Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/9/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/9/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Philip thanks someone over the phone for the bachelor party as Kate interrupts. Kate wants to know why he hasn’t called her back. He claims he was busy. Kate sighs, saying that she needs to warn him. He assumes this is about her having to share the spotlight with Vivian. She says that isn’t it at all, and that she wants him to be happy. She then snorts that she isn’t the one causing trouble, and adds that she thinks Vivian is the one trying ruin everything. Philip says abruptly that he has to go, but Kate asks him to wait. She claims she understands he has lost his trust in her, but he has to listen to one thing. Philip sighs as Kate warns him that Vivian is plotting something, and that he has to keep her away from Melanie.

Melanie sleeps in bed at the Kiriakis mansion. Vivian brings in a breakfast tray and greets her. She asks how Melanie slept, and she says the whole night was awful. Vivian claims she has chronic insomnia, so she can sympathize. She takes one look at Melanie and suggests that she take a nap before the wedding, but Melanie shakes her head, saying they already talked about this, and she can’t marry Philip, as it isn’t right. Vivian thinks she is just having pre-wedding jitters. Melanie sighs, saying that isn’t it at all.

At the Java Cafe, Daniel talks to a little boy about a game he’s playing on his laptop. The boy explains that he can’t seem to get past level two, but Daniel thinks he knows the trick. He quickly shows the boy how to finish the level as Brady walks in. He watches the two and smiles.

Chloe strolls along the pier. She takes a pregnancy test out of a paper sack and sighs. She wonders why she is so nervous and tells herself to go home and take the test already.

At the pub, Bo orders coffee from Pete and checks his phone, wondering where Carly is. He decides to hunt her down since she isn’t answering his calls, and asks Pete to cancel the coffee order.

Carly is outside the Kiriakis mansion. She flashes back to asking Kate how the two can help one another. Kate, in, turn, asks about the connection between Carly, Vivian, and Melanie. Carly comes back to the present and decides that since Vivian knows about Melanie, all bets are off, and Melanie has to hear the truth from her. She bangs on the door of the Kiriakis mansion.

Melanie claims that she has to talk to Philip, but Vivian say she can’t until she says ‘I do.’ Melanie doesn’t think she understands, but Vivian says she does, and vows not to let Melanie humiliate her and her son by backing out of the wedding. She then adds that she has brought Melanie one of her wedding presents. She gives her a necklace, saying it’s her mother’s, and that she dreamed of having a daughter of her own to wear it. She puts it around Melanie’s neck, saying tearfully that it’s perfect. Melanie sighs. Vivian apologizes, saying she feels emotional. She practically sobs, telling Melanie that she is so beautiful and full of life. Melanie wonders why that makes her sad. Vivian says she isn’t, and that she is happy because Melanie and Philip are going to get married. She strokes Melanie’s face. Melanie starts to panic.

Philip doesn’t think Kate sees the pattern here, and claims that when things start going well for people, Kate has to make trouble. She claims she isn’t doing that, and that when Vivian first came to town, she thought it was all just about a competition for Philip’s affection, but now she thinks something else is going on. Philip isn’t so sure, but Kate claims she can feel it.

Melanie says that she appreciates the necklace and that it means a lot to her. Vivian stops her before she can go on, saying that she is not going to break the commitment she made to Philip. Melanie, upset, wonders why Vivian thinks she is a bad person. Vivian retorts that Melanie is weak and fickle. Melanie claims she isn’t weak; she’s just young and has made mistakes. Vivian thinks marrying Philip was the right decision. Melanie huffs that Vivian isn’t being helpful, as she is just berating her and making her feel terrible for confiding in her that she didn’t want to marry Philip. She then accuses Vivian of forcing liquor on her to make her stay the night here. Vivian scoffs that that couldn’t let Melanie drive home in that condition. Melanie groans, saying that she is going to go, but Vivian vows not to let Melanie go until nagging these doubt of hers go away. She then swears that Melanie will marry Philip even if it kills her. Melanie gapes.

The young boy thanks Daniel profusely as Brady greets him, joking that he can pass down all that game knowledge to his own kids. Daniel makes a face. Brady asks if something is wrong. Daniel nods, telling Brady that it’s not going to happen, so he needs to just drop the subject. Brady is taken aback.

Arianna runs into Chloe, who drops her paper bag. The pregnancy test tumbles out of it. Arianna picks it up and hands it back as Chloe stuffs it back in the bag. Arianna asks if she thinks she could be pregnant. Chloe sighs. Arianna asks if that wouldn’t be a good thing.

Melanie says that she has to go as Carly bangs on the door downstairs. Vivian gasps, suspecting that Melanie is in love with someone else. As the knocks grow louder and more insistent, Melanie, irritated, yells for someone to answer door.

Outside, Carly begs someone to open the door so she can talk to Melanie. Suddenly, she slips on the ice on the stoop and pitches backwards.

Victor heads downstairs, thinking all the ruckus may have been the paper arriving. He opens the door and finds Carly outside, sprawled unconscious on the front stoop. Victor sighs and shakes his head.

At the police station, Hope heads in and greets an officer, asking if Roman is back. The man shakes his head, explaining that the commissioner is out working on a case. Hope starts to head off, but the officer stops her, telling her that they miss her and are wondering when she is coming back to work. Abe walks in just then, saying he wonders the same thing.

Philip snaps that it probably isn’t the best idea to let wacko gut feelings rule the day. Kate is surprised that Philip isn’t worried about Vivian’s weird obsession with Melanie. Philip says that he thinks Vivian has changed and that she is just happy for him and Melanie. He adds that he is sure Vivian isn’t out to destroy anyone. He tells Kate pointedly that he will see her at the wedding and heads off. Kate chases after him.

Melanie admits there is another man. Vivian groans that the plot thickens. Melanie then admits that she isn’t proud of her fickleness, but she doesn’t want to be ridiculed over it either. Vivian can’t believe that Melanie accepted Philip’s ring and agreed to be his wife all while she was pining after that boring Doctor Horton. Melanie, shocked, wonders how she knew about that.

Victor gingerly steps over Carly and picks up the newspaper. He then steps back over her body and heads back into the mansion. Henderson heads into the foyer to tell Victor that breakfast is ready. Victor informs Henderson nonchalantly that some trash has piled up outside the front door. Henderson offers to get the maid, but Victor thinks this is going to take more than just a dustpan. He then advises Henderson to call an ambulance. Henderson hurries off.

Carly comes to and moans, calling out for Melanie, her baby.

Brady apologizes to Daniel for being so pushy. Daniel says he is sorry too, as he shouldn’t have snapped. He then explains that Chloe isn’t able to carry a child to term or become pregnant because of the chemotherapy she endured. Brady, stunned, says he had no idea. Daniel assures Brady there are other options, like surrogacy and adoption, but he and Chloe haven’t discussed it yet as the subject is tough for her. Daniel confides in Brady that the last thing he wants to do is put any pressure on Chloe.

Chloe admits to Arianna that her being pregnant is good thing if it turns out to be true. Arianna apologizes, as she knows this is personal. She does say that she hopes the test turns out positive if Chloe and Daniel want to have baby. Chloe sighs. Arianna, confused, says that she thought a positive test would be good news. Chloe says that even if she is pregnant, things could go wrong, so she can’t tell Daniel. She goes on to say that Daniel can’t know about this--no matter what the results are.

Abe tells Hope they need her back at the station, and that he doesn’t think her living at the Kiriakis mansion will undermine her integrity. She thanks him for saying so and admits that she wants to get back to work. She adds that she’d like to start immediately if possible, as she needs some sort of structure and routine, especially when it comes to Ciara. Abe admits he know she is having a hard time. Hope nods, but vows they’ll get through it. Abe wonders if there is any chance Hope and Bo can work things out. Hope’s face falls. Abe apologizes for saying anything, as this is none of his business. Hope replies that she knows he is trying to be helpful, but there is no working it out between her and Bo, as he is with Carly now.

Bo heads into the hospital and runs into Lexie, asking if Carly is at work. Lexie admits Carly is here, but as a patient, not for her shift. Bo, panicked, asks what happened. Lexie then explains that Carly fell and hit her head on some ice. He asks worriedly if she is ok. Lexie says he is and takes Bo to see Carly in her room. He greets her, asking if she is ok. He then asks how she fell. She asks him to tell her.

Philip heads into the Kiriakis mansion and slams the door behind him. Kate bangs on the door. He yells at her to go home, but she refuses to do so until he opens the door. Philip groans and opens it, asking why she is doing this. She explains that she has to make him understand. Philip sighs, telling Kate that while he does want her at the wedding, he really can’t deal with her conspiracy theories anymore. She ignores him, claiming that Vivian is planning something. Philip thinks the only plan here is Kate’s plan to ruin his day, and refuses to let her do anything other than just be happy for him. Kate tries to say something, but Philip fumes that he has had it with her. He then threatens to have her thrown out of the wedding at the first sign of trouble. Kate groans as Victor walks in, saying that he agrees wholeheartedly with Philip.

Melanie asks if Philip talked to Vivian about her and Nathan. She says he didn’t, and promptly demands to know if Melanie cheated on Philip. She claims she didn’t and that she and Nathan never did anything while she was with Philip. Vivian wonders what is going on, but all Melanie can say to explain herself is that she and Nathan’s breakup didn’t take. Vivian rolls her eyes, wondering if Melanie knows how ridiculous that sounds. Melanie, frustrated, says that she has to wonder why Vivian would want Philip to marry someone that isn’t fully committed to him. Vivian ignores her, saying that she thinks Melanie should have thought of all this before she made wedding plans and agreed to Philip’s proposal. Melanie stammers. Vivian then tells Melanie that she has to marry Philip, and then she’ll see that everything will turn out to be heavenly--or maybe not. Melanie stares at her suspiciously as Vivian grins.

Abe and Hope head into an office, talking about the fact that Bo is seeing Carly. Hope declares that they live together and are in love. Abe asks if she is sure about that. She admits Bo never used those words, but she can only assume that it’s not just a little crush since Carly has moved in. Abe sighs, saying that this must painful for both her and Bo. Abe claims that he knows Bo made this choice, but the person he feels most sorry for is Ciara. Hope insists that Ciara is her first priority. Abe isn’t so sure, though he knows Hope will hate him for saying what he is about to say. He then claims that if Hope and Bo can’t work this out, then Ciara’s world will be turned upside down. Hope, upset, doesn’t want to talk about it, but Abe demands that she listen. He then begs her to work on her marriage and think of her daughter. Hope protests. Abe claims that he knows Bo chose to move in with Carly, but he thinks Hope should fight for Bo and not give up-- for Ciara’s sake if not for her own.

Arianna is surprised that Chloe wouldn’t want to tell Daniel if the test is positive. Chloe then explains to Arianna that she is going to have problems conceiving and carrying a child to term because of her chemotherapy treatments. Arianna thinks her having a child is possible, but Chloe shakes her head, saying that she read all about it on the internet, and learned that it’s most likely impossible.. Arianna still doesn’t think Chloe can be sure it won’t happen, but Chloe claims that she can’t give Daniel false hope.

Lexie asks Bo to call her if he needs her and heads off. Bo jokes with Carly that she’ll have to wear his hockey helmet the next time she goes out. She groggily explains she tried to call him. He replies that he knows, and that he tried to call her back, but she must have turned her phone off. She thinks the phone call had something to do with Melanie, but can’t remember why she called Bo about her daughter.

Melanie tells Vivian that her lecture isn’t having the desired affect, as Vivian is freaking her out by being bossy and scary. She sobs that she wants to go home and talk to Max and Maggie, who will both soothe her and assure her that she doesn’t have to go through with this wedding. She adds tearfully that neither of them will accuse her of being flighty or fickle. Vivian tries to calm Melanie down as she bawls that she can’t do this. Just then, Philip walks in, asking what it is Melanie can’t do.

Hope begs Abe not to lecture her. He agrees not to anymore, but then tells her about his and Lexie’s problems and how it affected Theo. Abe claims that Theo only began to thrive once he and Lexie worked things out and focused on their family. An officer knocks on the door and brings Abe an envelope. He opens it, takes out Hope’s gun, hands it to her, and welcomes her back to force.

Daniel runs into Lucas at the pier. Daniel knows he’s probably the last person Lucas wants to see. Lucas agrees Daniel is up there on the list. Daniel then says that he needs to ask a favor. Lucas wonders if he is kidding. Daniel heads off, telling Lucas to have good day. Lucas starts to say goodbye, then stops Daniel, saying that he will agree to do any favor that involves Chloe.

Victor warns Kate not to say another word and calls for Henderson. When he arrives, Victor asks him to see Kate out to her car and adds that she is not to be readmitted to the house until the wedding begins. Kate wonders how Victor can do this after all Vivian has done to them and to Philip. Victor doesn’t reply. Kate snaps that she will see herself out and storms off. Outside, she vows not to give up and to make sure someone sees the light. She then gets an idea, claiming that she knows just the person to talk to. She then heads off.

Bo reminds Carly that the two of them just talked about how they couldn’t tell Melanie the truth just yet. Carly asks if she told Bo what she was doing in the message she sent him. Bo says she didn’t. Carly claims she can’t remember what she was doing that was so important and frustrated, she wonders why she can’t seem to focus.

Melanie reminds Philip that he isn’t supposed to see her before the ceremony. Philip claims that he doesn’t believe in superstitions and asks Melanie again what she was talking about. Vivian excuses herself to let the two talk. Philip again asks Melanie what’s going on and what she was talking to Vivian about. Melanie fidgets.

Vivian listens in outside the door as Gus walks by. He tells Vivian about Carly being found unconscious outside. She asks what happened, but he’s not sure, other than that the ambulance was called and Carly was rushed to the hospital. Vivian asks Gus to find out what happened, as her plan must go perfectly. She then adds that before he does that, she needs him do something else.

Philip asks if this is about them getting married. Melanie admits she told Vivian that she couldn’t marry him because she doesn’t feel worthy of him. Philip scoffs, asking if she really expects him to believe that.

Arianna cleans off a table at the pub as Brady heads in and greets her with a kiss. He asks if she can take break for a couple of minutes. She says she can and asks what is going on. Brady explains that he brought her a gift. He pulls a small ring box out of his pocket. Arianna is taken aback. Brady urges her to open it.

Daniel explains that the favor does have something to do with Chloe, and Allie, too. Lucas asks what he means, and Daniel replies that Chloe misses Allie and he was hoping that Lucas would allow Chloe to spend some time with her. Lucas wonders how it could be healthy for Allie to spend time with her ex-step mom. He adds angrily that he thinks Allie is having a hard enough time getting along without Chloe around as it is. Daniel is sorry Lucas sees things that way. Lucas nastily suggests that Daniel give Chloe a kid of her own so she won’t pine after his. Lucas storms off. Daniel sighs.

At her and Daniel’s apartment, Chloe takes out the pregnancy test and stares at it. She sighs.

Bo urges Carly to relax, and claims that if she does, everything will come back to her. Bo gets a call just then and says apologetically that he has to take it, as it’s about a case he’s working on. He answers, listens, and promises to be there as soon as he can. Bo tells Carly that he has to go and will be back soon, but Carly has fallen asleep.

Kate comes by the police station, asking if Bo is there. Hope says he isn’t, and asks if she can help, but Kate says that this isn’t exactly police business. Hope thinks she ought to be getting ready for the wedding. Kate agrees, but says she can’t, as she is worried about Philip and Melanie. She then tells Hope about Vivian’s odd obsession with Melanie and tells her about Vivian’s gift, and how she took it because she felt weird about the whole thing. Hope listens, interested, as Kate relates that Vivian went insane when Melanie nearly opened the gift. Kate then tells Hope that Vivian called a strange man to discuss Melanie, and she heard her tone and knows she is up to something. Hope asks if Kate thinks that Vivian would do something to hurt Melanie. Kate says that why she is here, as she doesn’t think it-- she knows it. She urges Hope to tell Bo or anyone else that will listen that Vivian needs to be stopped.

Gus brings Vivian Melanie’s gift. She thanks him, asking him to go find out about what is going on with Carly. Vivian then flashes back to her previous fantasy about giving Melanie the poisoned comb and Melanie collapsing into Carly’s arms. Carly bawls hysterically. Vivian snaps that now she knows what it feels like to lose someone she loves. Vivian comes back from her reverie, promising that Carly will know how it feels very soon.

Arianna takes a deep breath and opens the box to find a bracelet inside. Surprised, she tells Brady that it is beautiful. Brady then explains that it belonged to his mom and Arianna thanks him, saying she’s touched. Brady admits he feels a little stupid, as he gave it to her in a ring box, and he saw the look on her face. She tells him not to worry and claims she loves the bracelet, especially as it was his mother’s. Brady admits he didn’t know her well, but he has pictures and some memories, but he feels like he knows her and is sure she would have been proud of him for choosing to love Arianna. She thanks him again and the two kiss.

Hope asks if Kate has spoken to Victor and Philip about this. Kate says she has, of course, but they both think she is just trying to cause trouble. She explains that the problem is that Vivian has sucked them both in, and they think she’s changed and is trying to be part of the family. Kate claims that she knows for a fact that that is untrue and begs Hope for help before something catastrophic happens. Hope asks her not to worry, vowing to look into it immediately. Kate hugs her and thanks her.

Daniel heads into Carly’s room to check on her. She asks groggily how she is doing. He says she is fine, but that he wants to run some more tests. Carly asks when she can leave, but Daniel says she has to stay overnight for observation, since head injuries can be serious. She guesses disappointedly that she doesn’t have a choice and sighs, saying that she wishes she could remember what happened. She then asks where the EMTs picked her up. Daniel says that she was at Victor’s. Carly, surprised, wonders what she was doing there.

Melanie wonders why Philip doesn’t believe that she has insecurities. Philip replies that he doesn’t think she should have them anymore. Melanie asks if he thinks all of it will magically go away after the wedding. Philip nods, saying he does think so, especially since he tells Melanie time and time again how perfect and wonderful she is. He kisses her. Melanie kisses him back. He asks if she feels better and more secure now. She admits that she does. He’s glad to hear it and kisses her again. He then promises to see her at the altar and heads off, bumping into Vivian outside. She asks if he and Melanie worked everything out. Philip says that they did and that everything is fine. Vivian, glad to hear it, heads back in to see Melanie and asks how it went. Melanie says it went fine and that Philip was very sweet and made her feel loved. Vivian isn’t surprised, and begs Melanie not to ruin a good thing by deciding not to go through with the wedding.. She assumes she is going to marry Philip. Melanie nods, saying he loves her for who she is, and that is important. Vivian completely agrees, glad that Melanie has come to her senses. She then decides that Melanie can now open her special wedding gift. She hands it to Melanie with a smile. Melanie starts to take the lid off the box.


Philip snaps, “You screwed up your life, and now you want me to screw up mine.”

Vivian says, “The poison is completely untraceable.”

Stefano tells Kate, “I can have the problem with Vivian eliminated.”

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