Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/11/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/11/10


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Carly lies on the floor in a warehouse. She wakes up, looks around, and notices Gus. She groggily asks where she is. He grins, saying that she is six feet under and asks if it brings back memories.

At the pub, Victor asks Hope why she is questioning him about Vivian. Hope admits that she is afraid that Vivian is up to something. Victor claims that she always is, as she craves attention. Hope wonders if Victor is saying that Vivian is flighty and not a real threat, as she isn’t sure that Carly and Kate would agree. Victor snorts that he doesn’t care. Hope then accuses Victor of thinking it’s fun to torture Kate and adds that she has to wonder how Victor would feel if Vivian hurt someone he loved--like Philip. Victor claims he knows Vivian wouldn’t do that. Hope then suggests that Philip could get hurt indirectly, like if something happened to someone close to Philip, like Melanie. Hope thinks that that would be devastating.

Nathan heads into Maggie’s kitchen, finds her sitting at the table, and greets her, surprised that she isn’t dressed for the wedding. Maggie replies tearfully that she isn’t going, and wonders what Nathan is doing here. He explains that he brought by some information as to where he’ll be the next few days. He then asks Maggie why she isn’t going to the wedding. She explains that she wants this to be a perfect day for Melanie and that she doesn’t want to bring her down. Nathan thinks Melanie wants Maggie there more so than anyone else. Maggie shrieks that she can’t go and sobs hysterically.

Upstairs in one of the bedrooms of the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian asks Melanie not to cry, reminding her that she’ll have to redo her makeup. Melanie cries that this all her fault for asking Maggie to attend her wedding on her anniversary. Arianna and Stephanie both try to assure Melanie that this isn’t her fault as Melanie explains that Maggie claimed that she was sick. Vivian breezily suggests that Maggie should stay home and have some tea. She then suggests that they talk about Melanie’s hair. Melanie claims that she wants to be alone right now. Vivian declares that there is no time, but Arianna insists there is. She herds a protesting Vivian out of the room. Stephanie asks Melanie to let her know if she needs anything, and starts to leave, but Melanie stops her, saying that Maggie loved Mickey and that they had a great marriage. Stephanie says she knows and heads off. Melanie sobs that all she wants is a great marriage. She heads over to the desk, takes out some stationary, and begins a letter to Nathan.

Gus asks Carly snidely if she is having déjà vu. Carly flashes back to being buried alive. She pounds on the lid of the coffin. She comes back to the present as Gus explains that this isn’t literally a coffin, but she is six feet under ground, and she can’t get out. Carly’s eyes widen.

At their apartment, Chloe kisses Daniel and wakes him up. He grins, saying that she smells good, and asks if she is using cinnamon body oil. Chloe whips out a plate of cinnamon buns and jokes pointedly that she thought she would put some buns in the oven while he slept. Daniel is shocked, as he has never seen her bake before. Chloe claims that Daniel doesn’t know everything about her and adds that she is going to start doing things that she never did before, like baking, for instance, and giving up caffeine and alcohol. Daniel nods, saying that he thinks the rolls are delicious. Chloe whispers, “Speaking of buns…” Daniel replies, “Yeah?”

Melanie finishes her letter to Nathan as Stephanie heads back in to the room. Melanie abruptly asks Stephanie for a favor. Stephanie agrees. Melanie promptly hands her the letter and asks Stephanie to give it to Nathan for her.

Outside the bedroom, Vivian explains to Arianna that brides tend to be emotional and that it’s not a good idea to coddle them. Arianna decides to go see how Philip doing and get some air as Stephanie comes out of the bedroom. Vivian asks if Melanie is ready. Stephanie admits that she almost is, but that she has to go run an errand for Melanie. Arianna decides to go with her. Vivian assures them that everything under control and Arianna and Stephanie head off. Just then, Vivian gets a text from Gus, saying that Carly is awake. Vivian grins, saying that it’s time to let the fun begin.

Carly again asks Gus where she is. He explains that she is in the cannery building on First Street. He grins, admitting that they don’t build soundproof walls like these anymore. Carly wonders how and why he brought her here. Gus decides to let old friend of hers explain. He places a laptop on a table and opens it. Vivian pops up on the screen, welcoming Carly to her hideaway.

Chloe does some math in her head and then asks Daniel how he feels about Scorpios. She admits that she knows they are intense, but she thinks everything will turn out alright as long as he or he has Daniel as a father. Daniel asks what she is talking about, and Chloe shows him several pregnancy tests that she took that have all come up positive. Daniel stares as Chloe exclaims that they are having a baby. He laughs delightedly and kisses her.

Victor wonders what Melanie has to do with this. Hope thinks he knows the answer to that. Victor groans, guessing that she talked to Kate and has bought into her conspiracy theory that Vivian is out to hurt Melanie. Hope reminds him that they both know what Vivian has done in the past. Victor asks Hope to listen carefully and proceeds to tell her that Vivian lives under his roof and while she is under his roof, she is under his control. He assures Hope that Vivian is not going to hurt Melanie--it’s just not going to happen.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate groans to Stefano that she can’t believe she is going back to that house, as she thought that she had said goodbye forever to Victor and his Greek mush on a cracker. Lucas walks in just then, asking snidely if Stefano is going somewhere. Kate reminds Lucas of the wedding, and asks what he is doing here, as he is the best man. Lucas claims that he is actually here in that capacity, and that he is going to make sure this wedding goes on without a hitch. Stefano scoffs, doubting that Lucas can back that bet up. Lucas assures Stefano he won’t be the one paying if something goes wrong-- Kate will.

Nathan suggests that he call Stephanie, but Maggie says that she already called. Nathan then explains that he and Stephanie are supposed to go on a trip, but he says that he can’t leave Maggie alone here like this.

Vivian tells Carly that she hopes Gus made her feel at home. Carly stares. Vivian then explains that she can’t see Carly, but she can hear her. Carly asks what Vivian thinks she is doing, and she replies that she is trying to savor the moment after what Carly did to Lawrence. Carly snaps, wondering why Vivian didn’t have guts to kill her herself. Vivian chuckles, saying that no one said anything about killing her. Carly thinks that Vivian is usually an ‘eye for an eye’ kind of gal. Vivian admits that is true, but reminds Carly that Carly didn’t kill her--she killed someone she loved. She then asks Carly if she knows who is in there getting ready for her walk down the aisle. Carly shrieks, “No!” Vivian nods, saying it’s her little baby girl, getting ready for the happiest day of her life-- and the last day of her life. Carly sobs.

Chloe and Daniel kiss. He asks if she is really pregnant. She grins and nods, claiming that she couldn’t believe it either. She then admits that she planned on not telling him at first, as she knows that early on things could-- Chloe then stops herself, saying that she’s not even going to think about that. She then asks if Daniel is happy. Daniel beams, claiming that he is over the moon. Chloe is glad to hear it, as she thought he didn’t want to talk about it and had changed his mind about having kids. Daniel says that he didn’t; he just didn’t want her to think that he was disappointed. Daniel then says that he is happier now than he ever imagined. He rubs Chloe’s stomach, saying this baby is just a bonus. Chloe thinks he or she will be lucky to have him as a dad. He thinks he or she will be lucky to have her as mom. The two kiss again. Daniel then asks if she is going to tell her parents soon, but Chloe wants to keep it a secret at first. Daniel thinks it’s a great secret to have. He hugs Chloe, who declares that she has never been so happy. The two kiss again.

Maggie begs Nathan not to cancel his trip with Stephanie. Nathan says he is canceling, but Maggie claims that she couldn’t stand it if she ruined this trip for him. Nathan stubbornly replies that he doesn’t care what she says. He takes out his phone as Maggie accuses him of blackmail. He sighs and picks up a necklace from Maggie’s open jewelry box. He guesses that this has been a pretty tough day for her, as it’s her anniversary. Nathan thinks it must be hard to have to go to a wedding without Mickey, as they’ve been a couple for long time. Maggie sobs that she doesn’t want to ruin Melanie’s day, and she just can’t seem to shake her sadness. She closes the jewelry box as Nathan reminds her gently that Melanie knows that Maggie is sad and wouldn’t want her to fake anything. Nathan adds that people just want Maggie to show up, Melanie included. Maggie wavers. Nathan then tells her that he thinks Maggie on her worst day has done more for Melanie and a lot of other people than anyone else he has ever known. Maggie reminds Nathan that she did all of that when she had Mickey by her side. Nathan assures her that Mickey is still by her side--all she has to do is show up at the wedding, and Mickey will handle the rest.

At the hospital, Maxine peeks into Carly’s room and finds her gone. Stephanie heads over, asking Maxine if something is wrong. Maxine grumbles that she doesn’t like it when she doesn’t know where her patients are. She guesses that awful orderly from radiology must have taken Carly somewhere. She then asks why Stephanie is here. Stephanie explains that she’s here to deliver something to Nathan, and asks if he is around. Maxine explains that Nathan is on his break, but should be back soon. Maxine asks if Stephanie would like her to give the letter to Nathan, but Stephanie decides to wait. Maxine then heads off to give the orderly from radiology hell for taking Carly without notifying her. Stephanie, now alone, wonders what Melanie had to say to Nathan that is so important.

Hope wonders how Victor can swear that Vivian is up to nothing, and how he can profess to be able to handle her when he’s drinking vodka at the pub. Victor scoffs that a general can command without being in the foxhole. Hope ignores the comment, wondering if Victor is at all worried about what it is Vivian doesn’t want them to know about. Victor claims that he saw Melanie’s present, that it’s lovely, and that Melanie will love it. He asks snidely if Hope really thinks it will burn Melanie’s skin when it touches her. Hope doesn’t think this funny. Victor agrees, telling her that this conversation over. Victor heads off quickly. Hope then notices that Victor left a shopping bag behind. Hope calls after him, but Victor is already gone.

Vivian heads back into the bedroom, asking Melanie if she feels better. Melanie guesses so. Vivian thinks she looks gorgeous. Vivian then takes out the decorative tiara/comb and starts to put in Melanie’s hair. Carly, who is watching via laptop, shrieks. Vivian finishes with the hair piece and tells Melanie that it’s perfection. Carly confused, wonders, “That’s it?”

Hope pulls a piece of paper out of the shopping bag. She reads it and nods, saying that she gets it.

Lucas heads into the Kiriakis mansion and tells Philip that his mission is accomplished. He adds that their mother won’t be pulling any stunts, so Philip has nothing worry about. Philip sighs.

Stephanie rips open Melanie’s letter to Nathan and reads it. In it, Melanie confesses that she can’t get Nathan out of her mind, and says that she needs to know if he has feelings for her. She goes on to explain that if there is a chance for the two of them, she can’t marry Philip. She then writes that if Nathan doesn’t reply, she will take that as his answer. She finishes by saying that a part of her will always love him. Stephanie shoves the letter back into the envelope, upset. Just then, Nathan shows up. Stephanie stares at him.

Carly tells Gus triumphantly that she left messages all over town about Vivian. Gus scoffs, reminding Carly that no one has done a thing. He then remarks that Carly’s baby girl is going down, and there is nothing she can do about it. Carly grabs a brick and knocks Gus out. She then tugs on the locked door of the basement, desperately trying to escape.

Vivian tells Melanie that it’s showtime. Melanie grimaces, saying that she doesn’t feel very good. Vivian gasps, “So soon? I mean…you don’t?” Melanie makes a sick face.

In the living room, Victor tells Philip that marriage is like leaky canoe-- you can paddle like hell and still sink. Philip wonders what happened to Victor’s claims that this would be a wonderful day and that nothing would ruin it. Victor grumbles, wondering what happened to Philip’s sense of humor. Just then, Philip gets a phone call. He answers, listens, and gasps, “What the hell?”

Vivian explains that what Melanie needs to do is focus on that handsome young man waiting for the woman of his dreams downstairs. She suggests gently that Melanie pull herself together and go get married. Melanie moans. Vivian grins and strokes her hair.

Hope asks someone over the phone if they are sure. She then thanks the person and hangs up. She sighs, shaking her head and saying aloud that Bo’s father is at it again.

Gus wakes up and lurches at Carly, wrench in hand. She whirls around and knocks the tool from his hand. The two reach for each other’s throats and start choking one another. They both fall to the ground, but Carly is the only one that gets up. She sighs and tries to collect herself, saying aloud that she must think this through.

Vivian thinks Melanie is just suffering from pre-wedding jitters. Melanie then asks if Vivian will go downstairs and make sure that everything on schedule. Vivian asks if it’s really alright to leave her alone. Melanie claims that she will be fine. Vivian then decides to go downstairs and have some champagne, since Melanie’s hair is done and there’s no reason for her to be here any longer. She then tells Melanie what a memorable day this has been. She kisses Melanie’s cheek and heads off. Melanie sighs that it might be more memorable than Vivian thinks. She practices aloud, telling her guests that there won’t be a wedding today. She adds sarcastically that she hopes Philip doesn’t mind--it’s just that she and Nathan have unfinished business. Melanie gets serious, wondering if they really do have unfinished business. She decides that Nathan should have gotten the letter by now. Just then, someone knocks. Thinking it’s Nathan, Melanie flies to the door. Arianna and Brady are outside. Brady compliments Melanie’s dress. She grimaces. Worried, Arianna asks if she is ok. Melanie claims she isn‘t sure what is going on. Arianna and Brady look on as Melanie clutches the comb in her hair.

Vivian finishes off her glass of champagne and flashes back to her reverie where Carly sobs and holds a dying Melanie. Vivian comes back to the present, telling herself that Philip is young, and will get over this, but Carly never will. Just then, Vivian gets a text from Gus, telling her that there is trouble with Carly, and asking her to come quick. Vivian curses, saying that you’ve got to do things yourself if you want them done right. She storms off.

Back in the basement of the warehouse, Carly kneels in front of Gus, who is tied-up, gagged, and unconscious. Carly closes his phone, and heads over to her purse for her own phone. She takes it out and sends Bo a text, telling him she needs him at the cannery building on First Street. She adds that she needs backup, as Vivian is on her way here now.

Philip gets off the phone and tells Victor that the justice of the peace has the flu. Worriedly, he tells his father that there is no wedding without him. Just then, Kate and Stefano head in. Kate asks what Philip means by saying there won’t be a wedding. Philip groans, asking Victor if she is here. Victor nods, saying that she brought her new husband, and the two make a cute couple. Philip wonders if she really had to bring Stefano. Stefano claims that he can help Philip, and that he is actually showed up to save the day. Victor admits that for once, Stefano is right, and Philip has nothing to worry about. Stefano grins.

Nathan thinks Stephanie is here early. She starts to explain why she came by, but Nathan interrupts, telling her that she looks great. He starts to ask if the wedding is going on, but tells Stephanie to forget it, as he doesn’t want to talk about Melanie or anything that doesn’t have to do with their trip. He adds jokingly that he has zero tolerance for ex-girlfriends. Stephanie stares as he asks why she is here. Stephanie claims that she just had some paperwork to do, but that she now has to get back to the wedding. She adds that afterwards, they’ll be off to the best vacation ever. She kisses him and heads off. Nathan sighs.

Justin calls Hope from the foyer of the Kiriakis mansion and tells her that he doesn’t think they have to worry, as Vivian was driving away when he got here.

In the living room, Will sits on a chair and tosses Allie in the air. Mia and Maggie are sitting nearby. Mia compliments Maggie’s locket. Maggie admits she wasn’t sure that she should wear it since it’s so old-fashioned, but Mia claims that she loves it. Maggie says that she loves it, too. Will tells the two that he was thinking about Mickey too, and how he would always ask Maggie who bought her that gorgeous locket. Maggie smiles, saying that she would always reply that he did, and that he knew it. Will laughs, saying that then Mickey would declare that he had great taste. All three chuckle. Maggie has another story about a wedding she and Mickey attended and admits that it might have been one of Will’s mother’s weddings. She tells the two that Mickey got bored, went into the kitchen and started banging on pots and pans. Maggie thinks that she could certainly be crazy. Lucas heads in just then with Justin. Lucas thinks Maggie seems to be doing well. Justin agrees. Lucas decides to call Nathan and let him know that Maggie seems fine. Justin wonders if Maggie has any idea how many people worry about her.

Brady decides that he had better go and see if Lexie is here. Melanie asks him not to go, as she doesn’t want Philip to think that anything is wrong. Brady thinks something might be wrong with her, but Melanie claims she is just getting worked up over nothing, per usual. Arianna doesn’t think that crazy woman hanging around helped. Brady asks who she is talking about, and Melanie explains that Vivian was here to help with the wedding and was being a little pushy. Arianna wonders how she got Vivian to leave. Melanie isn’t sure, saying that once this comb was in her hair, it was pretty easy to get Vivian to leave. Melanie sighs. Arianna and Brady exchange worried glances.

Vivian heads into the basement of the warehouse, calling out for Gus. Carly leaps out, brandishing a wrench, and tells Vivian that he’s a little tied up at the moment.

In the foyer, Lexie explains to Philip, Victor, Kate, and Stefano that Abe will be happy to marry Philip and Melanie, especially since the two are in a bind. Abe admits that he will, of course. The tow then head into the living room. Kate thinks that went well and tells Philip how handsome he looks. Philip rolls his eyes and heads off to make sure that Lucas has the rings. Victor sarcastically apologizes to Stefano, saying that he doesn’t know what has gotten into his son, as Philip didn’t even thank Stefano for mocking. Victor then decides to track down Vivian so the four can have champagne. He heads upstairs. Stefano chuckles, wishing Victor good luck under his breath.

Nathan speaks to someone over the phone about Melanie. He thanks them for letting him know, and asks if Melanie seems fine. He thanks the person again, explaining that he can’t attend the wedding, as he is on duty, but Melanie is cool with it, and understands. Just then, Daniel and Chloe stroll into the hospital. Daniel tells Chloe that she didn’t have to walk him to work, but Chloe jokes that she wants to make sure the father of her baby doesn’t get lost. The two kiss. Chloe sighs, wishing that he didn’t have to work and she didn’t have to go to the wedding. Daniel reminds her that they both have obligations, but promises that later, they’ll light a fire and start picking out baby names. Chloe claims she’s already picked them out. Daniel asks what his kid’s names will be. Chloe jokes that she’ll tell him in eight months. Nathan watches the two unhappily as they kiss again. Chloe heads off. Daniel heads over to Nathan, wondering if he threw in the towel, since Philip and Melanie’s wedding is still on.

Arianna wonders if there is something Melanie isn’t telling her. Melanie then admits that she hasn’t eaten today and is hungry. Arianna asks what she can get for her to eat. Just then, Stephanie knocks on the door and enters. Melanie quickly asks Arianna if she and Brady can get her some crackers and fruit. The two agree readily and hurry off. As soon as the door shuts behind them, Melanie asks Stephanie if she gave Nathan the note.

Justin runs into Will and Allie in the foyer and tells Allie that Ciara is upstairs playing with the nanny. He asks her if she’d like to go play with her until the wedding starts. Allie nods, and Will takes her upstairs. Lucas and Justin make small talk about the wedding and how complicated their families are.

In the living room, Lexie tells Maggie how much they all miss her at the hospital.. Maggie promises that she will be back soon. Lucas heads over, explaining to the two that Justin is going to be filling in for Bo. Justin asks Lexie how it’s going. Lexie admits that her father is on his best behavior, and that always scares the hell out of her.

Stefano grins, noting that Victor hasn’t returned. Kate guesses that he couldn’t find Vivian. The two laugh.

In the foyer, Victor finds Philip walking in and asks him if Vivian is outside. He shakes his head. Victor wonders where the hell Vivian has gone.

Vivian asks Carly what she thinks she is doing. Carly guesses that she could ask Vivian the same question, since her henchman dragged her down here. Vivian claims she has no idea what Carly is talking about. Carly is surprised to hear that, since Vivian was in such a rush to join Gus when she thought that he texted her. Carly warns Vivian to be careful in how she talks to her, as killing Lawrence was horrible, but killing her would be fun. Vivian scoffs that she isn’t scared. Carly doesn’t care, as Bo is on his way. Vivian laughs, asking Carly if she really thinks Melanie is safe just because she is here. Carly vows that Melanie is going to live happily ever after. Vivian doubts it, since Melanie is going to die in half an hour.

Lexie snatches a piece of cake from Stefano, snapping that Melanie and Philip don’t need anyone slipping into a diabetic coma at their wedding. Stefano ignores the comment, saying that he is glad that she and Abe came to the wedding. Lexie replies that she needs a drink. Stefano suggests that they all meet someday soon so he can see Theo, but Lexie reminds him of the fact that he knew that EJ’s biological daughter was Sydney and didn’t say anything. She snaps at him to lose some weight and heads off.

Victor spots Justin and heads over to tell him that Hope isn’t there. Justin says that he knows, as Hope is back on duty. Victor comments that Salem is a safer place now. Justin tells Victor that Hope said that she was worried about Vivian. Victor explains that Hope told him about it, and he’ll tell Justin the same thing he told Hope--there is nothing to worry about when it comes to Vivian. He storms off. Justin says he guesses not, then.

Hope shows up at the police station and asks if Bo has returned. An officer says he hasn’t yet. Hope frets, saying that she needs to get in touch with him, but the officer says she can’t, as Bo left his cell phone here. He points it out on a nearby desk and heads off. Hope walks over and picks up the phone. She looks around and opens the phone, noticing a text message from Carly.

Nathan claims that he hasn’t thrown in the towel; he’s just letting Melanie live her own life. He adds that after the wedding, he and Stephanie are going on vacation. He thinks that is the definition of moving on. Daniel doesn’t reply. Nathan claims that he is fine--more than fine, in fact. He then hurries off. Daniel scoffs, “Keep telling yourself that.”

Philip heads into the living room, telling Victor that he is ready. He asks where Vivian is. Victor shrugs.

Carly claims that if she doesn’t let Vivian out of the basement, then she can’t lay had on her daughter. Vivian accuses Carly of thinking so literally and of being pedestrian. She thinks Lawrence must have gone mad living with her. She then accuses Carly of killing a man far better than her, but Carly claims it was either him or her daughter. Vivian rages about what Carly took from her, but Carly shrieks that Lawrence was a monster, and that she saw what that illness did-- it took away every piece of his humanity, and then he turned on her little girl. Carly then assures Vivian that Melanie’s suffering is done, and that she is going to live a full and happy life. Vivian smirks. Carly bets it will be easier to kill a second time. Vivian tells Carly to do whatever she wants to her, as she accomplished what she set out to do. Carly stares as Vivian chuckles and tells her that she can’t stop it, either.

Stephanie tells Melanie that she isn’t sure how to say this, but Nathan refused to read the letter the second he realized that it was from her. Melanie is taken aback. Stephanie asks if she is alright. In a daze, Melanie says that she is ready to get married. She asks Stephanie to meet her downstairs. Stephanie heads out the door and closes it. She leans against it and sighs. Melanie picks up her veil. She stumbles with a sob, and collapses onto the bed, unconscious.


Sami tells EJ, "Actually I... I have something I should tell you."

Brady bangs on the door, "Melanie, are you ok in there?"

Carly chokes Vivian, "I'll kill you! I'll kill you!"

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