Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/21/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/21/10


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Carly heads onto the pier and gasps as she comes across Melanie’s lifeless body. Nearby, Vivian holds a stiletto knife and grins. Carly takes Melanie into her arms and sobs as blood trickles from Melanie’s stomach. Carly wails that Melanie never even knew she was her daughter. Vivian smirks that now she never will. Carly moans that this is all her fault. Vivian agrees. Carly comes back from her reverie at the Java Café. Carly says that Vivian can never know who Melanie is, and she vows not to let Vivian hurt her.

At the pub, Vivian asks Melanie if she is ready to go shopping for her wedding dress. Melanie stammers. Vivian reminds her she should have picked it out a year ago, but she shouldn’t worry, since ‘Mommy Dearest’ is here. Melanie isn’t sure that Philip would like this but Vivian laughs her off, saying that of course Philip wants her to be a part of their lives. She adds that she knows he is tentative right now, but she is sure nothing would warm his heart more than knowing that she and Melanie were growing closer. Melanie doubts that is true, but Vivian begs her to give her a chance, as she knows better than Philip, and knows he still needs her and feels the bond between them. Melanie reluctantly agrees to go shopping with her as Stephanie heads in. She’s supposed to meet Nathan, but he has called to let her know that he is stuck at the hospital, and will be there as soon as he can. Stephanie hangs up and walks over to Melanie and Vivian, greeting them. Melanie, elated, tells Vivian that she just remembered that she supposed to go wedding dress shopping with her friend Stephanie. Stephanie stares, confused as Melanie gives her a desperate look, reminding Stephanie of their plans to head over to Magnolia to do some shopping. Stephanie, finally getting it, says that she is starting to remember. Melanie smiles gratefully and suggests that they leave—now.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin tells Hope that he really didn’t mean to make things awkward between them. Hope reminds him that he is both a friend and family, and besides Bo, he’s the only person that knows what she is going through right now. She then says that she is sorry that he has to be so far away from Adrienne. Justin claims that was his choice. Hope says that she hopes she wasn’t a part of that decision, since all she needs right now is time, though she is grateful for his support. Justin claims he understands. Hope then admits that she spent a lot of time blaming herself for the end of her marriage, but after what Carly and Bo did, and what Bo allowed Carly to do, she has to wonder if her marriage was ever worth saving.

At her hideout, Anna tells Sydney that her daddy said that everything was going perfectly. She adds that Sydney is a sweet little girl, and she’s loved every minute they’ve spent together, but she thinks this may be the end of the road for her and Sydney.

At the police station, an officer heads over to Rafe and Sami and hands Sami another ransom note, which has just come in over the fax line. Sami takes it, trembling, and wails as she read it aloud. The letter states that Sami and EJ will never see their daughter again now that they’ve gotten the FBI involved. Sami sobs uncontrollably as EJ walks over, asking what is going on. Rafe tells EJ another note has been sent and hands it to him. EJ reads it as Sami flies off the handle, reminding Rafe that the kidnapper now knows that she isn’t getting the money, and Rafe knows better than anyone that Sydney is of no value to the woman now. Rafe hangs his head as Sami hysterically demands to know what is going to happen to her little girl.

Hope and Justin talk about Ciara, and Hope chides him lightly for reading her three stories. Justin says that he knows the rule is to just read one, but he can’t resist Harold and the Purple Crayon, as it was Jackson’s favorite when he was a child. Hope apologizes, as she knows Justin must miss his family, and that this can’t be easy. Justin admits it helps. Hope muses, saying there isn’t much she couldn’t do with one of those magic purple crayons. Justin agrees.

Nathan heads over to Carly at the hospital, asking if she has news on one of his patients. Carly informs him that the man is doing well, and wonders what made him think of the procedure he performed. Nathan admits that he heard of it on E.R. Carly chuckles, saying that he did a good job. Carly then asks Nathan if he knows where Maxine keeps the personnel files. Nathan agrees to take the folder there for her, but notices that it’s Melanie’s file. Nathan thought she quit, but Carly explains that she was planning on returning to the nursing program after her honeymoon. Nathan asks if the hospital refused but Carly shakes her head, saying that Melanie actually changed her mind. She then says that she heard Melanie and Nathan used to date. Nathan asks if Melanie told her that. Carly says she didn’t, and asks why it matters. Nathan admits he thought that Melanie might have told Carly that he was the reason she was quitting the nursing program for good. Carly explains that Melanie never mentioned Nathan, but quickly adds that she wouldn’t, since she and Melanie aren’t close. She wonders why Nathan would think he was the reason Melanie was quitting, and asks if things ended badly between them. Nathan guesses so, since Melanie is now marrying someone else. Nathan adds that he hoped they could be friends but perhaps it’s better that Melanie is leaving town. Carly agrees that that might be for the best.

Stephanie tells Melanie abruptly that she can’t go shopping, as this is a bad time for her. Melanie gapes as Stephanie apologizes for being rude. She then explains that she double-booked herself and has a lunch date, so they will have to go shopping later. Melanie jumps on this, saying that that sounds like a great idea, but Vivian thinks later will be too late. She then tells Melanie that her stylist is on the way to the mansion right now. Melanie, now interested, says she had no idea Vivian had a stylist. Vivian says she does, and that she is on a train from Chicago even as they speak. Melanie isn’t sure what to say. Vivian suggests they head over the mansion and gathers her coat. The two head off as Stephanie wishes Melanie luck. She grimaces back at Stephanie over her shoulder and heads out of the pub.

Rafe reminds Sami that he can’t tell Sami what will happen, because every kidnapping case is different. EJ vows not to let any harm come to Sydney. Rafe agrees that no one here will let Sydney down. He then tells Sami that the kidnapper faxing over this letter is a real slip-up, as the fax is traceable. He adds that he thinks the kidnapper only warned Sami not to tell the authorities because she knew if Sami did, that Rafe would end up hunting her down and finding her. He vows to find Sydney and get her back, and then heads off to speak to forensics about the ransom note. Sami sighs, saying Rafe obviously didn’t want to tell her what happens in this other cases, and frankly, she doesn’t want to know. She asks EJ tearfully how they are going to get their daughter back.

Vivian and Melanie head into the mansion to find several wedding dress bags lying on the sofa, along with a note from Monique, Vivian’s stylist. Vivian figures Monique left these behind, since she is always busy. Melanie opens a bag to find an orange horror in one of them. Vivian thinks it would be perfect for Moulin Rouge and wonders what Monique has been smoking. She opens anther bag to find a white dress inside. Melanie appears to like it, and agrees to try it on. She heads off as Victor calls Vivian from the hospital. She asks about his checkup, and he grumbles that he is still alive, but his blood pressure would have been lower if he hadn’t gotten her message first. He asks what has gone wrong now. She apologizes for bothering him and explains that she overheard a conversation between Bo and Philip, and thought he should know about it. Victor snaps at her to spit it out, and Vivian admits that she overheard Bo saying that Carly set her sights on him long before she came to Salem. Victor doesn’t think that is surprising, but Vivian says that she is wondering if Carly came to Salem to find Bo instead of her long-lost daughter.

At the pub, Julie tells Hope that she’s glad that Hope invited Bo to the luncheon after Mickey’s funeral. Hope snaps that she isn’t. Julie asks why not. Hope shakes her head, wondering what is wrong with her, since her uncle just died, and all she can think about is how she was betrayed. Julie reminds her that she and Bo were separated, but Hope says this is about more than what happened between Bo and Carly. She then tells Julie that she now knows that Carly came to town to get Bo back, and that she has been thinking of doing so for years. Julie wonders how she could pull that off. Hope isn’t sure, but reminds Julie that Carly is here, and she and Bo are together—just like that.

Rafe questions Sami about the kidnapper’s phone calls, and asks if she indicated that she knew her, EJ, or Nicole. Sami explains that the woman certainly knew a lot about her, since she lambasted her for the horrible things she has done over the years. She then tells Rafe that she demanded to speak with Sydney. Rafe asks if Sami is sure it was her, but EJ scoffs, reminding Rafe that Sami is Sydney’s mother, and knows her voice. Sami adds that she is sure. Rafe then asks if Sami heard any background noise, like trains or a highway, but Sami doesn’t remember anything. She asks dejectedly if this means the trace on the fax turned up nothing. Rafe says that it did, and that while the fax came back to an unregistered mobile device, the area code was local. Sami looks up hopefully as Rafe explains that even though Sydney was kidnapped in Cleveland, she’s being held somewhere nearby.

Sydney wails. Anna tells her she knows that waiting is murder. Sydney cries even louder. Anna wonders what is wrong, and tells Sydney that if she keeps that up it won’t be hard for anyone to find them. Sydney sobs and reaches towards Anna.

Victor wonders how Vivian’s plan is going to work if Carly’s daughter isn’t in town. Vivian reminds Victor that she never said her daughter wasn’t in town; she’s just not sure who it is. She adds that Gus is working on getting birth certificate so they can be sure. Victor snaps that he is running out of patience. Vivian wonders when he had any to run out of. Victor sighs, reminding her that she will need to lay low after she does whatever she is going to do. Vivian admits that hiding isn’t her strong suit, but Victor promises to help her. Melanie walks back in wearing her dress and Vivian abruptly hangs up on Victor. She admires Melanie, telling her that she just may be the most beautiful bride that ever was. Melanie beams.

Carly tries to glide past Victor but he whirls around and stops her, asking her if she is avoiding him.

Julie asks Hope if she really thinks Carly has been in love with Bo for all these years, and that Carly had such a hold over Bo that he just couldn’t resist her. Hope doesn’t know what else to think. Julie tells her flatly that it makes no sense at all, and that she doesn’t believe it for a minute.

Sami asks Rafe if he is sure the kidnapper is nearby. EJ explodes, shouting that of course she is nearby, since she was planning on picking up the ransom money and seems to know about every move they make. EJ sighs, apologizing to Rafe and asking if they have local search teams out. Rafe says they do. EJ asks how many miles they are covering, but all Rafe will say is that they’re covering too many. Rafe then excuses himself to go talk to another officer. Sami asks EJ if he thinks they’ll find her. EJ isn’t sure. Sami blames herself for all of this, as she had the chance to tell Rafe about the ransom note. Instead, she chose not to, and now it’s too late for Rafe to help. EJJ begs her not to blame herself, as it was a difficult decision to make, and one that he also struggled with. Sami thinks she let both EJ and Sydney down. He says she didn’t, and then vows to Sami that he will find their daughter, no matter what it takes. He then adds that he refuses to play by anyone’s rules anymore, and swears to hunt this woman down if it’s the last thing he does. Rafe comes over, smirking and saying that if EJ does that, it will be the last thing he ever does. EJ and Sami glare.

Hope isn’t sure what to believe anymore, but Julie assures her that Bo loves her with his whole heart. Hope doesn’t think you can hurt someone you love by sleeping with someone else. Julie sighs. Hope does too, admitting that she knows she was the one that moved out and took Ciara, but she just needed some time. She guesses Bo was ready to move on, but she is surprised by how quickly he did so. Julie thinks Carly was probably pretty aggressive, but Hope says that Julie knows Bo well enough to know that he always has to be the hero, and Carly was alone and scared, and has some huge secret to boot. Julie doesn’t think Bo did anything for Carly that he wouldn’t have done for anyone else, but Hope doesn’t think Bo had to go to bed with her. She then tells Julie that Bo isn’t her hero anymore and that he never will be again.

Carly tells Victor that she is constantly amazed that he could produce a son like Bo. Victor tells her that that is exactly what he wants to talk about. She asks if he is referring to his own moral repugnance, but Victor says he meant hers, actually. Carly admits that she thought that if Victor could forgive Vivian for trying to kill Kate, and forgive Kate for trying to kill a number of people, then he could also get over his resentment for her. Victor retorts that what he feels for her goes far beyond resentment. He adds that he doesn’t care about what she did to him, but for what she did to his son, she is going to be sorry she ever set foot in this town.

Nathan heads into the pub and both Hope and Julie greet him. Julie asks him to join them for lunch, but he explains that he is meeting Stephanie. He asks if either of them have seen her, and Hope nods, saying that she is in the kitchen with Caroline. Julie then tells Nathan that she spoke to Melissa before she left, and she was very happy about Nathan and Stephanie dating, especially as Brady-Horton matches tend to be auspicious. Hope grimaces as Nathan reminds Julie that he and Stephanie just started dating. Hope jumps in, explaining that they just want Nathan to be happy. He says he, since Stephanie is so great. He then admits that he is lucky. Stephanie comes up from behind him and kisses him, saying that she is the lucky one. Hope looks on unhappily.

Sami asks Rafe angrily if he is forbidding EJ from doing what he can to find Sydney. Rafe retorts that he can’t have EJ going behind his back again. EJ then assures Rafe that he has no intention of working at cross-purposes with him, but he feels he has to do what it takes to find his daughter. He then heads off to make a phone call, promising to call them alter. Sami turns on Rafe, snapping that he can’t get in the way of EJ doing what needs to be done to find Sydney. Rafe doesn’t think there is anything EJ can do, but Sami reminds him that the DiMeras are powerful. She adds that while Rafe may not like that, it will help them find their daughter. She then admits that when it comes to Sydney, she trusts EJ. Rafe scoffs, asking since when does she trust EJ. Sami replies, “Since I don’t have a choice—since now.”

Anna hugs Sydney, guessing that she is cold and bored. Sydney screams. Anna wonders if she has cabin fever, but when she strokes her hair, she notices that Sydney has a real fever. Anna moans, saying that she had no idea Sydney was sick. She wonders what she is going to do now. Sydney shrieks as Anna frets.

Melanie giggles, admitting that she feels like Cinderella. Vivian reminds her that her coach and four won’t be turning into a pumpkin at midnight. Melanie sighs happily, saying that she doubts that it ever will. Vivian asks if she is ready to try on another, but Melanie claims this dress is the one. Vivian is surprised she only wants to try on one, but Melanie say she knows this is right, just like she knew she wanted to marry Philip from the first moment she met him. Vivian says she loves a woman who knows her own mind and calls Monique to tell her they’ve found the dress. Monique explains that the dress has already been put on hold for the Countess of Wessex, but Vivian demands that the dress go to Melanie. The woman seems to agree, because Vivian thanks her sweetly and hangs up. Melanie asks what happened and Vivian explains that a countess wanted the dress, but she’s only ten years old and will never fit into the thing by the time she’s ready to be married. Melanie wonders why Vivian is doing all this for her, since they don’t even know one another. Vivian explains that Philip loves Melanie, and that is all that counts. She then tells Melanie about a necklace of hers that belonged to her mother. She adds that she never thought she’d be able to pass it down to anyone, so it would mean a lot if Melanie would wear it on her wadding day. Melanie tearfully agrees, hugging Vivian.

Victor accuses Carly of only marrying Lawrence because she is a masochist, and adds that no one in town wants her here—not even Bo, for the long term. Victor adds loftily that Bo is obviously using Carly to punish Hope. Carly thinks Victor’s interest in his son’s love life in unhealthy, and since Bo has a much better track record than Victor in the relationship department, she doubts that Bo will be coming to him for advice any time soon. She then tells Victor one last time to leave her and Bo alone. Victor then tells Carly that he is disgusted with Bo and sick of looking at her face, so when Philip and Melanie get married and take his yacht on their honeymoon, he and Vivian will be joining them. Carly shouts, “No!”

Julie says she understands that Hope is hurt and disappointed, but she knows Hope still loves Bo. Hope wishes she didn’t, so this didn’t hurt so much. Julie reminds her that the bottom line is that this is all about love, and nothing else matters. Hope thinks it’s too late for her and Bo but Julie advises her that it is never too late.

EJ cuddles Sydney at the hideout and tells her she should be thanking her lucky stars for some peace and quiet, since she wouldn’t have had a very happy home at her mother’s house. EJ strokes her forehead, hoping nothing is wrong as Anna comes over with thermometer, telling EJ that her temperature is 99 degrees. She thinks Sydney’s molars might be coming in, or that she could be sick, since she has been sniffling. EJ reminds Anna patiently that Sydney is practically in quarantine, but Anna replies that EJ isn’t. She wonders what they are going to do if Sydney needs a doctor.

Sami and Rafe head back to her place. She groans that she never thought she would be coming back here without Sydney. Rafe agrees, and Sami guesses that he is still angry with her. Rafe sighs, saying that he knows Sami is going through hell, but it didn’t have to be this way. Sami reminds him angrily that she wasn’t lying just for the hell of it; she did what she thought was best. She claims she was agonizing over the decision not to tell him, but Rafe remembers Sami looking him in the eye and lying to his face quite easily. Sami wails that she was just trying to help Sydney, and wonders why Rafe couldn’t just trust her. Rafe retorts that he was right to suspect she was lying. Sami shrieks that she did so for good reason, as if it hadn’t been for Rafe, she would have Sydney back right now.

Victor asks Carly in surprise if she doesn’t want him to leave Salem. She explains that she doubts Philip and Melanie want Victor and that thing to come on their honeymoon with them. Victor wonders how that concerns her. Carly agrees that it doesn’t, and tells Victor to go ahead and ruin his son’s life if he wants. She wishes him a happy voyage and good riddance to boot. Victor scoffs that she isn’t getting rid of him that easily. He warns her that he knows what she did to Lawrence, and if she hurts Bo, Victor will hurt her. He heads off. Carly mutters that if he hurts her daughter, he won’t ever get the chance.

Melanie comes back to the living room in her regular clothes, sad that she had to take off her dress, and sorry that she only gets to wear it for one day. Vivian reminds her that it’s one very special day, although she can’t speak from experience, as she has never been happily married. Melanie gushes that she can’t wait to marry the man she adores and finally say, ‘I do.’ Vivian takes Melanie’s face in her hands and beams.

Hope confides in Julie that she has been unfair to Justin. Julie asks what she means, and Hope explains that Justin only meant to stay in town for a little while, so he could get back to Dubai and his family, but too many things keep popping up. Julie reminds her that Justin decided to stay on his own, and that she isn’t responsible. Hope thinks he chose to stay because of the bond they hare. She explains that he is good with Ciara, and she enjoys his company, but that is all there is and all there ever will be. Julie thinks Justin knows that if he has half a brain. She adds that she doubts Justin plans on moving in for the kill now that Hope and Bo are on the outs. Hope says she doesn’t suspect him of that, of course. Julie begs her to stop feeling so guilty, since this is a rough time for her, and it’s only natural for her to lean on a friend. Hope tells Julie tearfully that Bo is the only man in her heart. Although he has loved other women, she has never loved another man, and she isn’t sure that she ever will.

EJ tells Anna angrily that Sydney will have a doctor if she needs one, as he has no intention in letting her suffer needlessly. Anna apologizes, claiming she didn’t mean to imply he wouldn’t take care of his daughter. EJ then tells Anna that he should be clear. He then says that there are many people in the world that deserve to suffer, and that includes Sydney’s mother, but it doesn’t include Sydney.

Rafe tells Sami that all the surveillance from the pier has been checked out, and it doesn’t appear that the kidnapper came anywhere near the ransom money. Sami stares blankly at one of Sydney’s teddy bears, saying that she guesses they no have no clue where she is. Rafe isn’t even sure she ever intended on returning Sydney, since she knew EJ would give her money. He thinks the woman may have planned to try to bleed EJ and Sami dry. Sami shrieks that she would have done anything for Sydney. Rafe knows she would have. Sami shouts that she is trying to do what is right here and Rafe is making this about him when it isn’t. She adds angrily that she wasn’t doing all of this to exclude him or hurt his feelings, but he doubted her and doubted her motives. She adds that she doesn’t have her daughter back, and wonders how she can ever trust Rafe again.

Stephanie tells Nathan that she hopes he doesn’t mind that she is planning on attending Melanie and Philip’s wedding. Nathan says he doesn’t, and Stephanie assumes he won’t be coming. Nathan says she is right. He adds that so no one feels guilty about not inviting him, it’s probably best that they don’t let Melanie and Philip know they are dating. Stephanie agrees reluctantly as Nathan says Philip and Melanie won’t care anyway, since they will be sailing around the world. Meanwhile, he and Stephanie will be right here in Salem and happy without them. He then kisses her.

Julie is glad Hope seems to have made up her mind as to what she wants and asks her what she plans on doing about it.

Melanie and Vivian head into the Java Café. Melanie wishes people would stop staring at her, since a wedding dress isn’t the weirdest thing ever brought in here. Vivian thinks they are just jealous. Melanie sighs, sorry that Mia is on a break. Vivian admits she is sorry Maggie wasn’t home to see the dress, but reminds Melanie that she can surprise her with it later. She then asks Melanie to promise to arrange her beautiful curls on top of her head the day of the wedding. She works on Melanie’s hair as Carly comes in. She shouts at Vivian to get dirty paws off of Melanie before she kills her. Carly then comes back from her fantasy and watches angrily as Vivian arranges Melanie’s hair.

EJ tells Anna that Sami blames Rafe for everything that happened today. Anna doesn’t see why, since nothing Rafe could have done would have brought Sydney back. EJ agrees, laughing and saying that the irony is that Sami is starting to trust him and is pulling away from Rafe all the time. Anna admits Sami was never very bright and asks EJ if he really handed that five million over to the police. EJ nods. She asks if that was his brilliant plan all along, and he nods again. Anna thought that money was coming to her. EJ reminds her he never said that, but she grumbles that he implied it. She asks when this will all be over, as she is running out of patience. EJ reminds her that she has everything she wants here, but Anna grumps that she would rather be in Bora Bora. Anna then tells EJ that it sounds as if he is planning to never give Sydney back. She begs him to tell her she is wrong about that, but EJ refuses to tell her anything. He hushes Sydney and grins. Anna frets.

Rafe reminds Sami that he warned her of what would happen if she worked outside the system, and he was right, as it was a total disaster. She claims it wasn’t a disaster because of her and EJ, but Rafe disagrees. Sami shrieks that Rafe doesn’t always know what is best. She reminds him he’s an FBI agent, not psychic, or a god. She then hisses that he isn’t even Sydney’s father. Rafe stares, shocked and hurt. Sami’s eyes widen and she dashes off for the bedroom, sobbing.


Brady tells Chloe, “I told Arianna I'd moved on, and I have.”

Carly tells Melanie, “Vivian wants to destroy you, and I won't let it happen.”

Bo tells Daniel, “I need your help. You up for it?”

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