Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/17/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/17/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

On a balcony near the roof of the Kiriakis mansion, Carly kneels by Melanie and attempts to stop the bleeding from her gunshot wound. Philip shrieks at her to get away from Melanie as Lexie rushes out onto the balcony and takes over for Carly. She barks at Justin to get her a bed sheet, and asks Abe to get the EMTs here and to make sure the hospital has some units of Melanie’s blood waiting on them when they arrive. Carly begs Lexie to let her help Carly as Philip, distraught and confused, asks Carly why she would do this. Vivian remarks that she heard Carly says that Melanie was her daughter. Victor glares at her as Carly shrieks that she is Melanie’s mother, and that she needs to help her child. Brady drags her away from Melanie as she sobs hysterically.

At the pub, Rafe tells Sami ruefully that he will probably be doing these interviews all day. He asks if she is alright, but she admits that her throat hurts. He guesses Sami doesn’t think Anna is going to be much help. Sami admits she doesn’t, nor does she think EJ’s maid or nanny or butler will be able to help much. She sighs, saying she realizes that Rafe has to follow every lead, but it’s frustrating. Rafe takes Sami into his arms and pulls her onto his lap, hugging her and telling her he loves her and always will. He then vows that they will get Sydney back and asks Sami not to forget that promise.

At Anna’s hideout, EJ tells Anna that her suspicions are absolutely absurd, as Sami is the mother of his kids, and he would never kill her. He then demands that Anna go talk to Rafe as planned, and warns her to stick to the script they’ve gone over. Anna agrees, and EJ asks her about the clothes Sydney was wearing when Nicole took her. Anna explains that she has them, and that they’ve been bleached to ensure that neither her or Benny’s DNA is on them. He asks her to go get them. She starts to say that there is a problem, but EJ interrupts her, yelling at her to go get the clothes. Anna scurries off.

In an exam room of the hospital, Chloe tells Daniel that what he is saying can’t be true. Daniel explains to Chloe that early in pregnancy, the body releases a specific hormone, HCG. Since Chloe’s levels are elevated, that would explain all of the positive pregnancy tests. Chloe interrupts, saying that she is pregnant, and she doesn’t care about the chemistry side of things. She again reminds Daniel of the positive tests and her recent weight gain. Daniel thinks she needs to face the truth, but Chloe shouts that she has even had morning sickness. Daniel sighs, explaining that her elevated levels of the hormone would cause her to stop menstruating, experience nausea, and gain weight, but what is really going on is that her body is mimicking pregnancy. Chloe gapes as Daniel explains that her mind wanted this so badly that her body responded. Chloe refuses to believe it and sobs as Daniel takes her into his arms, soothing her.

The paramedics head into the mansion. Abe meets them and leads them upstairs as Lucas asks what is going on. Kate explains that Melanie was apparently shot and then wonders aloud if they’ve arrested Vivian yet. Justin says that Carly was the shooter, not Vivian. Kate is taken aback.

Lexie and the paramedics load Melanie onto a stretcher and wheel her off as Lexie orders an IV to be made ready in the ambulance. Maggie sobs as a police officer attempts to arrest Carly. Brady stops him, explaining that her arm is hurt, and that she needs to go to the hospital as well. Carly sobs that she needs to be with Melanie. The officer ask Brady to keep an eye on Carly while he protects the crime scene. Vivian tries to leave, but Victor stops her, asking where she is going. Vivian says that she is going to the hospital, since Melanie was shot, but Victor snaps that she isn’t going anywhere.

Nathan heads back into his and Stephanie’s room at Alpine Valley. He reminds her jokingly that he told her not to move. She coyly replies that she doesn’t always do what people tell her, and that that is most likely what Nathan likes about her. He agrees. She heads for the bathroom, telling him that she has to make herself into a fantasy. Nathan says that he can handle that, and begins to unpack his suitcase. He picks it up and accidentally knocks over Stephanie’s purse. The contents spill out onto the floor. Nathan flashes back to Melanie dropping her purse, which led to the two kissing.

Vivian starts to tell Victor that she was shocked when Carly shot Vivian, but he stops her, telling her that before she gets too caught up in her lies, she should know that he knows all about the poisoned comb she meant for Melanie. He says that he already stopped that scheme, and reminds her angrily that she disobeyed his order to not hurt his future daughter-in-law. He asks if she brought Melanie up here in an attempt to push her off the balcony. She says that she didn’t of course, and that she and Melanie just had something to discuss. Victor threatens to throw Vivian off the roof if she doesn’t stop lying. Vivian reminds Victor that Carly shot Melanie. Victor scoffs, saying that she was probably aiming at Vivian. Vivian admits that that is true. Victor rages that Vivian disobeyed him twice, and if Melanie dies, things are going to go very badly for her. Vivian wishes he would start to think differently about the whole thing, but Victor ignores her, remarking that on the other hand, if Melanie lives, it could go very well for Vivian indeed.

Chloe sobs as Daniel tries to assure her that this isn’t the end, and that the two of them have other options. Chloe cries hysterically, telling Daniel how stupid she feels for believing that she was pregnant. Daniel tells her she shouldn’t feel stupid for wanting something so badly. Chloe reminds him that they both did, and now they have nothing. Daniel assures her that they have each other, and that they’ll deal with this, vowing that one day, he and Chloe will have children of their own. He asks if she believes him. Chloe sniffles as the doctor comes in to tell Daniel that there is an emergency, and that Dr. Carver is looking for him. Daniel says he will be right there, promises Chloe that he will be back soon, and then rushes off. Chloe bawls.

Lexie has arrived at the hospital with Melanie, and asks Maxine if Dr. Jonas is ready. Carly paces worriedly nearby. Maxine explains that they haven’t been able to page him, but that Dr. White said she knew where he was, and has gone off to find him. Lexie sighs, telling Maxine to help her get Melanie prepped for surgery. She asks if the blood is ready and Maxine nods. Daniel rushes over, shocked, and asks Lexie what happened. Lexie shakes her head, saying that this is insane, but she shot her. Daniel asks who shot Melanie. Lexie stares at Carly.

At the pier, EJ starts to throw a plastic bag containing Sydney’s clothes into the river.

At the police station, Rafe finishes his interview with Harold, EJ’s butler, and heads out of the room with Harold to find Anna waiting. Anna is glad to see that Rafe isn’t questioning her alone and heads into the interrogation room with him. Once inside, Rafe picks up a tape recorder and records the date and time of the interview. Surprised and worried, Anna asks if he is really going to record this. Rafe reminds her it’s an official FBI interview, and wonders if she has a problem with it. She says she doesn’t, but Rafe thinks she seems nervous--even more nervous than the last time they spoke. Rafe wonders why that is.

At the pier, EJ flashes back to Anna telling him that there are some stains on Sydney’s clothes from a nosebleed she had. EJ tells Anna that that is the point and again demands that she bring him the clothes. Back in the present, EJ takes one last look at the stained clothes and tosses them into the river. He then calls Sami and tells her that they need to talk. She refuses, saying that she has had enough of him tearing into her life. EJ assures her that this important and asks her to meet him at his house.

In Hope’s room at the hospital, the doctor tells Bo that he has given her something for pain, but warns him that Hope needs to be allowed to rest. Bo agrees as Maxine rushes in. He tells her that Hope gave them quite a scare. She nods, saying she heard. Bo asks if anything is wrong, and Maxine explains that Melanie Layton was just brought in by an ambulance. Bo asks what happened, but Maxine isn’t sure. She shakes her head, saying that it’s just awful.

Victor explains that if Melanie dies, Philip will be heartbroken. That will make him unhappy, and he’ll have no choice but to seek his revenge. Vivian asks Victor to try to understand, but he ignores her, saying that if Melanie survives, however, then Philip will have his happiness back, and Carly will spend years in prison. Victor suggests that Vivian pray that Melanie recovers. Vivian agrees to do so, and Victor suggests they head down to the hospital to see how things are going.

Lexie gets ready to take Melanie to the operating room and tells Daniel she needs him there, too. The two head off with Melanie and some nurses. Meanwhile Philip asks Carly if Melanie is really her daughter. She admits that she is. Philip wonders why she tried to shoot her, then. Carly claims that Vivian was trying to kill Melanie, and that she was trying to shoot Vivian when things went wrong. She begs Philip to believe that she was only trying to save Melanie. Philip warns Carly that if Melanie dies, he will ‘save’ Carly the same way. Carly gapes. Philip then vows to kill her if anything happens to Melanie.

Anna explains to Rafe that she just doesn’t like it here because she’s had so many run-ins with the law. Rafe thought she had been here before. Anna nods, saying she’s been questioned in this very room, but since she didn’t tell Roman she was town, they had an uncomfortable conversation over the phone about it when he found it. Rafe guesses it would be awkward if Roman walked in right now and Anna agrees. Rafe assures her that Roman is doing some work in another town and won’t be back until later tonight. Anna is glad to hear it.

EJ answers the door at the DiMera mansion to find Sami waiting outside. She asks what he wants, saying that he had better not start in on her life again. EJ says he has no plans to do so and takes her into the living room to show her a picture of Sydney that he just had framed.

Stephanie comes out of the bathroom in a negligee and finds Nathan stuffing her things back into her purse. She asks what he is doing, and he admits that he knocked it over, and that he wasn’t looking through her stuff. Stephanie apologizes for snapping at him, admitting that she is just nervous. He asks if she is nervous about the two of them, and she nods, saying it’s either that or global warming. Nathan admires Stephanie, saying that he is the one that should be nervous right now since she is so beautiful. She sighs, admitting that she has fantasized about this moment many times, but she’s nervous because it’s actually happening. Nathan kisses her, promising to take things slow.

In the foyer of the mansion, Kate tells Victor that there must have been twelve cops here. He snaps at her that police tend to come investigate crimes, and then asks where everyone went. Lucas thinks they’re probably all at the hospital, and Kate nods, saying that they should get over there, too. Lucas doesn’t think Philip needs Kate breathing down his neck right now, but hurt, she replies that he is her son. Lucas tells Victor that Brady told him that Carly said she was Melanie’s mother. He wonders if that is true. Victor shrugs, saying that it could be. Kate wonders why Carly would shoot her own daughter. Vivian remarks that the woman has a screw loose, and that she’s been saying as much for years. Victor tells Vivian that they had better get down to the hospital and check on Melanie’s status, since a lot is riding on it. Vivian nods and the two head off. Kate promises to be right behind them, and as soon as the two are gone, she hisses to Lucas that Vivian is practically jumping out of her skin. Lucas thinks Vivian loves Philip, and is just worried about him, but Kate shakes her head, saying that she knows Vivian was involved in whatever happened up on that roof. Lucas wonders why she cares. Kate vows that if Vivian hurts Philip, she’s going to have to pay.

Brady pulls Philip away from Carly as he wails, wondering why she ever came back to Salem. Brady begs Philip to focus on what is important, since there is nothing he can do about this right now. Chloe rushes over, asking if it’s true that Carly shot Melanie. Brady assures her it was an accident. He then suggests that he and Philip go take a seat, but Philip demands to know what is going on with his wife, accusing Carly again of shooting her, and calling her a homicidal bitch. Brady again reminds him he can do nothing about Carly, and asks him to concentrate on Melanie. Arianna is also there, and suggests that she and Chloe go to the pub and pick up some takeout for everyone. Chloe agrees, and before she goes, she assures Philip that she is praying for him.

In surgery, Daniel orders two more units of blood. Lexie looks on and sighs, saying that this doesn’t look good.

Rafe asks if anything else is bothering Anna. She sighs, admitting that she has worked very hard to ensure that Stefano didn’t find out she was back in town, as he has spies everywhere. She then admits that it’s over now that Harold has seen her, and tells Rafe to ask any questions he has, as she would love nothing more than to help get Sydney home safely. She adds that the person that took her deserves to be put away forever.

Sami admits that the picture is beautiful. EJ suggests that Sami take it, so she and Rafe can have it in their home. She wonders why EJ would give her this. He asks her to consider it as an apology for what happened between them earlier. He claims that he understands that she and Rafe have reconciled, and that she was right when she told him that he had no right to judge her, despite the grief and anger he was feeling. He then tells Sami to live her life as she sees fit. Sami thanks him, saying she will, as she feels that she has to follow her heart. EJ tells her that he must do the same.

Maggie confides in Philip that she isn’t the biggest fan of Carly’s, but she also knows in her heart that she would never hurt Melanie. Philip grumps that she did, and that she is going to pay for it. Brady urges Philip to send positive thoughts Melanie’s way.

An officer questions Carly nearby, asking if she warned the victim that she was going to shoot. Carly sighs, saying that she wasn’t trying to hurt Melanie. Abe comes over just then, suggesting that Carly call a lawyer, but Carly moans that all she needs is for her daughter to be alright.

Daniel works on Melanie and announces that he can see the bullet. Lexie shakes her head, saying that it’s too close to the heart, and if they remove it now, Melanie will die on the table. Daniel sighs, reminding Lexie that if they do nothing, Melanie will only have a couple of hours to live at best. He claims that they don’t have a choice and calls for a scalpel. The nurse hands one over and Daniel takes a deep breath.

EJ explains that he doesn’t like the idea of entrusting Johnny to the care of the man that is responsible for Sydney not being home right now. Sami shouts that they aren’t going to have this argument about custody of Johnny again and wonders how EJ even dares to bring it up. EJ thinks if she were being honest with herself, she’d admit that she has considered it, too, but Sami claims she hasn’t. EJ explodes, telling her to go ahead and leave her blinders on if she wants, but he refuses to lose his son the same way he lost his daughter. Sami wails that they haven’t lost Sydney, and vows that Rafe is going to find her and bring her home. EJ scoffs, saying that if Rafe does find Sydney, then he will drop the argument about Johnny’s custody. Sami thanks him, but EJ doesn’t think she should be thanking him quite yet.

Anna again admits that she spoke to Roman, but claims that she has no idea where Sydney could be. Rafe asks if she has been to Cleveland lately. Anna doesn’t think so, but admits she may have had a short layover there at some point. Rafe wants to go over what happened when she first arrived back in town, but his phone interrupts. Rafe answers, listens, then hangs up. He gets up and starts to bolt off, but Anna asks what is going on. He tells her hurriedly that she is free to go and rushes off. Anna stares after him, confused.

Stephanie and Nathan begin to make love.

At the pub, Arianna tells Chloe that poor Philip must be going crazy. Chloe thinks he has every right to be, since what happened was horrible. Arianna advises that Chloe not let the day’s events put a damper on her own good news. Chloe asks what she means, and Arianna reminds Chloe that she is going to have a baby. Chloe stares as Arianna assures her that she didn’t tell a soul, just like she promised. Chloe stares some more. Arianna stammers, asking if Chloe has told Daniel about it, and if he is as happy as she is. Chloe sighs.

Bo groans, telling Maxine that Melanie is getting married today. He asks what happened. Maxine isn’t sure, but tells Bo that there was blood everywhere, and that Dr. Jonas is operating on her right now. She wonders who would want to kill the child. Bo mutters that Vivian would.

Victor and Vivian head into the hospital. Victor warns her that Melanie’s life is in his godson’s hands--and so is hers.

Bo rushes out of Hope’s room and over to Carly, asking her what happened. She doesn’t answer and tells Bo that she called an ambulance for Hope. She asks how she is. Justin, who is nearby, overhears that Hope is hurt, and demands to know where she is. Bo points out her room and Justin rushes inside. Bo demands to know how Vivian got to Melanie. Just then, Victor and Vivian walk in. Carly wonders how Vivian dares to show her face here, and threatens to her. Bo holds her back, trying to calm her down.

Sami calls EJ an arrogant bastard, and shouts that she refuses to get into another custody battle with him just because he doesn’t like Rafe. Just then, the bell rings, and Rafe hurries into the living room. EJ wonders how he knew Sami was here, and she replies that she sent him a text letting him know. Rafe then gravely informs the two that they found some clothes floating in the river that they believe to be Sydney’s. EJ reminds him that Sydney was kidnapped in Cleveland, and wonders why the police think the clothes are hers. Rafe sighs, saying that once the dress was pieced together, he recognized it as one Sydney wore. EJ thinks a lot of little girls have the same dress. Rafe shakes his head. Sami asks what he is trying to say, and Rafe tells her gently that blood was found on the dress. Sami breaks down, sobbing. Rafe tells her and EJ that forensics will have results on the blood soon. Rafe then asks EJ to identify some photos and shows him the picture of the dress. EJ nods. Sami stares at the picture and bawls hysterically. Rafe tries to comfort her.

Chloe bursts into tears. Arianna tells her that she is sorry and asks if she can talk to her about what is going on. Chloe nods, admitting that she isn’t pregnant and that she and Daniel found out as much today. Arianna thought the test she took was positive. Chloe says it was, but that she wasn’t pregnant--her mind just wanted it so badly that her body reacted. Arianna hugs her, trying to assure her that she and Daniel can try again, but Chloe shakes her head, saying that she is never going to be able to give Daniel a baby.

Justin tries to get Hope to wake up. She calls out for Bo in her sleep, telling him that she loves him.

Bo notices Carly’s bandaged arm and asks if she hurt it while in the basement with Hope. Abe comes over to tell Bo that the doctor is on his way before Carly can reply. Bo thanks him and loudly promises Carly that Vivian is going to pay for what she did to Melanie. Victor scoffs, saying that Vivian didn’t shoot Melanie--Carly did. Bo gapes.

Nathan holds Stephanie in his arms. She asks if he is glad that they came. He kisses her, claiming that there is nowhere he’d rather be.

A nurse tells Daniel that he did a great job removing the bullet. He nods, saying that now all they have to do is repair Melanie’s damaged heart sac, and then everything should be fine. Just then, Melanie flat lines.

Bo thinks that is impossible and asks Carly in horror if she told Vivian and Victor the truth. Vivian admits that was an interesting tidbit--that Carly had a child, gave her up, and then tried to murder her. Carly shrieks that it was Vivian she wanted to stop, and that shooting Melanie was a terrible accident. Bo warns her not to say another word until they get her a lawyer. Carly screams at Bo, asking if he really doesn’t see that she was trying to protect her daughter, and that Vivian was the one she was trying to kill. Bo shushes her as Carly breaks down in tears.

A nurse tells Daniel that there’s no cardiac output. Daniel calls for a defibrillator and urges Melanie to stay with him.

Anna heads back into her hideout and takes Sydney into her arms and delighted, begins to play peek-a-boo with her. Sydney giggles.

Sami sobs, saying that she can’t believe that she fooled herself into believing that someone loved Sydney and was taking care of her this whole time. EJ tries to assure Sami that Sydney’s dress wasn’t unique, and that many girls have the same one. He adds that the river is filthy and full of trash, and that as compelling as this evidence is, it isn’t conclusive. He looks to Rafe for corroboration and Rafe nods, saying that they can’t be sure of anything until they hear from forensics. EJ then tells Sami that he knows his baby girl is out there somewhere, and that she has to have hope and faith like he does. Sami sniffles.


Bo vows, “Vivian will not get away with this.” Carly replies, “ She already has.”

Daniel shouts, “Don't you dare give up, Melanie!”

Sami goes into hysterics, “I don't care about who's responsible!”

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