Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/22/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/22/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Brady gets a message from EJ asking him to meet him down at the pier. Brady thinks that’s odd, since he and EJ hate one another. Arianna wonders if it could be about Sydney. Brady nods, saying it probably is, and guesses he had better meet EJ after all. He heads off, asking Arianna to call if she hears news about Melanie. Rafe heads in a few minutes later, cursing at someone over the phone and saying that he doesn’t care about the budget, since a little girl’s life is at stake. He hangs up as Arianna rushes over, asking what is wrong. Rafe brokenly explains that he’s just losing it and yelling at people that are only trying to help him. She asks what happened, and Rafe tells her about the dress being found in the river with Sydney’s blood on it. Arianna, aghast, tells Rafe how sorry she is. Rafe, visibly upset, wonders why she is sorry. He then claims that this evidence proves nothing, as Sydney could still be alive.

At the pier, EJ answers his phone, sighing and telling Anna that he doesn’t have time for this. Back at her hideout, Anna holds Sydney in her lap and declares that there must be some way to get through to EJ. EJ snaps that she isn’t being paid to second-guess him, but Anna claims that what he is doing is beyond cruel. EJ ignores her, saying again that Anna is only being paid to do what she is told. Anna grumps that all of this is more than she signed up for. EJ retorts that she has two options--she can do everything he tells her, or spend the rest of her life in jail.

At the police station, Victor calls Daniel, who is at the hospital. He barks at Daniel, asking what he means by saying that Melanie is still in a coma. Daniel isn’t sure how much more clear he can make that statement. Victor demands to talk to Philip, but Daniel explains that he sent him home to change and get some rest, and that he should be there by now. Victor grumbles that he is at the police station, as his high and mighty police commissioner son called him in for questioning. He adds that he isn’t sure what Bo wants to ask him, since Carly is locked up and the case is closed. Daniel explains that that isn’t exactly true, but Victor hangs up hurriedly, saying that the Gestapo is here. Bo walks in and Victor greets him, asking if he has decided to throw his weight around now that his girlfriend has crashed and burned. Bo takes Victor into a nearby interrogation room and asks him to have a seat. Victor scoffs, saying sarcastically that he is scared, since this seems like official police business. Bo replies that they’re going to talk about some personal business right now, and decides to start by questioning Victor about his girlfriend.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip shouts angrily up the stairs, asking Vivian to come down. Vivian hurries into the living room, saying that Philip sounds upset. She wonders if he has news about Melanie. Philip glares, saying she’d probably like to hear some bad news. Vivian, taken aback, asks what he means. Philip gets in her face threateningly, asking if she’s going to cry now to make him think she cares. Vivian, aghast, asks what has happened. Philip claims that that is what he wants to talk to Vivian about. He picks up a fireplace poker and brandishes it in Vivian’s face, demanding to know exactly what happened at the wedding reception.

In Melanie’s room at the hospital, Carly dashes over to Melanie’s side as she coughs and begins to wake up. As she opens her eyes, Carly sobs and thanks God. Melanie, confused, asks why she is here. Cary explains that she’s in the hospital, and that she had an accident, but that she is going to be fine. Melanie asks what happened, but Carly says it’s hard to explain. Melanie then remembers the wedding and asks where Philip is, and if he is alright. Carly says he’s fine. Melanie tries to sit up, demanding to see Philip, but she collapses back onto her pillow, crying out in pain. Carly tries to soothe her, explaining that Philip just went home to change, and will be back soon. Melanie shrieks that she needs to talk to him, but Carly assures her that Philip was with her all night, and that he loves her very much. Melanie again tries to sit up, declaring that she must talk to Philip, but she cries out in pain again and sinks back onto the bed. Carly explains that she just got out of surgery, and needs to stay calm, but Melanie refuses to do so until she finds out what happened to her. Carly then explains that Melanie was shot.

Vivian, worried, asks Philip what he is going to do with that poker. She adds that he is overwrought, and ought to put it down, but Philip thinks he’s going to need it, as he is very angry with this father right now. Vivian asks what he means and Philip explains that his father knew a big secret about Melanie, the woman he loves. He adds pointedly that someone was plotting against Melanie and trying to kill her. Vivian shakes her head, but Philip ignores her, saying that his father chose not to say anything to anyone, and now they aren’t sure if Melanie will ever wake up. Vivian thinks Carly is to blame, since she shot Melanie, but Philip waves the poker in her face, hissing at her not to even mention Carly’s name. He then explains that he wants his father to pay. Vivian wonders what that has to do with her. Philip backs her up against the fireplace, explaining that his father loves Vivian, so if he kills her, he’ll get to see his father suffer, and then he’ll get his revenge. He reminds Vivian that that is what you’re supposed to do when you want revenge--kill someone. He then asks slyly if Vivian would ever do that. She claims she wouldn’t. Philip pushes the poker against her throat, telling her that he doesn’t believe a word she says. Vivian begins to panic.

Victor grumbles that Bo is keeping him from being with Philip. Bo scoffs, saying sarcastically that he has noticed that Victor always has Philip’s best interests at heart. Victor snaps back that perhaps Bo can patch things up with his wife now that his girlfriend is doing twenty-five to life. Bo retorts that he and Hope actually agree on one thing, and that is that Vivian is going to pay for what she has done. Victor doesn’t think it’s appropriate for the police commissioner to be so biased, but Bo assures Victor that Vivian will have her day in court, and that she will be put away with solid and admissible evidence. Bo adds that Hope not only remembers everything that happened in that basement, she also remembers a conversation she had with Victor before the wedding. Victor, relieved, claims that he and Hope simply discussed the wedding, but Bo says that this is more about what Victor left behind as opposed to what he said. Victor stares in shock as Bo informs him that he left a receipt behind--a receipt for a comb to replace the one Vivian had poisoned. He adds that Victor duplicated a murder weapon and it probably won’t be difficult to charge and convict him for being an accessory after the fact. Bo adds that he thinks it’s sad that a great and powerful man like Victor is being brought down by a joke like Vivian.

Vivian tries to push the poker away from her throat, warning Philip that he doesn’t want to do this. Philip snaps that he actually really does. Vivian tearfully pleads with him to think of Melanie. Philip scoffs and backs away as Vivian reminds him that Melanie needs him. She adds that he can’t listen to Carly’s crazy accusations. Philip snaps that they’ve been corroborated, since Hope woke up. Vivian claims that Hope is confused, and is just repeating what Carly said. She sobs as she tells Philip that Carly murdered the finest man she has ever known. Philip slyly asks if Vivian think Carly deserves to die for killing someone she loved. Vivian nods. Philip shrieks that he loves Melanie, and angrily thanks Vivian for giving him permissions to do to her what should have been done a long time ago. He rears back and prepares to hit Vivian with the poker. She cowers.

Melanie, aghast, asks if she was really shot on her wedding day. Carly nods. Melanie wonders who would do such a thing. She flashes back to Vivian grabbing her and Carly rushing in, pulling a gun, and telling Vivian not to move. Melanie then remembers pulling away from Vivian and being hit by a stray bullet. Melanie comes back to the present and cries out that Carly was the one that shot her.

Anna tells EJ that she thinks he has hurt Sami enough. EJ catches sight of Brady approaching and tells Anna loudly that he can’t talk. He then adds in a whisper that Anna had better be a good girl and keep her mouth shut, as they don’t want Carrie to have a ringside seat at her trial. Anna sighs and hangs up, telling Sydney that she just can’t seem to get through to EJ when he is acting so much like Stefano. She gazes at Tony’s picture and sighs, wondering what she is going to do.

Arianna again tells Rafe how sorry she is, but he declares that he refuses to give up. He then reminds her that they don’t have a body, and that he thinks the kidnapper planted that dress in the river because she knew the cops were closing in, and wanted to throw them all off the scent so they’d give up. Arianna asks if he has told Sami his thoughts, but Rafe explains that it isn’t a good idea, as she is angry with him right now. Arianna asks what happened and Rafe sighs, saying that she and EJ think he panicked the kidnapper by being ‘too FBI.’ Arianna asks if Sami actually said that. Rafe sighs, saying that Sami thinks he is just dealing with this like any other case and not considering that Sydney is the child involved. He adds that Sami doesn’t want him around, so she pushed him out.

Brady asks EJ what he wants. He assumes Brady hasn’t yet spoke to Sami or Rafe. Brady says he hasn’t, and asks EJ worriedly if something has happened. He nods, asking if Brady is still talking to Nicole. Brady replies he isn’t directly, and that he has been getting his information on Nicole from Chloe. EJ then explains that he needs to ask Brady to tell Nicole something, as he can’t stand to be in the same room with her, and it isn’t fair to ask Sami to do it. Brady asks what he needs to tell Nicole. EJ tells him quietly that Sydney is dead. Brady gapes.

Arianna reminds Rafe that he is the reason that Sami knows Sydney is her child. Rafe nods, admitting that he can’t give up on Sydney yet. He then confides in Arianna that something about this whole situation isn’t right. Arianna takes his hand, saying that she knows both he and Sami are in hell right now, but she also knows that Rafe isn’t going to give up. Arianna then advises Rafe not to say anything to Sami right now and to just let her deal with this in her own way. Rafe isn’t so sure, but Arianna urges him to continue doing what he thinks is right.

Brady gasps, asking EJ if Sami knows about this. He nods, saying that Rafe told them both at the same time. Brady is surprised that EJ wants him to tell Nicole. EJ sighs, saying that he may not like Nicole very much, but he knows she loved that little girl, and he feels she deserves to hear the news from someone that gives a damn about her feelings. Brady tells EJ how sorry he is. EJ just hopes Sydney didn’t suffer. He then sighs, admitting that he isn’t sure how Sami is going to get through this.

Victor scoffs, telling Bo that he doesn’t have squat. Bo retorts that he has proof Victor paid to have a duplicate of the poisoned comb made, but Victor claims he never did that. Bo says that Hope saw the receipt, but Victor wonders if that was before or after her serious head injury. Victor doesn’t think Bo has anything, unless of course, he can find the artisan that did the work. Bo guesses angrily that he’s already disappeared. Victor shakes his head, telling Bo that the man and his wife had never seen Greece before. Bo can’t believe Victor sent the man off to Greece. Victor claims he doesn’t know who Bo is talking about. Bo thinks it’s amazing that Victor finds the fact that his daughter-in-law in in a coma is funny. Victor snaps that this isn’t funny; its over. He adds angrily that he only indulged Bo because he’s his son, but if he pulls something like this again, he’ll have his lawyer file harassment charges. Bo thinks that Victor has gone too far this time, as his covering up for Vivian led to Melanie fighting for her life. Victor replies that Melanie is fighting for her life because Bo’s slut of a girlfriend shot her. He vows that Carly will pay for what she has done and storms off. Abe walks in just then, noting that that didn’t seem to go very well. Bo sighs, admitting that he knew the bluff wouldn’t work, but he had to try, as it was all he had.

Melanie, aghast, asks if Carly really shot her. Carly nods. She tries to explain, but Melanie shrieks for help. Daniel rushes in, asking what is going on, and Melanie screams that Carly is trying to kill her. Daniel tries to soothe Melanie and warns Carly to leave. Carly tearfully begs Melanie to let her explain, but Melanie shrieks and thrashes. Daniel tells Carly that if she ever loved Melanie, she’ll leave now. Carly hurries out the door. Melanie tearfully wonders why Daniel is letting Carly go when she shot her. She decides to call the cops herself and reaches the phone, but collapses back into the pillows, crying out in pain. Daniel jokes that it’s great to hear Melanie yelling again, but she’s going to have to relax. He assures her that everything will be alright. Melanie wonders why Daniel is acting like it’s no big deal that Carly shot her. Daniel claims that Melanie doesn’t know the whole story, like the fact that Carly donated blood for her, and risked everything to come visit her. Melanie wonders why Carly would do all that. Daniel thinks Melanie needs to ask Carly that question.

Vivian sobs that she can’t believe they’ve turned Philip against her. He says she is the only one that has done that. He rears back to swing the poker at her. Vivian flinches. Philip scoffs and chucks the poker across the room, where it clatters to the floor. He declares that Vivian isn’t worth it, and in fact, isn’t worth anything. Vivian assures him that when he calms down, he’ll see that this is all a pack of lies, but Philip practically spits, saying that Hope doesn’t lie--Vivian does. Vivian swears that Hope is confused and pleads with Philip, asking him why she would ever want to hurt Melanie. Philip says that is easy--she wanted to hurt Carly, and Melanie is Carly’s daughter. Vivian is taken aback. Philip, angry, guesses that that really is the truth, and that Vivian knew about Melanie being Carly’s daughter all along.

Outside Melanie’s room, Carly sobs and thanks God for letting Melanie wake up. Daniel comes out, joking about Melanie’s strong recovery. He adds that her vitals look great, and that he really thinks Melanie is going to be fine. Carly is thrilled, and claims that this was all worth it, even if Melanie never wants to speak to her again. Daniel tells Carly that Melanie actually wants to see her right now. Carly, surprised, thinks Melanie is pretty tough. Daniel thinks she got it from her mother. Carly admits she is scared. Daniel advises her to keep her chin up. Carly sighs and heads into Melanie’s room. She tells Melanie that she is glad she wanted to see her, but Melanie snaps that she doesn’t want hear it. She then demands to know why Carly shot her.

Abe scoffs that he had better alert the media and let them know the commissioner has a personal vendetta against a citizen that hasn’t been charged with a crime. Bo, angry, asks Abe if all he cares about is how this looks. Abe replies that what matters is building a case, and that takes evidence, something Bo doesn’t have. Bo snaps that what he has is Melanie in a coma, and Victor pleased as hell that he is keeping them from making a case. Bo curses that Victor is acting as if this is all some kind of game. Abe says he gets it, and reminds Bo that not only is he having issues with his mistress, but now his father is involved as well. Bo claims that he can still do his job even though this is personal, but Abe thinks Bo needs to take a step back, slow down and think about what this could do to both him and his family.

Vivian admits tearfully that she knew Melanie was Carly’s daughter. Philip, furious, thinks that Vivian knew killing Melanie was the worst thing that could happen to Carly, and after the poisoned comb scheme didn’t work, she dragged Melanie up to the roof for plan B. Vivian declares that she took Melanie up to the roof to tell her about her mother, and warn her that she was in serious danger, and she was right to do so, since Carly showed up with a gun and shot Melanie. Philip sees why she and Victor get along, snapping that they both have a story for everything. Vivian retorts that Philip keeps saying that she tried hurt Melanie to get to Carly, but in reality, Melanie suffered her whole life because she had a horrible mother that didn’t give a damn about her.

Daniel calls Victor, who is outside the door of the mansion. He lets him know that Melanie is awake and asks if Philip is there. Victor promises to give him the good news, but Daniel would rather speak to Philip himself. Victor agrees to have Philip call Daniel and hangs up. He smirks, saying to himself that now that Melanie is awake, he can testify against Carly.

Carly asks Melanie if she remembers why she was up on the roof. Melanie says she was with Vivian. Carly guesses that it was Vivian’s idea to go up there. Melanie nods, explaining that Vivian just wanted to talk. Carly shakes her head, saying that Vivian actually just wanted to hurt her, and that was why she took the shot--to stop her. Melanie asks what Vivian planned to do, and Carly explains that Vivian had a steel pipe in her hand and she intended to beat Melanie with it. She adds that Melanie was something, as she jumped in front of Vivian trying to save her life. Melanie doesn’t think this makes any sense, and insists that Vivian just wanted to talk. Carly replies that Vivian just pretended to be her friend to get lose to her. Melanie doesn’t see why Vivian would do that since she doesn’t mean anything to her. Carly explains that it wasn’t about Melanie. Melanie scoffs, wondering how it isn’t about her when Vivian was trying to beat her over the head. Carly explains that it was actually about her, not Melanie.

Arianna heads over to EJ and Brady, saying that Rafe told her what happened, and that she is sorry. EJ starts to ask Arianna a question about Rafe, but stops himself and apologizes, saying curtly that he shouldn’t say anything. Brady asks what this is all about. Arianna tells EJ loftily that this is all sad enough without assessing blame. EJ glares, saying that his daughter is dead because of her brother. He then excuses himself and hurries off. Brady asks what just happened, and Arianna explains that Sami and EJ blame Rafe because they did what he told them during the ransom exchange, and they didn’t get Sydney back. Brady thinks Sami and EJ are just sick with grief, but she snaps that Rafe isn’t exactly happy about all this, either. She declares angrily that Rafe put his life on the line to bring Sydney home to Sami the first time, and if it hadn’t been for him, she wouldn’t even know about her daughter. She adds in a rage that she can’t believe that Sami is acting like she is the only one in pain when they all know Rafe loved both Grace and Sydney. Brady tries to comfort her, telling her he knows that. Arianna sniffles, explaining that it’s just that Rafe is her brother, and she loves him. She admits that she can’t imagine that EJ is going through right now, then stops short, wondering why EJ wanted to meet with Brady to give him the news. Brady sighs, explaining that EJ wants him to break the news to Nicole as gently as possible. Arianna asks angrily if he is kidding. Brady admits that he isn’t. Arianna rages that Sydney is dead because of Nicole, and she hopes the news kills her, as she can’t believe people are expected to feel sorry for Nicole.

Abe sighs, admitting that he knows he can’t get Bo to drop this, but he does need him to warn Carly to keep a low profile. Bo nods, saying that Carly already knows that she has to stay away from Melanie. Abe is glad to hear it, but thinks that Carly needs to stay away from Vivian, too.

Vivian tells Philip that she knows his brother has been taken in by Carly, admitting that it took Lawrence years to figure out what Carly was all about. She then insists that all of Melanie’s pain can be traced to the fact that her mother is self-absorbed. Philip tells Vivian to stop wasting her time, as he doesn’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. Just then, Victor walks in. Philip scoffs, calling him Vivian’s partner in arms. Victor ignores the comment, informing Philip that he has good news, and that Melanie has woken up. Philip thanks God and grabs his coat. Vivian asks him to give Melanie her love, but Philip refuses, saying he sees right past her phoniness into her decay-ridden soul. He then adds that he won’t give Melanie Vivian’s love, because it’s toxic. He then hurries off. Victor remarks that Vivian has some bridge-building to do. Vivian, devastated, claims that she has lost Philip. Victor thinks she deserves to. Vivian cries that this is all Carly’s fault, not hers.

Melanie demands to know what Carly is talking about. Carly explains that Vivian wanted to hurt her, and was using Melanie to get revenge on her. She goes on to tell Melanie that Vivian has an ‘eye-for-an-eye’ revenge style, and Vivian blamed her for her nephew’s death. Melanie coldly reminds Carly that she stabbed Lawrence, so she deserves it. Carly claims things would have been different if Vivian had come after her, but instead, she wanted Carly to feel the kind of pain she felt, and Vivian knew that if anything happened to Melanie, it would kill her. Melanie, confused, asks Carly why it would kill her if anything happened to her.

At the pub, Rafe calls Tim and thanks him, telling him that he owes him. He then asks Tim to tell the team to back off of Sami for a few days, as she isn’t in good shape. He then hangs up and stares at a photo of Sami and Sydney.

EJ calls Anna to let her know that he might be out of touch for a couple of hours, but everything is alright. Anna is glad to hear it, as she just wants all of this to be over. EJ assures her that she is going to get her wish. Anna hangs up and sighs, telling Sydney that it’s obvious what is really going on here. She wonders why EJ won’t just admit it.

Bo calls Carly and leaves her a message, saying that he hopes she is getting some rest. He hangs up, explaining to Abe that Carly is exhausted after spending all night in jail worried about Melanie. Abe reminds Bo that whatever Carly is doing right now is Bo’s business, since he posted her bail. Bo grumbles that he won’t forget with Abe around acting like a broken record. Abe retorts that he is just the voice of reason around here since Bo seems to have lost his. He huffs off. Bo stares at his phone, sighing and telling Carly to assure him that he didn’t make a huge mistake.

Victor pours himself a drink. Vivian thinks that is a good idea and asks for a double, but Victor snaps that she needs to keep her wits about her, as she will be under intense scrutiny for the next few weeks. Vivian thinks she can handle it, but Victor asks sarcastically if she’ll handle this like the last fiasco. He scoffs that the three stooges on crack could have done a better job of this than she has. Vivian doesn’t appreciate that comment, but Victor snaps that he doesn’t appreciate direct disobedience. He adds that Vivian really doesn’t want to know what he had planned for her if Philip had had to bury his new bride. Vivian tells Victor that all’s well that ends well, since Philip and Melanie can live happier ever after, and Carly can make new friends in jail--with Bo able to do nothing about it. Victor says he can’t do anything for the moment. Vivian wonders what that is supposed to mean. Victor replies that Bo can’t do a thing as long as he keeps quiet. However, if Vivian disobeys him one more time, she’s going to be spending her golden years in an orange jumpsuit.

Carly tells Melanie that she means a great deal to her. Melanie reminds Carly tiredly that they just met. Carly then tells Melanie that that isn’t true, as they met once before, though quite a long time ago.

Brady reminds Arianna that she told EJ that they shouldn’t assess blame. Arianna snaps that EJ was blaming Rafe, which is totally different from blaming Nicole, who is responsible for this entire mess. Brady shouts that Nicole didn’t kill that baby, but Arianna shrieks back that Nicole set everything in motion. She can’t believe Brady is still defending Nicole to her. Brady start s to remind Arianna that Nicole is paying for what she did, but he stops, saying that Nicole is out of their lives for good, and he refuses to argue about her. Arianna retorts that Nicole may be in jail, but she feels like she is right here--standing in between them.

Rafe knocks on Sami’s door, and is surprised when EJ answers.

Vivian snaps that she isn’t afraid of Victor. He thinks she should be. She ignores the comment, telling Victor that she respects him, and that she has learned quite a bit from him. Victor retorts that she hasn’t learned anything. Vivian thinks Victor could put her away, but he won’t because of all that he would miss. He scoffs, asking if she is referring to her delightful company. She says she isn’t and reminds Victor that putting her in jail would exonerate Carly, and neither of them want that. Victor doesn’t reply. Vivian reminds him that he can’t have anyone interfering with his family’s happiness. Victor warns her not to push it, as this isn’t over yet. Vivian agrees.

Bo gets Carly’s voicemail again and curses, saying aloud that she had better not have done what he thinks she’s done.

Philip rushes into the hospital and greets Daniel outside Melanie’s room, asking if she is really awake. He nods, saying she’d been up for thirty minutes or so. Philip claims he needs to see her and starts to hurry into her room, but Daniel stops him, saying that he needs to talk to Philip first. He wonders if anything is wrong. Daniel claims there isn’t, and that there are just something he wants to go over with Philip. Philip wonders why he can’t see Melanie if she is fine, and wonders why Daniel is trying to stall him.

Melanie thinks she would have known if she had met Carly before. Carly explains that she wouldn’t remember. She then says this isn’t the best time, and suggests that she go, but Melanie curses, demanding that Carly tell her what is going on. Carly then explains that the reason Melanie doesn’t remember her is because she was a little baby when they met. Carly tearfully admits she only held Melanie for a moment, but it was the most wonderful moment of her life. Melanie doesn’t get why holding a strange baby would make Carly so happy. Carly sobs, telling Melanie that she wasn’t holding just any baby--it was her daughter. Melanie gapes. Carly nods, telling Melanie that she is her mother.


EJ asks Rafe angrily, “What are you gonna do? Are you gonna bring Sydney back?”

Bo snaps, “Carly's on the street, right now.”

Melanie shouts at Carly, “Get out of here!”

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