Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/22/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/22/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Bo speaks to someone over the phone about keeping him in the loop regarding Sydney’s kidnapping. He hangs up as Daniel greets him. Daniel tells Bo that Maxine told him that Bo wanted to meet with him, and he wonders if this has to do with police business. Bo shakes his head, saying that it actually involves Daniel’s friend Carly Manning.

At the Java Café, Melanie wishes people would stop staring at her, since a wedding dress isn’t the weirdest thing to be dragged into the café. Vivian thinks everyone is just jealous. Melanie sighs, sorry that Mia is on a break. Vivian adds that she is sorry Maggie couldn’t see the dress, but she suggests that Melanie try it on later with all the new accessories. She then asks Melanie to promise that she will wear her hair on top of her head. She arranges it as Carly walks in. Carly snaps at Vivian to get her filthy paw off of Melanie before she kills her. Carly snaps out of her reverie and stares angrily at Melanie and Vivian. Vivian notices her first and tells Melanie that they have a visitor. Melanie rolls her eyes. Vivian grins, saying that Carly seems upset. She wonders what the matter could be.

Brady starts to head out of the door of the Kiriakis mansion, but finds Chloe outside. She apologizes for stopping by; since she already called Henderson and he told her Brady was on his way out. Brady admits he is and asks if something is wrong. Chloe nods, saying she got a call from Nicole, and she isn’t doing so well.

Arianna straightens her room above the pub as someone knocks on the door. She answers it to find Troy outside. She angrily asks him what his problem is, since he cancelled on her yesterday and is now showing up two hours early for their meeting today. He asks her to let him in, but she claims it isn’t a good time. Troy says it’s urgent, as there is a problem with their next shipment, but Arianna explains that Brady is coming over, and she doesn’t want to the two running into one another. Toy promises that this will only take a second and asks her if she really wants to discuss this out in the hallway. Arianna sighs and reluctantly lets Troy in to her room.

At her hideout, Anna watches nervously as EJ cuddles Sydney. She claims he is making it sound as if he never plans on returning Sydney. She begs him to tell her she’s wrong. EJ snaps that he isn’t telling her anything. She knows he doesn’t want her to know the details but she needs to make sure EJ doesn’t really plan on keeping Sydney in this little cottage forever. EJ grins slyly.

Bo explains that he knows Carly and Daniel have a history, and that she confided in him, so Bo is sure that he can trust that anything he says to Daniel will be kept confidential. Daniel agrees, saying Carly is both a colleague and a friend, and he would never do anything to hurt her. He then asks what the problem is, and Bo explains that the problem is Vivian Alamain. Daniel asks what she has done. Bo says nothing serious as of yet, but he wants to keep it that way, so he filed a restraining order requiring Vivian to stay at least a hundred feet from Carly at all times. Daniel hopes that might cut down on the incidents in the elevator, and corpses in the beds, but he isn’t sure that a woman like Vivian is going to let a court order stop her. Bo agrees, saying that that is where Daniel comes in, as he needs help. He asks Daniel if he is up for it.

Carly tells Vivian that the problem is that this beautiful young woman is planning her wedding and her future all while she has no idea that Vivian is a snake. Vivian thinks Carly must be upset with her, but Carly ignores her, warning Melanie that evil doesn’t even begin to describe Vivian. Vivian snaps at her to give it a rest, since Melanie is marrying her son, but Carly retorts that Philip is Kate and Victor’s son, and has no connection, biological or otherwise to Vivian. Melanie snaps at Carly to stop acting like she owns her life. She adds loftily that if she wants to spend time with Vivian, then she will. Carly says that she is sorry, but she can’t allow Vivian to destroy Melanie’s life.

EJ wonders why Anna is asking so many questions, and if this is all about the money. Anna claims that isn’t it, and although she agreed to do this for however long it took, she is getting the feeling that EJ doesn’t know when this is going to end or if it’s going to. EJ tells Anna it will end soon, as he has already punished Nicole for what she did. Anna agrees, saying that Sydney will probably be in college by the time Nicole gets out of jail. EJ says that his plan now is to get revenge on Sami and Rafe. He tells Anna about overhearing the two saying that Sydney would have been better off if they had been able to hide her from him. EJ vows to make them pay for that. EJ again promises Anan that that will happen soon, and tells her he has to leave to play the role of the grieving parent. Anna guesses he plans on making more trouble for Sami and Rafe. EJ smiles and nods, saying that he rather enjoys that part of it.

Brady asks Chloe if Nicole is having trouble with an inmate or if she is sick. Chloe says that isn’t it, and tells Brady that Nicole calls her all the time for updates on Sydney. Brady guesses the trouble is that there are no new updates. Chloe nods, but says it’s more than that, as she thinks Nicole also misses Brady. He asks if Nicole said that, but Chloe claims she can tell she does by the way Nicole asks how he is doing. Brady confides in Chloe that the last time he talked to Nicole, she insisted that he not go visit her, and threatened not to take his calls. Chloe doesn’t think she meant it, but Brady claims she was serious. Chloe thinks she was just being selfless, reminding Brady that Nicole wants him to move on, and Nicole knows that Brady seeing her would make everything more difficult. Brady agrees that that’s true, as he feels partly responsible for her life being so screwed up. Chloe thinks that’s good reason for him to call her, adding that it would really mean the world to Nicole. She asks Brady if he will just call Nicole up and chat with her for a little while, but Brady refuses.

Troy tries to tell Arianna about the boss having had some trouble with shipments, but Arianna say that this isn’t really a good time, as she has someone coming over. Troy barks at her to shut up and listen. Arianna is taken aback. Troy cools down, saying that the boss has some primo stuff he needs moved fast. Just then, Arianna’s phone rings. She asks Troy to be quiet and answers. It’s Brady, who’s calling to tell her that he got caught up in something at the house, and will be over soon. Arianna claims she has some pub business to take care of anyway, and that she will see him soon. She hangs up and asks Troy if he has a sample of this primo shipment on him. Tory pulls a baggie of cocaine out of his pocket. Arianna think she can find some buyers to jump on it. Troy is glad to hear it, saying that the boss will be thrilled if she can move this quickly. He starts to hand the baggie overt to Arianna, but drops it on her table. Cocaine spills across her desk. Arianna curses, reminding Troy that Brady will be here soon. She sits down to clean up the spill. Troy creeps up behind her, and winding his scarf around his hands, prepares to strangle her.

Melanie accuses Carly of being overdramatic, and wonders if she forgot to take her meds this morning. Vivian chuckles merrily. Carly begs Melanie to listen to her, but she demands that Carly stay out of her life. Vivian begs Melanie to let Carly tell them how exactly she is going to destroy Melanie’s life, and Melanie reluctantly agrees. Carly admits she doesn’t know exactly how Vivian will do it, but she has a terrible track record, and has made her life a living hell. She adds that she doesn’t want to see that happen to Melanie. Melanie scoffs, saying no one except Carly thinks it will. She then rages at Carly for thinking she could waltz into her life and expect her to care about her after having known her for five minutes. Carly insists that she never asked Melanie to care about her. Melanie retorts that she has only demanded it by following her around and bothering her for talking with someone who is nice to her. She then demands to know what Carly’s problem is. Vivian, interested, claims she’d like to know the same thing.

Bo asks Daniel to keep an eye on Carly while she is working. He adds that even though he normally sees her as strong and independent; she just isn’t that way when it comes to Vivian for some reason. Daniel asks if Bo was able to prove Vivian was behind rigging the elevator. Bo says he couldn’t but that he knows it was Vivian. Daniel agrees, saying the woman is borderline psychotic. Daniel gets a page just then. Bo says he will let him get back to work, and Daniel agrees to give Bo a call if he ever sees Vivian hanging around during Carly’s shift. Bo thanks him and heads off.

Carly tells Melanie that Vivian has done unspeakable things to people, and she can’t bear to see Melanie get taken in like this. She adds that she knows Melanie doesn’t want her to interfere, but she can’t let her mage a huge mistake like this. Melanie gapes as Carly accuses Vivian of being a sadistic and cruel sociopath. Vivian is taken aback, suggesting that Carly not say anything if she doesn’t have anything nice to say. Carly ignores her, waning Melanie that she could end up six feet under—buried alive—if she crosses this woman the wrong way. Melanie, astonished, admits that being buried alive isn’t high on her to-do list. She then asks Carly why she is so invested in her. She wonders what she could be to Carly that would make her act this way. Vivian stares at Carly, interested in her response.

Chloe can’t believe that Brady plans on turning his back on Nicole when she needs him most. Brady thanks her sarcastically for making him feel guilty and reminds her that Nicole asked him specifically not to visit her. Chloe thinks Brady should at least call her and keep her in the loop, but Brady claims he will just end up holding her hand, even if it’s over the phone, and that isn’t good for his situation right now. Chloe asks if he is talking about Arianna, and Brady nods. He adds that he will keep Nicole informed about what is going on with Sydney, but he’d rather do it through Chloe, as he told Arianna he has moved on, and he meant it.

Anna is glad that EJ has figured out a way to make Sami pay, but she reminds him that Sydney is going to need a stable family one day. EJ snaps, asking if she means with Sami, but Anna claims she meant that Sydney needs to be with EJ, and perhaps another woman someday, if EJ decides to remarry. Anna adds quickly that it would be fine if he raised Sydney as a single dad, but Sydney needs some kind of structure, as she can’t continue to be her nanny forever. EJ then says he has to go, but promises to pick up more medicine for Sydney. He warns Anna not to call unless it’s an emergency and then heads off. Anna picks up the medicine and sighs, telling Sydney that his father is complicated. She then strokes Sydney’s forehead, saying that she’s still so warm warm, and there’s no little medicine left.

Bo and Philip run into one another at the pub. Philip apologizes for having been so rude to Bo and Carly, admitting that he was out of line. Bo tells him not to worry, as he knows Philip is just protective of his and Hope’s marriage, but Philip doesn’t think he has the right to weigh in on Bo’s relationships. Bo chuckles, reminding Philip that he has weighed in on a few of Philip’s too. He then asks if Philip still wants him to be part of the wedding. Philip says he does, but tells Bo that he can’t bring Carly to the ceremony. Bo says he understands.

Melanie demands to know why she is so important to Carly, and why she is trying so hard to be a part of her life when she just isn’t. Carly admits that she and Melanie may never be friends, but they don’t have to be for Carly to want to warn her that she’s in the path of an oncoming train. Vivian groans as Carly explains that she has been a victim of this woman too many times, and she wouldn’t be human if she didn’t try to help Melanie. Vivian scoffs, telling Melanie that Carly has clearly lost her bearings. Carly glares, warning Vivian that she can get a lot tougher if she needs to, and she will if Vivian doesn’t stop harassing her. Vivian feigns innocence as Carly reminds her that she has faced down the devil, and he lost. She adds that the same thing could happen to Vivian. Vivian asks if that is a threat. Carly says it’s a promise, actually.

Troy grumbles that he can’t believe Arianna dropped something so expensive. She retorts that he would have noticed the bag was unsealed if he had taken his gloves off. She then agrees to buy the cocaine from him full-price and sell it. She begs him to set that meeting up for her with the boss if she does so. Troy snaps, saying that Arianna isn’t going to replace him and take his money. He stalks toward her, saying that she is the one that will be replaced. Arianna looks down at the scarf wrapped around Troy’s hands. She asks what he is doing. Troy ignores her, asking her if she thinks she can sling that crap to the boss about how she makes more money than him. Arianna, now scared, claims she would never do that. Troy snarls that he will never let it happen. Arianna makes a break for her dresser and draws a gun. Troy chases after and throws her on the bed, knocking the gun from her hand. He strangles her with the scarf, asking if she really thinks she can get away. Arianna turns red and gurgles. Troy wonders gleefully if she knows what is going to happen next.

Brady begs Chloe not to take this personally, and thanks her for coming by to tell him about Nicole. Chloe guesses that he just needs to keep his distance for now, and he agrees. He promises to call her if he hears anything about Sydney and heads off as Philip walks in. Chloe starts to follow, but Philip stops her, asking if he can get her opinion about something. He pulls out a jewelry box and hands it to Chloe, explaining that it’s for Melanie. She opens it to find a necklace indie. She says it’s beautiful, and wonders if it is for the wedding or honeymoon. Philip says this is going to sound weird, but it’s actually for when he and Melanie have their first child. He explains that he wants to be able to add their children’s birthstones to the necklace as they have more. Chloe’s face falls as she tells Philip that Melanie is a very lucky woman. Philip adds that he hopes in ten years that Melanie will have a necklace full of stones. Chloe nods uncomfortably. Philip barrels on about trust funds and good schools, explaining that this is Melanie’s first attempt at a real family, since her dad was a dirt bag and she never knew her mother.

Vivian snaps that Carly doesn’t scare her, and adds that she is upsetting Melanie, so she had better just spew her vicious nonsense somewhere else. Daniel heads into the café just then and Melanie thanks God, rushing over and telling him that his friend Carly is off her rocker, as she is threatening Vivian and talking about being buried alive. Daniel heads over and reminds Vivian that there’s a restraining order out against her. Vivian claims that she was sitting here having coffee with Melanie when Carly barged in, made a beeline for her table, and started attacking her. Melanie nods, saying that that is exactly what happened. Vivian adds loftily that she plans on making a complaint to the hospital board, since a doctor shouldn’t practice when she is obviously so completely unhinged. Melanie nods, agreeing to back Vivian up. Daniel suggests they all calm down and asks Carly to come with him. She again warns Melanie that Vivian is a viper who will stop at nothing to destroy other people’s lives. As she turns to go, she knocks a cup of coffee over and it spills onto Melanie’s wedding dress. Vivian shakes her head and groans. Melanie squeals, lamenting over her wedding dress as Carly look on, horrified.

Troy continues to choke Arianna. Just then, EJ rushes in and pulls Troy off of Arianna. EJ hisses that he doesn’t know what Troy thinks he is doing, but he had better get out of here. Troy rushes off as Arianna calls 911 and asks them to send the police. EJ asks if she is alright as she hangs up. She nods, saying that the police are on their way. He asks worriedly if she is really alright. She claims she is fine, thanks to EJ, and promptly passes out on the bed. EJ shakes her fretfully.

Chloe thinks Melanie must be having the time of her life planning her wedding. Philip says she is sometimes, but there is a lot of stress, as both Vivian and his mother are trying to put in their two cents every chance they get. He asks about Chloe’s wedding, but she explains that she and Daniel are taking things slow, as she fears what it might look like if they rush into marriage. Philip reminds her that life is short, and adds that he thought she has always wanted a family. Chloe tells him uncomfortably that she and Daniel haven’t talked about it. Philip is surprised, as Chloe is a natural with kids. Chloe guesses it’s something to think about, and abruptly tells Philip that she has to go. She rushes off to the foyer and heads out the door, nearly in tears.

Melanie wonders angrily what the deal is with Carly and coffee, accusing her of ruining her wedding dress. Carly, upset, offers to buy her a new one, or pay for the dry-cleaning, but Melanie wails that it’s ruined, and that she can’t get a new one because this is a designer original. Carly begs Melanie to let her fix this. Melanie shrieks at Carly to leave her alone. Daniel pulls Carly off by the arm as Melanie sobs. Vivian tries to soothe her, assuring her that she will call Monique and have Constantine make her a new one. Melanie quiets down, asking if she promises. Vivian does so and hugs her, vowing not to let Carly ruin Melanie and her son’s big day. Melanie sniffles, smiling.

Outside, Carly admits to Daniel that she lost it when she saw that awful woman trying to ingratiate herself to Melanie. Daniel reminds her that she has a restraining order against Vivian and that she can’t just waltz into a café and start harassing her. Carly claims that she just put Vivian on notice, but stops herself, saying that she can’t talk to Daniel about this since he is Victor’s godson. Daniel reminds her that that doesn’t mean he approves of Vivian or half the other things Victor says or does. He adds that he and Carly are friends, and friends share things. Carly reminds him that she has already burdened him with one secret, and can’t do that again, but Daniel insists that he wants to help. All Carly will say is that she saw Vivian doing that phony act she does with Melanie and she blew her top. Daniel wonders why she is so protective of Melanie when she barely knows her. Carly abruptly thanks Daniel for listening, but says she has to go. She hurries off. Daniel stares after her, puzzled.

EJ asks Arianna, who is now conscious, what happened. She explains that that creep tried to kill her, and would have succeeded if it hadn’t been for EJ. Roman bursts in just then, and asks Arian what happened. She explains that some guy named Troy that hangs out at the pub just tried to kill her. Roman, unhappy that she doesn’t have his last name, tells her that she’ll have to look at some mug shots down at the station. He notices the cocaine on the desk and asks Arianna what it is. She explains that it fell out the man’s pocket during their struggle. Roman asks what EJ is doing here, and Arianna explains that he saved her life. EJ shrugs, claiming he just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Just then, Roman gets a call. He listens, and then hangs up; telling Arianna that some of his men caught a man climbing out of a garbage bin in the alley, and his name is Troy Winston.

EJ, Arianna, and Roman head into the police station. Roman asks them to wait here until they can nail the suspect down. Just then, two officers bring Troy in. Roman smirks, guessing that Troy’s day didn’t turn out the way he planned. Roman then asks Troy to go with him, reminding EJ and Arianna that he will need statements from both of them. Roman and the other officers then head off with Troy. EJ asks Arianna if she is sure she doesn’t need a doctor. She claims she is fine, and much better than she was thirty minutes ago. EJ excuses himself to make a phone call as Brady rushes in, saying that he got here a soon as he could. He asks what happened, and Arianna explains that Troy tried to kill her. Brady gapes as Arianna admits that her game is falling apart at the seams. Brady apologizes, wishing he could have gotten here sooner. Just then, EJ comes over, telling Brady that everything is alright, since he happened to show up.

Vivian begs Melanie to stop worrying about the dress, as she will have another one soon. Melanie isn’t sure how to thank her. Vivian tells her not to bother, as she had a fantastic afternoon apart from the visitor from the insane asylum. He adds that she’s sorry it had to end, but guesses that Melanie needs to get back home to Philip. Melanie agrees and Vivian tells her to run along, promising that they will have more afternoons just like this one. She then tells Melanie that she spoke to Victor, who thinks it would be nice if he and Vivian joined Philip and Melanie on the yacht for part of their honeymoon. Melanie is surprised, but Vivian reminds her it’s a very large boat. Melanie uncomfortably promises to run that by Philip and thanks Vivian again. She then heads off. Vivian flashes back to Carly telling Melanie that she was a cruel and sadistic sociopath. Vivian wonders why Carly seems to be so protective of Melanie. Her eyes widen and she says to herself that that would be unfortunate. She then decides she’ll have to do some checking and takes out her phone.

Carly storms into Bo’s house, raging about Vivian being there every time she turns around. Bo asks what happened and Carly tells him about Vivian attempting to grow closer to her daughter. She shrieks that Vivian can think again if she believes she can drag Melanie into her disgusting world. Bo tries to calm Carly down.

Melanie is back at the Kiriakis mansion, complaining to Philip about Carly and how she ruined her wedding dress. Philip tries to soothe her, reminding her that the dress isn’t important, as he would marry her nude. Melanie giggles, thinking that would be a first for Salem. She then admits that another dress is on its way. Philip thinks her bad day is getting better all the time, but Melanie isn’t so sure. Philip pulls her in for a kiss, suggesting they try to make it a great day.

Carly tells Bo about seeing Melanie and Vivian together, and how Vivian is helping Melanie to plan her wedding. She adds ruefully that she spilled coffee on Melanie’s dress. Bo claims this isn’t about the dress and asks if Carly talked to Vivian because she was with her daughter. Carly reminds Bo that Melanie has no idea who she is hooking up with, and that if Daniel hadn’t come in, there probably would have been blood on the floor. She admits quietly that she came close to telling Melanie that she was he daughter right in front of Vivian. Worried, Bo asks if she did, but Carly shakes her head, claiming that her secret is still safe.

Outside the café, Vivian calls Gus, telling him that she has a new name for him to check up on. She explains that the girl is Melanie Layton, and that she actually lives with Mia. She asks him to check her background and go back as far as he has to. Gus agrees. Vivian then tells him that this may be a long shot, but there was something in Carly’s eyes when she looked at Melanie that makes her suspicious.

EJ fills Brady in on saving Arianna’s life. Brady wonders what EJ was doing near her room just as EJ gets a call from Anna. Brady gets a call too and heads off. Nearby, Anna tells EJ that she called to check to make sure he was getting the medicine, as Sydney is really upset. She shrieks in the background as EJ assures Anna that he has everything under control. Roman and two other officers bring Troy in as EJ hangs up. Roman heads over to Arianna and tells her quietly that Troy is going away for a long time, since they found a lot of drugs in his car. Arianna asks if this means something good for her, but Roam suggests they not talk about it here. Troy glares at the two and flashes back to catching Arian on the phone with someone and begging them to help her. He comes back to the present and gas. As the cops haul him off, he yells at EJ, warning him that Arianna is a narc. Arianna stares, shocked.


Mia snaps at Carly, “You've caused enough problems.” Maggie admonishes her, “Mia, stop it!”

Vivian tells Victor, “I know how to get the truth, and they won't even see it coming.”

Bo informs Hope, “The secret didn't end our marriage. You did.”

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