Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/8/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/8/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At her hideout, Anna asks EJ in horror if he is throwing her out. He advises her that she has five minutes to pack, but she wants to know about the money he owes her. He scoffs, saying that he doesn’t pay people to fail. EJ takes out his phone. Anna asks who he is calling, and EJ snaps that he thinks his bodyguard can do a better job of caring for Sydney than Anna can. Anna retorts that he can’t throw her out like yesterday’s garbage. He claims that isn’t her decision to make, but she says he’s dead wrong there, as the two are a team, and she gets to make decisions, too. She threatens to act if he tries to get rid of her. EJ scoffs, asking what she plans to do. Anna stammers that she will make him regret this. EJ chuckles, asking if she is threatening him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian is on the phone with Gus, telling him to leave the gift-giving to her on Melanie’s wedding day. She grins, telling Gus that the gift is going to take Melanie’s breath away. She fantasizes about Melanie opening the gift on her wedding day and finding a decorative comb inside. She helps Melanie put it in her hair just as Carly bursts in, warning Vivian to stay away from Melanie. She laughs, saying it’s too late, as she has already given Melanie her gift--a comb with poisoned tips. Melanie gasps and stumbles over to Carly. She takes Melanie in her arms as she sinks on to the sofa, gasping. Carly begs her to breathe. Vivian looks on delighted, telling Carly that she finally knows what it feels like to love someone she loves. Melanie loses consciousness as Carly cries hysterically. Vivian comes back to the present, telling Gus that that is what would happen in a perfect world, though her plan will still go forward even if Carly doesn’t show up. Just then, Victor walks in. Vivian pretends to be angry about the type of caviar being served at the wedding and hangs up in a huff, telling Victor that she was just talking to the caterer. She threatens to have his head on a plate. Victor thought that was the plan for Carly, but Vivian claims her punishment can wait until after the wedding. Victor ask slyly if she needs a hand--or if Gus the caterer is going to take care of it. Vivian, surprised, chuckles uncomfortably.

Nathan stumbles out of the pub and runs into Melanie, striking up a drunken version of the wedding march. Melanie asks if something is wrong and Nathan nods, saying she is marrying Philip, and he wishes that she wasn’t. Melanie wonders why he would say that. Nathan thinks she knows why.

At the hospital, Kate tells Carly that there is obviously a connection between her, Vivian, and Melanie. Carly claims she has no idea what Kate is talking about. Kate replies that the color has completely drained from Carly’s face. Kate thinks she is on to something, and that she and Carly can help each other, provided that Carly is completely honest with her. Kate then vows not to leave until she gets the truth out of Carly.

At Sami’s place, Rafe tells Sami that he loves her, and that nothing is ever going to change that. He lies her down on the couch and the two kiss passionately. Sami sits up abruptly, telling Rafe that she can’t do this, as it is wrong. Rafe doesn’t think so. He kisses Sami’s neck, asking her to give him one good reason as to why this is so wrong. Sami sighs.

Victor thinks Vivian was talking to her minion, Gus, but she claims she doesn’t even know who that person is. Victor smiles, telling Vivian that Gus has been to the house, and he can show her the surveillance tape to prove it. Aghast, Vivian asks if Victor is spying on her. Victor wonders if she really thought she could keep Gus a secret. Vivian sighs, admitting that Victor has caught her. She then tells him that Gus is her lover. Victor doesn’t buy it, and demands to know what the two have been plotting together. Vivian agrees to tell him everything.

Carly wonders why Kate would think there is a connection between her, Vivian, and Melanie. Kate refuses to lay all her cards on the table and end up with nothing to show for it. She urges Carly to show hers first, but Carly snaps that this isn’t a game. She then demands that Kate tell her everything she knows.

Melanie wonders why she shouldn’t marry Philip. Nathan says it’s because he and her--he then stops. Melanie asks him to finish his statement just as Stephanie walks over with coffee for Nathan. She asks if she is interrupting anything.

Vivian tells Victor that Gus came to Salem to help her get revenge on Carly. She grumps that he has hundreds of minions, and she should be allowed to have at least one. Victor wonders what good Gus is, since Carly is still around, but Vivian thinks Gus could have been more helpful if Victor hadn’t put so many restrictions on their efforts. Victor reminds her he just told her to stay away from Melanie. Vivian adds that Victor also didn’t want his hands getting dirty, and assures him that Gus is a very capable man and that no one will know Victor is involved. Victor scoffs that he isn’t involved, as this is Vivian’s revenge fantasy and not his. Vivian reminds him that he something to gain, but Victor claims he does only in regards to Bo. He snaps that he wants Carly out of his life, and Vivian assures him that she and Gus are going to take care of her. She then informs Victor that her biggest problem right now is his psychotic ex-wife. Victor asks her to be more specific, and she explains that she is talking about Kate, the worst of them all.

Kate thinks Carly is a bit sensitive when it comes to Vivian and Melanie, and asks jokingly if she should hide the sharp utensils. Carly doesn’t think Kate is in any place to make insinuations, and adds that she think Kate is bluffing, and doesn’t know a thing.

EJ demands to know if Anna is threatening him, but she backs off, stammering that she doesn’t have a death wish. EJ wants to know what she meant by saying she would make him regret throwing her out. Anna claims he would just regret it on an emotional level. EJ reminds her angrily that she is nothing more than an overpaid nanny, and stood to make millions provided that she could keep her mouth shut. Instead, she went traipsing over to Sami’s place and shot her mouth off to Sami’s FBI ex-boyfriend . Anna moans, remembering that Rafe is in the FBI. EJ shrieks that he told her that ten times or more. She guesses it slipped her mind. In a fury, EJ notes that he could break her neck right now and no one would hear a sound or be the wiser. Anna claims fearfully that Sydney would, and that she would be sad and miserable without her. She thinks it’s enough that EJ has snatched her away from her mother, and adds that she and Sydney have a connection. Sydney grins up at Anna.

Rafe kisses Sami, asking for one good reason why they shouldn’t do this. She claims that she can think of a hundred. He thinks she still blames him for not being able to find Sydney, but Sami claims she doesn’t blame him half as much as she blames herself.

Stephanie asks Nathan if she should come back later, but he says that it’s cool. Melanie insists it isn’t, as Nathan was getting ready to tell her something. Nathan tells her to forget it as Stephanie hands him his coffee. He lists to the left, saying that he hopes she got him a triple shot. Stephanie thinks Nathan ought to go home. He hiccups and agrees. Melanie warns him that he isn’t driving in his condition. Stephanie offers to drive him to her place, but Melanie thinks Maggie’s is closer. Stephanie doesn’t want Maggie to see him like his. Nathan interrupts the two, hurt, and reminds them that he is standing right here. Melanie informs Stephanie that Maggie is working let at the restaurant, so they can walk Nathan over there, and he can sober up. Stephanie then asks Melanie if she is sure she wants to deal with this, since she is getting married in the morning. Melanie says she is just helping out a friend, and that it doesn’t change anything. The two girls get Nathan’s arms around them for support, and the three head off.

Victor wonders what Kate has to do with this. Vivian declares that the woman is out of control, and tells Victor about Kate stealing Melanie’s gift and then lying and claiming it was from both of them. Victor thinks that is idiotic, and wonders why she would do that. Vivian thinks Kate is jealous, and can’t accept the fact that their son has chosen her over Kate. Victor doubts that, since Philip isn’t Vivian’s son, and can’t stand the sight of her. Vivian claims that Philip is actually very touched by her affection towards his bride and that it has endeared him to her. Victor only thinks she’s grown fond of Melanie since she was forced to give up her plan to kill her. Vivian tells Victor loftily that she would never harm that wonderful, charismatic woman. She adds that as the wedding draws nearer, she feels she and Melanie are going to grow a lot closer.

Kate decides that her thinking there was a connection between Carly, Vivian, and Melanie must have just been a figment of her imagination. She gets up , saying she will let Carly get back to work, but Carly begs her to wait. She agrees to tell Kate what she knows--provided that Kate do the same. Kate grins.

Rafe reminds Sami that blaming herself does no good, and she admits that he is right, as her mom is a shrink, and she knows all the psychological traps. She tells Rafe that looking at him just reminds her of what they could have had with Sydney. Rafe begs her to stop looking backward and start looking forward, but Sami can’t help but think of what she has lost. Rafe assures her that they haven’t lost Sydney, and that they are going to find her. He adds that Sami hasn’t lost him either, as he is still right here.

Anna cuddles Sydney, saying she knows she loves her Aunt Anna. She adds that Benny doesn’t play games with her, or sing songs and dance with her. EJ claims that Sydney doesn’t care for Anna, and that Anna is replaceable. Anna replies that anyone EJ hires won’t be able to love Sydney like she does, as she is her niece. EJ snaps that anyone he hires won’t manage to be as careless and stupid as Anna is. Anna, hurt, wonders why he is insulting her. EJ retorts that it’s because she’s been reckless. Anna heads over to the door, saying that she is going to hand Sydney over to Benny, and then EJ can see for himself how happy Sydney is to see yet another person she has bonded with ripped away from her. Anna reminds EJ angrily that Sydney has been yanked all over the place and now that she finally has some stability, EJ wants to take it away from her. Anna wonders if EJ really wants to screw Sydney up anymore than he already has.

Rafe tells Sami that the two of them have been through so much already that he refuses to leave her, even if she wants him to. Sami says that she doesn’t. Rafe adds that he doesn’t think they should be running away from one another, as they are stronger together. He assures Sami that together, the two of them can do anything.

Nathan, Melanie and Stephanie stumble into Maggie’s kitchen. Nathan notices Mia doing her homework at the table and beams, wondering if she needs help with her chemistry. Stephanie apologetically asks if Mia can make them coffee. Nathan stumbles over Melanie, knocking her purse to the ground and spilling its contents. He helps her pick up her things, noticing ruefully that he broke her phone. The two gaze into one another’s eyes as Stephanie hurries over to help Nathan up and into a chair. He thinks he needs to go home, but Melanie says he isn’t driving anywhere. Nathan then remembers that he left his keys at the pub. Stephanie asks Melanie to go back and get them, but she suggests that Mia do it. Stephanie reminds her pointedly that Mia is doing homework. Melanie sighs and heads off as Stephanie helped Nathan with his coat and offers to make him a sandwich.

Carly admits to Kate that she and Melanie got off to a rocky start, but get along better now, as she is helping her with nursing school. Kate asks if she would say that their relationship is more professional than anything else, and Carly nods. Kate thinks it’s funny that Vivian would care when that is all that is going on between Carly and Melanie. Carly reminds Kate that Vivian is crazy, and doesn’t need a reason to be delusional. Kate nods, agreeing, and tells Carly about the argument she had with Vivian over Melanie’s wedding gift, and how Vivian went berserk when Melanie nearly opened it. Kate then confides in Carly about overhearing Vivian talking to someone about Carly and Melanie. Panicked, Carly demands to know what she said. Kate claims the conversation was hushed, and she couldn’t catch much of it, but Carly thinks she must have heard something. Kate thinks Vivian seems to make Carly uptight. Carly nods, saying that Vivian is insane, and it worries her to know that Vivian is talking about her. Kate thinks it should worry her. She then warns Carly to watch her back when it comes to Vivian. She starts to head off, but Carly stops her, reminding Kate that she thought there was something she could help Kate with. Kate grins, telling her not to worry, as she will get the chance soon. She heads off as Carly frets about Vivian talking about her and Melanie. Carly wonders what she knows.

Melanie heads into the pub and hunts around for Nathan’s keys. She finds them near the bar and starts to head back out the door, but Lucas walks in and greets her. She thought he’d be celebrating with Philip, and Lucas assures her that he is taking Philip out later, but is here now to pick up some food for Will and Allie. Lucas wonders why Melanie isn’t out with her friends, and she explains that Nathan forgot his keys here, and she had to come back and get them. Lucas thinks Nathan has really been out to lunch lately. Melanie is taken aback, but Lucas is surprised that she hasn’t noticed that Nathan hasn’t been himself. Melanie admits she hasn’t seen much of Nathan the past few weeks and wonders why Lucas would say that he hasn’t been himself.

Mia brings Nathan some coffee, but he groans, telling her he couldn’t possibly drink anymore. Mia gathers her notebooks and book and asks the two to let her know if they need anything else. Stephanie thanks her and Mia heads upstairs. Stephanie sighs, saying she has never seen Nathan this way before. He guesses he mixed too many beers with too many double shifts. Stephanie grabs his empty plate and offers to make him some more food. Nathan groans that he shouldn’t have said anything to Melanie. Stephanie comes back over, asking what he did say to Melanie. She claims that she can tell it bothers him and suggests that he get it off his chest.

Carly heads into the Kiriakis mansion and greets Vivian. Vivian demands to know what she is doing here, and Carly claims that she thought Bo might be here, since he was supposed to go out with Philip tonight. Vivian wonders nastily if the two need to come up with a new way to humiliate Hope. Carly rolls her eyes and asks Vivian to tell Bo that she’s looking for him if she sees him. Vivian retorts that there is this new-fangled invention called the telephone that allows people to communicate without having to run around and waste other people’s time--especially when they’re trying to plan a wedding. Carly notices a bouquet of lilies on the couch and flashes back to marrying Victor. She comes back to the present and shudders, saying that no good can come out of a wedding that happens in this house. Vivian demands that Carly leave before she calls security. Carly ignores her and asks about the gift on the table, wondering if it is the one that Kate told her about--the one from both Vivian and Kate. Vivian is surprised Kate mentioned it. Carly reaches for it, but Vivian snatches it away, snapping at Carly to leave it alone.

Kate heads into the Java Café and greets Victor, exclaiming that she was looking for him and was just getting ready to text him. He snaps that she knows he doesn’t either send or receive text messages. He then asks what she wants, and Kate replies that she is concerned about Vivian. Victor groans, asking her not to waste his time, but Kate tells him about Vivian going insane over a mistake over Melanie’s wedding gift. She then says that Vivian has always been on shaky ground, but now she’s pretty sure that she has gone completely around the bend. Victor thinks that’s funny, since Vivian just said the same thing about Kate.

Lucas admits that he isn’t sure what is going on with Nathan, since Nathan doesn’t usually confide in him. Melanie wonders if this has something to do with a patient of his, but Lucas doesn’t think this is one of those kinds of things. He wonders why Melanie cares so much. She explains that she and Nathan are friends, and that if there is something wrong, she needs to know what it is so that she can try to help. Lucas then tells Melanie that he thinks Nathan is heartsick, and since he walks around with his head in the clouds, it sounds to him like it’s girl trouble. Melanie sighs.

Anna tells EJ that Sydney has even been trying to say her name, though it doesn’t come out right. EJ sighs, admitting that Anna has a point that Sydney responds better to her than to any of his other men. Anna nods, claiming that Sydney needs her, so that means EJ does, too. EJ sighs, saying that he made some phone calls, and he is pretty sure that Rafe won’t be a problem for them, as he won’t be able to trace Sydney to her. Anna is proud of him for putting his daughter first. EJ says he always does, but warns Anna that time won’t be on their side forever. He worries that he may never find the perfect woman to take his children away. Anna asks if he is sure he wants to do that, as she honestly believes that leaving Sami is the last thing EJ wants to do.

Rafe and Sami reminisce about his getting shot trying to get penguins for the twins a couple of Christmases ago. Sami can’t believe how wonderful Rafe was, and how he was so insistent on making the twins happy even though he didn’t know them. Rafe explains that he loved them because they were a part of Sami, just like he loves Sydney, even though she isn’t his. Sami claims she is his, as Sydney has been a part of him ever since he brought her home. Rafe vows not to rest until he brings Sydney home and jokes with Sami that she is stuck with him until then whether she likes it or not. Sami tells Rafe that she felt so lucky when they first fell in love, because of how kind and generous Rafe is. She jokes that the real reason she fell in love with him was because of the tamales. Sami then gets serious, telling Rafe that he makes her a better person. He kisses her. Later, the two begin to make love in Sami’s bedroom.

Stephanie asks what Nathan said to Melanie. He stammers that he just asked Melanie to stop looking at him as if she feels sorry for him or something. Stephanie wonders why Melanie would feel sorry for Nathan. He fidgets, saying that maybe Melanie looks at everyone that way and he is just being paranoid. Just then, Melanie comes in with Nathan’s keys. He says he going to call it a night, but Stephanie says he isn’t driving anywhere with alcohol in his system. She offers to drive him home. Melanie asks Stephanie how she will get home, but she claims she’ll figure something out. Melanie quickly offers to follow the two, but Stephanie reminds her that she is getting married, and doesn’t want circles under her eyes tomorrow in the pictures. She heads off, telling Nathan that she’s ready to go. Nathan starts to follow her, but Melanie stops him, reminding him that he wanted to say something to her. He gives her a long look, then tells her it isn’t important. He heads off, slamming the door. He sighs. Inside, Melanie does the same.

Victor reminds Kate that she stole Vivian’s gift to Melanie and tried to pass it off as her own. He wonders how that can be a misunderstanding. Kate can’t believe Victor is taking Vivian’s side, and accuses him of being whipped. She adds that she is worried about the fact that Vivian has managed to worm her way into his life, and into Philip and Melanie’s life. She wonders how Victor could let that happen when he knows how dangerous Vivian is. Victor thinks that’s rich coming from the woman who tried to kill her daughter-in-law and then married the man that tried to kill her son. Kate insists that Victor knows what Vivian is capable of. He snaps that he knows what Kate is capable of, especially when she’s teamed up with Stefano. He warns her not to make any more trouble, or he’ll be forced to make sure Philip finds out, and then he’ll see to it that she is barred from the wedding. He asks Kate if that is really what she wants. She grimaces.

Carly wonders what has gotten Vivian so rattled, saying that she just wants to see what she got Melanie as a gift. Vivian thinks Carly is up to something. Carly jokes weakly, asking if there are poisonous snakes in there. Vivian rattles the box, saying it even has air holes for them. Vivian then wonders why Carly is so interested in Melanie, as it isn’t as if the two are bosom buddies. Carly claims she has gotten to know Melanie better lately. Vivian asks nastily if she always gets this close to nursing students at the hospital. Carly wants to know why Vivian is so possessive of Melanie. Vivian claims that since Melanie is marrying her son, she is like a daughter to her now. She thinks Carly will understand when Nicholas gets married, but then remembers that the two don’t speak. She adds that Carly will also never know the joy of having a daughter, because she stabbed her husband. She then asks Carly to go away, as she has a wedding to plan. Carly heads into the foyer, deciding that Vivian knows the truth. She tells herself that she has to find Melanie right away and rushes off.

EJ calls Anna an airhead. She asks him to stop with the insults, as they both know Sami still floats his boat. EJ wonders why she would say that after the girl tore his heart out and ripped it to shreds. He’s just glad that she now knows what he felt like. Anna thinks it is making him miserable, too, and accuses him of being the most lonely and pathetic guy on earth. She tells him to go ahead and admit that his life sucks. EJ claims he isn’t lonely, as he has two wonderful children. He adds that he also has the satisfaction of knowing that Sami is a lot lonelier than he is right now.

Sami and Rafe lie in bed together. She jokes that he better not think this means he’s allowed to put tat dog picture back on the wall. He laughs that they will see about that and adds that Sami is stuck with him now. The two kiss.

Stephanie and Nathan have coffee at the Java Café. He thanks Stephanie for hanging out with him, admitting that he wasn’t yet ready to go home. Stephanie says it’s no problem, and apologizes for being so weird about Melanie. Nathan groans, saying that he can’t wait until this wedding is over. Stephanie stares at him in surprise.

Vivian pours herself a drink, grumbling to herself about Carly’s visit. Just then, Melanie comes in, telling Vivian that she needs to speak to Philip. Vivian explains that he isn’t here, and asks what’s wrong. She says tearfully that she just needs to talk to him. Vivian asks her to sit down, and asks if the two got into a fight. Melanie stammers that that isn’t it, and finally wails that she can’t marry Philip. Vivian is taken aback.

Mia answers the door at Maggie’s place to finds a panicked Carly outside. She explains that Maggie isn’t here, but Carly replies that she is looking for Melanie, and that she’s been trying to call her, but can’t get an answer. Mia explains that Melanie broke her phone earlier. Carly asks if Mia can get her, but Mia says that Melanie left. Carly asks where she went. Mia, annoyed, says she doesn’t know. Carly asks if she left a note, but Mia shakes her head, saying that she’s sorry that she can’t help, but she has no idea where Melanie could be.

Vivian offers to get Melanie some water so that they can discuss this disturbing change of heart. Melanie shakes her head, saying that nothing is going to calm her nerves, as she just can’t marry Philip. Vivian frets about all the preparations she has gone through. Melanie apologizes. Vivian sighs, saying that if she can’t talk Melanie into marrying Philip, then they will just have to go on to plan ‘B’. She stares at the gift box and smiles.


Carly pounds on the door of the Kiriakis mansion, “Come on. Somebody open the door, please. I need to speak with Melanie!”

Kate warns Philip, “I do know you have to keep her away from the wedding.”

Vivian tells Melanie, “You're going to marry Philip even if it kills you.”

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