Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/28/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/28/10


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At her place, Sami flashes back to arguing with Rafe at the mansion. He asks if she is saying she wishes she’d never met him. Sami replies that she just wants her daughter back, and it hasn’t happened, despite how many times Rafe has told her it will. A knock on the door interrupts Sami’s reverie. She looks up hopefully, “Rafe?”

In her own kitchen, Maggie takes a glass and looks from it to the bottle of champagne and back again.

Outside the pub, Stephanie tells Nathan ruefully that she won’t be able to have anything but fruit all day to make up for the breakfast they just shared. Nathan asks if she is trying to keep up her killer body. He pulls her into his arms as she giggles. She then tells Nathan that she doesn’t have to go into work until after lunch, so she’ll have the energy to do something fun later. Nathan suggests dancing, saying he wants to show Stephanie his moves. She chuckles as her phone rings. Stephanie answers to find Melanie on the other line. Nathan grimaces.

At the hospital, Daniel greets Chloe at the nurses’ station, praising her for taking over Maggie’s duties at the hospital. He kisses her, telling her he has a break coming up, and wonders if she can take one, too. She jokes that she thinks she can make time for the university’s top physician, and heads off for pediatrics, telling Daniel to call her when he’s free. Daniel agrees as Chloe heads off. Carly walks over, and Daniel tells her abruptly that they need to talk.

Arianna is at Sami’s door, and she asks if Rafe is here. Sami says he isn’t. Arianna asks if Sami knows when he will be back. Sami replies dejectedly that he will probably never come back.

At the DiMera mansion, Rafe gets off the phone angrily, wondering why he even bothers, since there is never any news. EJ heads in, saying he had no idea Rafe was still here. Rafe explains that he’s been making phone calls about Sydney, but has no new news, unless EJ knows something. EJ says he doesn’t. Rafe starts to head off, but EJ stops him, saying that he overheard the argument Rafe was having with Sami, and he thinks that he can help.

Arianna asks why Sami would say Rafe is never coming back and wonders if the two had a fight. Sami admits it was something like that, and asks why Arianna is looking for him. Arianna explains that she hasn’t seen him since the night before at the police station. Sami asks why Arianna was there. Surprised that Rafe hasn’t told Sami about it, Arianna tells her that it’s a long story, but the gist of it is that Rafe came through for her last night and literally saved her. Sami grumbles, wishing he could do the same for Sydney.

Rafe wonders why EJ thinks he can help. EJ says it’s because he understands Sami and feels Sydney’s loss in the same way that she does. Rafe scoffs. EJ quickly explains that all he meant was that Rafe can’t feel this as a parent would. He adds that Rafe showed up at the ransom drop, and did what his FBI training told him to do. EJ thinks that was probably the right thing to do intellectually, but when it comes to emotions, things change. He sighs, admitting that he doesn’t blame Rafe in his head, but in his heart, he feels as if Rafe is the reason he doesn’t have Sydney back. Rafe sighs. EJ warns him that he is never going to change his mind about that, and neither will Sami.

Stephanie hangs up and reminds Nathan that although they agreed not to tell Melanie and Philip that they’re dating, she thinks that’s a bad idea. Nathan wonders why. Stephanie replies that she thinks Melanie has a right to know, and she’s also tired of how awkward Nathan gets every time Melanie’s name is mentioned. Nathan agrees that he doesn’t want things to be awkward and tells Stephanie to go ahead and tell Melanie. Stephanie promises to let him know what Melanie says, but Nathan claims he doesn’t care. He kisses her and heads off.

Daniel tells Carly that he doesn’t need to hear the whole story, as he expects her to lose her cool in front of Vivian. Carly admits she shouldn’t have reacted the way she did, but seeing Vivian trying to ingratiate herself with Melanie or anyone else was horrifying. Daniel thinks Melanie is too smart to fall for that, but Carly disagrees, telling Daniel that the two were laughing and having a great time, so whatever Vivian did to win Melanie over worked. She thinks she ought to have warned Melanie privately instead of losing it in front of Vivian. She grumps, wondering why Vivian had to come back to Salem. Daniel is sorry it happened, but thinks Carly needs to move on. Carly replies that it’s hard to do that when someone is out there that wants to destroy her. Daniel admits he has been there himself. Carly thanks him for listening and not passing judgment on her. Daniel reminds her that he will always be therefore her, since they go back a long way. He reminds her that he wouldn’t have known Rebecca if it weren’t for her. Carly thinks Rebecca brought out the best in him, and is sorry she’s gone. Daniel says he is too, and that he misses her, but adds that he thinks she’d be happy for him now. Carly thinks Chloe seems lovely, though they have only met once. Daniel admits that he is a lucky man. Carly asks when they pan to get married, but Daniel explains they haven’t set a date. She asks if they plan on starting a family soon, and Daniel says he is sure that they will have one eventually.

EJ tells Rafe that that is how Sami feels, and apologizes for laying it all on him like that. Rafe snaps that he doesn’t need EJ to tell him how Sami feels since he and Sami already have a special connection. Rafe then storms off. EJ takes a call from Anna, who wants to know how things are going. He grins, saying that things are going great.

Sami, shocked, asks if her dad knows Arianna was going to jail. Arianna stammers, suggesting that Sami talk to Rafe about it. Sami refuses, wondering if Arianna knows how upset Rafe is about the ransom note. She then demands that Arianna tell her what Rafe is keeping secret from her.

EJ explains to Anna that the plan is working beautifully, and passed its first test earlier, as the police found nothing when they examined the letter. Anna is glad to hear that EJ outsmarted everyone and asks him how things are going with Sami. EJ chuckles, saying that she’s absolutely miserable and that she is blaming it all on Rafe.

Rafe heads into Sami’s place. Arianna says she wanted to talk to him, but she can tell he and Sami need to talk, so she just explains that she will call later. She then hurries off. Sami snaps that it turns out that Arianna is running drugs out of her grandmother’s pub. She asks angrily if Rafe forgot to mention it. Rafe says he didn’t find out about it until recently, and since Arianna was working undercover, he didn’t think it was his place to tell Sami. She glares, noting that he is always right and she is always wrong. Rafe apologizes. Sami asks him angrily why he thinks it’s ok for him to keep a secret for good reason, but it’s not ok for her to do so. Rafe doesn’t think the two secrets are comparable at all. Sami snaps that he is right, because if she hadn’t told him her secret she’d have her daughter back.

Melanie and Stephanie have coffee at the pub as Melanie fills Stephanie in on all her wedding woes, like the florists’ measurements and the musicians double-booking themselves, not to mention the fact that her dress was destroyed. Stephanie thinks Melanie must be going out of her mind and suggests that she put the wedding off until later in the year, since she feels so rushed. Melanie refuses, saying that marrying Philip is way too important to put off. She adds that she loves him and this is what they’re supposed to do. She stammer awkwardly, saying she is sure Stephanie felt the same way when she was engaged to Philip, but Stephanie asks her not to feel awkward, as she and Philip just weren’t meant to be together. Melanie changes the subject, asking about things at the hospital. She wonders if anything new is up with Nathan. Stephanie nods, saying there is.

Nathan heads into Maggie’s kitchen. He stares in shock at an empty bottle of scotch on the counter. Maggie heads in just then and sees the look on his face, explaining that she didn’t drink the scotch. Nathan apologizes for being so stupid, but she says he was right to worry, as she actually had a battle with herself over pouring it out. She says she hasn’t been tempted in years, and guesses it’s the loneliness and the guilt that is doing her in. Nathan asks what she has to feel guilty about. Maggie explains that she feels he should have gone upstairs to help Mickey pack a few minutes earlier. Then perhaps she could have saved his life. Nathan soothes her, reminding her that there was no way for to know what had happened. Maggie admits that he is right, and says that she just thinks she could change things because it makes her feel more in control of what is happening. She sobs remembering all the ‘if onlys’ she has in regards to Mickey.

Stephanie gets a phone call and tells Melanie that she has to go, as she has a meeting at eleven. Melanie thanks her for letting her vent and tells her to congratulate Nathan for her on his award for intern for the year. Daniel heads in as Stephanie heads out. He greets Melanie, asking how she is doing. She snaps that Carly ruined her wedding dress. Daniel replies that he heard Vivian was finding her a new one. Melanie retorts that a dress can be fixed, but Carly can’t. Daniel claims she is very sorry about what happened. Melanie ignores him, wondering if Daniel can explain why Carly is so crazy, since he has been friends with her for so long.

EJ is glad to hear Sydney’s teething problem has surprised. Anna explains that Sydney doesn’t need the medicine right away, so EJ can take his time getting over here. EJ reminds her again to be careful about going out and promises to bring her some chocolate as the doorbell rings. Anna protests that she’s on a diet. EJ says he will see her later and hangs up. He answers the door to find Arianna outside.

Rafe knows that Sami blames him for the ransom drop not going off as planned, and suggests they stop arguing about it, since they are never going to agree. Sami agrees that it doesn’t matter, since they didn’t get Sydney back, and they may never do so. She adds that she loves Rafe, but claims that she can’t do this.

Daniel angrily tells Melanie that Carly isn’t crazy, and warns her to never say it again, especially as Carly is a highly respected physician that deserves Melanie’s respect. She asks Daniel not to bite her head ff, but he retorts that the one person Melanie shouldn’t trust and respect is Vivian. He explains that Carly flew off the handle over the two being together because she knows what Vivian is really like, adding that he doesn’t blame her. Melanie grumps that she is still not going to talk to Carly, as they two exchanged words before the confrontation at the café. She then tells Daniel that Carly is acting strangely about her marriage to Philip. Daniel agrees with Carly that Melanie is awfully young to be rushing into marriage, especially since he has seen her interact with a certain young man at the hospital. He adds that he has to wonder if Melanie really knows what she wants. Melanie snaps that she is sure, as she is wearing Philip’s ring, and they’re getting married. She claims that she knows what she is doing and storms off.

Chloe and Carly talk about a young patient at the nurse’s station. Chloe wishes she could give Daniel a beautiful daughter like that, but she admits it’s something she may never be able to do. Carly then explains that Daniel told her about their trouble conceiving. Chloe then asks Carly not to tell Daniel what she said, as she doesn’t want him to know that she worries about it. Carly promises not to as Chloe vows to find a way to have children with Daniel.

Maggie tells Nathan that she plans on heading next door to thank the neighbor for all she has done. She tells Nathan to go upstairs, as she has laid out some of Mickey’s things that she thought Nathan might like to have. He thanks her, promising that he will be there for her no matter what, and he begs her not to blame herself for what has happened. She thanks him tearfully. Nathan assures her that they’re all lucky to have her as she heads out the door. Melanie comes in just then, telling Nathan what a wonderful person he is.

Arianna apologizes for dropping in like this, but explains that she had to talk to EJ about a couple of things. She drops her purse on the table in the foyer next to a cell phone and heads into the living room, thanking EJ again for saving her life. He thinks the whole thing was surreal. Arianna nods, and then admits to EJ that Troy was right, and she was working undercover for the Salem police and the DEA, and that Troy was a major drug dealer. EJ chuckles, saying it looks as if she’s cracked the cartel in town. Arianna shakes her head, saying that the boss is still out there somewhere, and she’s worried about it. EJ says he would be, too.

Rafe agrees to have his second-in-command take over Sydney’s case. Sami snaps that she want talking about who is in charge of Sydney’s case. Rafe says he isn’t either, and offers to go pack his bags.

Nathan starts to hurry off upstairs, but Melanie stops him. Nathan tells her there is nothing more for them to talk about, including his grandmother. He rushes off. Melanie groans.

Chloe heads into the pub and greets Daniel. He says she’s late and wonders if everything is ok. She says everything is fine, and guesses that time just got away from her. Daniel says its no problem, and asks if she would tell him if something were wrong. Chloe says she would, and that actually, there is something she needs to tell him.

Outside Maggie’s, Melanie paces and flashes back to kissing Nathan. She smacks a railing with her hand, wondering what she is doing, as she is marrying Philip. She winces in pain as Carly hurries over. Melanie starts to rush off, asking Carly to leave her alone, but Carly begs her to let her look at her hand.

Arianna informs EJ that she can take care of herself, adding that she is going to leave, since she guesses EJ has a lot on his mind. EJ admits it’s been a difficult time. Arianna is sure he loves his daughter very much. EJ nods, saying he loves her with all his heart.

Sami ask Rafe if he is moving out. He doesn’t answer, heading off for the bedroom. Sami bawls.

Daniel gives Chloe an envelope containing tickets to an opera in Chicago. Elated, she says that this particular opera has been sold out for months. Daniel jokes that he is disappointed that Chloe doesn’t realize how amazing he is. Daniel then asks what her news is, but Chloe doesn’t want to spoil his terrific gift. He reminds her that she can tell him anything, as he is her dragon slayer. Chloe grins, sure that everything will work out since miracles can happen.

Maggie heads back into her place and picks up a picture of Mickey. She sobs, wondering what she will do without him.

Nathan greets Stephanie at the hospital. She tells him that she got the chance to speak to Melanie, and he says he did, too, as she came by Maggie’s. Stephanie asks if Nathan told her about them dating, but Nathan shakes his head, saying that he told Melanie they had nothing to discuss. Stephanie admits she didn’t tell her either. Nathan wonders why. Stephanie thought he didn’t care. He claims he doesn’t, but reminds Stephanie she’s put off telling Melanie for weeks. Stephanie claims that it doesn’t seem right, as she doesn’t want any bad feelings between her and Melanie when they hang out. Nathan thinks she’s bound to find out soon, but Stephanie isn’t so sure of that.

Carly reminds Melanie that as a nursing student, she should know to get something so painful looked at. Melanie reluctantly shows Carly her hand, and she examines it, declaring that it’s nothing more serious than a bone bruise. Melanie wonders why Carly is so kind and compassionate towards her when she has never been nice in return. Carly claims she is a just a doctor who saw someone get hurt, but Melanie thinks there is more to it than that. She pleads with Carly to tell her why she means so much to her.

Stephanie reminds Nathan that Melanie and Philip’s wedding is just a few weeks away, and only Hope and Julie know that they are dating, so she’ll just tell them not to say anything until after the wedding. That way it won’t matter, especially since Melanie and Philip might take a long honeymoon. Nathan uncomfortably says that he has to go. Stephanie promises to see him later as he heads off.

Melanie demands to know what is going on with Carly. Carly wonder if she can keep a secret.

Sami sobs as Rafe enters the living room carrying a bag.

EJ shows Arianna pictures of Sydney as Harold walks in, telling EJ that there’s a call from Berlin on his office phone. EJ heads off, promising to be right back. Just then, the phone by Arianna’s purse rings. Thinking it’s hers, she heads over. She then picks up the phone and listens. Anna indentifies herself, telling EJ that she changed her mind and wants those chocolates after all.


Roman tells Brady, “Calm down.” He shouts, “Listen, her life could be in danger, okay?”

Arianna asks EJ, “Who's Anna?”

Rafe assures Sami, “I'm not gonna rest till I find Sydney.”

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