Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/25/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/25/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Roman whispers to Arianna that Troy is going away for a long time, as they found cocaine in his car. Arianna asks quietly if this is going to get her off the hook. Roman warns her not to talk about that here, but Troy, who is standing nearby with two other officers, overhears. He starts shrieking to everyone in the room that Arianna is a narc. EJ and Brady stare in surprise.

At the pub, Hope holds a miniature replication of a sailboat. She flashes back to her and Bo sailing on the Fancy Face. Sighing, she gets up and starts to head out the door, but she bumps into Bo, who has just walked in. The sailboat crashes to the ground and splinters. Hope sinks down to the floor with a moan as Bo apologizes profusely.

Alone in her kitchen, Maggie speaks to someone over the phone from the restaurant, explaining that she can’t come in, as something as come up. She hangs up and sobs. A knock on the door interrupts her, and Maggie heads over to the door to find Carly outside. Maggie invites her in, and Carly asks if she is here alone. Maggie says she is for now, and wonders why Carly asked. Carly then explains that the young girls that live here aren’t fans of hers, especially Melanie, as the two have had a few run-ins. Maggie asks if Carly is having a problem with Melanie.

In the foyer of the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian tells Gus over the phone to get to work, as she needs to know if Melanie is Carly’s daughter. She then heads into the living room to find Melanie and Philip kissing. They start to head off, but Vivian stops them, saying that she is still fretting over the incident at the café. She asks if Melanie has told Philip about it, and she nods, saying he knows all about Carly spilling coffee on her wedding dress. Vivian thinks it’s a shame Carly had to show up and Melanie agrees, as she was really enjoying Vivian’s company. Vivian says she was too, and suggests they take this time to hammer out the rest of the wedding plans, like Melanie’s guest list. Melanie stares as Vivian reminds her that she surely wants her parents and family to attend. Melanie’s face falls as Vivian gushes that she is sure Melanie comes from interesting stock, and adds that she wants to hear all about it.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano curses EJ as Kate walks in. He tells her about EJ saying that he was selling his DiMera stock at a loss so he can break from the family and forge ahead with his new life. Kate guesses Stefano doesn’t believe that. Stefano says he doesn’t, of course, and rages about EJ lying to his face. Kate can’t believe he’s surprised. He thinks she is just being cynical, but she thinks he should be cynical as well when it comes to EJ. Stefano thanks her sarcastically for making him feel worse. Kate claims that she just wants him to see the truth. She then reminds him that he doesn’t know the real EJ, and she doubts anyone else does, either.

Roman has the two officers haul Troy off. He struggles, shouting to EJ that Arianna was undercover the whole time, and is a narc. Arianna fidgets. EJ stares at Troy impassively.

Stefano refuses to listen to what Kate has to say about EJ. She sighs, giving up, and asks Stefano what has happened now. Stefano then explains that EJ ad Sami received a ransom note from Sydney’s kidnapper, and EJ was apparently selling off the stocks to get the ransom money together. Kate asks if they made the exchange, but Stefano shakes his head, explaining that the FBI got involved and things went awry. He wishes EJ had just told him what was going on, so he could have helped. If he had, Sydney would be sitting here right now. Kate disagrees, reminding Stefano that EJ told him he couldn’t be a part of Sydney’s life. Stefano claims that doesn’t mean anything, as Sydney’s safe return could lead to him and EJ making amends. Kate refuses to let Stefano continue to delude himself, and explains that EJ isn’t the type to forgive and forget. She tells Stefano that he must learn to live with the consequences of his actions, just like she has and just like EJ will have to.

As Troy is dragged away, he calls Arianna a lying whore and screams that she is dead. Brady storms over to EJ, asking what is going on. EJ claims he has no idea. Brady reminds EJ that Troy ran straight to him with his crazy accusations and he has to wonder why Troy was so intent on making sure EJ knew what he had to say.

Bo apologizes again as Hope gathers the pieces of the broken boat. She says that she will buy another one, as she only purchased this one for Ciara because she had heard so much about their boat. Hope then tells Bo abruptly that it doesn’t matter and starts to head off. She stops, however, telling Bo that she can’t leave because she needs some answers. She then demands to know why he lied to her.

Vivian apologizes for prying as Melanie stares, stunned. Philip suggests he and Melanie go so they can make that movie. Melanie claims they can make the next showing, but Philip grumbles that he wants to go now. Melanie pulls him aside, asking why he is being such a butthead. He thinks she knows how he feels about Vivian. Melanie admits she is eccentric, but asks Philip to give Vivian the benefit of the doubt for her sake. He agrees, and the two head back over to Vivian. Melanie then explains that she wanted her brother to fly in from London for the wedding, but he’s a medical student with a busy schedule. Vivian asks about Melanie’s parents, but she quietly explains that they both died. Vivian, concerned, asks what happened. Philip interrupts, telling Vivian that she can help with the wedding, but the questions about Melanie’s past have to stop, as it’s none of Vivian’s business.

Carly confides in Maggie that things got off to the wrong foot with her and Melanie. Maggie says she knows that, but didn’t have any idea the two were still having problems. Carly doesn’t think that getting into with Hope helped at all. She then tells Maggie that she came by to apologize for that. Maggie asks her not to worry, but Carly thinks it was disrespectful, and admits that she is ashamed. Upset, Maggie stands up abruptly, telling Carly that she needs to get some rest. Carly stands up hurriedly, saying that she will leave, but asks Maggie to call her if she needs anything or just needs to talk. Mia stomps in just then, saying that Maggie doesn’t need to talk to Carly about anything. She then demands that Carly leave.

Brady again asks EJ why Troy looked at him when he announced that Arianna was working undercover. EJ reminds Brady that Troy looked at everyone. He then asks Arianna coolly if Troy was lying. She stammers that he was, and that she has no idea why he went off like that. Roman joins the group and says that he thinks Troy is just trying to stir up trouble. Arianna frets about everyone thinking that she is a narc, but Roman asks her not to worry about it. Roman then tells EJ that they are ready to take his statement in one of the interrogation rooms. Roman gets called away by another officer just then and Arianna takes the opportunity to thank EJ once again for showing up at her place. Brady demands to know why he came by. EJ feigns surprise that Brady is so ungrateful to him for having saved his girlfriend’s life. He then explains that he came by because he thought Arianna would want to be there for Rafe. He proceeds to tell the two about the ransom note, and the botched exchange. He finishes by saying that they’re all taking it hard, especially Rafe, as he blames himself. He asks Arianna to give Rafe a call, and starts to head off to the interrogation room, but Arianna stops him, saying that she really has no idea why Troy said what he did. EJ grins, saying it’s fine, as they all have their secrets. He heads off.

At her hideout, Anna bounces Sydney on her hip, saying that she hopes she likes it here, as it sounds like they’re going to be here for a while. She notices that Sydney is still burning up. The baby fusses as Anna tries to soothe her.

Stefano asks Kate angrily if she chose to give up hope when her sons turned their backs on her. She sighs, admitting that she has made inroads with both Philip and Lucas, but it’s only because she thinks her sons are of a more forgiving nature than EJ. Stefano glares, asking if she is saying that his son is a pig. Kate sighs as Stefano admits that EJ didn’t show the proper respect when he found out about Nicole’s secret. However, Stefano believes that he and EJ have a special bond that will never be broken.

Roman thanks EJ for his cooperation as the two exit the interrogating room. EJ gets a call from Anna and heads off to take it. Roman tells Arianna that the undercover operation is over, as Troy’s accusations may make people suspicious. Brady asks what that means for Arianna. She tells Brady that she didn’t complete he assignment, as Troy isn’t the head of the cartel. She guesses unhappily that she will be going back to prison, and asks Roman for confirmation.

Philip asks Vivian angrily if she really can’t see that she is making Melanie uncomfortable. Vivian apologizes, claiming that she just wanted to know more about Melanie. Vivian then suggests that Melanie talk about her mother’s death, as keeping painful memories inside isn’t healthy. Victor walks in just then, asking what is going on. Philip snaps that Katie Couric has been interrogating his fiancée. Vivian claims she is just trying to draw the girl out. Victor promptly makes himself a drink. Melanie then says that she just remembered that Mia has a study group meeting later, and she doesn’t want Maggie to be alone. Philip offers to drive her over there. Vivian hopes she didn’t run Melanie off. Melanie claims she didn’t, and thanks Vivian for her help with the wedding. She and Philip then head off. Vivian sighs, telling Victor that getting information out of that girl about her family is like pulling teeth. Victor scoffs, saying that’s probably because her father pimped her out whenever money was scarce and ended up with a knife in his back. Vivian, shocked, notes that he met the same fate as her darling Lawrence. Victor doesn’t understand the significance. Vivian grins, saying it’s very significant, as she is beginning to think that Melanie and Carly have quite a connection.

Mia snaps that Carly shouldn’t be here as she tries to explain that she just came by to apologize. Mia retorts that Carly has caused enough problems. Maggie snaps, shouting at Mia to stop it. She then explains that while she appreciates Mia’s concern, this is her house, and Mia is not allowed to throw people out of it. Mia apologizes as Maggie asks why she is back so soon from her study group. Mia admits she forgot her science book. Maggie walks over to the table, gets it, and hands it to Mia, asking her to go. She protests, but Maggie insists that Carly is leaving, and that she is going to get some rest. Mia warns Carly not to be here when she gets back and heads off. Maggie apologizes for Mia’s rude behavior, but Carly claims she is getting used to it. Maggie promises to talk to her later, but says she really needs some rest right now. Carly nods and heads off. Maggie picks up a photo of herself and Mickey and sobs bitterly.

Victor didn’t even know Melanie and Carly knew one another. Vivian says they’ve had a few contentious run-ins and Carly seems protective of Melanie, like a lioness with its cubs. She thinks Melanie possibly being Carly’s daughter is a fascinating possibility, but Victor just finds the whole thing tiresome. He reminds Vivian that at first she thought Mia was Carly’s daughter, and then she thought Carly’s child wasn’t in Salem at all, and now she’s saying that it’s Melanie. Vivian claims that these things take time, but Victor waves her off. He then says that he knows Vivian has her black heart set on torturing Carly, but he is sick to death of all the speculation. He snaps that he wants that bitch gone now. Vivian vows that it will be done soon, but Victor claims that ‘soon’ isn’t good enough. He claims that he will be taking care of this on his own, and that he will no longer need Vivian around. She gapes.

EJ heads into the DiMera mansion, asking aloud if anyone is around. No one answers, so EJ returns Anna’s call. She explains that Sydney’s fever is worse and asks if EJ got the medicine. He takes some pills out of his pocket, but tells Anna that he forgot, as he received some unexpected news. He promises to be over soon and asks Anna to give Sydney a kiss for him. He hangs up and turns around to find Stefano standing in the doorway.

Bo apologizes for not telling Hope the truth about Carly’s intentions, but she snaps that that isn’t what she is talking about. She claims that she can buy that Carly has loved Bo for all of these years, and wanted him back, but she doesn’t believe that that is the big secret the two are keeping. All Bo will say is that he has told Hope everything that he can. Hope glares, angry that this secret ended their marriage, and Bo still doesn’t have the decency to tell her what it is. Bo retorts that Carly’s secret didn’t end their marriage—Hope did.

Carly runs into Mia on the pier, saying that she is glad she found her. Mia wonders why, since they have nothing to say to one another. Carly disagrees.

Vivian, hurt, tells Victor that that was a cruel thing to say, as she thought that they were really connecting. Victor snaps that she thought wrong and shouts that he wants results. Vivian wishes she could find away to interrogate Mia and Melanie without being interrupted. She then grabs her coat, telling Victor excitedly that she has an idea. Victor asks what it is, but all Vivian will say is that she knows how to get the truth out of those girls without them even realizing it. She hurries off.

Arianna and Brady hug. Roman heads over to tell Arianna that he doesn’t have any news on her status as of yet, but will let her know as soon as he hears anything. Arianna thanks him as he heads off. Brady tries to soothe her, telling her not to worry, but Arianna admits she can’t stop worrying, as she has problems even if she is released. Brady asks what she means, and Arianna explains that Troy’s boss is going to find out she was working for the police, and it’s only matter of time before he comes after her.

Stefano tells EJ that he found out about the ransom, and wonders why EJ didn’t come to him for help, as his men would be able to find Sydney much faster. EJ doesn’t reply. Stefano sighs, saying he is sorry that he hurt EJ, but he only did what he thought was best. EJ claims he is sorry, too. Stefano is surprised to hear that. EJ then says that he is sorry he and is father are estranged. He’s sorry Stefano found out about Nicole’s secret and decided to betray his trust. He adds angrily that he is sorry he may never see his little girl again thanks in part to Stefano’s machinations. He claims that he is disgusted that Stefano can stand here and profess his undying love and loyalty when Stefano has ruined his life. EJ starts to storm off, but stops to tell Stefano that he has ruined his evening as well. Stefano sighs.

Hope scoffs, saying that it must be easy for Bo to blame her. Bo swears that he never meant to hurt her. Hope wonders how that can be true when all he does is continue to hurt her. She says that she gets that Carly still loved him, but the two lived completely different lives for years. She thinks that there is another reason Carly came back to Salem, and if Bo was sincere in saying that he doesn’t want to hurt her, then he would tell her what it is. Bo doesn’t reply. Hope snaps that she is going to get Ciara another boat, and that she wishes everything were so replaceable. Hope then reconsiders, reminding Bo that when it came down to it, she was the replaceable one. She stalks off. Bo sighs.

Carly reminds Mia that the pier is where they first met, and that she comforted Mia when she was upset. Mia asks what her point is. Carly reminds her that at one time, Mia was receptive to her, but things changed, and she has to wonder why. Mia guesses it all started when Carly tried to move into Maggie’s place. Carly admits she pushed to hard to try to make a connection. Mia asks what she is talking about. Carly admits she now realizes that will never happen, and vows to stop bothering both Mia and Melanie. She hurries off. Mia stares after her.

Maggie cries alone in the kitchen. Melanie heads in and flips on the light, asking why Maggie is sitting in the dark. Maggie claims that she thought she left her book down here. Melanie asks why she isn’t at work, and Maggie jokes tearfully that she has them all so well-trained that they didn’t need her. Melanie offers to make Maggie some of the tea that helps her to sleep and bring it upstairs. Maggie thanks her, but says that Melanie doesn’t need to take care of her. Melanie insists she does, as Maggie is the closet thing to a mother that she will ever have.

Kate runs into Philip at the Java Café. She explains that she wants to do something nice for Melanie, but she doesn’t want to overstep their newfound truce, so she thought she’d ask Philip for his permission. He asks what she had in mind, and Kate explains that she’d like to help Melanie shop for a wedding dress. Philip explains that Vivian already has. Kate, astonished, is surprised Philip allowed it. Philip claims he didn’t have much say in the matter, since Melanie has apparently changed her mind about Vivian, though she couldn’t stand her before. Kate wonders why Philip allowed it to change. She reminds Philip that Vivian is dangerous and destructive, and if he lets Vivian into Melanie’s life, then he is even more stupid than she thought.

Melanie prepares to take Maggie’s tea upstairs, but a knock on the door interrupts. She answers it to find Vivian outside. She greets her as Miss Alamain, but Vivian insists she call her ‘Mama.’

Stefano calls EJ a smug SOB and storms off, telling him to go to hell. Just then, EJ gets a call from Troy, who vows not to give EJ’s name up to the police, no matter what. EJ is glad to hear it, promising that Troy will be safe as long as he remains loyal.

Brady vows to always protect Arianna. She reminds him that he can’t be there for her all the time. He thinks he can, but Arianna gently asks him where he was earlier tonight, then. Brady sighs.

Carly knocks on Bo’s door. When he answers, she asks him to congratulate her for offending Maggie. She then stops short, noticing the look on Bo’s face. She asks him what has happened.

At the pier, Hope stares at the broken boat figurine and sighs. She flashes back to sailing on the Fancy Face with Bo.

Philip scowls. Kate begs him not to take her statement the wrong way, and that she is just concerned and hurt that Philip is allowing Vivian into Melanie’s life, especially after what she did to both herself and Carly. Philip reminds Kate that she has done plenty of awful things to numerous people, but Kate reminds him that she is his mother, while Vivian is nothing to him. She fumes over the fact that Vivian was allowed to help pick out Melanie’s wedding dress. Philip retorts that he is just glad that there was no poisoned food involved. Kate glares, but Philip reminds her that she was playing buddy-buddy with her former daughter-in-law while she was trying to poison her. Kate claims there is no proof, but Philip ignores her, saying that history clearly shows that Melanie is safer with Vivian than she is with Kate.

Vivian explains that she came by to offer Maggie her condolences, but Melanie informs her that Maggie is upstairs in bed. Vivian asks after Mia, but Melanie says she is at a study group meeting right now. Melanie then heads off to take Maggie her tea, promising to be right back. Vivian sighs, telling herself that if Melanie is a dead end, then the other girl might come back in time for her to grill her instead. Just then, Vivian gets a call from Gus, who says he has excellent news. Vivian beams.

Stefano is back in the living room alone, searching the desk for some papers. Just then, he spots the bottle of pills EJ had earlier on the floor. He picks the bottle up and looks at the label, confused.

Arianna apologizes to Brady for putting it that way, but he says it’s alright, as he understands that it’s impossible for him to always be by her side. Just then, Roman comes over, telling Arianna that he is sorry, but he has to take her back to jail—tonight.

Hope throws the broken boat in the water and sniffles.

Bo suggests that he and Carly not talk about this tonight. Carly sighs, knowing that she and Bo have had a rough day, but vows that they’re going to get through it together.

Gus tells Vivian that their experts were able to make out more of the damaged medical report, and they’ve learned that Melanie Layton is a match to the date of birth. Vivian, shocked, asks if Melanie is Carly’s daughter. Melanie bounces in just then, asking Vivian who she is talking to and why she is talking about her. Vivian grins.

EJ comes into the living room. Stefano holds out the pill bottle, asking EJ pointedly why he has medicine for an infant.


Carly watches as Vivian pulls a gun, “No.” Vivian smirks, “Payback's a bitch.” Carly sobs.

Sami tells Rafe, “I trust you with my life. I trust you with my kids' lives.”

Stefano asks EJ, “This is about Sydney, isn't it?”

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