Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/20/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/20/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the DiMera mansion, Rafe suggests that Sami get some sleep. She claims she can’t, as she keeps thinking of Sydney out there, alone and scared. She then asks if Rafe has heard anything from the stakeout team about the person approaching the drop site. All Rafe knows is that the person is still checking things out. Sami admits she is scared, as the person may figure out the FBI is watching. Sami then begs Rafe to pull his team out and tell them to leave, as Sydney’s life may be in danger.

In the foyer, EJ leaves Anna another message, demanding to know why she hasn’t called him back.

At Anna’s hideout, Sydney stares up at Anna’s ringing phone, which she has accidentally left behind.


At the pub, Bo thanks an FBI agent over the phone, explaining that his officers are available if needed, as they’re all desperate to find Sydney. He asks the man to keep him in the loop and hangs up as Melanie walks in. Bo flashes back to Carly wailing that her daughter hates her. Bo heads over to Melanie and sits down across from her, telling her that they need to talk.

Philip heads into the hospital and greets Carly, asking what she called to meet him about. Carly would rather go talk in her office, but Philip explains that he has a board meeting shortly. Carly sighs, admitting that she called Philip because she wanted to apologize.

Vivian heads into the living room of the Kiriakis mansion and greets Hope, saying that she is up early. Hope asks if she disturbed her, but Vivian jokes that she’s an early bird that is up catching worms. She then tells Hope that she has news about a particularly wicked night crawler. Hope asks what she means, and Vivian explains that Carly’s secret isn’t going to be a secret for long. Hope raises an eyebrow.

Sami begs Rafe to take his guys off the pier. Rafe says they can’t trust the kidnapper to return Sydney after she collects the money. Sami retorts that she doesn’t trust the FBI not to get caught by the kidnapper. EJ walks in just then, asking what is going on. Sami explains that she thinks Rafe should call off his team before Sydney’s life is put in any more danger than it already is. EJ flashes back to telling Anna that he has orchestrated this entire plan perfectly, and that his next move will be just as flawless. Anna asks what his next move is. EJ comes back to the present and says abruptly that he agrees with Sami, and that Rafe should call his men off. Just then, Rafe gets a phone call. He answers, listens, and scoffs, saying that that doesn’t surprise him.

Hope begs Vivian to tell her what Carly’s secret is, and Vivian reluctantly complies, saying that she overheard Bo and Philip talking, and apparently, Carly had set her sights on Hope’s husband long before she returned to Salem. Hope grimaces as Vivian notes that it was only a matter of time before Carly stole Bo from her.

Rafe hangs up and tells EJ and Sami that the agents got a good look at the person approaching the drop site, and it’s a woman. Sami asks if it was the woman Nicole saw, but EJ reminds Sami that Nicole only saw boots. Rafe retorts that Nicole also heard the woman’s voice and thought it sounded familiar. EJ doesn’t think they can be sure it’s the same woman. Rafe shrugs, telling the two that the woman has apparently made up her mind that she isn’t being watched and she is going after the money EJ left. Sami grins. EJ frets.

At the pier, a gloved hand reaches down and snatches up the suitcase full of money that EJ left behind.

Philip thinks Carly should be apologizing to Hope, not him, but Carly explains that this is about Melanie, not about what happened between her and Hope at Maggie’s. She then explains that Melanie was planning on rejoining the nursing program after her honeymoon until she found out Dr. Jonas had asked her to handle it. Philip wonders what the apology is for, and Carly explains that she doesn’t want to stand in the way of Melanie building her career, so she hoped that Philip would talk with her and tell her that she can rejoin the staff at any time. Philip agrees to pass the message along. Carly then tells Philip about Melanie confiding in her about her childhood. Philip agrees that Melanie had a rotten childhood, thanks to her father, Trent. Philip then abruptly asks Carly to do both him and Melanie a favor and stay out of their lives. Carly begs him to wait, as she knows he is angry with her over what happened between her and Bo. Philip smirks, asking if she finally got the brass ring. She asks what that is supposed to mean and Philip chuckles, telling her not to pretend as if she hasn’t been planning this for years. Carly gapes as Philip accuses her of having her sights locked on Bo long before she returned to Salem.

Bo explains to Melanie that he thought the two should have a civilized conversation since they are about to become family. She groans, guessing that Bo is going to advice her not to rush into a wedding with Philip, or not to drop out of nursing school. She adds sarcastically that everyone else seems to think thy can tell her how to run her life, so Bo doing so isn’t a surprise. Bo says that isn’t why he wanted to talk to her, and explains that he just wanted to let her now that she has a lot of people in her corner, like himself, Maggie, and Carly. Melanie scoffs, wondering what makes Bo think that Carly cares about her.

Hope is surprised that Vivian heard Bo telling Philip this, and wonders how Carly managed to pursue Bo before she returned to town. Vivian claims that the details are vague, but Hope thinks they’re most likely just nonexistent. Vivian reminds her that Bo wouldn’t make something like this up, and the way Carly rushed off that boat into Bo’s arms now makes sense. Hope thinks Vivian is making it seem as if Bo was Carly’s contingency plan in case things didn’t work out with Lawrence. Vivian nods, saying that that is it exactly, since it seems too coincidental that Lawrence was stabbed shortly after Hope dumped Bo and moved out of his house. Hope doesn’t buy it, sure that that isn’t Carly’s big secret. Vivian just thinks Hope is in denial, but Hope snaps at her to keep her opinion and theories to herself from now on. Vivian claims that she was just trying it help, but Hope retorts she doesn’t need Vivian’s help, as this is her life. Hope then vows to find out the answers she needs herself and storms off. Vivian shakes her head and rolls her eyes.

At the Java Café, Mia walks in just as Chad asks Gabi if she is sure she won’t change her mind about coming to the Olympics, since he hasn’t yet asked anyone else. Gabi still isn’t sure, but Chad reminds her of the tickets he has for the snowboarding finals. Gabi wavers, admitting that it does sound like fun. Chad thinks it will be mind-blowing and pleads with Gabi to say that she will come. Mia glares.

Rafe gets off the phone and informs Sami and EJ that the woman ended up taking the ransom money, so the stakeout team arrested her. EJ asks if they know who the woman is. Sami wants to know if she said anything about Sydney. Rafe says he isn’t sure yet, as the woman is down at police headquarters being questioned. He adds that he is heading over there now. Sami declares that she is going, too. EJ agrees, and the three head out the door.

Bo tells Melanie that Carly probably just feels connected to her because they share the same profession and work in the same place. Melanie reminds him she quit. Bo sighs, saying he just thinks Carly wants to be Melanie’s friend. Melanie snaps that she keeps asking Carly why that is, but she just keeps giving her lame excuses—like the ones Bo has been giving her. Bo wonders if Carly liking Melanie is lame. Melanie says it isn’t, but that she doesn’t have to like Carly in return, either. Bo thinks she should give Carly a chance, especially as she is going to be family now, whether Melanie likes it or not. Melanie declares that Carly will never be a part of her family; since all she knows about her is that she offed her own husband and stole Hope’s. Melanie then says she wants nothing to do with Carly. Bo thinks she has some startling double standards. Melanie gets up, telling Bo angrily that she has all the family she needs—Philip and Maggie—and that she doesn’t need anyone else, especially Carly. She storms off. Bo sighs, telling himself that Melanie is wrong, and that she does need her mother—probably more than she realizes.

Carly tells Philip that that isn’t true. He scoffs, asking if she is accusing Bo of lying. She says she isn’t, and asks Philip what Bo said exactly. He explains that Bo told him that Carly had plans to reunite with him long before she came to Salem. Carly groans. Philip guesses Bo isn’t as protective of her as she thought. Carl nods distractedly, reminding Philip that he will be late for his meeting. She apologizes for bothering him and hurries off.

Mia heads over to Gabi while Chad works at the counter across the room. She asks Gabi if she is planning on changing her mind about going to the Olympics. Gabi admits she is, and wonders if Mia has a problem with that. She claims that she is just worried about Gabi, as she thinks Chad only asked Gabi to go to Vancouver to make her jealous. Gabi doesn’t think it seems that way at all, but Mia reminds her that Chad wouldn’t let on that that was what he was doing. Gabi wonders if Mia is saying that Chad is using her. Mia nods. Gabi tells Mia flatly that she is wrong, and that Chad really does want her to go. She then accuses Mia of trying to make her think that Chad is playing games because she’s scared of losing him. Mai gapes as Gabi adds that Mia is the one that is using Will to make Chad jealous.

Sami, Rafe, and EJ head into the police station. Rafe hurries into an interrogation room as Sami grumbles that the FBI should have just let the woman take the money. EJ reminds her that they aren’t sure that this woman even has their daughter, but Sami worries that now they may never know. Rafe comes out just then, telling the two that the woman is claiming that her name is Marian O’Brien, but they can’t be sure since she has no identification on her. Sami asks if any of the cops recognized her, but Rafe says the FBI is with her now, though they are keeping Bo informed of what is going on. EJ asks if she is denying having kidnapped Sydney and Rafe nods, explaining that she is claiming she only picked up the suitcase because she was curious. Sami scoffs, reminding Rafe that the woman has been lurking around the pier all night. Rafe shrugs, saying the woman is saying she didn’t pick it up before for fear that she might involve herself in something dangerous. EJ wonders if she is telling the truth. Rafe isn’t sure yet, but tells the two they’re running a check on her fingerprints and name. He then tells Sami that since Nicole recognizes the woman’s voice, he is hoping Sami might recognize her face. He suggests that she come into the interrogation room and take look at her. EJ frets.

Back at his place, Bo is on the phone with the FBI, telling them that he is having his officers run the woman’s name through their database as well. He promises to keep them posted and hangs up. Carly rushes in just then, asking Bo if he is out of his mind. He stares in shock as she declares that while she knows why he did what he did, it isn’t going to work, and she wants him to take it back.

Justin and Philip stroll by the nurse’s station after the board meeting. Justin tries to talk to Philip about funding for a new outpatient facility, but Philip isn’t paying attention. Justin demands to know what is going on with him, as he wasn’t paying attention during the meeting, either. Philip tells Justin that Carly is what is wrong. Justin asks him to explain, but Philip says he doesn’t need to, since it’s obvious that she has destroyed Bo and Hope’s marriage. Justin thinks Bo and Hope had something to do with that, too but Philip is beginning to think that the Kiriakis men are cursed. Justin doesn’t buy it, but Philip asks Justin if he really thinks anyone in their family has a decent shot at a happy marriage. Justin sighs.

Mia has met up with Will at the café, and she asks him for all his cross-country meet dates, so she can attend all of them. Across the room, Gabi gets off the phone with her mom, saying that he has permission to go, provided that she talk to Chad’s parents first to ensure that they will be there. Chad says that they will and adds that he is glad that Gabi is going. Gabi admits she couldn’t pass up the chance to get to see the Olympics. Chad vows that they are going to have an amazing time as Mia glares at Gabi.

EJ tries to call Anna once again. Sami comes over, asking what he is doing, and EJ explains that he is checking to see if any of his people have any information on this O’Brien woman. She asks if they do, but EJ shakes his head. Rafe comes out of the interrogation room. Sami asks if the woman is inside and Rafe nods. Someone inside opens the blinds, and Sami stares inside. She groans, saying that she does know the woman, and that she has seen her many times before around town. EJ peers inside, relieved that the woman isn’t Anna. Rafe asks if EJ knows her, but he tells Rafe that he has ever seen her before in his life.

Anna heads back into her hideout and greets Sydney, thanking her for being so good for Benny. She explains that she since she has no idea how long they will be here, she had to go get some supplies. She hands Sydney a stuffed bunny she bought and notices her phone on the table. Anna guesses she left if behind and hopes Sydney’s daddy wasn’t too worried.

Tad and Kinsey head into the café, arguing about how many suitcases Kinsey is planning on bringing to Vancouver. The two greet Chad and Gabi as Tad jokes that Kinsey thinks the judges will be judging her on her fashion sense. Chad tells the two that Gabi is coming after all. Excited, Kinsey suggests the two head to the ladies’ room to talk clothes, though she is sure Gabi is a couple of sizes bigger than her. The two head off as Tad asks Chad if Gabi coming along means Mia is out of his life for good. Chad shrugs, saying that Mia could only ask him to get out of her life so many times before he finally got the picture. Mia stares at him from across the room.

Carly whines about Bo throwing her under the bus, but he explains that Vivian was listening in on his and Philip’s conversation and he thinks it’s better that she believe Carly came back to Salem for him as opposed to her daughter. Carly grumps, asking him if it really doesn’t bother him to portray her as home-wrecker of the year. He thinks she’d prefer wearing a scarlet letter over a black armband. Carly sighs, wishing Vivian could see what a monster Lawrence had turned into. Bo doubts that hat would change Vivian’s mind, and adds that all that matters is keeping Carly and her daughter safe. She asks about Bo, but he claims he’s not scared of Vivian. Just then, Hope shows up. She says that she was talking to Vivian and wonders why Bo didn’t tell her the truth about Carly coming back to town for him. Neither he nor Carly answer. Hope huffs, saying she didn’t think things could get worse, but they have now that she know Carly was on Bo’s mind all these years, and that their entire marriage was a lie.’

Rafe tells Sami and EJ that O’Brien is in a cell while they check out her story. He adds that she is claiming she was in Houston the day Sydney was kidnapped from Cleveland. Sami thinks she could have flown to Cleveland easily, or that the kidnappers may have just hired her to pick up the money. Rafe then tells Sami that the woman claims that she works at the pier, which is why she was there, and why Sami has seen her there before. Rafe says they are now waiting on confirmation from her employer. EJ thinks this a waste of time, as they are waiting on information about someone that has no clue where Sydney is. Sami reminds EJ that he isn’t helping, but he shouts that the FBI has made a mess of everything, and that if they don’t see their daughter again, it’s the fault of both Rafe and the FBI.

Anna sends EJ a text message to let him know everything is fine on their end. She wonders how things are going for EJ.


Melanie meets Philip at the pub and confides in him about Bo giving her the third degree earlier. Philip asks what is going on, and Melanie tells him about Bo wanting his weird mistress to be her friend. Philip wonders where that is coming from, but Melanie isn’t sure, especially as the woman has only been in town for about five minutes and is already trying to get involved in her life. Philip guesses that Bo wants her to accept Carly for his own sake since she is marrying into the family, but Melanie says she hasn’t been a big fan of Bo and Hope ever since they accused her of murdering her father. She then adds that she still feels sorry for Hope, though. Philip says he does, too.

Carly tries to assure Hope that she didn’t come back to town for Bo, but he interrupts, saying that he is sorry Vivian chose to hurt Hope with information about Carly’s personal life. Hope notices that Bo has removed his wedding ring. Angry, she asks if he took it off before or after he slept with Carly. Bo begs her to let him explain, but she calls him an SOB. She storms over to the door, throws a vase on the ground, shattering it, and storms off. Carly winces. Bo sighs.

Justin heads into the Kiriakis mansion and tells Hope that he just came by to drop off some documents from the hospital board meeting. Hope sniffles. Justin asks what is going on, and Hope throws herself into his arms, sobbing that Bo and Carly never stopped loving one another, and that Bo welcomed her back to town with open arms. Justin tries to soothe Hope as she cries hysterically.

Kinsey asks Chad if he has a hot tub at his condo, as she has a new bathing suit she’d like to wear. Tad rolls his eyes as Kinsey catches sight of one of her friends outside. She promptly heads off to brag about her trip to Vancouver. Tad jokes with Gabi that Kinsey lives to make others jealous, and he wonders if Gabi really wants to come with them on this trip. Gabi claims that Kinsey doesn’t bother her. Tad heads off for coffee as Gabi admits to Chad that she has always wanted to go to the Olympics. Chad asks if she wanted to watch or participate, and she admits that she wanted to be a figure skater, but was never any good. Chad grins, saying he wanted to be a swimmer, but hates opening his eyes underwater. The two chuckles as Mia glares. Will comes over with some cookies, but Mia claims she forgot her science book and has to go back to Maggie’s to get it. She promises to see him at school, telling him how happy she is they are back together. She pointedly kisses him, making sure Chad is watching, and then heads off.

Sami frets that the kidnappers may find out the FBI was involved and hurt Sydney. EJ tries to soothe her as Rafe comes over, telling the two that the woman’s story checked out. He spoke with her brother and his neighbors, who all confirmed that O’Brien was indeed in Houston over the holidays when Sydney was taken. Sami asks why she was at the pier, and Rafe explains that her employer confirmed that she works at the pier, and can be seen crossing it nearly every day. Sami thinks that the kidnappers may have chosen her to collect the ransom for just that reason, but Rafe explains that her background checked out, and since she has no criminal history, thy had no choice but to let her go. EJ groans, noting that they are back where they started. Sami just hopes the kidnappers didn’t find out they got the FBI involved and that Sydney is safe.

Justin tells Hope how sorry he is as she wails that Carly planned this, and that apparently Bo has been thinking about her for years, too. Justin begs her to tell him how he can make this go away. The two then kiss, but Hope backs off, saying that she isn’t ready. Justin says he understands, but adds that he doesn’t think Bo deserves her. Hope doesn’t want to hurt Justin, but he claims that he cares for her so much that he doesn’t care about that. Hope thanks him for being there for her. Justin vows to do anything for Hope.

Bo finds out about the O’Brien woman being a dead end and asks someone over the phone to keep him posted. He hangs up as Carly apologizes for making waves when he is in the middle of a kidnapping case. Bo says he isn’t actually in the middle, since the Feds are handling this and only keeping him informed as a courtesy. Carly think this must be difficult, since Sydney is Sami’s daughter. Bo agrees, and adds that he needs to get down to the station to check up on things. Carly again apologizes for what happened with Hope but Bo snaps that Hope has made her bed and now has to lie in it. He adds that Carly’s daughter’s life is in danger, and that he swore to protect her and Carly. He vows that he will keep that promise and heads off. Carly sighs.

Melanie tells Philip that she needs a favor, and explains that looking through all these wedding magazines has made her want to plan a bigger wedding. Vivian walks in just in time to hear Melanie say so, and thrilled, begs Melanie to let her help. Melanie stammers, but Vivian thinks it will give them the opportunity to bond. Philip ties to stop her, but Vivian pleads with him to let her help, as it means so much to her. She adds that Melanie is just like the daughter she never had.

Chad, Gabi, Kinsey, and Tad gather their books to head off to school. Kinsey stops Will on the way out, hoping that he isn’t too jealous about them all going to Vancouver. Will claims he isn’t, as he would rather spend time with Mia anyway.

Mia visits Grace’s grave, whose tombstone has been amended to read “Grace McCormick Woods.” She tells Grace how much she misses her, and is sure her father does too, though he doesn’t seem to be concerned with either one of them right now. She adds tearfully that Chad is into another girl, which she thought she would be ok with, but she isn’t, as she isn’t over Chad. She admits that she also likes Will, and that that isn’t fair to either of them. She then tells Grace that she wants both boys, as she can’t stand the thought of losing anyone else in her life.

Alone in an interrogation room, EJ speaks to Anna, glad to hear from her. He informs her that everything is going smoothly and hangs up. Anna tells Sydney that everything is working out perfectly. She giggles.

Sami tells Rafe tearfully that waiting is the worst part. Rafe assures her that the FBI has dealt with many of these cases, and often, the kidnappers wait as long as possible to collect the money in an attempt to screw with the parents’ heads. Just then, an officer comes in with a fax sent to Sami and EJ. Sami takes the paper and gasps, as it is another ransom note. The note tells Sami that since she and EJ got the FBI involved, they will now never see Sydney again. Sami sobs.


Hope says, “I have to wonder was my marriage ever worth saving.”

Carly holds a bleeding Melanie and confronts Vivian, “What did you do? No! No, baby. No, baby.”

Sami wails, “What is she gonna do to my little girl?”

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