Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/26/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/26/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Bo and Hope’s place, Carly brings a platter of snacks out to Philip and Melanie. Philip heads into the kitchen to speak with Bo. Carly apologizes to Melanie for pushing this dinner party on her. Melanie admits it’s weird, but she’s glad because Carly is her mother, and is in her life, so she sees it as a good thing. Carly beams, telling Melanie that she has no idea how happy this makes her. Just then, Vivian bursts in, holding a gun. She promptly shoots Melanie, who slumps to the floor. Carly cowers and sniffles as Vivian cries that payback is a bitch. Carly sinks to the floor and holds Melanie in her arms as a knock on the door interrupts her fantasy. Justin is outside. Carly explains that Bo isn’t here, but Justin claims he came to see her.

Philip heads into the living room of the Kiriakis mansion and asks Victor abruptly if he is in love with Vivian. Victor practically chokes.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Gus explains to Vivian over the phone that they got the birth date off the medical records, and it turns out that Melanie’s birth date matches, so she must be Carly’s daughter. Vivian gasps, saying that she just can’t believe that about Melanie. Melanie heads into the kitchen, asking Vivian who she is talking to, and why they’re talking about her. Vivian grins.

At her place, Sami straightens the living room and flashes back to arguing with Rafe about the ransom exchange. She remembers shouting that he isn’t Sydney’s father, and comes back to the present with a sigh. Rafe heads in just then. Sami glares.

Stefano stares at the medicine bottle EJ dropped just as EJ heads into the living room of the DiMera mansion. Stefano brandishes the bottle, asking EJ suspiciously why he has a medicine bottle for an infant.

Vivian hangs up abruptly, claiming that she is planning a surprise for Melanie, but Melanie accuses her of looking odd, especially for someone planning a surprise. Vivian ignores the comment, telling Melanie that her necklace looks loose. She steps behind her to fix it, grinning.

At the police station, Roman tells Arianna that he is sorry, but he has been ordered to take her back to jail tonight. Brady, upset, asks if there is anything they can do, but Roman claims it’s out of his hands. Brady tries to soothe a shocked and distraught Arianna.

Rafe explains that he came by to tell Sami that there isn’t any news regarding Sydney. Sami apologizes for what she said to him, claiming that she feels terrible. Rafe reminds her it’s the truth, and Sydney isn’t his daughter. Sami sobs, crying that Rafe has been there for her, and if it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t even know Sydney was her daughter. She then claims she had no right to lash out at him and apologizes again. Rafe sighs, saying that he believes Sami was just speaking from her heart. He adds that it doesn’t seem as if Sami trusts him. She claims she does, with her whole heart, but Rafe is sure that deep down she really doesn’t.

Brady lays into Roman for not doing more for Arianna. Roman warns him to back off, as the situation could get worse for Brady as well as Arianna if he doesn’t. Arianna dejectedly asks where she is going, and Roman explains that she will be transported to the state prison. Arianna wails that she will be in the same prison as Nicole.

Sami assures Rafe that she trusts him with her life and her kids’ lives, but Rafe says she didn’t this time. If she had, she would have come to him with the ransom note. Sami whines that she was scared, but Rafe reminds her that that note was the FBI’s best chance at getting Sydney back, and if she had just trusted him, Sydney might be safe at home right now. Rafe sighs and shakes his head, sorry that Sami chose to trust EJ instead. Sami bawls, saying that she gets it—if Sydney never comes home, it’s all her fault. Just then, Gabi shows up in a panic. Sami excuses herself to give her some time alone with Rafe, and Gabi hurriedly explains that that creep Troy attacked Arianna, and that she is going back to jail tonight. Rafe vows that she isn’t and the two rush out the door. Sami comes out of the bedroom just then, and seeing the room empty, grabs her own coat and dashes off.

EJ accuses Stefano of making something out of nothing. Stefano, in turn, demands to know if EJ knows where Sydney is. He snaps that he would be with his daughter right now if he did, and claims that that medicine is none of Stefano’s business. Stefano tells EJ he’s wrong about that.

Melanie thinks Vivian is acting strangely. Vivian admits that there is something Melanie needs to know, adding that while she is calm on the outside, she’s very emotional right now. She fantasizes about killing Carly. Melanie interrupts her reverie, saying that it looks as if Vivian wants to kill someone. Vivian assures Melanie she doesn’t want to kill her. Melanie is glad to hear it.

Justin tells Carly that this situation isn’t right. She guesses he means her being here when Bo isn’t, and explains that she isn’t living here. Justin doesn’t think her location matters, since she has clearly moved back into Bo’s life. Carly retorts that there was an opening, but Justin accuses her of coming back to Salem to win Bo back. He adds that everyone knows it, and he has to wonder why Carly isn’t decent, like other mistresses who at least try to cover things up. Carl doesn’t think Justin should be lecturing her about morality, but he ignores the comment, saying she should have kept things quiet. She claims it isn’t her fault Hope found out, but Justin reminds her that she went to Maggie’s knowing everyone would be there. Carly retorts that she didn’t know Hope was there, as she thought she was at Mickey’s office with Bo. Carly then flashes back to Melanie saying that she’s glad her parents are dead. Justin interrupts the flashback, asking why Carly really went to Maggie’s. She swears she just wanted to offer her condolences. Justin doesn’t buy it. He adds nastily that while he can imagine how bad Lawrence was, he has to think Carly had something to do with that. Carly promptly slaps his face. Justin gasps.

Victor coughs and chokes as Philip helps him to a chair, offering to call a doctor. Victor bursts out laughing as Philip’s accusation that he and Vivian are in love. He tells Philip that’s only true in Vivian-land, which is way over the rainbow. Philip then tells Victor about Vivian’s assertion that she and Victor were coming on his and Melanie’s honeymoon. Victor jokes that they can play bridge, but Philip doesn’t find any of it funny. Victor then promises to tell Vivian that they can’t come on Melanie and Philip’s honeymoon, but he thinks Melanie will be disappointed. Philip glares. Victor snaps at him to lighten up, as he is getting married. He then assures Philip that he doesn’t have to worry about Vivian.

Justin is taken aback by Carly’s attack. He thinks that being with Lawrence has changed her. Carly, furious with Justin, apologizes sarcastically for not being as noble and selfless as he is. She then says that the country she lived in had moral police, but the one thing they didn’t police was hypocrisy, something Carly can’t stand. Carly then accuses Justin of being the hypocrite, since he was just waiting around to comfort Hope. She adds nastily that Adrienne is probably proud she married such a jerk.

Arianna sighs, telling Brady that now he is going to have two girlfriends in the state prison. Brady starts to reply, but Rafe walks in just then, interrupting the two.

EJ and Stefano continue to argue about the medicine Stefano found. EJ declares that he can no longer trust Stefano, so he refuses to answer to him about anything. Stefano snaps that he should, and threatens to go to Roman with what he found if EJ doesn’t start talking. EJ then says that the medicine is for Johnny. Stefano doesn’t buy it. Just then, Sami walks in.

Melanie and Maggie have tea in the kitchen, now alone. Melanie thinks women are complicated. Maggie chuckles, saying that she isn’t surprised to hear that from Melanie considering that she was just talking to Vivian. Melanie nods, saying that Vivian said she came by to see Maggie, but she thinks Vivian was really here to see her. Maggie says the same thing happened to her earlier with Kate. Melanie is just glad she wasn’t trying to poison anyone. She then confides in Maggie that Philip still loves Kate despite what she has done, although he wishes he didn’t. Maggie thinks the best advice she can give Melanie is not to get involved in their relationship. Melanie promises not to, but admits she still wishes he could figure out what Vivian was up to.

At the pier, Gus meets up with Vivian and shows her the birth records for Melanie. She sighs, saying that fate can be cruel, as she truly believed Carly’s daughter would be someone she enjoyed eliminating. She fantasizes about burying Carly alive and how satisfying it was, but Gus reminds her that now isn’t the time to relive the past. Vivian agrees, saying that she must think of Lawrence. She then decides that Melanie is just a pawn, and that pawns are meant to be sacrificed.

Justin snaps that he has never acted on his feelings for Hope, while Carly has acted on her feelings for Bo. He then insists that Carly’s feelings for Bo aren’t real, while Hope’s are. Carly scoffs, saying sarcastically that Hope’s feelings were so real she took Bo’s daughter and moved out. Justin glares and storms off.

Brady asks Roman if there is anything he can do. Roman shakes his head, warning Brady not to use his connection to the Kiriakis family, either. Brady heads over to Arianna, telling her quietly that this isn’t right, and asks her if he can call Victor. Arianna refuses. Meanwhile, Rafe vows to Roman that this isn’t over.

EJ shows Sami the pill bottle and medicine dropper Stefano found. She admits they are for Johnny, as he choked on a pill last week, and she’s been giving him medicine with the dropper. Stefano apologizes to EJ for overreacting and heads off. EJ then tells Sami that he is sorry she and Rafe got into a fight. Sami claims she doesn’t want to talk about it. She asks if he has heard anything about Sydney, but he says he hasn’t. She starts to go but says that she doesn’t want to be alone. EJ asks why she would be alone, and Sami admits that she and Rafe haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye lately. EJ guesses that Rafe must be pretty angry, and guesses they should have told Rafe everything from the beginning. Sami disagrees, saying that EJ was right all along, as the minute they got the FBI involved, everything went wrong. She wails that now they aren’t sure if the kidnappers will even contact them again. EJ tries to soothe her, reminding her how important it is that they work together. Sami agrees. EJ admits he wants Rafe on the same page, and offers to go talk to him and admit that the botched kidnapping was his fault. Sami doesn’t want him to do that but EJ thinks it would be terrible if Sami and Rafe broke up over this.

Roman heads over to Arianna and Bray and tells her quietly that it’s time to go.

Rafe has met Tim at the pier. He tells him to deliver the message calmly and let ‘him’ know that it’s in his best interest to spin this case like it was a success, since Arianna gave them Troy and fulfilled her end of the bargain. Rafe then threatens to ruin the man if he tries to act as if Arianna failed. Tim reminds Rafe that the man is vindictive and will throw his weight around, but Rafe thinks his idea will work. Tim heads off, joking that his life would be dull without Rafe around. Rafe grins.

Maggie tells Melanie that she is going back to bed. Melanie tells her to knock on her door anytime. Maggie thanks her for being there for her and heads off. Philip shows up, offering to take Melanie to dinner. She says that she’d rather not leave because of Maggie being here alone. Philip suggests they move onto plan B.

Vivian heads into the mansion. Victor chuckles, asking why her face is so long. She hands him the envelope containing Melanie’s birth records. She warns him that he won’t be laughing for a long time after he looks at that.

Arianna and Gabi hug tearfully. Arianna apologizes to Brady as an officer handcuffs her. Arianna and the officer start to head off, but Roman rushes in, telling the officer to let Arianna go. Surprised, she asks what is going on. Roman explains that he got a call from an angry DEA agent, and apparently, Arianna has been given a stay. Brady, relieved, offers to take her home. He asks what happened, and Roman tells them that apparently, Rafe did.

Victor looks over the birth record and gasps. Vivian nods, saying that Mia isn’t Carly’s daughter—Melanie is—and she’s marrying Philip.

Philip and Melanie eat leftovers from Maggie’s refrigerator and talk about Mickey and Maggie. Melanie then tells Philip about Vivian coming by and how interested she seems in her background.

Victor reminds Vivian of what happened when Kate went after Chloe, and how Lucas and Philip disowned her. Vivian assures Victor that she likes Melanie, and feels that she will now have to rethink her plan of revenge against Carly.

Justin tells Carly that she never used to be the kind of person that liked to hurt people. Carly snaps at him to go seek comfort in Hope’s arms. Justin declares that he has no idea why Carly is back in Salem and heads off. Carly vows that no one can find out about her secret.

Vivian wonders if she can get away with just telling Carly she killed Melanie. Victor reminds her of what happened when she tried to bury Carly alive. Vivian admits it didn’t work and guesses she is back to square one---killing Carly. She sighs, disappointed.

EJ soothes Sami, hugging her and vowing to get Sydney back. Stefano watches from the foyer and wonders what EJ is really up to.


Justin tells Hope, "I hope Bo realizes what he's letting himself in for."

Vivian tells Carly, "It's time to bury you again." Carly shakes her head, "No."

EJ vows to Sami, "I will bring Sydney back. I promise you that."

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