Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/10/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/10/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In her and Daniel’s apartment, Chloe takes a look at her pregnancy test, and sees that the results are positive. She sits down in a flutter and beams, telling herself in wonder that she and Daniel are going to have a baby.

In Carly’s hospital room, Daniel explains that he isn’t sure why Carly was at Victor’s, but thinks it might have something to do with Vivian. Carly then asks where Bo is. Daniel replies that he had to go back to work. Daniel gets a page just then and tells Carly ruefully that he has to get back to work, too. He asks her to let him know if she needs him and heads off. Carly sighs and wonders why she was at Victor’s. Frustrated, she asks herself why she can’t seem to figure it out.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate strolls into the living room and remarks with dismay that Stefano isn’t dressed. He replies that he’s not going.. Kate reminds him that her son is getting married. Stefano, in turn, claims he wasn’t invited. Kate huffs that she sent her RSVP last month. Stefano suggest she go pick up a guy at the gas station that wants to work for his food and take him as a date. Kate snaps that she has enough to deal with right now without his petulance.

The Kiriakis mansion is decked with floral arrangements in preparation for the wedding. Philip and Victor stroll into the living room, Philip remarking that this is hard to believe. Victor assures Philip that he warned Kate about making trouble for him. Philip jokes that he’s already received about ten messages from her, but thanks Victor for promising to handle her. Victor says he knows he may not always be supportive, but he loves Philip. Victor then claims that he accepts Philip and Melanie’s relationship and really hopes that things work out for them. He promises Philip that his wedding will be grand celebration and that he won’t let anyone screw it up. Phil hugs his father and thanks him.

Upstairs at the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian holds Melanie’s gift and fantasizes about fastening the comb in Melanie’s hair. Carly rushes in, warning Melanie to stay away from Vivian. Vivian claims it’s too late and explains that she poisoned the tips of the comb. Melanie gasps that she can’t breathe and collapses in Carly’s arms. Carly begs her to breathe. Vivian snaps that now Carly will know what it feels like to lose someone you love. Vivian comes back to the present, eyes the box, and grins. She heads into a bedroom and asks Melanie how it went with Philip. Melanie admits that Philip was very sweet and made her feel loved. Vivian knew he would and urges Melanie to not ruin a good thing and to embrace love. She adds slyly that Melanie ought to live every day like it’s her last. She then asks if Melanie is going to marry Philip. Melanie nods, saying she is, as he really loves her for who she is and that is so important to her. Vivian agrees and says that now that Melanie has come to her senses, she can open her special wedding gift. Melanie takes the box from Vivian and starts to open it.

At the police station, Hope leaves Bo a message over the phone, saying that they need to discuss a work-related issue. She hangs up and wonders what Vivian is up to. She then remembers bumping into Vivian at the pier. Vivian snatches her shopping bag from Hope, and Hope remarks that she gets the feeling that Vivian doesn’t want her to look in the bag. Hope comes back to the present and wonders what was in that bag and why Vivian is so interested in Melanie.

Carly tries to remember why she was at Victor’s house. She flashes back to Kate telling her about Vivian going berserk when Melanie nearly opened her wedding gift. Kate then confides in her that Vivian was on the phone with a strange man, and the two were talking about Carly and Melanie. Carly comes back from her reverie and tells herself that that’s it --Vivian knows and that’s why she was at the Kiriakis mansion--to protect her daughter.

Melanie opens her present and stares. Vivian removes the comb from the box. She holds it out to Melanie, showing it off. Melanie reaches out to take it, then draws back, startled.

Carly tells herself again that Vivian knows the truth. She grabs the phone on the bedside table and calls Bo, begging him to pick up. She finally leaves a panicked message, telling Bo that Vivian knows about Melanie and that he has to find her daughter and save her.

Justin and Hope meet up at the pub. Hope tells Justin about her strange conversation with Kate, and how Kate told her about Vivian being agitated over Melanie’s gift. Justin doesn’t think it’s abnormal for Kate and Vivian to be fighting. Hope says that she would normally agree with him, but she had the same experience after running into Vivian last night. Hope then tells Justin about how Vivian freaked out when she nearly saw what was in her shopping bag. Justin jokes that it was probably just Vivian’s eye of newt, but Hope thinks she is up to something, and that it has something to do with Melanie. Justin gasps, asking if she thinks--. Hope nods, saying that Melanie is the right age. Justin asks in surprise if Hope really thinks that Melanie could be Carly’s daughter. Hope nods, saying that she thinks Vivian knows it, too.

Kate complains that Vivian a vile, trashy woman whose attempts to pass herself off as Philip’s mother is making her want to scream. Stefano thinks he can offer Kate more than just moral support, explaining that after one phone call, he can have her little problem with Vivian eliminated.

Vivian tells Melanie that she thinks the comb is gorgeous. Melanie gulps, admitting that it’s interesting. Vivian thinks the comb is just as interesting as Melanie is. She proclaims that she is so glad that Melanie got over her nagging doubts in regards to Philip. She adds that she hopes the wedding is something no one will ever forget. Melanie murmurs in agreement. Vivian then announces that she wants to see how the comb looks on Melanie. Melanie agrees, and Vivian starts to put it in hair when all of a sudden, Stephanie and Arianna burst in. They’re in their bridesmaid dresses and carrying champagne. Vivian looks on in surprise as Stephanie pours champagne. She then proposes a toast, “To the future Mrs. Philip Kiriakis, long may she live.” The girls toast. Vivian grins, “Hear, hear.”

Philip and Lucas have some champagne and cider in the foyer. Lucas explains that Bo won’t be able to make it to the wedding, as he is at some emergency stakeout. Lucas then tells Philip that he saw Melanie at the pub the night before. He asks abruptly if Philip is sure Melanie is over Nathan.

Nathan is at the hospital and on the phone with Stephanie. He explains that things look slow tonight, and that he can probably get off soon. He promises to pick her up after the wedding so they can head to Alpine Valley. He asks how things are going and if everyone is freaking out. Stephanie claims that everything is fine and that she thinks it will be a perfect wedding. Nathan claims he is glad and asks her to give Philip and Melanie his best. He stumbles over Melanie’s name, but recovers, promising to see Stephanie soon. He hangs up and sighs. Stephanie tries to convince herself that Nathan barely being able to bring himself to mention Melanie’s name means nothing.

Chloe lies on the bed and rubs her stomach joyfully, whispering that she and Daniel are going to have their very own baby.

Daniel comes up behind Nathan, asking if anything is wrong. Nathan doesn’t answer. Daniel jokes that he shouldn’t walk around looking as if someone just died, as it isn’t good for the patients. Nathan sighs.

Melanie and Arianna finish off their champagne as Vivian watches. Arianna offers Melanie some more, but Melanie claims the first glass is already going to her head. She then tells Arianna under her breath that she just thought it would be the three of them up here getting ready. Arianna wonders if she can ask Vivian nicely to go away. Melanie isn’t so sure it will work, as Vivian is thin-skinned and tends to be pretty wired all the time. She admits to Arianna in a whisper that she thinks Vivian is strange and confides in her about the comb Vivian is insisting on putting in her hair. Arianna suggests that Melanie let her do it so they can get her to leave. Melanie agrees and asks Vivian if she’d like to put the comb in her hair. Vivian says she would rather wait until Melanie is dressed, and offers to excuse herself so her bridesmaids can help her get ready. Before she goes, she asks Melanie to be sure not to let anyone touch the comb, as it’s delicate. Melanie promises. Vivian then tells her that she is glad they bonded last night and wishes Melanie a very happy voyage. Melanie thanks her, confused. Vivian chuckles, suggesting that Melanie can think of it like spiritual journey. Melanie makes a face over her shoulder at Arianna.

Carly calls Melanie’s phone and leaves a message warning Melanie to be careful of Vivian and to stay away from her. She adds that she knows it sounds strange, but says that her life could depend on it.

Now alone with Arianna, Melanie confides in her that it sounded as if Vivian was saying goodbye, not congratulations. Arianna reminds an excited Melanie that Vivian is gone and advises her to take some deep breaths. Stephanie heads back in just then. Melanie complains about how weird she feels today. Stephanie thinks it’s just because she’s getting married. She suggests that Melanie have another glass of champagne. Arianna agrees. Melanie continues to complain about Vivian and her strange behavior, but Stephanie thinks that Vivian is just eccentric. Stephanie then notices the comb Vivian got for Melanie and picks it up, admiring it. Melanie yelps.

Outside the door, Vivian complains to Gus that she could strangle Carly for putting her in this situation. Gus announces that he has good news. Vivian thanks him, declaring that he is her rock. He then tells her that Carly is at the hospital and is being kept overnight for observation. Vivian wonders worriedly if she is hurt, and if she is awake, as she can’t kill Melanie if Carly is asleep. Gus assures her that Carly is awake. Vivian is still worried that something might go wrong. Gus promises to take care of Carly. Vivian nods, saying that everything is in place, as the poison she used is slow-acting and untraceable. She then says that hopes that Melanie will drop dead in front of everyone, with Carly the only one that suspects the truth.

In her kitchen, Maggie opens a jewelry box and takes out a locket with a picture of her and Mickey. She sniffles and takes out her pearls. She starts to put them on, but the string breaks and pearls fly everywhere. Maggie sobs.

Nathan heads into Carly’s room and finds her up and trying to get dressed. He asks what she is doing, and she explains that she has to get out of here. Nathan reminds her that Dr. Jonas ordered her to stay overnight for observation, but Carly claims that she can’t. Nathan firmly reminds her that Dr. Jonas’ orders were strict. Carly, frustrated, tells Nathan to go get the papers so that she can sign herself out. She assures him he won’t get into any trouble, but Nathan claims he is concerned about her wellbeing, not himself. He pleads with her to get back in bed, but Carly snaps that she has to get out so that she can help Melanie. Nathan is taken aback.

Hope tells Justin that Melanie grew up in Europe and didn’t know her mother at the same time Carly was living there. Hope then stops. Justin asks if she has changed her mind. Hope sighs, admitting that while Carly isn’t her favorite person in the world, she can’t imagine Carly with Melanie’s father, as Trent was vile, and it’s really a lucky thing that Melanie turned out as well as she did. Justin reminds Hope that Carly was married to Lawrence, but she shakes her head, saying that Trent wasn’t the attractive kind of dangerous--he was just dangerous like a disease. Justin asks if Hope still thinks it’s possible that Melanie is Carly’s daughter. Hope thinks she could be. Ciara walks over just then, saying that yes, Melanie is.

Melanie tells Stephanie that she is sorry about jumping all over her, and that Vivian just freaked her out in regards to the comb. Stephanie thinks she ought to be the one apologizing, as she shouldn’t have picked it up in the first place. Mel assures her that it’s no big deal just as Vivian bursts in. She sees the comb in Stephanie’s hand just as she prepares to put it back down. Vivian angrily demands to know what in the hell she thinks she is doing.

Philip asks Lucas what Melanie said. Lucas admits that she asked lot of questions about Nathan. Philip is surprised that Melanie grilled his brother about her ex, but Lucas admits that he brought Nathan up because he was trying to help Philip. Philip can’t believe Lucas thought that questioning Melanie about her ex would help, and accuses Lucas of trying to stir up trouble before the wedding. He wonders what Lucas was thinking. Lucas claims that he wants Philip to be happy and that he likes Melanie, but he thinks she is awfully young to be getting married. Philip claims that it’s none of his business. Lucas explains that he just doesn’t want to see Philip make the same mistakes he did. Philip scoffs, asking if Lucas is trying to save him from screwing up his life since Lucas has already screwed up his own.

Nathan assures Carly that he just spoke to Stephanie and Melanie is fine. Carly breathes a sigh of relief, but claims that she still needs to talk to Melanie in person. Nathan reminds Carly that head injuries can induce anxiety. Carly groans. Nathan tries to soothe her, and tells her that although he is positive that Melanie is fine, he will make sure of it, provided that Carly get back in bed. She hesitates. Nathan threatens to call the orderlies. Carly glares and get back in bed. Nathan promises to be back soon, and asks her to relax. He then heads off. Carly murmurs that she is sorry, but Melanie has to hear this from her. She gets out of bed and starts to get dressed.

Hope asks Ciara if Carly told Daddy that she is Melanie’s mommy. Ciara nods and asks if can go play with her grandma. Hope agrees and Ciara heads off. Hope tells Justin that she thinks Vivian has known about Melanie for a long time and says aloud that she must get to Melanie. Justin agrees that she has to get to her before Vivian does.

Vivian angrily orders Stephanie to put the comb down. Stephanie jumps to do so as Melanie snaps at Vivian to dial it down. Stephanie apologizes to Vivian, saying that she shouldn’t have touched it. Arianna tries to lighten the mood by asking where Vivian got the comb. Vivian explains that it is an heirloom. Arianna asks her pointedly why she returned, and Vivian claims that she forgot her purse. Arianna grabs it and hands it to her as Vivian tries to launch into another story. Arianna pushes her out the door and slams it in her face. Stephanie thinks that was impressive. Arianna jokes that she learned it from a prison matron. She then decides that they had better help Melanie get dressed. Melanie nod and smiles.

Outside, Vivian complains to Gus about one of those horrible girl holding the comb. She claims that this day is just too nerve-wracking. Gus then explains that he has to go, and wonders if Vivian will be alright. She says she will be, and that she can’t waver now that they are so close. He urges her to be strong, and she admits that she will have to be--for Lawrence.

Stefano makes a call and tells someone to put it on his account and add twenty percent gratuity for the service provider. He hangs up with a chuckle as Kate says that she thinks he knows some helpful people. Stefano brags that someone once offered him a million dollars for his rolodex. She wonders where he keeps it and Stefano taps his forehead. Stefano then decides that he had better get dressed to they can get going. She thought he wasn’t coming, but Stefano claims that he agrees with Kate that he was just being petulant before. He adds that he is sure that his name being left off the guest list was just an oversight, and besides, he wants to get even with Victor for attending their wedding. Kate begs Stefano to be nice to Philip. He heads off, chuckling that he always is--and it drives Philip crazy.

Maxine asks if Nathan wants to page Dr. Jonas, but warns Nathan that he just left. Nathan decides not to bother him, but asks Maxine if she can check on Carly, as she seems agitated. Maxine shakes her head, ruefully explaining that they are short staffed and that she can’t do it. Nathan sighs, saying he’s pretty sure that he talked Carly down, anyway. Meanwhile, Carly gets dressed in her room and clutches her head, groaning in pain. Outside, Nathan tells Maxine that he has to take care something. As he heads off, he runs into Gus and excuses himself. Gus strides over to Carly’s room and opens the door as Nathan and Maxine head off in different directions. Gus greets Carly. She takes one look at him and backs up. Gus rushes into the room after her, closing the door behind him.

Daniel arrives home and calls out to Chloe, who is in the bathroom. She promises to be right out. Daniel lies down with a sigh and complains about the day he had. He adds that he hoped to get home earlier, but he picked up Carly as an additional patient. Chloe calls out distractedly that she thought he was late. Daniel tells Chloe that he is going to have to take over Carly’s shift, too, so he won’t be able to take her to Melanie’s wedding. Chloe thinks it sounds like Daniel had a hard day. Daniel drops off to sleep as Chloe finishes up in the bathroom. She then heads out, saying that she has some news to cheer him up--the best news ever. She finds Daniel fast asleep and smiles.

Carly tumbles onto the bed. Gus presses a rag over Carly’s mouth, and she loses consciousness.

All three girls admire Melanie in the mirror, as she is now fully dressed for the wedding. Arianna thinks she looks awesome. Melanie guesses it’s time to get Vivian, since she’s ready. Arianna jokes, promising to get Vivian out of her hair after that. Mel sighs, saying that she knows Vivian is horrible and aggressive, but under all that she’s shy. Arianna isn’t so sure. Melanie adds that she doesn’t think Vivian had many girlfriends. Stephanie thinks she know why. Melanie agrees that the two are right, but claims that she just wants to be nice before she gets married. Arianna promises to go get Vivian. Melanie adds that she Is also going to let her stay as long as she wants. Arianna agrees to do whatever Melanie wants and opens the door nearly hitting Vivian with it. She gives Melanie a strange smile, asking if she is ready. They all stare at Vivian.

Lucas apologizes for giving Philip unsolicited advice. Philip then admits that he knows he screwed up before, but he is sure he hasn’t this item. Lucas pours out some more cider and champagne and proposes a toast to Philip and Melanie, wishing them both all happiness in the world. Philip thanks Lucas for coming, as he knows he really doesn’t want to hang out with Chloe and Daniel. Lucas reminds him there is their mother to think of as well. Phillip claims that that is one of the things he loves about Melanie--how unfazed she is when it comes to his family. Lucas scoffs, reminding Philip that his family also hasn’t tried to kill Melanie yet. Philip admits that he is sure that Melanie is safe, as Kate wouldn’t dare to try anything like that again.

Hope tells Justin that she has to be more careful now that she is back on the force. She remembers that while she used to be a private citizen that could tie Vivian up, she has to respect Vivian’s rights now that she is a cop. Justin suggests that she go talk to Carly, but Hope replies that she isn’t supposed to know about the secret. Justin doesn’t think Carly would care if it involved protecting her daughter. He then wonders if Carly knows that Vivian is up to something. Hope is sure she does, as Vivian is always up to something. Hope then tells Justin that she needs a favor. He agrees to help, and she asks him to take Ciara home and watch her. He nods and asks Hope to be careful. She urges him not to worry, as Vivian has no idea that she is onto her. Justin heads off. Hope takes out her phone and calls Bo. She apologizes for bothering him, saying that they need to talk about Carly.

Carly lies on a gurney, unconscious. Gus covers her with a sheet. He then wheels her out of her room past the deserted nurses’ station. He heads into a nearby elevator with Carly and the doors close behind him.

Phil wonders how Melanie is doing and hopes that everything is going well, since she wanted everything to go perfectly. Lucas hopes everything will, but isn’t sure since their mother will be here. Philip just hopes that she behaves and hopes she doesn’t have the nerve to bring Stefano. Lucas thinks she probably has the nerve, and most likely has a large reservoir of nerve they never knew existed. Philip groans that he should have eloped. Lucas disagrees, wondering what could really go wrong. They both laugh.

Kate and Stefano prepare to leave for the wedding. Kate thanks him for making her feel so lighthearted, and adds that thanks to him, Vivian won’t know what hit her. Stefano grins, saying that he loves to see her happy. Kate thinks he spoils her, and adds that before he came along, she felt like the weight of the world was on her shoulders. Stefano admits that that place can be very lonely. Kate thinks he understands her, and claims that he was right to note that they continue growing closer. He then asks for a favor. Kate wonders what it is, and Stefano explains that if she feels like she has to deal with Melanie the same as she dealt with Chloe, then they can share the burden this time. She asks if she can trust him that much, and he says that she can.

Hope tells someone over the phone to get moving if she doesn’t get back to them in five minutes. Just then, Victor heads into the pub and greets Hope, offering to get her some coffee. She explains that she can’t accept, as she is on duty. Hope wonders why Victor isn’t getting ready for the wedding. He groans, saying that that is what everyone else is doing back at the mansion. Hope apologizes for not being able to make it. Victor claims he understands, as this isn’t Philip’s first wedding and probably won’t be his last .Hope remarks that Victor is in a terrible mood. She asks if something happened.

Vivian prepares to place the comb in Melanie’s hair just as the phone rings. Melanie’s head snaps around, which prevents Vivian from pricking her with the teeth of the comb. Maggie is on the phone with Stephanie, who asks if she is ok. Maggie explains that she knows Melanie’s phone isn’t working, so she called Stephanie because she needs to talk to Melanie. Stephanie hands the phone over to Melanie. Maggie tearfully tells Melanie that she isn’t feeling well. Melanie, worried, asks what’s wrong. Maggie claims that it’s nothing serious, but she just can’t make it to the wedding. Mel cries, “No!”

Kate thinks that if that true, then that means that Stefano can trust her too, which means he can destroy all the evidence against her and stop holding it over her head. Stefano tells her flatly not to be ridiculous. She grumbles that it was worth a shot. He chuckles. Kate then asks what he plans to do to Vivian. Stefano thinks it should be a surprise.

Victor explains to Hope that he hates chatter and that the house is full of it. He goes on to say that that is what he likes most about Hope--no idle chatter.. Hope wonders why he invited Vivian to move in with him. Victor admits that it seemed like a good idea at the time. Hope then asks if something he’d like to tell her about Vivian.

Maggie sobs, telling Melanie how sorry she is. Melanie asks her to think it over and wonders if she could come later. Maggie doesn’t think that would be fair, as whatever she has may be contagious. Melanie bawls, saying that she understands. She then tells Maggie how much she misses her and that she loves her. Maggie says she loves her, too. Maggie then begs Melanie to forgive her for disappointing her, as she wishes she didn’t have to. Melanie asks her tearfully not give it another thought. She then asks Maggie to feel better, and promises to call her after the ceremony. Maggie asks her not to, but to just have a wonderful day. Maggie then promises that they will talk soon--after Melanie becomes ‘Mrs. Philip Kiriakis.’ Melanie vows that they will talk all the time. Maggie then says goodbye and hangs up. Melanie sobs loudly that she can’t do this.

Carly wakes up on the floor of a warehouse. She notices Gus standing nearby and asks him where she is. He grins, saying that she six feet under. He asks if it brings back memories.


Lucas tells Kate, "I'm gonna make sure this wedding goes off without a hitch."

Victor assures Hope, "Vivian is not going to hurt Melanie."

Carly watches on a laptop as Vivian prepares to place the comb in Melanie’s hair. She cries, "No!"

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