Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/27/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/27/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Justin meets Hope. He spots Carly across the room at the bar and suggests he and Hope go somewhere else. She refuses, retorting that this is her family’s pub, and she isn’t going anywhere.

Maggie heads into her kitchen to find Melanie ruefully surveying her wedding dress. Maggie spots the coffee stain on it and gasps, asking what happened. Melanie sighs, saying that Carly Manning happened.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian considers walling Carly up in a wall and starving her to death. Victor grumbles, wondering if she plans on fantasizing all day or if she is going to take action. Vivian huffs that the punishment should be appropriate after everything Carly did to Lawrence. Victor snaps that he doesn’t give a damn about avenging her nephew, as he was an arrogant SOB. He adds that Lawrence would have said the same about him if he were alive. He then tells Vivian that all he cares about is getting Carly out of Bo’s life. He demands to know if Vivian can make that happen or not.

Bo heads into the police station and greets Rafe, asking what time he got here. Rafe looks up from a computer, explaining that he never left. He adds that he’s been looking over everything they have on Sydney’s kidnapping while waiting for the forensics report on the ransom notes. He asks Bo to take a look, as he needs a fresh perspective, but Bo has been over everything a dozen times and tells Rafe there’s nothing there. Rafe sighs, guessing all they really can do is sit around and hope. Bo doesn’t think Rafe should let this take over his life and suggests he go be with Sami while he waits on the forensics report. Rafe sighs, confiding in Bo that he doesn’t think Sami wants to see him anymore.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ calls Anna to let her know he has run into some problems and will be late. He asks if Sydney is still having teething problems, but Anna explains that she seems to feel better, though she has been asking for her daddy. EJ is pleasantly surprised. Anna asks him to get over there as soon as he can just as the doorbell rings. EJ promises to do so and hangs up. He answers the door to find Sami outside. Upset, she reminds him of how he told her he was forgetting what Grace looked like. EJ nods and frowns. Sami then explains that she same thing is happening to her with Sydney, and she fears she is really going to lose her.

Maggie tries to help Melanie remove the stain from her dress as Melanie tells her about Carly confronting Vivian while she and Vivian were at the café. Melanie then admits that she was quite mean, and asked Carly if she had forgotten to take her medication. Maggie thinks she must regret saying that, but Melanie claims she doesn’t, as Carly has away of pushing her buttons. Maggie sighs, saying that she doesn’t mind Melanie steering clear of someone that makes her uncomfortable, but being rude is another thing entirely, as it demeans her. Melanie asks if she should take the high road and Maggie nods, saying that no matter what has happened between Bo and Carly; Carly has never been rude or hurtful to Melanie. Melanie admits that’s so, but says that the amount of attention Carly showers on her bothers her, especially as Carly seems to be everywhere she goes. Maggie thinks she is exaggerating. Melanie sighs, promising Maggie to be polite to Carly and tolerant of her when possible. Maggie thanks her, glad that she is making an effort.

Bo asks Rafe if Sami blames him. Rafe nods, saying that Sami thinks it’s his fault the ransom drop didn’t go off as planned, and as a consequence, she’s been leaning on EJ more and more. Bo thinks that’s a bad idea, considering everything EJ and the DiMeras have done to her, but Rafe thinks she may be right. He sighs, saying that perhaps EJ can do more for Sami than he can.

Sami complains that every decision she has made lately has been wrong. EJ thinks she is exaggerating, but she reminds EJ that she lied to Rafe about the ransom note, and then couldn’t commit to the lie, so he found out and now doesn’t trust her. EJ reminds her that she was just trying to help her daughter. Sami grumps that it got her nowhere. She then reminds EJ that she started lying before Sydney was even born by not telling EJ about her. EJ reminds her gently that she saw someone get shot. He admits that he doesn’t agree with her decision, but she was under a lot of pressure. Sami doesn’t think that is an excuse, as she has seen for herself how good of a father EJ is to Johnny. She adds that she hopes EJ will one day be able to forgive her for lying about Sydney.

A man shows up at Maggie’s door with a box. He sets it on her table and explains that the people from Mickey’s office sent it over, as they are clearing things out to rent the building to someone else. Maggie stares, shocked. The man asks if this is the wrong house, but Maggie shakes her head. The man heads off, and Maggie burst into tears.

Vivian promises Victor that this will all happen soon, but reminds him she had to change her plans at the last minute. Victor thinks she can come up with something by noon. Vivian grumps that Carly took her nephew, and now she can’t take her daughter. Victor grumps that she is right, as Melanie is Philip’s fiancée, and family is off-limits. Vivian admits she has grown fond of Melanie. Victor tells her to forget about Melanie and concentrate on getting Carly out of Bo’s life. He warns her to do it permanently, and soon, and to leave no fingerprints—at least not his.

Pete asks Carly if she wants her usual, but she claims she has to go and hurries off. Justin scoffs, surprised that Carly had the decency to leave. Hope thought Justin and Carly were friends, but he shakes his head, claiming that Carly has changed. He sighs, saying he just hopes Bo knows what he is getting himself into.

Rafe admits to Bo that he isn’t sure what will happen between him and Sami, but he does know that he is going to bring her little girl home no matter what. Just then, an officer heads over with the forensics report on the ransom notes. Bo and Rafe look it over. Bo thinks something on it is odd, but Rafe claims it isn’t. He storms off, calling someone an SOB.

EJ shows Sami some pictures of Sydney from last summer. She sighs, saying that she hopes Sydney is warm and getting enough to eat. EJ reminds her that the kidnappers said that Sydney was fine, but Sami worries that Sydney will be scarred for life, even if she is physically ok. EJ assures her Sydney will be fine. Sami grumps that Rafe has said the same thing, but it’s just empty words. EJ swears that they aren’t and hugs her.

Melanie and Maggie go through the box of Mickey’s things, taking out his pens and coffee cup. They find a note on the back of a desk clock that tells Mickey not to forget something, but it isn’t any more specific and Maggie guesses they’ll never know what he wasn’t supposed to forget. Melanie then finds a note Mickey had written her for their upcoming anniversary. The note is attached to a gift.

Hope reminds Justin that Ciara’s father is dating Carly, so she needs to know why he has suddenly changed his mind about her. Just then, Justin gets a call. He takes it, listens, and asks if it can wait half an hour. He then sighs and hangs up, telling Hope that he has to go take care of a small emergency. Hope says she has something to take care of, too, and suggests they take a rain check. Justin thanks her and apologizes hurrying off. He gets back on the phone and asks the person that called what is going on.

Bo calls Carly, who is at the pier, to ask her to meet him at the pub. She suggests they meet at Java Café, since Justin and Hope are at the pub. Bo agrees, and Carly hangs up. She starts to head off, but stops short as she spots someone coming down the stairs.

EJ vows to Sami that he isn’t making empty promises, as he has raised Sydney from birth and has a real connection to her. Sami says she believes that. EJ goes on to say that she can call it a father’s instinct, or whatever she likes, but EJ know Sydney is safe, especially as he has dozens of operatives out looking for her. He adds that there may be parts of his life Sami doesn’t know about, but he assures her that his men can go places the FBI doesn’t even know about. He then swears that it’s only a matter of time before he brings Sydney home safely. Sami admits that she believes him, as he always keeps his promises. EJ grins and agrees that he does.

Maggie reads the note from Mickey, which assumes that the two are having a wonderful time on their cruise. She guesses Mickey must have meant to give this to her on their anniversary on the cruise. Melanie remembers that their anniversary is on Valentine’s Day. Maggie reminisces about how beautiful their wedding ceremony was. Melanie offers to give her some time alone to open her gift, but Maggie refuses, saying she has a pretty good idea of what it is already. She then opens the box to find season tickets to the ballet, which is what she expected. Maggie asks Melanie if she would like them, but Melanie refuses.

Carly looks up as Vivian descends the stairs. Carly asks what Vivian is doing here, and she calls Carly a disgusting whore, claiming that it’s time to bury her. Carly whimpers as Vivian attacks her, threatening to bury Carly in little pieces this time, instead of alive. Vivian comes back from her reverie at the Kiriakis mansion, rubbing her head and groaning about her splitting headache. Just then, someone puts a hand on her shoulder.

Carly looks up to see Hope descending the stairs. She tells Carly that hey need to talk, as this isn’t a game. Carly, surprised, asks what she means. Hope glares, telling Carly that if she hurts Bo, she will have to answer to her.

EJ continues to assure Sami that Sydney will be fine as Rafe bursts in, snapping at Harold to get the hell out of his way. He announces that he got the results back from the lab, and only one person’s fingerprints and DNA are on it, and the person has a criminal record. Excited, Sami asks how it is. Rafe glares, announcing that it’s EJ.

Vivian looks up to see Lawrence standing in front of her. She hugs him, admitting that she dreamed he’d come back for a final goodbye. Lawrence warns her that this isn’t a dream—it’s a warning about Carly. Vivian tells him not to worry, as she plans on taking care of Carly, painfully and permanently. Lawrence then demands to know if Vivian loves him. She wonders how he can ask that. Lawrence snaps at her to forget about Carly, then.

Carly scoffs, wondering how Hope can be worried about her hurting Bo when Hope was the one that walked out on him and refused to come home, even though he begged her to. Hope snaps that hurting people is what Carly does best. Carly angrily reminds Hope that she was making out with Justin like a teenager. Hope declares it wasn’t like that, and that she doesn’t have to explain her self to Carly. Carly announces that they are done here, but Hope says they aren’t, as Bo has no idea what kind of person Carly has become. Carly gapes as Hope says that Bo is living in the past, and has no idea Carly has become a cold-blooded killer. Carly snaps that Hope doesn’t know what she is talking about, and adds that she has no say in who Bo sees, since she was the one that left. Hope retorts that she does have say in Ciara’s life, and she will make sure that she protects her, no matter what. She warns Carly that whatever baggage she has dragged into town had better not hurt Bo or Ciara. Carly thinks Hope knows all about hurting Bo, and reminds her that all Bo had the last time she walked out of his life was Shawn Douglas. She adds angrily that she had a small part in raising that boy, and at the time, she actually had a lot of respect for Hope for loving Bo so much and giving him such a beautiful son. She starts to say that Hope needs to look at herself when she accuses other people of becoming something they aren’t, but stops herself, saying that she is going to go. Hope glares, saying she had better not dare walk away. Just then, Bo comes over, asking what is going on.

Sami asks Rafe if he is saying that EJ is involved in Sydney’s kidnapping. Rafe angrily reminds EJ that the only reason his prints are on that note was because he had to do things his way. He accuses EJ of smearing his greasy prints all over the letter and says that now they have no way of lifting the kidnapper’s prints. He adds angrily that they now have nothing. Sami begs him not to say that, sure that there is something they can do. Rafe flatly suggests they start praying.

Vivian, confused, asks if Lawrence really wants her to let Carly get away with his murder. She gasps, asking if Lawrence still has feelings for the little witch. Lawrence claims he doesn’t, and that it just took him a while to see Carly the way Vivian always did. He then thanks her for coming back to Salem to avenge him, but the last thing he wants to see is Carly dead. Vivian wonders why. Lawrence tells her to look at him, claiming that death isn’t really so bad. He admits he isn’t in Heaven, but Carly won’t be going there either, and he really can’t stand the thought of spending eternity with the bitch that betrayed him. Vivian sees his point. Lawrence then tells Vivian that he wants Carly to suffer hell on earth, and begs Vivian to make Carly suffer every day for the rest of her life.

Bo asks Carly and Hope what is going on. Carly asks him to question Hope, since Hope was the one that came looking for her. Hope then asks if they can talk alone. Bo asks if this is about Ciara, but Hop admits it isn’t. Bo doesn’t think anything else they have to discuss needs to be done in private. Carly starts to head off to the café, anyway, but Hope stops her, telling her not to bother. She then sarcastically thanks Carly for everything she did for Shawn Douglas. Hope just thinks it’s too bad Carly didn’t do the right thing and make it official. Carly glares as Hope reminds her that she dumped Bo so she could run off with Lawrence and all his money. She angrily accuses Carly of choosing money over her love for Bo. Bo abruptly tells Carly it’s time to go and heads off with her. Hope sighs, telling herself that now she has nothing.

Sami angrily asks Rafe if he is seriously telling her that all she can do is pray after he botched the ransom exchange. Rafe grumbles that things would be different if they had told him about all of this before EJ contaminated the evidence. EJ retorts that he gave the notes to his people before he touched it, and they found no trace of any DNA or fingerprints on it. He then reminds Rafe that the woman disguised her voice when she spoke to Sami, and used cut-outs from magazines to craft her notes, so she’s obviously very clever. Sami nods, saying she thinks Rafe and the FBI are just doing for a second time what EJ has already done. EJ agrees, saying that the FBI may be at a loss, but he isn’t, and he will bring his little girl home no matter what. EJ excuses himself to the foyer to make a call. Rafe vows that the FBI isn’t giving up on Sydney, but Sami accuses him of not being able to do anything to find her.

Back at his place, Bo asks Carly what Hope said to her. She claims it isn’t important, but he says it is to him. Carly sighs, telling him that Hope is just angry and jealous, and she’s sure Victor has convinced Hope that she is some predator out to destroy Bo. Bo promises to speak to her, but Carly begs him not to do it on her behalf, as first of all, it could just makes things worse. Bo asks what her other reason is, and Carly admits that Hope is the least of her worries right now.

Lawrence wonders why Vivian dropped the brilliant idea of using Carly’s daughter to make her suffer. Vivian explains that there were complications, but Lawrence pouts, asking if she really thinks so little of him. Vivian says it was Victor who stopped her, but Lawrence tells her to forget about Victor, as this is between the two of them. He wonders if Vivian really wants that classless and shallow girl flouncing around the house while Carly is making him miserable for all eternity. Vivian admits that she can’t argue that Melanie isn’t classless and shallow. Lawrence then begs Vivian to give him the justice he deserves. He thinks that if Vivian ever loved him, she’d take Carly’s daughter away from her forever.

Melanie surveys the pile of clothes on the kitchen table and tells Maggie that the men’s shelter will be thrilled to get all of this stuff. Maggie admits she hasn’t even gone through Mickey’s closet yet, but Melanie assures her that that can wait. Melanie then asks if Maggie is sure that she wants to give the ballet tickets to the hospital charity. Maggie nods, saying that they’ll get a nice price for them. Melanie thinks Maggie is amazing for going through so much and still continuing to help others in need. Maggie sniffles, admitting that she is just glad something good can come out of all this. Melanie offers to take the things down to the shelter later, but Maggie would rather her go now before it gets too crowded. Melanie promises to be back soon and heads off with Mickey’s things. Maggie rummages through another box and finds some Christmas gifts, along with a bottle of champagne. She stares.

Rafe vows that more clues will be found, but Sami reminds him angrily that the kidnapper vowed to cut off contact with her now that the FBI is involved. Rafe assures her that this woman took Sydney because she wanted money, not because she wanted to keep the baby. He is sure there will be more leads. Sami then asks him where he was last night. Rafe explains that he was at the station all night, going over the clues in the kidnapping. Sami admits that she thought he may have taken off again, like he has done before. Rafe scoffs that it didn’t seem like she needed him this morning, since she was here with EJ looking at photos. Sami demands to know what kind of a crack that’s supposed to be. Outside, EJ calls Anna, explaining that there has been another delay, but that he’ll be there soon. Anna can hear Sami and Rafe yelling in the background and asks what is going on. EJ grins, explaining that there’s a little argument going on in the next room. Anna thinks it sounds more like Armageddon. Just then, Sami shrieks back at Rafe that the same thing happened to EJ with Grace. EJ chuckles quietly.

Maggie starts to pour the champagne down the sink but reconsiders. She takes out a glass and stares from it to the bottle of champagne and back again.

Lawrence wonders if Vivian can really be all that fond of Melanie. Vivian admits she isn’t, especially now that she has heard Lawrence’s opinion of her. Vivian then decides that Melanie is irritating, and is in fact, quite expendable. Lawrence is glad to hear it, as Carly’s bastard’s life can’t be worth much. He adds that he knows she’s engaged to Philip, but reminds Vivian that Philip hasn’t known her long, and will quickly move on once Melanie is gone. Vivian agrees, telling Lawrence that his plan is perfect. Lawrence disappears, grinning. Vivian nods, deciding that it’s better for everyone if Melanie Layton dies.

Hope makes a phone call, telling someone that they need to talk.

Carly admits to Bo that she has wondered if she and Bo would even be together if she could just tell Hope and Justin the truth about her daughter. She also wonders if everyone would hate her so much if they knew the truth. Bo stares off into space. Carly wonders if he is thinking of Hope, but Bo says he is thinking about a lot of things, like the two of them, and also Sami and her daughter. Carly thinks he should go talk to Hope. Bo says he has tried that, but he and Hope have nothing left to say to one another. He then takes Carly into his arms, telling her that he is right where he wants to be.

EJ chuckles, telling Anna that he isn’t sure it’s Armageddon, but someone’s world is certainly coming to end. Anna asks if it’s Sami or her boyfriend’s, but EJ refuses to gossip. All he will say is that in regards to Anna’s five million dollars, it appears things are moving along quite nicely. EJ asks Anna to give Sydney a kiss from him and hangs up. Meanwhile, Sami tells Rafe that if any other FBI agent had been in that safe house with her, she never would have been able to get away with all her lies, and Nicole never would have taken Sydney in the first place. Rafe asks angrily if she is saying she wishes she had never met him. Sami bawls that she just wants her daughter back, and Rafe keeps saying it will happen, but it hasn’t. She grabs her coat and storms out past EJ, slamming the door behind her. Rafe sighs as EJ comes to the living room door and watches.


Melanie asks Stephanie, “Nathan--anything new with him?” She replies, “Actually, yes.”

Anna calls EJ, “I was just calling to check on how things are going.” He grins, “Things are going great.”

Sami shouts at Rafe, “If I hadn't told you my secret, I would have my daughter back!”

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