Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/3/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/3/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Bo and Hope’s place, Bo heads into the living room to find Carly’s clothes scattered around and torn to shreds. He gasps, suspecting Vivian, and rushes upstairs, calling for Ciara.

At the pier, Vivian and Hope bump into one another, and the bag Gus brought for Vivian goes flying. Hope picks it up as Vivian makes a grab for it. Hope gets the distinct feeling that Vivian doesn’t want her to see what’s in the bag. Vivian laughs nervously.

At the hospital, Carly tracks Nathan down at the nurses’ station and apologizes for getting so personal earlier, as she knows he just recently lost his grandfather. Nathan claims that he isn’t trying to make any excuses, as he screwed up and nearly killed a patient, and it had nothing to do with this grandfather’s death or his recent breakup with Melanie. Carly admits quickly that she didn’t mean to imply that Nathan was acting unprofessionally, and claims she just wants to make sure Nathan’s head is a hundred percent in the game. Nathan vows that it is, saying that even though he and Melanie broke up, they weren’t together very long, so it isn’t a big deal. He then tells Carly he has a question for her and asks her abruptly why she cares so much about this.

Philip heads into the Java Café to find Melanie flipping through a wedding magazine. She wonders if it’s too late to change their appetizer menu and shows Philip some tiny fries and hamburgers in the magazine. She thinks they can call them papas fritas if they don’t seem classy enough for a Kiriakis wedding. She asks if he really hates the idea, but Philip claims he loves it. Melanie wonders if he is just saying that as Philip moves in for a kiss.

Brady rushes into the café and greets Rafe, saying that he got a message from Arianna telling him that she has great news, but he can’t get in touch with her to find out what the news is. Rafe explains that Arianna won’t be going back to jail. Elated, Brady thanks him, wondering what strings he managed to pull to get her out of it. Rafe grumbles that no one should have had to pull strings, as Arianna brought down a major drug boss and nearly got killed in the process. Brady agrees that it would be insane to send her back to jail just because she couldn’t nail the boss. Rafe worries that he may not have done Arianna any favors now that the boss knows who she is. Rafe sighs, fearing that Arianna may have been safer in prison.

EJ and Arianna head into the pub. EJ congratulates Arianna on the news that she isn’t going back to jail. She hopes it is good news, but admits that she fears that the big boss will come after her now that he knows who she is. EJ claims he wouldn’t worry if he were her. She reminds him that he told her yesterday that she should worry, but EJ thinks the man would have retaliated by now if he planned to do so.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate shows Stefano the dress she bought for Philip and Melanie’s wedding. Stefano surveys it critically, telling her that she might just upstage the bride. Kate chuckles as the doorbell rings. Stefano answers it, and a man outside serves him with papers. Stefano opens the envelope and reads through them, laughing. Kate asks what is going on, and Stefano explains merrily that EJ is evicting him from his own house. Worriedly, Kate asks when he has to leave and Stefano laughs again, saying he has to be out today.

At the police station, Roman talks to Anna over the phone, asking her why she lied and told him she was in Spain when he knows she is in Salem. Anna stares at Sydney worriedly as the baby giggles.

Vivian admits that she doesn’t want Hope or anyone else to see what is in the bag, as it’s Melanie’s ‘something old’ for her wedding ,and it’s intended to be a surprise. Hope prays it isn’t breakable, and Vivian says it isn’t, thank God. She adds that Carly already ruined Melanie’s wedding dress, so another mishap would be tragic for her.

Bo flies down the stairs, calling Ciara’s name in a panic. She comes out from the kitchen clutching a pair of scissors and proclaiming that she didn’t do it. Bo takes her into his arms and tells her that he didn’t think she did, but he casts a suspicious glance on the scissors. Later, Bo sits Ciara down on the sofa for a talk, explaining that Carly is going to be moving back in, and that these are her clothes. Ciara sighs as Bo apologizes for all the changes Ciara has been through lately. He then tells her that no matter what, this house is her home, and if she get upset or angry about something, all she has to do is talk to him or her mom about it, and they’ll do anything they can to make it better. Ciara asks pointedly if Bo can make Carly leave. He admits that he can, but tells Ciara that he wants her to give Carly a chance, as she is a nice lady, and Bo thinks that Ciara will like her. Ciara shrieks that she hates Carly. Bo takes her into his arms, soothing her.

Carly reminds Nathan that she is his supervisor, so she feels like she needs to step in when she sees his personal life affecting his work. Nathan reminds her angrily that Hope is his cousin, and that he hasn’t said a word to Carly about Bo, so he would appreciate the same courtesy from her. Just then, Daniel walks over, asking the two if there’s a problem.

Hope wonders how Carly managed to ruin Melanie’s wedding dress. Vivian says it takes a knack and adds that she already knows Carly wrecks marriages, so she doesn’t want to see her wreck a wedding, too. Hope grimaces, sure that Vivian doesn’t. Vivian then tells Hope that she loves weddings, and that this one is particularly special, since she never had a daughter, and Melanie never had a mother. Hope stammers that she doesn’t think Melanie has ever mentioned her mother. She wonders if Vivian knows anything about her.

Melanie shows Philip the seating chart for the wedding, explaining that she and Vivian came up with it. Philip sighs. Melanie knows that he doesn’t want Vivian helping, but Melanie thinks she’s really good at this kind of stuff. She asks Philip to take a look at it, but he claims he trusts her. She says she doesn’t and wants his opinion. Philip looks over the seating chart, telling Melanie that this is perfect if she wants the wedding of her dreams to turn into Armageddon.

Kate can’t believe that EJ would go this far. Stefano can, as his son is a man of his word, much like he is. Stefano thinks EJ knows he can’t force him out of his own home. Kate sighs. Stefano tells her not to worry, as she isn’t named on the eviction notice, but Kate doesn’t think that matters. Stefano then assures her that none of this will matter once Sydney is home, and swears that everything will change once EJ has his little girl back in his arms.

Anna tells Roman that she is back in town to wrap up some business regarding Tony’s estate, and she didn’t call because this has been a difficult time for her. Roman understands that, but can’t understand why she is avoiding people who care about her, explaining that Carrie told him she hadn’t seen to Anna in months. Anna sighs, saying that she speaks to Carrie on the phone frequently, and is planning to visit her soon. Roman asks what she has been up to. Anna stares at Sydney, saying she hasn’t been up to much. Roman doesn’t believe that. Anna sighs, admitting he is right, and that she can never lie to him.

EJ suggests he and Arianna have a celebratory drink. She’s reluctant, but EJ convinces her. She offers to get him something, but he claims he is making the drinks. Arianna says that all she wants is a beer with lime. EJ wonders why she would ruin a good beer with lime as Arianna rummages beneath the counter. She takes out a couple of beers and stuffs some limes down the neck of the bottles, handing one to EJ. The two toast to her freedom and swig the beers as Brady and Rafe walk in. The two watch as EJ nods appreciatively, asking if Arianna always drinks these. She nods and grins.

Stefano changes the subject to Kate’s son, wondering why she isn’t more involved with the wedding now that he has let her back into the fold. Kate explains that Vivian has taken control. Stefano is surprised that Kate let her and wonders what is wrong with Philip, as Vivian isn’t his mother. Kate sarcastically reminds him that Vivian carried him in her womb for nine months. Stefano doesn’t think that means anything, since Vivian has no biological connection to Philip and never raised him. He wonders where she gets the nerve to think of Philip as her son. Kate isn’t sure, but admits that Vivian must be persuasive, since she has already ingratiated herself with the bride. Stefano suggests Kate push this woman aside and do the same, but she claims she can’t. Stefano, surprised, asks if she is intimidated by Vivian. She scoffs. Stefano reminds her that Vivian is nothing more than an opportunistic nut job, and Kate is Philip’s mother. He adds that she is a formidable woman in her own right, and is Mrs. Stefano DiMera to boot. Kate decides that he is right, and that she has been going about this the wrong way. She kisses him, telling him she’ll be back later. Stefano chuckles as Kate hurries off.

Vivian tells Hope that all she knows is that Melanie’s mother passed away when she was little, and her father died recently as well. Hope admits she didn’t know Melanie’s mother died, and feels pity for the girl. Vivian thinks she has grown up to be a lovely young woman, just like Hope did after her mother was tragically hit by a bus. Hope frowns as Vivian grabs the bag away from her, telling her she will see her at Victor’s. Vivian rushes off. Hope wonders what she is up to.

Bo tells Ciara gently that hate is a pretty strong word. He then asks her to be truthful with him, and questions her about Carly’s clothes, asking if she did this. Ciara nods. He asks why, and wonders if she didn’t want Carly to feel welcome here. Ciara gives him a look and rushes off toward the stairs. Bo asks where she is going and she replies that she is going upstairs. Bo decides they will talk about this later when her mom gets here and Ciara heads off. Bo sighs. Later, Hope shows up, telling Bo that they have to talk. She steps into the living room and notices the suitcase open and the shredded clothes scattered around. She asks if the clothes belong to Carly and Bo nods. Shocked, Hope asks who did all of this. Bo tells her that Ciara did. Hope stares, astonished.

Nathan tells Daniel and Carly that he’s going to be late for rounds and hurries off. Carly then apologizes, explaining that she crossed a line with Nathan, and she owes Daniel an explanation.

Melanie shows Philip some optional seating charts, but he sighs, saying she’s right in thinking that it’s impossible for them to have a drama-free wedding. He thinks the first chart she showed him is actually pretty brilliant. Melanie grins, saying she thought so too. Philip suggests they talk about the honeymoon. Melanie kisses him, suggesting they not talk at all. Philip asks if she wants to finish this discussion at home, and she agrees. They start to head off, but run into Kate on the way out. Kate, delighted, says that they are just the two people she wanted to see.

Brady hugs Arianna, congratulating her. Rafe does the same. EJ offers the two a drink, but they decline. EJ wonders if there is any point in asking if the FBI knows anything new about his daughter’s whereabouts. Rafe assures him that he will be the first to know. Arianna adds that they are keeping the faith. EJ thanks her for saying so and heads off. Brady heads over to the bar to get a soda as Arianna assures Rafe that EJ must not know him very well if he was implying that Rafe can’t find Sydney. Rafe admits that he is starting to doubt himself, but Arianna says he can’t do that after all he has done for both her and Sami. She reminds him that he brought Sydney back to Sami once, and that he can do it again. Rafe hopes she is right. Arianna urges him not to give up now when he has never given up on anything in his life. Rafe hugs her, agreeing not to give up.

Sydney babbles loudly. Anna shushes her and tells Roman that the situation is complicated. Roman then tells her that he got a weird vibe from her when they spoke at Christmas, but he just chalked it up to her having a difficult time over the holidays. Roman says that he now thinks it’s more than that, and accuses Anna of lying to him then, too. Anna admits she was and that she did it because she couldn’t tell him something involving his daughter. Roman assumes that she means Carrie, but Anna says that she actually means Sami, and that Roman is going to hate her once he learns the truth.

Hope doesn’t think it’s possible that Ciara took a pair of scissors to Carly’s clothes. Bo admits he didn’t want to believe it either, but he caught Ciara with the scissors, and she admitted to doing it. Hope wonders what Carly’s clothes are doing here anyway. Bo explains that she is moving back into the house.

Daniel asks Carly what is going on here. She sighs, saying that she doesn’t distrust every Kiriakis, as neither Daniel or Bo were raised in the house, but Philip was. Daniel reminds her she doesn’t know a lot about Philip. Carly admits that that is true, but she does know Nathan is a good guy. Daniel reminds her that she just berated Nathan, but she explains that he needs to deal with his feelings for Melanie directly instead of daydreaming on the job. Daniel sighs. Carly admits that she knows this is none of her business, but it allowed her to smooth things over with Melanie and bond with her. Daniel says he didn’t realize that this was about Melanie. Carly quickly says that she thinks it’s really about her, since she married Victor when she should have followed her heart. She claims she did the same thing with Lawrence, and she doesn’t want to see Melanie make the same mistakes she made.

Philip asks what he and Melanie can do for Kate. She claims that she wants to do something for them, and begs them to let her take care of some wedding detail that no one else wants to handle, as she really wants to help. Philip admits that there is something she can do, and Kate is elated. Melanie takes this as her cue to head over to the florist and kisses Philip, promising to see him later. Philip then tells Kate that what he needs is her understanding. She asks what he means, and he reminds her of the part in the wedding where the groom and his mother walk down the aisle. Kate fretfully begs him not to tell her she can’t be in the wedding after how far they’ve come. Philip says that isn’t it; it’s just that Kate is going to have to share the spotlight with Vivian. Kate glares.

Vivian meets with a man at the pier. He looks in the bag as she asks him if he can get it done. He nods, saying he can. She explains that the firm deadline is Valentine’s Day, but he claims it will be done today. He heads off with the bag. Vivian grins.

Rafe thanks Arianna for the vote of confidence, but explains that the person that has lost the most faith in him is Sami. Arianna doesn’t believe that. Rafe claims that it doesn’t matter, since he can’t think about his and Sami’s relationship when his top priority is finding Sydney and bringing her home. He asks Arianna to have a good time celebrating her good news with Brady . He heads off as Arianna asks him to be careful. Brady heads over, taking Arianna into his arms. He tells her he knows this is unprofessional, since she’s at work, but he can’t help himself. He pulls Arianna in for a kiss.

EJ heads into the mansion to find Stefano setting up the chess board. He groans, noting that Stefano keeps refusing to disappear. Stefano retorts that this is his home. He snaps that has made allowances for EJ’s behavior, and has given him time to mourn, but now it’s enough, and EJ’s time is over. EJ scoffs.

Anna explains that Carrie asked her to go by Sami’s place and say hello for her. Roman thinks she should, but Anna glances worriedly at the baby, saying that she really can’t. Roman pleads with her, explaining that Sami really doesn’t feel like she has many friends right now. Anna sighs fretfully and glances at Sydney, agreeing to go see Sami.

Brady and Arianna head into her room. She sighs, saying how nice it is to know that she’ll be waking up tomorrow, and that she’ll be waking up in Brady’s arms. Brady asks if she is ok, as he fears she is worried about the drug lord coming after her. Arianna kisses Brady, saying that there is only one thing on her mind right now.

The man brings Vivian back a wrapped gift, warning her to handle it with caution, as the contents are lethal. Vivian chuckles, admitting that she’s counting on that.

Stefano thinks that despite how EJ feels about him, they can both agree that life is short after what happened to Tony. EJ nods. Stefano goes on to say that EJ seems to be consumed in this never-ending tantrum that wouldn’t be becoming on his four-year-old son. He adds that he understands the need to punish someone, but revenge has a time and place, and EJ seems to be getting some kind of perverse joy out of all this. He adds that that isn’t the man he knows EJ to be. EJ doesn’t reply. Stefano sighs, admitting that he sometimes feels as if he doesn’t know his own son.

Hope isn’t surprised that Ciara is acting out, considering that Bo asked Carly to move in without consulting her. Bo thinks this is a little more than just acting out and Hope agrees, reminding him that she explained that Ciara is still traumatized and scarred due to everything she has been through. She grumps that Bo should have listened to the therapist and put their daughter first. Bo claims that while he may have disagreed with the counselor, he has always put Ciara first. Hope agrees that she always thought so, until today, when she learned that Bo asked a murderer to move in with him. She wonders how he could do this after everything Ciara has been through, and after everything they have been through with Zach. Bo claims that Carly isn’t going to hurt anyone, but Hope snaps that she already has, and so have they. She reminds Bo that Ciara is fragile right now and is crying out for attention. Bo assures Hope that they will give it to her, as they are on the same side when it comes to their daughter. Hope is glad they both agree on that. Bo then tells her that she has to stop using Ciara as leverage against Carly, as that isn’t the answer. Hope glares.

Carly guesses it’s a bit conceited of her to think that a young person could learn from her horrible experiences. Daniel thinks Carly is acting generously, but reminds her that Philip is nothing like Victor, and Melanie is nothing like her, as she tends to be a bit flighty. Carly stops him, reminding him that they don’t have the right to judge anyone. She then hugs Daniel, thanking him for being there for her.

Kate wonders if this is a joke. She refuses to walk down the aisle with Vivian, declaring that that is one insult she just won’t accept. Philip groans, reminding Kate that this isn’t about her. She demands to know who it is about then, since Philip barely knows Vivian. Philip explains that Vivian has been good to Melanie, and has helped her with the wedding, but Kate claims she is only doing so in an attempt to push her out of her son’s wedding. Philip says he is just trying to be the bigger person, but Kate thinks he is just naïve if he lets Vivian into his life. Philip sighs, explaining that he is just trying to make everyone happy, and tells Kate it’s up to her whether or not she wants to take part in the happiest day of his life. Kate sighs, promising to be there. Philip is glad, adding that he and Melanie plan on starting a family soon, and he just wants everyone to get along. Kate sniffles, telling him that he can count on her to do her part, because she loves him. Philip thanks her, explaining that he has to rush off to a meeting. She says goodbye and Philip hurries out the door. Kate tells herself slyly that she wouldn’t have to get along with Vivian if she weren’t around.

Vivian heads into the mansion and greets Melanie, showing her that her wedding dress has been cleaned and is perfectly white again. Melanie hugs her, thanking her. She then apologizes for being so cold lately when it comes to Vivian, as she tends to back off when people start begin nice to her. Vivian just thinks Melanie is cautious, and claims there is noting wrong with that. Melanie tells Vivian that the more she gets to know her, the more she realizes that Vivian just needs to be loved. Vivian thanks her for summing that up so beautifully. Melanie then admits that Vivian is her guardian angel, and she doesn’t now what she would do without her.

Rafe stands on the pier and holds the medal of St. Anne that Sami gave him. He prays for God, St. Anne, and Grace to help him bring Sydney home.

Anna tells Sydney that Benny will watch her while she is out. She assures Sydney that she isn’t doing anything fun, and is just going to see Sydney’s mother--the woman with so many kids that she doesn’t have time to be with Sydney the way Anna is. She sighs, worrying what EJ will say when he finds out she visited Sami. She guesses that it’s better to beg for forgiveness later rather than ask permission now. She then promises Sydney that she will be back soon and heads off.

Bo tells Hope that they can’t let Ciara think that this kind of behavior is acceptable, and Hope agrees that she doesn’t want her to be rewarded, but she also can’t let Ciara return to this house. Bo stares as Hope reminds him that not only did Ciara see Justin get shot here and almost die; Bo also has a murderer moving in with him. Bo reminds Hope angrily that they agreed that he would get to Ciara whenever he wanted. Hope admits that she did agree to that before, but things are different now. Carly pokes her head in the door as Hope tells Bo that based on the kinds of decision is making, she doesn’t think she should see his daughter anymore at all.

Melanie takes a peek at the gift Vivian’s associate brought her. She’s excited, but says that Vivian shouldn’t have bought her anything else. Vivian reminds Melanie that she needs her ‘something old’ for the wedding. Melanie asks what it is, as she’ll need to coordinate everything if it’s a piece of jewelry. Vivian grins, handing Melanie the gift and telling her she sees no reason why Melanie can’t open it now, since she’s so eager.

Stefano tells EJ that he can’t possibly understand now, since his children are babies. He explains that one day, EJ will have to make a decision for Johnny or Sydney, and they will fight him kicking and screaming even though he knows he is right deep down in his heart. EJ claims he already knows what Stefano means. Stefano heads off, glad that they understand each other. EJ smirks, calling Stefano a fool.

Anna shows up at Sami’s, but no one is home. She leaves Sami a note and slips it under her door. As she heads off, she runs into Rafe. Rafe stares. Anna trembles.


Kate tells Maggie, “Well, I need to talk to Melanie. I have to warn her about Vivian.”

Rafe demands, “Tell me who you are and what you know.” Anna fidgets.

Hope tells Bo and Carly, “I will not let it go on. I'm putting a stop to it right now.”

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