Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/4/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/4/10


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At Bo and Hope’s house, Bo scoffs that Hope can’t be serious. She claims that this is what is best for Ciara, but Bo doesn’t think it’s best for her to never see her father again. Carly bursts in, asking Hope why she would do something like this. Hope glares, “Why do you think?”

Kate shows up at Maggie’s place and apologizes for dragging her out of bed. Maggie explains that she hasn’t gone to bed yet, but was on her way. She wonders what she can do for Kate. Kate explains that she needs to talk to Melanie so that she can warn her about Vivian.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian holds the wrapped package her associate brought her and offers it to Melanie. Melanie insists that she shouldn’t have gotten her anything else, but Vivian thought she would need ‘something old’ for the wedding. Melanie asks what it is, but Vivian claims that it is a surprise. Melanie asks if it’s jewelry or something else she needs to coordinate with her outfit. Vivian decides to go ahead and let Melanie open the gift so they can get it over with. Melanie hesitates, saying that Vivian makes the gift sound like a bad thing. Vivian assure her it isn’t, and adds that she thinks that Melanie will be very pleased.

Sami brings Johnny over to the DiMera mansion. EJ hugs him, telling him about the new video games he bought for them to play. Johnny squeals as Sami warns EJ not to get him too worked up before bedtime. He and Johnny joke about what a worrywart Sami is. EJ then sighs and puts Johnny down, asking him to go on up to his room and get the games. Johnny dashes off. Sami picks up a brochure for a pirate adventure tour and asks EJ what it is, as it’s obviously geared towards children. EJ explains that he is taking Johnny on it.

Anna, thrilled to find Sami not at home, leaves her a note and slips it under the door. She bumps into Rafe as she starts to head off. He asks if he can help her, but she says that she has to get going. Rafe asks her to wait, but she turns on him, demanding him who he thinks he is. Rafe introduces himself and asks who Anna is. She stares, frightened.

Melanie guesses she had better go ahead and open the present, but Vivian asks her to turn around and close her eyes first. Vivian then fantasizes about Melanie’s wedding day. Melanie opens her gift to find a decorative comb inside. Vivian helps her put it on as Carly rushes in, warning Vivian to stay away from Melanie. Vivian chortles that it’s too late, as the comb has poisoned tips. Melanie gasps and slumps to the sofa. Carly takes her in her arms as Melanie gasps that she can’t breathe. Carly pleads with her to breathe as Vivian looks on joyously. Vivian then comes back to the present and holds Melanie’s gift, considering whether or not to give it to her.

Sami snaps that EJ needs to check with her before planning things like this. EJ claims he was planning to tonight and explains that these past few weeks have been difficult for him. He adds that he knows it’s been hard for her because of Rafe and everything that has happened, and that frankly, life has been pure hell for both of them. Sami asks what that has to do with a pirate cruise. EJ sighs, admitting that he needs a distraction or he won’t be able to function much longer. He stammers that he is having trouble taking care of Johnny, then stops, saying he just needs to get away for a few days.

Anna is surprised at who Rafe is, and he wonders why, and who she is. She stammers. He asks if she is having trouble answering. She snaps that who she is is none of his business and starts to hurry off, but Rafe grabs her arm, demanding to know who she is, why she’s here, and why she left Sami a note under her door.

Carly can’t believe Hope is taking Bo’s child because of her, and she asks Hope if she really thinks that is fair. Hope snaps that Carly isn’t the judge of fairness, but Carly begs her not to punish Ciara just because she is angry with her and Bo. Hope claims she isn’t doing that as Carly tries to assure her that children adjust when their parents split up. Hope retorts that that is an idiotic cliché that means nothing. Carly doesn’t think Hope is right to assume that Ciara can’t handle her father being with another woman. Hope yells that she has done everything she can the past few months to make sure Ciara’s trauma doesn’t cause her to spin out of control. She claims that that is why she is taking Ciara tonight and filing for sole custody. Bo tells her that she can’t do that. Hope says she can, and that she will win, because even after everything Ciara has been through, Bo has invited a murderer into the house. She adds angrily that Bo has put himself first, and she can’t let it go on, so she’s putting a stop to it right now.

Kate tells Maggie that Vivian has hijacked Melanie and Philip’s wedding, and that the sadistic, destructive woman that is now a part of their lives. Kate can’t believe that doesn’t concern Maggie. Maggie admits that she knows that Vivian has problems. Kate scoffs, saying that the woman is dangerous, and that her being a part of Melanie’s and Philip’s lives can’t be good. Maggie then admits that she just got a message from Melanie saying that she was over at the Kiriakis mansion with Vivian. Kate gasps, saying that she has to get over there right away. She thanks Maggie profusely and heads off. Maggie sighs worriedly.

Melanie, her back turned and her eyes closed, says excitedly that this present must be great based on how much Vivian seems to be freaking out about it. Vivian abruptly decides that Melanie should wait for her wedding day to open it. Melanie is disappointed, and Vivian apologizes for letting her down. Melanie begs for a hint as to what the present is. Vivian grins, telling her it’s something she’ll just die for.

Sami reminds EJ that they have two children, and she isn’t sure she likes the idea of him taking one of them on a trip while the other is missing. EJ assures her that he didn’t plan to leave right away, and that he just needs something to look forward to considering all that has happened. Sami isn’t so sure, but EJ assures her that they will find Sydney, provided that her boyfriend doesn’t botch things up again. Sami replies that Rafe isn’t her boyfriend, and that he won’t. EJ says things might work out so that they can all go away as a family. Sami hugs and kisses Johnny, who has returned. She asks EJ to call if he needs anything and heads off. EJ picks up Johnny and tells him that they re going on trip to Pirate Island. Johnny claps his hands excitedly. EJ also thinks it sounds fun, and explains to Johnny that it will be just the two of them-kind of.

Rafe drags Anna into Sami’s apartment, telling her that the two of them are going to have a little chat. She protests, but Rafe explains that a baby was kidnapped, Sami’s baby, and now she has showed up here to leave a note under the door. He picks it up off the floor and demands to know why she left it. Anna stammers, frightened. Rafe again demands to know who she is and what she knows. Anna squeaks that this wasn’t her idea.

Hope says that she and Ciara are leaving, and starts to huff off, but Bo stops her, saying that she has had her chance to speak, and now it’s his turn. He then tells Hope that no matter what she says, his primary concern has always been his daughter. He thinks that he and Hope need to figure out what is going on with Ciara, as she never would have done something like this before. Hope asks what that is supposed to mean, and flies off the handle, asking if Bo is accusing her of badmouthing Carly to their daughter. She claims that she would never do something like that. Bo insists that he isn’t trying to blame anyone, and that he is just trying to make sense of all this. Hope snaps back that she is, too. Just then, Ciara runs down the stairs and begs Bo and Hope to stop fighting.

Melanie tells Vivian all about her woes with the florist. Vivian tells her not to worry, as she has one of the best in Manhattan, and will call him to make the arrangements. Melanie thanks her, but Vivian spots her eyeing her gift. She counsels Melanie to be patient, but Melanie is forced to admit that that isn’t one of her strong suits. Vivian reminds her that good things come to those that wait, but Melanie says she is more of a ‘snooze, you lose’ kind of girl. Vivian thinks Melanie is young and will learn. Kate walks in and smirks as Vivian tells Melanie that people change, and notes that it’s sad that some people sacrifice things in the name of love.

EJ gives Johnny a toy fire truck to play with and assures him they will have fun on their trip--him, Johnny, and Johnny’s sister.

Rafe demands to know what wasn’t Anna’s idea. Anna stammers. Rafe stalks toward her. Just then, Sami walks in and greets Rafe. She sees Anna and stares, puzzled. She greets her by name, and asks what she is doing here. Anna practically shakes with fear.

Melanie wonders why Vivian is suddenly talking about sacrifices for love. Kate heads over, admitting that she’d like to know the same thing. Vivian explains that she was just talking about all the sacrifices Melanie has made to be with Philip. Kate scoffs, asking if Vivian was referring to Melanie having to spend time with her. Melanie, uncomfortable, claims that she doesn’t want to get in the way of all this, so she’s going to leave. She starts to head off with Vivian’s gift, but Vivian shakes her finger at Melanie, reminding her that it’s for her wedding day. Melanie obediently drops the gift back on the table and hurries off, thanking Vivian for everything. Vivian chuckles. Kate glares.

Hope apologizes to Ciara, saying that she and her daddy were just trying to figure things out, and accidentally got a little loud. Hope then tells Ciara that they have to go. She pouts, asking if her daddy is mad at her. Bo kneels down, admitting that he is disappointed in her for what she did, but that he loves her, and could never be angry with her. She says she loves him, too. Bo hugs her and says goodbye as Hope helps Ciara with her coat and scarf. The two then head off. Bo sighs.

Sami introduces Anna to Rafe as a longtime friend of the family, and explains to Anna that Rafe is helping her find Sydney. Rafe thinks Anna should tell Sami what she is doing here, since she wouldn’t say anything to him. Anna retorts that she didn’t tell Rafe because he’s pushy and obnoxious. She then adds that the note explains everything. Rafe hands it over to Sami as Anna tells Sami that she is in town for a little while, and though her schedule is bananas, she wanted to stop by and offer Sami her prayers for the safe return of her child. Sami asks who told her, and Anna explains that Roman and Carrie did. Sami thanks her for stopping by. Anna then says that she has to go, but Sami insists she stay and visit for a while. Anan claims that she really can’t. Sami refuses to take no for an answer. Anna fidgets.

Bo wonders how Hope can do this to him. Carly says she is sorry, as she had no idea this would affect Bo’s life in this way. She gathers her clothing and stuffs it into her suitcase. Bo asks what she is doing, and Carly explains that she is moving out. Bo grabs her and hugs her, insisting that she isn’t going anywhere. He then claims that he has already lost too much, and he can’t lose her, too.

Hope and Ciara head into the Java Café, and Hope has a frank talk with Ciara about how destroying other people’s property is wrong. She then explains that if Ciara is angry, she must talk to her or the therapist about it. She wonders if Ciara understands. She claims she does as Justin walks in and greets the two. He hugs Ciara and sends her off to get hot chocolate. He sits down with Hope, asking if she talked to Bo about Carly’s daughter. Hope watches Ciara, saying she didn’t because something more pressing came up.

Sami asks Rafe what he is doing here, and he explains that he came by to pack up the rest of his things. He heads off to do so. Sami offers to make Anna some tea, but she insists that she really can’t stay long. She asks about Sami’s other kids, and Sami says they’re all doing well, as she tries to keep them all away from what is going on with Sydney. Sami tearfully tells Anna that it’s like a nightmare, and she had to wonder what kind of a monster would keep a little girl away from her mother. Anna sighs guiltily.

Kate thinks that it looks like she got here just in the nick of time. Vivian snaps that Kate isn’t welcome here, and demands that she get out of her house. Kate accuses Vivian of using Melanie as a weapon to get revenge on her. Vivian gets a call just then and tells Kate that she has to take this, and that she had better be gone by the time she gets back, or she’ll have her physically removed. Vivian huffs off. Kate vows not tot let Vivian steal her thunder or her son. She picks up Melanie’s gift from Vivian heads out the door with it.

Melanie heads into Maggie’s kitchen and greets her. Maggie offers her a cup of tea and Melanie thanks her. She jokes that for a girl growing up without a mom, she sure has them coming out of ears right now. Maggie gives her a worried look and Melanie assures her that she loves her the best. Maggie smiles, admitting that she and Melanie have a special connection. She then asks if Kate found her, telling Melanie that she told Kate that she was the mansion with Vivian. She hopes that’s ok. Melanie says it’s fine and explains that since she trusts and loves Maggie the most of all her moms, there is something important she has to ask her.

Anna sympathizes with what Sami is going through, admitting that she isn’t sure how Sami gets through the day. Sami admits that she barely does sometimes. She then tells Anna that she wants to talk to her about Sydney, since she and Tony were living at the mansion when Sydney was a baby. Anna tells Sami ruefully that she did a lot of traveling right before Tony died, and didn’t really get to spend any quality time with Sydney. She adds that they all thought she was Nicole’s baby anyway. Sami informs Anna that Nicole is in jail, where she belongs, and pretty soon, the woman that took Sydney will be right there beside her. Sami says she can’t help but be upset since kids change so fast, and it’s been weeks since she’s seen Sydney. Sami just hopes she isn’t suffering. Anna is sure she is fine. Sami wonders how she can know that.

Melanie explains that they’ve already got two mothers of the groom that hate each other, so she needs a mother of the bride, and she was hoping that Maggie would do it. She explains quickly that she knows the wedding date is Mickey and Maggie’s anniversary, so she will understand if she can’t make it. Maggie glances at a picture of Mickey and tearfully tells Melanie that she would be honored to attend. Melanie, thrilled, throws her arms around Maggie’s neck.

Carly comes downstairs and tells Bo that she is all unpacked. He thanks her for agreeing to stay. Carly tells him that she has made another decision, and has decided not to attend Melanie’s wedding, as it’s too risky to give Vivian the chance to sense something. Bo agrees that it’s best that she keep her distance for now, but vows that someday soon, she will be able to share in her daughter’s life. Carly then promises to do everything she can to help Bo with Ciara, as the idea that Hope would want to keep the two of them apart is heartbreaking. Bo tells her not to worry, swearing that that won’t happen.

Hope confides in Justin that this is unlike Ciara, as she has never done anything like this before. Just then, Ciara comes back with her hot chocolate. Hope decides she wants one, too and heads over the counter as Ciara takes her chair. Justin smears whipped cream on Ciara’s nose and she giggles. Hope watches, telling herself that this is all wrong.

Sami wonders how Anna can be sure that Sydney is being treated well. Anna stammers, picking up a photo of Sydney and wondering how anyone could ever hurt such a beautiful little girl. She asks Sami to be strong, as she is sure that she will get her little girl back someday. Rafe comes out just then with some boxes. Anna explains that she has stayed far too long, and really must leave. Sami thanks Anna for coming by and talking about Sydney with her, as it really lifted her spirits. Anna says it was no problem and heads off, promising to talk to Sami soon. Rafe asks Sami if she really didn’t notice that Anna seemed jumpy. Sami thinks Anna is always that way. Rafe ask if the two are close, but Sami admits they aren’t, and that the only thing they really share in common is hating Stefano. She asks what Rafe is thinking about, and he admits he is thinking of Sydney, like he always does. He vows that they are getting closer to finding her and heads out the door. Sami leans against the door and sighs.

Melanie thanks Maggie for agreeing to be her mother at the ceremony, claiming that Maggie has no idea how much this means to her. Maggie admits it means a lot to her too, as she is already making plans. Melanie sighs, admitting that as much as she is looking forward to this wedding, she almost wishes it were already over so she could get on with her life. Maggie stares at her worriedly.

Vivian heads back into the living room with Gus, thanking God that that wretched Kate DiMera is gone, as she dares to point fingers at others despite all she has done. She then tells Gus that she has decided to give Melanie her gift on her wedding day. Gus agrees with the idea wholeheartedly. Vivian starts to get the gift, but notices it’s missing. Flabbergasted, she fumes, “Kate!”

Kate strolls along the pier, telling herself that Vivian must thinks she’s clever to try to win Melanie’s affections through gifts. She guesses the gift must be extravagant, and starts to toss it into the water, but changes her mind, deciding that she’d like to see what is inside first. Kate start to open the gift.

Sami gazes at a picture of Sydney and prays that Anna is right, and that she is being treated well.

Anna cuddles Sydney back at her hideout, saying that she seems as sad as her mother is. She adds that Sami misses her, and wonders if she is doing the right thing by helping EJ to keep Sydney from her mother.

EJ stares at a picture of Sydney as the bell rings. He answers it to find Rafe outside. Rafe says he has a question for EJ that can't wait, and explains that it has to do with his sister-in-law, Anna DiMera. EJ stares.


Kate asks, “Why were you so afraid to let her open that, Vivian?”

Sami says, “It's just better if he stays as far away from me as possible.”

Rafe asks EJ, “Is it just me, or do you suddenly seem really nervous?”

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