Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/29/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/29/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Vivian heads into the Kiriakis mansion and greets Victor. He grumbles that he’s busy, but she claims that she’s had an epiphany. Victor asks if she’s realized what a thorn she is in his side, and if she’s come to pack her bags. Vivian asks if that is what he wants. He sighs, asking what her epiphany is all about. Vivian claims she has made a decision, and now knows exactly what to do with Carly.

At the park, Melanie scoffs at Carly’s question as to whether or not she can keep a secret. Melanie asks sarcastically if this is junior high. Carly claims the question is serious, and Melanie replies that she can keep a secret when she puts her mind to it. Carly is glad to hear it, as she thinks it’s time Melanie knew the truth.

Rafe starts to head out of Sami’s place with a bag, promising to come back for the rest of his things later. Sami stops him.

Brady greets Roman at the police station, telling him that he has been trying to reach Arianna, and can’t get her on her phone. Roman asks how long he has been trying, but Brady doesn’t think that matters, since the head of the drug cartel probably knows by now that Arianna was working undercover to bring him down. Roman starts to interrupt, but Brady tells him that he doesn’t like this. Roman thinks he ought to calm down, as his getting worked up won’t help, but Brady insists that Arianna’s life could be in danger.

At the DiMera mansion, Arianna heads into the foyer and picks up EJ’s ringing phone. Anna is on the other line, and she identifies herself, asking EJ to bring those chocolates by whenever it’s safe. Arianna asks if she knows Anna. Just then, EJ walks in, asking Arianna what she’s doing.

Melanie asks what Carly needs to tell her, but Carly suggests they go somewhere more private. Melanie replies that they can go to Maggie’s, as no one is home. Carly is relieved, saying that she will explain everything to Melanie once they get there. She heads off. Melanie follows, grumbling that this had better be good.

Sami takes out her medal of Saint Anne and says that she believes it kept Sydney safe when she was pregnant with her, and she believes the medal is still keeping her safe. She adds that this medal gives her hope, and looking at it makes her feel close to Sydney. She then tells Rafe that she thinks he needs it more than she does, and tells him that she wants him to have it.

Victor is shocked that Vivian has actually made a decision. She huffs, reminding him that this situation is complicated, and she had to weigh all the options. Victor asks how she plans on getting Carly out of the picture, but Vivian says she isn’t planning that at all. Victor jokes, wondering if she has had a change of heart and plans on joining the Peace Corps. Vivian snorts that she is still intending to punish Carly; she’s just going back to plan ‘A.’ Victor reminds her that that plan including eliminating Melanie, his son’s fiancée. Vivian nods, saying eliminating that bastard child was what Lawrence wanted all along, and destroying Melanie will destroy Carly, too.

Melanie and Carly head into Maggie’s kitchen. Melanie doesn’t think anyone is home, but Carly asks her to check and make sure. Melanie calls out, asking if anyone is home, but no one answers. She asks what Carly has to tell her, but Carly changes the subject, suggesting that Melanie get some ice on her hand before it swells. She wonders how Melanie hurt it, but Melanie reminds her that they aren’t here to talk about her hand. She then asks Carly what her big secret is, and what it has to do with her. Carly sighs, saying this isn’t easy for her to talk about, but she had a daughter many years ago.

EJ demands to know what Arianna is doing with his phone. She stammers, explaining that her phone looks just like his. EJ angrily asks if she came here to spy on him. She explains that she just came here to thank him, but EJ thinks invading his privacy is a funny way to show thanks. Arianna sighs, taking her phone out of her purse and showing EJ that they have the same phone. EJ apologizes, admitting he tends to be a bit paranoid. Arianna demands to know what the big deal is regarding her accidentally answering his phone. She wonders if EJ has something to hide.

At her hideout, Anna cuddles Sydney, fearing she has made a big mistake. She wonders how she was supposed to know someone else would answer her daddy’s phone and worries that she’s blown it for all of them.

Melanie wonders why Carly having a daughter is a big deal. Carly explains that not many people know about her, as the whole thing is complicated. Melanie isn’t surprised, as she already knows Carly offed her husband and took someone else’s, so her life kind of screams ‘complicated.’ Carly sighs, saying she knows Melanie doesn’t have the best impression of her. Melanie scoffs, wondering what’s not to like about a murdering adulteress. Carly just hopes Melanie will give her a chance to explain why she has come on so strongly and insinuated herself into Melanie’s life. Melanie sighs, asking where Carly’s daughter is now.

Rafe tells Sami that he can’t take her medal, but she wants him to, as she really feels awful about what she said about him not being Sydney’s father. She explains that she was hurt and angry, but that isn’t an excuse. She then tells Rafe that she knows how much he has done for Sydney, as he was the one that brought her back to her real mother. She vows that she and Rafe are bonded forever because of both Grace and Sydney and begs him to take the medal. Rafe refuses, but promises to never give up until he finds Sydney. Sami knows he won’t. Rafe just hopes things might be different between them if he brings Sydney home.

Roman snaps that Brady is acting as if he is sitting around doing nothing when he is doing everything he can to keep Arianna safe. Brady asks what he is doing, and Roman explains that he has a man tailing her to make sure she’s safe. Brady is angry there’s only one guy watching her. Roman says he’ll put a whole team on her if Brady wants to pay for it. He says he can, but for now, he wants to know if the man following Arianna knows where she is or why she isn’t answering her phone. Roman assures him that if Arianna were in danger, he’d know by now, but Brady isn’t reassured. Roman asks him to settle down, despite his worries, but Brady refuses, storming off and vowing to find Arianna himself.

EJ tells Arianna that he isn’t hiding anything; he’s just on edge about Sydney. He explains that that phone is the only way he hears news about his daughter, and seeing someone else using it just set him off. Arianna say she understands, but EJ apologizes again for going off on her. Arianna, glad that they are friends again, says she has a question for him. EJ tells her to go ahead, and Arianna abruptly asks him who Anna is.

Sami isn’t sure what will happen in the future; she just wishes they had gotten Sydney back before any of this happened. Rafe asks if she means before he got involved and ruined the ransom exchange. Sami reminds him she didn’t say that, but Rafe is sure she was thinking it. Sami accuses him of thinking that none of this would have happened if she had told him about the ransom note in the first place. Rafe doesn’t think it’s going to do any good to continue arguing about it. Sami tearfully tells Rafe that in her heart, she believed she was doing the right thing. She knows Rafe believes the same thing. Rafe says he has to go. He sighs and heads off.

EJ asks why Arianna is questioning him about Anna, and she explains that that was who had called when she answered EJ’s phone. EJ asks what she wanted, and Arianna tells him she said something about him bringing her chocolate, and then hung up on her when she realized it wasn’t EJ. EJ guesses Anna thought she had the wrong number. Arianna reminds him he still hasn’t told her who Anna is. EJ then explains that she is his brother’s widow, and he had been talking to her before Arianna arrived. She wonders why Anna asked EJ to come over when it’s safe. He stammers, explaining that Anna is in town to take care of some of Tony’s affairs, and she is fearful of running into his father. Arianna asks why and EJ tells her that Anna hates Stefano for trying to control Tony’s life. Arianna thinks that’s sad, and EJ agrees, saying that Stefano’s manipulations took their toll on Tony, and eventually, they led to his death. Arianna says she is sorry. EJ demands to know why she is looking at him like that and Arianna says that she believes more is going on here than EJ is letting on.

Victor again reminds Vivian that Melanie is Philip’s fiancée, but she thinks Philip will find another woman—one that isn’t so boring and classless. Victor doesn’t think Philip thinks so, and reminds Vivian of how she and Melanie have bonded lately. Vivian says she was just pretending to be nice for Philip’s sake, and that truthfully, she was bored and irritated while she was spending time with Melanie. Victor doesn’t buy it, reminding Vivian that she compared herself to Melanie, which is the ultimate compliment in her mind. Vivian retorts that Melanie reminds her of the unattractive side of herself, but Victor scoffs, calling her a card-carrying phony. Vivian thinks he is being cruel, but he demands to know what changed her mind about Melanie. She admits it was Lawrence. Victor scoffs, asking if she means her dead nephew. Vivian shushes him, saying that Lawrence might be listening. Victor chuckles and peeks under the sofa cushion, telling Lawrence that his aunt is going out of her mind.

Melanie isn’t sure how old Carly’s daughter is, but thinks she can’t be too important to Carly, since no one knows about her, and since Carly is spending her free time with someone else’s husband. Carly claims she wants nothing more than to be with her daughter, but Melanie guesses her daughter doesn’t want to have anything to do with her, and she can understand that despite the fact that she never had a mother herself. She then adds that now she has more mothers than she knows what to do with between Maggie, Vivian and Kate. Carly starts to say something, but Melanie snaps at her not to say a word about Vivian because the topic is off-limits to her. Carly just hopes Melanie won’t dismiss what she told her about Vivian, but Melanie claims that she already has. Carly thinks she should leave, but Melanie reminds her that she dragged her here to tell her the truth about something. Carly sighs, admitting that she lost her daughter shortly after she gave birth. Melanie interrupts, saying that she knows exactly what this is about.

Rafe heads into the police station and asks if Roman has heard any word on his sister. He shakes his head, saying that he is still waiting for the higher-ups to let him know. He adds that it doesn’t look good for Arianna, and it was a miracle that Rafe was even able to get her a reprieve. Rafe is just sorry it’s temporary. Roman asks him not to give up on her and changes the subject to Sydney and how he knows Rafe and Sami have disagreed on the handling of the ransom exchange. Roman then tells Rafe that he isn’t trying to take sides, but he would have done the same thing Rafe did. Rafe wonders if he can mean that, especially if it meant losing the woman he loved.

Brady heads over to Sami’s place and she lets him in. Noticing her disappointed expression, he assumes she was expecting someone else.

Melanie claims that Carly hanging around and hovering over her and Mia makes sense now that she knows Carly’s daughter died. She thinks that why Carly connected with Mia over the death of her own baby. Surprised, Carly admits that she empathizes with Mia. Melanie asks if Carly has spoken with Mia about her daughter, but she admits that she hasn’t. Melanie thinks she should, as she is sure Mia would appreciate talking to someone who knows what she is going through. Carly admits that she would like to help Mia, as there are no words for what a person feels when their child is taken away from them. Melanie tells Carly how sorry she is for the way she has treated her, and wonders if Carly can ever forgive her. Carly bursts into tears.

Victor continues to rant that Vivian has gone bonkers, but she claims that Lawrence came to her in a dream and told her that she had lost sight of her goal—which is to make Carly suffer by eliminating her daughter. Victor replies that all bets are off now that they know that Carly’s daughter is Melanie, the girl Philip is planning to marry. He then warns Vivian to cut off all contact with Melanie now that he knows all about her idiotic dream. Vivian wonders why he is fighting her on this, but Victor declares that the argument is over, as he has to protect his son and his son’s future wife. Vivian decides they had better talk about this when he has calmed down but Victor says he won’t calm down until she gets it through her thick skull that she is to stay away form his daughter-in-law. He then warns her not to lay a finger on Melanie and asks angrily if he has made himself clear.

EJ demands to know why Arianna is staring at him like that when he told her what she wanted to know about Anna. Arianna explains that she can see the pain in his eyes when he talks about how his father betrayed his brother, especially since she knows Stefano did the same thing to him. EJ admits that is true, as this whole thing would never have started if Stefano had just told him the truth about Sydney. Arianna tells him how sorry she is that he is going through this and adds that she hopes he gets his daughter back soon. EJ thanks her. She says she has to go, and gets up, but EJ asks her not to tell anyone that Anna is back in town, as his father finding out would put Anna in a difficult position. Arianna agrees, admitting that it isn’t any of her business anyway. She then heads off. EJ shuts the door behind her and curses Anna for being so stupid.

Sami apologizes, explaining that she has just had a rough day. She wonders what Brady is doing here, and he wonders if he really needs an excuse to visit with this sister. Sami doesn’t reply. He begs her to talk to him, as he knows she is still angry at him for testifying on Nicole’s behalf at her trial. Sami replies grumpily that he did what he had to do and asks again why he is here. Brady sighs, admitting that he can’t find Arianna, and was hoping Rafe knows where she is. Sami replies that he isn’t here. Brady asks when he will be back, but Sami retorts that he isn’t ever coming back.

Roman is sorry to hear that Rafe moved out. Rafe just hates that Sami is going through all of this alone. Roman isn’t sure if this is any comfort to Rafe, but he lets him know that Sami has him and the rest of her family to be there for her. Rafe grumps that she has EJ, too.

EJ calls Anna in a rage, wondering how she could be so stupid. She retorts that he should start answering his own phone, but EJ rails on her for identifying herself before she made sure it was him on the other line. Anna asks him to stop shouting, but he yells back that he’s a bit worked up because the woman Anna spoke to happens to be Rafe’s sister. Anna again pleads with him to stop being nasty so they can figure out how to fix this. She then asks if Arianna remembered her name and frets, wondering what they are going to do. EJ tells her not to worry, vowing to take care of Arianna himself.

Brady asks if Sami and Rafe had a fight, and she tells Brady all about how she kept the ransom notes she and EJ received from Rafe. She then tells Brady that Rafe found out just before the exchange was to take place. Brady heard that the drop off didn’t go as planned and tells her how sorry he is. Sami explains that the frustrating thing is that she believes she would have Sydney back if Rafe hadn’t gotten the FBI involved. Brady reminds her that she can’t know that for sure, but Sami grumps that all she knows is that they did it Rafe’s way, and her daughter is still missing. Brady admits that she and Rafe have good reason to be upset with one another, but he thinks they need to put that aside and start working together. Sami isn’t sure it’s possible, since there is a lot of resentment built up, and neither of them seems to be able to trust each other. She then reminds Brady that this disagreement is over her daughter—who is still lost. She wonders how she can be expected to get over it.

Carly tells Melanie that it means a lot that she wants to apologize, but it really isn’t necessary, as she understands why Melanie felt like she was intruding in her life. Melanie doesn’t think that matters, especially as Maggie has always lectured her about taking the high road. Carly thinks that is hard to do when you’re angry and upset. Melanie sighs, admitting that Daniel spoke to her as well, and basically reminded her that she didn’t have the right to be so judgmental, especially considering all the things she’s done herself. She then asks Carly if she thinks about her daughter often. Carly nods sadly. Melanie admits that she hears Mia crying about her own daughter from time to time, but she never knows what to say to make her feel better. She asks if Carly has considered having other children. She then explains that she has a son, but the two aren’t on good terms right now. Melanie asks if Carly is all alone in the world. Carly shakes her head, saying she isn’t anymore. Melanie wonders if she really came to Salem to see Bo, but Carly says that isn’t the reason at all.

Vivian asks Victor not to be so unreasonable, as she knows he doesn’t like Melanie either, and only tolerates her for Philip’s sake. Victor screams back at her to assure him that she is going to do what he says. Vivian covers her ears as Victor angrily reminds her that the only reason he is allowing her to stay here is because she promised to find away to get Carly out of Bo’s life. He then warns her again to stay away from Melanie, or she will have to answer to him. Vivian throws her hands up and agrees to do whatever he wants. Victor storms off. Vivian then makes a call to Gus, telling him they have to meet right away, as the future of Melanie Layton rests in their hands.

Brady runs into Arianna outside Sami’s and wonders where she has been, explaining that he has been worried. She replies that she went over to the mansion to thank EJ for saving her life. Brady is glad that she feels indebted to EJ, but warns her not to get involved with that family. Arianna claims she just wanted to show her gratitude, but Brady replies that she could have done that over the phone. Arianna thinks it was nicer to do it in person, and besides, EJ is going through a really rough time right now over his daughter. Brady wonders if she has heard of another guy that would do anything for his daughter—a man named Tony Soprano. Arianna sighs, telling him to forget it, as she went over and apologized, and now it’s all over with. She then asks Brady about Sami and how she is doing. Brady explains that things aren’t going well, as Sami and Rafe broke up over the ransom fiasco. Arianna wonders if it’s permanent. Brady says he thinks so from the way Sami made things sound.

Carly tells Melanie that she came back to Salem because it’s her home, and the one place she’s truly been happy. Melanie admits that it is home to her now, too, thanks to Philip and the rest of her friends. Carly then tells Melanie that she heard she used to live in France, and wonders if she misses it. Melanie says she does sometimes, admitting that she really misses the éclairs. She then confides in Carly about her and Vivian talking about France, and how she truthfully doesn’t like Vivian very much. She tells Carly that she thinks Vivian has problems with sincerity. Carly, thrilled, thinks that is a good way to describe Vivian. Melanie thinks she just got sucked in with all the wedding planning. Carly offers to help her, but then apologizes for being intrusive. Melanie admits she didn’t mind it so much this time. Carly then says that she has to leave, but asks Melanie to be sure and get her hand looked at tomorrow. Melanie offers to come by the hospital while Carly is on duty. Carly beams, promising to see Melanie tomorrow. She heads out the door and stands there, lost in thought.

Vivian meets with Gus in the park. He tells her that he was able to get her request taken care of. She’s glad, and tells Gus that she asked him to meet her to talk about their change of plans. He asks if they are no longer going to eliminate Melanie, but Vivian chuckles, saying that they are, of course; they just have to be more careful since Victor is adamant that she not hurt his son’s fiancée. She then tells Gus that accidents sometimes happen, and she will make sure Carly is there to see this one.

Sami flashes back to Rafe giving her the Bears hat. She comes back to the present and puts the hat on her head. She then lies down on the couch with a sigh.

EJ runs into Rafe outside the pub. He notices his backpack and asks if he moved out of Sami’s place. Rafe sighs, saying that he is in a rush. EJ takes that as a yes and says he is sorry, as he knows Sami leans on Rafe, and that this must have come as quite a blow to both of them. Rafe heads off abruptly. EJ grins.


Stephanie confides in Justin, “I think I'm in love. The problem is, I don't think he loves me back.”

Melanie jerks away from Nathan, “Don't touch me.”

Carly tells Bo, “She's ready. I'm gonna tell her I'm her mother.”

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