Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/19/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/19/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the Java Café, Kate flips through a wedding magazine. She examines a dress, guessing that she could see Melanie in that. Vivian comes over just then, asking if she really wouldn’t rather see Melanie in a coffin. Kate glares as Vivian grins, asking if Kate plans to let this daughter-in-law live. Vivian takes a seat as Kate snaps that she didn’t invite her to sit down. Vivian ignores her, saying that it’s sad to see Kate imagining herself at a wedding she’ll never see. She adds that she thinks of her son as perfect, but the truth is that Philip doesn’t forgive so easily. Kate grabs Vivian’s arm and twists, warning her to never call Philip her son again. Vivian jerks her arm away, exclaiming in pain.

Nathan heads into the hospital. Maxine hugs him, asking what he is doing here. He reminds her he has a shift scheduled, but Maxine explains that Dr. Knapp took over for him, since no one expected him to come in after his grandfather’s funeral. Nathan, confused, tells Maxine that he didn’t ask Dr. Knapp to take his shift. Stephanie walks over just then, saying that she did. Nathan smiles gratefully.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip tells Bo that he has a favor to ask. Bo asks what it is, and Philip explains that he wants Bo to be in the wedding when he marries Melanie.

In Daniel’s office at the hospital, Carly heads inside to find Melanie with her feet up on his desk. Melanie demands to know what she is doing here. Carly says that she is filling in for Daniel, who is in surgery, and she heard a student nurse needed something. She assumes that nurse is Melanie. Melanie smirks, saying it’s terrible when you think you’re going to talk to someone you like and end up talking to someone you don’t. Carly ignores the comment, telling Melanie that there are forms to fill out if she wants to request a leave of absence. She hands the paperwork over to Melanie, who begins to fill it out. Carly flashes back to telling Bo that her daughter hates her. Melanie interrupts her reverie, asking why Carly is staring at her.

Vivian talks to Gus at the café, grumbling that she would have had to get a rabies shot if that little twit had broken the skin. Gus then tells Vivian that his contact in Switzerland is working on her request, but thus far, they can’t get a birth date for Carly’s daughter. Vivian muses, saying that all the evidence points to that limp dishrag Myra—Gus interrupts, reminding her that the name is Mia. Vivian waves him off, saying that since she plans on destroying whatever Carly has spawned, she had better be sure, since God is in the details.

Philip tries to convince Bo to be in the wedding, assuring him that Lucas is going to be the best man, so he doesn’t have to deal with the rings or anything complicated. Bo isn’t so sure, but Philip reminds Bo that all Melanie had growing up was Max, and her life wasn’t like ‘Little House on the Prairie.’ He knows she has never felt very welcome when it comes to family, so when she walks down the aisle, Philip wants her to see him and his brothers welcoming her into theirs. Bo, fully convinced, agrees to be in the wedding, telling Philip that only a jerk would turn him down after that pitch. Philip grins. Bo asks when the wedding is, but Philip isn’t sure, saying that it will be sometime next month. He then explains that he and Melanie are waiting until Maggie can be a part of it, since she is the closest thing to a real mother that Melanie has ever had. Bo sighs.

Melanie snaps that it’s weird for her to be stared at by a murderess. Carly doesn’t think it’s a good strategy for Melanie to alienate the one person that can help grant her request. Melanie, cowed, agrees. Melanie then looks down at the form and prepares to fill in her birthday, noting sarcastically that that was a banner day. Carly then flashes back to going into labor with Melanie. The German doctor offers her an epidural, but Lawrence interrupts, saying that she won’t be having one. The doctor heads off at Lawrence’s insistence. Carly grunts and groans and thanks Lawrence, as she wanted to have a natural birth, but Lawrence snaps that he is only doing this because he likes hearing her scream. Carly moans and shrieks. Melanie interrupts her flashback, asking Carly if she is alright.

Melissa and Maggie head into Maggie’s place. Maggie sits on the sofa with a sigh, glad to be finally home. Melissa then tells Maggie that what got to her most at the service was everyone’s memories of her father, and how he always had a joke and a smile for everyone he met. She sniffles, telling Maggie how lucky she was to have Mickey for a father. Maggie agrees, telling Melissa that every time Mickey spoke to her over the phone, he’d hang up and refer to her as ‘our girl.’ She then asks Melissa to make her a cup of tea. She agrees and heads off to do so. Maggie picks up a photo of herself and Mickey and sobs.

Stephanie explains to Nathan that she thought he’d need a little time today, and apologizes for butting in. Nathan thanks her, saying that he is like his grandfather in that he just tries to work through any feelings he can’t deal with. He tells Stephanie how grateful he is to her, however. Stephanie explains that she just has some paperwork to do today, and that she can join him for coffee later if he wants. Nathan tells her how nice it has been to have her around. Stephanie then abruptly tells Nathan that she has a surprise for him. He asks what it is, but she just drags him off by the arm, asking him to follow her.

Philip tells Bo that it’s hard to believe that his marriage to Hope is really over. Bo shrugs, saying that their relationship seems like it’s dead in the water. Philip then tells his brother that Hope told him that Bo was with Carly now. Bo is surprised she put it that way. Philip guesses it’s true. He tells Bo that he really does want him to be happy, but Bo has to know that he can’t invite Carly to his and Melanie’s wedding.

Melanie snaps that Carly is staring at her again with that weird expression on her face. Carly apologizes, claiming that Melanie just reminded her of something. Melanie is not happy, saying that she doesn’t want to remind a murderer of anything. Carly protests, but Melanie says that this was a mistake, and that she has something she has to do—namely, stay away from the crazy lady. She huffs out the door. Carly, upset, wonders how Melanie could ever think that she would hurt her. She flashes back to being in labor. She grunts and groans, telling Lawrence that she thought he was going to forgive her. Lawrence claims that he planned to, but he couldn’t, because he kept catching her touching her stomach and smiling to herself all while some other man’s baby was taking over her body. Lawrence informs Carly that he then vowed to wipe that smile off of her face for good. Carly shrieks. Lawrence counsels her to remember her breathing. He grins. Carly huffs and puffs, moaning.

Kate runs into Melanie by the nurse’s station, saying that she has some great ideas thanks to a wedding magazine, and wants to discuss them with Melanie for a few minutes. Melanie snaps that she is busy and hurries off. Kate, aghast, notes wryly that she has been snubbed by Smurfette. Maxine comes over, joking that she gets the same look on her face after talking with Melanie. Kate thinks she has a very strong personality for a young person, but Maxine thinks that’s a nice way of putting it. Kate sighs, wishing she could get through to Melanie. Maxine informs her that the only person that has ever been able to do that is Maggie Horton. Kate considers this.

Philip explains that he isn’t passing judgment on Bo—he just wants this wedding to be all about Melanie and free of family drama. Bo says he understands, and that after what happened at Maggie’s, Philip probably doesn’t have to worry about Carly showing up at any family functions. Philip agrees that it was awful, as he has ever seen Hope so angry. Bo admits that she found out about his indiscretion at the worst possible moment, and that he feels terribly about it. Philip adds that it seems as if Melanie and Carly don’t get along that well, either. Just then, Bo spots Vivian enter the foyer. He loudly tells Philip that he doesn’t have to worry about Carly showing up at any family functions. Philip wonders if that bothers Bo, since he and Carly seem to be getting serious. Bo flashes back to asking Carly if she is sure that Lawrence never mentioned Carly’s daughter to Vivian. Carly assures him that Lawrence was too ashamed, and didn’t want anyone finding out. She then tells Bo that if she can keep a lid on all this, she can ensure that Vivian never finds out about her daughter. Bo comes back to the present and tells Philip that he is basically the reason that Carly came back to Salem. Vivian listens in as Philip says that he thought Carly was running away because she killed Lawrence. Bo says that he is the reason she ran to Salem, though. He then tells Philip that their relationship was interrupted and never really ended, and that he and Carly have been in love for a long time and still are.

Carly flashes back once again to giving birth to Melanie. The nurse urges her to push as Lawrence congratulates her on being a natural mother. As Carly shrieks, Lawrence urges her to do this for him and for their little baby. Carly groans as Lawrence admits that he has been a fool. He begs Carly to focus so that they can start their life together all over again. Carly screams. Just then, a baby wails. Lawrence grins, telling Carly that they have a beautiful baby girl.

At the pub, Nathan and Stephanie have coffee together. He jokes that this isn’t really a surprise, as he has coffee here every day, but Stephanie hands him an envelope, saying that this is the surprise. Nathan opens it and takes out a sheet of paper. He gasps, saying that he can’t believe this. Stephanie grins.

Maggie says goodbye to Melissa, asking her tearfully to call when she gets home. She promises to do so, and the two say that they love each other. Melissa then heads off. Maggie closes the door behind her, asking Mickey quietly to be sure and look after Melissa. Just then, someone knocks on the door. Maggie opens it, thinking that Melissa must have left something behind, but Kate is outside.

Philip isn’t sure that he buys that Bo and Carly are in love. He reminds Bo of his marriage to Hope, and notes that he is still wearing his wedding ring. Bo takes it off promptly, declaring that his marriage is over, but he would appreciate it if Philip would keep everything he has said about Carly to himself. Philip thinks most everyone already knows, but Bo says he meant what he told Philip about how long something has been going on between him and Carly. He adds that he thinks Hope has been through enough already. Philip agrees, and Bo starts to heads off, asking Philip to congratulate Melanie for him. Vivian swoops in, asking if Bo has come by to see Hope. Bo groans and heads off. Vivian grumps that Bo seems sour lately, and guesses that an affair with Carly might make anyone seem that way. She then suggests slyly that Philip and Bo ought to keep their voices down if they’re trying to keep Bo’s affair a secret. Philip is surprised she was listening in, but she reminds him that this is Salem and she is Vivian Alamain—so of course she was listening in. Philip then tells her that Bo wants this kept quiet so that it won’t hurt Hope. Vivian sympathizes with Hope, sorry that she appears to be nothing more than collateral damage.

Carly flashes back to Lawrence holding baby Melanie. Carly asks for her, but Lawrence snaps at her not to ruin his fun. Lawrence then tells Carly about his trouble holding onto things this morning, like the phone and his coffee cup. Carly stares in confusion as Lawrence chuckles, saying the events of the day must have made him clumsy. Carly’s eyes widen as she asks Lawrence to give the baby to her. He refuses, asking Carly slyly what she thinks he might drop next.

Kate explains that she stopped by to see how Maggie was doing, and that she is glad she did, since it must have been difficult for Maggie to say goodbye to Melissa. Maggie admits it was. Kate adds that she didn’t plan to stop, but she decided to when she saw no cars were here. She then tells Maggie that she is surprised that Melanie isn’t here, since she heard from one of the nurses at the hospital that Maggie and Melanie were pretty close. Maggie says that they are, but that Melanie has her own life. She offers Kate some tea, but she refuses, saying that she ought to be offering it to Maggie, though she can’t imagine how Maggie will get through this without something a little stronger than tea. Maggie grimaces as Kate tells her how wonderful Mickey was, and how fair and tolerant he could be. She adds lightly that she can’t imagine any other man letting Maggie have a houseful of strays. Maggie glares, saying that Mickey liked having a full house. Kate is surprised he felt that way about Melanie. She adds quickly that she adores her now, and is thrilled about her and Philip getting married, but she was quite a handful when she first came to Salem. Maggie thinks Melanie just had a lot to deal with. Kate thanks God that Mickey and Maggie were there for her, and wonders how Maggie managed to get through to her. Maggie huffs, guessing that Kate isn’t here because Mickey died—she’s here because she wants to fool Melanie into thinking she is human. Kate gasps as Maggie guesses that Kate and Vivian are in a competition over Melanie, and Kate wants to get Melanie into her camp. Maggie then reminds Kate that she has a few strikes against her—like trying to murder her previous daughter-in-law, and then marrying the man that tried to kill Philip. Kate frowns as Maggie snaps her that Melanie is a smart young woman, and that she can see right through Kate.

Vivian tells herself quietly that if Carly really came to Salem to see Bo, then perhaps her daughter really had nothing to do with her return. She then asks Philip if he and Bo are close. Philip guesses so. Vivian asks if Bo usually opens up to him about his tawdry behavior. Philip tells Vivian that he thinks it’s just best if she forget all about what she overheard Bo saying to him. He reminds her that this house’s walls clearly have ears, and he doesn’t want Hope getting any more hurt than she already is. Vivian claims she is the soul of discretion, and would never do anything to hurt Hope. Philip scoffs, saying she would if she knew it would hurt Carly more.

At the Java Café, Abe is shocked to learn that Bo led Vivian to believe that Carly only came back to Salem because of him. Bo explains that he is trying to throw Vivian off track, but Abe thinks that Vivian will use this misinformation to slam Hope. Abe wonders if Bo has thought about her at all--or if he is really just concerned with Carly.

Carly flashes back to Lawrence pretending to drop baby Melanie. She panics as Lawrence chuckles. Carly is sure he wouldn’t harm an innocent little baby, but Lawrence says that this baby isn’t just a baby—she’s the living, breathing personification of Carly’s betrayal. He then soothes Melanie, telling her that her mother is nothing but a whore. Carly begs him to take this out on her, but Lawrence claims he loves her, and just wants to be happy with her. Unfortunately, this baby makes that impossible, and he can only think of one, permanent solution to fix things. Carly sobs, vowing to stay with Lawrence and give her baby away. Lawrence asks if she will promise never to see her baby again. Carly tearfully swears it. Lawrence grins, saying that he thinks they are making some real progress here. Carly comes back to the present, crying bitterly. Melanie heads back into Daniel’s office just then, and stares at Carly in surprise.

Nathan exclaims in delight over wining the Tom Horton award for Intern of the Year. He hopes the committee didn’t give it to him just because they feel sorry for him over what happened to Mickey, but Stephanie explains that they voted over a week ago. Nathan grins, saying that Mickey really would have gotten a kick out of all this if he had known. Stephanie explains that Mickey did know, since she showed this to him shortly before he died.

Kate, aghast, can’t believe that Maggie thinks Melanie is the only reason she stopped by. Maggie reminds her that she tried to kill Chloe and framed someone else for it, so her coming over here solely to pump her for information about Carly isn’t that big of a stretch. Kate thinks Maggie is overreacting, as she is just curious about the girl that is marrying her son. Maggie snaps that Melanie is very young, and alone in the world, and while Kate may think Melanie is an easy target, she’s not, because Maggie is looking out for her. She then warns Kate to leave Melanie alone, or she will have to deal with her, and Mickey isn’t around anymore to calm her down. Kate, taken aback, claims that she never meant to hurt Maggie. Maggie shrieks that she is actually just ticked off, and then demands that Kate leave. Kate asks if they can pretend this never happened, but Maggie refuse. Kate sails out the door. Maggie slams it behind her, telling herself that that felt good.

Abe reminds Bo that his life is a mess, and that Carly is behind it all, but Bo defends her, saying that things are only this way because Vivian is harassing Carly. Abe then asks Bo what good it will do to lead Vivian to think that Carly came back to Salem for Bo. Bo stammers. Abe remembers that assassins were after Carly when she first cam back, but Vivian made them back down. He guesses something bigger is going on here. Bo nods, saying that Carly has a secret. Abe asks if Bo know what it is.

Carly is surprised that Melanie came back, but she snaps that she just forgot her jacket. Carly hopes she isn’t considering dropping out of the nursing program because of her, since Melanie seems to be a real asset to the hospital. Melanie retorts that her future plans only include becoming Mrs. Philip Kiriakis. Carly thinks she can be married and have a career, but Melanie informs her loftily that she plans on being a full-time mom. Carly think she and Philip are young, but Melanie says that they don’t want to wait to be good parents, especially given the childhood they both had. Carly thought Melanie grew up with a family. Melanie then tells Carly all about her pimp of a father, and how he whored her out to pay off his gambling debts. Carly stares, shocked, as Melanie explains that it all worked out, since he was murdered. She adds that both of her parents are now dead, and it’s the best thing that could have ever happened to her.

Stephanie tells Nathan that she was working on the press release for the award, and knew Maggie and Mickey were going on a cruise, so she decided to share the good news with Mickey before he left. Nathan asks what he said and Stephanie smiles, saying that Mickey asked her to make sure Nathan’s head didn’t swell too much. She adds that he had tears in his eyes when he said it, however. Nathan sighs, saying that he doesn’t think he will ever stop missing Mickey.

Vivian informs Gus back at the mansion that the two may be on the wrong track. Gus thought they were sure Carly had a child. Vivian says she is sure of that, but she isn’t sure that Carly came here to find her—in fact, it looks as if she really may have killed Lawrence only so she could be with her soul mate, Bo.

Abe guesses that Bo is helping Carly to keep her secret from everyone—including him and Hope. Bo says that is true. Abe doesn’t think he and Hope need any further complications, but Bo reminds Abe that this all started when Hope moved out, not when Carly came back to town. Abe doesn’t think Carly has helped, and he tells Bo with a sigh that his life would be a hell of a lot easier if Carly had never returned to Salem.

Carly can’t believe Melanie is glad her mother is dead, even though she never knew her. Melanie snaps that she knows enough to realize her mother must have been a real piece of work to hang out with a guy like her father. Carly suggests that her mother didn’t know what he was really like, and that she is sure Melanie’s mother loved her very much. Melanie retorts that this conversation is over, as Carly has no right to defend her mother. She adds that she grew up learning not to trust anyone or anything, and it has only made her stronger. She warns Carly to stay out of her life and storms off. Carly moans, wondering what she has done to Melanie.

Outside the pub, Nathan chases Stephanie down to thank her again. She says she just gave his grandfather some good news, but Nathan says it’s more than that, as she really helped him through all of this. He hugs her, saying he doesn’t know how to tell her how thankful he is.

Bo tells Abe sarcastically that he had some spare time on his hands when Hope moved out and took Ciara, so he decided to help Carly. Abe suggests that he tell Hope the truth about playing Vivian, but Bo says he has before, and it didn’t work out. He then adds that since Vivian and Hope live in the same house, he can’t risk it, as he knows Vivian finding out that he lied will only make her more dangerous. Be asks what he plans on doing then, and Bo says he will just have to wait to tell Hope the truth until this whole thing blows over. Abe wonders if Bo really thinks this will have a happy ending. Bo says he is trying to make that happen, but isn’t betting that it will.

Melanie heads into the living room at the mansion and greets Philip, hugging him and telling about her run-in with Carly and how she gets on her nerves. Philip can see why, after what happened at Maggie’s, but Melanie claims that it’s more than that, and that she can tell that she gets on Carly’s nerves, too. Philip wonders why she cares. Melanie then admits that s he told Carly about some family stuff and she wishes she hadn’t. Philip hugs her, trying to comfort her.

Lawrence appears to Carly as she sobs in Daniel’s office. He claims credit for getting Carly to do what she did to Melanie, and declares that he has won. He laughs hysterically and vanishes as Carly bawls.


Vivian tells Hope, “Carly's secret won't be a secret for long.”

Carly asks Bo, “Are you out of your mind?”

Rafe tells Sami and EJ, “They might have found Sydney's kidnapper.”

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