Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/12/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/12/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At her place, Sami and Rafe cuddle in bed. Sami gushes over how cute Allie looked in her dress for the wedding. She adds that she’s glad that Johnny is able to spend some time with EJ as it’s good for both of them. Rafe says that he is glad, too. Sami thinks the best part of all of it is that it gives her time alone with Rafe. The two kiss.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ stares at a picture of Sydney, and talks with Anna over the phone. He asks if she has everything packed that Sydney needs, and tells her to be patient, as now that he knows Sami isn’t with Rafe, the endgame is near, and Anna is going to get paid. He grins, saying that before Sami knows what hit her, he, Johnny, and Sydney will be far away-- and Sami will be wondering what the hell is going on.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Arianna and Brady stand at the foot of the stairs. Brady wonders if they should tell Philip that Melanie isn’t feeling well. Arianna just thinks she needs some food. Chloe comes in just then and greets the two. Arianna asks Brady to give her a moment alone with Chloe. Brady heads upstairs with the tray of food. Arianna asks Chloe excitedly about her pregnancy test, Chloe grins.

In the living room, Philip tells Victor that he is ready and asks where Vivian is. Victor shrugs.

At the warehouse, Carly threatens Vivian with a wrench as she reaches into her purse. Carly shrieks at her not to even think abut it. Vivian explains that she is just getting out her phone. Carly scoffs, asking if she needs to make a call. Vivian shakes her head, saying that she just needed to get a visual aid. She then shows Carly a picture of Melanie in her wedding dress.

Upstairs in one of the bedrooms of the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie tells Melanie that Nathan wouldn’t read the letter once he saw it was from her. Melanie staggers. Stephanie asks if she is alright. Melanie nods, saying that she is ready to get married. She then grabs her veil, and asks Stephanie to meet her downstairs. Stephanie heads off and closes the door behind her. She sighs. Melanie sobs and then collapses on the bed.

Vivian remarks that Melanie looks beautiful. Carly stares at the photo as Vivian brags that she and Melanie are so close that Vivian gave her something old--something that all brides need. She explains she got Melanie a comb, and that the crest is ivory, and the teeth are poisonous--quite lethal, in fact. Carly sobs.

Melanie lies on the bed, unconscious.

Chloe figures she can tell Arianna, since she saw the test, but says she can’t tell anyone else. She then goes on to confirm that she is pregnant, adding joyfully that she and Daniel are going to have a baby. Arianna hugs her and congratulates her, but Chloe warns her it’s a secret. Arianna asks if she told Daniel. Chloe nods, admitting that she came to her senses and stopped being so negative about the whole thing. Arianna tells Chloe again that she is happy for her, and that her lips are sealed. She adds that she had better get upstairs, as the bride has been having pre-wedding jitters. She adds that Chloe really has that glow about her and heads off as Lucas and Allie come downstairs. Allie runs over and hugs Chloe. Chloe picks her up and greets her. Lucas glares.

Sami tells Rafe that she hates that she almost lost him and that that scares her. Rafe thinks she is looking at it in the wrong way, and that it’s not that she almost lost him, it’s that no matter what happens, she will never lose him. She asks if he promises, and he says that he does. Rafe adds that he thinks that they are two people who have big fights and have to remember it’s not the end of the world and not the end of the two of them either when it happens. Sami tells Rafe somberly that she feels really badly about the things she said. She adds that she was just upset and hates the way that she acted. Rafe thinks that he should have been man enough to check his ego at the door as Sami was going through hell. Sami grins, saying that he is definitely man enough for her. The two kiss. She sighs, just wishing that Sydney was with them, as then her life would be perfect. Rafe vows that they will get Sydney back, and then she can have her perfect life. Sami grins.

EJ looks at a picture of an island paradise on his laptop. He sneers that Sami didn’t want him to know his daughter, so now she and brother will live far away with him. EJ adds that he can’t wait to watch them play in the surf. Meanwhile, Sami will be wondering every moment of her life where her children could be.

Sami and Rafe head into the pub. Sami admits to Rafe that she can’t wait to bring Sydney here. Sami claims that she spent most of her childhood here, growing up with her cousins. Sami then tells Rafe about how Will feels the same way about this place, as he starting clearing dishes the other night when no one asked him to. Sami sighs, saying that her grandma always helped them with her homework, and was there for them, and she just wants Sydney to be a part of that. Just then, Rafe gets a phone call. She asks if it’s about Sydney, but Rafe isn’t sure. He decides to go upstairs to check something on the computer. Sami agrees to get them both pie while he does so.

Stephanie runs into Arianna and Brady in the hallway outside the room Melanie is in. She explains that Melanie is almost ready, but asked for a moment alone. Arianna turns back, saying that it’s time to get this show on the road. The three head off. Melanie lies unconscious inside the bedroom.

Victor, Philip and Kate head into the foyer. Victor spots Chloe. He snorts, saying that he already thought he was having bad day. Chloe ignores him, telling Philip that he looks handsome. Philip hugs her, telling her that she doesn’t have to stay, as the only thing keeping him from ditching is that he’s related to these people. Kate remarks that she needs a drink. She and Victor head off. Lucas tells Chloe that it was good seeing her and follows Kate and Victor. Chloe then tells Philip that she thinks she should go, as she is upsetting a lot of people. Philip declares that that is their problem, not hers. He adds that she looks great, and seems really happy. Chloe beams, saying that she really is.

Back in the living room, Stefano asks Kate if Vivian is still missing. She says that she is, thanks to Stefano. He says that it actually isn’t thanks to him, as the people he hired can’t find Vivian anywhere. Kate grins slowly, asking Stefano if something could have happened to Vivian-- something horrible.

Vivian tells Carly that the poison is untraceable, and that Carly would be surprised by the technological advances these days. As Carly shakes with rage, Vivian says lightly that she thinks the first wave will hit Melanie when she is halfway down the aisle. Carly spits that she will kill Vivian. Vivian tells her to go right ahead, as she has already granted Lawrence’s fondest wish posthumously. She adds that there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Carly moans. Vivian thinks that she will suggest quietly but sadly that Melanie be buried in her wedding gown. Vivian guesses that is a little over the top, but that is her in a nutshell. Carly glares.

The wedding begins. Justin walks Maggie into the wedding as Philip takes his place in the front with Abe. Meanwhile, Arianna paces in the foyer. Victor remarks to Kate that it looks like she won’t have to walk down the aisle with Vivian after all. Kate remarks sarcastically that she just prays that Vivian is alright. Victor demands to know if she did this. Kate smirks, saying she didn’t, but she wishes she did. Lucas heads over, telling Kate that it’s time, and walks her into the living room and over to her chair. Victor walks in next and smiles at Philip. Philip smiles back. Stephanie comes in next, and she and Philip exchange glances. Arianna is last. Brady steps out into the foyer and closes the doors. The ‘Wedding March’ begins playing. The doors fly open, but Brady is standing there alone. He stares at Philip and shrugs. Philip gapes. Everyone else exchanges worried glances.

EJ heads into the pub and Sami greets him, all smiles. She remarks that he looks awful, but EJ claims that he is just surprised to see her here. Sami then asks if she can get him something. EJ says suspiciously that she seems happy. Sami says she is actually, and that there is something she needs to tell him.

Brady heads upstairs to find Melanie. Lucas whispers to Kate that he just knew something like this would happen. Justin, standing nearby, adds that Vivian is nowhere to be seen, either. Maggie asks Mia quietly if she should go talk to Melanie. Mia wonders what could be wrong, but Maggie claims that she has her suspicions. Arianna whispers to Stephanie that she thought Melanie would be right down. Stephanie says that she said she would. Arianna wonders what the problem is. Philip sighs worriedly.

At the hospital, Nathan flashes back to Melanie dropping her purse and the two brushing hands as they both reach for a handkerchief. Nathan then kisses Melanie. Nathan comes back to the present and sighs.

Sami explains to EJ that something has happened that makes her think that everything is going to work out alright. EJ is surprised to hear that. Sami remarks mysteriously that when a miracle happens, it tends to make you believe that other miracles are possible. EJ stares, confused, as Rafe comes out and greets EJ. He then kisses Sami, asking where his pie is. EJ looks on in surprise.

Brady knocks on the door of the bedroom and calls out for Melanie, asking if she is alright.

Carly thinks Vivian is lying. Vivian scoffs, saying she isn’t lying. Carly rushes toward Vivian and chokes her, screaming that she’ll kill her. Just then, Hope bursts in. Hope begs Carly not to do this as she continues to strangle Vivian, claiming that she is going to die. Hope yells at Carly to stop, trying to convince Carly that Vivian didn’t hurt Melanie.

Stefano tells Kate that he knew Vivian would ruin the wedding, but it seems to be ruined even without her help. Kate snorts that she hopes that little tramp becomes a runaway bride so Philip will be safe. Nearby, Victor asks Philip what is wrong. Philip claims he has no idea, admitting that Melanie was nervous before, but she was ok when he left her a few hours ago. Philip decides to go check on her just as Melanie and Brady appear in the doorway. Philip beams, telling Melanie that she looks beautiful. He then suggests they take it from the top, and the music begins again. Melanie smiles faintly as she and Brady prepare to walk down the aisle.

EJ stammers. Sami admits that she thought it was hopeless, too, but now she and Rafe are back together. Rafe wonders if EJ is going to congratulate them. He immediately does so. Sami then claims that she’s not just begin sentimental here, as she wants EJ to know that Rafe is going to bring their daughter back to them.

Melanie spots Maggie from across the room. Maggie nods tearfully. Melanie bursts into tears, too. Brady then walks her down the aisle, hugging her. Maggie kisses her, telling her how beautiful she looks. Melanie then joins Philip up front. He asks if she is ready. She whispers that she is now. Abe begins the ceremony, telling the gathered crowd that they are here to today to see these two joined in holy matrimony. Philip beams.

Daniel heads over to Nathan, asking why he is hanging around the hospital. He doesn’t think Nathan would want Stephanie beating him to the lodge, especially as the wedding is probably over by now. Nathan flashes back to telling Melanie that he wishes she weren’t marrying Philip. Nathan comes back to the present and sighs, saying that he can’t do this anymore. He hurries off.

Philip admits that there was a time when he would have called someone crazy if they had told him that he would marry Melanie, but now he’s the crazy one--crazy about Melanie, that is. He adds that while he never knows what is coming next with her, he always knows that it’s going to be fun. He then tells Melanie that it isn’t just the fun, and that it took him a while to get that her heart is one in a million, as she loves people and loves life. He claims that he is lucky that she loves him. He kisses her hand, telling her that he is the happiest guy he knows. Melanie tearfully says that she can’t believe that this is happening, either. She says that she fell in love with Philip the moment she saw him, and that she really can’t believe that out of all the women in the world, Philip chose her. She then vows to do everything in her power to be worthy of his love.

Hope explains to Carly, who is now listening and has backed off of Vivian, that she figured everything out when she saw the receipt in Victor’s shopping bag. She learned that Victor switched the combs, and that that also explains why he kept telling her not to worry about Melanie. Vivian cries out, “No!” Hope nods, adding that now that they know Melanie is going to be safe, there’s only one thing left to do. Hope then places Vivian under arrest for the attempted murder of Melanie. Vivian cries out again. Carly grins, “Yes, Vivian, yes.”

Abe tells anyone that has just cause for this marriage not to take place must speak now or forever hold their peace. Outside, Nathan considers going into the mansion.

Sami reminds EJ that Rafe was amazing when he brought Sydney back to her the first time, and that she knows that he will help her find her daughter this time, too. EJ scoffs that he is sorry, but that’s not going to happen. Sami wonders why he would say that. EJ claims that Rafe is just saying whatever he has to say to get back into Sami’s life. Sami snaps that that isn’t true. EJ asks angrily if Rafe promised to get Sydney back. Sami admits that he did. EJ claims that that is a promise that Rafe can’t keep. Rafe demands to know what is wrong with EJ. EJ retorts that Rafe has caused enough trouble. He thinks he must be missing something, and asks EJ if there is some reason he doesn’t want Sydney back?

Abe decides to move onto the vows since there are no objections. Chloe gets a sick look on her face and rushes off into the foyer. Abe asks Philip if he will take Melanie to be his lawfully wedded wife. Philip says that he does. Abe asks if he will love, honor, and cherish her as long as they both live. Philip says he will.

Nathan paces outside the door, trying to decide whether or not he should go in. Chloe rushes out and sees Nathan, stopping in her tracks and greeting him. He asks if the wedding still going on, or if it’s over. Chloe explains that it isn’t over, and then asks Nathan suspiciously what he is doing here.

At the hospital, an officer heads over and greets Bo, asking if the stakeout is over. He says it is, and that he had to come down here because the suspect is in surgery. He explains that he needs the officer to hang out outside the suspect’s room. The officer agrees, and then tells Bo that he left his cell phone back at the station. He hands it to him. Bo thanks him, telling him to check in with another officer in the ER. The man then heads off. Daniel greets Bo, asking if he knows where Carly is. Surprised, Bo says that he thought she was here. Daniel shrugs, saying that she isn’t in her room, and he hasn’t seen her. Bo asks if she checked out, but Daniel explains that she wasn’t allowed to. Bo curses.

Gus wakes up. He stumbles out of the closet he’s in and watches as Carly tells Vivian that it’s over. Gus yells for Vivian to look out and pushes a large pile of boxes over. Vivian jumps out of the way just in time, but the boxes crush Hope and Carly, and the two fall to the ground, senseless. Vivian grins.

Bo tells Daniel that Carly left him a message and wanted him to meet her at the cannery. He adds that it had something to do with Vivian, and that can only mean trouble. Daniel asks Bo if he needs help. Bo shakes his head, saying that he has to go. Daniel calls after him to bring Carly back if he finds her.

Carly wakes up and groggily asks Hope, who is lying beside her, if she is ok. Vivian snorts that she has news for her--Hope is dead. Carly knows that isn’t true. Vivian ignores the comment, congratulating Carly, as now her dreams have come true.

EJ snaps that of course he wants to find his daughter and wonders how Rafe can dare to suggest otherwise. Rafe claims that he is just trying to help. Just then, Rafe gets a text from Gabi, and tells Sami that it’s an emergency and that his sister needs him. He tells EJ that they’re not through and heads off. EJ tells Sami that they need to talk.

Abe asks Melanie is she will take Philip as her lawful husband. She pauses. Philip asks her if something is wrong.

Nathan stammers that he just needs to talk to someone, but Chloe reminds him it’s the middle of the ceremony. He claims that it’s important. Chloe demands to know if he wants to talk to the bride, as she is sort of busy right now. Nathan sighs, saying that it isn’t what Chloe thinks. She starts to ask him what it is, then, but excuses herself suddenly, saying that she doesn’t feel so well. She rushes off.

Vivian tells Gus delightedly that they are done here, and that he can go, as Carly is in and out of consciousness and poor Hope isn’t going anywhere. Gus heads out the door. Carly wakes up again. Vivian is relieved to see her alive, because if she had to kill Melanie after Carly died, the whole thing wouldn’t be worth it. Carly moans that Vivian has to leave Melanie alone, as she is innocent and hasn’t done anything. Vivian says that she loves it when Carly begs. Carly snaps back that her first plan didn’t work, and perhaps she should take that as a sign. Vivian wonders why she would do that when she has gone to all this trouble. Carly begs Vivian to kill her instead. Vivian finds that very noble, but Carly must be made to suffer the way she has. Vivian then remembers that she has a wedding to go to and that she has to think of another gift. She urges Carly not to worry, as she will save her a piece of cake. Vivian then heads off. Carly screams after her to leave Melanie alone, as she has done nothing wrong. No one answers. Carly passes out again.

Sami tells EJ that she has no interest in talking to him because he’s acting like a creep. EJ can’t believe that she can’t see what Rafe is doing. Sami asks sarcastically if he means the part of Rafe that brought Sydney home, the one that gives her hope for the future, or the part of him that’s going to find their daughter. EJ claims that Rafe is worming his way into Sami’s life and adds that Rafe is the reason their daughter is missing. Sami retorts that Rafe is the only reason she knows that Sydney is hers at all. She adds fiercely that Rafe made a miracle happen, and she knows that he can make one happen again.

Stephanie offers Melanie a glass of water. She apologizes, saying that her throat is dry. Stephanie flashes back to reading Melanie’s letter to Nathan. Stephanie comes back to the present as Melanie explains that she is ready to continue. Abe starts to ask her again if she will take Philip, but she interrupts, saying loudly that she does. Abe then asks for the rings. Lucas hands them over and Abe asks Philip to repeat after him. Philip repeats that he gives Melanie this ring as a token and pledge of their everlasting love. Philip then slips the ring onto Melanie’s finger. Melanie repeats the vow and slips a ring onto Philip’s finger. Abe then pronounces the two husband and wife and tells Philip to kiss his bride. Philip wishes Mrs. Kiriakis a happy Valentine’s Day and kisses her. The crowd applauds.

Carly struggles, trying to get out from under the box on tope of her. She manages to roll out from under it and crawls over to Hope. Carly checks her pulse and tries to get Hope to wake up. Hope doesn’t respond.

EJ tells Sami that too much time has passed for them to have any hope that Sydney is coming home. Sami warns him not to say that. EJ thinks that it’s time for her to face the truth. Sami vows that she never will if that means giving up on her daughter. EJ snaps that she is a fool, as they will likely never see their daughter again--and it’s all because of her boyfriend.

Melanie cries and hugs Brady, Arianna, and Maggie in turn. Kate and Stefano have champagne nearby. Stefano notes that there is no sign of Vivian. Kate is delighted, as she is really beginning to think that something terrible has happened. Lucas comes over just then, telling Kate that she is in good spirits even though the bride isn’t in a coma. Stefano snaps that Lucas is mean-spirited and inappropriate. Lucas asks sarcastically if feeding people poison brownies isn’t. Stefano suggests that Lucas go upstairs and play with the rest of the kids. Lucas wonders if Stefano really wants to start a fight right now, and snaps at Kate that she is lucky he cares enough about his brother not to make a scene. He warns Kate to stay out of trouble and heads off. Kate thanks Stefano for being so patient with Lucas. Stefano reminds her that Lucas is her son. She loves Lucas, and Stefano loves her. Kate grins.

Nathan peeks through the window in the door and pulls out his cell phone.

Maggie congratulates Melanie and Philip, and tells Melanie how happy she looks. Melanie admits that she was relieved when she saw Maggie at the ceremony. Maggie tells Melanie tearfully how sorry she is about earlier, as she just wasn’t thinking. Melanie asks her not to worry, as she knows how hard it was for Maggie to come. She adds how grateful she is that she did. Justin comes over and apologizes for interrupting Philip, explaining that his brother Austin is on the phone. Philip promises to be right back and heads off. Maggie tells Melanie that everything turned out perfectly despite her doubts. Melanie stammers that she doesn’t know what Maggie is talking about. Maggie reminds her of the ice storm that came through the night before. She thinks the weather just turned out beautifully today, however. Maggie adds that Melanie looks radiant and happy, which makes her happy. Melanie confides in Maggie that when she was a little girl, she used to dream about her mother being at her wedding and crying because it wasn’t possible. She sobs, telling Maggie that today, she made that possible. The two cry as Vivian peeks in from the foyer, saying that she has to get Melanie alone.

Carly finds Hope’s pulse and thanks God. She then tries to move the box crushing Hope, but can’t. She then decides that she has to get to Melanie right away. She assures Hope that she is going to get her help, and grabs her phone out of her purse. She then makes a call, reporting that an officer is down in the basement of the cannery building, and that her name is Hope Brady. Carly then tries to call Maggie, begging her to pick up. Just then, her phone dies. Carly tells an unconscious Hope that she has to go, but that help is on the way. She then takes Hope’s gun, vowing that she won’t let Vivian hurt her baby. Carly takes off.


Stephanie tells Nathan, "I really want to find true love. I think I can find that with you."

Vivian tells Melanie, "I have a life-changing gift I want to bestow on you."

EJ screams at Sami, "To hell with you. To hell with Rafe."

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