Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/16/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/16/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Sami hisses at EJ not to dare blame Rafe for this. Furious, he reminds her that she was blaming Rafe too until he was able to convince her that he is some kind of savior. Sami retorts that Rafe gives her hope, but EJ thinks that’s because he has nothing more tangible to offer. He adds that Rafe is the reason that they lost their daughter. Sami says that isn’t true, but EJ snaps that they were very close to getting their daughter back until that bastard showed up and ruined everything. He wonders how Sami can take a man like that into her bed and into her life. Sami shrieks at EJ to shut up, as Rafe loves Sydney and wants her back as much as they do. She adds angrily that Rafe loves her like a daughter. EJ snaps that Sydney isn’t his daughter and that they have no connection. Sami replies that isn’t true, as Rafe is connected to all her children through her. EJ thinks Sami should be ashamed for shacking up with the man that most likely killed their daughter. Sami is sure that Sydney can’t be dead. EJ admits he doesn’t want to say it or to even think it, but he thinks they have to have the courage to face that horrible reality. He claims that he has faced it, and Sami has to, too.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip and Melanie’s wedding reception is in full swing. Guests mill around as Philip confides in Brady that he has been married less than an hour, and is already the happiest man on earth. Brady chuckles, promising not to tell Philip how sappy that sounds since it’s his wedding day. Philip wonders when Brady is going to take the big leap, since Arianna is such a great girl. Brady admits that he has been giving it some thought.

Nearby, Arianna admits that they were all worried when Melanie missed her cue. Melanie stammers, admitting that she was freaking out a little. Arianna wonders if she is ok now, and Melanie says that she’s fine, though her nerves did get hold of her. Arianna asks if she was having second thoughts, but Melanie claims she wasn’t and that she just wanted everything to be perfect. Melanie then asks if Arianna has seen Stephanie, as she wants some pictures with her bridesmaids. Arianna explains she isn’t here, and asks if she should go find her. Melanie replies that she will find Stephanie herself and heads off for the foyer.

Stephanie walks outside the mansion and greets Nathan, asking why he texted her. He apologizes for pulling her out of the reception, claiming that he just can’t wait anymore to leave for their vacation. Stephanie reminds him that she still has obligations to fulfill as a bridesmaid, but Nathan doesn’t think she really wants to sit through all of those boring toasts. Stephanie admits that that is true. Nathan urges her to get out of here with him now, as he needs as much alone time with her as possible. Stephanie agrees, but says there is something she has to tell him first.

Melanie runs into Vivian in the foyer and tells her that she is glad he made it. Vivian grins, claiming that she wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Bo rushes into the warehouse, calling out for Carly. Inside, he finds Hope lying unconscious under a pile of boxes. Bo panics, yanking the heavy wooden boxes off of Hope and calling her by name. Hope groans. Bo assures her that she is going to be ok, and that everything is going to be alright.

Abe takes Lexie out on a porch near the roof of the mansion. Lexie wonders what they are doing here, since the reception is downstairs. Abe explains that it’s beautiful out here and wraps his coat around Lexie’s shoulders, saying that he needed some time alone with his lovely wife. Lexie tells him what a wonderful job he did marrying Melanie and Philip, and he admits that performing the ceremony reminded him that he has the most wonderful wife in the world. He adds that he loves Lexie now more than ever. She says she loves him, too, and the two kiss.

Chloe meets Daniel at the hospital. He asks how she is feeling, since she didn’t sound so good over the phone. Chloe admits that she had to pull over a few times, as she has the afternoon version of morning sickness. He asks how the wedding was, and Chloe explains that Philip and Melanie looked very happy. She just hopes nothing ruins it. Daniel wonders why she would say that, but Chloe tells him to forget it. She then asks why he asked her to meet him here, since his shift is supposed to be over. Daniel admits that it is, and that he has a very special surprise for her.

Stephanie tells Nathan that hearing Melanie and Philip exchange vows made her realize that she wants what they have and that she wants to find true love. She thinks she can find that with Nathan, but she needs to know that he feels the same way. Nathan claims that he wouldn’t be here if he didn’t, and that he wants this trip to serve as a turning point in their relationship. Stephanie is glad to hear it and heads off down the sidewalk, suggesting that they go. Nathan agrees, but looks back over his shoulder at the mansion wistfully.

Melanie asks Vivian why she wasn’t at the wedding. Vivian explains that she was detained, but now that she is here, she has a gift to give Melanie. Melanie reminds her that she already gave her a comb and a necklace, but Vivian claims that this is a life-changing gift, and one that doesn’t come in a box. Melanie asks what it is, and Vivian explains that she has done some research, and that she found some information about Melanie’s mother. Melanie asks what she found out, but Vivian would rather wait to discuss this until they have some privacy. She leads Melanie upstairs as Maggie heads into the foyer. She stares after Vivian and Melanie suspiciously.

Sami claims that she doesn’t care how grim and pessimistic EJ is, as she is never going to give up on her little girl. EJ thinks she’s headed for a crushing disappointment. Sami can’t believe that he is giving up on his daughter this way. EJ claims that this is killing him, as no one was closer to Sydney than him. Sami begs him to stop talking about their daughter in the past tense. EJ complains that just a little while ago, he had two beautiful children and a loving wife, and he thought he knew what happiness was then, but he has been reminded every day since that he is missing something. Sami softens, saying she gets he has been through a nightmare, but he can’t continue to take it out on Rafe. EJ declares that Rafe is the reason he doesn’t have his daughter. Sami insists that Sydney isn’t dead, and that Rafe is going to find her and bring her home. EJ shouts that both Sami and Rafe can go to hell.

Back at the reception, Will asks Mia what she thinks of Valentine’s Day. She replies that its more cheesy than Snuggies, but less cheesy than Celine Dion songs. Will chuckles, asking if it would be totally lame of him to give her a gift. She grins, admitting that it wouldn’t. He hands Mia a box. She opens it to find a necklace inside. She gasps, telling him how beautiful it is, and that it isn’t cheesy at all. She then asks Will to put the necklace on. He does so, telling her he knows they’ve been through some rough stuff lately, but he’s really glad she’s in his life. Mia replies that she is grateful to have him in her life as well.

Brady admits to Arianna that he never really got Melanie and Philip as a couple, but he has to admit that Philip seems happy. Arianna thinks the feeling is contagious, and Brady agrees, saying that it makes him want to get down on one knee. Arianna gets serious, telling him to control the impulse. Brady thinks it would be romantic if he proposed in front of all these people, but Arianna says that it would be embarrassing. Brady jokingly starts to bend down on one knee, but Arianna grabs him, hissing at him to stop. She warns him that people are starting to stare. He kisses her, telling her that he wants them to.

Bo takes Hope into his arms, telling her that the ambulance is on its way. Sirens begin to approach as Bo carries an unconscious Hope out of the basement of the warehouse, vowing that she will be alright.

Sami tells EJ that she is going to do him a favor and forgive him for the things he is saying since she knows he isn’t himself right now and isn’t thinking straight. EJ scoffs. Sami ignores him, explaining that the fear and grief can drive you crazy, and no one knows that better than she does. She then assures EJ that he isn’t alone, as they are in this together. EJ snaps back that she is in this with Rafe, so he is actually alone. Sami groans, saying that she really thought they were getting along well lately. EJ claims that that was before Rafe came along, and before Sami started ignoring the fact that Rafe is the reason that she doesn’t get to hold her daughter in hr arms at night. He advises Sami to think about that the next time Rafe holds her in his. Sami refuses to argue about this anymore, as she knows her daughter is alive. She claims she can feel it, and EJ would too if he weren’t so busy being bitter and angry.

Chloe, excited, asks Daniel if they can really do the sonogram now. He smiles and nods, explaining that the doctor had a late cancellation. Chloe thinks that is the best surprise in the world, as this is the first time she and Daniel will see their baby. Chloe adds that she thinks she might be further along than she thought, since her pants are getting a bit tight. Daniel kisses her, saying he likes it. She then says she’s ready to go see the doctor, but Daniel says they have an important decision to make first. Chloe asks what he means, and Daniel explains that sonograms can be very revealing when it comes to gender, so they need to decide if they want to know the sex of the baby.

Mia shows off her necklace to Lucas, saying that Will must have gotten his romantic side from his father. Lucas grumbles that Will also inherited his knack for choosing women, but Philip takes him by the arm and hustles him off before he can say more. Lucas apologizes over his shoulder, explaining that he just hates Valentine’s Day. Mia guesses that Will’s dad still doesn’t like her, even after his big apology. Will doesn’t care what his dad thinks, and admits that he is tired of his whole family. He suggests that he and Mia sneak out the back and leave, and Mia agrees. The two head off.

Victor heads out into the foyer and asks Maggie if she is alright. She admits that she is, but that she just needed a few minutes alone. Victor then tells her that he heard that today was her anniversary, and thinks it must be hard. Maggie nods tearfully, saying that she misses Mickey every day, but today was harder than most. Victor thanks her for coming, as it just means the world to Melanie. Maggie says pointedly that she loves Melanie like a daughter, and Victor assures her that Melanie has been welcomed into the family with open arms. Maggie is glad to hear it, but warns Victor that she’ll be watching. Victor then offers her some champagne, but Maggie claims she still needs a few more moments alone. She adds that she hopes Victor meant what he said about Melanie, and that he will embrace her and be kind to her. Victor nods in agreement and heads off. Just then, Carly bursts in, asking if Maggie has seen Vivian. Maggie says she did, and that she just went upstairs with Melanie. Carly asks in a panic if the two were alone. Maggie nods as Carly rushes up the stairs. Maggie stares after her, surprised.

Vivian takes Melanie out onto the balcony near the roof. Melanie wonders why they are out here, and Vivian reminds her that she wanted to have some privacy. Melanie remembers that they’re supposed to talk about her mother and asks what Vivian knows about her. Vivian first asks Melanie to come over and enjoy the view from the railing, but Melanie refuses, claiming that she is scared of heights. Vivian puts her arm around Melanie and grins, saying that it is so beautiful up here, it’s almost like heaven.

Rafe is back at the pub, alone with Sami. He jokes about how Gabi’s emergency was that she wanted him to buy her a sweater at the mall that was nearly sold out, or she’d die. Sami chuckles, asking if Rafe tested her theory, but he admits that he caved, though they did have a long talk about what constitutes an emergency. He then asks how things went with EJ, and Sami admits it didn’t go well, as EJ kept saying that he thinks Sydney is dead and that they will never find her. Rafe curses, wondering what is wrong with EJ and vowing to go have talk with him. Sami begs him not to, but Rafe claims that he can’t let EJ to continue to upset Sami this way. Sami urges Rafe to find Sydney and prove EJ wrong. Rafe vows to do so, swearing that he is going to go over every detail of this case, and that he is going to find Sydney.

EJ storms into Anna’s hideout. She guesses that Sami took Rafe back, and he nods in a fury, saying that it’s ridiculous, as any reasonable woman would have hated Rafe for what he did. Anna thinks EJ is getting worked up over nothing, since this doesn’t change anything, but EJ rages that it changes everything. He fumes that Sami is supposed to be alone and miserable, but instead, she is shacking up with that FBI hack without a care in the world for her daughter. Anna thinks Sami is suffering, but EJ says she isn’t suffering enough. Anna admits she is starting to think this is all going too far, but EJ doesn’t think he has gone far enough, as what Sami deserves is complete and utter devastation. Anna starts to object, but EJ interrupts, vowing that he won’t allow Sami to be happy with another man--he just won’t stand for it.

Stefano ruefully tells Kate in the living room of the Kiriakis mansion that Tokyo called, and that he is going to have to leave. She sighs, admitting that she has had a change of heart about Vivian, as she fears that whatever Stefano has planned for her might be able to be traced back to them, and if Philip found out, he’d hate her even more than he already does. Stefano kisses her, assuring her that she has nothing to worry about, as Vivian is no longer on his radar. He promises to see Kate at home later and kisses her.

Nearby, Philip asks Lucas and Justin if they have seen Melanie. They say they haven’t and Philip, confused, says he’s looked everywhere. He wonders where Melanie can be.

Melanie turns peaked, telling Vivian that that is enough of the view. She backs up, asking Vivian what she has to tell her about her mother. Vivian agrees to cut to the chase and explains that she and Melanie’s mother have a bit of a history together, and that they go back a long way. Melanie is delighted that Vivian knows her, since her father always refused to talk about her. She asks Vivian to tell her everything, but Vivian grabs Melanie’s arm, saying that they don’t really have time. She grabs a protesting Melanie and drags her to the edge of the porch as Carly rushes outside, demanding that Vivian take her hands off of Melanie.

Anna scoffs, reminding EJ that he can’t keep two people from loving one another. EJ vows to find a way, as he won’t be satisfied until Sami has nothing left. Anna guesses it’s good to have goals. EJ excuses himself to get some air and heads outside just as Anna’s phone rings. Rafe is on the other line, asking if she has a few moments. She asks how she can help him, and Rafe explains that he’d like to meet with her right away, as the two need to talk. Anna agrees.

In an examination room, Daniel introduces Chloe to Dr. White. She congratulates Daniel and Chloe on Chloe’s pregnancy and asks if Chloe is ready for her sonogram. Chloe admits that she can’t wait. The doctor then asks if the two have discussed if they want to know the sex of the baby, though it’s unlikely that shell be able to tell at this point. Daniel and Chloe nod, admitting that they do want to know. Dr White smiles, suggesting that they get started.

Nathan and Stephanie head into their room in Alpine Valley. Stephanie is delighted, and Nathan guesses that she isn’t too upset that he dragged her away from the reception. She admits she isn’t, as this place is exactly what she pictured. Nathan admits that he had a different picture in mind--like what they might do once they got here. Stephanie slyly ask what that is. He laughs and kisses her.

Bo paces in the hospital as a doctor heads out of Hope’s room. He explains to Bo that Hope is still unconscious, but that he expects her to make a full recovery. Bo asks if he can see her, and the man nods, telling Bo to go ahead. Bo heads into her room and sits by her side, greeting her. He explains that the doctor said she would be alright, but she has to wake up for him. He begs her to wake up as Hope moans his name. Bo assures her that he is right here.

Brady ask Philip where his beautiful bride is, but he admits that he isn’t sure, and asks if Arianna or Brady have seen her. Arianna explains that he went to look for Stephanie about a half our ago. Philip starts to head off to check outside again, but runs into Maggie. He asks if she has seen Melanie and she explains that she saw her going upstairs with Vivian, and then Carly went to look for the few a few minutes later. Philip is surprised by this revelation.

Carly demands that Vivian step away from Melanie immediately. Melanie wonders how Carly knew they were up here. Vivian warns Carly that she is too late. Carly pulls a gun, telling Vivian not to move. Melanie pulls away from Vivian just as the gun fired. Melanie is hit with the shot instead of Vivian and staggers backward, shocked. She then crumples to the ground. Vivian stares in horror as Carly screams in fury and regret.

Everyone in the living stares in surprise. Philip announces that it was a gunshot, and he and Justin dash up the stairs.

Rafe explains that he needs some more information about Sydney’s kidnapping, and asks Anna to meet him at the police station in a half hour, as the Salem police have arranged for him to use an interrogation room there. Anna promises to meet him there in thirty minutes just as EJ heads back in. She stops short and stares. Rafe asks if she is still there.

Chloe asks the doctor excitedly how their baby looks. The woman frowns, saying there is no easy way to say this, but she sees no evidence of any baby. Daniel and Chloe stare in shock.

Nathan and Stephanie kiss, but Stephanie pulls away. Nathan guesses she is having second thoughts about Melanie and assures her that there is nothing between them any longer. Stephanie stares at the envelope in her purse that contains the letter from Melanie to Nathan. She then sighs, saying that she isn’t so sure about that.

Bo calls out for Hope as she begins to wake up. She opens her eyes, and Bo assures her that she is going to be fine, but she too ka pretty good hit down in that basement. He asks what happened. Hope groans Carly’s name. Bo nods, saying that he was supposed to meet Carly in that basement. He asks if Hope knows where she is. She frowns. Bo soothes her, asking her to take it easy.

Carly kneels down and takes Melanie into her arms, telling her that she is going to be fine. Melanie doesn’t respond. Carly begs her to open her eyes and talk to her. Vivian thanks Carly for doing her work for her, and quietly drops a lead pipe over the railing of the balcony into the bushes below. Carly bawls, begging Melanie to talk to her.

The doctor apologizes to Chloe and Daniel, saying that she doesn’t see a fetus at all. Chloe snaps that there must be something wrong with her equipment, as the way her clothes have been fitting lately is embarrassing, and she was just heading over to the mall to buy some new ones. Daniel joins the doctor and the two look over the image on the sonogram machine.

Rafe asks again if everything is fine. Anna explains that everything is, and promises to see him soon. She then hangs up. EJ asks if she is planning on going to the police station. She shrugs, saying that there wasn’t much else she could do, since Rafe called out of the blue. EJ interrupts, saying that everything will be fine so long as she sticks to the script they rehearsed. Anan says she can do that, but explains that she needs to know what EJ plans on doing, as he was in a rage a few minutes ago. She adds that with all his talk about wanting to make Sami suffer, she’s worried that EJ is planning on killing Sami.

Victor, now in the foyer with some of the other guests, wonders who fired a gun. He asks if anyone saw anyone go upstairs. Maggie then explains that Vivian took Melanie up there. Victor thinks that it impossible, since Vivian isn’t here, but Maggie says she’s here now, so is Carly. Victor frets.

Carly begs Melanie to stay with her. Vivian chuckles, saying that Melanie has already gone on to her reward, and that Carly helped it happen. Philip and Brady hurry onto the balcony. Philip gasps, rushing over to Melanie and kneeling by her side. He asks what happened. Carly shrieks that she shot her own daughter.

Daniel tells Chloe that the doctor is right, and that there is no image of a fetus. Chloe thinks they should get another machine, reminding Daniel that he saw the results of all those tests she took. Chloe then asks the doctor what is going on. She starts to explain to Chloe that she could have had false positives on the pregnancy tests, but Daniel interrupts, asking her to let him explain. She agrees to give the two some time alone and heads off. Chloe asks Daniel what is going on, and why the doctor couldn’t see their baby. Daniel sighs, saying that there is no baby.

Stephanie tells Nathan that he can’t switch his feelings for Melanie on and off the way he claims to. Nathan refuses to let her do this right now, as they are in the perfect place on a perfect night. He adds that he really doesn’t want to let Melanie ruin things for them. Stephanie starts to say something, but Nathan interrupts, reminding her that Melanie is gone, and that she and Philip are probably on their way to their fabulous honeymoon. He then says that he doesn’t care, because he has something much better right here. Stephanie thinks things could have worked out differently, but Nathan says flatly that they didn’t. He wonders if Stephanie doesn’t trust that he has feelings for her. She says she does. He asks if she is ok with them being here, and she admits that he is. The two kiss as a knock on the door interrupts. A porter is outside to tell Nathan that he left his lights on. He thanks the man, promises Stephanie that he will be right back, and heads off. She sighs and takes the envelope out of her purse. She flashes back to Melanie asking her to give it to Nathan. Stephanie comes back to the present, crumples the envelope in a ball, and stuffs it back into her purse.

Bo asks Hope to take it easy, joking that she probably didn’t expect something like this the first day back on the job. Hope moans as Bo asks her to relax. He starts to head off to find the doctor just as the man returns to give Hope some pain medication. Bo assures Hope that everything will be alright as the doctor injects the medication into her IV. Startled, Hope tries to tell Bo something, but groans in pain instead.

Victor asks everyone to calm down, saying that it may be nothing, though he doubts it. He heads off upstairs to check on what is going on, and Maggie follows. Arianna asks Lucas if they’re even sure it was a gunshot. Kate tells the two that she thinks it was a gun shot, since Vivian was involved, and the woman is plain crazy.

Philip asks Carly in shock if she really shot Melanie. Carly wails that it was accident as Philip shrieks at her to get away from Melanie. Carly shouts back that she has to keep pressure on the wound. Just then, Lexie rushes out onto the balcony, asking what happened. Brady explains that Melanie was shot. Philip demands that Carly get away as Lexie kneels down, asking Carly if the chest wound is the only one. Vivian nods, saying that there was only one shot. Philip again demands that Carly get away from Melanie. Brady thinks Carly should let Lexie work on her, and pulls Carly away. Lexie asks Justin to get her a bed sheet, and asks Abe to call the paramedics and the hospital to arrange for some units of Melanie’s blood to be ready when they arrive. Victor comes out onto the balcony with Maggie as Philip, distraught, asks why Carly why she would do this Vivian says loudly that she just heard Carly admit that she was Melanie’s mother. Victor glares at her. Carly sobs that she is Melanie’s mother and begs them to let her help her child. Brady pulls her away from Melanie as Carly sobs hysterically.


Victor warns Vivian, “If Melanie dies, it's going to go very badly for you.”

Kate vows, “If she hurt Philip, she's going to pay.”

Philip asks Carly, “Is Melanie your daughter?”

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