Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/19/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/19/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In her hospital room, Hope moan and tosses from side to side, warning someone to stop ‘her.’ Justin, who is by her side, assures her that everything is ok, and that he is right here. Hope groans, calling out for Bo. Justin frowns.

In an office at the police station, Bo speaks to Lexie over the phone, asking her to let him know as soon as she wakes up. Just then, an officer escorts Carly into the room. She overhears part of the conversation and demands that Bo let her speak to Lexie. The officer grabs her, warning her not to make any sudden moves. Carly begs Bo to tell her how Melanie is doing. He hangs up, telling the officer that he can handle things here. The officer heads off. Carly wails, asking Bo if her baby is dead.

Daniel heads into Melanie’s room at the hospital and finds Philip sitting by her side. He suggests he go take a shower and get some food, since he needs to examine Melanie, but Philip refuses. Daniel offers to set him up in the on call room, which is right down the hall, but Philip shakes his head, saying that he wants to be here when Melanie wakes up. He asks Daniel if that will be soon, since he’s been here all night. Daniel sighs. Philip guesses he is worried, too. Daniel reminds Philip that he never said that. Philip begins to panic, begging Daniel to tell him that Melanie is going to wake up.

Hope wakes up and holds her head, groaning. Justin offers to get Lexie, but Hope insists she just has a terrible headache. She asks if Bo is out in the hallway, but Justin is forced to admit that he doesn’t know where Bo is. Hope then asks how long she has been here. Justin says she’s been here since last night. Hope explains that the last thing she remembers is a stack of crates falling on her and Carly. She asks Justin if Carly is alright. He nods. Hope then asks if Carly found Melanie and gasps, asking where Vivian is. Justin thinks he ought to get Lexie, but Hope begs him to tell her what happened. Justin then admits that Melanie was shot. Hope assumes Vivian did it, but Justin tells her that it was actually Carly. Hope gasps and tries to get out of bed. Justin stops her, telling her that she can’t do that, but Hope insists on finding Bo immediately.

Bo tells Carly that Melanie made it through the night. Carly guesses that she is still comatose and frets, admitting that she would do things differently if Melanie were her patient. Carly then sobs that Melanie isn’t her patient--she’s her daughter, and she did this to her. Carly worries that Melanie might not wake up, and then she really will have taken her life. Bo reminds Carly that she tried to save Melanie, but Carly bawls that Melanie’s life has been hell because of her, and now she could die. Bo urges her to keep it together so that Vivian and Lawrence don’t win. He then vows that he will make sure that Vivian pays for what she has done.

Melanie and Nathan lie in bed together in a room at Alpine Valley. Nathan kisses Melanie and wakes her up, telling her how amazing she is, and how beautiful she looks in the morning. She grins, telling him he isn’t so bad himself. The two kiss as Stephanie awakens Nathan back in the real world. He sits up, startled, as she explains that she brought him breakfast in bed. He rubs his eyes, admitting that he didn’t even hear her get up. Stephanie says he was sound asleep, and seemed to be having a great dream. She hopes it was about her. Nathan smiles wanly.

Philip thinks Daniel must have bad news, but he says he doesn’t, and reminds him that Melanie is in stable condition. Philip demands to know why she won’t wake up, then. Daniel pulls Philip out into the hallway and admits that he isn’t sure, explaining that there is still a lot that doctors don’t know about comas. He then says that he also isn’t sure how much Melanie can hear and understand, which is why he brought Philip out here. He reminds Philip that Melanie has been through a severe physical and emotional trauma. Philip nods angrily, agreeing that it was probably hard for Melanie to have a crazy woman tell her she’s her mother, and then proceed to shoot her. Daniel explains that that is why he needs Melanie to feel safe right now. He asks Philip to go in there and let Melanie know how much he loves her, not how scared he is. Philip agrees, and Daniel adds that he is going to ask Maggie to come in too, since Melanie needs to be surrounded by people she loves. Daniel adds that he firmly believes that Melanie has to want to wake up.

Stephanie wonders if Nathan slept alright, since he tossed and turned all night. Nathan apologizes, hoping he didn’t keep her awake. Stephanie says it’s ok, but admits that he was sleeping so peacefully when she came in just now that she hesitated to wake him up. She wonders what it was he was dreaming about. Nathan claims he was dreaming about her, and the two kiss.

In her room above the pub, Arianna lies in bed with Brady. She asks if Brady is still here, and jokingly asks if she is really in jail and just dreaming all of this. Brady assures her she isn’t. Arianna suddenly remembers Melanie and feels guilty about being so happy. Brady shakes his head, saying it’s terrible that Melanie was married for all of three minutes before she was shot. Arianna, upset, remembers the look on Philip’s face in the hospital. Brady reminds Arianna that Melanie never gives up on anything. Arianna nods, and asks Brady to call her. He agrees and hugs Arianna, assuring her that Melanie will be alright.

Maggie heads into Melanie’s room. Philip tells her that she was just talking to Melanie about their honeymoon, which they’re going to spend in Greece. Maggie thinks that sounds like a dream come true and tearfully tells Melanie that she is one lucky girl.

Carly tells Bo that she knows that he is just trying to help, but Vivian has already won. Bo doesn’t think so, but Carly disagrees, saying that Vivian couldn’t dream this much suffering up for her if she tried. She adds that her child might be dying, and she can’t even see her. She then tells Bo about a woman in the cell next to her last night that wouldn’t stop talking to herself. Carly admits that she feels like she is going crazy, and claims she could even hear Lawrence laughing at her. Bo tells Carly that there is something he has to do, but that he will be right back. He begs her to hold it together, and not to give up on her daughter. He hurries off. Carly prays to God to look after Melanie, tearfully reminding Him that this is all her fault, and that Melanie didn’t do anything wrong.

Justin reminds Hope that she may have a concussion, and needs to stay in bed, but Hope ignores him. She remembers the comb and asks Justin if Melanie was wearing one in her hair at the wedding. Justin doesn’t remember. Hope explains to Justin that Victor told her not to worry because he had switched a new comb for the poisoned one Vivian intended for Melanie to wear. Justin stares, shocked, as Hope tells him that Victor didn’t mind that Vivian was trying to kill Melanie--so long as she didn’t succeed. Justin guesses they were right then, and that Vivian planned to avenge Lawrence’s death by killing Carly’s daughter. Hope nods and hops out of bed, saying that she has to make sure Vivian doesn’t get away with it.

Bo heads back into the office and tells Carly that she is free to go, adding that he wants her to go home and get some rest. Carly wonders what he has done, and Bo explains that he posted her bail. Carly can’t believe it, saying that she can’t let him do this, as he doesn’t have that kind of money. Bo tells her that that is too bad, as it’s already done. He adds that he couldn’t let her sit in jail while that witch Vivian runs around free. Carly doesn’t want this to be Bo’s problem, but he says it is now, whether Carly and Melanie are involved or not. He fumes, adding that Vivian has total contempt for the law and she came into his town and treated a human life as if it were all a big joke. Carly isn’t sure how to thank Bo. He tells her not to jump bail, since he put that bond together with mostly smoke and mirrors. Carly asks if they can talk on the way to the hospital, as she needs to see Melanie. Bo tells her that isn’t going to happen, as she can’t go anywhere near Melanie.

As Hope puts her coat on, Justin jokes, asking if anyone has ever talked her out of anything. She ignores the comment, asking if Carly really told everyone that she was Melanie’s mother. Justin nods, saying that Melanie was lying on the ground, and Carly was trying to take care of her, but Philip wouldn’t let her anywhere near Melanie. Hope asks about Vivian, and Justin scoffs, saying that she was standing nearby, feigning concern and playing the perfect picture of a deeply caring relative. Hope knows that on the inside, Vivian was having the time of her life, but that triumph is going to be short-lived. Hope vows that Vivian is not only going to regret returning to Salem; she’s also going to regret ever being born.

Chloe heads over to Daniel near the nurses’ station, and asks if he is alright. He sighs, saying that he is, but he wishes he could tell Philip that everything is going to be alright. Chloe, surprised, asks if he doesn’t think that. Daniel explains that there’s no reason in the world why Melanie can’t make a full recovery, it’s just that he can’t deal with false hope when it comes to his job. Chloe upset, says that people like her just manage to manufacture it. Daniel sighs, saying he knows how much she wanted to have a baby, and he doesn’t want her to have to go through this alone. Chloe says she knows she doesn’t have to, since Daniel loves her. Daniel agrees, saying that he always will, but that isn’t what he means. He then goes on to say that he thinks Chloe needs help. She is taken aback.

Maggie, now alone with Melanie, takes her hand in hers, telling her that her husband loves her very much. She adds that Melanie has many years ahead of her, and lots of happiness, so she must wake up and start to live her beautiful wife.

Carly begs Bo not to do this to her, but he explains that the conditions of her bail state that she mustn’t go within twenty feet of Melanie. If she does, she’ll be violating her bail, and she’ll go back to jail until her trial. Carly can’t believe anyone thinks she would want to hurt her own daughter. Bo begs her to let him prove that Vivian was the one trying to hurt Melanie, and that Carly only wanted to protect her. He then pleads with her to allow him to prove that before she goes and sees Melanie; otherwise, there is nothing he can do for her. Bo then gets a phone call. He takes it, thanks the person and hangs up, telling Carly that he has a conference call with someone in Switzerland that can confirm that Vivian knew Melanie was Carly’s daughter all along. He promises to take her home after the call, and assures her that he will let her know if there is any change in Melanie’s condition. He then heads off. Carly whispers that she is sorry, but she can’t let Bo or anyone else keep her from her daughter. She then sneaks out of the office.

Daniel admits that it bothers him that Chloe seems to feel guilty, as if she did something wrong in all of this. She reminds him that she told him she was pregnant when she wasn’t, but Daniel says it was just a mistake, not an intentional lie. Chloe scoffs that it’s clearly more than just a simple mistake if Daniel thinks she needs help. Daniel’s pager goes off. He groans, telling Chloe it isn’t that he thinks she’s crazy or weak; he just doesn’t want her to have to deal with this all on her own. Daniel then explains that the doctor they saw for the sonogram gave him the card of a therapist on staff, and he wants Chloe to meet her and see if she is comfortable talking to her. Daniel’s pager goes off again. He curses. Chloe tells him to go, but he hands her the therapist’s card first, saying that she’s busy, so he took the liberty of scheduling Chloe an appointment for her first available slot, which is this afternoon. Chloe sighs. Daniel apologizes and rushes off. Chloe looks at the card and frowns, guessing Daniel ahs everything all worked out.

Outside Melanie’s room, Philip explains to Brady that Daniel wants Melanie to be surrounded by people that love her so that they can let her know that she’s going to be ok. He adds that Maggie is in there now. Brady asks if Philip has gotten any sleep or if he has gotten something to eat, but Philip doesn’t think that matters. Brady insists that it does, and promises to take over after Maggie leaves so that Philip can get something to eat and take a shower. Maggie comes out just then. Philip guesses she doesn’t have good news. Maggie urges him not to give up hope just yet, as they’re just getting started. Brady offers to go see Melanie next and again tells Philip that Melanie loves him and taking a shower won’t change that. He heads into Melanie’s room as Maggie nods, saying that Brady is right about Philip needing to take care of himself. Philip wonders how Carly could have done this. Maggie hugs him.

Brady sits by Melanie’s side and admits that she is freaking him out a little, as he is used to her doing the talking when they’re together. He adds that there are a lot of people outside that are upset, and he knows Maggie and Philip would cut off their arms just to see Melanie open her eyes. Brady sighs, admitting he’d probably do the same.

Bo heads back into the office to find Carly gone. Cursing, he says aloud that she promised to stay put. He groans, praying that Carly didn’t go to see Melanie. Just then, Hope rushes in. Bo, shocked, says that Lexie told him she had to stay in the hospital, but Hope waves him off, saying that she is fine other than a headache. Bo thinks she ought to be in bed. Hope stops him, explaining that she knows what happened, and what Vivian was trying to do, adding that she is probably the only one that can get Carly out of this mess. Bo asks if she remembers what happened in the basement. Hope nods, admitting that she remembers most of it. She then says that she needs to speak to Carly and asks if she is still in a holding cell. Bo gulps.

Carly sneaks into the hospital wearing scrubs and a surgical mask. She catches sight of Philip near Melanie’s room and stops short, pulling the surgical mask up over her mouth to conceal her identity.

At the pub, Chloe calls the therapist to cancel her appointment, admitting that she isn’t sure when she’ll want to reschedule. She apologizes for the trouble and hangs up, dropping her phone. Arianna hurries over and picks it up, asking if Chloe is alright. She says she’s fine, just clumsy. Arianna admits she overheard Chloe canceling her doctor’s appointment and hopes it isn’t anything serious. Chloe grumps that Daniel seems to think it is.

In another waiting room at the hospital, Maggie admits to Daniel that it’s hard to see Melanie like this, since she’s usually so lively and animated. Maggie then asks Daniel if it’s bad that Melanie hasn’t yet woken up. Daniel admits that the conventional wisdom is that the longer a person is in a coma, the less chance there is that they’ll wake up, but that doesn’t mean that Melanie won’t wake up, and he doesn’t want to worry Philip, either. Maggie tearfully says this is hard to take, especially after all Melanie has been through, and how she’s fought to survive. Daniel agrees. Maggie then says that she has to call Nathan, though she didn’t want to do so until she had better news. Daniel heads off, saying that he has to get back to work. Maggie calls Nathan and leaves him a message, asking him to call her, and saying that it’s important.

Nathan and Stephanie head back into their cabin, laughing. Nathan accuses her of lying when she said she’d never been snowboarding before. Stephanie admits she hasn’t, but that she has been skiing since she was four. Nathan grumbles that she is supposed to be bad at it so he can give her tips and advice. Stephanie laughs, knowing he’d love that. Nathan then brushes her hair back from her face, telling her how pretty she looks. He thinks the cold air agrees with her, but Stephanie insists that being with him is what is agreeing with her. She adds that she loves that no one here knows anything about them except their first names. She asks jokingly whose idea this vacation was. Nathan admits it was his and grins, admitting that he does have wonderful ideas. Stephanie then notices that there’s a message on Nathan’s phone. She hands it to him, but he throws it on the bed, saying that he doesn’t have a phone, since he and Stephanie are incommunicado right now. Stephanie likes the sound of that. The two kiss.

Daniel tells Philip outside Melanie’s room that he could push the issue and order that Melanie not be allowed visitors. He promises not to do that if Philip will go home and rest, and let Maggie and Brady take over for a while. Philip says it feels wrong to leave, but Daniel says he needs to go home, if even for an hour. Daniel then vows to call if Melanie wakes up. Philip nods and heads off reluctantly. Daniel follows. Carly sneaks up to Melanie’s door.

Brady tells Melanie that Arianna had to work this morning, but wanted to know how Melanie was doing, so he guesses he should call to let her know. He then stops short, begging Melanie to wake up, telling her that she has become like a sister to him. He adds that he wants her around because he loves her. He again begs her to wake up. Melanie doesn’t respond. Brady sighs and heads out of her room. He takes out his phone and walks away so he can call Arianna. Carly starts to go inside Melanie’s room, but Daniel walks over and stops her, asking her what the hell she is doing here.

After making love, Nathan invites Stephanie to join him in the shower. She agrees as long as he warms the water up first and grins and heads off. As soon as she shower cuts on, Stephanie takes out the letter Melanie wrote to Nathan and reads it over. Inside, Melanie admits that she still loves Nathan, and that she can’t marry Philip as long as there is a chance for them to work it out. Just then, Nathan comes out of the bathroom and asks Stephanie what that is. She admits that it’s a letter from Melanie.

Philip, showered and dressed back at the Kiriakis mansion, grabs his coat and starts to head out the door, but Justin is outside. He asks how he is, and how Melanie is, but Philip explains that there’s no change. He then tells Justin that he is on his way back to the hospital right now, but Justin insists that there is something he needs to know first.

Hope tells Bo that she just can’t believe Victor knew Vivian intended on killing Melanie and didn’t tell anyone. Bo figures that Victor probably thought he could take care of things before anyone found out. Hope rolls her eyes, saying that it’s just like Victor to take matters into his own hands. Bo doubts Philip will be thrilled to learn that his father kept Vivian out of trouble while Melanie ended up at death’s door. Hope is just sorry this happened. Bo thanks her, glad that they have her to back up Carly’s story. Hope thinks that the arraignment judge clearly didn’t buy it or she wouldn’t have set bail so high. She assumes Carly is still in jail, but Bo admits she’s out. Hope wonders who posted bail, since Carly couldn’t get her hands on that kind of money. Bo sighs, saying he did. Hope gapes.

Daniel pulls Carly into a waiting room, asking her if she is out of her mind, and if she realizes how wrong this is. Carly insists that she was released on bail, but Daniel informs her that there is a restraining order against her, and that they got a call about it an hour ago. Carly doesn’t mind risking it, but Daniel thinks she’ll be risking Melanie’s life as well, and that isn’t her call. Carly declares that she is Melanie’s mother, but Daniel reminds her she’s also a doctor, and she needs to consider Melanie’s emotional state, and how it might affect her to look up and see the woman who shot her. Carly claims that she was only trying to protect Melanie from Vivian, who wanted to kill her, but Daniel doesn’t think what happened matters--all that matters is what Melanie thinks happened. Daniel then says that this is against his better judgment, but instead of calling the police, he’s going to let Carly walk out of here. He asks if she understands that she is not to visit Melanie. Carly begs Daniel not to do this to her, but he insists that he is only thinking of Melanie. Carly says she is, too, as she hasn’t stopped thinking about Melanie since she moment she gave birth to her. She adds that she knows she looks like a bad mother, and a horrible, dangerous person, but Daniel has to believe that everything she has done has been to protect Melanie. Daniel says he gets that, and claims that he isn’t trying to punish Carly. Carly begs him to do this for Melanie, as she needs to know that her mother loves her, that she was wanted, and that she never would have given her up given a choice. Daniel says again that he can’t let Carly see Melanie, but she vows that she would never do anything to hurt Melanie. She again says that as Melanie’s mother, she needs to be by her side. Daniel wavers.

Chloe explains that Daniel thinks she needs to see a therapist. Arianna asks if this is because she thought she was pregnant. Chloe confides in Arianna that Daniel says he thinks she’s under a lot of stress, but secretly, she knows he thinks she is nuts. Arianna doesn’t think Daniel thinks that and guesses that he is probably just worried because Chloe seems unhappy. Arianna thinks Chloe probably does need someone she can talk to. She wishes it could be her, but she’s running the pub all by herself today. Chloe tells her she will be fine, and Arianna urges her to give the therapist a call and at least see if she likes her. Chloe thinks Arianna might be right. Arianna smiles, saying that Chloe is a good girl, and heads off. Chloe smirks, “Yeah. Good girl, Chloe. Just do what you're told.”

Hope can’t believe that Bo posted Carly’s bail. He explains that she was terrified about Melanie and falling apart, but Hope ignores him, asking how he got that much money together in the middle of the night. He admits he used all of his own money and borrowed against the rest. Hope asks if he did all this because Carly was falling apart. Bo says he did it because Carly is innocent, but Hope thinks he did this because he loves Carly.

Carly thinks if Daniel knows what Philip is going through, then he must know what she is going through right now, too. Carly sobs, saying that if she goes in there, Melanie will hear her voice and know that she isn’t there to hurt her. She adds brokenly that Melanie will feel her touch on her face and know that her mother loves her. Daniel sighs, admitting that he is going to regret doing this. He leads Carly back to Melanie’s’ room as she thanks him profusely.

Stephanie tells Nathan that Melanie gave her this letter before the wedding. He guesses it’s none of his business, then. Stephanie reminds him that he made it very clear that she wasn’t supposed to talk about Melanie. Nathan agrees, saying he doesn’t want any unpleasant topics coming up on their vacation. Stephanie admits she still feels badly about what happened between him and Melanie, and wonders if that’s wrong and if he’s mad. He claims he will only be mad if she’s not in the shower in the next thirty seconds. He heads off with a grin. Stephanie sighs, saying to herself that he said he didn’t want to talk about Melanie. She rips Melanie’s letter into tiny pieces.

Hope tearfully tells Bo that she thought that when she was in that basement, and Bo showed up to save her, that things would change for them. He doesn’t answer. She guesses its too late for that. Bo doesn’t reply. Hope rushes off, bawling. Bo sighs.

Philip doesn’t think that can be true, but Justin tells him that Hope woke up this morning and remembered everything that happened. He adds that everything Carly said was true, and that Vivian was plotting to kill Melanie to avenge Lawrence’s death. Philip doesn’t understand what Melanie has to do with any of this, but then remembers that Carly said Melanie was her daughter. Justin nods, saying that Carly was trying to protect Melanie, but accidentally shot her. Philip guesses that was why Vivian wasn’t at the wedding. Justin nods, saying that she had Carly kidnapped, but Carly tricked her in order to keep her away from Melanie. He adds that there’s more, and that the comb Melanie was wearing in her hair was one that Vivian gave her--one that was poisoned. Philip gapes as Justin then tells him that Victor found out and was able to switch the combs so that he could save Melanie. Philip, shocked, can’t believe his father knew about this. He asks if Hope really said all this was true and Justin nods, saying that Hope was actually hurt when Vivian had someone push some crates onto her head. Philip nods, saying that then Vivian came back here to finish the job. He then asks Justin to go. He protests. Philip thanks him, saying that he needed to know this, but he has to take care of this on his own. Justin reluctantly agrees and heads off. Philip storms to the foot of the stairs and call for Vivian, saying that they need to talk.

Daniel warns Carly that she has five minutes and heads off to give her some time alone with Melanie. Carly sits by her side and takes her hand, sobbing and telling Melanie how sorry she is. She claims that she has never loved anyone the way she loves Melanie. She remembers the first time she felt Melanie kicking inside her, and the dreams she had for her then, and the dreams she still has for Melanie. She begs Melanie to come back to her so she can make up for all the pain she has caused and begin to be the mother Melanie deserves. She says she loves her again, and starts to head off, but Melanie coughs and begins to wake up. Carly dashes to her side as Melanie opens her eyes. Tearfully, she strokes her face, glad that her beautiful girl is back.

***In lieu of tomorrow’s previews, today’s show was dedicated to Frances Reid.***

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