Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/1/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/1/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Bo and Hope’s place, Bo talks to Ciara, who is at Maggie’s with Caroline and Maggie, over the webcam on his laptop. Just then, someone knocks on the door, and Bo ends the conversation, telling Ciara that he loves her and will talk to her later. He heads over to answer the door and Carly bounces in. Bo guesses she has good news and Carly nods, telling Bo that she spent some quality time with Melanie, and the two were able to talk and get to know one another. Bo is glad to hear it. Carly nods, telling him that she thinks Melanie is ready, so she’s going to tell her that she is her mother.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian comforts herself with an Epicurus quote about how the most glorious victories are the most difficult to obtain. She picks up her phone and leaves Melanie a voicemail as Hope walks into the foyer. Hope listens in as Vivian suggests that the two spend the day at a spa so they can work on the plans for the wedding. Hope heads in to make coffee as Vivian hangs up. Hope wonders aloud why Vivian seems to be so wrapped up in Melanie.

Melanie heads into the hospital and greets Maxine, who is shocked to see her, as she thought the future Mrs. Kiriakis would be picking out china patterns and opening charge accounts. Melanie grins, saying she missed Maxine too, and explains that she is here because she hurt her hand, and Dr. Manning suggested she get it x-rayed. Maxine explains that Carly hasn’t started her shift yet, but there is someone here who can authorize it. She looks up and gestures towards Nathan as he walks over. Melanie groans.

At the pub, Justin heads over to Stephanie’s table and greets her, asking if he can get her another cup of coffee. She declines, and he asks if he may join her. She agrees, but admits she might not be the best company right now. Justin asks what’s wrong, and Stephanie explains that she is in love. Justin thinks that is great news, but Stephanie is pretty sure that she guy she loves doesn’t love her back. Justin admits that isn’t very good news after all.

Bo is thrilled that Carly and Melanie are getting along, but he doesn’t think that means it’s safe for Carly to reveal that she is Melanie’s mother. Carly thinks it’s the perfect time, since she’s young, alone, and about to get married. Bo shakes his head, telling Carly that it’s too dangerous. He then tells Carly that Melanie is a very emotional young woman, and if she finds out the truth, she won’t be able to keep it under wraps, which will just make it easier for Vivian to find out about her. Carly sighs, telling Bo how hard it is to keep lying, as the truth nearly pops out of her mouth every time she sees Melanie. Bo suggests that she not spend so much time with Melanie, but Carly refuses, saying she has to be able to see her daughter.

Vivian, delighted, admits that she is wrapped up in Melanie’s life--like an afghan of joy. Hope wonders why, since Vivian didn’t even know Melanie a couple of months ago. Vivian says it doesn’t matter, since she knew from the moment she met Melanie that she lit up the room and complemented Philip. Hope wonders what other reason there is, as she is sure there is something in all this for Vivian.

Bo hugs Carly, telling her how much she means to him and vowing that they will get through this together. Carly wonders how he is going to protect her from herself, but admits that telling Melanie the truth is a bad idea, as everything she thinks and feels is right on the surface. Bo thinks that is like someone else he knows. Carly sighs, admitting that Vivian would find out the truth if Melanie was let in on the secret. Bo wishes he could find a way to get that bitch out of their lives. Carly jokes that she has a plan to bury Vivian alive and Bo chuckles, asking if he can help. Carly thinks he has helped her enough already, and admits she wouldn’t have gotten through this without him.

Hope accuses Vivian of thinking that she can get closer to Victor by ingratiating herself with Philip through Melanie. Vivian shrugs, saying that she and Melanie are the new girls in the family, and she thinks that that they should stick together. Hope thinks there’s more to it. Vivian asks why Hope is being so antagonistic when they are both victims of Carly Manning. Hope finds the statement apropos since revenge is the only thing that drives Vivian. All Vivian will admit is that she could have left well enough alone if Carly hadn’t killed Lawrence. Hope thinks that’s an interesting thing to say, and asks Vivian what it is she would have left alone.

Maggie asks Ciara if she’d rather come into the living room with her and Caroline or stay here and finish her fruit first. Ciara decides to stay there and the two women head off into the living room to look at a picture Maggie found of Shawn and Mickey. Ciara clicks a button on the desktop for the web camera, and video pops up of Carly and Bo snuggling on the sofa. Carly thinks Bo must get tired of talking her down. He tells her that he isn’t tired of anything about her. The two kiss. Ciara watches from Maggie’s kitchen, shocked.

Justin thinks any guy that doesn’t return Stephanie’s love is an idiot. She replies that he sounds just like her father. Justin doesn’t think fathers need to know much to pass judgment, and adds that whoever the guy is, he isn’t good enough for Stephanie, and has bad eyesight to boot. Stephanie thinks he might just be hung up on some else, but Justin still thinks the guy is a jerk. Stephanie then admits that the guy she is talking about is Nathan, and Justin knows he isn’t a jerk. Justin asks if Nathan told her he was hung up on someone else. She admits that he did, but claimed he was over it. Justin doesn’t think Nathan would lie. Stephanie agrees, but fears that he is lying to himself.

Melanie tells Nathan that she would rather wait for Carly, but Nathan thinks she needs to have her hand looked at immediately in case she’s broken anything. He takes her hand, but Melanie yanks it away, warning him not to touch her.

Chad brings his father some papers at the police station. Charles frets over the arresting officer being late to be prepared for the trial. Charles riffles through the papers with a sigh as Chad thanks him again for letting him and his friends go to Vancouver for the Olympics. Charles grumbles. Chad starts to leave, but Charles gets up, apologizing for acting this way, claiming that it’s just the trial stressing him out. He then tells Chad that he hopes he and his friends have a great time in Vancouver, as he deserves to have some fun after all he has been through lately. Chad thinks his dad has been pretty easy-going, considering his past, but Charles says that is all over now, and that he is sure Chad is going to succeed. Chad thinks he seems pretty sure about that. Charles replies that he wasn’t the problem; that girl was. He adds that he is glad Mia is out of his son’s life for good.

At the Java Café, Mia sits with Will, now played by Chandler Massey. She listens in jealously as Kinsey gushes to Gabi and Tad that there is something pretty lovable about a guy with a condo in Vancouver. Tad jokes that his family rents storage units, and that Kinsey can have a key any time. Gabi still can’t believe that Chad asked her and wonders if she is imagining it all. Kinsey thinks she had to see it coming just from the way Chad looks at her. She thinks Chad wants to be alone with Gabi in front of a fire, and see if he can warm her up even more. Gabi blushes. Mia frowns.

Hope accuses Vivian of being back in town for revenge. Vivian admits she did come back for that reason originally, but she changed her mind after she was welcomed into the Kiriakis family with such warmth. Vivian then stops short and curses, remembering a hair appointment she’s late for. She hurries off as Hope tells herself that Vivian hasn’t changed a bit. She knows Vivian is still after Carly, but she wonders what Melanie has to do with that.

Ciara watches the video from the webcam as Bo and Carly snuggle on the couch. Carly tells Bo that there are times--mainly when she’s with him--that she really thinks everything is going to be alright now that she has him and her beautiful daughter, Melanie. Bo nods, saying they just have to do something about Vivian. Carly wonders if they can live happily ever after after that. Bo chuckles and the two kiss. Later, we pan in on the closed laptop in Maggie’s kitchen as Caroline helps Ciara with her coat. She tells Maggie that the two are going over to Bo’s. Maggie asks if she should call and let him know they‘re coming, but Caroline would rather surprise him. Caroline and Maggie exchange pointed looks as Caroline and Ciara head out the door.

Justin advises Stephanie to speak with Nathan openly and honestly about this. She asks if he does the same with her Aunt Adrienne. Justin is forced to admit that he just tells other people to do that. Just then, Adrienne calls. Justin tells Stephanie that he has to take it, and she asks him to give Adrienne her love. Justin heads off. Stephanie takes out her own phone and urges herself to ask Nathan if he still has feelings for Melanie, as it would be better for her to know for sure.

Chad has met Gabi, Tad and Kinsey at the café, and he tells them about the other Olympic events his father is trying to get them tickets for. Kinsey remembers having fun watching curling with Tad and wonders if they can get tickets for that event as well. Chad and Tad chuckle. Kinsey hugs him, telling Chad what a great friend he is. Tad admits that it’s incredible that they were even invited. The four then discuss what they’re going to pack as Mia looks on angrily. She tells Will abruptly that she has to go check on Maggie. Will sighs as Mia hurries off.

Carly tells Bo that she has to go start her shift at the hospital. He jokes that her job saving lives isn’t all that important. She laughs, asking him to let her take care of that while he keeps Salem safe for democracy. She puts on her coat and opens the door, telling Bo she loves him before she goes. She then turns around to find Caroline and Ciara standing in the doorway. Ciara runs in as Bo tells her what a surprise this is. Caroline frowns, saying it is a surprise, apparently. She coldly asks Carly not to let her keep her. Carly hurries off uncomfortably. Bo helps Ciara with her coat and tells her and Caroline that it’s always good to seem them. Caroline isn’t so sure he means that. Bo sends Ciara off to get some new markers and pencils he bought her. Ciara rushes upstairs. Caroline glares at Bo.

Will heads into Maggie’s kitchen and greets her. She didn’t expect to see him this morning, and he explains that he is worried about Mia, as she told him out of the blue that something was wrong, and she needed to check on Maggie. Maggie tells Will that Mia isn’t here. Will sighs.

Mia heads into the police station and greets Charles, explaining that his office said he’d be here. He asks her sharply what she wants, and Mia replies that she needs to talk to him about something.

At the café, Vivian cancels her hair appointment, asking someone over the phone to charge the cancellation fee to Victor. She hangs up, wondering aloud what she can do to make Melanie’s wedding something that no one will forget.

Nathan tells Melanie that it’s fine if she doesn’t want him touching her, but she really needs her hand to be looked at. Melanie claims that him touching her isn’t a big deal. Nathan stammers that this whole thing is stupid, and advises Melanie to find another doctor, since they’re clearly having trouble with their doctor-patient relationship. Melanie asks why they’d have a problem. Nathan retorts that he isn’t sure and that it’s her problem, not his. He storms off as Carly listens in. Melanie wonders grumpily if it is really her problem.

At the pub, Hope calls the mansion to see if Vivian has left. Learning that she has, she hangs up. She starts to leave, but Justin heads over, telling her that they need to talk. Hope claims it isn’t a good time, but Justin says he just spoke to Adrienne, who told him that Hope called to see if their marriage was really over. Hope claims she didn’t word it that way, but Justin says Adrienne heard it that way, and also told him that Hope was urging her to give him another chance Hope claims she is just a romantic at heart, but Justin thinks she is just prolonging the agony, as his and Adrienne’s marriage is over. Hope asks him if they can talk about this later, as she has something important to do, and not a lot of time to do it. Justin claims that this isn’t over. Hope gets an idea just then and explains that she actually needs Justin’s help. She takes him by the arm and fairly drags him out of the pub.

Bo sighs, telling Caroline to go ahead and let him have it. She asks him angrily if he ever thinks about anyone other than himself.

Stephanie stumbles over to a bench near the pier, groaning about the puddle she just stepped in. Nathan takes off her boot and massages her foot, saying Stephanie is probably wondering why a doofus like himself would want to go for a walk in February. Stephanie chuckles, admitting that she is glad he called, as she was going to call to ask him something. Nathan says that they will have plenty of time to talk soon enough, as he got a few days leave from the hospital. He then tells her about a ski trip he is planning to Alpine Valley. Stephanie admits she has heard of the place and has always wanted to go there. She thinks Nathan will have a great time. Nathan agrees that he will--provided that Stephanie comes with him. She grins.

In an exam room, Carly tells Melanie that she must be relieved she won’t have to wear a cast for her wedding. Melanie nods, saying she probably would have just canceled it if she had, as she needs everything to be perfect. Carly asks if she and Philip plan on writing their own vows. Melanie isn’t sure, admitting that no one has ever accused her of being deep. Carly says she is accusing her of it, and adds that she thinks everything Melanie has been through has give her plenty of depth and character. Melanie asks if she really thinks so. Carly nods, admitting that she always knew Melanie was a person of substance, even when Melanie hated her. Melanie guesses she can write those vows after all. Carly nods, saying she will do fine as long as she writes them from her heart. She adds that it really won’t matter what the words are, as she is sure Melanie loves Philip and only Philip. Melanie sighs, guessing that she doesn’t have to fill these forms out, and that Carly is using that as a ruse to keep her here. Carly admits that she saw Melanie speaking to Nathan, and things seemed intense, as Melanie wouldn’t even let him touch her. Melanie then explains that she and Nathan used to date, and she thinks he still has feelings for her, so she is trying to be sensitive to that. Carly doesn’t think yanking her hand away from him is sensitive, but Melanie snaps that that is Nathan’s problem, not hers. Carly sighs, telling Melanie that it is fine if she has feelings for Nathan, and assures her that she isn’t in trouble--not yet, anyway.

Justin and Hope head into the Kiriakis mansion. Justin asks how long Hope thinks Vivian will be gone, and she guesses she won’t be back for a couple of hours at least. Justin wonders if that is enough time for Hope to get into her puzzle box. Hope prays it is. Justin thinks Hope will look like a real hero when she gives Bo enough evidence to nail Vivian, and that even Carly will have to thank her. Hope doubts it, as Carly has made it clear that the only person she wants protecting her is Bo. Hope grumbles that she really has the damsel in distress routine down pat. Justin wonders if Hope slaying Carly’s dragon will really make her less interesting to Bo. Hope suggests they talk about motives later, and asks him to call her if Henderson or anyone else heads upstairs. Justin agrees. Hope then apologizes for calling Adrienne and making things harder, as she just wanted to see him happy. She heads off, adding with a sigh that she is sick of everything being so complicated. Justin sighs, telling himself that the solution could be very simple.

Bo asks angrily if Caroline is calling him selfish. She admits that came out harsher than she meant, as she is in no place to throw stones. Bo groans as Caroline asks him if he realizes how it makes Ciara feel to come home and hear another woman telling her daddy that she loves him. Bo wonders if it’s any worse than being in a new home and seeing whatever her mother and Justin do together. Caroline reminds him they are talking about Ciara and his responsibility to his daughter, not Hope. Bo yells back that Hope took Ciara and ripped their family apart, not him. He adds that he can’t believe that his own other doesn’t even see that this is Hope’s fault. Caroline angrily asks if he thinks that lets him off the hook and suggests that he go tell Ciara that her mother is wrong, and he is right, and see if that provides any comfort to her. Bo sighs.

Will tries to call Mia, but gets no answer. Maggie suggests that she may have ran into some friends, but Will insists that Mia doesn’t have friends. He then confides in Maggie that he thinks Mia is a different person ever since Grace died, not like his mom and Maggie, who are themselves, but just sad. He adds that he isn’t sure he even knows who Mia is.

Charles doesn’t think he and Mia have anything to discuss. She explains that she just wanted to come by to thank him. He asks what she means, and she explains that she knows that he probably blames her for what happened with Chad, so she’s grateful that he is allowing her and Chad to be friends. Charles snaps that he was under the impression that Mia was out of Chad’s life. She sighs, guessing Chad didn’t tell his father. He asks what Chad didn’t tell him. She starts to go, saying that he shouldn’t have come here, but Charles insists on knowing why she came. Mia admits that she came by to thank him for letting Chad invite her to Vancouver. Charles gapes.

Stephanie asks Nathan in surprise if he is asking her to go away with him. He admits he is and asks if her foot is better. Stephanie says it is, and puts her shoe back on. Nathan worries that it’s too soon to plan a trip together, but Stephanie insists that she thinks it’s a wonderful idea. She asks when he plans to go, and he says that he was thinking of going on Valentine’s Day. Stephanie shakes her head, saying that she can’t do that.

Melanie isn’t sure why she is still talking to Carly, as she is sort of butting in again. Carly thinks she is onto something, and Melanie admits that things are more complicated than she’d like them to be. Carly jokes, asking Melanie if she wants a simple life like hers. Melanie chuckles. Carly then gets serious, suggesting that since Melanie’s childhood forced her to grow up faster than she liked, perhaps she just doesn’t know how to be a young person. Carly doesn’t think it’s a bad thing that Melanie has feelings for two people, and perhaps this is a sign that her trying to pin things down and grow up so fast isn’t the right thing to do. Carly then suggests that Melanie enjoy being young and having two handsome guys in the palm of her hand. Melanie reminds Carly that she is getting married, and she shouldn’t say things like that. Carly just doesn’t want Melanie to get hurt. She says it’s all kid’s stuff now, but when she gets married, everything will be turn into grownup issues fast, and Melanie could end up being very unhappy. Melanie asks if Carly is saying that she should leave Philip and give Nathan another chance.

Vivian heads into the Kiriakis mansion. Justin wonders what the hell she is doing here and notes that her hair doesn’t look any different. Vivian demands to know why it should, and Justin explains that Henderson told him that Vivian was at her hairdresser’s. Vivian snaps that she doesn’t think Justin has enough to do if he’s discussing her hair appointments with the butler. She starts to head upstairs, but Justin stops her, asking what she’s doing. Vivian explains that she is going to her room to take her coat off, but Justin says she can’t, as he has something very important to discuss with her. Hope comes halfway down the stairs and listens in.

Mia comes back to the café and greets Will. He wonders where she was, as he went by Maggie’s to look for her and couldn’t find her. She explains that she felt like she was in too bad of a mood to talk to Maggie, so she just decided to take a walk alone. Will says that he would have joined her, but Mia assures him he couldn’t have done anything about it. Just then, Chad gets a phone call nearby. He listens and shouts angrily into the phone. Mia beams, guessing that someone just got bad news. She admits that for some reason, she’s in a much better mood now. Chad heads over to Gabi, Kinsey and Tad. He breaks the news tot hem that his father canceled the trip to Vancouver, accusing him of behaving like a child. Kinsey exclaims that she is going to die. Chad shakes his head, saying he isn’t sure what he did wrong. Gabi apologizes, as she knows Chad was looking forward to this. Kinsey moans that she told everyone she knows and everyone she hates about going on this trip. Mia heads over and puts her arms around Gabi and Chad, assuring the four that it isn’t the end of the world, as they can just watch the Olympics on TV. Everyone stares sullenly as Mia beams.

Stephanie reminds Nathan that Melanie and Philip are getting married on Valentine’s Day, and if she is out of town that day, she’ll have to tell Melanie where she is going. She adds that they already agreed not to say anything about them dating until after Melanie and Philip are wed. Nathan admits that he forgot. Stephanie suggests they just go on the fifteenth instead, and Nathan agrees, as long as she agrees to come. Stephanie says she will, of course.

Justin tells Vivian that he has a favor to ask, and admits that he was wondering if she could talk to Victor for him, since he is still pretty upset about what happened with Hope. Vivian admits that Victor is harsh when it comes to ‘coveting thy neighbor’s wife’--unless of course, Victor is doing the coveting. Vivian then says that she will talk to Victor, not because she cares about Justin, but because she always likes to have people in her debt. Hope walks in just then, saying that she thought Vivian had a hair appointment. Vivian heads off, grumbling and wondering why everyone is so concerned with her hair. Justin asks Hope in a whisper if she got it. She holds up a large purse, saying she did, but there’s a bit of a problem.

Bo groans, telling Caroline that he is doing the best he can right now. Caroline reminds him of how upset his daughter is. Bo admits that’s true, but he doesn’t know what is going on with Hope, as everything he says and does is wrong in her eyes. He stammers that he thinks about his daughter all the time. Caroline says she knows this isn’t easy for him, but he has to think of what is best for Ciara, not himself. She adds that she doesn’t think that what is best for Ciara has anything to do with Carly Manning.

Carly tells Melanie that all she is saying is that Melanie should slow down and think things through. Melanie insists that Philip loves her for who she is, and that she is sure that he can make her happy. Carly nods, admitting that this is none of her business, then. Melanie wonders why it is that she stopped hating Carly. Carly jokes that Melanie probably enjoys being around someone that screws up more than she does. Melanie laughs, admitting that when Hope told Carly off, she remembered being in Carly’s shoes before. She apologizes for passing judgment before she knew the whole story. Carly forgives her. Melanie then tells Carly that since Bo is going to be at the wedding as Philip’s brother, she thinks Carly ought to come, too. Carly beams.

Vivian and Gus meet at the café. He asks if she has figured out how to eliminate Carly’s daughter. She smiles and shakes her head saying she doesn’t know how, but she does know when--on Melanie’s wedding day.

Bo hunts through a drawer for a red marker Ciara wants. He finds a picture of himself, Hope, and Ciara. Ciara asks if she has found what she needs. Bo sadly puts the picture aside, admitting that he hasn’t yet.

Hope works on opening the box as she worries that Vivian might notice it’s gone. Justin doesn’t think they should worry about that until they find out what’s inside the box. Hope finally gets the box open. Excitedly, she takes out some papers and looks through them. She gasps, “Damn you, Brady.”


Vivian tells Gus, “She watched Lawrence die. Now she's gonna watch her own daughter die.”

Bo warns Carly, “This situation is way too volatile.”

Hope tells Justin, “Don't you see? This explains everything.”

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