Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/18/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/18/10


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At the DiMera mansion, Sami wonders if forensics has had time to run the tests on Sydney’s clothes. Rafe heads off to the foyer to call them and check. EJ tells Sami that she is being very brave, but she bawls that she doesn’t feel brave, as she has been praying for any kind of sign or clue in regards to Sydney’s whereabouts for months, and now all they have is some clothes of hers--Sami stops, unable to bring herself to say that the clothes have Sydney’s blood on them. EJ tries to assure her that the discovery doesn’t mean anything, as lots of little girls probably own the same dress Sydney does. EJ then sighs, wishing Rafe hadn’t said anything until he knew for certain what was going on.

At the hospital, as Victor looks on, Vivian demands to know why Bo and Abe are just standing there and doing nothing about Carly, since even if she missed her intended target, she still probably shot someone to death. Carly moans. Vivian snaps that Carly admitted she was trying to kill her, just like she killed her husband. Carly retorts hysterically that Vivian was planning on murdering her daughter by bashing her head in with a steel pipe. Vivian scoffs, saying that is ridiculous, as she and Melanie were simply discussing the cities she and Philip were planning to visit on their honeymoon. She demands that Bo arrest Carly, but he snaps at her to shut up. Vivian whines to Abe, asking if he will really allow the commissioner to speak to her that way when she is heartbroken over a girl that is probably dying even as they speak. She declares loftily that they are standing in the presence of a murderess. Abe sighs, warning Bo that if he doesn’t arrest Carly, he’ll have to get someone down here who will.

In surgery, Melanie has flat lined. Daniel urges her to fight and asks Lexie how long it’s been. She says ruefully that it’s been over ten minutes. Daniel groans, wondering if they should call it. Lexie doesn’t respond. Daniel again urges Melanie not to give up.

Sami asks EJ if there is really a chance that this dress isn’t Sydney’s. EJ nods, saying that he believes that their little girl is out there, and that they will find her and reunite her with her parents. Sami bawls that she believes that, too. EJ hugs her as Rafe walks back in.

Carly quietly tells Bo that it’s ok, and that he doesn’t have to protect her, as she doesn’t care what happens to her. Bo begs her not to say that, but Carly insists that she just wants to help her daughter, and pleads with Bo to allow her to assist Daniel. Philip interjects, vowing that Carly won’t go anywhere near his wife. Bo gently reminds Carly that she can’t operate on her own daughter. Just then, Lexie comes out to tell the group that Melanie coded on the table, and that Daniel is working on reviving her. Everyone stares at her, devastated, but Lexie assures them that Melanie is young and strong, which is why they’re taking every possible measure to save her. Carly jumps in, telling Lexie that she wants to donate blood, since she and Melanie have the same type. Philip sighs. Bo asks Philip quietly to let Carly help Melanie if she can. Philip nods and Bo heads off with Carly, asking Abe to make sure Vivian doesn’t go anywhere. Vivian heads over to Philip, assuring him that she would never hurt his lovely wife. Philip snaps at her to leave him alone. Vivian, shocked, asks if Philip is really going to take that lunatic’s word over hers. Kate breezes in just then with Lucas, saying that he certainly is.

Rafe tells Sami that there is no news from forensics and asks if she’d rather wait at home. Sami shakes her head, saying that she wants to be here, since this is where Sydney lived.

Vivian thinks they’re all in enough pain without Kate having to add to it, but Kate thinks she sees a look of satisfaction on Vivian’s face, if anything. Vivian demands that someone make Kate leave. Kate tries to get Philip to see that Carly shooting her own daughter in cold blood makes no sense whatsoever, but Vivian interjects that Carly shot her own husband. Kate scoffs, claiming that Lawrence was sadistic and cruel. Philip shouts at them both to shut up, as his wife is in surgery and might not make it, and she is the only person they should be thinking about. Lucas tries to soothe Philip as Vivian takes Victor aside to thank him for the things he told Philip about Carly earlier. She thinks he must be starting to understand, but Victor shakes his head, saying that he won’t understand a thing until his daughter-in-law survives this tragic accident. Vivian, surprised, says that of course she’s praying for Melanie to recover. Victor threatens to make Vivian pay if his son suffers just because she so brazenly disobeyed him. Vivian scoffs, saying that he has to admit he wanted to see Carly suffer. Victor snaps that this is about Melanie now, not Carly. He vows that Vivian’s life as she knows it will be over if Melanie doesn’t survive.

In an exam room, Bo asks Carly to tell him what happened. Carly explains that Vivian figured out that Melanie was her daughter, and before she had a chance to warn Bo, Vivian had her kidnapped. Bo asks why, and Carly explains that Vivian planned to murder Melanie at her wedding, and wanted her to witness it. Bo, surprised, asks if Vivian told her that. Carly nods, but reminds Bo that it’s Vivian’s word against hers. She then tells Bo about Vivian’s manservant, Gus, guessing that he is probably long gone by now. Bo promises to put out an APB on Gus, and assures Carly that Vivian won’t get away with this. Carly tells Bo sadly that she already has.

Sami tearfully tells EJ that she’d like him to tell her something about Sydney. She admits she’s probably heard all the stories before, but she doesn’t mind hearing the same one again. EJ tells Sami about how musically inclined Sydney is, and how she used to hum back at the radio while he was feeding her. Sami, pleased, admits that she didn’t know that. EJ jokes that Sydney might be the next Taylor Swift. Sami asks if he has anything else to tell her. EJ then explains that Sydney loved nursery rhymes--particularly ones from England. Sami asks if one was about oranges and lemons. EJ nods, saying that one is her favorite. Rafe gets a phone call just then. He answers, and is put on hold. He explains to Sami and EJ that forensics has the results on the dress. Sami tries to hold it together.

Bo assures Carly again that Vivian won’t get away with this, as he will have forensics examine the comb. Carly explains that that won’t do any good, as Victor switched the poisoned comb for a decoy--that’s why Vivian had to lure Melanie up to the roof. Bo then asks Carly what happened after she escaped from the basement. She explains that she rushed over the mansion, and when Maggie told her that Vivian was with Melanie, she raced upstairs, thinking she had arrived in time. Bo asks where she got the gun, and Carly admits that she took it from Hope. Bo sighs. Carly claims that she just intended on using it for protection, but things happened so fast that she just isn’t sure what happened. Bo tries to convince her that everything will be ok, but Carly shrieks hysterically that it won’t be, as she should have stayed away for good instead of coming back to Salem.

Kate tells Philip privately that her heart is breaking for him, as she knows that any girl that Philip loves as deeply as he loves Melanie must be a very special girl indeed. She then tells Philip tearfully that she is praying for both him and Melanie, adding how sweet and loving Philip is. Softening, Philip hugs his mother.

Lexie asks Daniel if there has been any change. He sighs, saying that Melanie’s vessels are repaired, so he’s going to take her off bypass. Daniel reminds Melanie that this is her wedding day, and that she has to fight, as she and Philip have a lot of happiness ahead of them. He again urges her to stay strong and live.

At her hideout, Anna shows Sydney a new bathing suit she bought her, saying that pretty soon, she’ll be able to wear this year round, as the place she is going to is warm all year. Anna grins, betting that Sydney is ready to start her brand new life with her father.

Rafe gets the news about the DNA results and hangs up the phone. Sami asks worriedly if the blood was Sydney’s. Visibly upset, Rafe quietly admits that it was. Sami breaks down completely. EJ looks on, stone-faced.

Bo tries to convince Carly that it wasn’t a mistake for her to come back to Salem, but Carly snaps at him not to placate her, especially when her daughter is fighting for her life due to her reckless choices. She thinks she should have gone somewhere else and left it alone. Bo wonders how she could have left it alone when Lawrence intended to kill Melanie. Bo claims that even if Lawrence hadn’t succeeded, Vivian would have surely carried out his wishes. Carly says that isn’t true, as Vivian followed her to Salem. She wails that she never should have tried to have a relationship with her daughter. She thinks this is all happening because of her own selfish need to have Melanie in her life. Bo thinks that Melanie will be grateful when she learns of what her mother went through to make sure she was safe. Carly asks Bo for confirmation that Melanie will wake up. Bo takes Carly into his arms and assures her Melanie will as Carly sobs.

Lexie hooks up another unit of blood, telling Daniel that Carly donated it. Daniel is surprised that Carly is AB negative. Lexie explains that Carly is actually Melanie’s mother. Daniel is stunned. Lexie sighs, saying that it’s a long story. Daniel then tells Lexie it’s time to take Melanie off bypass. Then all they can do is wait.

Sami cries hysterically as EJ reminds Rafe that they don’t know anything definitive, as all they found is a dress. He begs Rafe to tell Sami as much. Rafe brokenly admits that it’s true, but adds that due to the depth of the river and the strength of the current, they may never find anything else. Sami bawls as Rafe assures her that he will find whoever is responsible for this. Sami shrieks that she doesn’t care who is responsible; she just wants her little girl back. EJ flashes back to telling Sydney that she will understand why he had to do this when she gets older. He explains that he couldn’t bear the thought of her and her brother having to be shuttled back and forth between their parents for years on end. He then assures Sydney that she and Johnny will have wonderful life with him somewhere else. Back in the present, Sami begs EJ hysterically to tell her that he doesn’t believe that this is true, and to tell her that he feels in his heart that Sydney is alright. EJ doesn’t answer. Sami begs.

Bo and Carly head out of the exam room. Victor snaps that Bo ought to escort Carly out of here if she is finally finished bleeding herself. Bo asks Victor to stop, but he scoffs that Carly shot his daughter-in-law, and no one wants her here, least of all Philip. Carly begs Abe to let her stay until Melanie is out of surgery, and until she is sure that she is alright. Abe says he is sorry, and asks Bo again if he’d like another officer to arrest Carly. Bo shakes his head and takes Carly aside. Abe then informs Vivian that they’ll be taking her in as well. She stammers, presuming she’s only a witness, but Abe informs her that she is a suspect as well. Vivian thinks this is preposterous, as she was just talking to Melanie, but Abe ignores her, asking a fellow officer to handcuff her. Abe then tells Vivian that she is being accused of attempted murder due to Carly’s statement, and reads her her rights. Vivian demands that Victor do something. He smirks. Nearby, Bo apologizes to Carly as he handcuffs her. She assures him tearfully that it’s alright, and Bo reads her her rights. Carly sniffles that she understands them, and Bo takes her away. Abe and the other officer head off with Vivian as Kate looks on gleefully.

Sami notes that that river is freezing and wails, wondering how often they’ve been on that pier and had no idea that their little girl was right there and needed them. EJ reminds her that she doesn’t know that, as the kidnapper was in Cleveland when she first contacted Sami. He adds that they didn’t even have a clue Sydney was here in town until the failed ransom attempt. Broken, Sami bawls that all the woman wanted was money, and when they didn’t give it to her, she didn’t need Sydney, and threw her away like a piece of trash. Sami shrieks at Rafe that she told him this would happen. Rafe hangs his head as Sami screams in sorrow and fury.

Kate, now alone with Victor, asks him if Vivian intended to push Melanie off the balcony. He ignores her, pouring some coffee and asking if she still takes it black. Kate scoffs, asking Victor if he really thinks that she hasn’t figured out why he brought that witch back into his life. Kate adds that she knows that Victor and Vivian have a joint obsession with destroying Carly. Victor snaps that detective work isn’t her strong suit, but she demands to know how Victor could let this happen to their son. Victor snaps that he would never hurt Philip but Kate claims it’s already happened. Victor thinks Kate’s concern for Melanie is disingenuous at best, but Kate says that she respects Philip’s love for Melanie. Victor asks if that is the same respect she had for Lucas’ love for Chloe. Kate thinks that was different sine Chloe was cheating on Lucas. Victor hands Kate her coffee and tells her flatly that he needs to be alone. She thinks he’s feeling a little guilty, but also sorry for himself. She just thinks he doesn’t want to talk because he feels responsible. Victor retorts that she isn’t making sense, but Kate reminds Victor of the vigil they had for Philip right here in this hospital, and how they prayed for his recovery and for him to have a long and happy life. She snaps that if Philip’s heart gets broken, it’s all Victor’s fault, since he brought that bitch Vivian Alamain back into all their lives.

At the police station, Bo folds his arms and tells Vivian that they can do this all night long. She asks if he is referring to the way they’re wasting time. Bo, angry, reminds Vivian that she kidnapped Carly, nearly killed Hope, and tried to murder Melanie not once, but twice. He adds that she did a poor job of covering her tracks because the only thing on her mind was revenge. She rolls her eyes as Bo vows that Hope will corroborate Carly’s story once she wakes up. He advises that Vivian start praying to whoever she worships that Melanie survives. Vivian assures Bo that she will be praying for Melanie’s recovery.

In a nearby room, Lawrence appears to Carly and taunts her, telling her that he couldn’t have done a better job himself, as she had perfect aim with just one bullet. Carly glares.

Sami, now calmer, wonders how she will break the news to Will and the twins. EJ assures her that they will do it together. Rafe gently suggests that they go home, since he needs to make some calls. Sami, in a daze, agrees, promising EJ tearfully that they’ll talk soon. EJ agrees, and Sami and Rafe head off. EJ flashes back to sitting Johnny down and telling him that soon, he’ll be hearing some things about his little sister that are untrue. He then tell Johnny that this is their little secret, and that he will never let anything bad happen. He assures Johnny that everything will be alright and hugs him. EJ comes back to the present and stares off into space.

At the pub, Sami heads over to Rafe and sighs, explaining that her grandmother and the twins are asleep, and Will is out somewhere with Mia. Rafe asks if Sami would like to go home, but she sits down, replying that she’d just like to stay here for a while. Rafe asks if he can get her anything, but she sighs and shakes her head. Rafe heads off to make some phone calls. Sami pulls out her own phone and makes a call, telling someone that something terrible has happened, and she needs them to meet her at the pub.

EJ shows up at Anna’s hideout. She hands Sydney over to him, explaining that she was just about her get her ready for bed. EJ takes her into his arms, telling her how much he missed her. He then tells Anna that congratulations are in order. Anna asks if everything has finally come together and EJ nods, saying that it was painful getting here, but the stage is finally set, and he can now provide a stable life for Sydney and her brother--a life in which they can both thrive. EJ grins, asking Sydney if that sounds good.

Philip demands to know if Victor knew about the connection between Melanie and Carly. Victor assures Philip that no matter what Vivian may have done tonight, she acted alone. He then admits that he didn’t initially approve of Melanie, but he thinks he’s proven in the last few weeks that he has genuinely grown fond of the girl. Philip reminds Victor that they all know how he feels about Carly. Kate looks on suspiciously as Victor claims that his feeling for Carly aren’t relevant, as all he has been doing is praying that Melanie recovers so that she and Philip can have a long happy life together. He claims he really means that. Philip hugs him, saying that he knows he does.

Bo is on the phone with forensics and learns that they found no evidence in the basement or on the comb to incriminate Vivian. He curses and hangs up. Vivian yawns, asking if he has more questions she won’t answer, but Bo snaps that she is free to go. Vivian feigns concern for how angry and depressed he looks, but Bo retorts that she had better not get too comfortable. Vivian replies that he shouldn’t either, since he has allowed that black widow into his home. She adds that if two bodies aren’t enough to convince him, she’s heard that the third is the charm. She chuckles and heads off. Bo fumes.

Lawrence declares that this is perfect, asking Carly to look at where her attempts to keep Melanie safe have gotten her. She screams at him to go away. Lawrence scoffs at her to do the people she loves a favor, and turn the gun on herself the next time she wants to protect one of them.

Lexie and Daniel head out of the O.R. and over to Philip, Victor, and Kate. Philip asks worriedly if Melanie is alright, and if she is out of surgery. Lexie nods, saying that they were able to get Melanie’s heart beating again. Daniel warns Philip that Melanie is still weak, as she has lost a lot of blood. Philip asks if he can see her. Daniel nods, saying that he can once she is out of recovery, but only Philip may see Melanie, and only for five minutes or so. Philip agrees, and he heads off with Daniel and Lexie. Victor gets a call just then and answers. He nods, then hangs up, telling Kate that Vivian has been released due to a lack of evidence. She frowns as Victor asks her slyly if that sounds familiar. Kate accuses Victor of protecting Vivian after she hurt their son, stole him, and nearly ruined his life. She wonders why Victor would ever want to protect Vivian.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian surveys the remnants of the wedding reception, whispering to Lawrence that she did this all for him.

Bo apologizes to Carly for all of this taking so long, and removes her handcuffs. He sighs, admitting that he now has to take her down to her cell. Carly sobs that if Melanie dies, she deserves the death penalty. Bo tells Carly that no matter what happened, he will be here to remind her that everything she had done since she returned to Salem has been for her daughter. He adds that he knows Melanie has had a difficult life, but things are going to be different now because she’s going to know a mother’s love. Carly sighs.

In Melanie’s room, Philip holds her hand, and though she’s unconscious, Philip assures her that they will eventually have their first dance. He sniffles that he knows her, and she is too feisty and strong-willed to let anyone take that away form them. He then adds that that is what he loves about her--and always will.

Carly kneels and prays, telling Melanie that she loves her, and has since the moment she was born. She stands up, and Bo takes her into his arms and kisses her forehead.

Philip takes Melanie’s hand in his. Melanie vegetates.

Lucas has arrived at the pub and tells Sami how sorry he is, hugging her. She sobs, wondering what she is going to tell Allie, who calls Sydney her baby. She bawls, wondering how they’re going to tell their little girl that she’s lost her sister again. Lucas tries to soothe Sami, assuring her that they’ll worry about it in the morning. He then tells Sami that he will be there for her. She thanks him. Lucas eyes Rafe, who is on the phone. He wonders who he’s calling. Sami sighs, saying that Rafe is in FBI mode and won’t even stop to let himself grieve. Rafe shouts at the person on the other end of the line to have the river dragged or whatever else it takes. Sami announces that she can’t stay here--not with Rafe. She storms out the door, slamming it behind her. Lucas follows. Rafe watches the two.

Anna, aghast, asks if EJ really let everyone think this precious little girl was dead. EJ can’t understand why Anna is so appalled, since Sami did the same thing to him with Grace. Anna doesn’t think it’s the same thing at all, since Grace actually died. EJ retorts that he mourned for a child that wasn’t even his. Anna can’t believe EJ is choosing to pay Sami back this way when it’s enough that her child is missing. EJ warns Anna to stop scolding him. Anna snaps back that she is a mother, and while she knows Sami has done some hateful things, making her lose another child is just going too far. EJ then tells Anna that Sydney and Johnny are much better off with him than they are with Sami. He vows to have a new life with his children and adds that they are all going to disappear together--right now. He kisses Sydney.


*** In lieu of tomorrow’s previews, today’s show was dedicated to Frances Reid.***

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