Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/5/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/5/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the DiMera mansion, EJ has a drink and stares at some photos of Johnny and Sydney. Just then, the doorbell rings. He heads over to answer it and finds Rafe outside. Rafe explains that he came by to ask EJ some questions about his sister-in-law, Anna. EJ wonders why Rafe would want to talk about her. Rafe says it’s because he just saw Anna and spoke with her. EJ nearly chokes on his drink.

Carly heads over to Daniel at the hospital, saying that she needs a favor. He asks what’s going on, and she hands him a sheet of paper, saying that she wants him to take time off on that date so she’s forced to work. Daniel says he can do that and looks at the paper, noticing the date. He sighs, asking if this has something to do with Melanie and Philip’s wedding. Carly admits that it does. Daniel guesses she doesn’t want to go, but Carly explains that she can’t. Daniel asks why.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian huffs and puffs as she and Gus hunt around for Melanie’s gift. Vivian fumes that that wretched thief Kate DiMera took it, and she can’t believe she had the nerve to steal something from her home. Gus asks if she can be certain, and Vivian nods angrily, saying that the gift was on the table when Kate came over. She tells Gus that they have to get that gift back as no one can see what’s inside.

Kate prepares to open Melanie’s gift on the pier, but Melanie walks over and interrupts. She asks who the gift is for.

Sami opens the door at her place to find Brady outside. She admits she thought he was Anna. Brady wonders why she would think that, and Sami explains that Anna came by earlier and left in a hurry, so she thought she might come back. Brady asks why she feels that way, but Sami isn’t sure. He admits the whole experience was very strange.

At her hideout, Anna talks to Sydney, saying that it was one thing to carry out this plan from a distance, but now that she has seen Sydney’s mother, and has seen how much she is suffering, she’s starting to have second thoughts. She sighs, telling Sydney not to even get her started on Rafe, who seems to have psychic powers. She admits that Rafe makes her feel as if this whole thing is going to come crashing down around her ears, and she can’t let that happen. She then decides that she has to make things right.

Rafe reminds EJ that Anna is Tony’s widow, but EJ snaps that he knows who Anna is, and asks where Rafe saw her. He replies that she was at Sami’s. EJ, barely controlling himself, asks Rafe if she told him why she was there. Rafe nods. EJ demands to know what she said.

Nathan sits at the pub and has a beer. He listens to a voicemail from Stephanie, who explains that she is running late and promises to meet him soon. Nathan stares at an article in the paper announcing Philip and Melanie’s wedding. He sighs and finishes off his beer.

Kate explains that it’s Allie’s birthday next week, but Melanie shakes her head, saying that this is the gift Vivian bought for her. Kate stammers. Melanie demands to know what is going on.

EJ sweats. Rafe asks if anything is wrong, but EJ claims everything is fine. He asks again what Anna had to say, but Rafe notes that EJ seems very nervous all of a sudden.

Kate admits that Melanie is right, and that this is the gift that Vivian planned on giving her. Kate goes on to explain that she and Vivian have decided to sort things out between them, as they both love Philip and are both thrilled to be having Melanie join the family. Melanie thinks that was very mature of the two. Kate nods, telling Melanie that she was so excited when she found out about Vivian’s gift that she asked to chip in, and Vivian agreed that it could be from both of them. Melanie asks what it is. Kate offers her the present, suggesting that she go ahead and open it.

Carly tells Daniel that she doesn’t want to attend Melanie’s wedding and run the risk of hurting anyone’s feelings. Daniel guesses that she means Melanie, and wonders why Carly is so concerned about Melanie. She claims she isn’t, but Daniel can tell that she has taken a special interest in the girl. All Carly will say is that she thinks Melanie has potential, and she asks Daniel to drop it. He agrees to do so, but hopes everything works out the way Carly wants it to. Chloe walks over just then, saying she’s spent all morning in pediatrics. Carly thinks it’s wonderful that Chloe has agreed to take over for Maggie at the hospital for a while. Chloe admits that Maggie left some large shoes to fill. She and Daniel then agree to meet once he gets off work. He heads off, and Carly and Chloe talk about what a great guy Daniel is. Chloe then says she has to go, but Carly stops her, suggesting that she talk to Daniel about the pain she is in over having trouble conceiving. She reminds Chloe of how understanding and sensitive Daniel is, and adds that she is sure Daniel would be there for her if Chloe would just be honest with him. Chloe stares. Carly apologizes, guessing that she overstepped.

Brady guesses it would be strange talking to Anna after all this time, but Sami explains that it was more than that. Brady asks if Anna knew about the kidnapping and Sami nods, explaining that Carrie told her. She then tells Brady that Anna came here to offer moral support, but she got really upset once they started talking about Sydney. Brady wonders why that is strange, and reminds Sami that Anna can’t be totally insensitive as to what Sami is going through. Sami guesses he is right, and that Anna must have just felt sorry for her. She then tells Brady that seeing Anna reminded her of all of them growing up together, and how no matter what happens, they all still love one another. Sami admits she wants the same for her kids, but isn’t sure that they will ever see their sister again. Brady begs Sami not to jump to conclusions, as for all she knows, there has been a break in the case, and her little girl is on her way home to Sami right now.

EJ claims he isn’t nervous, and asks Rafe if Anna said anything about him. Rafe explains that she didn’t, but says that her chat with Sami got him to thinking about how Anna is considered an enemy of the DiMeras. EJ doesn’t see how that is relevant to anything. Rafe asks if Anna lived at the mansion. EJ admits she did and asks why Rafe wants to know. He reminds EJ that the kidnapping could be related to the DiMera family, and he suspects that Anna might know something more about this than even she realizes. EJ thinks that ridiculous, but Rafe disagrees, saying that he decided to check Anna out, and figured he’d start with EJ. EJ declares that starting with Anna is a waste of time. Rafe is taken aback, asking why EJ is freaking out about the possibility of him investigating Anna. EJ fumes.

Anan speaks over the phone to Carrie about her supposed spur-of-the-moment trip to Sami’s. She explains that the poor girl is going through hell. Anna then tells Carrie that she has to go, and hangs up, promising to talk to her again soon. Anna sighs, telling Sydney that her cover is intact for now, but she’s got to do what she should have done right away--which is to tell Sydney’s father what happened. Anna dials the number, guessing that EJ is going to yell and throw things. She then quickly hangs up, deciding that she can’t do this.

EJ claims that he is just trying to protect a woman whose husband died last year. He adds that Anna is trying to put her life back together, and doesn’t need the FBI interrogating her. Rafe asks if EJ knew she was back in town. He says he did, of course. Rafe asks why he kept it a secret, and EJ explains that it’s because Anna and his father don’t get along. Rafe asks if EJ has been in contact with her, and he says he has, of course, and that she has been very supportive regarding the ordeal with Sydney. Rafe wonders how Anna could hate Stefano and be loyal to EJ at the same time. EJ explains that he and Anna have always had a good relationship. He then insists that she had nothing to do with Sydney’s disappearance. Rafe scoffs, reminding EJ that he never said that she did. EJ thinks Rafe is seeing fire where there’s no smoke, but Rafe claims that he is just trying to be thorough. EJ disagrees, retorting that he thinks Rafe is trying to ingratiate himself with Sami. EJ declares that it isn’t going to work, as Sami doesn’t want to be with Rafe anymore, and she never will. Rafe glares.

Sami admits that there could be a break in the case, but reminds Brady that the odds aren’t in their favor. Brady thinks she should just forget about the odds, because she is going to get her daughter back. He adds that this isn’t like Sami, and that he hasn’t noticed how defeated she seems until these last few days. He wonders if it has anything to do with what happened with Rafe. Sami admits that it was easier to be hopeful when Rafe was by her side. Brady thinks that the time has come for the two to work together, especially since they love each other, but Sami says that sometimes, love just isn’t enough. She wishes it was, but it isn’t, and for her own sanity, she just thinks it’s best if she stay as far away from Rafe as possible.

Melanie asks Kate if she is sure that this is alright with Vivian. Kate says it is, of course, but Melanie isn’t so sure, as Vivian was pretty adamant about her waiting until her wedding day. Kate tells her that she doesn’t have to open it if she doesn’t want to, but Melanie says she does, and starts to do so. Just then, Vivian rushes over, begging Melanie not to open the gift.

Sami, now alone, flashes back to holding Sydney and tearfully telling Rafe that she wouldn’t have her little girl back if it wasn’t for him. Sami comes back to the present, grabs her coat and purse, and rushes out the door.

Stephanie rushes into the pub, hoping she’s not too late. Nathan guesses that she has a great excuse, but Stephanie claims that it’s pretty boring. He asks if she was doing something for Melanie’s wedding, and Stephanie admits that she was. Nathan then declares that he is totally fine with talking about Melanie and her wedding, as he doesn’t care about her. Stephanie changes the subject, suggesting that they talk about Alpine Valley and their ski trip instead. Nathan agrees, but Stephanie’s phone interrupts. She answers, listens and gasps, “Oh, no.” Nathan sighs and finishes off his beer.

Vivian snatches the present away from Melanie. She asks what is going on, and Vivian declares that this harpy stole the gift from her home. Melanie asks Kate if she really stole it, but she swears that she didn’t. Vivian declares that she ought to have Kate arrested. Melanie thought the two patched things up. Kate claims they did, but Vivian accuses her of lying through her fangs. Melanie sighs, telling the two that she has a million things to do for her wedding and doesn’t have much time. She heads off, deciding to let them work this out on their own. Kate demands to know why Vivian was so afraid to let Melanie open that box. Vivian snorts that Kate is a fool, and always has been. She vows that she is going to make Kate pay dearly for her foolishness. Kate scoffs.

Chloe claims that Carly hasn’t overstepped her bounds, as she knows Carly just cares about her and Daniel. Carly nods, adding that she thinks Daniel would want to know how Chloe feels. Chloe then tells Carly that she feels differently now than she did when she spoke to Carly before. She claims she isn’t sad about her inability to conceive, as she knows deep in her heart that she and Daniel will be able to have the family that they really want. She thanks Carly again and hurries off. Carly sighs.

Rafe snaps that his relationship with Sami is none of EJ’s concern. EJ claims it is, yelling that his child is missing, and instead of chasing genuine leads, Rafe is out harassing his sister-in-law. Just then, Sami walks in, demanding to know what the two think they are doing.

Stephanie hangs up, explaining to Nathan that there was a problem with the engraving on the gift she bought for Melanie and Philip, and adds that she has to go down to the jewelry store to pick out something larger. Nathan suggests they go together, but Stephanie has a better idea. She offers to stop by Java on the way back and pick them both up some coffees. Then afterwards she can meet him back here. Nathan agrees and Stephanie heads off, promising to be back before he knows it. Nathan sighs and swigs his beer. He spills some on the article in the paper about the wedding. Nathan scoffs and orders another beer.

Chloe has coffee with Father Matt at the Java Café. He asks if Daniel knows how she feels, but she shakes her head, saying that Daniel thinks she has accepted the fact that she can’t get pregnant. She adds that she has led other people to believe that she is considering other options, like surrogacy and adoption. Father Mat guesses that she isn’t considering those options. Chloe admits she isn’t, and tells Father Matt that she has been the object of many miracles, from her recovery from cancer, to the disfiguring accident, and more recently, the coma. She then tells the priest that she can’t help but feel that there is one more miracle in store for her. She thinks that is what faith is all about--believing in miracles. Father Matt disagrees.

Melanie heads into the hospital and greets Daniel, asking if he has seen Carly. He points her out and Melanie heads over to the waiting area, asking Carly why she wanted to see her. Carly explains that she is sorry, but she has to work on Melanie’s wedding day and can’t get out of it. Melanie is disappointed, and Carly apologizes again, since she knows Melanie will be going on her honeymoon, and they won’t see each other for a while. She then says that she didn’t have time to get a wedding gift, but she wants Melanie to have her bracelet. She takes it off as Melanie protests, saying she was just joking when she said that Carly had to get her a gift. Carly insists and puts the bracelet on Melanie’s arm. Melanie asks if her mother gave her this. Carly wonders why she asks, and Melanie explains that it looks like an heirloom, and something Carly would want to keep in the family.

Vivian wonders what Victor and Philip will think when they learn Kate stole this gift. She scoffs, saying that they will probably be unfazed, since Vivian stole an embryo--her and Victor’s son-- and that’s a bit more egregious than stealing a present. She starts to head off, but Vivian stops her, saying that they both know that Victor and Philip will see why Kate is acting out--because she’s been marginalized and replaced. Kate hisses at Vivian to shut her moth. Vivian tells Kate merrily that this was never about her, but the collateral damage is quite satisfying. Kate glares, demanding to know what she is talking about.

EJ asks what Sami is doing here, and she explains that she left something behind when she dropped off Johnny. She asks what the two are fighting about, and EJ rolls his eyes, saying that Rafe was just telling him about his brilliant theory that Anna DiMera kidnapped Sydney. Sami thinks that is ridiculous. Rafe defends himself, saying that he never said that Anna was involved, but he thinks she’s worth looking into since kidnapping may to do with the fact that Sydney is a DiMera. EJ asks Rafe abruptly to leave. Rafe tells Sami that they are going to talk about this, and she nods. The two head off together. EJ calls Anna immediately, snapping that he isn’t sure what she thinks she is doing, but she’s going to be sorry. Anna swears that she can explain. EJ retorts that he knows she will, and she’s going to explain to his face. Anna quivers.

Father Matt counsels Chloe that sometimes what we want isn’t in God’s plan for us, no matter how much we pray for it. Chloe explains that she knows nothing is for certain as Father Matt’s phone rings. He takes the call, promises to be right there, and hangs up. He then explains to Chloe that one of his parishioners has been in an accident, and that he must get to the hospital. He asks her to call if she needs anything and heads off. Chloe sighs, telling herself that she is sorry, but she can’t and won’t accept what Father Matt has told her.

Carly tells Melanie that the bracelet isn’t an heirloom; it’s just something she picked up recently and thought that it suited Melanie. She claims she understands if Melanie is uncomfortable accepting it, but she tells Carly she loves it and thanks her. Carly then adds that she hopes Melanie and Philip will be very happy. Melanie is sure they will be. Carly wishes her luck and Melanie heads off. Carly sighs and takes out her phone.

Kate again asks Vivian what she meant by collateral damage, but Gus interrupts, asking Vivian if he should bring the car around. She snaps at Kate that she suggests she put a positive spin on this to Philip before he finds out and dis-invites her from the wedding. Kate vows to find out what is going on with Vivian, and then they’ll see who is dis-invited. She storms off. Vivian shakes her head, glad that she caught Kate before she opened the gift. Gus admits that that would have been a catastrophe. Vivian is just glad that she now knows that Melanie will receive her gift on her wedding day, and that their plans for Carly are safe and sound. The two then head off. Kate steps out from behind a nearby box, where she has been hiding and listening in on the conversation. She considers what she overheard.

Back at her place, Sami tells Rafe that she thinks it’s a waste of time for him to investigate Anna. He wonders why Sami is so sure of that. She explains that Anna is just clueless and she is sure it’s a dead end. Rafe thinks he’s being thorough, but Sami retorts that he is spinning his wheels. He asks angrily if she agrees with EJ that he is just grasping at straws because he lost Sami and wants her back. Sami asks if that is true, and if he does. Rafe says it isn’t true, but admits that he does want Sami back.

EJ storms into Anna’s hideout. She breathlessly explains that Roman called and trapped her into a lie about Carrie, so she was forced to go over to Sami’s. She adds that she knows she should have called EJ, but adds that the very fact they haven’t yet been arrested gives her hope that they’ve dodged a bullet. She vows that this will never happen again. EJ agrees that it won’t, saying that they’ve been compromised, so Anna is leaving--tonight. She gapes.

Daniel and Brady take a jog together and stop in the park to do some stretches. Daniel says abruptly that he guesses that Brady and Arianna can begin to get serious now. Brady throws his hands up, saying it’s way too soon, but Daniel assures him he wasn’t talking about marriage; he was talking about the fact that Brady and Arianna can move on now that this whole undercover drug thing is behind her. Brady says he understands, but Daniel thinks he scared Brady. Brady chuckles, saying that that isn’t it, as he can really see himself marrying Arianna one day. He asks about Chloe and Daniel, and when the wedding is going to be, but Daniel says that he and Chloe are just taking things slow. Brady agrees that that is for the best, especially as there is no rush to get married unless you want kids right away. He assumes Chloe and Daniel do want a family eventually, as he knows Chloe has always wanted to be a mother. Daniel sighs. Brady asks if he said something wrong.

Chloe tells herself that miracles do happen, and that she can have a baby if it’s in God’s plan for her. She catches sight of Stephanie, who has just come in and is getting ready to order. Chloe greets her and asks how she has been. Stephanie admits she’s a bit crazed with all of the wedding planning. Chloe admits that she meant to call Philip before the big day to congratulate him, but hasn’t had a chance yet. She figures she still has a week or so to do it. Stephanie, surprised, shakes her head. Chloe takes out her phone and gasps, saying she was completely confused about the date. She stares, “Oh, my God!” Stephanie asks what’s wrong.

Pet asks Nathan is he wants another beer, but he says he’s going to cut himself off. He asks Pete to tell Stephanie that he went for a walk if she comes back. Pete agrees to do so and Nathan stumbles off and out the door. He slumps down onto a bench outside. Just then, Melanie walks by. Nathan sighs.

Carly calls Bo and leaves him a message telling him that she told Melanie that she couldn’t attend her wedding. Kate walks up behind her and listens in as Carly admits that it was hard to say goodbye to Melanie, but she knows it’s for the best, as she can’t alert Vivian to the truth. She hangs up. Kate walks over and greets Carly, saying that she’s sorry she hasn’t gotten a chance to see her since her return to town. Carly asks how she can help Kate, but Kate says that she came to talk about how the two of them can help each other.

Daniel tells Brady that he does want children, and that he and Rebecca planned to have them. He starts to say something else, but stops. Brady asks what he meant to say. Daniel finally stammers that timing is everything.

Chloe tells Stephanie that she is just surprised, as she thought the wedding was still a week away. Stephanie says she understands, as she does the same thing all the time. She then heads off, promising to see Chloe at the wedding. Chloe stares off into space blissfully, wondering if it’s possible that she’s actually pregnant.

Nathan stands up drunkenly, singing the wedding march for Melanie. She asks him uncomfortably if he is alright. Nathan says he isn’t, as she is marrying Philip, and he wishes that she wasn’t. Melanie sighs miserably.

Vivian cuddles Melanie’s gift back at the mansion, glad that the little box is back home, safe and sound. She vows that its contents won’t harm anyone until just the right moment--and then, tragedy will strike.

Carly wonders how she and Kate can help one another. Kate explains that first, Carly has to tell her what the connection is between her, Vivian, and Melanie Layton. Carly stares, shocked.

Anna, surprised, asks if EJ is throwing her out. He warns her that she has five minutes to pack. She asks about the money he owes her, but EJ claims that she isn’t getting a cent, as he doesn’t pay people for failing. He takes out his phone. She demands to know who he is calling, and EJ explains that he is going to have his bodyguard take care of Sydney, as he can do a better job than Anna has. Anna wails that he can’t do this to her, but EJ tells her this isn’t her decision to make. She glares, telling EJ that he is dead wrong about that.

Rafe explains to Sami that he wants to question Anna because it makes sense to question anyone involved with or related to the DiMeras. He then tells Sami that as far as him wanting her back; it’s true. He admits that she probably can’t stand the sight of him, and that she makes him angry too, but the fact of the matter is that he loves her and always will. He starts to head off, but Sami stops him, telling him she loves him, too. The two kiss passionately.


Victor asks, “What are you two plotting, Vivian? Tell me now.”

Carly tells Kate, “All right. I'll--I'll tell you what you want to know.”

Rafe assures Sami, “We haven't lost Sydney. She's out there somewhere. But we're gonna find her. I promise you that.”

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