks that she doesn’t want that. She then explains tearfully that she doesn’t want to know what happened to her baby girl and how her bloody dress ended up in the river. She sobs hysterically. EJ tries to soothe her, saying that of course she doesn’t want to know, and he doesn’t either. He tells Rafe in a fury that that is enough. Sami sobs that she just wants to remember Sydney being happy. Rafe interrupts, telling Sami that he is going to find the dirt bag that did this and make them pay. EJ scoffs, asking how he will do that, and if it will bring Sydney back. He then tells Rafe that he and Sami don’t need a hero. Rafe glares. EJ adds that Rafe claims that he cares about Sami, but he doesn’t seem to understand that she is grieving. He asks if Rafe really doesn’t get what she is going through right now. Sami bawls. Rafe grimaces.

Outside Melanie’s room, Chloe watches as Philip demands to know what Carly was doing in Melanie’s room. Carly explains that she is out on bail. Angry, Philip asks if she decided to come here the moment she got out. Daniel explains that Carly asked for permission to see Melanie, and he gave it to her. Philip wonders why he would do that. Daniel replies that he doesn’t think Carly mean to shoot Melanie and he also believes that because Melanie was hurt so badly, she needed to see her mother, whether she realizes it or not. Chloe gapes.

Vivian declares that this is horrible. Bo tells her not to worry too much, as he is sure Carly will stay away from Vivian so long as she stays away from Melanie. Vivian claims she wants Melanie to live as much as anyone. Bo scoffs as his phone interrupts. Daniel is on the other line, and he lets Bo knows that Melanie is conscious. Bo breathes a sigh of relief, saying that that will make Carly very happy. Daniel explains that Carly already knows. Bo asks if Daniel called her, but Daniel replies that she is actually at the hospital. Bo groans, saying he isn’t surprised. Daniel then tells Bo that Philip caught Carly in Melanie’s room. Bo says that he is on his way and hangs up. He grabs his coat as Vivian asks for news on Melanie. Bo tells her that she is conscious and hurries off. Vivian sighs. Just then, Lawrence appears to Vivian. He smirks, asking her what she plans to do about all of this.

At her hideout, Anna cuddles Sydney and tells her that her daddy thinks that he will be happy if he takes her and her brother far away from Sami. Anna admits that she has to wonder how EJ will really feel when Sami isn’t around, and she also has to wonder what will happen to Sami without Sydney and Johnny. Anna sighs, adding that she doesn’t see a happy ending for any of them.

Rafe tells Sami that this is hard enough as it is without EJ being around. He wonders if they can talk alone. EJ explains that he said what he came to say anyway, and he starts to head off, telling Sami that she knows where to find him. Sami stops him, asking him to stay. She then glares at Rafe, telling him that she wants him to go.

Vivian tells Lawrence that there is nothing she can do about Carly, but he doesn’t like that answer. Vivian reminds him that the charges against Carly weren’t dropped, and that things really worked out better than they expected, since Carly will have to live with the fact that she shot her own daughter, and she’ll also have to take that to prison with her. Lawrence sighs, saying she will live, however, and he hates that part. He thinks Vivian would hate that too if she cared about him at all. Vivian sighs.

Philip sits by Melanie’s side, telling her how scared he was, and how relieved he is that she is awake, and that he now knows they can spend the rest of their lives together. Melanie jokes that her hospital gown is a really hot piece of lingerie. She then sighs, admitting that this isn’t how she pictured spending their honeymoon. Philip agrees. Melanie then tells Philip about Carly lying about being her mother in an attempt to try to get a pass for shooting her. Philip sighs, telling Melanie that he doesn’t think Carly is lying.

Daniel spots Chloe and heads over, hugging her and asking how her therapy session went. She folds her arms angrily, saying that she doesn’t want to talk about that--she wants to talk about him.

Gabi tells Mia angrily that she knows that she still wants Chad, and is jealous that he has moved on, but she has to stop putting Chad down like that. Mia scoffs, saying she was just looking out for Gabi, not putting Chad down. Gabi doesn’t buy it. Mia reminds her that she and Chad had a baby together, and that is never going to go away. She claims she’d hate it if Gabi ended up feeling like she was just a hook-up to Chad. Gabi glares as Chad walks in. Chad, confused, asks what he missed. Mia smirks.

Rafe, hurt, asks Sami why she wants him to leave. Sami cries that her baby is dead, and nothing is going to change that. She adds that she can’t stand the fact that Rafe is so consumed with finding out why it happened and who did it when she just doesn’t want to talk about it at all. Rafe says that he hates seeing her like this, but Sami replies angrily that that is too bad because this is who she is. She then reminds him that he grieved with her when Grace died. Rafe sighs, saying that he just can’t do that this time. Sami practically spits, suggesting that he go back to work, then. Rafe agrees, telling her to call him at the office if she needs anything. He heads off. Sami bawls.

Lawrence reminds Vivian that Carly is free right now, and asks Vivian what she thinks Carly plans on doing first. Vivian stammers that she will probably go to the pub and see what the boys in the back will have. Lawrence snaps at her to stop making jokes. Lawrence then explains that Carly will want to see her daughter--the one she almost killed. Vivian doesn’t see why it matters, since Melanie hates Carly, but Lawrence asks to start looking at the big picture. He wonders what will happen if Carly is able to convince Melanie that she was aiming the gun at Vivian, reminding her that Carly is very good at winning people over. Vivian remarks that she never understood that. Lawrence warns Vivian not to underestimate Carly, as she can probably convince Melanie to believe her. He adds that he doesn’t want Carly going to prison knowing that she has the love of her daughter, and that the very though of it consigns him to hell. He wonders if that is what Vivian wants for him. She sighs miserably.

At the pier, Carly follows Bo, telling him that she knows he is furious with her. He claims he isn’t, but she says he hasn’t constructed a sentence of more than four words since he arrived at the hospital. Bo angrily reminds her that she lied to him and violated the terms of her bail agreement. Carly asks Bo if he would listen if someone told him he couldn’t see Ciara. Bo admits that he probably wouldn’t, but if his daughter was an adult, and he had just shot her, he wouldn’t go barging into her room to inform her that she is his daughter, either. Carly sighs, admitting that she didn’t intend on telling Melanie and that she just wanted to make it clear that all she was trying to do was protect her. Carly then explains that Melanie kept pressing her as to why she wanted to protect her so she broke down and told her the truth. Bo reminds her that now Melanie wants nothing to do with her, and wonders what she was thinking. Carly says she was thinking the same thing then that she is thinking now--that Melanie nearly died and she is responsible. Carly sighs, saying she just won’t be able to live with herself if she doesn’t find a way to make this wretched situation right.

Melanie angrily wonders why Philip is defending Carly. He says he isn’t, and that all he can tell Melanie is what he heard. He explains that he rushed up to the roof when he heard the gunshot, and found Carly a total wreck, shrieking that she had shot her daughter. Melanie grumbles that she already has a mother. She may have died when she was baby, but she was still her real mother. She wonders why Carly keeps saying that she is her mother instead. Philip takes her hand, soothing her and telling her that he knows how weird this situation is. Melanie guesses that he believes everything Carly has said.

Daniel and Chloe head into the pub and take a table. Daniel thinks Chloe seems pretty upset. She reminds him that she was disappointed over a home pregnancy test being wrong, and he tried to ship her off to a shrink. Daniel claims he didn’t do that. Chloe sighs, telling Daniel that all she needs is him, and that she wishes he could be as committed to her as he is to his friend Carly. Daniel doesn’t understand how Carly comes into this. Chloe reminds Daniel of how important his career is to him, and how he put it on the line to let Carly see Melanie--the girl she shot. Daniel explains that it was an accident, and that Carly was desperate to see her daughter so that she could tell her that. Chloe huffs that Carly gave her kid up and let other people raise her, but Daniel insists that Carly was only doing what was best for her child. Chloe thinks Carly was doing what was best for herself. Daniel admits he can’t be sure, as he wasn’t there. Chloe huffs that Carly is probably trying to convince Bo right now that she did the best thing by ignoring his orders and going to the hospital. Daniel tries to interrupt, but Chloe barrels over him, snapping that Carly ruined Bo’s marriage, and is going to ruin his life. She refuses to stand by and watch her do the same thing to Daniel.

EJ brings Sami some tea. She thanks him, but tells him that he doesn’t have to take care of her this way, as she knows he is going through hell right now, too. EJ sighs, admitting it’s alright, as it makes him feel useful. She asks sullenly if he thinks Rafe just wanted to be useful. EJ doesn’t think it matters what he thinks, but Sami wants to know. EJ sighs, saying that he thinks Rafe didn’t know Sydney. He wasn’t changing her diapers or up with her in the middle of the night. Sami reminds him that she didn’t get to do those things either. EJ thinks that is different, since Sami is Sydney’s mother and carried her in her womb for nine months. He claims that he and Sami have a connection to Sydney while Rafe doesn’t. Sami stammers that Rafe brought Sydney back to her by proving that Nicole switched her with Mia’s baby. Sami says that is why she can’t understand why Rafe is so obsessed with the case--it’s like Sydney doesn’t even matter to him. EJ just thinks Rafe is starting to show his true colors. He then reminds Sami that Rafe just got his job back at the FBI, ad probably wants to impress his superiors, so Sydney really is just a case to him. Sami doesn’t want to think that. EJ tries to soothe her, saying that he knows she doesn’t. Sami then tells EJ that she is glad he is here. EJ says he is glad, too.

Carly reminds Bo that she never wanted to give Melanie up in the first place. She says it broke her heart, and then Melanie was just some fantasy in her head for a long time. Finally she got to meet her, and learned that Melanie is smart, and beautiful, and very bull-headed. Bo smiles, wondering where she got that from. Carly claims that she loved Melanie immediately, and was sorry that the life she arranged for her--the life she had to arrange because of her own choices--was so horrible. Carly sighs, saying that just when Melanie found a little happiness, Vivian swept in on her broomstick to avenge Lawrence. She finishes by saying that she had to go in that room and warn Melanie. Bo thinks someone else could have done it, but Carly shakes her head, saying that they weren’t even sure that Melanie would pull through when she arrived at the hospital and Daniel thought Melanie had given up. Carly swears that Melanie heard her voice and came back to her, but then she proceeded to make Melanie hate her even more than she already does.

Philip admits to Melanie that when it comes to Carly, he isn’t sure what to believe. Melanie reminds him that that isn’t what he said, but Philip tells Melanie that all he can think of is how close he came to losing her. He adds that he has never been so scared in his life. Melanie thinks this was some wedding day. Philip vows that it will get better. He then suggests that Melanie get some rest. She agrees. He asks if she needs anything, or if she’s in pain. She shakes her head and asks for some water. Philip agrees and heads off. Melanie flashes back to asking Carly angrily why she cares so much about her. She then flashes back to catching Carly telling Bo that she has to tell her the truth. Melanie comes back to the present and frowns.

Sami thanks EJ for staying. He reminds her that they are in this together, and vows that he is going to help see Johnny and Allie through this as well. Sami admits she’d like that and then sighs, confiding in EJ that Rafe just wasn’t acting like himself. EJ thinks he might have been, and that he was just showing her a side that she had never seen before. Sami thanks EJ for everything he has done, but admits that she doesn’t feel comfortable discussing Rafe with him. EJ apologizes, saying that he needs to leave anyway. He asks her to call any time, reminding her again that they are in this together. He heads off. Sami sighs, saying aloud that she doesn’t get it, as she and Rafe were supposed to be in this together. She wonders what happened. Sami then grabs her keys and her coat, and hurries off.

In his office at the police station, Rafe calls Tim to ask him to cut through some bureaucratic tape for him. He explains that he needs to find out who signed lease agreements in Salem in the last six months, especially those signed recently. Tim agrees to find out and Rafe thanks him. He hangs up as another agent enters the office, asking Rafe if he was the one that called about wanting the remnants of Sydney’s clothes. Rafe nods and the man hands the evidence bag over. Rafe asks if anything more has been discovered, but the man shakes his head, saying that Rafe would have been notified. Rafe sighs.

Daniel tells Chloe gently that he knows how happy she was when she thought she was pregnant. Chloe thinks he seemed pretty happy, too. Daniel admits that he was, but that he will be happy with Chloe whether she can have kids or not. Chloe thinks this is hitting Daniel harder than he’d like to admit, as he used bad judgment by allowing Carly to see Melanie. Daniel agrees that she is right. He then tells Chloe that though this has been hard on both of them, they’ll get through this. He then vows that Chloe will never be alone. She smiles.

Vivian starts to head out of the office of the police station, but Lawrence stands in the doorway, stopping her. He accuses her of walking out on her mission, but Vivian claims that Philip already hates her, and if she tries to do anything else to Melanie, Victor will turn her in. Lawrence shrugs, saying a life of exile is nothing compared to dooming Carly to a lifetime of misery. Vivian agrees with that. Lawrence urges her to finish what she started. Vivian nods, wondering what she was thinking. She admits that Lawrence’s life must be avenged by another. Lawrence grins, asking Vivian if he can count on her.

Philip heads back into Melanie’s room and chides her, saying that she should be sleeping. Melanie explains that she can’t, and that she has come to a decision. She asks Philip if he can help her with it.

Carly vows to Bo that she had no intention of telling Melanie that she was her daughter when she went into her room. She thinks she just had this crazy hope that Melanie would hear it and be happy, and admit that a mother was the vital thing missing in her life. Bo thinks it’s difficult to have that kind of moment when Carly is the reason Melanie is even in the hospital. Carly wonders why she ever got involved with Alamains. Bo isn’t sure himself. Carly then admits that she’s just afraid she will never be able to make this up to Melanie. Just then, Carly’s phone rings. Philip is on the other line, and he tells Carly that Melanie wants to see her right away.

EJ heads into Anna’s hideout and asks where Sydney is. Anna explains that she is sleeping like an angel and then shows EJ the passports. He looks through them and chuckles, saying that Klaus always does an excellent job. He adds that soon, he, Johnny and Sydney will disappear. He wonders gleefully how Sami will feel without her kids and without her boyfriend.

Rafe takes Sydney’s dress from the evidence bag. He flashes back to Sami holding Sydney in her arms and laughing. Rafe stares at a photo of Sydney and begins to sob uncontrollably. Just then, Sami walks in behind him. She watches sympathetically as Rafe bawls.


EJ says, “We're leaving Salem for good.”

Melanie tells Carly, “I want to know who I am.”

Hope snaps, “I hope to hell she's worth it.”

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