Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/2/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/2/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Anna’s hideout, EJ sits on the floor and plays with Sydney, telling Anna that they are in the home stretch. She wonders why he is in such a good mood, and guesses it’s because Sami and Rafe split up. EJ nods. Anna reminds him that not only has he put Sami through the hell of having her baby kidnapped, but he also destroyed any chance she might have had to be happy with that young man. EJ snaps that Sami brought this on herself by hiding his child from him. He adds angrily that Sami is getting what she deserves, because no one is allowed to keep his kids from him and get away with it.

At the Java Cafe, Nathan and Stephanie visit a website for Alpine Valley and read about all the amenities and activities like ice skating and skiing, and Stephanie notes that the instructors try to make sure you make new friends. Nathan grumbles that he just wants to spend time with Stephanie, and whatever guy is making the hot toddies. Stephanie giggles as Nathan prepares to make their reservation. He starts to sign them up to check in on Valentine’s Day, but Stephanie reminds him that she told him she couldn’t go that day.

Gus meets Vivian at the pub and asks if she has decided how she will eliminate Carly Manning’s daughter. Vivian shakes her head ruefully, admitting that she hasn’t figured out the how, but she does know when it will happen--on Melanie’s wedding day. Gus chuckles, admitting he has always appreciated her dramatic flair. Vivian claps her hands with joy, admitting that it will be glorious, as it will give ‘til death do us part’ a whole new meaning. Gus is just happy to be a part of it. Vivian then admits that she still has to pin down exactly how she will kill Melanie, but Gus is sure it will come to her eventually. Vivian agrees, and then tells Gus that there is something even more important--Carly. Since she watched Lawrence die, Vivian wants to make sure she watches her daughter die, too. She wonders how she can ensure that Carly is present at the wedding.

At the hospital, Melanie and Carly head out to the nurse’s station as Carly explains that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea, considering what happened when she showed up at Maggie’s. Melanie wonders what that has to do with anything, and Carly reminds her that she wouldn’t want a scene like that on her wedding day. Melanie reminds her that Hope already gave her piece of her mind, and probably won’t do it again. She then jokes that if Carly has a problem with anyone, she can send them over to her. Carly doesn’t think Melanie would want to deal with that on her wedding day, but she explains that she was joking. Carly still isn’t so sure about attending Melanie’s wedding, as there is no telling what Vivian might do. Hurt, Melanie asks if Carly doesn’t want to come. She says she does, of course, and that she is honored to be invited. Melanie says it isn’t an honor, as she invited lots of people she doesn’t like, but she really needs Carly to come so she can make up for being so mean to her. Carly falters. As Bo walks over, Melanie throws her arms around Carly’s neck, thrilled that she is coming. Carly hugs her back as Bo watches.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope works on opening Vivian’s puzzle box as Justin looks on. She worries that Vivian might notice it’s missing, but Justin think they ought to worry about seeing what’s inside first. Hope finally gets the box open and finds some papers inside. She reads through them quickly, cursing Bo. Justin asks what it is, and Hope explains that it’s confirmation that her marriage is over. He asks what it is again, and Hope reads the letter from Lawrence to Carly aloud, the letter that talks about her betrayal and vows to make sure that the proof of her sins is destroyed. Justin thinks it makes Anne Rice sound like Hemingway, but Hope doesn’t think this is funny. Justin reminds her that the note doesn’t say anything about Bo. Hope shows him the other papers, which are medical records proving that Carly had a baby. Hope thinks Lawrence wanted the baby destroyed, so Carly ran--straight to Bo, the father of her child.

Melanie gushes about the band and the menu for her wedding, but Carly reminds her that she hasn’t agreed to go. Melanie’s face falls, reminding Carly that she said she wanted to. Carly just wants to be sure she won’t ruin the day for Melanie or anyone else. Melanie proclaims that she is the bride, and Carly won’t be ruining her day, so that is all that matters. Carly asks Melanie to let her think about it. Melanie agrees, but jokes that Carly still has to get her something. Carly chuckles. Melanie then reminds her that she and Philip will be going away after the wedding for a while, so it’s probably best that Carly try to spend time with he before she leaves. She then heads off. Carly grins, vowing to do so. Bo walks up behind her, startling her. Bo tells her sternly that she didn’t see him watching the whole time she was chatting with Melanie and hugging her. He reminds Carly that he could have been anyone--like Vivian, for instance.

Gus looks over some lists Vivian has made for him, noting that they’re very interesting. She tells him to put it all on the platinum card, as she’s saving her miles, and notices Gus grinning. She asks what he is so happy about, and he reminds her of how people tape wedding ceremonies these days. He figures this way, Vivian can watch the bride’s demise whenever she wants. Vivian grumps that she isn’t sure she will want to, as she doesn’t despise the girl and hates the idea of executing her. She sighs, admitting you can’t always have your way when you’re plotting revenge. Gus thinks it would be easier for her if she wasn’t so sensitive. Just then, Victor heads into the pub, asking the two what they are up to now.

Anna asks EJ if he thinks what he is doing to Sami is too cruel. He shakes his head, saying that he obviously thinks his plan is just cruel enough. She interrupts, but EJ warns her not to defend Sami. Anna accuses him of sounding like Stefano, who won’t listen to anyone. She then admits to EJ that she is looking at this from a mother’s perspective. EJ reminds her harshly that she is also his employee, and had better start looking at things from his point of view. Anna guesses that she doesn’t have much of a choice. EJ agrees.

Stephanie reminds Nathan that she has to help Melanie with her wedding on Valentine’s Day. Nathan guesses he just forgot, but Stephanie reminds him angrily that they just discussed it half an hour ago. Nathan claims he just mixed up the dates as he gets a page. He groans, telling Stephanie that he has to go back to the hospital. He asks her to check on the availability of a room for the fifteenth and starts to head off, but Stephanie stops him asking if the real reason he wants to leave on Valentine’s Day is because doesn’t want to be anywhere near Philip and Melanie’s wedding. Just then, Arianna rushes in and interrupts, telling Stephanie that she needs to talk to her about Melanie’s wedding. Nathan groans and say he has to go. He hurries off. Stephanie sighs.

Bo warns Carly that she needs to steer clear of Melanie, as she can’t handle being around her. Carly admits that Bo isn’t going to like that Melanie invited her to her wedding. Bo shakes his head, saying sarcastically that Carly will be sobbing her head off, and Vivian will be standing nearby with no clue as to who Carly’s daughter could be. Carly admits she told Melanie her attending wasn’t a good idea--right after she told her she really wanted to go. Bo thinks the situation is getting too volatile, as Vivian knows something is going on, and it’s getting hard for him to protect both Carly and her daughter. Carly sighs, admitting she has made Bo’s life a complete mess. Bo considers telling Philip the truth, but nixes the idea, deciding to come up with another plan. He then asks Carly to move back in with him for the meantime--at least until this whole thing is settled.

Arianna explains that she came to Stephanie because she knows she is helping with Melanie’s wedding. She explains that she is supposed to be Melanie’s maid of honor, but she can’t guarantee that she will be at the wedding.

Melanie runs into Nathan outside the café. He asks if she got her hand checked out, and she nods, saying that Dr. Manning told her it was fine, which is great, because she feared this might ruin her wedding. Nathan scoffs sarcastically that that is a relief and hurries off. Melanie sighs.

Gus compliments Victor on his tie and hurries off. Victor scoffs that the man is obsequious, but Vivian just thinks Victor scares Gus. Victor is glad to hear Gus isn’t a complete idiot, and hopes Vivian isn’t one, as he knows the two were plotting something. Vivian says they were of course, and Victor grumbles that she had better not be plotting against Melanie. Vivian reminds him that he told her not to. Victor thinks instructions escape Vivian sometimes and she just goes ahead and does whatever she wants, but she claims she is never that way when it comes to Victor. She wonders why he is so cranky and suggests they work out what they’re going to do to Carly, as that always makes Victor feel better.

Bo tells Carly that right now, she is the only person he can be around that makes him smile. He adds that he knows they always talk about how he takes care of her, but truthfully, he needs her support right now as well. He thinks with her support, he can do what he has to do to take care of Ciara and his family. He then informs her that he can’t pretend she isn’t a part of his life right now. Carly remembers coming over here on the plane feeling that her life was over. She claims she had no idea it was really just beginning. Bo warns her that he can’t promise anything right now, as he doesn’t know what will happen, and people will probably have a problem with them being together. He thinks that should move forward anyway, and just hope that everyone else gets on with their lives. Carly, thrilled, agrees to move on with Bo.

Justin doesn’t think Hope can know that the baby is Bo’s, but Hope snaps that this explains everything--why Carly came back to Salem, why she has such a hold over Bo, and why Bo can’t tell her the truth. Hope moans that this is history repeating itself, only it’s Carly this time instead of Billie.

Anna wonders if EJ really wants Sydney paying for what her mother did. EJ vows that she won’t, but Anna thinks Sydney will eventually realize that her father hates her mother. EJ thinks she is presuming, but Anan doesn’t think it’s presumption to question whether it’s best for a child to know that her father is punishing her mother for something that happened before she was born. Irritated, EJ sys that he meant that Anna is presuming that Sydney is going to know her mother at all. Anna gapes. EJ reminds her that he holds all the cards, and it is up to him to decide whether or not Sami gets to have a life with her daughter.

Stephanie is sorry to hear Arianna’s news, as she knows Melanie was looking forward to her being her maid of honor. Melanie walks in as Arianna admits that she’d rather be in the wedding than in a jail cell, but it isn’t her call. Melanie rushes over, claiming that Arianna is a hero, and she can’t believe she might have to go back to jail. Arianna sighs, saying it isn’t a done deal, but she doesn’t want Melanie counting on her, either. She adds that it’s probably best that she just back out now. Melanie refuses, telling Arianna that if she has to go to prison at the last minute, she’ll just bump Stephanie up to a bridesmaid. Arianna gets a message just then and tells the two that she has to go immediately. She hurries off as Stephanie tells Melanie that she can’t be her maid of honor. Melanie wonders why not, since it just involves wearing a fancier dress. Stephanie reminds her that their friend may be going to prison, so they probably shouldn’t be discussing bridesmaid dresses, but Melanie wasn’t sure what else to talk about in front of Arianna. Stephanie sighs, thinking Arianna is more concerned about letting Melanie down than the possibility serving time in jail. Melanie then demands to know why Stephanie can’t be a bridesmaid, and asks if it’s because of Nathan or Philip.

Nathan performs surgery in an operating room as Carly observes. Nathan nicks the patient’s blood vessel and panics. Carly wants to take over, but Nathan refuses, saying he can handle this. Carly shakes her head, insisting that she take over. Nathan backs off and watches miserably as Carly hurries to fix his mistake.

Hope thanks God she isn’t on the job right now, as she just made a wild and irrational assumption that isn’t supported by the evidence. She admits that now that she is thinking rationally, she realizes that after all that happened with Chelsea, there is no way Bo would hide another child from her. Justin is sure Carly would have told Bo about their child before now, too. Hope then decides that while Bo and Carly’s secret is regarding Carly’s child, Bo isn’t the father. Justin peers at the medical records, but claims they’re too damaged to make out a birth date. Hope curses that Bo should have trusted her with this secret. She asks Justin if he can imagine how different things would be right now if Bo had just been honest with her from the start. Justin reminds her that by the time Carly came to town, she had already moved out of the house.

Vivian thinks that she and Victor get along so well because they share the same core values--like honesty and love for family. She knows Victor likes to pretend to be stoic, but she knows it kills him to see Justin mooning after Bo’s wife and Bo mesmerized by Carly. She then vows to fix everything so that Victor can have his happy family back. Victor asks if she plans on offing Carly and she chastises him for being so indiscreet. Victor notes sarcastically that this couldn’t happen to a nicer girl, and again warns Vivian not to harm Melanie and to keep his name out of all this. She agrees.

Now alone in the operating room, Carly asks Nathan what happened. He admits sullenly that he screwed up. Carly thinks it’s more than that, as she knows he has the precision and skill to perform this kind of surgery. She accuses him of nicking the blood vessel because he wasn’t concentrating. Nathan sighs, admitting that he doesn’t have a good explanation for that, but Carly thinks she does.

Stephanie tells Melanie that this has nothing to do with Nathan, and reminds Melanie that it would be odd for her to be in Philip’s wedding, as they were nearly married once themselves. Melanie thinks that was forever ago, and adds that this can be a way for them all to move on. Stephanie sighs, saying that they’ve already moved on. She still isn’t sure about all this, telling Melanie that Thoreau cautions people to beware of all enterprises that require new clothes. Melanie ignores her, promising to talk to Philip about all of this. Stephanie would rather drop it, but Melanie refuses, saying that Stephanie’s behavior is making her think that she still might be hung up on Philip.

Arianna rushes into the police station and greets Roman. He tells her that this is her lucky day, as the D.E.A. agent involved in her case finally saw the light, and has decided that not only is Arianna not going back to prison; she’s getting a commendation. Arianna, elated, asks if Roman did this. He admits that he and her brother make a pretty good team. Arianna throws her arms around his neck, thanking him.

Hope reminds Justin that she moved out because she needed some time, and Ciara desperately needed a change of scenery. She sighs, admitting that it would be easy for her to blame this all on Carly, but she knows deep down that the problems between her and Bo are still there whether Carly is around or not. Justin suggests they get the box back upstairs before Vivian returns. Hope sympathizes with Carly for having to deal with Vivian after having dealt with Lawrence all those years. She thinks having a baby should be the happiest time in your life, but instead, it made Carly’s life a living hell.

Victor warns Vivian not to forget what he told her and heads off. She mutters to herself that she knows not to kill Melanie. She guesses she’ll have to talk to Victor about this sometime after the wedding, but before the funeral. Just then, Gus calls with bad news. He explains that he got everything on Vivian’s list, but due to the time crunch, he had to pay retail. Vivian says she understands, as a rush job like this always has a high overhead. She then tells Gus that she is glad he called, as there is something else she needs him to do.

Roman jokes with Arianna to get out of here, as he is busy, and she doesn’t work here anymore. She thanks him again, and he reminds her of how brave she was out there on the streets. He asks her to call if she needs anything, and she agrees to do so. She starts to go, but stops abruptly, asking Roman if he was married to Anna DiMera at one time. He admits he was, and Arianna asks if he knew that she was back in town.

EJ prepares to leave the hideout and hugs and kisses Sydney. He then tells Anna that he realizes that she is probably getting restless being cooped up here with the baby. She claims she is fine, but EJ is concerned about her attitude. He thinks she is spending too much time thinking about things that don’t concern her, and adds that it isn’t her place to question his actions or motives. He asks if they are clear that he is doing what is best for Sydney. Anna says they are, and EJ heads off. Sydney babbles goodbye. Anna sighs, telling Sydney that her father is a DiMera through and through. She sighs, “God help you.”

Justin keeps a look out while Hope returns the puzzle box to Vivian’s room. She comes back down the stairs, saying she doesn’t think Vivian will be able to tell that it has been opened. Justin asks what happens now, and she explains that she has to talk to Bo. Justin asks if she needs a lawyer there, or a friend, but she smiles and hakes her head. She thanks him for helping her, adding that she couldn’t do this alone. Justin jokes that he always wanted to be the lookout man. She thanks Justin for being so patient with her and hugs him just as Victor walks in. Hope thanks Justin for being a great friend. Victor glares.

Bo heads into his house with Carly’s suitcase. Lisa, the babysitter greets him. She tells him that Ciara is playing and asks if Bo wants her to get her, but he says he say no. He thanks her for coming on such short notice. She says it’s no problem, and notices the suitcase, asking if Bo is having company. He says it’s something like that. He pays Lisa and she heads off. He sighs, admitting to himself that now he has to explain to his daughter just who the company is. Just then, he gets a call from Abe. He has trouble with the reception and heads out onto the porch to take the call. The camera pans around to the kitchen door and we watch from someone’s point of view as they approach Carly’s suitcase.

Roman asks Arianna if she is sure that Anna is back in town. She nods, saying that she found out because she accidentally answered EJ’s phone. Surprised, Roman asks if Anna was calling EJ. Arianna nods, explaining that she wasn’t supposed to say anything because Anna and Stefano don’t get along, but she thought it would be alright if Roman knew about it. Roman thinks it’s strange Anna didn’t tell him, since they get along pretty well for exes. Arianna then heads off, asking Roman not to tell Anna she snitched. Roman calls Anna. She greets him. He asks where she is, and she stammers that she is in Spain. Roman tells her that’s the wrong answer.

Stephanie claims she isn’t hung up on Philip, but Melanie wants her to be in her wedding to prove that. Just then, Arianna calls Melanie to let her know that she isn’t going to jail, and can be in her wedding. Melanie is thrilled. Arianna promises to see her soon, after she makes a few calls, and hangs up. Melanie tells Stephanie the good news. She’s happy that she’s off the hook, but Melanie informs her that she still wants her to be a bridesmaid.

Carly guesses that Nathan was thinking about Melanie. He asks angrily if she’s a mind reader as well as a surgeon. She explains that she saw him talking to Melanie earlier. He angrily tells Carly that he screwed up, but his personal life is still personal. Carly reminds him that he brought his personal life into the operating room and let it affect his performance. Nathan admits that he feels terribly about what happened, and that he will make sure it never happens again. He assumes they are done here and storms off. Carly sighs.

Hope tells Justin that she had better get going. Justin hopes everything goes like she wants it to. Hope heads out the door. Victor heads in, accusing Justin of not listening very well. He reminds Justin that Hope is Bo’s wife, and warns him to stay away from her. Justin asks sarcastically if he sees him as the only obstacle to a Bo-Hope reconciliation. He suggests angrily that Victor go talk to Bo, since his nailing Carly is more of an impediment to them making up than him being a friend to Hope. Victor asks sarcastically if he really sees himself as a disinterested shoulder for Hope to cry on. Justin then admits that he is interested in Hope, but he isn’t poaching on anyone else’s territory, because Bo and Hope are history, and there is nothing Victor can do about it.

Gus meets Vivian at the café. He hands her a bag and she looks in it, gasping in delight and telling him it’s perfect. She thinks they’re going to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and that Melanie will never know what hit her.

Roman tells Anna that he knows that she is in Salem, and asks why she is back in town. She stares as Sydney worriedly.

Vivian asks Gus if he was able to take care of that other little matter. Gus nods, saying that it was difficult, but he worked fast and was undetected. Vivian is delighted to hear it.

Bo heads back into the house to find Carly’s clothes scattered around the living room. He picks up a shirt that is torn to shreds and gasps, “Vivian!” he rushes upstairs, calling for Ciara.

Vivian asks Gus to make an appointment with the person for her, and he agrees, heading off. Vivian sighs, telling herself that she is sorry for Victor, but she has to make Carly’s pain equal hers. She adds that Carly has to lose family too--and that family will be Melanie.

Carly chases Nathan down near the nurses’ station and tells him that she doesn’t mean to pry, but she and Melanie have grown closer lately, and she’d hate for Nathan to have issues with Melanie. He claims that he doesn’t, and that that is all he will say about it. He hurries off. Carly sighs, admitting that she tried.

Stephanie wonders why Melanie won’t just let this go. Melanie admits that she doesn’t have many friends, and she’d like to think that she and Stephanie are friends despite their ups and downs. Stephanie sighs and agrees, wondering if Melanie ever doesn’t get what she wants. She grins and shakes her head, promising to throw the bouquet at Stephanie. She then remembers that she already promised to throw it at Arianna. Stephanie chuckles and scrolls through the website about Alpine Valley. Melanie asks if she is planning a trip and hopes she isn’t going before the wedding. Stephanie says she’s going right after and stammers that she going with a sorority sister from college. Melanie thinks she’ll have fun, and may even meet the man of her dreams. Stephanie thinks that would be nice.

Victor snaps that Justin has already ruined his own marriage, and he’ll be damned if he lets him ruin Bo and Hope’s. Justin claims that their marriage is over. Victor says it isn’t, as big changes are coming. He warns Justin to stay out of the mix, but Justin throws his drink on the ground, shattering the glass and telling Victor to go to hell. Justin storms out.

Hope walks along the pier and flashes back to Bo assuring her that Carly’s secret has nothing to do with him, her, or their relationship. Hope comes back to the present, telling herself that it isn’t a secret anymore. Just then, Vivian runs into her, dropping the bag Gus brought her. Hope looks down at it curiously as she apologizes.


Stefano tells Kate, “Elvis is evicting me from my own home.”

Bo explains, “Carly's a nice person. You might like her.” Ciara shrieks, “No. I hate her. I hate her!”

Hope asks, “What are you up to, Vivian?”

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